WaterPik WP-65 Personal Dental Water Jet

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Product Description

Waterpik WP65 Personal Oral Cleaning System Features:

  • 1,200 powerful jets of water per minute ensure deep cleaning below the gum line and between teeth
  • One jet tip for standard cleaning
  • One breath-freshening tongue cleaner
  • Features:
    • Clinically proven 93% more effective than flossing at reducing gum disease
    • Removes bacteria deep between teeth and below gumline where brushing alone won't reach
    • Massages gums to make them strong and healthy
    • Healthier gums in 2 weeks, guaranteed, ideal for cleaning around braces and dental work
    • Includes jet tip and tongue cleaner

    Customer Reviews:

    • Unsatisfactory
      The Waterpik worked fitfully from first use. After three days it quit entirely. Thanks to Amazon we had no difficulty returning it. We replaced it with the ConAir, lower rated but more effective....more info
    • Great
      This product works wonders on the mouth. I bought it primarily to use as a sinus washing tool but the atachment has yet to arive. If you have allergies or problems with sinus infections if you just put in a little salt to the warm water and pump it through your sinuses using the sinus atatchment they work wonderfuly to clean out your nose. Stuffy to breathing clear in minutes. It's also great to clean out your teeth instead of using floss as it is more fun than floss....more info
    • WaterPik Personal WP-65
      I recently purchased this item and am very pleased. I am a person who HATES to floss. After twenty something years of irregular flossing habits, I decided that I needed to do something. I read many reviews about WaterPiks, the Conair model, and a few others. I decided that this would be the best choice.

      The Good:

      Provides a very clean feeling.
      Does not hurt.
      Easy to use.
      Quality Design.
      It holds a lot of water.
      You can mix mouthwash with the water.

      The Bad:

      Surprisingly Loud.
      The coiled tube gets twisted and can be annoying to correct.
      The "pause" button should be a "go" button.

      All in all, I am happy with my purchase. I recommend this product.

      Note: My mother was a dental hygienist for twenty years. After I purchased this product she informed me that people who overuse waterpiks can cause unwanted damage. Gums form a natural V in between the teeth, and excessive use can cause that tissue to recess. The key word is excessive. Use the product no more than two times a day....more info

    • WaterPik WP-65 Personal Dental Water Jet
      These Item I purchase on 2/21/07 I used only for 3 week and it broke I do not kwon if I can return or not to have my money back or replace with another...more info
    • does the job but could be designed better
      This machine does the job, no doubt about it. The powerful water jets clean all food debris away and massage my gums - I have braces so I use it instead of flossing, and my dentist said my gums were fine. The only problem I have with it is the design of the water reservoir. First of all, you can't fill the tank without picking up the fairly bulky apparatus and putting it underneath the faucet. I have a small sink so it's somewhat of a nuisance to do this. Secondly, the water reservoir isn't really 'attached' to the base at all, so it's pretty easy to knock the reservoir straight off of the base when moving it around or even turning it on, spilling water everywhere....more info
    • My Dentist Cheered On and On!
      Dentist said I should do whatever I was doing. As my
      gums are in the best shape they have been in years....more info
    • Nothing Compares to the WaterPik Products
      I had a Waterpik many years ago and it was a very good product. After many years of service it died. When I went shopping to replace it I decided to save a few bucks and buy a cheaper competitor. BIG MISTAKE ! The competitor did not hold enough water to adequately flush out the deposits without having to refill it nor did it have the power the Waterpik's have. It got returned and I got the WP-65 and am happy again. You would be surprised by the amount of debris that is hiding at your gum line that brushing (even power brushing) can't remove. You also gain the benefit of having your gums massaged by the pulsating action. Your dental hygene is not complete until you have finished up with the WaterPik......more info
    • WaterPik-P65 Personal Dental Water Jet
      Finally, a really good water jet. Water container is large enough so you don't have to keep refilling at one session. Good variable strength (some out there are too weak even at full strength). Looks nice. Easy to set the hose back in its cradle. Highly recommended. First decent one I've bought in a long time. Have been using it a month now....more info
    • Good Product....
      I am giving this a 4star, as I like the product, however, it does give you a bath until you get this thing started.. ha ha. I never had a Waterpik with so much spray.. I think it's a good system and definetly for the money a good product.. It does the job..
      Fast shippment!...more info
    • This EXTREMELY picky consumer, STRONGLY recommends you buy this product.
      I am certainly NOT a dentist--nor am I anything close to a qualified evaluator of ANY medical equipment. But...I do have solid experience in engineering, and the hard and social sciences, and I LOVE the "WaterPik WP-65 Personal Dental Water Jet." I mix lots of water, with several tablespoons of Listerine--nearly filling the WaterPik's reservoir (all quite UNscientifically), and repeatedly, remain abundantly impressed with the junk this baby removes--and, how fresh my mouth feel thereafter. (I've also used the WaterPik, quite unconventionally, to blast out the gunk from my razor, my ear and nose hair clipper, and other tools). This EXTREMELY picky consumer, STRONGLY recommends you buy this product. (Tho' I think we would ALL like to see more convincing independent research on its long-term effectiveness on improving gum and dental health.)...more info
    • Great choice
      Recently visited my dentist and he told me that my teeth were perfectly clean. Is a great alternative to traditional flossing ...more info
    • Prone to break
      Our first waterpik jammed within the first week, and we opened it up and pushed the little gear back in place several times. It would work for a while an then jam again. After a while, it would only last a day or so between breaks, so we took it back for a replacement.

