The Hobbit

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The Hobbit is an exciting 3rd-person action/adventure game that takes you into Middle Earth, for the great quest that predates the Lord Of The Rings trilogy!

  • Set in the mythical world of Middle-earth
  • Action adventure game in which the player assumes the role of Bilbo Baggins
  • Journey from Bilbo's peaceful Hobbit hole in Hobbiton into dark Mirkwood forest and finally to the Lonely Mountain
  • Comes face to face with elves, trolls, orcs, spiders, wolves, and more

Customer Reviews:

  • Not a PC game fanatic- but I loved this!
    WOW! I am in no way a big PC game person. I prefer to play solitaire or go on But when my younger brothers brought this home, I was definitely intrigued by the things you had to do in the game.

    As soon as I got to play it, I was immediatly hooked. As an amateur, my brothers had to help me at several points, but I was able to figure most of it out on my own. I'm not a Tolkein freak, I just enjoyed the movies, so I can't complain about the storyline, because there definitely is one in this game. There is no bad language nor is there blood, which was a plus for me, as I am a female and I just don't enjoy those things. Of course you have to defeat villians, but it's not gross.

    The graphics are awesome, too. There are excellent details and lots of movement. The look and feel of the levels all vary thus far, which makes it so the game doesn't get boring.

    I highly recommend this game to anyone- even if you don't like PC games....more info
  • The Hobbit is Awesome!
    It was really challenging to win it. Another great part was that it wasn't one of those games that you beat in a day and you really have to use your head to win it. I had a great time beating it. Also the levels are awesome because they are very creative and hard to figure out. It's an awesome game and I would recommend it to anybody that is a gamer....more info
  • Can you give it 6 stars?????????
    this game is so awesome!!! i played the demo like 10 times. rocks, walking-stick, and sting to kill your enemies...what more can a hobbit fan want?!?!? this is exactly what i pictured when i was reading the book. i can't wait till i can buy the full version!...more info
  • Fun for all ages
    (...) I loaded it the night before to see that it would run correctly. Boy, did it! I ended up playing it for 3-4 hours, and finally forced myself to stop at 2:30AM (had to be at work at 8). I thoroughly enjoyed the game, found it challenging for me but not too much for my son. As a matter of fact, the next day, I reviewed with my son how he liked it and he had made it much farther than I had in a shorter time. Lot's of fun - for all ages. Chris C....more info
  • Great game to say the least
    this game is awsome. I just bought it and in 2 days im in riddles in the dark. I am a huge hobbit fan and although they may have complicated some things it's fairly true to the book! all in all a great game...more info
  • Merely a Poor Console Conversion to make a buck
    What the company did here is paid big bucks to get the movie name and rights to the characters, then no follow through. Not trusting the company is the reason for a demo. More demo's please. Recall the game, "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring"? Is was a beta for this game. Now they have better rendering on the characters, but they forgot to put color on the ground and walls. Everything is black. Super annoying. One player. "How do I get up there?" If you hate jumping games, you'll hate jumping games more that they don't finish making. Keyboard - Extra long jump Left-Ctrl key+direction key+jump key+you can't see because they didn't render the ground or the walls in act's black. Major design flaw (act1) with invisible barriers - If you push the butter churn to the fence near the hay stacks, standing on it to jump over, you can't jump back. You can physcially jump higher than the fence, but they never thought you'd do that and were using an invisible vertical barrier, so you couldn't get there in the first place. If you liked the book, don't purchase this game or you'll even find the book frustrating....more info
  • patience makes perfect
    This is the first PC game I've bought for myself, usually I buy kiddie-level games for my 5-year old. Being an avid Tolkien fan, I thought it would be fun to try. In a word, I really enjoy this game a lot. It has a good mix of hack and slash plus puzzle-solving. But, let me warn you, there are times you have to die many dozens of times before figuring out how to get through, around, or just plain run away from some baddie. My daughter has watched me play and gets frustrated at me for dying so much, but I think it's a good lesson for her in patience when she sees me eventually figure it out....more info
  • This game is cute but gets boring rather quickly
    I played this game for hours on end after I first bought it but got soon bored with having to start the same level over and over and over again because the trolls spotted Bilbo or he didn't have enough health to survive a massive troll attack. Downloading a trainer and cheat codes helped for a while, but now I'm getting bored again (I'm stuck in Mirkwood, getting slaughtered by skeletal warriors in spite of The Ring).

