Hoover U6439-900 Self-Propelled WindTunnel Ultra Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Bring your home to the brink of laboratory clean conditions with this amazing HOOVER U6439-900 WindTunnel! This Upright Vacuum Cleaner is self-propelled in forward or reverse -- so the machine does virtually all the work! 15-inch cleaning width Non-marking furniture guard Deluxe stretch hose extends up to 11' when using both wands and crevice tool Extra tools - crevice tool, furniture nozzle, dusting brush, and two wands 31-foot power cord with quick release Headlight

Perfect for deep cleaning without excessive strain, the self-propelled Hoover WindTunnel Ultra upright takes charge of its own locomotion both coming and going. In addition, Hoover's WindTunnel technology creates a powerful double air path for maximum suction and cleaning. The vacuum even provides feedback on cleaning progress with the Embedded Dirt Finder--a feature that scans the floor for debris, signaling you if there's still dirt to be picked up. You can operate the Dirt Finder on a regular setting for your routine cleaning or on a high setting for your deep-cleaning sprees.

The WindTunnel Ultra is designed for both bare floors and carpets, with a 15-inch cleaning path and three adjustable nozzle heights to accommodate variation in carpet depth. Dirt collection is bagged using Hoover's Microfiltration system, and a helpful indicator signal keeps you posted on the bag's status. A HEPA filter assists the bag, trapping 100 percent of dust mites and 99.98 percent of ragweed and common grass pollens.

The vacuum comes handsomely equipped for attachment cleaning with a stretch hose, two extension wands, a crevice tool, an upholstery tool, and a dusting brush all on board. (The Dirt Finder does not work with the attachments.) The most rigorous attachment is a powered hand tool with its own rotating brushroll--great for carpeted stairs and durable upholstery. Other useful elements include quick-release cord hooks, a carrying handle, a headlight, and a view window over the brush roll. Hoover covers the machine with a one-year warranty. --Emily Bedard

  • Self-propelled locomotion with WindTunnel technology
  • Allergen filtration with HEPA filter
  • Embedded Dirt Finder system
  • Onboard hose and attachments, including powered hand tool
  • 14 by 15 by 43 inches
Customer Reviews:
  • Best bagged out there
    I purchased mine through Heartland America, and it was refurbished. I have had several back surgeries and wanted something to replace my junky Bissell, but I was worried about the self propelled "jerking" me around. My mom has one so I tried it and that was all it took! I dont see how I ever functioned without it. This is a great product that I would even reccomend to my ex-wife!...more info
  • 2 star for lasting 1 WHOLE year
    My favorite Hoover did it again this time. This time I gave it a 2 star for lasting for one whole year. Good Job Hoover!!! Never buying it again. ...more info
  • Disappointed in CR's 'glowing review'
    I'm really disappointed in this vac. I, too like many other reviewers purchased this two years ago based on CR's great review. Pfft. For the past few months the on/off switch hasn't worked, requiring me to plug/unplug the unit to turn it off and on. I decided I could live with that until the knob to change from carpet to hard surface quit moving. My vac is now making a squealing noise when pushed and the roller won't roll without pushing it. As another reviewer mentioned...the vac falls over when you try to clean stairs. I've had the goofy thing fall on me more than once. My DH thought we could see if my father-in-law could fix it (the man can fix anything) but I said forget it..how much is your dad's time worth? I've purchased a Dyson DC07 based on my good friend's recommendation. Hopefully I have better luck. Boo to this vac....more info
  • Lasted for 4+ years
    I paid around $350 for the vacuum about 4-5 years ago. Currently it is sitting at a repair store and will mostly likely be dumped. It, until the past month, always worked very well. I have long hair and also have 2 cats and vacuum 2x's + per week. It always did the job. (NOTE - I would flip the vacuum over, unscrew the face plate and remove my hair and string from the roller brush. You need to do this with any vacuum.) Now my vacuum 1) doesn't seem to be picking up, 2) the self propelled piece broke a long time ago, and 3) it doesn't work on this really thick carpeting in my new house. It was great on Berber. My biggest complaint about this vacuum is the stupid on board tools. They always fall off when vacuuming. This is so annoying. The other thing is the "dirt light". It's BS. Don't be fooled by it. I'm here on Amazon.com to compare and purchase a new vacuum. I'm down to two: Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum (with the same annoying on board attachments) and Miele Capricorn S5980 With Deluxe Power Brush (Luna Silver), MVS5980 SEB 236 (I'm getting tired of replacing vacuums). I now have 3 cats and a baby, so I need a vacuum that eats hair on the first pass. In summary - I would NOT recommend this vacuum. For $60 buy the Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum (with annoying on board tools that fall off). This machine is rated super high by onver 900+ users. And it's $60!...more info
  • Keep your orginal packaging
    Brush roller would not work right out of the box, but I had thrown away all the original packaging so I had to take it to a local repair shop which added 50 dollars to the purchase price. Works fine now.
    ...more info
  • Great Vacuum Cleaner !!!!
    I recently purchased the Hoover U6439-900 Self-Propelled Wind Tunnel Ultra Upright Vacuum Cleaner. It was delivered when I wasn't at home and my husband decided to try it out. When I came home I thought the rugs had been professionally cleaned.

    It is a bit heavier than my last Hoover but the self-propelled feature helps greatly. The price was even lower than at a store in my area.

    I am completely satisfied with the purchase. I would recommend the purchase of this Vacuum to everyone.
    ...more info
  • replacement

    I was looking to replace a Hoover windtunnel that was self-propelled that I had used 16 years. I found it here and love it....more info
  • Heavy
    It's on the heavy side, but cleans great. Unfortunately, mine is less that 1 yr. old and the on/off switch broke, now you need to plug/unplug it....more info
  • New? or Used???
    On May 2nd I purchased a Hoover Self-Propelled Wind Tunnel Ultra Upright Vacuum Cleaner, the model number on the machine was U6401-9RM. The price was $99.99. the condition was listed as NEW. I received it with in 3 days. After I unpacked it and turned it on, smoke poured out from underneath. I took it to an authorized dealer and I was informed that it was a REMANUFACTURED machine, not a NEW one as it was listed on Amazon. They told me that it only had a 6 month warranty not a 1 year as it would have been if it had been NEW as the listing stated. The dealer had to replace the motor and 2 belts (which cost me $7.00)
    If I had wanted to buy a reconditioned machine, I would have bought one of the ones that Amazon had listed at the time for $59 or $69. I'm afraid it will be a long time before I buy from Amazon again. There apparently is no way to know if the items they are offering are being misrepresented....more info
  • If you want service manual to fix your self, do not buy this or Hoover
    I have a similar model to this, Wind Tunnel with bag, and have had it for about 5 years. During the 5 years, the cable and actuator arms for propel broke 2 times. I wanted to fix myself, so I contacted Hoover to get the service manual or technical manual. They said it is not available at all to the public. The only way to fix this then is to spend a lot of time to figure out yourself, or to leave it at the authorized service center, which will cost some money.

    For most companies, I could get the service manuals for simple gadget or appliance for free most of the time by email attachment or for a small fee.