      The replacement lasted about two months befor it stated jamming too. As well as spraying out around the head and not holding the head.

      It is loud and bulky, but I have to laugh at the other commenter who tries to get the whole apparatus under the tap -- You can fill the reservoir seperately and place it on the base later.

      It does feel good to use, but I'm not sure I can put up with the dismal quality. Can anyone recommend a good competitor?...more info
    • WaterPik WP-65 Personal Dental Water Jet
    • Not as powerful
      I have used waterpiks for a long time and this was a replacement for my old one that wore out. The only thing that bothers me about it is that it is not as powerful as the old one I had. It is still a good product, but I wish it had a stronger setting....more info
    • short life, cheap product, expensive to fix :-(
      It worked very good for about 45 days an then dead!
      DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY ON IT!!!...more info
    • WaterPik WP-65 Personal Dental Water Jet
      Just perfect for teeth cleaning, or even sinus irrigation!...more info
    • Poor Quality Item
      I purchased one of these in June 2004. First one arrived and didn't work out of the box. Amazon was great and replaced it very quickly. Replacement item is now about three months old and has failed. Only used by one adult in the household. I would not recommend this unit. In all fairness I bought a WaterPik unit almost 15 years ago and it lasted until this year, in spite of the fact that it was used by two teen-agers and an adult!

      The WP-65 seems to be basically JUNK, I cannot recommend it to anyone....more info
    • Water Pik is just fine
      I found the Water Pik to work just fine. I had used one maybe 15 years ago and had switched to dental floss and an Oral B oscillating toothbrush. My back tooth had shown some gum separation as reported by my dentist. So I added the Water Pik to my regimen (additional 2 minutes or so) and find that it has tightened my gums such that some initial bleeding stopped after about 5 applications. The Water Pik seems just as reliable to me as the one I used many years ago and while there is some extra water that needs to be wiped away at the edge of the sink, this is far from messy and, I believe, well worth adding for improved protection against gum problems....more info
    • Waterpik
      Quality is good and it works fine. Keep hoping they will find a better design that is less akward to use....more info
    • Waterpick WP-65 Personal
      This product replaced my WaterPik personal unit which lasted barely 3 years. The problem I had with that
      unit is similar to this...the pumping of the water from the holding container to the jet isn't reliable...This unit too, works erratically, and I have to constantly reposition and reset the container filled with water on the base. Sometimes no water comes out and I realize the contact might be off...When I say "contact', I'm
      talking about the small rubber ring on the bottom of the water container having to meet the rubber ring
      that sits on top of the motorized base. If it's slightly off, no water comes out of the jet...Half the time I think
      it's perfect and it's not. So, something about the design of this unit isn't right..I gave it 3 stars because when
      it works, it works fine...I spend a lot of time trying to figure out what a perfect contact IS..and most of the
      time, there's nothing obvious to notice. ...more info
    • WaterPik WP-65 review
      design seems flawed a bit for the container. when you pull the cord out, it bumps the tank off sometimes. the tank also seems a little loose when mounted.

      i tried the newest Ultra Dental water pik type, but it only lasted 1 month then began to leak water....more info
    • Worked for 1 day?!?!?!?
      Yes, that's right. This worked for me for only one day. What a disappointment....more info
    • loud but nice
      My husband and I love it! Give us real clean feeling. Easy to use. Kinda loud since this is a tiny machine. Look nice and small size. :)...more info
    • A clunker
      I had to return the unit to Waterpik via the local outlet because it was only working intermittently.

