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Discover the television movie that started it all! Based on the best-selling books by Laura Ingalls Wilder this classic produced and directed by Michael Landon launched the Emmy Award-winning series. This movie takes us from the woods of Wisconsin to the plains of Kansas where the Ingalls struggle to build a new life. With indomitable courage that celebrates the resilience of the human spirit the Ingalls face endless challenges and experience countless adventures as they pursue their dream of a new home. This premiere movie is a "must-have" for all Little House fans!Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: TELEVISION/SERIES & SEQUELS Rating: NR UPC: 069458111737 Manufacturer No: A021427

Customer Reviews:

  • good times, good times
    There are a couple of things missing in this movie that are in the book but not too many. I always loved the series but this pilot was great to go back and watch. reminded me that I love the books. Go old school and rewatch it. I intend on buying the whole series. I want my kids to watch them all. ...more info
  • Great Video
    My wife is a big fan of this show and watched it growing up. I have seen several episodes, here and there, but this pilot really sets the groundwork for the rest of the series. I really enjoyed it....more info
  • Little House, The Pilot
    At last I got to see how it all started! In later episodes the characters were "richer and deeper" but this was thoroughly enjoyable. Michael Landon's fantastic directing is truly amazing....more info
  • Little House on the Prairie - The Pilot
    Pilot was great, I don't think this was probably ever shown in Australia
    It was good to see how the series started I am eagerly awaiting Season 1 to arrive next month...more info
  • Little House on the Prairie - Pilot
    DVD came quickly and had not been open. I really enjoyed watching the show from the beginning. Thank you so much!!!...more info
    It must have been late 1974 when series one of 'Little House on the Prairie' first aired around 7 in the evening on BBC1 here in the UK. At first I never gave this series a look in and it would be another two years before I sat and watched an episode ("Remember Me") all the way through, this time on the opposite channel, ITV for the London region (otherwise known as Thames Television). From then on I would watch it regularly in its Thursday at 4.20 slot immediately after getting home from school. Mother would also rush in to watch with me and it became a firm favorite of ours.

    In the early 1990's Channel 4 Television bought 'Little House' and promised a complete screening promptly starting with "Harvest of Friends". No one I knew who was a fan of the show seemed to realize there was a pilot movie which made me wonder if it had ever been broadcast in the UK. However a book I had - and still have - listing movies on TV has an entry for it so I knew that it existed.

    As you can imagine I was delighted when I spotted that The Pilot had been released on DVD and that complete episode seasons were also coming out as boxsets. I couldn't wait and quickly purchased this together with the first season knowing that I would be in for some really satisfying entertainment.

    The Pilot is a stand alone TV movie that sells the concept of a harsh life on the Kansas plains very well. It isn't difficult to see why NBC invested in future episodes as the writing, directing, and performances of the cast are first rate. The music by David Rose (Bonanza), is also unforgettable.

    Presented in a bright case with a photo of Michael Landon dominating the cover, the film itself is exceptionally sharp and colorful. There is a slight warping on the sound but it's not too off putting and I would still recommend this DVD to any "Little House" fan.

    Well it may have taken me 30 years to see this film which is absolutely ridiculous when I consider the number of times I have seen the series. I got there in the end though thanks to this DVD and for this alone it gets 5 stars.

    ...more info
  • Check All Editions For Best Deal...Then..Stock Up On Kleenex
    Get ready to go from a good cry, to a big grin and back again on this very enjoyable and heartwarming family TV program. It's the beginning of a classic series that stands the test of time, and should be shared with a new generation.

    "Little House...The Pilot"... is a feature length episode that will introduce you to the Ingalls family and their harrowing journey to make a better life for themselves. You'll also meet Jack the dog and Mr. Edwards(Victor French) for the first time. When Charles says "Caroline..were home...".have the kleenex ready! It stars Michael Landon(who also directed many of the episodes), Karen Grassle, Melissa Gilbert and Melissa Sue Anderson.

