Euro-Pro EP035 Shark 800-Watt Turbo Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

  • Offers 800 Watts, the same suction power as a typical full-size vacuum.
  • The Intelli-Sense filter monitor illuminates when the filter needs changing so you always know when the filter needs to be cleaned or changed.
  • Rinseable TAPCLEAN HEPA Dust Cup Filter with patented removable screen traps 99.97% of air impurities as small as .3 microns.
  • Specially designed PET HAIR REMOVER attachment is included.
  • Uses Euro-Pro #XSH035 replacement filter
  • Features:
    • 800-watt turbo hand vacuum provides the same suction as a full-size vacuum
    • Rinseable TapClean HEPA dust-cup filter traps 99.97-percent of air impurities
    • Intelli-Sense Filter Monitor electronically senses when filter needs to be cleaned
    • Pet-hair tool, extension hose, cleaning brush, and shoulder strap included
    • Measures approximately 9-8/9 by 7-1/2 by 5 inches; 3-year limited warranty
    Customer Reviews:
    • Works for me - EuroPro EPO35
      I'm quite satisfied with this Shark hand held for my small needs. I don't have pets, but lose a lot of my own hair, even on carpet the pet attachment works even better than my upright Hoover. I like just having to empty the cup rather than pulling or cutting hairs off a turning roller brush, a chore I hate. I also eat on my bed and vacuum crumbs and spills off the bedspread rather than taking it outside to shake. I even use it to get hairs and lint off my clothes before laundry, works faster than a clothes brush.

      I've sat on the carpeted floor and vacuumed areas too small for my upright, or the vinyl tile strip in front of kitchen sink, stove, fridge, which is much easier than dragging out the big one and switching attachments, so the long cord is great. I don't have enough sockets in a small studio apt. to keep a cordless plugged in and recharging so preferred corded and you get much more power. I love it to do the bathroom floor around all those narrow spaces. So in the 4 months since purchase I've found lots of everyday uses. I don't suggest it for sucking up ashes in ashtrays tho, gunks up the fine mesh.

      I think this ad picture shows an older model in error, perhaps the Pro 33 model, as I was delighted to receive the newer 800 watt one with light and added features.

      Only downside is as others said, attachments or hose fall out frequently, I don't have the hand strength at 72 to shove them in any tighter, so slower shorter strokes help keep in place. Deducted one star for that annoyance. Maybe I'll duct tape the hose and the one I use most to hold it. Also, you have to hold it in one hand, if you set it down it flips itself over on one side blocking the air vents on that side and could overheat. The turbo force is that powerful. If the side air out blows around your small mess you are trying to clean up just use the hose so it is at a greater distance from the vents. Easy to clean cup and wash filter.

      All in all it does more than the price would suggest. And with Super Saver Shipping - Great buy!...more info
    • Where is the support
      So I buy this vacuum an,initially, it is all I could want it to be. Powerful an easy to use. Then the day comes when I need a new filter.

      I have spend hours in search of a simple filter. I even went to the company site and was told i would have to wait 6 weeks. Then I went to a local shop. The owner just laughed and told me that he would not even try to order the filters, "as it was a waste of time." I then found [...] and they had the correct filter on their i ordered 4 of them and sat back and waited...and waited and then received an e-mail from them admitting to great difficulty finding these filters.

      If you are going to buY this vacuum check to see if you run into the same problems that I did. The number that you need for the filter is EP035.
      My vacuum is now nonfunctional

      I couldn't even find the filter at amazon

      ...more info
    • Europro Shark hand held vacuum
      This is a great hand held vacuum. It has a long cord which I like. It is powerful and cleans well. It is easy to use on steps and is lightweight. It has to be cleaned after each use which is somewhat of a disadvantage, but considering how well it works that is a small chore. I also purchased two for gifts, recommended it to a friend and she had me order her one because it cleans cat and dog hair very well....more info
    • Gets rid of the cat hair in a snap.
      I have three long haired cats and a velvet sofa, this machine does a great job sucking up the hair in just a matter of minutes.
      I love it for quick pick ups.
      ...more info
    • Great cleaner!
      Had no idea what this would like a charm, easy to navigate and convenient to store...more info
    • Great little Vac
      This is a much improved Shark vac. My old one wore out. Lucky I kept the accessories and they work on the new one. The new Shark has just a couple of brushes and a short hose. One brush is for pet hair and works good...

