Shark EP724 Pursuit HEPA Bagless Canister Vacuum

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Product Description

With 1300 watts of suction power, the Shark Pursuit Bagless Canister Vac ruthlessly chases dirt and pet hair. You don't have to worry about buying and changing bags, as this vacuum features a bottom-emptying, rinse-clean true HEPA dust cup that eliminates over 99% of airborne particles. The heavy-duty vacuum is great on both carpets and bare floors, and has large wheels that easily roll the machine from room to room. The on-board tools keep everything for cleaning blinds, upholstery and in crevices close at hand, and a retractable cord helps you quickly store the vacuum when the chore's done. Includes 2-in-1 service brush, chrome telescopic tube, deluxe brush and crevice tool. Imported. 11Hx10Wx21L".

Stealth is right—this small canister vacuum slips in under the radar screen and powerfully sucks up dirt and debris with 1300 watts of cyclonic action. Large particles don't stand a chance against the air-driven turbo floor and carpet brushes, while the washable HEPA filter traps 99.97 percent of any allergens that try to sneak by. A bagless design means the plastic dust cup with handle removes easily and the bottom releases for emptying into a trash can. Automatic cord rewinding, on-board tool storage, and large wheels make this European-style vacuum even more pleasurable to use. --Ann Bieri

  • Lightweight canister vacuum with bagless cyclonic action
  • Powerful 1200-watt motor with 1-1/2 times the power of a full-sized upright
  • HEPA filter captures 99.97-percent of dust particles as small as 0.3 microns
  • Deluxe carpet-to-floor attachment; large wheels and 15-foot cord for easy mobility
  • Measures 11-3/7 inches high; 4-4/5-inch hose length; 10-1/2-inch cleaning path
Customer Reviews:
  • shark
    had this item for a little while now and i am very happy with it. would buy again if had to.
    ...more info
  • Shark EP724 Hepa Bagless Canister Vacum
    I got this vacuum about 2 months ago. I love it so much. It's so easy to carry around and lift the dirt up so well. I have try about 4 other vacuum but i had to return back because i was not satisfied with them. I really enjoy to vacuum with this one. I recommend to anybody this vacuum....more info
  • Frustrating waste of time
    We've spent more money buying replacement hoses and parts for this vacuum than we spent buying it in the first place. The electric connection to the carpet sweeper head is incredibly sensitive. We've had to contort and bend the thing into all sorts of positions, just to get it to run. As others have noted, the suction is terrible. You can be looking at a piece of lint, run the vacuum right over it, and nothing happens. DO NOT BUY THIS VACUUM!...more info
  • The Engineers that design this machine should be fired!!!
    After trying to understand for hours why the machine had such poor suction, and trying to fix it by making sure that the filters were clean and that there was nothing stuck in the hose - i finally looked into its poor design. There are so many places where suction gets lost that it is amazing that it made it to market......more info
  • I Agree with the Majority...
    This is a nice looking vacuum but it does not have any suction (I bought mine at another chain store a couple of years ago, not on amazon). I just now tried to vacuum the interior of my car and it did nothing! I am about ready to give it away. Just bought something else to replace it. Save your money, and don't buy this product....more info
  • Shark Pursuit Canister Vac...WHAT A POWERHOUSE!!!!!
    I looked around for a compact vacuum cleaner at a number of stores. I finally found this one and couldn't be happier! I have hard wood does an amazing job. It's a little power house! Emptying the canister is easy too. It's been a great vacuum for me. I haven't used it on carpeting, but for hard wood floors, I'd say BUY IT! It also moves around easily behind you. ...more info
  • works fine for me
    Not sure what all the fuss is about. This works fine for me. The filter was easy to clean. I did, after a year or so, clean out the inner filter with a toothpick, and it worked like new again. Mine's red, so maybe slightly different model? ...more info
  • What's all the hubub about bub?
    I don't get it. I've had this vaccum for more than two years (purchashed it @ BJ'S for $99.00) and it has only shut down once due to it overheating. I waited about 20 minutes for it to cool off, and voila! It came back to life as strong as ever. Pretty good suction for a small canister, great on stairs, bare floors and low pile carpets and rugs. The power cord retracts with just a press of a button, but it could be longer. I empty it after every use and run the filter under water once a week. I'm not a big fan of tapping the dust out of the filter as I feel this defeats the purpose of it in the first place. Overall a very good product and you can find replacement filters right here on Amazon....more info
  • Don't waste the money
    Your better off cleaning your carpets by hand! THEY DON"T SELL REPLACEMENT FILTERS ANYMORE! WOnder why its so cheap, look where its made!
    CHINA. After one year, this thing is worthless and its suction SUCKS! (not in the way I had hoped either...)