    Next time, I will think twice buying Hoover product unless they change this policy....more info
  • Worst vacuum I ever owned
    I bought a Hoover U6439-900 in March of 2007. Unfortunately I lost my receipt or I would have returned it within a month. My reasons:

    1. The belts (there are two) break with great frequency. (For comparison: my old Hoover, which I still have, has needed one new belt in 18-plus years.)

    2. The belts are difficult to replace. One must have a screwdriver to remove the bottom plate and even then it's hard to reach in and put a new belt in. (For comparison, my old Hoover's bottom plate is removed easily without tools.)

    3. The on/off switch has stopped working twice. (For comparison, my old Hoover has never needed service of any kind except a new power cord, and my 12-plus-year-old canister vac has never needed service.)

    (I won't even mention the U6439-900 in the same paragraph with my mother's Electrolux! Not in the same universe!)

    I suppose I've answered my own question: the old machines worked so well that no one made any money repairing them or selling new ones. Still... there are limits! This new Hoover went way beyond acceptable limits.
    ...more info
  • Absolute Garbage (no Star)
    DO NOT BUY THIS VACUUM CLEANER. I've had nothing but problems with this product stright out of the box when parts fell off of it. then it kept getting plugged with dirt and carpet fiber to the point it didn't pick up anything. I've had it for about 20 months and use it less than once a week. Have had to replace both belts, one of the belts I've replaced twice. Have had to take it apart because the ON switch was stuck on "ON" and wouldn't shut off. Now the self propelled cable is broken and the ON switch doesn't work. I'll be throwing the thing in the Garbage this weekend since that is where this thing belongs. The designers and manufacturer should be ashamed of themselves for selling this product. I will never buy a Hoover vacuum again. Consider yourself warned....more info
  • Excellent Vacuum
    I did a lot of reasearch on the internet before I purchased this vacuum. We have 3 dogs and 1 cat, so pet hair is a problem. This vacuum has performed to our expectations. I also dislike those 'dirt cups' very much, so the hepa bags are quite welcome. The self-propelled feature is a great asset for anyone with back problems. All in all it has turned out to be a great purchase and it was refurbished to boot....more info
  • Highly reccomend
    Cost less than at Wal-Mart and got the free shipping too. After using this vaccuum I am convinced my old one wasn't picking up anything. The house actually smells cleaner. I'll never own a bagless again. It's a little heavy to carry upstairs but the propel makes it easy to use. And the attachments have better suction than my shop vac!...more info
  • Hoover Vacuum cleaner
    This vacuum cleaner does a wonderful job. It is easy to use and has powerful suction. The self-propelled feature makes it super easy to use. Because I have both asthma and arthritis I shopped very carefully for this machine. I researched many machines before I chose this one. ...more info
  • Hoover Self Propelled Wind Tunnel
    Excellent choice in vacuum cleaners.
    I had purchased my previous Hoover self propelled vacuum cleaner over 18 years ago---it was an excellent choice then too but I paid a lot more money for it ($300).
    Highly recommend for anyone.
    Easy set-up too!...more info
  • Hoover vaccuum review
    The extension for the tools would be nice if it were a little more flexible or longer for those who don't need a 20 foot extension. Otherwise, the vaccuum is a wonderful product. We love the power tool for furniture for collecting pet hair - it works like a charm....more info
  • Best Vacuum Ever Made!
    I will never buy a bagless Vacuum ever again! I just replaced my green "Hoover U5269-900 EmPower Bagless Upright Vacuum" that I bought about 11 months ago with this vacuum and it made a huge difference! I don't know why there are so many bad comments about this vacuum but if you need one and are tired of looking around on the internet for the right one THIS IS TRUELY THE ONE TO GET! it's a little heavy but I like heavy vacuums since they make nicer tracks on the carpet really showing off a nice clean carpet! get this if you really want to get the job done right and don't mind lifting 30 lbs....more info
  • Love it!
    This vacuum cleaner is fabulous! The self-propelled action makes cleaning virtually effortless. Attachments work beautifully. And the Embedded Dirt Finder is a great feature. Compared to how I used to vacuum, I realize now that my carpet wasn't getting really clean. Now I know that it is, and with a cat, that's huge. I can't recommend it enough!...more info
    I wish there were Zero Stars to rate it. The belts, whenever you pick up some fringe from an Oriental Rug, somehow become stretched and don't last more than ten minutes until they fall off again...and there are two belts on this abomination.

    Look carefully at the way Amazon does ratings...they add up all the stars and divide by how many submitted reviews. So, since we're forced to enter a star to review, it skews the results to the positive side. This is the first product on Amazon I've seen with more 1-star reviews than positive ones...need I say more.

    ...more info
  • Fantastic Cleaning Power!!
    This is the 3rd Hoover vaccuum I've owned in 20 yrs. & once again I'm very happy that I stayed with a Hoover. This vaccuum has great cleaning power; I can't believe how much dirt was in the bag after using it the first time! Amazon had the best price with free shipping & I received my vaccuum in 2 days. The self-propel feature is great. The carpet adjustment buttons are easy to use if you lean the vaccuum forward (like it says right above the buttons). I don't think that this vaccuum is too loud, it's the same as previous models I've had. It is a heavier vaccuum because of the self-propel feature, but I can handle it just fine. I've had no problem moving the vaccuum when it's turned off, all you need to do is tilt it back on it's wheels & it's quite easy to move & it's easy enough to carry with the carrying handle on the back. The only thing I don't like is the hose is too short & stiff, however I purchased the extra 20 ft. hose to go with it so it's not a problem. ...more info
  • good vacuum for the price
    This is the third hoover self-propelled windtunnel I have bought in the last 7 years. It takes only seconds to switch over to the above floor hand attachments and has a very flexible hose. It's also very easy to switch from carpet to hard floor however the little switch to swicth over from carpet to hard floors is made of plastic and breaks VERY easily. Also the belts wear out quite often. But still, when it is working, this is the best, easiest to use vacuum ever. I have a bad back so I love the self-propell feature although that quit working after awhile. That's when I have to get a new one. In my opinion this vacuum cleans better than $1000 vacuums and at this price, I can afford to replace it when it wears out. I think it's a pretty good value....more info
  • Love this machine!
    I have had my Hoover Wind Tunnel for years and got it second hand.Yes it is heavy and noisy but it cleans like a charm! For those of you who have a problem with the carpet/bare floor buttons, they are LOCKED until you tip the handle forward then they move easily. That will solve the broken buttons problem. And as far as having difficulty rolling it when the motor is off just tip it backward on its rear wheels and it will push easily. ...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    This is a replacement vacuum which was the exact same model, only a few years older. It does a great job and has all the tools you need. Some of the plastic parts are a bit flimsy, but if you don't abuse it, this vaccum is one of the best out there....more info
  • This vacuum is garbage
    We have had the Hoover Windtunnel for about three years. Less than two months after we bought it, the belt broke. One year later, the upright lock function broke and we had to drag the vacuum (which is quite heavy) around the house. Now the suction power no longer works and the brush just spins dust around. I'm pissed I paid $300 for all this frustration.

