Panasonic MC-V7582 Bagless Lightweight HEPA Vacuum with Dual-Sweep System and Electronic Dirt Sensor, Dark Teal

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Panasonic MCV-7582 , Bagless Lightweight Upright Vacuum Cleaner. Makes house cleaning as close to a joyful activity as it's ever going to get! A highly effective Dual-Sweep System employs two counter-rotating active brushes. Model MCV7582

  • Bagless 12 amp upright vacuum cleaner with 14-inch True Trak nozzle
  • Efficient counter-rotating dual-active brushes grab dirt coming and going; HEPA filter
  • Automatic carpet-height adjustment; electronic dirt sensor; full-cup indicator; quiet operation
  • Motor-protection system; headlight; 30-foot power cord; onboard attachments
  • Measures 13-1/2 by 16-2/3 by 34 inches
Customer Reviews:
  • Design Flaw - Floor/Carpet Switch and Belt
    At first it appeared to be a good vacuum cleaner. But just after a few minutes use, the floor/carpet switch got stuck and the belt burned. After examining and repairing, it appears that the switch was designed with flaw which is not able to fully dislodge the belt when put on floor position, as a result the belt is easily got burned....more info
  • huge mistake
    It was a huge mistake on my side of deciding to buy it. First of all we waited for 3 and a half months to get this delivered. then came the belt breaking issue. this is the fifth time in one yr that the belt needs to be replaced. guys! do me favour. please go for some other brand. Please Please Please. I 'm wondering what to do with this now ,especially afer investing a huge amount.:(...more info
  • Belt keeps breaking. Vacuum works OK.
    Pathetic reliabilty with regards to the belt. Engine runs hot. I don't know if this is the reason the belt keeps on breaking. Replaced 3 belts in last 6 months of service. I don't know if there is any explanation to this. Put your money some place else.

    Regards,...more info
  • easily broken handle
    this Vacuum is so so. speccially the handle of this vacuum is not sturdy so when I used this vac twice, the handle was broken.I would like to return it....more info
  • Bad Vacuum
    This is the worst vacuum you can buy. We bought this back in December of last year and probably used it total of 4-5 times. The belt keeps coming off and causes rubber to rub and burn. The switch for bare floor/carpet is broken although we were so careful with it. Also, the sucking is not very good - hardly picks up anything off hardwood floor.

    All in all, I would not recommend this product. I guess my 30 day return is over so my only recourse is to take it to the nearest repair facility....more info
  • You can buy this if you vacuum only less than 5 minutes
    this is my third time using the vacuum, and the motor burns, the entire machine is dead. there is no problem using it the first and the second time, which less than 5 minutes each. However, I used it today, around 6 minutes, and the smokes gets from the machine. now i have to think about how to return it to go fix it. really annoying. I won't recommand it....more info
  • blister
    The first time I used the new vaccum I got a blister on my inner right thumb. It is very hard to use especially the attachments. The hose for the attachment is very hard to use, that is how I got the blister. I think I should have not ordered this vaccum and continued to use my old one. Though it has good vaccum power it takes a lot of physical energy to use it. When I was done vacumming my house I was dripping from sweat. This vaccum gives you a workout....more info
  • So Bad - Had to return
    Received this product and first time in use it almost started a fire. Called the manufacturer and was told to take it about 60 miles to an authorized repair facility. If it was to be picked up, I would be charged for transportation. Amazon was the only redeeming factor, they took it back and refunded the money....more info
  • excellent vacuum
    This is my second Panny vacuum. As my previous (with bag) this one sucks up all loose stuffs in carpet. I also tried in my mini-van and works great with attachments. The sensor is very accurate and guides me through vacuuming process easily. I am considering purchasing another like one for second floor....more info
  • Bad Experience
    I bought this vacuum because we'd had a panasonic that worked well in the past. This one was quite different. It's very noisy and difficult to push. It smoked and threw a belt in the second use. I fixed it once and it came off again. I couldn't return it fast enough! But kuddos to Amazon for an efficient, no-hassle return. ...more info
  • Belt will break resulting in costly repairs
    I purchased this vacuum about 6 months ago and used it about 10 times and 2 belts broke on me. One of the belts is easy to replace (part costs $2.50 at a repair shop) but the second belt I couldn't fix and the repair cost e $39.00. The cost was mostly labor because the 2nd belt was so difficult to replace.

    This vacuum works well but I don't think it's built to last. Power is good.

    Talking with the repair man, he advised against purchasing this model because if the rollers break on this model, the part alone would cost around $60.00. The rollers in the front is not built very strong and it does look like it will break in the year(s) ahead. If it breaks again on me, I'll replace it with a better model.

    Well, I learned my lesson. I will invest a little more in my next vacuum purchase....more info
  • Design Errors - burns up belts, hard to empty
    This may be a good deal if you get it cheaply enough. But in only about 2 hours of use it has burned up two belts and plastic cord holder snapped. Consider the $2 belts and your labor to replace them part of the cost. Dust bin is a mess to empty and it's virtually impossible to get the embedded dust out of filter. When it works, it cleans well. Just a pain to use something with so many irritating flaws. A Yugo, not a BMW. Doesn't Panasonic design well and test for usability any more?...more info
  • Thoroughly Pleased
    This is the first bagless vacuum that I have owned and I wonder why I waited so long to purchase one. I am very glad that I chose this one. The ease of going from carpet to bare floors with the flip of a switch is wonderful and the small turbo attachment is great for getting in hard to reach areas that the vacuum can't get to....more info
  • Not what one expects from Panasonic
    I bought this assuming that the reviews are probably from the competitors and they are just trying to blame the panasonic product.
    But I was utterly disappointed with the bad suction of the vaccuum. I had used low end a vaccuum (With bag) and that was much much much better than this new one. I wouldn't suggest any one to buy this product. I just crossed the 30day time, else would have returned the product....more info
  • Not what we had hoped for
    With various Panasonic and Amazon rebates, we were able to get this vacuum for a great price.