    Spend the money and buy a vacuum worthy of the name....I should have bought a HOOVER or something.... ;-(...more info
  • A Piece of junk
    This vacuum is terrible. The floor attachments suck. One of them attaches to the hose at the wrong angle for a normal bipedal human so I have to crouch down to use it. Emptying it is a nightmare. I have allergies so I can't even do it, I have to wait for my husband to come home. The filter constantly clogs up and has to be cleaned; a process that even makes my cat sneeze.

    After a year it has also lost a lot of suction power.

    Don't buy it. Spend more on a better quality machine then you won't be replacing it a year later....more info
  • Another victim of the Shark...
    I purchase this vacum cleaner through another seller, but I come here to review it. And Im very very disappointed. After a year and maybe another half a year, it started to lose suction, and I do like many other reviewers, I kept it's hose and filters cleaned on a regular bases. Then at the end of its life which was the second half of the year I had it going on two years, when turned on, it would only stay on for 20sec, before cutting off again, and I know why. It has a overheating thermastat built inside of it and would cut off when it starts to over heat. Like I said I cleaned the filters regularly, so I know It could'nt have been that. Talk about getting mad, it was time for revenge >:(, I gave it a couple of kicks and then I bodyslammed it on the floor, to my amazment it cut back on. The next day I tried to use it again, after 20sec the dang thing cut off again, I gave it a swift kick in the rear part, and a wheel broke off, everyday something new broke off it, because of my anger of it cutting off after 20sec. I soon found myself almost wanting to call an arger managment couselor to talk with. This vacum is good when the suction is good and it stays on without cutting off every 20sec, only to have to wait for it to cool down, other than that, it just plan sucks :(

    Yep another victim...

    ...more info
  • Vacuum cleaner arrived filthy with hair and dirt and dust balls
    This is not a review of the vacuum cleaner since we didn't even try it but was appalled by the used condition it arrived in! It is certainly a review of Amazon's quality control of shipping used items as new! It was a disgusting dirty mess and was was sent back immediately. I've bought many items from Amazon in the past, but from now on I'll stick to books....more info
  • Not Worth The Money!!!
    I'm so disappointed with this vacuum!! We purchased it about a year and a half ago and I really regret it. It seemed to work fine at first, but it quickly went downhill from there. For the last several months it's hardly picked up anything at all. We have taken good care of it, checked the hose for clogs, etc. It's just a crappy vacuum.

    Also, the cord that runs from the vacuum head itself up to the arm of the vacuum has become very loose. It falls out all the time.

    I knew this vacuum was doomed when my super-thrifty inlaws - who had purchased the exact vacuum months AFTER us - replaced theirs....before us!! They had several of the cheap plastic parts break altogether.

    Don't waste your money!...more info
  • terrible and impossible
    My husband came home with this vacuum very pround of its price and looks... I started using the thing and I really don't recommend it!! It is IMPOSSIBLE to clean the filter or empty it correctly. It does a TERRIBLE job at picking up anything, not even crumbs or a small ripped piece of paper towel!! A real dragg that ended up promptly in the basement....more info
  • Not worth the money ...
    Light weight, easy to handle, but the major flaw is that it doesn't really pick up anything ... this vacuum is just a very poor performer in what it is supposed to do ......more info
  • This is my second one!
    This little canister vacuum is excellent for several reasons. It is compact and has great tools. It picks up dirt, etc. great. We have 2 vacation rental cabins and I have purchased them for ease in storage and for the multi-purpose tools for when I clean upholstery, window crevices, hard to reach areas. Light and easy to maneuver. Also love the easy to dump dirt bags to deal with except an occassional hepa filter....more info
  • I rated it a 1 star only because that is the lowest available
    They say there are no absolutes in this world. Well this "vacuum" refutes that theory. It is an ABSOLUTE waste of time and money. If you totally field strip it and clean it every time you use it, it is mediocre at best The little shark that came FREE with the big one was overpriced! I wish I had found this sight before I wasted my money on this pile of junk. ...more info
  • Umm...a vacuum should pick stuff up -- not spit it out!
    This vacuum picks up SOME stuff. It also spits back out a great deal. So you never actually get your carpet clean. I have had it less than a year and I hate it. I always hope it will just completely shut down so I can feel better about replacing it so soon. And the hose gets clogged really easily. You spend more time trying to make it work than getting any cleaning done. The worst part is that Shark products are not cheap. They are more expensive than a lot of reliable brands and yet Shark products get terrible reviews....more info
  • Let me tell you the truth behind the Shark Pursuit
    Let me tell you about the worst vacuum cleaner on the market... the Shark Pursuit HEPA Bagless Vacuum. I had talked my mom into buying this one for three main reasons, the look, its size, and its price.