    The game action mainly consists of jumping/climbing, picking up things, and wacking baddies.

    It's an ok game for relaxation after a long work day and I'll continue playing it, mainly because I like the graphics. My only real criticism is that you can't change the camera angle to 1st viewer perspective (looking at Bilbo's back gets a bit annoying after a while) and that sometimes the view changes by itself (for example in the dwarf mines when Bilbo has to jump from one big wheel to the next), making it hard to control his movements....more info

  • Coolest Game Ever!!!
    This game rocks! The graphics are great, the levels are challenging, and it isn't gory. Another thing is that you need to use your head not just quick fingers. this game is worth all that money. ...more info
  • Great Game except...
    Mirkwood REALLY STINKS! When you get past these armed skeleton type people, you have to defeat the Wight Lord. Also, my sister doesn't think you need to listen to Ugslap on Swordlight, but you HAVE to. Please respond how to get past the Wight Lord. My email address is :

    Thank You...more info
  • I just finished it.
    Thsi took close to 20 hours. And, it only improves as it goes along. As a slow start brings questions about game quality, those questions are soon thrown out when you advance to the second of many worlds. The worlds are distinct and very colorful. The only weak point graphically is the Dwarves facial animations. This is mainly a platform style game with some small areas of tactical approaches thrown in , and the occasional, NEAR IMPOSSIBLE , battle to continue to the next destination. I had a blast. I am a PC gamer at heart, so the controls were not at all a problem. Mostly, it is controlled by the arrow keys and the mouse. With a few keys to activate your 'ring' and such. But, they are rarely ever needed. I enjoyed the variability of the game. As some say it is repetative, i found that to be the exact opposite for me. Overall, this was tremendous fun. I would grab this now that the price has dropped so much. It is truly worth every penny. Also, for a true hobbit fan, this sticks to the story pretty well. Great game....more info
  • hated it!
    Perhaps it's because I had just finished "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" and was looking for more of the same...but I hated this game.

    First I had to install and uninstall it three times to get it to work. That alone was terribly annoying. My system is NOT ancient, but this was ridiculous.

    I will admit that I didn't get very far into it. I got immediately bored picking up jewels on the road. I disliked my character's movement. I disliked the environment and what you have to do to move ahead.

    I'm not an expert gamer, but this was too much work for so little fun. If I have to sweat, sure would like some decent results.

    My advice? Buy Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, instead....more info

  • A Real Adventure!
    First I dont know what this other guy is talking about with bad controls,
    you can customize them any way you like and it works great.

    -I cannot think of a game that has better graphics then this one.
    -Best Adventure Game you will like it even if you have
    never played an adventure game before.
    -extremly fun
    -cool story

    -pittyfull saving options

    Conclusion: You need this Game!...more info

  • Yuck!
    Platform-specific comments:

    The controls for the PC version of this game are extremely cumbersome.

    If you must get this game, get it for gamecube or xbox.

    Non-platform-specific comments:

    The game is only very loosely based on the book.

    There are no meaningful decisions in the game. Basically, every time one plays through the game, it will be pretty much the same. There's hardly any development or customization of the main character. Also, there is pretty much only one path through any given level. The player is not presented with choices but rather may as well go watch a movie....more info

