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Desktop air conditioner keeps you cool while working, uses natural, frozen water instead of chemicals, quiet operation won't interfere with worker in next cubicle. Plastic, 10 1/ 2 x 13 x 5 1/ 2" with adjustable vent grill and on/off switch, requires two D batteries, not included. Has built in jack for your optionalAC adapter.

  • Keeps you cool while working
  • Quiet operation
  • 10-1/2 x 13 x 5-1/2" with adjustable vent grill an
Customer Reviews:
  • Portable air conditioner
    I wasn't very happy with this product. It claimed to be a air conditioner but a regular fan would have worked better. Don't waist your money on this....more info
  • DESKTOP air conditioner
    I'm on my third New York summer with my original pair of these, and I probably wouldn't have made it through my first without them. I work at home and have no A/C. Fans help only up to a point; on hot muggy days they only blow hot air around. These little *desktop* A/Cs actually cool you off on the hottest, muggiest days. They are not meant to cool rooms or truck cabs. They sit *on your desk* a foot away from you and exhale chilled air at you without blowing your papers around or making annoying noise. Extra water bottles are easy to find in the Rubbermaid section of your market--you only need to approximate the size--so you can chill a few for backup. I think the product is reasonably well constructed, though I'm also annoyed at the tiny screws on the battery cover. Mine have endured ungentle handling and still perform perfectly. I find that the batteries last a decent length of time, and are certainly cheaper than the electricity to run a real A/C. As an added bonus, you can aim them at miserably hot cats to cool them off without scaring them under the bed or out of the room. ...more info
  • Miserable waste of money
    When you try to open the latch to put the D batteries in, you have no idea what kind of screwdriver to use. The screw holding the latch closed is ridiculously small. I called the company and they said to use the type of screwdriver you would use to repair eyeglasses. So I went out and bought one of those kits. Then when I tried the eyeglass screwdriver on that screw, it STILL did not work. Maybe other people have been able to get that screw out but I sure as h**l could not. And you can't run the stupid thing unless you can put the batteries in.

    If I were you I would NOT buy this. It's junk....more info
  • you get what you pay for..........
    The problem with cheap solutions is cheap results. I live in the desert and this wonderfully simple contraption consists of a small fan and a frozen water bottle. I find myself attaching the water bottle to a larger fan from a peice of string and doing nothing with the plastic encased toy fan. The freezable water bottle it comes with also leaks so............ If you want to pay a little amount of money for something you know is going to dissapoint you then by all means, go ahead!!!!...more info
  • Sending it back
    I bought this little fan because my car AC was not working well, and I thought that it would help keep me cool in this record breaking heat wave we had. Well, if I held it up to my face while driving, it created a slight breeze! There is absolutely not enough force to cool from a desk, or anywhere else, I even checked to make sure the batteries were fresh. This definitely is going back, and I will think twice before I order on-line again....more info
  • Great idea, but NOT worth the time.
    An air cooler is the more appropriate name for this. It was a great idea, but it needed to be a lot more rugged. It would appear that the slightest drop on the floor or knock with a book on your desk would destroy the weak fan. 4 Things wrong with it:

    - Should have come with more water bottles so that you can switch.
    - The fan is VERY weak.
    - Limited 30 day warranty (or 45 or 90 day). I understand now why the warranty is so short.
    - It does NOT come with a power cord. Had to spend about $17 @ radio shack to get the cord and the correct adapter.

    I plugged another adapter (a bit overrated) and the speed of the fan increased significantly. But after a day or even less than that, the fan burned out. But the fan wasn't even blowing that hard anyway to begin with :(

    Just save your money and get a REAL air conditioner. That's what I ended up doing....more info
  • not exactly what I expected
    Perhaps my expectations were to high, the product is good as long as you have an endless supply of "C" batteries, or an endless supply of pre-frozen water bottles to insert. A little bit too much work.

    ...more info
  • Don't Waste Your Money
    I am going to come right out and say it - this product is a piece of garbage. It does not work. To feel cool air, you would have to place it right up to your face. I was misled by the first couple of reviews and I must admit that I was very gullible. You get cooler air by placing a water bag with ice up to your skin. The battery compartment was hard to open as the short nail seems to have been placed by the manufacturer at an angle. One of the knobs on the side fell right off upon opening. The entire thing is made of cheap plastic. But the biggest downside is, it really does not work as advertised. I am extremely surprised that this is being sold on amazon and I could not even get myself to give it a star but my review would not get posted unless I gave it at least one star!!!...more info
  • Desk top air conditioner
    Don't waste money on this. Fan strength is terrible. The only one's kept cool by this item are the sellers - who are fanning themselves with the cash that I paid. ...more info
  • waste of money! get a fan instead
    the cool air canbarely be felt unless u literally stick it right at ur face......waste of money! Also the water that you freeze placed on the unit quickly melts because of the hotness, and barely lasts 30 minutes.