    When we first bought it, it was great. It worked perfect, and had great suction. The heads were convenient as we could switch out for different surfaces and to reach in smaller places. And unlike our older one, this one had the HEPA filter which reduced the amount of dust that would become airborne when the vacuum sucks it in. But a really cool feature back then was how the power cord would get sucked back into the machine at the push of a button. Gets rid of the whole tangled cord mess which I know everyone has had to deal with. It was pretty much a lazy factor... I didn't have to spend the time or energy to twirl the cable back onto the vacuum.

    Now lets start up with how much I HATE THIS VACUUM CLEANER. First and foremost is the brush heads they provided. After about a months use, the most important head broke down. The carpet cleaner head was done for... It no longer spun the brushes. What you need to realize is that if the brushes don't spin, the brushes themselves prevent the suction from even reaching the carpet. So I spent about an hour taking it apart and fixing it. A week later, the head broke down again. I gave up on it and left it alone. The only way to remove the dust and junk that this vacuum sucked up was by pushing a button on the top which would release the bottom of the tank that held the dust. Bad design... if you don't want half of the dust coming back up on you, you have to go outside to dump the tank into a bag. Now this once great HEPA filter was junk... On the box, it stated that you would never have to buy another filter for it as it was a "convenient" tap clean filter. Two major issues with this. First being the tap clean part. When you tap it, nearly all the dust flies into the air, and you still don't get all the dust off the filter. Second being that the manual suggests replacing the filter at least twice a year to "improve its efficiency." Now, let me bring you to the most important aspect of a vacuum cleaner... the suction. The fact that it is 1300 watts simply signifies the strength of the engine being used, not the suction itself. The vacuum cleaner can't lift regular dust from the floor when directly pointed at them. No joke... I stuck the vacuum cleaner without any of the non-functioning heads under the sofa hoping it would at least suck up the major dust... It failed. So I still relied on the Swifer to do the job. My mom and I stopped using it about 2 months after we bought it and since then, have gone to using our old reliable one.

    Overall, this is definitely NOT worth the money. I would say on a five star rating scale I would give the Shark EP724 Pursuit HEPA Bag less Canister Vacuum a negative... unfortunately, I am stuck with resorting to a 1....more info
  • this vacuum ROCKS!!
    I am a grad student of architecture which means I basically have no time for anything but studying... I had not vacuumed in 2 years and when my dad heard this he gave me this vacuum. I LOVE IT!! it sucks it all up and I love the fact that it is low maintenance; that you don't have to go buy bags, because I would rather not vacuum than go buy any replacements...more info
  • Poor design
    Yesterday I bought a used Shark EP724. The brush needed cleaning, which took over an hour to take apart--the only effective way to clean it--clean, and put back together. In doing that, it became clear that suction was not going to cause the roller to spin; the design was too chintzy for that. What I didn't realize was that the unfunctioning mechanism would prevent most suction from even reaching the carpet. But it did. This wasn't the result of something being broken, just the result of a really poor design. BTW, the manual suggests buying each of three filters at least twice a year....more info
    I would give this vacuum cleaner a ZERO if I could.

    I HATE THIS VACUUM CLEANER. It used to work OK on non carpeted floors but not it is just completely useless. It doesn't even pick up pieces of dried rice from the floor (and that is with the canister emptied). For your own sake, invest in a better vacuum. For the same amout of money, you can buy a much better vacuum. I would suggest anything panasonic or Miele.

    Do not buy this vacuum cleaner.
    Do not buy this vacuum cleaner.
    Do not buy this vacuum cleaner.
    Do not buy this vacuum cleaner.
    Do not buy this vacuum cleaner.
    Do not buy this vacuum cleaner.
    Do not buy this vacuum cleaner.
    Do not buy this vacuum cleaner.
    Do not buy this vacuum cleaner.

