DeLonghi PAC-260 Portable Air Conditioner

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9,000 BTU / 8.4 EER / Cools and DeHumidifies a 200 square foot room / Programmable Timer / Rolls on wheels Air to air system 24 Hour programmable timer Quiet operation No drip technolgy with Double condensor 3M Filtrete Air Filter removes 99.97% of the airborne particles that pass through it Convenient controls Adjustable thermostat helps save energy

  • 9000 BTU - Effectively cools and dehumidifies a 2400 cubic foot room (10x20x8)
  • Easily rolls on wheels
  • May be stored in a closet when not being used
  • Hose attachment for window/wall/door air exhaust
  • 8.4 EER
Customer Reviews:
  • Did the trick!
    I tested this air conditioner to cut down on the cost of my central air expenses for days when the temperature is more mild. It has worked perfectly. It is an attractive unit that is easy to move from room to room. I would highly recommend it....more info
  • Like it..
    Ordered a DeLonghi unit and like it. After reading some reviews it seems that some units might get damaged in shipping if poorly pacakged/shipped - so I bought from a company with a good shipping and return policy. Unit seems to cool very well and I don't have to deal with emptying water which is a huge plus compared to different brand unit I tried....more info
  • Did not live up to expectations
    I owned the PAC290 for 8 years. It cooled my 10x10 room in under 30 minutes, and gave me 25-35% humidity releif. I was told since I never used the water in the PAC290, this machine would actually perform better, not. Seven machines later I get 10 degrees cooling relief and 5% Humidty releif, also the air cleaner filterdoes not filter out the allergens or dust. Not the same machine that the PAC290 was. make sure if get one ship via a motor freight truck not UPS as they damage easily. I would love to share experices with this machine with the other reviewers. I am currious what kind of temperature and humidity result you got, as well as how well the air cleaner filter worked for you. Bottom line. think hard before buying this machine. ...more info
  • Nice portable A/C
    The first unit I received was dented, parts missing. It looked like they sent me something that they picked up from the garbage. They redeemed themselves by sending me a new one in 2 days and picked up the first one they sent me the next day. The unit cools the room pretty good with the help of a 10,000 btu wall mounted unit. I have both A/C running at the same time and it keeps my apt (600sq ft) about 70 degrees. One good feature about the PAC-260 is that it comes with a door adapter which can be used on large sliding windows which are over 5 ft. tall. No other portable A/C unit has a adapter that fits large windows. The only bad thing about the unit is the second A/C they sent me had a small dent on the front panel, but I think the unit is too heavy to be shipped by they shipping company they use and should be packaged better. Overall I'm happy wiht the unit. ...more info
  • This unit is a complete waste of money
    This unit is very large, very heavy, very expensive, and does a very poor job at cooling. I put this unit in a 375ft room with low ceilings, and while it does a marginally fine job on marginal days (~85F outside), when the temperature climbs toward/above 90, it is useless. My 5,000 BTU window unit purchased for $150 produces far more cooling than this unit....more info
  • Doesn't survive shipping
    I ordered this unit over two weeks ago. The first unit arrived with multiple dents and a poorly mounted front panel. The second unit didn't even make it to delivery. The shipper returned the unit as damaged without attempting to deliver it to me. My impression is that the unit is too fragile for the packing method being used. I'm not waiting through another round. ...more info
  • Poor Design
    I purchased the Delonghi PAC-260 9,000 btu air conditioner on May 31, 2005 and was very disappointed. The exhaust tube is not insulated and so a good deal of the heat remains inside. After a sleepless hot night I put in a 6,000 btu window unit and despite hotter temperatures outside, was much more comfortable. I now have the hassle of packing up this huge 115 lbs air conditioner and have to pay return shipping costs myself.

    In short, don't but this A/C unless you want to pay a lot of money for a product that doesn't work....more info
  • DOA, no support from DeLonghi
    My unit was DOA. There was no cooling, only the fan. I received no help whatsoever from my seller (I did NOT order through Amazon, please note, so don't blame them) or, most particularly, from DeLonghi. I have never dealt with a more customer un-friendly company. There was absolutely no attempt to take responsibility, to offer to effect repairs, or even to mediate with the seller. If anything goes wrong, don't expect DeLonghi to help. You are on your own....more info
  • Cool
    My house has air conditioning, but it's not quite enough to cool the entire place on a sunny California day. In particular, my upstairs office reaches 82-84 degrees F with the A/C running. That's nice for a day at the beach, but annoying if you're trying to concentrate on work without dozing off.

    After doing some research on the web I settled on the PAC-260. 9000 BTUs seemed about right, though when it comes to air conditioning it's rare to over-estimate the power required. In my case the office is 400sq.ft., has a peaked ceiling, and a doorway with no door, so cooling the entire room wasn't really an option. As with the air conditioners in many cars, though, the trick is to have cold air blowing on you rather than turning the entire room into a refrigerator.

    The PAC-260 has behaved as expected. It's about as loud as a fan on full blast sitting next to a refrigerator (which, in a sense, is what it is). It doesn't chill the room, but it usually manages to keep it around 76-78F, and directing the air at my workstation keeps me comfortable.

    The "dripless" design is nifty. No water buckets, and it doesn't seem to be spitting anything out the window. The noise outside (from hot air blowing out of the exhaust tube) is about the same as my clothes dryer makes.

    Power consumption is 7.6A, or about 900W according to my power meter. I was able to run two full computer systems and a printer on the same circuit without tripping the 15A breaker.

    What's not to like? The user manual is poorly written and incomplete. I still haven't figured out what one of the accessories does (looks like an end cap, but it doesn't fit on anything). The 3M disposable filter is nice, though it doesn't look like you can buy replacement filters from anywhere except direct from DeLonghi. The exhaust tube is poorly insulated and gets pretty warm, so wrapping a little insulation around it may improve the overall cooling by a small amount....more info