  • A worthy game.
    I was a little skeptical when i saw the game's cartoony graphics but the gameplay really makes up for it, but the more i played the game though the more i liked the graphics. They remind me of playstation 2 graphics if not a little better. There are times when the camera angles are placed at the wrong angle but this is excusable. The voices are done very well and the music and sound are all good but not remarkable. I found this game much more enjoyable than all of the other lord of the rings games and i have played them all besides the few RTS(real time strategy) ones. There are times when this game is definitely frustrating but when these areas are overcome they are much more rewarding. This game was pretty long but nothing that will keep u entertained for weeks if your an avid game player like myself.I would recommend this game for people of any age as it is not too childish....more info
  • Not for arachnophobes!
    The Hobbit is no Spiderman or Battlefront (the attacks are two buttons) and the graphics are only ok. But its just fun for the ride. The hardest things in the game are not the villains but the adventure challenges. You play as Bilbo Baggins through Hobbiton, through the dark goblin caves and troll caverns, all the way to the Dragon Smaug. The graphics are very in-your-face, however (Being an arachnophobe, I nearly fell off my chair when a spider jumped out at me!). I admit, if you are into adventure games with a little more action, I reccomend the Lord Of The Rings games or The Chronicles Of Narnia: Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe. It doesn't have too much action, especially at the beginning. This is the perfect game to get into gaming with, it's short and sweet.And if you are a serious gamer, get this for your PC as well....more info
  • Hobbit Fan's Review
    If you are a fan of the Book you will enjoy this game. I am new to the whole gamer phenom and I am sure there are way more advanced games on the market but I am enjoying graphics and the over all storyline mirrors the book very well....more info
  • move over, EA Games!
    I just saw the game at a book fair and it looked interesting, so I got it and it was worth every penny! You start out in dream world, which is just a tutorial on fighing, jumping, and climbing ladders. then you wake up in hobbiton, which is the easyist level. Then you leave home and encounter three trolls!(i spent like 5 months on this level). Nab the pocket book then explore the trolls home and find sting, then a search for firewood turns into a wild ride to nowhere! get back, only to be ambushed by goblins in the night! Find the ring and rescue the dwarves from the queen spider sisters! sneak through Thurandil elvenkings halls to free thorin and the gang from prison! Save Lake-town from thievs and goblins! defeat smaug and take the treasure! Get the arkenstone of thrain! rescue Beorn the skin-changer as 5 armies battle around you! This game is great! $10 is undercharge! get it now or the kingdom under the mountain will not exist!...more info
  • This little game is a whole lot of fun!
    This is a great game for everyone! Lots to do, many places to go, items to gather, and powers to use. This game is worth far more that you pay for it. Buy it today!...more info
  • Really great game, but Bilbo is treated unfairly
    Bilbo is treated really unfairly. I mean a hit from the skull dead dudes takes 2 life bubbles away, and a slime thing that the dead purple skeleton thing throws at you takes 3 lives away, and if you hit them it just takes a coulple of liquid from the blood. And you cannot hit them repeatedly or block an attack. And the rocks that you throw are like crap, it barely even hurts the enemy. Eveything has more blood than you and you don't get shields or anything. Really unfair, but other wise, the graphics are amazing! You cannot believe how something like this can work on your comptuer. It is fun to play too, sometimes....more info
  • Pretty Good
    I think that the game is pretty good. The graphics are nice and it is entertaining. But I can't seem to figure out how to get past the bloody trolls. If someone could tell me how or where to get good cheat codes, it would really help out. But it is a pretty good game....more info
  • Finally, a Lord of the Rings game worthy of the title!
    100% recommend this title. It's both true to the works and a fun experience....more info
  • If you gave Mario a sword and a ring....
    Have you ever wished for a decent Lord of the Rings platformer? A nice, long, but not tedious trek through the wilds of Middle-Earth? Do not worry, there is one! A slightly odd platformer named the Hobbit fits the description perfectly. Very fun, with happy, light-hearted graphics, witty dialogue, and engrossing gameplay. A good buy!...more info
  • Good for kids... with some help
    I've been playing this game with my six-year-old son. He loves it. He does need a little help sometimes. First, some of the puzzles are impossible for a child to figure out (and even adults, if you're not an experienced gamer.) Second, it can be difficult to know what to do at each level to get through it. What I did was to search the Web for a "walkthrough" -- a step-by-step guide for playing the game. Cheating? Maybe, but my son enjoys it more this way -- we get to be able to finish the game, and he can concentrate on the parts he can do well....more info
  • luv this game
    I love this game. the only problems are that you can only save at specific points, and those points are not well placed. for instance, when you are fighting the spiders, when you get to the only save point, there is a giant spider about to kill you. also, the cutscenes get annoying after a while, and there are only 2 or 3 that you can skip. it takes a while to get used to fighting, but once you do, you can get past anything. what i really didn't like, though, was that the Ring has a meter, and once the meter runs out, you have to take the Ring off and wait for it to charge. when you are in the elven palace, it gets really annoying. overall, it is an awesome game, and i highly reccomend it. ...more info
  • Keeps me at the edge of my seat!
    The Hobbit for the pc is the best adventure game I have ever played. It is not to easy. there are around 13 levels that each take more than a hour to complete. Very intresting story....more info
  • Error in Previous Review
    I haven't played the game but I just wanted to point out some unfair criticisms of it in a previous review. Reviewer michaelene doyle said that the game has errors in the form of plot differences from the book. This may or may not be true, but the examples she gave were incorrect. She says that Bilbo doesn't get his sword until Mirkwood in the book. But in the book he actually does get it in the troll cave, which is where she says it is found in the game. Also, she mentions that there were only 3 goblins in the goblin caves in the book instead of the 3,000 that are found in the game. She must be thinking of the trolls--there were three of them in the book. In the book, the goblin cave is full of goblins, so many that Gandalf and the dwarves can't stand and fight against them. If the cave in the game is full of goblins then it's right on. Sounds like a cool game!...more info
  • Pretty cool....
    I bought this game when I bought my new computer in 12/03. I have to say that the graphics are awesome! It's really amazing how far computer games have come (Zork, anyone?)!