    Thanks Hoover....more info
  • Worst Vacuum Ever
    Forth vacuum in 25 years and absolutely the worst! This machine was always in need of repair, parts & labor $$$$. Belts, levers, cables, and finally a motor. Local shops, (checked two) says this is a machine that keeps their repairman busy. Look at another. Hoover should be ashamed! Have motor and waiting to show Hoover -unlikely they will return my requests for review. The Killer was an an almost full bag unknown to operator, machine running, motor rotor short, now all done -unless you want to buy a >$100 motor. Have never seen this sudden failure before and will never buy a Hoover again. Should be zero stars. Look elsewhere....more info
  • Great first vacuum, sorry to see it go.
    We bought one of these WindTunnel Self propeled vacs back in 2000 after we got married. We bought it as an open box from Circuit City (back when they sold household items). This vacuum worked great until we lent it to my parents. Because of the wear and tear in the store, we had to tape the front on and it still worked great. We only trashed it because after lending to a family member the vac came back with remnants in the filter that we could not get out and caused severe respiratory distress every time I used it. It still had great suction when we trashed it and I was sorry to see it go. We purchased a bagless vacuum (Bissell) this time and have regreted it since the second use. After 1 month the Bissell has no suction and I am now purchasing another of these bagged vacuums.

    This vac was heavy, but I found it manageable. It did tip over from time to time, but I found that with proper positioning, this could be avoided. This is a great vacuum if you are willing to switch great cleaning for a few inconveniences. It all depends on what you expect and are willing to live with.
    ...more info
  • Terrible vacuum-- Hoover sold out
    I bought this vacuum in FEb 2007-- by SEP it was dead and the engine is defective. I bought it online and now am having trouble returning it through Amazon. It is a mediocre vacuum. Go with a better made one....more info
  • Tough call
    Although I love the features and it seems to propel and clean well, it is the noisiest vacuum I have ever had. I have taken it to a repair shop and it was fine for awhile and now it is obnoxious again. I probably would look for a different product next time. Love it except for the noise!...more info
  • a pleasure while it lasts
    I have had problems with every vacuum and have purchased a multitude of various vacuums, including 2 similar Hoover models. First, avoid any bagless models. Every bagless model (even no-touch models) require you go outside and bang a pile of fine, filthy dirt from the filter. Nothing is easier, cleaner or more effective than a bag, so skip the bagless models. Hoover offers the only vacuums with a power-drive. Anyone with a bad back or limited strength needs this feature. This vacuum's power and attachments are first rate. This is the only Hoover bagged model with a FULL 2 year warranty. Allergybegone has discontinued carrying this model and ships out $77 remanufactured models when you purchase this model, so Amazon is your best price. After you use a vacuum with a power-drive, nothing else will do!...more info
  • Hoover Quality has Slipped
    This vacuum performed very poorly from the beginning and now has completely locked up, merely skimming over the carpet without cleaning at all. It is shoddily
    manufactured, notable from the start when attempting
    to attach the handle. First, the belts malfunctioned and
    had to be replaced. Next, the brush roll needed replacing [
    $39]. All this happened after only very little use. Such poor quality and performance by Hoover shocked me--I have bought Hoover products for many years but will no longer do so....more info
  • Hardwood Floors? FORGET this vacuum!!
    I have laminate floors in part of my home. I also walk barefoot a great deal of the time. Yesterday after I vacuumed, as I was walking around I noticed that the floor felt dusty. I got out my handy-dandy Swiffer(TM) and went over the floor in ONE room with it. The Swiffer cloth was absolutely FILTHY - covered with dust and dirt. I've always like my old Hoover but because it hurts my back, I thought buying the self-propelled vacuum would be a good purchase. Although the self-propelling saves my back on my carpets (I don't need to use the self-propelling feature on the hardwood), it is not worth my purchase if it leaves my house dirty. ...more info
  • Cleans well but poor design
    We have owned this vacuum for just about a year and from week one have had trouble with the on/off switch - about half the time the switch doesn't turn the vacuum off without unplugging it from the wall. Don't get me wrong, the cleaning power of the vacuum is great; but as stated in other reviews, the hand attachments are not real usable for cleaning more than a foot or two away. We have a hard time cleaning the sofa without the vacuum falling over and forget trying to vacuum the stairs. If we didn't have two Huskies we would have replaced this vacuum, but it gets up their dog hair. Unfortunately, we have a seperate vacuum for the stairs and furniture as well as the hard floors....more info
    I love this vacuum. I had a Hoover Canister for 8 years before I got this one. It had belonged to my parents. They had had the canister vacuum for three or four years before I even got it. Finally, after 8 years of tireless service, the upright started falling apart. I hated to buy a new vacuum. They are expensive. I shopped all over. Target had only bagless models. I hate bagless vacuums ! I hate to clean my dustbuster, and it is tiny. There is NO way I want to clean out the dust bin in my vacuum cleaner. Gross. I know my limitations. So, I was in the market for a bagged vacuum cleaner. I wanted to stay with Hoover, if possible. The only place I could find any selection at all was at Sears. A very similar model as this one was being sold at Sears for over $300. I am glad I shopped Amazon. I got free shipping too, which was great (saved about $20), BUT it did take about a month to get it. The wait was well worth it though. I have been very very pleased.

    ...more info
  • U6439-900 Self-Propelled WindTunnel Ultra Upright Vacuum
    Althought happy, I am not totally satisfied with the 6439 Windtunnel. It came without the filter and I had to go buy one. However, I did call Hoover and they are supposedly sending me one, but so far I have not received it. They could not reimburse the $13.89 it cost to purchase one. Also, the self-propel switch will not stay in the lock position--constantly switches back. The vacuum is awesome in its pick up power, although the hose could definitely be longer when using the stair/upholstery tool. I think the value was great and the company fairly quick in shipping. I did not get back to them with my problem as I felt these are no doubt one time type purchases for them and they had no way to make it right. Also, the box was destroyed after I unpacked it. Thank you for the opportunity to air my thoughts. Let it be said that I truely believe in the Hoover products other than my 'little' small issue complaiint. Anne...more info
    The only reason I gave this vacuum 2 stars was for the cleaning ability. When the machine is new, with brand new belts, the vacuum does a great job!

    After approximately one year, the vacuum will start going downhill. This is by far one the most repaired vacuums out there. This machine has a very bad design for the belts. It's a combination of two belts, on driving the agitator brush, the other driving the self-propelled. What happens is as soon as one belt goes bad, it causes the other to go bad.

    You will be having to replace the belts, at least once a year, if not more. One other problem is when customers pick up the machine by the handle (lets face it, this is the most convienent way to carry) it causes the self propelled actuator arm to break. There's too much tension on the arm, and it will rip the screw right out of the plastic actuator arm.

    You need to carry the machine with the carrying handle on the back of the vacuum to avoid this. There's not much you can do to avoid the belt changes, as it is a flawed design by Hoover.

    When the machine is working, it actually cleans very well. It is very heavy, so if you are carrying up and down stairs, this will be a concern of yours.

    ...more info
  • Vacuum Cleaner
    This is our 2nd Hoover Self-Propelled vacuum. We gave our old one to our daughter & it is still going strong. It is the best vacuum out there for the money. It has plenty of suction & with the sef-propelled feature it makes cleaning a breeze. There is nothing that cleans your carpet any better. Don't spend $500 for something that doesn't clean any better. You won't be disappointed with this vacuum. ...more info
  • A joy to use
    It's a joy to use. Even for a big guy like me self-propelled is a good idea. Add a self retracting power cord and a bagless chamber and you have the perfect machine....more info
  • I Could Have Kicked Myself!
    This is my second vacuum like this. The first one lasted about 7 years when the self-propelled feature went out. I bought it for that very feature and replaced it for the same feature. The self-propelled belt takes the strain off my back and abdomen and eases the chore of vacuuming.