      Waterpik gave me in return a WP60 which makes me think the WP65 won't be around for long....more info
    • Perhaps I should have heeded previous reviews...
      I was overwhelmed by the choices, and selected this model, in part, because of the reasonal price. I had read reviews which mentioned problems and the need to return the product, but I decided there was only a small possibility of that happening.

      The instructions said to use the lowest setting initially, which certainly made sense. However, the INSTRUCTIONS said to move the adjustment "toward the tip", which turned out to be the highest, not the lowest setting! The diagram on the handle indicated that the movement was toward the LARGER opening, but I read the directions and did not look at the diagram until later. The spray was very powerful and actually "hurt", especially when it was by my tooth with a crown.

      The next day I tried adjusting the settings with the pik over my sink, not in my mouth! It felt wonderful on the lower setting! I reread the directions again (and again over the next several days) to see if the error was mine or theirs. I still think the directions were not written properly. The third day I had trouble getting any spray at all. This continued for about a week, some days getting more or less, but never a full spray ON ANY SETTING! My guess is that it was in a permanent "pause" mode. I gave up and pursued returning the item. It needed to be returned to an "authorized repair", which luckily was only a few miles away (there were only three in my state). The repair man had told me, over the phone, it was a discontinued model and hadn't been made in about a year. When he looked at it, he found it had been made in 2006. He said he could fix it, but wasn't allowed to; I am awaiting a replacement to arrive in the mail. ...more info
    • Don't Buy This
      Two of these have failed in two months, both for the same reason - the motor stopped working. I've used waterpiks for 10 years and never had any problems.

      It seems as if this company has seriously lowered it's standards. I will be trying another brand. I suggest you do the same....more info
    • Leaky Hoses
      I have been using Water Piks for over 30 years and I believe that the use of Water Piks has been a major factor in helping me to maintain the condition of my teeth and gums.

      During this period I have had quite a few different Water Pik units (I'd say at least 6). In most cases I have had to replace the units because of leaks in the hose. The cost of repairing the hose almost equals the cost of a new unit, so I always end up buying one. I object, not only to the cost of replacing my Water Pik every few years, but also to the effect on the environment of discarding so many of these machines....more info
    • AOK
      I bought this elsewhere to replace my failing WP60. I've owned perhaps 10 WP60's, since the 1970's. They fail regularly when the feed tube to the nozzle breaks, and later, when the motor fails (seized and/or fails to supply water due to cavitation of the fluid and pump failure).

      Generally, these provide a very clean mouth experience, especially when used with a shot of mouthwash (instructions say they are safe for that use). Yes, you will see gunk come out of your teeth even after a thorough brushing. Surely they cut down on bacteria, and odor, but they don't stop plaque.

      Now to compare: the new WP65 is almost identical to my old WP60, but the motor is significantly quieter (yea!), and the power from the nozzle is a bit less (boo!). It is now less than I would like. Over time, as the unit ages and weakens, I wonder if this will shorten the useful lifespan. Finally, the blue plastic cover/supply reservoir is less strong than the white one of the WP-60. I could imagine it cracking in a couple of years.

      If I had had the choice I would have simply bought another WP60. I get about 3 years out of these things before they have to be chucked, but that's only $12 a year, so worth it.
      ...more info
    • Great Concept - Poor Quality!
      The hose broke on my first WP-65 within the warranty period. The manufacturer replaced the unit but wouldn't guarantee the replacement unit. Within three months the handle of the replacement unit lost the ability to hold the piks and they would shoot out of the handle whenever I turned it on, rendering it unusable. I purchased my third WP-65 and within fifteen months the motor/pump seized. As an aside, all units were quiet when new but became excessively noisy within weeks - like a minature jackhammer. Can't someone at WaterPik design a high quality and reliable product?...more info
    • Great product!
      The first Waterpik I purchased was the portable rechargeable one. It was fine at first, but I left it for three weeks unplugged to go on a trip, and when I got back it would not charge at all. I still had my receipt so I took it back and was reluctant to buy another one. I did some research and decided to try the Personal Water Jet. So far it is great - it is not very noisy, easy to use, and I really like the lever that lets you adjust the pressure. I still haven't used it full force yet - there's plenty of pressure when the lever is put half way. I like that it came with two tips and the tongue cleaner. One thing I do after I use any type of mouthwash in the reservoir is afterwards I put in clear water and run it for 15-20 seconds to get the mouthwash out of the system. This makes sure there is not any build up in the lines. I read that this could help prolong the life of the appliance. I am saving my receipt, however, because there is a two year warranty and I can return it if something goes wrong....more info
    • WOW
      My first waterpik lasted 7 years. As a replacement, my wife picked up a Conair Interplak. What a piece of junk. I had to point it at my hand to see if it was moving any water.

