iRobot Roomba Virtual Wall, 2003

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Product Description

Virtual wall accessory for the Roomba Intelligent Floor Vac Vacuum Cleaner

  • Closes off More than One Opening at a time.
  • For use with iRobot Roomba Intelligent Floorvac Robotic Vacuum, 2100
Customer Reviews:
  • Roomba is so disappointing
    I'd tell you how often I use this whole Roomba system (which I BEGGED for, my husband did not want to spend money on this), but I have long since given up on the hope that it would find our dust bunnies. It went to a charity drop-off point years ago.

    Roomba is something I'd turn on and let run across our wood laminate floors while I paid bills, made dinner, or worked on the computer. the whole downstairs was an open, smooth surface which seemed to ooze dust bunnies daily. Roomba would creep around, painfully slowly, for HOURS, coming within 1/4 of an inch of each dust bunny, and never "find" it. It was so aggravating to watch that I'd drop whatever I was doing and grab a real vacuum so I could turn off it's irritating sound. It was loud, and a FAILURE....more info
  • Another Wall
    The Roomba virtual wall that I received was not like the ones I already own or, more to the point, like the one that was pictured when I ordered. However, it seems to work just as well....more info
  • Great accessory
    Very simple to use, works perfectly,even attractive. It makes Roomba even more convenient and useful. ...more info
  • Works well
    This product works as described. It is a little expensive, but much cheaper than hiring a housekeeper :). I like to set the Roomba and leave for work. It is nice to come home to a clean floor....more info
  • Exactly What It Says
    These days, most Roomba purchases include a virtual wall unit or two. By sending out a radio signal, these units keep the Roomba from crossing some invisible line wherever you set them, keeping the Roomba in one portion of the room, or out of a certain area. I agree with a reviewer who said that it should come with batteries, but at least the battery life seems to be excellent. (Years of moderately frequent Roomba use have required something like two battery changes.)

    I have a very open design in my house, and the virtual wall is essential to keep Roomba where I want it. If for some reason your Roomba didn't come with these - or didn't come with enough - then I'd recommend picking one up....more info
  • Not for newer Roombas
    This is an older version of the 2003 that shuts itself off after one hour....more info
  • Pricey but worth it for me.
    I bought the Roomba Elite Pro which includes 2 virtual wall units. They work exactly as advertised. Roomba doesn't go across the wall. I can push my mess to one side of the room, set up this virtual wall, and let Roomba run. When it's done, I push the mess to the other side of the room (which is now clean) and let Roomba clean the other half of the room. I can clean the apartment without having to clean-up first. Now, only if iRobot can come up with something that put stuffs back on the shelves....

    One annoying thing is, it doesn't come with the 2 DD batteries required. It's not that expensive to include two cheapo non-alkaline batteries with the unit, consider how expensive they sell this thing for. People don't generally stock DD batteries. When we unpack it, we want to be able to test it out "right away"....more info

  • Meh....
    Overall, YES this thing works with Roomba with no doubt! But you gotta consider the price is way to high for just a virtual wall unit........more info