    I could have kicked myself, however, for not taking the hose off the old one before I discarded it. The hose on the older Hoover model was longer and reached to the ceiling areas easier. Sometimes the current hose (on the current model) pulls away from the rear of the vacuum, disconnecting it.

    Otherwise, I LOVE this vacuum for the reason stated first - the self propulsion. I don't care if it's heavier than other vacuums. I don't have stairs. It's perfect for a ranch house!

    Gail Gupton, author: The 31-Day Diet of Spiritual Enlightenment and Seekers of Truth....more info
  • Don't trust Hoover
    I bought this model from a local dealer who has since quit selling Hoover vacuum cleaners because she could never get the manufacturer to do anything about how crappy the machines were. But I didn't know this and neither did she (they had bought this store fairly recently) when I bought the vacuum cleaner. I paid a fortune for it and was very happy at first. It would suck the stripes off a zebra from 6 inches away. But not long after the warrenty expired, so did the machine. The motor started overheating and I changed the belt, but, that didn't help. The nearest repair place was over 100 miles away, repair was expensive and shipping was unbelievable. And there were no guarantees that the mahcine wouldn't mess up again. My previous vacuum cleaner had gone for 17 years. I was furious. I won't buy another Hoover. The store owner said that another customer (a veterinarian) called Hoover company to ask which model they thought would be best for her, since she had a lot of pet hair to deal with. Hoover's answer? Go to Walmart, get the cheapest model they have, use it till it dies, toss it in the trash. Then go to Walmart, buy the cheapest.... In other words, every model they make is crappy. The store owner said it was obvious that Hoover didn't care about the customer or their needs....more info
  • Hoover U6439-900 Vacuum
    I have yet to find a vacuum cleaner that performs as well as this Hoover model. Love the selfpropelled feature! The handheld power brush is great for cleaning pet hair from upholstery as well as clothing....more info
  • Poor Quality
    Had a Hoover wind tunnel for 3 years. In those 3 years it has been to the shop 2 times, and now broken down again. This time it's going to the curb. Hoovers response to my compliants...."sorry". Would not recommend any Hoover products....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I had this same one just the older model and it lasted for 6 years and it was the best! I love this vacuum! Highly recommend this to anyone....more info
  • Worst vacuum I have ever used
    Highly discourage anyone from purchasing this vacuum. It works great for about the first 10 hours of use then starts losing suction....more info
  • Broken
    I got the item in a speedy time, however the vacuum was broken and won't fix, even though we called customer support and buyed other things to fix it. We have never used this item so far....more info
  • Glad we got it!
    After looking around town and comparing prices ....we were glad to get this hoover from Amazon. It was the best price and free delivery.

    The vacuum came quickly and we have enjoyed using it since.
    Simple machine that does what it should. Only 4 stars since it was abit heavy after awhile of cleaning.

    thxs amazon

    ...more info
  • Well, it WAS a good vacuum until things started breaking...
    I've owned 3 hoovers now, over the past 25 years, and the first two were great (one is still in service and has, once again, become my primary vacuum - it became the 'upstairs' vacuum when the new vacuum came). HOWEVER, this vacuum I am reviewing has proven to be a real bad piece of work. I think that other reviews, and reviews I have seen on epinions will back up all I say here:

    First, it worked well for the first year and then... the dirt sensor stopped working, it 'red lit' and has stayed red lit - my house is not THAT dirty ;-> The older Hoover's dirt sensor still works. In fact everything about the older Windtunnel I have still works, it is just that the cord is nearly burned through in several places.

    Second: the switch on the 'self propel' handle ceased to allow me to turn the vacuum OFF, I have to unplug it. It is a rube-goldberg design, and if you take the handle apart and look at it, you will see what I mean. The switch on the handle doesn't actually engage an electric switch, but pushes down a lever, which sweeps by an internal switch and turns the machine off... It apparently wears out, and after only a year and a half, that's unacceptable.

    Third: The 'automatic drive' wheels stopped working, and that makes it about impossible to move the machine. This happened because...

    Fourth: The drive belt slips off the drive pinion because the housing is so flimsy that the 'guide' can no longer work properly. When the machine is new, the housing is fairly sturdy, but it becomes more flexible with time and use, and then this problem starts where the belt 'falls off', gets put back on (requiring you to remove the housing and fiddle around a while getting dust all over yourself). But then it becomes more and more frequent - as the machine becomes more and more 'flexible'. It is at the point (right now, and this is why I am writing this review) where the belt will stay on for about 1 minute before jumping ship.

    Things I don't like about it but aren't 'wrong' are: The on/off switch is in a silly place. The attachment hose doesn't want to stay in the 'suction hole' unless you jam it down in tightly - although it did much better when new.

    Things that I DO like about it, and which may cause me to go back and buy another Hoover (although not THIS self propelled model) are:

    It is, indeed, a powerhouse. It is the best carpet cleaner I have ever used, and we have lots of carpets and lots of dogs! You can also clean hard floors - and if you leave it upright, the roller does not engage and 'burn up' your carpet. Or burn through the cord which you didn't realize was 'under' the machine while you are vacuuming some nick-nacks.

    I love the 'dirt finder', and missed it very much over these past 6 months. It is a circuit card and I suppose that it can be replaced, although I do NOT want to spend my money debugging Hoover's problem, and now the question is moot as the machine fails to operate at all.

    All in all? I would NOT purchase this machine again. Not unless Hoover backs it up with a 5 year warranty. A vacuum SHOULD last at least 5 years....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    The best vaccum I have owned. Cleans great and accessories are placed on the machine so they are easy to take off and put back...they don't fall off! Switches easily from carpet to hard floor and the beater brush can be turned off. The small stair accessory with a rotating brush is a waste of time...the only thing I don't like....more info
  • This vacuum is excellent and is a good value.
    The vacuum is an excellent performer. The self-propulsion is a nice feature and can be turned off if desired. The visual indication of when the floor is clean is also very useful. I would definitely purchase this again....more info
  • Second Purchase