    save your money and get a fan instead, waste of time and money!...more info
  • Unworthy
    With summer just around the corner, I had hoped this product could handle cooling the cab of my GEM car. (An electric Neighborhood Electric Vehicle, or NEV.) Mine's a 2-seater, so the cab is very small. I read the other reviews and knew it was a risk, but I bought it anyway. I liked the idea of using a bottle of frozen water as the coolant. What's inadequate is the fan. I believe it would work much better if the fan had some power to it, which it doesn't. So I'm having to come up with some other idea to stay cool on this summer's southern heat....more info
  • this is a huge waste of money
    I sit in an office that will reach over 75 in the summer so I thought this would be perfect. It would be perfect except it is so cheaply constructed that the fan continuously malfunctions. Do not buy this! The fan will stop spinning within a month. You are better off with a regular fan....more info
  • Desktop Air Conditioner
    It is a small, narrow fan unless you use iced water. Then it will feel more like an a/c. It will not help in direct sunlight. It will only cool your upper body, not a cubicle or "closet"....more info
  • There are worse things than death...
    And buying this failure is one of them. Using this little bugger to cool yourself off is as smart an idea as is using an airplane to kill a mosquito. It just doesn't get the job done effectively. The "breeze" can only be felt two inches beyond the vent. ...more info
  • Not the greatest...but does okay...
    I work in an office that is just a little too warm for me most days. I placed the unit right on my desk about a foot from me to the left of my keyboard. It does an ok job of keeping me cool enough to get through the day. The fan is quiet...about the same as the fan on my computer. Unless you are using it up close like me, I doubt it will do you much good. Also, it has quite a large footprint for the top of your desk and it sometimes gets in the way....more info
  • Good idea....Great flop
    Well fully knowing that the idea of blowing air over ice is a commonly used form of air conditioning i believed this product should in fact do what it is labeled to do, be an air conditioner. Unfortunately, it does not. As well as there being other problems with this that has to be the most important.
    It really goes back to the fact that the fan doesn't have enough stength behind it. It can not by any means blow over the ice hard enough to actually cool even the smallest area. Either there needs to be a bigger fan in the engine or just a bigger fan in the first place. Either way it would then push more air over the ice making it work atleast somewhat better.
    Another fatel flaw to the design is the air conditioner only comes with one bottle and you can't find a replacement bottle. So after about maybe 2 hours at best, the ice has all melted and you have to stick in back in the freezer until the next day. I at first believe in this product and thought i could get around this problem by using another type of bottle. I tried to use water bottles and gatorade bottles, but both had the same problem. The bottles could not fit into the right place to not block all the air. So without an actual replacement bottle (or actually 12 so you could go through entire day) this system is rather flawed.
    My third real problem is more of a complaint and an annoyance. If you use batteries they die within hours so that is obviously not the key. It has the possibility of a plug in on the backside of the unit. Of course that type of plug in, is not included or a common plug in type. So to avoid constantly buying batteries you have to spend about $20 to get the right plug in. So instead of having a $20 air conditioner i have paid $40 and it doesn't really do anything. For that money i could have easily bought a much nicer air conditioner and have had it actually work.

    In summary, don't buy this product. If you like it so much, buy a regular fan with a much stronger push behind it and stick a frozen bottled water in front of it. I guarantee it will do better than this product and probally will save you about $30....more info
  • A Kool Oasis
    When the room temperature hot and no one else wants the Air Conditioner turned on, this Desktop Air Conditioner cools just my 7 feet by 7 feet personal space. It's heaven. I wouldn't be without. This is my second order....more info
  • Excellent, excellent product!
    I am VERY pleased with this product. A little background--I live in the hot, humid deep south. Our expected high today is 92, and it's extremely uncomfortable here. To top things off, my office A/C has been broken for weeks, and no one wants to pay for the repairs. While the departments fight out that battle, I'm left with a obscenely hot office. It's bad. It's really, really bad.

    So I found this little item and thought it might help. And I can't tell you in strong enough terms that it does! It's very quiet, so it does not annoy me when I'm trying to concentrate. As long as you are realistic, and don't expect miracles, this is a good little machine. My office is pretty small, and I'm finding that as long as I keep the door shut, it cools the room reasonably well. I am considering buying a second one to put on the opposite side of my office. I think with two of them, I'll be extremely comfortable.

    One potential drawback that some might want to consider: I have an ice machine in my office, so as soon as the ice in the cylinder melts, I can quicky replace it. However, I can see where it would be frustrating for someone who does not have that convenience....more info

  • Awful
    The fan is so weak, it makes the product useless. It may be able to cool a small flea. Perhaps an ant. Maybe a centimenter of human skin. Don't waste your money....more info
  • Keeping it cool in the summer !
    This is wounderful for those hot summer days ....more info
  • Not long Enough
    This is a very good air conditioner. It works very well, but there is one problem it doesnt last long enough. Ounce you get the frozen water from the freezer and put it in the air conditioner it lasts for about 10 minutes on a hot day, and thats when you need it. If your buying this item to cool down a small room, it doesnt work!!...more info