    You will thank me....more info
  • Feeling cheated
    I've ended up writing this review while trying to find customer service info for Shark online. The machine did a decent enough job on the hard wood floors and low carpets in my apartment before conking out much liked described in other reviews. The suction wasn't terrific before that, and as others wrote, it weakened not too long after using it a couple of months. When it suddenly shut down during use, the canister was fairly full, but not packed. After emptying and waiting more than a half hour and then an hour, it would not turn back on. It sat for several months waiting for my husband to find the receipt so we could return it. I tried it again before potentially tossing and suddenly it went on, however, it shut down again five minutes into use (suction was still low) and hasn't operated since. I bought a wet/dry hard surface cleaner (Bissell) in the interim, but it has terrible suction, although it does a good job on the wet wash functions. Finally, out of desperation, I recently bought an expensive Boticelli by Emer, and it has been fantastic so far - it can go bagless or with a bag. So, I'm feeling cheated with the Shark, after initial enthusiasm, just wish I had the receipt or could find a customer relations support line... Still wondering if I can get my money back....more info
  • No Suction, waste of money
    Don't buy this vac.
    I bought it hoping that at this price I'll get some value but it has very weak suction even when it's new.
    It can't lift cat hair from a rug, or regular dust, or even "dust balls" from the floor when directly pointed at them...
    I stopped using it several months ago and since then has not vacuumed my apartment; it's about time so I'm currently looking for a replacement and will buy a Rigid wet/dry vacuum (for same or lower cost) which Amazon doesn't sell from some reason....more info
  • No parts available
    I really liked this vacuum at first, even though I would have to clean out the turbo head during and after each use. I tapped the filter after each use, or even midway while vacuuming because suction would decrease. When I bought my Shark, I even bought replacement filters. Unfortunately, when I when to change them out, I found that the box was missing parts. That started my hunt to find parts, which are non-existent even at the store (Bed Bath & Beyond) where I bought this vacuum--my store doesn't even carry this vacuum any longer. I then found the Shark website, and was pleased to be able to place my order for replacement filters, and even hoses and heads. My order was totaling close to half what I spent on the thing in the first place, but I really wanted to give this machine the benefit of the doubt. I received a confirmation right away that stated I would have parts in 1 to 3 weeks. After 6 weeks, I was able to find out that my parts were on back order. After a few more weeks, I decided to make other vacuum arrangements, and I cancelled my order, only to have part of my order to show up on my doorstep 2 weeks after that. At least in my package I was able to finally get a phone number for customer service. My issues are not resolved yet because the man I spoke with at customer service seems to think I should have to pay to ship back this item when I can document a confirmation from Euro-Pro that I cancelled this order days before they shipped out the parts I received. Hopefully, the service in customer service will prevail.

    My advice? Keep looking at other vacuum options!...more info
  • empty it regularly: it won't turn on if it gets too full
    Several other reviewers have complained that their machine suddenly stopped working. That happened to me recently and I checked the canister, found it was full (I couldn't believe how quickly it filled up, but I have two cats and this thing picks up a lot of fur) but once I dumped it out it worked again just fine. Perhaps it's a safety feature to not turn on if the canister is full, so before you haul yours to a repair shop or worse, throw it away, try emptying it out. I've had mine for a couple of years and it still works pretty well. I used to have a Dyson when I lived in Japan and loved it, but the motor burned out after I brought it here because it wasn't designed for U.S. power (higher than Japan). I'd buy one again if it weren't for the price. This is a decent substitute. I love not having to change bags....more info
  • Shark Pursuit canister
    I bought a Shark Pursuit canister that came with an attachment for uncarpeted floors and an air-driven turbo brush attachment for carpets. Most of my floors are hardwood and the regular attachement for uncarpeted floors works great. However, I have 3 throw rugs and I use the air-driven turbo brush to get the dog hairs and dirt of of these. Well, the first few times I used the turbo brush on these throw rugs it worked just fine. But after using it about the 4th time, it lost its power and nothing I do makes it work properly again. I pick the hairs out of the brush after each throw rug (and they are small throw rugs) and I empty the dirt container and tap out the filters after each use (and occasionally wash them). Still, I can only get 1 throw rug done (and not well) before the brush stops turning and I lose power. This is extremely frusterating! The air-driven brush stinks. It can't even handle cleaning 3 small throw rugs. My knuckles get scraped from always having to pick hairs out of the brush every few minutes. I quit using it on my rugs. Now I need to go out and buy something else to clean the few carpets that I have. If a vacuum cleaner cannot handle a little dog hair on a few throw rugs, then it must not be a very good product.
    spring16...more info
  • Deceived
    Wow, I loved this vacuum at first. I have only had it for about two months and it already hardly works. The floor attachment works alright. However, the air driven turbo brush seems to have no turbo to it. I have tried everything cleaning it, checking for clogs. But it just seems to have become useless. The only thing the vacuum is good for with the carpets is making the little lines over the dirtiness so it looks like i vacuumed. And it's great at making my back and head ache. I would not recommend.I am very disappointed and feel deceived by the advertising and first couple uses....more info
  • A decent vacuum
    This is a fine vacuum for the price. I've had mine over a year in a house with three cats. It does get clogged occasionally, especially the brush attachment and the tube. But a little routine cleaning takes care of things and gets it back to normal.