    I actually have two of these vacuums. The first one actually got damaged after good use for over 7 years. I thought that this vacuum worked so well the first time, that a second purchase would be in order. This newer version (compared to my old one) is much nicer with a few extras and works better with respect to how much dirt and stuff it picks up....more info
  • A few minor shortcomings BUT it's a powerhouse
    First off - This machine has some weight > Expect any self propelled machine to weigh more than it's non-propelled counterpart; this is a fact of life !!! #2. Lifting (cleaning) power that is just delightful. Our family has always kept several pets - 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 Russian tortoises at present. We pride ourselves in keeping a clean, presentable home. A little messy at times, but there's a difference. The U6439-900 is a dirt/hair MONSTER ... #3. If you have little or no mechanical inclination,read on: Expect to have to replace an occasional belt. Good sense indicates that powerful vacs require belt replacement more frequently than their wimpy counterparts. More torque just equates to more stress on the belt > period. It takes all of 2 minutes for me to replace the brush belt. The small "V" belt that actuates the the self propelled mechanism will outlast the brush belt about three/one. #4. The accessory power brush for furniture is quite useful BUT having the supplementary extension hose will save a lot of grief.Having to purchase the longer hose might not sit well if you are on a tight budget... Adding a wand (or both wands) to the hose also seems to lessen the aggravation. The power brush will operate much better if it is cleaned out occasionally. It pops apart, and re-assembles without any hassle.
    Finally, for our needs, this is the best overall vacuum we have ever owned.--vs. Kirby,Electrolux,Dirt Devil,Eureka,etc. We will never own another "BAGLESS" - And today is my 56th birthday so you ain't gettin' a review from no spring chicken....more info
  • vacuum
    I am very happy with the cleaning power of the vacuum. It is heavier than I had expected but has a well balanced comfortable carrying handle for going up the stairs. I do wish the hose were longer, but I see there is a longer one you can purchase as an accessory.
    ...more info
  • Hoover Vacuum
    BEST VACUUM WE HAVE EVER HAD!!! Has red light that lets you know that you are still sucking up dirt. Light changes to green when area is clean. Great suction. Vacuum a little heavy for my wife if she has to lift it. That's the only negative we've found so far....more info
    I feel it is the best vaccum ever made, cleans great and very easy to use.
    Your service was outstanding too!
    Thank you
    Flora Laughlin
    Fresno, Ca....more info
  • Best Vacuum Ever
    I love this vacuum cleaner. It is so easy to push and the suction is amazing. It is the best vacuum cleaner I've ever owned! I highly recommend this! I have pets so I wanted something that would collect pet hair. This does a great job. A great value too!...more info
  • Bare Floor Challenged
    Having all tile floor throughout the house, we needed something for bare floors. Our old WindTunnel did the job on bare floors but we "thought" we needed a new vacuum cleaner. The new vacuum just does not clean the bare floors good enough prior to mopping. We will continue to use the old WindTunnel until it just quits. The new WindTunnel does great on the area rugs. We need a vacuum - no cannisters - that is excellent for bare floors and this vacuum is just not the one....more info
  • for the price
    for the price it is the best buy. works like a horse and is easy to maintain. a great buy. ...more info
  • One Good Vacuum
    We were familiar with this product because we have used and abused two of them at our Church. We had a large tenant impovement project and the vacuums were used almost like construction site shop vacs. They held up and are still used for regular vacuuming. This product is quality, practical, well priced, and works as good or better than any vacuum....more info
  • DO NOT get a self propelled vacume!! Way to heavy!
    I had my heart set on a self propell vac because I have a bad back. After 14 months the self propell broke! It is now easier to push my car down the street then push this thing across the livingroom because the self propell unit inside the vacume is so heavy, it really weighs the vacume down. It still sucks great but if I'm going to keep useing it I will have to go back to physical therapy.
    This thing is such a tank if you run into a pice of furniture it will dent your furniture!
    Carring it up and down the stairs while trying to vacume is impossible. The self propell unit is so heavy it really defeats the purpose of having one.

    Hoover is still my favorite vac, just don't get a self propell!

    ...more info
  • great product for the money
    I owned the original self-propelled Hoover Wind Tunnel in 1993. My family is very hard on vacuums, they vacuum things they shouldn't. I paid to repair it once and the second time, decided to cut my losses and trash it. Then I bought an upright Dirt Devil Bagless, which was not a very thorough cleaner and terrible on carpeted stairs. That vac was donated to college kids on their own. After Consumer Reports reviews and web reviews, I decided to get another Wind Tunnel. Great price in comparision to some other highly rated vacuums and it does a great job. The vac does an OK job on the stairs, but makes up for it's less than superior job on stairs by the way it cleans hardwood floors and the rest of the capeting in the house. Cleans close to the baseboards and doesn't send dust and dog hair flying while cleaning hard floors....more info
  • so far so good
    I've had this vacuum for about a month and it's been a great one, It has amazing suction and the carpet looks terrific since I have been using it....more info
  • Hoover U6439-900 Self-Propelled WindTunnel Ultra Upright Vacuum Cleaner
    After reading some of the "bad" reviews, we were a little nervous about buying a Windtunnel vacuum cleaner. We decided to purchase it because it was rated really "good" and Amazon had a really good price on them. After it arrived, we were really impressed with the performance of the vacuum! This thing really "sucks" and I mean that in a good way. It has more power than any other vacuum we have ever had and it "deep" cleans the carpets better too! Just for "peace-of-mind", we did purchase the extended warranty because of a couple reviews that scared us. The warranty was only $54 and it's covered for four years. (Parts and labor)...more info
  • Best Overall Vacuum
    I've owned many vacuum cleaners over the years, including the coveted Dyson and the Oreck. This is my second Hoover WindTunnel and I'm glad I've switched back! Having the tools onboard, easy hose access to use them, the lighted headlamp and self-propelled feature all make this product worth every penny and then some. Having some serious arthritis issues as well as other health concerns, this is the vacuum for me -- I will never stray again!...more info
  • Good Vacuum
    It's new, so I don't know how long it will last, but there is a lot of suction and overall the vacuum works very well. The power hand tool works surprisingly well. It doesn't have a motor, rather it works just on suction, but it works very well even when you push hard on the stairs the beater-bar continues to spin, and spin fast (almost as if it did have a motor). Regarding the price, we got it for $[...] through Amazon, which is an excellent price for this vacuum. People that are paying $[...] or more - where are you shopping!! If you're thinking of a "bagless" which this Hoover model isn't, I have one of those too (not a Hoover). I can't stand it anymore. It's dirty to clean, the filters also get very dirty, the dirt gets all over the vacuum when you go to clean it out.. awlful! Stick with a "bagged" vacuum and you'll be much happier. One "down side" of the Hoover Windtunnel - it's heavy. If a light vacuum is important to you then you probably don't want this one. But, you could always do what we plan to... buy a another for the upstairs. ...more info
  • Don't buy
    I bought this heap of junk last year just to vacuum the upstairs of my house and not have to carry a vacuum up the stairs. I've had it only one year and it's blown belts three times. It's seems to love sucking up it's own cord but will leave lint and little pieces of dirt on the carpet. It did a great job the first 3 or 4 times using it then it went lame. I've had an Electrolux for over twenty years and it is still sucking up dirt amazingly.
    Besides it weighing a ton, you cannot use the tools very well because the hose is too short and the whole vacuum topples over if you move a few inches away from it. I purchased the longer extension hose and this did not make much differnce because it is only a few inches longer than the hose it comes with. You cannot use this vacuum in the bathroom because the head of it is so big and bulky. You also cannot go under items such as coffee tables because of it's bulky size. I'd do better with a Dustbuster.
    This is the last time I'll use Consumer Reports because in spite of the wonderful reviews this vacuum is a dinosaur. My guess is that someone in Consumer Reports is getting a nice pay off.