      Saw this on Amazon and bought it. WOW. Hopefully this will last 7 years like the first. Nice strong jet. No doubt that its cleaning along the gum line. The pause button does take a little force to hold down. Not one cavity in seven years since I began using a water jet.
      After 3 months of use, it started leaking at the little rubber grommet at bottom of water tank. Will be calling WaterPik to get a replacement tank or grommet. Still no doubt that this little baby is getting the gum line clean. Waterpik replaced the tank grommet without hassel.
      January 2009 - Still going strong after almost 3 years.
      ...more info
    • This is the 7th Water pik for me!!
      PRO: I have been recently told by a new dentist that I have excellent teeth, no gum disease, tight gums and no cavities. I immediately burst out in praise of water pik. It's not your teeth that rot, it's the food stuck in your gums that rots.

      CON: The pressure control slider on the handle goes from mild to very, very strong with no real middle ground. It may feel like a fire hose in your mouth, even a little painful, but listen to me folks:

      Massage your gums every time with the water blast inside and outside of your gums. The enhanced stimulation will tighten your gums, reduce impaction of food particles between uses and it feels great. A little blood at first is only clots being released.... That's a good thing. Get the inside of your teeth and linger with the blast. Let it shoot between each tooth vigorusly. Then shoot through the other side of your teeth. Your dentist will be impressed and your teeth will last a lifetime. Use it 2-3x daily. Get addicted like me. I am 50 years old, my dentist said I have the teeth of a 30 year old. I give major credit to Water pik. Expect it to last a year or two before the motor starts failing, but hey, 40 bucks every two years is very cheap dental insurance. Try half a teaspoon of bleach in the tub of water with every 5th use. It's the secret sauce that dentist put in their water piks. Get the food out, get your gums in line. Go with Water Pik....more info
    • Nearly the same, lower price
      The WP-65 replaced my six year old WP-70 on which the hose had finally developed a leak I couldn't fix. I wish they would have included their new under-the-gum spout and that they would re-issure the multi-holed sprayer that used to come with the appliance. Except for the color of the reservoir, this one is the same as and cost $15 less than I paid for the original. The only functional difference is the slider control on the head. The old one clicked distinctly into each of the five settings while the new one slips from one to another with just the slightest touch. I don't rate that an improvement. But if this one lasts as long as its predecessor, I'll count myself lucky. ...more info
    • Saved me pain n $$
      I have sensitive teeth. I bought this only a week ago n have seen an improvement. At first it was a messy learning proccess (should come with goggles,lol) but once you learn it is not that messy. If you have sensitive teeth make sure you have the lurkwarm water (like it states in book to use). I have already notice a difference in my teeth.

      PROS- Works well. Easy to use (once you learn not to bathe yourself). Does get the stuff between your teeth. Multi setting allows you to control strength of water flow. For the price it is a nice deal. Place to hold up to 4 floss/tongue attachments.
      Fill tank also flips to cover unit to keep clean.

      CONS- Louder than you think it would be. The Pause button not really pratical (I always release it without thinking). Messy till you learn how to do it. Do Not overuse it or it will have adverse effects. Tank just a tad bit smaller than what I need for the 5-8 seconds per tooth (I need to refill it 1 time before I'm done). ...more info
    • Good When It Works, But Unreliable
      The old WaterPik I had lasted for years, and when I finally broke I replaced it with this new model. I've found that the water flow often stops and I have to fiddle around with the cutoff & flow adjusters on the handle to get it working again.

      I'm not normally an "old things are good, new things are bad" kind of complainer, but in this case, the old simple design didn't have much to it and was hard to break ---but I believe the new handle design is poorly done, and if the one I bought doesn't fail completely pretty soon, I expect it'll just malfunction one time too many and I'll pitch it in the trash. I've haven't looked at many alternatives yet, but I like the looks of OralBreeze (not near as noisy and not doesn't look like very much there to break), and will probably avoid buying another WaterPik....

      Message to WaterPik: There are a lot of pretty good QC engineers out there; you might want to consider hiring some before you throw another design like this into full production.