    As for the filters, please do not listen to the lazy people who can't do a little legwork and find replacements. A well maintained filter (washed in water every 3-4 months) should last over a year. While Amazon doesn't seem to carry replacements, they are available at Bed Bath & Beyond's website and I've been lucky to find them in the store near me. Buy two and you should be okay for the lifetime of this vacuum. Also, someone here said that isn't a valid website, but they're wrong - you can also buy replacement filters through that site as well.

    In all, this seems to be a dependable vacuum that is reasonably priced....more info
  • broken after 3 months
    Broken already. Turned off after light use and won't turn back on. ...more info
  • Broken already
    I just received this vacuum today, used it for all of 5 minutes when it suddenly shut off and refused to turn back on. I didn't think it overheated (it certainly didn't feel hot at all), but tried leaving it shut off for the recommended 45 minutes. It still won't turn on. Having read some of the other reviews, I would guess that this is a pretty regular occurence, and that this vacuum has some serious problems. I'm returning mine today and asking for a refund. Too bad, because for the 5 minutes it did work, it certainly seemed to be doing a really good job of vacuuming!...more info
    We have purchased the EP724 and have had numerous problems...

    1. The floor attachments stopped working after several months.
    2. Overheating, so the machine shuts off.
    3. The tube continually gets clogged.
    4. The website given to us by Bed, Bath & Beyond ( is not an actual website to purchase new items.
    5. Availability of replacement parts is non-existent.
    6. Service is unavailable, unless you want to pay an arm and a leg (for a $99 vacuum...hmmmm).
    7. Short cord.
    8. Small canister...we have a dog and a a small canister that blows the dirt around when you open the machine is not what I would consider a good idea.
    9. Seemingly we are not the only ones who think the Shark Vac is a waste of $ another brilliant reviewer so eloquently wrote..."buyer be aware!"

    ONCE AGAIN...BUYER BE AWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • replacement hepa filters
    I recently purchased EP724 and like it very much. However, I noticed that it is recommened that the 3 separate filters be replaced every 6 months. I can not find a source from which to purchase them. Please advise me on where to purchase each of the 3 filters that are this model....more info
  • Don't bother
    I bought this vacuum cleaner about six months ago and used it only occasionally. Just last week, the machine broke down and would not start again. After surfing the web for warranty information, I realized that I am not the only one stuck with a broken Shark. The quality of the brand is spotty, to say the best. Now I am in the process of getting it repaired and the shipping costs along will cost over $40 (two-way, Yes the manufacturer will have you pay for return shipping as well). What a hassle for a machine that costs $99. Buyer be aware!...more info
  • A great vacuum overall
    I recently purchased a wool rug that had been shedding like crazy, and the first time I used the Shark Pursuit, it pulled up so much excess pile that I had to empty the filter twice (which I didn't mind). Though it can be kind of gross to have to empty it after each use, it's worth it to me if the machine is able to pick up so much stuff. In addition to pile, I saw that the Pursuit also picked up very, very fine particles of dirt and dust, thanks to the HEPA filter. As an allergy sufferer, I was psyched to see this.

    I would recommend purchasing the EP724M model that Linens N Things sells online and in its stores. It's worth the extra $29 for the motorized head (in addition to the Air Driven Turbo Brush you get with the EP724). The motorized head works very, very well on rugs, and the Turbo Brush works great on floors. The two additional attachments that come with both the 724 and 724M can be used to clean your upholstery and in hard-to-reach crevices.