    ...more info
  • disappointed
    bought this in 2006 recommended by consumers report I had a for a month and it broke, months later it stop working alltogether, I would never recommend it to any one sure wasted a lot off money!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I bought this vacuum and love it. the self-propelled feature and the dirt finder light are better than i ever expectel. definitely a good buy....more info
  • Hoover
    Good vacuum. Cleans well and self-propulsion is very controlled and easy to handle....more info
  • Hoover U6439-900
    I LOVE this vacuum cleaner! I purchased one for my shop over a year ago and so far have had no problems with it at all. I am so happy with it that I just bought another one for my home. I have never had a vacuum that would truly pick up all of the cat hair, grit and lint like this one does. And the self-propelled feature makes using it remarkably easy on my back and shoulders. I wish I'd had this vacuum years ago. ...more info
  • This vac really cleans up, but beware cheap parts
    So far my new Hoover has performed well but Hoover is already sending me a free replacement part. After using my new vacuum for only 5mins I thought a quick once over inspection was in order. I found the roller brush was spitting out bristles. I contacted Hoover at 330-499-9499 just to see what they would have to say about the problem. After waiting on hold about 15 minutes a very friendly Hoover representative answered, took my information and informed me she would send a new brush roller and drive belts for my trouble. All I can say is thanks, I just hold the next time something breaks they will be so kind.

    Does a spectacular job of cleaning and is very clean its-self. I'd recommend this vacuum but my change my mind down the road if it continues to break down.

    ...more info
  • Topnotch vacuum cleaner
    I have been very pleased with the Hoover self-propelled WindTunnel Ultra Upright. I primarily bought it with the objective of getting a vacuum that would help my daughter who is an allegy sufferer. We have had trouble cleaning up dog dander. We now have a tool that will enable us to get rid of animal dander as well as dust mites and other allergents with the Hepa filter. I did a lot of shopping on line and discovered that there are other similar products that advertize use for allergents, but they do not have a Hepa filter which is able to pick up very microscopic forms of allergents such as animal dander, which is one of the smallest. (Most products only take care of dust.) I also enjoy the self-propelled feature -- the vacuum seems to glide over the floor with very little effort, and also the lights that change from red to green to show when the carpet is clean. The attachments are easy to use and I love using the edger and the brush for the stairs. I now look forward to the job of sweeping the house! Thanks for a great product! I expect to use it for years to come....more info
  • "Returned"
    Vacuum in perfect - like new condition - HOWEVER - Box was purposely cut and clearly said "Returned". Allergy Be Gone listing was for a new vacuum and did not indicate Refurbished, B stock, etc.

    Removed Vacuum from box when given as a gift. Would be concerned that future purchase of "Returned" merchandise would not be in new condition.

    The Vacuum is great - Highly recommended. ...more info
  • self propel feature
    When this vacuum was a little over a year old with very light use,
    the reverse feature quit. Hoover online was no help. Went to a local
    dealer with over 30 years in business. He showed me a small plastic
    piece was broken; he had 8 in the back with similar problems. To replace
    the piece required a whole new drive system, that plus labor would be $160. He no longer sells Hoover because of this problem and their
    parts quality. I don't know why Consumer Reports still likes this
    machine. Up until this I liked it, I also have another one, but I
    would not buy another one.
    ...more info
  • Hoover U6439-900 Self-Propelled WindTunnel Ultra Upright Vacuum Cleaner
    Ok. Not the best I had hoped for...more info
  • A great vacuum...albeit a spendy one too
    I bought this unit last year as i had a free trial of Amazon Prime. This is a great product. It has good suction and moves easily. My only gripes are that the back mounted tools fall off too easily and there is not a handle on the front to make doing stairs easy. ...more info
  • Hoover has gone down the toilet...
    I ordered one of these and it arrived dead, so I sent it back and received a second one, and it also arrived dead. The second one I took to a Hoover service center and the problem ended up being the motor. Don't they test these products before shipping them? They've gone downhill so incredibly fast the last few years (and since moving to Mexico). This one will be my last....more info
    I can not stress enough- do not purchase this vac! I have had mine since 12/05 and have had it serviced 3 times. Each time the dirt indicator light and the self propel have broken. The self propel is now broken for a fourth time. The warranty only covers REPAIR as I was just told by the corporate office. Under no circumstance will they replace the vac even after having the same issue over and over again. In addition, the product is bulky, and difficult to carry. The attachments fall off each time it is carried up the stairs. The customer service leaves one wondering why they call it "customer" service. Hoover should be ashamed of themselves. I for one will never purchase another product from this company or Whirlpool again....more info
  • Piece of Junk
    I agree with the many others who say that Consumer Reports was totally out to lunch when it gave this product its highest rating. After about two months, the on/off switch broke and just yesterday (after 9 months of light usage) the self-propel stopped working. This is an absolute piece of junk. As other have said, it is heavy and awkward to use (though I think this would be the case with any self-propelled vacuum). But it would be nice if this did not have complete electrical failure on top of it. All of these products should be recalled (and the buyers refunded) and the product should be pulled from the market....more info
  • First impression is good
    I can't speak to its longevity, but out of the box this vacuum is great. The suction-power wand attachment is great for hard to reach areas and the suction power with all the tools is very strong. The self-propel feature is a little fast for technical areas, but welcome in large open floors. I switch off the self-propel for vacuuming around power cords on the floor and delicate furniture. Without the propel feature, the vacuum is still easy to move....more info
  • DO NOT BUY! I'll sell you mine for $5.
    I've had to bring this back to Hoover 5 times in less than a year.
    The belt for the self-propelled motor comes off ever other time I use the vacuum. The on/off button has been fixed 3 times. It works when it wants to. Even the guy at the Hoover store admitted that this piece of garbage is known for problems with the belt coming off. I have nothing good to say about this. I'm a huge Consumer Reports fan but they missed the boat on this one. They need to update their testing over the long-term. I'm still pissed I blew $250 on this ridiculous excuse for a vacuum....more info
  • Best vacuum I've owned!
    If I had read the reviews above I might've not bought this vacuum. However, I did quite a lot of research before purchasing this item, and it is rated #1 by Consumer Reports. I love this vacuum! And you should know, like most normal people, I hate to vacuum! I bought it to replace a cannister type vacuum (that the previous owner of our home recommended for our large home w/ lots of irregular surfaced slate tile and what seems to me, miles of carpet). You should know, along with this large home, I have 4 kids and needed something that would do the job quickly and well. One of the best things I did before buying this (and after narrowing my decision), was to go to a local Hoover store, where I could try it out of the box and have any questions answered by people who work on these babies. They showed me everything and then some. I asked a lot of questions and they answered them all (then I shopped around for my best price). I can't recommend going to a Hoover store enough...make the time (unless you plan to thoroughly read the owner's manual...yawn)! There are a few "tricky" elements to this product that, if I was not shown at the store, I would be complaing about now. For instance, to switch from carpet to bare floor mode, you need to tilt the handle forwad a bit, and then the switches move easily, otherwise they feel jammed (like someone wrote above). The self propelled function (works forward and back) appealed to me (as my back killed me when using the cannister type) and this is a cool feature that makes this baby practically move itself. Yes, this unit is heavy (but not too bad), and I figured with the self propelling motor, it would be. There are many attachments for the edges of rooms or stairs. I do think I'll get the extended warrenty on this product, as I think the self propel feature could give out over time, especially if you have a big home like mine. Even though it's heavy and I have an additional vacuum for upstairs, this one works so much better, that I gladly carry this one upstairs for the task. I think this product is ideal for large homes with lots of rooms and open space. It is really not something I'd recommend for smaller tight spaces. The vacuum path is quite large and covers my large rooms quickly. The suction is so great, small pets and children better get out of the way! Seriously, its suction vastly surpasses my old cannister, even on my irregular slate tile. It also gets the edges of rooms so clean, I am finding I rarely have to use my attachments. The cord is really long and I can usually do two rooms before I need to move the cord...cool. It does use bags, but they're no big deal, and I'm not sure I like the bagless ones when it comes to dumping out the dust...cough, cough! To move it when off, simply tilt it on it's back wheels and that's it...someone above said it's impossible to move when off...don't believe them. Nothing is perfect, so here's the flip side. It's heavy...true. It is a pretty big unit and won't fit under some of my coffee tables (no biggie for me, I just move the table, or use the attachments). I'd recommend getting the extended hose (purchase separately $30), as the hose on this one doesn't extend too far, limiting the ability to easily use the attachments. And one of my attachment heads keeps falling off its holder (grr). Also, it would be nice if the cord self-wound, but not that big of a deal to me. Overall, it's a superior product that works great on carpet, tile, irregular slate...great vacuum at a much lower price than the overpriced Dysons and other fancy brands. As for my cannister, it'll be relegated to my garage to use for my car....more info
  • Hoover Vacuum
    This, quite frankly, is the best vacuum cleaner for the money. Save your money and buy this one instead of any of those bagless Dyson models. About the only thing it didn't do a goor job on was once when I spilled the contents of my paper shredder, a cross cut model, boy what a mess! I finally resorted to my Shop Vac....more info
  • Unreliable
    I bought the factory-reconditioned version, the U6401-9RM, so thank goodness I didn't have quite so much money invested in this lumbering junkbox before I found out (just after the 6-month warranty) that it was one. All of the problems a previous review described-- eats belts, heavy, loud, clumsy-- plus the brush roller bogs down (this is what eats the belts). Useless! The worst part is that I bought this for my elderly mother so she could continue living independently. Made me look like a schmuck.