      The New Shark has a light that comes on when the dirt collector is full. The filter is much improved and easy to clean.
      The suction is very powerful for a vac this size. It is easy to carry with the shoulder strap. Great for cleaning stairs.
      The AC powered with a long cable, Shark is much better than a battery dust buster (waste of money). The Shark is a serious cleaning machine...

      Fantastic price... Can't go wrong on this little vac... ...more info
    • Shark hand held vacuum cleaner
      I'm very satisfied with the Shark hand held vac EPO35. It has a shoulder strap, is light weight, and has a long electrical cord - so is easy to use. It has good suction and does a great job with dog and cat hair. It's great for dusting - for things like computer keyboards....more info
    • Euro Pro EP035
      The Euro-Pro EP035 is a very powerful machine. Everything worked great exept for the attachements. The hose was too short so we lengthened the hose by connecting it to the hose that we had on the our old Shark that was worn out except the old attachments were easier to use and it ended up working well with the modidfied connections. ...more info
    • Good suction, but noisy
      I got this vaccum after reviewing a lot of similar vaccums on and learning this had good suction comapred to a full vaccum.

      I needed just one like this portable and powerful. This vaccum cleaner satisfies the needs.

      Whats a lil bad is its very noisy, but guess thats bcos you use it closer to ur ears comapred to a full vaccum cleaner and it gets heated very quickly and u can feel the heat near you.

      Plus I find the attachments given dont go into small places I would like to clean like window corners or a thin long rim.

      Overall a great cleaner for house hold items, beds, sofas, cars and small areas on floor if theres a spillage.

      ...more info
    • Decent, standard handheld
      Not bad at all. It has great suction, picks up everything I put in front of it. It does kind of jerk in your hand when you flip the switch, but not so much that it would fall out of your hand; just a little surprising the first time. The hose does tend to fall out if it's loose, but as long as you really jam it in there it'll stay.

      I do wish it came with a thinner crevice tool, but overall a good buy. An excellent in-between that's not a light, cordless "dirt devil"-type vacuum, but not a full-size either....more info
      I mistakenly bought this thinking it was battery powered. It is not. It has a very long electrical cord....more info
    • Small Vac
      Kind of Loud. Otherwise, it's small and works well enough. The bagless feature is nice....more info
    • Don't waste your money.
      After searching reviews for hand vacs, I remembered that I bought this thing over two years ago. Right away, I was thoroughly disappointed at the lack of power. As for the hose, after putting it in and taking it out a few times, it doesn't stay. There's no hook or anything to keep the hose in, once the fit loosens up, you can't use it anymore. I've decided to order one of the Black and Decker vacs that everyone else is highly recommending. But this one is junk. ...more info
    • Blows
      My Euro-Pro sucks (if the filter is super-clean), and that is the best thing I have to say about it. My biggest complaint is that the air vents are on the sides and not the back, so if you're vacuuming-up anything lightweight, you tend to blow it around before you get a chance to suck it up. It turns a simple post-haircut cleanup into an un-fun hockey game of bits of fluff blowing all over.

      For most tasks, the time it takes to get out the "real" vacuum is less than messing around with the Shark....more info
    • what a buy!
      I bought this to use in my travel trailer, but ended up using it alot in my home. Its light enough I can vacume the top of my kitchen cabinets. Stong enough to vacume the dog hair off my couch. It is loud, but so what, it's not like I have to listen to it all day. Good deal....more info
    • great
      it vacuums everything, has more power than my regular house vacuum & the cord is long and doesnt get wrapped around or stuck and the attachements are great except one thing they un attach easily when cleaning, but even so id purchase this over and over again great buy
      ...more info
    • You get more than your dollar value for this item.
      I bought this vacuum one month ago, what is surprising about it,is that the suction power is unusually strong for such a little machine.