      By the way, ask any dentist and they'll tell you that these things are no subsitute for flossing. It's just a good extra thing to do, and can be a great help if you have to deal with braces or hard-to-reach spots where food tends to get stuck.
      ...more info
    • Disappointing result for a well known item
      I have always had Water Pik and never have had a problem. Not this time, however. I purchased the WP-65. It worked fine shooting the water through, but there seemed to be only a very weak or a very strong pulse; therefore, when I wanted it on the medium setting (#3), the force was the same as on the high setting. I sent it back and received a replacement which worked beautifully for the first two days. Then, when I filled the resevoir with water, it leaked out the bottom. Faulty gasket, I presumed. When I realized after several attempts that it was indeed the machine and not me, I sent it back again. I have switched to a different brand....more info
    • Great WaterPik WP-65
      I have an older version of the WaterPik that is much simpler in design, and limited in versatility.
      What I like:
      A good range of useful attachments to enhance oral hygiene.
      Good design of attachment and wand storage.
      Controls are placed for ergonomic ease of use.
      Easy attachment and removal of cleaning tool tips that are color coded for easy identification.
      Water flow and pressure are easily adjustable and the wand rotates 360 degrees.
      Large reservoir to hold enough water/mouthwash mixture to service two people.
      The price was extremely good.

      What I don't like:
      The water flow cutoff button on the wand is hard to use and is a momentary off. I would prefer a button that is easier to operate. The quality of this one is poor.
      The wand has a sloppy swival connection where the quick release coupling is connected to the main body of the wand. I would like to see a little less slop.

      Summary: This is a great product and is reasonably priced. It has improved my health remarkably by helping keep my gums free of food debris in hard to reach areas. It is hard to believe how much food debris can be lodged in the gums and in between the teeth even after rigorously brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash. ...more info
    • Improves oral hygiene
      Unlike other users' experiences, my Waterpik has not malfunctioned in the three years that I've owned it. But I usually wipe it down with a clean cloth after use because excess moisture can quickly lead to grime. Regularly maintaining it really makes a big difference. It is extremely loud, however, so I wouldn't recommend using it when people are sleeping nearby.

      Overall, it's a very good product that helps reduce gum inflammation and bleeding. It has a good range of pressure settings, from gentle to very forceful. When I purchased it, the box included a blue tip, a pink tip, and a tongue scraper....more info
    • WORKS GREAT!!!
      I hesitated before purchasing this, just because of the unsatisfied comments others have made. But let me tell you, I now understand why they all made those comments and can say with conviction, THIS PRODUCT IS GREAT! I also experienced water leakage and no water pumping through. Both are simple fixes.

      To prevent the water leaking, PROPERLY and FIRMLY place the reservior onto the unit. Doing so creates a seal and it wont leak. If it does, it wasnt placed on properly. Try it again, you will eventually get the hang of it. I only had 'leaks' the first couple days.

      As for it not pumping any water when it is turned on, you just need to read the instructions. It says you need to PRIME it by removing the pic, placing the hose lower than the reservior, setting it to maximum, and turning it on until water runs through. This isnt a one time thing. You need to do this each night you use it; by doing so, it will work fine. If you dont, then water wont pump through until you PRIME it again. It only adds a few seconds to your routine, but nothing to be complaining to the company about.

      The unit is a little noisy, but again, not enough to complain about, unless someone is trying to sleep.

      It works great. I've had mine for about 6 months now, using it nightly, and other than getting oriented to a new product, I haven't had any problems with it....more info
    • WaterPik WP-65 review
      This is my second WaterPik. I find this model to work well however it is very loud and vibrates too much.
      The results of using it are well worth it.
      ...more info
      I went to amazon to order another Waterpik system(foolish me)and I just thought I'd check the customer reviews. Virtually EVERYONE has had the same experience as me. You get it home, it works for a week or two (if your lucky) and then it fails. I actually didn't get more than a couple of uses out of it. I just assumed that I got the odd lemon but obviously this company is marketing something that IS NOT RIGHT and yet it's amazing if you read the reviews how many people still come back to give them another chance. Beside the product being a LEMON we must be LEMMINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!Don't jump, go elsewhere....someone mentioned that Panasonic has it's own oral irrigator.........Good Luck....more info
    • Waterpik WP-65
      I have used this for about 2 months and find it to be a very good dental device. It performs as expected, and has the features I need. So far there is no leakage of water from anywhere on the unit, but that may come with time. The one downside is that it is a bit noisy, but I don't think that can be avoided, given how the unit has to operate to do its' job. ...more info


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