    I read the other Amazon reviews before purchasing, and sure, the 724 filter can be a pain to clean, but if you're into getting a really good clean AND you don't want to spend $$$$ on a vacuum, you need to get the EP724/724M. It's the best cyclonic vacuum you'll find for under $300.

    Also, some reviewers belowed complained about how difficult it is to find replacement filters. I found them online through the Euro-Pro website, which is euro-pro dot com. Enter model number EP724, and you'll see all the accessories available....more info
  • The Shark Stealth
    I purchased the Shark Stealth from Canadian Tire and paid $200 Canadian for it. The unit that I have is a little different from the one Amazon is selling in that mine has an electric powerhead which is very powerful. The only flaw with it is that the hose is cheaply built and very short. The vacuum worked fine for 2 months and then the powerhead stopped working. I knew that it was an electrical problem with the hose, since moving the hose would start it up. So using my electrical skills and a car-wash type vacuum hose, I changed the hose on the Shark vacuum and it works amazing. I ran a piece of wire through the hose so the powerhead would get power. It is now a perfect vacuum. I suggest that the manufacturer use a higher quality and longer hose....more info
    I love this vacuum. I have 3 cats, one dog, and a baby, oh yeah, and the messiest, one husband. This little lean mean sucking machine is great. My only complaint is the short cord. I do have a problem however. I need a new belt, and have searched and searched, and cannot find where to get one. Please, I miss using my shark, but without a new belt, I can't. Anyone with info on where to find one, please email me at
    ...more info
  • Don't buy from this company
    I own this vacuum, but I haven't been able to use it for 8 months. The hose melted after it was placed next to a steam pipe (never a problem with Eureka Mighty-Mites) and I have been trying to get a replacement hose from Euro-Pro ever since. Their fulfillment company cannot help: they can only ship when the manufacturer provides them with inventory. I have 9 postcards stating that the item will be shipped in 3-4 weeks. This was my first purchase of a Euro-Pro product and I will never buy another....more info
  • Parts

    KATHY SMITH...more info

  • Find the one with the motorized power head!!! EP724M
    After waking up another morning barely able to breathe (welcome to Texas!), I got a little obsessive and decided it was time for a new vacuum. After reading hundreds of online reviews, I decided my top 3 choices were... the Dyson Animal (2 cats) the Westinghouse 1551 (the original Fantom), and the Shark Pursuit. I eliminated the Dyson based on price and looked everywhere for the westinghouse... unfortunately I couldn't find any retailers who carried the product. I didn't want to order online because I wanted to be able to return the product if I didn't like it. so that left the Pursuit. Let me far as I can tell, the Pursuit and the Stealth are the same product. I brought my little canister home and started on the living room... I had to empty the canister at least 3 times! I was soooo pleased! :) The amount of hair I picked up was literally disgusting. But I was also encouraged and couldn't stop sucking up cat hair! It actually brought back the bright navy color in my fiance's couch! We had been talking about having it reupholstered but now it looks so much better I think we can put it off for a while... And I'm SURE we picked up hair from the previous owners' two dogs... we have been here 2 years. (!!!) I was disappointed, however, in how it worked on the floors... I wasn't altogether pleased with the floor tools. So I brought home the Pursuit upright and the Ultimate Roadster upright... both were great for the floors, but I couldn't get under the furniture and when I tried to clean the upholstery the hoses would contract and pull the main unit up against me. I guess it shows how great the suction is, but it's NOT exactly easy to use this way. SOOO... after even more searching, I found the greatest thing!!! Linen's and Things carries this product in their stores and online for $129.. WITH a MOTORIZED power head!!! it's GREAT!!! well worth the extra $30!!! NOW the floors get REALLY clean, and I can suck all the junk out of the upholstery too! YAY!!! So, here are the specifics for the model I'm keeping-- The Shark Pursuit canister, model number EP724M... The main unit is 10.3 amps and the power head (the floor brush) is 1.7 amps... still a total of 12 amps for cleaning the floors, slightly less for the above floor stuff, but I can't really tell the difference, and it's probably a good thing considering the suction power.

    pros: -Cleans great! good little sucker, especially for the price!

    -easy to maneuver

    -my house smelled much fresher after using it, so I guess the HEPA filter is doing it's job....