    Apparently there are good ones and bad ones, so buy locally from a reputable store that will gracefully accept returns. Or save yourself the aggravation and avoid this plastic pig....more info
  • Don't buy if you have a pet!
    I bought the Hoover U6439-900 based on the strength of a very positive review in Consumer Reports, and after careful research into feature/function. Additionally, my previous Hoover performed well for many years without problem. While the new cleaner picks up dirt exceptionally well, I wish I had not bought it! It can't handle dog hair. Period.

    When I use the powered hand tool to clean the stairs, it gets bound up with dog hair during every single use, sometimes even more than once during a cleaning. I then have to completely disassemble the tool to remedy the situation. The problem is that the hair (it only takes a couple of strands to bind the thing) works its way along the length of the brush and off onto the two end spindles that the brush spins on. That causes the brush to stop spinning. I can't believe that Hoover would sell a product that has to be disassembled for maintenance during every use. When I called their customer service, they told me that there was nothing wrong with the cleaner, that I was having "a natural problem with pet hair"!

    In addition to the powered hand tool binding every time, the roller brush on the bottom of the cleaner gets bound up with dog hair. This doesn't require maintenance with every use, as does the powered hand tool, but it does require far more frequent maintenance than any other cleaner I have ever used.

    Don't buy this thing if you have a pet!...more info
  • Consumer Reports got this one wrong!
    Like many others, I bought this because it came highly recommended by Consumer Reports. It worked great for a while, but after about a year the brush stopped spinning. I replaced the belt (twice!) but it still won't work. If I didn't read about so many others having similar problems, I would have guessed that I just got a bad vacuum - but after reading other reviews here at Amazon, I see that this is not a model that anyone should buy, despite the high rating from Consumer Reports....more info
  • Really love this vacuum
    Despite all the negative reviews here, I have had no problems with my Hoover Windtunnel. I have two cats, and of the 4 vacuums I've owned, this one picks up pet hair the best. It works on carpets and on bare floors perfectly. The Dirtfinder feature is excellent, and the suction is the most powerful I've seen and remains constant. I'm quite allergic to dust, and cleaning out those bagless vacuums has always been a problem, but this bag actually retains all the dust and debris. I haven't sneezed once while vacuuming, and that is quite a feat.

    Another plus is the power hand tool, works really well on stairs. I like the self-propelled function as well, although I only use it in large rooms. The suction may be too powerful for the smaller tools, I've actually had to struggle when doing a throw pillow or throw rug.

    I would rate this 4.5 stars if I could only because of the weight. I don't think it's enough of a con to go to 4 stars, and with all the features on this vac, you should expect it to be a bit heavy. I tested out a number of vacs at my local store, and the weight is similar to comparable vacs. So yes, it's heavy and bulky, but that's what you get when you buy a vacuum of this caliber.

    I've owned this about a year, vacuum at least once a week, take it up and down stairs once a week, and so far nothing is broken and it works as good as the day I bought it. I am careful about using the carrying handle and I think I usually turn it off when switching the carpet height lever....more info
  • Self propelled problems
    I have the U6433-900 which I believe is the same basic model as this. It works good for me for the most part. I have no suction problems or anything. I bought it 2.5 years ago maybe and the cable connector broke for the self propelled feature. I self diagnosed this problem, I could see that there is a cable when I fold the handle back and it is held on by a black PLASTIC doo-hickie that is broken... I don't even want to know how much it is going to cost for a new black plastic doo-hickie when the machine will have to be taken apart for repairing. ...more info
  • Heave this Hoover!
    Having had a wonderful older Hoover upright and a Miele which we thought might not be getting our carpet clean, I was sucked into buying this one. It did get the carpet cleaner (more about that later, however!). In order to switch the lever from carpet to hard floors, I didn't understand how to do it correctly (you have to hold a lever or move the handle a certain way), so it broke off (within the first week). The vacuum repair shop said almost everyone did it, and they repaired it free (but in the process kept one of the two long extension tubes, which I didn't realize I got home, two hours away....). He also told me that this vacuum is so powerful with its brushes that it would soon wear out my carpet. Not long afterwards we moved and bought a house with a centralized vacuum system.

    During the time we had it and used it, however, I tried to use the extension tubes. I quickly found out that this vacuum is not only made of plastic, but the parts and tools are cheaply made also. Storing them and fitting them together is a joke.

    Fortunately we kept our old Miele, which we giving to someone in our family.It has quality throughout it. And it actually DID get the carpet clean and it was not abusive to it.

    The Hoover is going to the homeless shelter today.

    As others have said here, DO NOT EVER BUY A HOOVER VACUUM!No matter what you might see this particular model being sold for, RUN AWAY!