    This Pilot episode does not come in the first season set, you do have to buy it separately. There are a few different editions to choose from, and several products sites where they are being sold. This Gold Hill "Pilot" is sold on both DVD and VHS. This studio also has put together a six-pack of some favorites in case you don't want to buy all the seasons, but have a handful to view. The six-pack includes Christmas At Plum Creek / A Christmas They / The Pilot / As Long as we are Together / I'll be Waving as you Drive Away / Journey in the Spring / There's No Place Like Home. There is another studio, Goodtimes" that also has it available on both DVD and VHS and is called Little House...The Premiere Movie". Goodtimes also offers several package deals. One is a nice two-pack with "Remember Me", the one with Patricia Neal asking Charles to find a home for her 3 children. Another is a four-pack, including the "The Lord is My Shepherd",a double length episode guest starring Ernest Borgnine,"The Collection", guest starring Johnny and June Cash, and "Laura Ingalls Wilder. So it is worth surfing around to find the best deal for the episodes you are interested in. You may even come across other package deals. Of course, you can always get this one and then buy them season by season, in which case you should check on the outside sellers, there are usually some good deals on the seasonal sets.

    It's nice to be able to enjoy them whenever the mood hits and without all those pesky commercials! Once you start, you may not be able to stop, so have a good supply of Kleenex on hand.

    You'll laugh, you'll cry!...enjoy...Laurie

    If you prefer to own just a few special episodes here are a few i would recommned:
    Remember Me
    Little House on Prairie: Lord is My Shepherd
    Little House on the Prairie (A Christmas They Never Forgot/The Craftsman)

    ...more info
  • Always a classic
    This is not included on the Season one disc set, so I was very glad to see it sold as a separate DVD. You know the story - Pa packs up the family and moves to Kansas, where they face all kinds of challenges and meet the infamous Mr. Edwards.

    Like all of the Little House series, it's cheesy family-friendly goodness!...more info
  • Quite possibly the finest pilot of any series ever
    I purchased this item on Amazon a few days before Christmas, hoping that it would arrive before the tree came down, and it did.
    I am a rabid raccoon of a "Little House" fan and this is a must for any afficionado. It's the story of the Ingalls family boiled down to bare bones: heart, love, courage and faith. The disk is a little skimpy on the extras, but who needs extras when there are so many memories that come pouring forth the minute the DVD starts to play. Remember when the Ingalls girls were young? They were never younger than in the Pilot. Remember when Karen Grassle pretty much cemented herself as the prettiest Ma on the wild frontier? She was never more radiant than in this introductory episode. And remember when you believed in Santa Claus? You'll believe again in the spirit of Christmas when Mr. Edwards appears at the Ingalls' door, frost-bitten and determined to bring the girls Christmas presents, no matter the weather.
    The DVD does contain a bit of trivia I never knew. The actor who had been cast as Charles Ingalls was late to the set on the first day of shooting, so Michael Landon, who was supposed to have been just the executive producer of the show, filled in for him. I don't know who the man who could have been Pa was, and I cannot imagine the show without Michael Landon's gentle presence as the Ingalls patriarch. He made the series in so many ways, even as it plowed toward the melodramatic at times.
    You'll watch this with tears glistening in your eyes and will find your heart warmed like so many of Ma's campfire stews. And when the wagon takes off at the end for another settlement, you'll want to follow them.
    A brilliant beginning for a timeless series. ...more info
  • Little house pilot
    Excellent. Was looking for this one as i recall i saw the very beginning but it wasn't in the first season dvd collection. So glad i found it!...more info
  • Set in motion your love of Little House on the Prairie.
    I am a Little House fan so this was a must have for me. You will not be dissapointed. The pilot is based on the time before the Ingalls family live in Walnut Grove. You also meet Mr Edwards. My passion for this series began with Michael Landon and his creative genius for delving into positive family values. I look forward to the time when my children are old enough and we can watch the series together....more info
  • Before Going to Walnut Grove they were in Indian Country
    This was one of the best pilot episodes of any series of that decade that was made it gave a background story to how they moved from the Big woods and on the way to Walnut Grove. You meet Mr Edwards for the first time and wouldn't be the last.