      The only draw back is,it does not come with a wider attachment to clean a larger area at a time,and the dust collecting section of the vacuum should be bigger,because it is so powerful it needs to be emptied a little to often,due to the volume of dust it accumulates.

      The intelli-sense filter monitoring system tells you when your filter should be cleaned,so you don't have to empty it prematurely.

      It is very good for small spaces not practical for large ones....more info
    • Sucks (In the Way You Want It To)
      This Shark is a great little vacuum---what a bargain for the money! The listed price is a little high, but now having owned it, I can say that I would pay $70 for this vacuum if it lasts, and I hope it does. I've had mine for a month and use it multiple times per day.

      Yes, it is noisy, but that's because it is small yet has suction that works like nobody's business. I use it by my woodstove, and after everything cools, I use it to clean up ashes, small flecks of wood and dirt, etc.---stuff you'd find around a woodstove---and it gets everything. It sucks so hard that it almost "sticks" to the tile! Sometimes I get dark marks from charred wood on the tile by the woodstove, and it even sucks those up.

      I like having so many attachments, and they seem to work well. I don't use the shoulder strap, as it isn't heavy for me to carry around. Note that this Shark has a cord, and so must be plugged in. Also note that this vacuum is for small areas. You'd get really tired trying to do large areas with it, as the brushes are not very wide. It is absolutely perfect for any small area.

      I've used my sturdy little Shark on tile, hardwood, and on the carpet we have near the fireplace, which is heavy and fireproof. I wouldn't use it with a flimsy carpet (like a rag rug) as it would suck it up.

      Highly recommended.
      *****...more info
    • The best tool for a certain job...
      ...and that job is catching houseflies! That's right -- it comes with an extension hose and a shoulder strap so you can grip a survival knife in your free hand. I recommend buying an extension chord so you can go all through the house. I terminated about 30 houseflies (don't know where they came from), almost all of them from the air. It's a very satisfying feeling when you outmaneuver a houselfy -- feeling its tiny body being torn apart by the 700 WATT engine of death. Plus, it leaves no bug stains on the carpet or walls. Just dump out the corpses when you are through, or pin them on tiny stakes and leave them out as an example to others....more info
    • Good if used for what it was intended
      Don't expect to do large spaces. Perfect for a small, cluttered home office, especially if you have pets. Empty dust cup often and there is plenty of suction. Long cord a plus.
      Don't forget to replace filter/dust cup after emptying! Perfect for picking up dust, fur, cat litter on a bare floor. My previous one lasted 3 years of heavy use. I ordered another one right away; cannot do without! ...more info
    • Poor negative pressure
      I purchased this about 1 year ago and it's only taking up space in my house. It has very poor suction on carpeting. Works O.K. on hardwood floors but then again most of these will. I expected better force. The small openning may look "cool" but it doesn't allow for wide enough sweeping area and I find myself going over the same area again and again. Also, the charging holder is a little harder to place the unit in. I would consider look at others first....more info
    • Great for pet hair!
      I've had this for a couple of months and I'm so impressed at how well it picks up pet hair from upholstered furniture. Great suction and isn't very heavy. I wish I had bought a cordless, which would be more conveient. But, for the price I feel that this works better than my cordless Black and Decker and it's nice not to have to pull out my full size vacuum for quick clean ups. ...more info
    • Decent, corded vacuum
      I've owned this product for over a year now, and while it does very well with picking up stuff on hard surfaces, it really does not do well on carpets, sofas, etc. Some other problems include:
      1. Very noisy, much louder than even full-size vacuums
      2. Attachments do not stay on very well

      Some pluses are:

      1. Very lightweight
      2. Long cord allows for a good reach
      3. Small, portable size

      Overall, there probably are better ones out there, but if you can get this at a low price (I bought mine when Amazon had it for $5) it's a good, small convenient vacuum for small solid surfaces....more info

      THANKS...more info
    • pure junk......use a straw instead
      Amazon was selling this for a $1 not too long ago which is about .99 cents too much. You could get more suction out of a straw with holes punched out of it....more info