    That being said, I agree with the other reviewers who commented on the camera angles (hence only 4 stars). Yes, most of the time the camera angle is under your control - BUT, at some of the most critical times (i.e. jumping to/from the moving platforms, moving through confined spaces, etc.) the camera angle changes to a "default" setting, making it an extra challenge to maneuver Bilbo.

    The game's presentation is fairly "cartoonish," but considering that the original Hobbit was also a cartoon (back in like 1978, if I recall correctly) I can't complain too much. The creators did stick with the general story of the book, but to flesh out the game they did take some creative license with some areas (I don't recall reading about Bilbo freeing Balfor in the book!). Was this a good thing? I guess that depends on whether you are a Tolkein "purist" or not. Personally, while I would have liked to have seen them keep more closely to the book the additional "quests" do not detract from the game.

    Given the game's presentation, one would think that it was fairly simple to complete. Guess again! This game is deceptively challenging, in that some things that look easy enough to accomplish can be difficult, and take many tries to complete. If you are easily frustrated, you may want to download a demo of this game from the manufacturer's website before purchasing to see if it's something you would enjoy.

    All things considered, it's a good game!...more info

  • An enjoyble game
    From Hobbiton to Mirkwood,this game is really fun. The graphics are great,the music is great, and the quests are outstanding. However, the game doesn't follow the story all the time. The wepons you get are Sting,Stick, and rocks. The enviroments are amazing.

    Happy Playing!...more info
  • Great Game, But Hard
    I had a little trouble rating "The Hobbit", mainly because it's very difficult. Not that this bothers me so much, but somtimes I get an eensy bit discouraged. I think my favorite chapter is "overhill and underhill". I can't be sure though, because the whole game is fun! In my opinion, the hardest part so far (I'm at the end
    of disk 1) is ...well pretty much all of Sowrdlight, which is also known as "Riddles in the Dark".

    I personally found the controls (other than the mouse controls) difficult. Luckily though, the key-board only does small, somtimes but rarely necessary things. Its main use is moving.

    In the game, you get 3 weapons (walking stick, throwing stones, and Sting the sword) and so-many-I-can't-count skills to use them. There is a lot of collecting. The most common objects are gems. If you collect enough of them you get more life possibilities and all the life automatically becomes full. Mushrooms give life if you don't have all your life already.

    The game play is wonderful and it doesn't seem to take away from the graphics. Trust me: "The Hobbit" rocks!!!!!...more info
  • Another flop from Vivendi Universal
    I bought this game solely on the reviews of other gamers and I need to wonder what they were smoking.
    At first I thought this was going to be a pretty good game until I had to worry about the odd camera controls. Then the game sometimes automatically cuts to a fixed camera and all your movement controls are screwed up.
    The complaints about enemies taking 4-5 health bubbles in one hit are true. if you're surrounded, it sucks to be you cuz you're going to the hobbit hole in the sky because theres no way to hit someone behind you and they can just keep hitting you as much as they want.
    The complaints about not being able to save is sort of bogus. Most of the time there is a save point just around the corner. BUT...This was a bad move by the game makers because everyone knows it's best to make a game you can save at any point.
    I see absolutely no replayability for this game because, as others have said, it will force you to do exactly the same thing you did the first time, with the same character, same weapons etc..
    It TRIED to keep with the book but was a sort of shortened, kiddie version of it.
    Graphics: Ok. Not stellar but not too bad. This is like The Simpsons Hit & run. Looks good but that's it.
    Either play your friends copy or don't play it....more info
  • Awesome
    I think that this game had pretty good graphics, a great story, great aventure, and a good system of controls....more info


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