    So if you had bought the first season and did'nt realise that the pilot wasn't part of it then go and buy as it is part of the series and it was up to Micheal Landan's perfection ...more info
  • Sould Quality
    The 'sound' quality of this DVD is very poor ! !
    I have to turn the volume control on my TV as high as it will go and there are still sections in which I can not hear or distinguish what is being said....more info
  • Little House
    I received this item quickly, in great cond and was very happy to add it to my collection!!!...more info
  • little house on the prairie the pilot
    it is going to be a big part of my collecton ...more info
  • A must to go with the series.
    An excellent family movie and a must to own if you also have the series.

    This movie tells the Ingalls story before they reach Walnut Grove. They settle and build a new home and their new life. Only they are forced to move after it is discovered that they have built their house on Indian territory.

    The quality of the movie is excellent and you just can't go past looking at the extras....more info
  • Life on the Prairie
    A series for the whole family. Something for everyone. Great actors, including the children. Good background scenes, alot of horse drawn rigs. Get a feel for the way life was many years ago. Go back in time and enjoy....more info
  • Wonderful movie
    I am 50 years old, and grew up loving the Little House books, and continue to love them. I loved the show, at least the first 5 years or so, before it no longer resembled the books. But this Pilot movie is the best. I love to watch it at Christmastime, and even my husband, the action-movie fan, will watch this one with me, and enjoys it. Now that my grandchildren are 4 and 3, I thought they might like it, so I loaned it to my daughter. They watched it over and over and kept it for a few months. When it was almost Christmastime and time for me to watch it, I just ordered another one for myself and let them keep it, since they enjoyed it so much. They don't make too many wholesome family movies anymore, with old-fashioned values and where the children are respectful of their parents, whose behavior in turn deserves that respect. I highly recommend this movie....more info
  • NOT included on the Complete Season sets
    This is the ONLY single disc release that is not being included on the Complete Season box sets being released by the same company. All of the 2-hour specials, etc. being released individually are also included on the box sets, but this pilot episode is not. So, if you are a Little House completist, buy this disc to add to your box set collection....more info
  • Excellent Show
    The Pilot episode is great but I wish it had been included on the Season 1 boxed set. All of the other 2 hour special episodes are being included....more info
  • great family movie.
    This was my favorite book series as a child, but somehow I missed the premier of this series. I saw the first episode of the tv show, but never saw the original tv pilot. I bought this and loved every second. I highly recommend this to any Laura Ingalls Wilder fan. ...more info
  • Great start
    Awesome start to the Little House series!!! I am a BIG Little House fan...I watched it faithfully every Mon. night at 8PM with my older sister when I was a child. I thought I had seen every episode there was, but somehow had missed the pilot movie. I wasn't disappointed in the least when I bought it! Little House fans.....this is a MUST for your collection!! Enjoy!...more info
  • Little House on the Prairie - The Pilot
    This was a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours. This was a much loved programme from my childhood, but until now I had never seen The Pilot. Well worth watching if you want to watch the series, as it fills in a few bits about where people originated from. This programme still brings tears to my eyes. Loved it....more info
  • Little House on the Prairie - The Pilot
    This is a great gift idea for lovers of Little House on the Prairie.

    I remember when we saw it we hoped there would be more. Who knew there would be 9 more years of it! Fantastic. We need more clean, family oriented TV programs like this today. Too much reality. Let us drift off into entertainment land and not have to fight the centurian monster from the depleted galaxy from nowhere.

