LG 6,000 BTU Low Profile Window Air Conditioner LP6000ER

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LG Electronics' 6,000 BTU Low Profile Window Air Conditioner gives you back more of your window view while still providing strong cooling with high energy efficiency. Easy-to-use with the simple remote control, this streamlined model works like a breeze and blends into your world with its small footprint. Auto Restart in case of power outage / Built-in handles for easy installation Integrated Expandable built-in window panels / Noncorrosive cabinet design Manufacturer's 2 year Warranty on parts & Labor - 5 years on compressor

  • COP Dehumidifier (Pints/Hr) - 1.3
  • Electrical Ratings - Voltage 115 volts 60 Hz /Watts - 560 / Rated Amps - 5.2
  • Air Deflection - 4-Way / Fan Speeds - Cooling - 3 / Fan Only - 3
  • Unit Dimensions (HxWxD) - 12 x 20-7/8 x 18-1/32 inches / Unit Weight - 55 lbs
  • Energy Saver Function / Simple Remote Control / 12 hour On/Off Timer Setting
Customer Reviews:
  • Very Quiet operation - Vents on top of unit -
    Compact design, light weight & easy to install. It runs better, quieter, and more efficient than other ACs I have. I'm very satisfied with this air conditioner. I want to stress again, this unit is very very quiet. Ideal for small rooms and bedrooms. It cools 12' x 13' room with easy. The only negative about this unit is its price. I paid 299 at a local PC Richard & Son store....more info
  • Works well, but has serious noise issues
    I special ordered this because consumer reports gave it good reviews on both sound and operation.

    From an operation standpoint, it is absolutely amazing. You could even say it works too well - cooling the room down to 70 when you set it at 75. It has great features, and will retain its settings if the power blinks.

    However, the problem with this unit is noise. First, the unit is so large that it shakes everything around it. In an old house with old windows, even a tightly secured unit of this size will cause rattles. But, this is easily fixed and not the main problem.

    The first few months it was nearly silent (probably the reason consumer reports gave it a good review), but now it is so noisy it often wakes me up at night. When the compressor is running it makes this annoying and loud swishing sound. The filter lid also ends up rattling.

    In the end I'm going to have to trash this unit I think, because it is simply too loud. This is too bad, because it works so amazingly well, and looks very stylish....more info
  • Beautiful but louder than expected
    This is probably the prettiest air conditioner I've seen, with it's low profile and sleek design. But it seems noisier than advertised, although that may be because it's in a small bedroom near the bed. I like the different settings, and use the fan setting a lot on cooler days (the fan has three speeds). One excellent feature is that it comes with a metal bracket you attach to the sill. The air conditioner sits on this bracket, so if you open the window, the air conditioner won't fall out! All in all, it's an excellent product for the money....more info
  • quiet, efficient
    Bought it at the beginning of summer 2006.
    Cools large bedroom when outside is 99-100; very quiet, good "energy saver" mode. Still a window wart even though "low profile."

    ...more info
  • Be wary of the "free" man.
    Just wanted to let others know that the person above who claims to have got this item free, has put the SAME claim on several other pages. I just happened to notice this as I was shopping for air conditioners.

    Either it's a scam on their part OR they have an air condtioner fetish!...more info
  • Don't know about the above air conditioner, but.......
    The user review above online discusses $500 Amazon coupon for free. NOT. First you complete this LONG online survey and give your e-mail, and then at the end of this, you must buy 2 items....more info