    It seemed to work well at first, picking up a lot of dirt and hair (the dog & cat shed like crazy) from the carpets. The first issue we noted was that it was difficult to empty the canister, as the dirt & hair would wedge itself between the filter & the cansiter. It was a pain to get out, dust would get everywhere.

    Then the vacuum started throwing the belt, eventually it would come off every couple minutes. We had purchased a couple replacement belts, but they did the same thing as well.

    So, we made the decision to return it. Kudos to Amazon for making the return experience a pleasant one. Ended up buying a cheap Eureka 5550A model, which has worked much better for us....more info
  • A Disappointment
    This vacuum was a real disappointment. I expected a much better product from Panasonic.

    The plastic elements break easily and the 'bagless' dirt container is a REAL bad idea. Trying to empty and dispose of the dirt is a chore of it's own.

    I had a Hoover Wind Tunnel before buying this vacuum. I knew almost immediately I had made a mistake buying the Panasonic. The Hoover is worth the few dollars more....more info
  • good vacuum for hardwood and light carpets
    I purchased this vacuum and found it ok. It is good on hardwood except for the fact that the suction hose is on the side of the brush unit which means you get great suction on one side and ok suction on the other, they really need to put the suction hose in the center. On low pile carpets it does a good job. On high pile carpets it is very hard to push because you cannot adjust the height of the rollers and they dig into the pile making it hard to push even though it is a medium weight vacuum....more info
  • good vaccum - bad belt
    This vaccum deserves a 5 star...quiet, efficient, nice brushes, good light etc...however the belt is a died after a few hours...more info
  • Good vacuum at cheap price
    I got this vacuum at less than $80 with several promotion during last winter. This vacuum sucks much better than my previous ureka bagles vacuum. Hepa filter makes me feel comfortable during vacuuming. Dual sweep system really works well. My dust cup also fits well everytime. Convenient light at the bottom enlightens even dark corners and closet in the room.
    The only con is that it is a little bit hard to empty dust cup. But this would be common problem of all bagless vacuum....more info
  • Good Suction, Poor Design of Dust Cup
    Suction is good, picks up lot of stuff.

    Dust cup design is poor for a top of line vaccum at this price.

    1. The cup does not fit easily most of the times.
    2. The filter in the cup has very little clearance on one side and the carpet fizz clogs that side after cleaning just one room. This constricts the air flow requiring that you empty the dust cup very frequently (at least after every 1-2 cleanings)

    I gave it 4 stars assuming that every vaccum has some such flaws....more info
  • I had the same problem
    This is my first vacuum.But it is like a nightmare.
    For the first use, it is hard for me to put the dust bin back.
    For the second use, the belt burned really bad without any excessive slippage.
    It is just terrible.
    I am returning it....more info
  • Good vacuum gone bad
    I bought this to replace an old Sears cannister vac, and initially had very good impressions. Except for the non-retractable cord, the unit seemed to have all the features I wanted and more. However there seems to be a basic design flaw when using this vacuum with low-pile but denser carpent, the brushes generate so much resitance against the carpet, the belt will burn up in minutes due to slippage. So far I've replaced 4 belts on this unit after only a few months of use (maybe 2-3 hours total use). I can't recommend this unit and am in the process of trying to get a refund for it. ...more info
  • This vacuum sucks... In a good way!
    upgraded from an eureka bagless, what a difference! Thanks to the dual sweep system, this vaccume sucks up a lot of dusts/sandy stuff that were embedded deep in the carpet that my old eureka missed. I didn't know my house was this dirty!! I don't see how a dyson can be that much better for 2x the price. However, this vacuum has a lot of useless features like electronic dirt sensor, bag full sensor, and it is actually missing some of the useful features that the lower end units have, like retractable power core. I am not sure what the amazon's description mean about the 30ft core has quick release, the cable is non-detachable and doesn't retract into the machine, you just rewire them and hang it behind the vacuum like a regular vaccum. ...more info
    I love this new vacuum. It has replaced my earlier Panasonic Vacuum which is still working for the past 4 years. This is top of the line vacuum from Panasonic today. Great suction power, advanced features, great value for money. Highly recommended!

    UPDATE ... From 5 star to 0 star... My experience: Purchased the vaccum on Nov 10 last year. It was great initially but then the belt wore off and I replaced it and today it burnt again! MAJOR DESIGN FLAW from Panasonic. To top it all they have a pathetic Customer Service. I will never purchase another product from them again. Save your money and stay away from PANASONIC products. ...more info
  • Very Good Value
    I ordered this to replace a Dirt Devil which I hated. I lusted after a Dyson but could not bring myself to spend that much money on a vacuum. My Dirt Devil was super loud, had no suck and the replacement filter is $25.00! I was in the home electronics business for twenty year and have always known Panasonic for a quality product. I wasn't disappointed. It has lots of suck, it is very quiet and the dual brushes make the carpet stand up really nice. I would have given it 5 stars but the Dyson might be better but at twice the price....more info