    Good healthy family relational entertainment is needed again today. Bought the whole series for our family. ...more info
  • got exactly what I paid for
    I recieved my package on time and it was exactly what I ordered. The DVD was a gift and the person it was purchased for was very pleased....more info
  • The best pilot of all
    Little house on the prairie is the greatest show ever.
    The pilot was not aired here in France. I know folks who had bought the VHS so I could see it. But I ordered the DVD anyway.
    The quality is great, the pictures are wonderful, much more than the VHS. It is so great to hear the original voices! And funny to hear the Osage chef speaking french with such an accent! :-))
    Anyway, the DVD is worth the buy, you won't be disappointed and although it is encoded region 1 ONLY, you can perfectly see it with ALL DVD player as it's written behind "zones (1-6)".
    I absolutely recommend this article for all the fans and the others. It's the beginning of all, you discover the characters, you love them!
    Everybody acts so well they don't look like acting. It seems that you are looking your dreamed-neighbours by the window!!
    Well, buy it, even in other countries than USA, because it's not very expensive regarding its value....more info
    This picture hit TVs on March 30 1974 starring Michael Landon as Charles Ingalls, Karen Grassle as Caroline Ingalls, Melissa Gilbert as Laura Ingalls, Melissa Sue Anderson as Mary Ingalls and Victor French as Isaiah Edwards. The movie opened with the following quote. The Ingalls family is shown standing with Caroline parents in fron of her parent's house as Laura gives this opening quote. If I had a remembrance book, I would mark down how it was when we left our little house in the big woods to go west to Indian Territory. We had to go, Pa said, because so many people had come to live in the big woods, there wasn't enough game anymore for him to hunt and he feared we might go hungry. Ma said we might never again see Grandma and Grandpa, or Aunt Docia and Aunt Ruby and Uncle George. Though it made me sad, I still thought it a fine thing to go where there had never been a road before. We'd go where the land was more bountiful, he said, and he sold our house and land and cow, and packed whatever would fit in the wagon. I was glad Pa took his fiddle, for it makes a joy some sound. Mary was afraid to go, but I knew nothing bad could happen as long as we had Pa and Jack. Jack is my best and truest friend and Pa says there has never been a better watchdog. I knew there would be rivers to cross and hills to climb, and I was glad, for this is a fair land and I rejoiced that I would see it. So Charles and his family headed West towards Kansas in attempt to start a new life however, getting wasn't easy. The Ingalls family had to deal with high rivers that were treacherous to cross. Wild weather that includes thunderstorms and heavy down pours. So once they reached Kansas the family set up home that included a small house and small shed that stored there animals. Here are some questions that made need answer as you watched this movie. Do the Ingalls get the new start as they were hoping for? Where does stranger Isaiah Edwards play in all this? Here are some of my own thoughts about this TV movie that turn into a hit TV Series. I thought this movie was kind of a sequel to the Walton's with the only difference being that the Walton's was during the depression while the Ingalls was in the Western times. I didn't really care too much for this and I'm not sure why? There was no leading lady in this picture nor was there very much drama that kept you on the edge of your sit like other shows. With that in mind I give this movie 3 weasel stars.

    ...more info
  • The best show of all time!
    I wish there were shows like this still on TV today! We got this DVD for a family Christmas present a couple of years ago and we're starting to collect the whole series on DVD.

    The actors are awesome, especially Michael Landon. Charles Ingalls was about the kindest, smartest, and sweetest father you'll find in any TV show or movie, ever. Karen Grassle was pretty good as his wife, Caroline Ingalls. Not all of her performances in the series are that great, but in this, the Pilot Episode, she really shines. Melissa Sue Anderson is perfect in the role of sometimes annoying, but still lovable, oldest daughter Mary. Of course, then there's Melissa Gilbert as Laura. Next to Michael Landon, she exhibited the most talent. Finally, the twins Lindsey and Sidney Greenbush play the adorable baby of the family, Carrie.

    This is such a touching story, and true to boot. A family who sticks together through hard times--what could be better? One warning, though: if you see this pilot you'll find youself buying all the other Little House DVDs there are....more info


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