Microsoft Money 2004 Standard
Microsoft Money 2004 Standard

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Product Description

Microsoft Money 2004 Standard saves you time while organizing your budget and reducing your debt!

  • The simple and powerful set of tools makes personal finance easy -- step-by-step tools help you balance your checkbook, and track your budget
  • Save time organizing and managing your finances -- download checking, credit card and other transactions from your bank automatically
  • Consolidate your financial information from multiple institutions, for a better look at your overall financial health
  • Create a budget and track your spending with monthly reports to better understand your spending habits

Customer Reviews:

  • Don't upgrade unless you have to!!!!!
    I was sailing along quite happy with my lil ole Money Standard 2000. I used the budgeting and reporting some, but mostly just kept track of my accounts and downloaded bank activity. THEN my bank upgraded and "recommended" we upgrade to the most recent version of Money. Oh, WHAT A MISTAKE! I hate it. Downloading items from the bank website, Money just enters them into your statement, matches the entry with a VERY wrong mate. I think it looks at your upcoming bills before it actually looks at the transactions (which, okay, I don't always have entered exactly right penny for penny). Before, in 2000-land, I didn't know how good I had it matching entries. A simple 8-transaction download can take 15 minutes at a minimum. Way, way too time consuming for something that's supposed to make my life easier. I can't imagine that ANY product testing was done before this was released. Save your money if you can. I'll deal with it until I can't stand it anymore and then convert to Quicken. ARRGHHH....more info
    If I could give this "application" no stars I would.

    "Features" within the application are nothing more than a direct link to several of Microsoft's websites. When I inquired about deactivating these "features", Microsoft's reply was essentially "sorry, this is part of the software."

    As an avid and loyal user of Money since 2001, I will be switching to another package or trying to find my MS Money 2001 disks.

    I already owned Money 2001 Standard Edition and expected similar feature sets in Money 2005 Standard....oops. If you want "retirement accounts", you need to purchase the 2005 Deluxe. If want the monthly Cash Flow forecast (like in Money 2001), that feature is GONE!

    This is nothing more than brochure-ware for Microsoft's web sites, YOU have to pay for it, AND M$ has the audacity to actually have pop-up messages built into the product ASKING YOU TO UPGRADE.

    [...]...more info
  • What a deal!
    2004 Standard Moneys for under 20 bucks! booya!

    -Gnome...more info

  • Microsoft Money 2004
    This item was perfect for my personal checking and savings account. Easy to balance my checkbook. I am very satisfied....more info
  • Sleeker Design but still buggy
    I upgraded from Money 2001 because it was giving me error problems. The program would close down and sometimes give me the dreaded blue screen. This only happened after upgrading to WinXP.SoI decided to get MS Money 2004. I really only track expenses and reconcile my accounts and use a few reports. All I can it has a sleeker design and less problematic than the 2001 version. Since getting it in July its shut down at least a dozen times. So be warned. Ive read that the more current versions arent all that stable either. ...more info
  • Microsoft Money
    I love Microsoft Money. I bought this version to save money. It is compatible with Windows Vista. Easy to use and keeps me organized. I have been a faithful Money user for years. I only use it to track personal finances so the low key, easy to nagivate program is perfect for me....more info
  • Ability to import online statements -- lies, lies, lies!!!
    One of the real values of these products is to import or autmatically update your transaction history for various accounts. There is more support for Quicken than MS-Money. Even though MS-Money claims these can be converted, it isn't by any means consistant. Wanna buy my MS-Money version, I switching back to Quicken?!...more info
  • Great as a free demo, not worth that much otherwise
    I downloaded the free trial of Money from Microsoft's website and decided to give it a try. The trial runs for 2 months and it allows you to do pretty much the same things as in the full versions.
    My first impressions are mixed. On one side, the interface is very slick and it sure looks like a good tool for managing everything. On the other side, my Excel files do the same thing for free, lacking only cool graphics and buttons.
    While updating accounts seemed to work pretty fast, what it updates is a mess. I spent most my time working with my Brokerage account, since that was my main interest. For once, while the stocks were imported correctly, the tools were showing me bad stocks as leaders that make me the most money. Follow that and you'll either become a Warren Buffet or file for bankruptcy ... Second, the info was really not personalized. I was being sent to the MSN Money site for further information or for plotting the stock shares evolution ... Well, how can I say this: MSN Money, same info I was being sent to, is actually free. I go there anyway, to update my Excel files.
    Some of the other features were not of big interest either. The only that were, required additional payments (GainKeeper, for Schedule D, etc).
    Overall, I am not impressed and will not buy this software. I think everything it has can be done in Excel and while it may take you a while, at least you'll know what you do....more info
  • Fair Financial Software
    I purchased Microsoft Money to keep track of my monthly budget and a couple of small investments that I had. While there is some good stuff there, Money has quite a few shortcomings which make it much less than what I expected.

    The Good
    - Connects directly with financial websites such as Ameritrade to download stock portfolio information and banks to get check information which is then seemlessly integrated into your budget/analysis/etc. Very useful.