    -FABULOUS for cleaning upholstery, etc... I even sucked cat hair off the curtains (be careful!)

    -the air powered turbobrush did get clogged alot, but since I bought the motorized powerhead I don't have to worry about that.

    Cons-- I agree with everyone else, the filter is very difficult to clean... the dispenser somehow traps all the hair around the filter, so you have to reach in and pull everything out. I'm considering trying a few things, like waxing the inside of the canister, etc... to see if I can't get this resolved. I also plan on buying a second hepa filter at the suggestion of another reviewer and switching out so I'll always have a clean one. I also have been vacuuming the filter with my old hoover upright and that seems to help alot, too. PLUS, my upright uses hepa bags so the mites and yuck stay where they belong. (this vac was good for sucking dust, but not much else)

    The cord is quite short, but I have lots of outlets so it's not a huge problem for me.

    Doesn't come with the little pet hair turbobrush, but I found them to be incredibly noisy-painful even- I'm going to order one from another company (about $30)to see if theirs works better.

    Somewhat inconsistent product quality-- I recommend buying local and if you have a problem with one exchange it for another one before you give up entirely. of the four I tried, one smelled funny when I turned it on... If I had decided on that one, I would have exchanged it.

    OH! by the way... I started this project on Sunday, and Monday morning woke up much less congested..(even though we have a HEPA air purifier in the bedroom) Tuesday morning even better... looks like it's working! I think I'm going to vacuum the mattress again..... ;) byebye dust mites!!!...more info

  • Terrible...
    I own a small home and figured a little canister would be perfect. This vacuum has excellent suction on hard floors, but make sure you pre-sweep. The opening on the hard floor attachment is large but narrows to a steep bend only a couple centimeters wide. This means anything bigger than light debris will get stuck and choke the vacuum. This is not a practicle idea for those with kids. (Never seen a kid to make a 'light' mess with 'small particles'. I have three, so I *know*). I can sum the carpet cleaning abilities in one word... UUUUGHHHHH! The brush is *air* powered, not electronicly driven. This creates a huge problem. I own a Newfoundland (130lb shaggy black dog) that constantly sheds. The brush is not strong enought to fully pick up the hair, which then clogs the little plastic turbine that powers it. This can take hours to clean. The canister has a 'trap door' release that works great at first, but after a couple of large loads gets stuck and forces you to manually remove the contents of the canister. GROSS! Recently my vacuum has aquired a smell of coroded batteries after ~10 min. of cleaning, and three COMPLETE (removal of filters, scrubbing, etc.) cleanings have not done away with it. Overall, I am glad I bought this thing on sale. It is a waste of money for anyone even with *minimal* carpeting (like me). I won't be buying anymore Euro-Pro Products!!...more info
  • Excellent vacuum
    The Shark Stealth is an excellent vacuum for the price (I got it for $100 at a local Bed Bath & Beyond). The turbo brush picked up so much dust and hair from the carpet that I was stunned. It's also quite adept at picking up cat litter that was ground in. The only problem I can see is that the filters aren't widely distributed and need frequent changing. I suppose that's the price of keeping the very dust you're vacuuming from being thrown back into the air. Overall, it's a great value....more info
  • Euro-Pro Shark Bagless Cyclonic Canister EP724
    The Euro-Pro Shark EP 724 is a marvel with powerful cleaning action. I have nothing but high marks for it except for the onboard tools which are hard to access and are rather cheaply made. My BIG COMPLAINT, though is trying to get the filters for the thing. What a runaround. You call the customer service number on the booklet and they refer you to another one which gives a constant busy signal (for two days). Finally I had to call their toll number in St. Laurent, QC, Canada. Their website is useless for ordering the filter system. Because of poor customer support for this item, I will never buy a Euro-Pro product again, although the machine itself is wonderful. What a pity....more info
  • Excellent vacuum for $100
    This vacuum is light, easy to use and picks up tons of dirt you never knew was still in your carpet. Cleaning it out is a bit messy and you have to clean and rinse the filters. If this is not for you, get another brand with a bag, but I don't think you will find anything that even comes close to the cleaning power of this unit for anywhere near $100. So- if you need big power and you don't want to spend $350+, this is an excellent choice....more info
  • ZERO STARS for this horrible vacuum
    This vacuum works fine on hard floors, which it should. It's a vacuum. They shouldn't have even bothered putting a carpet attachment in the package - false advertising on their part. Cleaning out the bagless container is so DISGUSTING that I never want to vacuum. Poor design, terrible vacuum - don't buy it. If I could have given ZERO stars, I would have. Complete waste of money....more info
  • Greate vacuum in its price range
    When it case to buying a vacuum cleaner, I was looking only for canister. This is partly influenced by my european background and by the fact that I live a small apartment. Looking for canister in US is a challenge, considering absolute domination of uprights; lookin for good canister is even harder.

