Microsoft Money 2004 Premium
Microsoft Money 2004 Premium

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Product Description

Microsoft Money 2004 Premium has all the tools you need to manage every aspect of your small business! Includes a variety of complimentary financial services at no extra charge

  • Easily download checking, credit card and other transactions from your bank automatically, for up-to-date information
  • Consolidate your financial information for an accurate overall view of your business' health
  • Optimize your investments with the automatic trade decision tools
  • Maximize tax-savings opportunities and handle IRS Schedule D reporting with a click
  • Get year-round capital gain or loss calculations

Customer Reviews:

  • Former Quicken User
    As a Quicken user for over 10 years, this product is far superior to Quicken 2004. The interface is different and takes a few days to get used to, but is relatively intuitive....more info
  • microsoft money
    Microsoft Money Deluxe 2004
    I had the earlier version of money and it did very well. This version is very problematic. It is full of bells and whistles which override your entries. Finally, it eliminated all the content from my money file, costing me 10 months of entries and work. ...more info
  • Glad it's not just me....
    Microsoft just continues to top itself year after year with the continual poor quality of it's software. In that one regard, Money 2004 does not disappoint.

    As other reviewers have noted, many previously functional parts of the (mostly well-designed) program have been crippled, or do not work at all. A prime example that I can site is the Debt Reduction Planner... the whole point of the tool is to allow the user to create a program to automatically pay-off the highest interest debt first. It no longer does this--- or much of anything else! When you set up a debt program, the tool used to schedule all of your payments in your Bills and Deposits listing to present an accurate cash-flow forecast. Now it only presents the most immediate payments... USELESS!!!

    Add to this sporadic unexplainable data corruption and a complete absence of I/O load balancing in the "background banking" sub-app and you get a software tool that destabilizes and imperils your critical financial data. Oh yeah, and you're paying out the nose for that privilege!

    MS Money used to be the only reason I stopped thinking about switcing to the Mac. At this point, Quicken is beginning to sound appealing.

    I recently was subjected to inane blather from a financial number-cruncher about how MS is going to eventally conquer everything and everyone in the distributed computing arena.... I say it won't happen. They are committing the one sin that all companies have paid for eventually... arrogance and distain for the needs of their customers. Yeah, Windows will still be around in 30 years. But not much else... and who knows if MS will still be the owners....more info
  • better than the Money/Quicken 2005 crop
    Been using since 2003 because it has better customized graphing/reports than Quicken.

    MS Money 2004, despite its major and minor quirks, is at least still usable everyday without much fuss.

    The debt planner is fairly useless except to schedule payments, and to "guess" when you'll be out of debt, unlike Quicken 2003. Mortgage accounts don't allow you to switch between arbitrary frequency of payments per month, as well as always predicting the WRONG interest/principal payment split.

    However, I still like the fair ability to customize; from page displays to reports although I prefer Quicken's more modal interface over Money's free flowing "browser" interface.

    Looking forward, Money 2005 is a horrible new product that doesn't carry over any of the "it just works" philosophy of 2004 especially with the even more "browser" interface that leaves huge tracts of white screen space (in advanced mode) compared to 2004. Combined with the huge amount of complaints about Quicken 2005's new 'forced' "upgrade" features, Money looks golden.

    Stay with 2004.. it's the lesser of many evils. Until maybe 2006....more info
  • The Utlimate Spyware/Adware Combo
    This is the worst software purchase I have made in the past 2 years! The password protection -- Passport vs. standard -- is extremely confusing. The fact that the software talks with Microsoft gives me the creepy feeling that it's collecting data on me. I do not like the idea of an institution like Microsoft having complete access to my monetary data. This idea of remote access is rubbish. In my entire life I have never ever needed to check how my investments were doing while in the middle of a busy day. Not only does it have all my information, it also has a nice little banner that cheerfully asks me to Upgrade Today to Microsoft Money 2005. I paid for this software, and I'd appreciate that, if Microsoft wants real estate on my desktop it should pay for it!! The amazing thing is that, while it uploads my most materially important information to and forces an advertisement in my face, the anti-adware/spyware softwares do not even detect this hellish piece of trash. I'm seriously considering going back to Money 99....more info
  • Very nice software
    I recommend this product. It's a very nice software. And is very easy to learn.