    The Bad
    - Confusing interface which was hard to transfer from one view to another
    - No financial tools to analyze your holdings. No ROI, no NPV, no aggregate betas, nothing beyond stocks current price.
    - No way to aggregate accounts of stocks and bonds or to analyze your holdings across accounts.
    - The budgeting software was not very effective. It was hard to categorize checks. You had to do it one-by-one in a process that takes a pretty long time.
    - If there was an automatic bill-pay mechanism, I didn't figure it out.

    For my needs, I would not buy this product again. I thought about upgrading to the professional version, but did not see that it addressed the problems of the standard version.

    There is really nothing in Money that you can't do just as easily in an Excel worksheet and a Yahoo! Finance portfolio. In many ways, Yahoo's free web service is superior to Microsoft's software.
    ...more info
  • Microsoft money 2004
    I was very pleased to find the product I was looking for on amazon. com. The price was right, the service was fast, and the product works fine. Thank you very much for being there for me.
    Gerald (Jerry) Ziglar
    Columbus, OHio...more info
  • A good tool with flaws
    I find this software is a good tool to help me track spending and investments, though it does have some annoying flaws. The first is the forecasting that it does on accounts is worthless, it takes an asset account that receives a nominal increase monthly and projects a two month increase far in excess of what the historical trends, and common sense, would suggest. It does this as well with credit accounts, for instance I had a credit account with $700 with a 6 month no interest period, over a 5 month period, with monthy payments and no interest, it was paid down to $35, the forecast tool took this information and predicted in two months the account would be at - $5,000. Other annoying things, the prompt on the home page that I should enter the monthly interest on my AMEX card, the advertisements and notices that my money would do better in accounts held by advertisers, the difficulty enterering the actual price paid on fractional share purchases, and the difficulty in handling the mortgage payment transactions when part of the monthly payment goes to a escrow account to pay taxes and home insurance.

    That said, the product is a good tool for househiold budgeting and financial record keeping....more info

  • BEWARE: Microsoft Money 2004 Online Services Policy
    ...Basically, Online services are now a "SUBSCRIPTION" service and will self destruct (ie stop working) after a period of time and FORCE you to upgrade to a new version.

    Thanks, but NO Thanks Microsoft. What a way to force users to upgrade to Quicken or some other competitior. Won't be long until your copy of Windows will stop booting 2 years after you installed it.

    "Online services valid two or three years from first use. Online bill pay, downloading transactions from your financial institution, downloading stock quotes, and the ability to synchronize with MSN? Money Plus or MSN Money expire two years from first use of Microsoft Money Standard or September 1, 2006, whichever is earlier. Online bill pay, downloading transactions from your financial institution, downloading stock quotes, and the ability to synchronize with MSN? Money Plus or MSN Money expire three years from first use of Microsoft Money 2004 Premium or September 1, 2007, whichever is earlier."...more info

  • I've been very happy with MS Money
    I'm not quite sure what everyone has been having trouble with... I started using Money 2003, soon after it was released, and was very happy with it. I'm not convinced that the upgrade was worthwhile, but Money has certainly done the trick. I've had no problems connecting to my accounts, setting up budgets, creating and viewing reports, etc...

    Yes, it is a glorified spreadsheet, but Money saves me a ton of time, and I've found it to be a wonderful tool....more info

  • M$ Sucks
    I just bought this product. After installation, I can not even start it. It really sucks....more info
  • Nice improvement over previous versions
    I've used every version of MS Money since Money 97 (off and on) including Money 99, 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003. There definitely was always room for some improvement but that's true of everything. Money 2004 seems to be a major improvement. Fast, easy, down to earth, but not "too stupid" for a normal person. I have a nice graphical display of all my bank and credit card accounts in an easy to understand and useful format. This program has come a long way and is one of the coolest that I've used in a while. Way to go Microsoft! :) (Good price too on Standard Edition, anyway)...more info
  • Excellent
    Very happy. Received very quickly. Kept up to date on progress via email. Product exactly as advertised, at a good price....more info
  • A very beneficial program
    This program has been very beneficial to me. My main purpose for buying it was to locate where most of my monthly spending was going, and that is now only one of the many features I use from this program. ...more info
  • Microsoft Money is a waste of my money
    At $20 (after rebate) this is way overpriced. For all practical purposes, this is a glorified spreadsheet. All the extra things are merely annoyances or little gotcha's that you have to fork over even more $$ to microsoft to use. If this is an improvement over previous versions, I'm glad this is the first one I've used. I couldn't even use it to edit a simple budget after I'd entered only one(!) scheduled deposit. Overall, annoying and worthless. I'll buy quicken next time....more info
  • good banking software
    this is old, yes, and i probably wouldn't buy it now (i got it used 2 years ago) but it definitely gets the job done without many quirks. i don't like TOO many bells and whistles in my software, because they just confuse me and i don't end up using them anyway. and this was good for that--it was the perfect balance. ...more info
  • The worst software I ever saw...
    Microsoft Money has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience...

    Please tell Microsoft about this problem...

    I just received the product this afternoon. I install it and even restart my PC many times. It still cannot ever start... Really disappointed. DO NO BUY THIS PRODUCT!...more info


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