    I bought this vac after trying DirtDevil vacuum with HEPA filter, which was a big dissapointment, both in suction and absence of good carpet brush.

    This vacuum picked up lots of dirt after DirtDevil! I was quite surprised. I don't know yet how this fellow will behave on maintanability front, but so far I consider this as a great buy!

    As to troubles with cleaning HEPA filters: well, you have to pay the price for having a clear air! You will need to clean filter by "tapping" it after each use and also you will need to rinse all three filters roughtly once a month or two or when experience rediced suction power. Also you will probably need to carefully clean spinning brush from hairs after each use, but I'm sure this is true for all turbo/power brushes.

    Pros: moderate price, turbo brush, terractable cable, very good suction, HEPA filtering, still handle, compact design.

    Cons: you will need to change brushes going from a carpet to a bare floor, handle may be a bit short for really tall people (probably above 6 feet).

    In short - I would absolutely recommend this vacuum for small-mid-sized appartments....more info

  • Finally a good lightweight canister
    I am glad that I bought the Shark Stealth canister which ended my canister vacuum research. I bought two other lightweight canisters (Bissell and Sanyo) recently and had to return them due to the malfunctioned parts and lack of suction/no suction power. Here are the pros and cons of Shark Stealth:

    - Comes with turbo brush which helps pick up dust underneath the carpet and pet hair.
    - Best suction among many canisters that I've tried.
    - Light weight and easy to maneuver. The main unit basically follows me everywhere I vacuum without much pulling, a very amazing design compared with other canisters.
    - Perfect brush size and rotating connector which allow me to vacuum underneath the bed and around almost all my furniture without having to move them.
    - Easy to empty dust cup
    - Retractable cord and on board attachments
    - Easy to assemble (took just a minute from the time I opened the box to the time I started vacuuming)

    - Cord is a bit short
    - HEPA filter requires some effort to clean. (I used the attachment on my upright Hoover with bag to suck up the dust in the HEPA filter.)...more info

  • This vacuum is more trouble than its worth
    I have wood floors, live in the country and have pets. First of all, the cord is not long enough to go the entire room. Secondly the wheels on the floor brush only allow one to vacuum in straight lines back and forth - going sideways (like across the top of a rug or on top of a heater) is a struggle. The filter system filters too finely so that it plugs quickly, thus reducing the vacuum power. Animal hair sticks to the outside of the filter screen, further reducing suction. I have cleaned canister and the filter each time I have used it (as instructed), but today I could not even get the filter out no matter how I pulled and I've only had the machine since Christmas. In retrospect, I think working with a simple Eureka which only needs a bag replaced every now and again is far more convenient than having such an elaborate filter. I really dislike going through the dirty mess of cleaning the filter every time I vacuum. The fine dust gets all over your hands no matter how careful you are. Yes, this machine is a real disappointment!...more info
  • A big disapointment!
    Useless machine if you have a carpet or a rug. I have small bold rug and the vacuum did not do the job right because of its revolutionary air brush, which is the most useless feature of this unit. The manual suggests to clean the brush as often as possible to keep the brush spinning that came to me as a surprise 'cause the brush hair bunches are getting pulled very easily and in the first 20 minutes of use and 3 cleanups I lost 3 brushes and there is no way they can be put back. Although the machine is useless, it looks good and easy to move around....more info
  • Amazing!
    This is the best vacuum ever! I don't understand why people always write bad reviews about Euro Pro. I had my doubts before I decided to buy this one, beacause all the reviews about Euro Pro products were terrible! Anyways I decided to buy this vacuum and it's a really good one! I look my carpet now and it seems like a new one. This little and very light machine is amazing! Finally my stairs are clean, the stairs were like my worst nightmare. It was impossible to get rid of the dirt on them but now the problem is gone. You don't need any tools to assemble the brushes or hoses. It's very easy to clean all the pieces. The dust cup is really amazing!
    The best vacuum ever!...more info