    ...more info
  • Microsoft Money 2004 Premium
    This is an old version, but still a good one, mainly for an old retired man who wants to organize its wealth the best possible....more info
  • money review
    I agree that Money is a great product. I started on Money 98 and have upgraded to 2001, 2003 and just bought 2004. I have tried Quicken, I actually found Money easier to use, but I have spent hours tweaking its FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE interface. The best thing about Money is the integrated billpay however, the billpay is great, and with premium it is free for 2 years so that in itself is worth 120 dollars. Sure its Microsoft, but face is a microsoft world. Let me know when Quicken has a word processor and spreadsheat program that is the standard for use in the world. Hey pal, sorry you have to take 2 seconds and get a passport (or a hotmail address)....more info
  • Works good
    I have used Microsoft money for years, very simple to learn, I wouldn't use it for a business accounting software, but it works great for home finances. Just like having a checkbook register only faster....more info
  • Do it Microsofts way or else!
    I've been using MS Money products for about a year now after switching from Quicken. I was tempted by the lower costs and on-line freebies. While the product overall works ok, I believe that the reviewer that made this comment

    >>>2. It's a typical Microsoft product. That means the software tries to outsmart you rather than letting you work the way you want to. <<<<

    makes a very good point. This is very frustrating to me because we don't all think alike. I've always been able to set up Quicken exactly the way I wanted and it was always very intuitive. I've never felt that way with Money. Just this week I was trying to get Money to set up my budget the way I wanted it. Paychecks can be entered in several different ways. I told Money that I was paid every other week. After entering the bi-weekly amount it then proceeded to calculate a yearly total and then avereaged it over 12 months. This then is the budgeted income amount that shows up on budget reports. Being that there are some months with 3 pay periods instead of 2, this averaged amount is never what I am actually paid. It's just one of the frustrating little ways that Money trys to outsmart you. I'm going back to Quicken....more info

  • having problems converting Quicken files
    I'm a longtime Quicken user, but because of the sunset on Quicken 2001 I decided to take a look at Money 2004. Money converted my Quicken files, but ALL of my accounts (bank, IRA, mutual fund, brokerage) had errors.

    Money outputs a word file saying there were problems, but gives no details. The file only says "Your Quicken file contained invalid transaction types". It does not list out what transactions had problems. Other accounts have the wrong balances and no explanation at all. Some transactions are missing for no apparent reason.

    OK, so I resigned myself to stepping through each account to try and find the problem transactions. I found the problem in one of my mutual fund accounts: Money defaults to average cost basis for mutual funds, and I had used FIFO in Quicken. It was a challenge to find a way to correct this. Just reentering the transaction doesn't work. Even though the program allows you to select the lots to be sold, it still calculates the account basis using average costs. After much searching, I found that going into the security detail page and changing the tax lot accounting there would correct the problem. Not an obvious place to find a solution to a transaction problem.

    Now, when I change my "home view" to "Investing", the program crashes. There's probably some way to tiptoe around to make the program happy, but I don't really want to invest the time. Luckily I had a backup I could restore.

    Money 2004 has many nice features, but I need a stable product.

    Note that Money 2004 Deluxe has a sunset in Sept 2007. Money 2004 Standard has a sunset in Sept 2006....more info
  • it won't run on xp
    I installed the product. and it won't run on my XP professional!!!
    don't waste your money....more info
  • Moved From Quicken
    As I've been a Quicken user from the beginning for my personal finances and investments, I decided to upgrade to Microsoft Money 2004 Premium for the following reasons.

    1. Quicken has not shown me and upgrade that is worth buying since I purchased Quicken 2002 deluxe. If the new quicken is going to do the same as my Quicken 2002 Deluxe, why upgrade and that's all I see in the new Quicken.

    2. Free stuff from Money 2004 that Quicken can't match. Such as a free year of your credit report monitoring service. Two free years of online bill paying are just a few.

    3. Better financial and stock watching information and software.

    These are a few reasons why I moved from Quicken. But don't be fooled believing that Moneys interface is like Quicken, It's not. It will take Quicken user some time to become familiar with the way Money works and sometime to setup Money to your liking. But in all It's worth the change for a better product....more info

  • Helps Me
    Helps me to balance my books and keep on top of my finances. Thanks to MM2004 I have a complete picture of my finances....more info
  • pushed by Quicken, happy with result
    very intuitive user interface, easy to use. I have finally abandoned Quicken after 10 years of use, and after Intuit has failed to produce a compelling version since 1999. Money has good support for multiple currencies, and the upgrade was smooth and even fixed a longstanding discrepency in a cash account balance that I could never chase out of Quicken. My biggest complaint so far is that the portfolio update feature is really slow (about 3 minutes), even with a 512 dsl. I don't really have that much data.......more info


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