    I will say, however, that the Hoover carpet shampooers are another story entirely. I have reviewed ours on epinions. My husband and I both feel it is one of the best appliances we have ever purchased. Probably designed and made by a different division of Hoover.......more info
  • Not Worth the Money!
    I've had Hoovers for years. My Mom has had Hoovers for years. So it just made sense to just buy a Hoover. Spent $300.00 on this model for the self-propelled feature and attachment with propeller brush for use on my stairs. I don't think I've gotten the propeller brush to work more than once. The book claims that the brush is propelled by suction force, meaning that the filter must be absolutely spotless to get the suction to operator the attachment. I don't know...I've given up on this feature...too much detail to tell you everything I've done to get it to work. It's been in the shop twice because of a major piece that broke off that didn't allow the brush to rotate anymore. It was literally 12 months and 1 week old, which didn't qualify me to anything other than a big bill. Now, because the filter is so sensitive (is that a good thing or bad?), you have to clean the filter a couple of times before finishing each room or the suction weakens dramatically. You don't realize you've lost suction power until you try to use the attachments around the baseboard. Then, when you try to dump the collection cup, it really is like the Oreck commercial where it goes all over the place, unless you totally submerge it in a bag first. I can't wait to have the money for another vacuum. No more Hoovers for me! I'm done. Hoower, you can keep your vacuum. For those that are happy, they probably haven't had the unit long enough. Give it time....more info
  • Worst Vacuum I've ever owned
    I purchased this unit from ABT Electronics after having owed another model Wind Tunnel and being very happy with it. This unit has been terrible. The beater bar just stops working after about a month. Have replaced the belts and beater bar numerous times, in fact at the expensive cost of the beater bar I could have purchased a new one by now. Took it to an authorized repair shop and was told by the owner that it is probably the worst unit on the market in reliability. I contacted Hoover directly, unfortunately it was after the 1 year warranty was up. They pretty much told me TOO BAD SO SAD, they will do nothing. After only 2 years of owning this unit I am shopping for another vacuum. It will not be a Hoover....more info
  • Hoover WindTunnel self propelled
    We bought the WindTunnel for ease of use. Belts became a problem needing replacement every six months. The plastic part that the self propelled belt fit on broke and needing replacement as well. The vacuum cost more in repair than what it was worth. We've had it for three years and got rid of it. I'll never buy another Hoover vacuum....more info
  • Buyer BEWARE of Consumer Report Rankings on this!
    I purchased this vacuum based on the Consumer Report rankings and the advertised features. I thought the self-propel feature would be an asset since I have back problems. When we opened it, assembled and started trying to use the vacuum, the self-propel feature worked about 5 minutes and never worked again. Within 10 minutes of use the vacuum started to smell like it was burning up inside and twice within the first 30 minutes of use we were unable to get it to shut off. In fact, we had to unplug it from the wall the second time to get it to shut off at all. I knew if we were having this many problems within the first 30 minutes, it was only going to go downhill from here! Luckily, I was able to return and get my money back. I've now purchased a Kenmore Progressive Drive with Intelliclean (Ranked #1 by Consumer Reports) and love it! Don't waste your time and money on this vacuum! If I could give this vacuum less than 1 star, I'd give it a NEGATIVE 5 stars! ...more info
  • Hoover vac
    I believe that this is a returned item. It works ok but some of the packing material, as mentioned in the owners manual, was missing....more info
  • A Great Vacuum Cleaner
    This is our second WindTunnel self-propelled Ultra in about 8 years. The first one we purchased had a few initial issues that were repaired as part of a warranty recall. Subsequent to that, I would say the model was reasonably reliable with only one or two visits to the repair center in that time.

    The biggest issues we ran into dealt more with plastic pieces breaking (one of the cord clips finally broke about a year ago) or normal wear and tear. The straw that finally broke the camel's back was the failure of the on/off switch.

    Just the plain and simple fact that we purchased another identical vacuum cleaner after years of using the previous one should speak volumes.

    - Dirtfinder (I LOVE this feature)
    - Great suction
    - Versatile--easy use of accessories
    - Good drive for self-propel
    - Hard surface/carpet switch deactivates brush roller
    - Easy to self-service if necessary

    - Not as reliable as some cheaper vacuums I've had in the past
    - Red rubber rub strip can leave marks on baseboard
    - Drive wheels get dirty and can leave marks on smooth surfaces (like tile/vinyl) if you leave "self propel" engaged
    - Difficult to maneuver if self propel is off (heavy)...more info
  • Hoover Self Propelled W/BAG
    I bought this to replace a WindTunnel I had for five years. Its the same but with the self propel. First I have to say that the self propel feature is pretty much useless. Its not any easier to manuveur than the plain windTunnel. Thats the downside...other than that this is a great vacuum! I much rather have a bag which to me is less messy, I have a Bissell cleanview that I keep upstairs and I hate emptying the dirt cup on that thing. The Hoover picks up dog hair great and the tools are easy to use as well. I really like this vacuum. If I was to do it again I would have bought the same model without the self propel, save yourself the money and stick to the base WindTunnel..the self propel doesnt make much difference if any....more info
  • I love it!
    I purchase the vacuum used over a year ago. It has worked great the whole time. It cleans our area rugs like magic.

    We have two cats and a dog but you wouldn't know it with this vacuum around. My hair is long and it picks it up too.

    It keeps dust down by not spitting it back into the room. I would recommend it if weight is not an issue for you. I can move it fine, on or off. The self-propelled option is a big plus.

    It does tip over easily when using the extensions but that downer does not outweigh its superb cleaning abilities. My carpet clean indicator did stop working today but you can definately tell when this vacuum has done its job. One pass is typically all it takes!...more info
  • Hoover U6439-900 Wind tunnel Vac is a joy to use
    My vacuum cleaner arrived within 6-7 days in excellent condition. I am very pleased with it's performance and highly recommend it. It was rated very highly by Consumer Reports. The service was excellent and being 75 I was pleased I didn't have to lug it from the store!!!...more info
  • a worthless contraption
    I have owned, and fought with mine for several years now. This is a convoluted piece of junk. Far too elborate with too many belts and complicated mechanisms to do a good job. The self propelled system no longer functions without stooping down and lifting the vacumn a little bit as you scoot along. I now do the limbo dance and vacumn at the same time. All the belts look good but it just doesn't work. Doesn't matter what carpet-height setting I use. The system just isn't strong enough. As for suction, that's another joke. It sucks, but not like it should. Probably too many filters and pipes and chambers for the air to have to go through. Words like Patented Wind Tunnel Technology are supposed to evoke confidence in the potential buyer, but let me tell you the whole concept sucks air. There is a scene in a popular comedy where some office workers finally get their revenge on the aggravating laser copier.. well someday I will have my moment with this so called vacumn cleaner and it's not going to be pretty. ...more info
  • Absolute Garbage - and Dangerous
    We bought this relatively expensive vacuum and it broke twice in the first six months. Then, after only six months use, it somehow jammed up (it was not full) and it started to smoke and might have caused a fire.

    Customer service refused a refund but said to get it repaired again; we are tossing it in the garbage as I am afraid of a fire in our home....more info
  • Self Propelled Hoover
    Cleans very well and it is great to have the attachments right there when you need them. Love the self propelled feature, takes the work out of vacuuming. It is heavy but it wheels easily to where you want to go. ...more info
  • Unreliable
    I too was very impressed by this vacuum when I first purchased it (about 2 years ago). The suction was outstanding (and still is when it works), and the self-propelled feature was a nice bonus. I vacuum up a great deal of dog hair and it constantly clogs the vacuum. I have long hair that wraps around the beater bar and stops it from working and you have get down on the floor and pull all the hairs and strings out before you can finish vacuuming. I have also had issues with the belt, which I have not been able to buy anywhere but a vacuum store. Today was the last straw when the beater bar once again would not turn. All the hair, strings, etc., were removed, I put in a new belt ($7) and it still won't work. Turns out the switch to go from hard surface to carpet no longer works! This vacuum has made it's way to the garage - next step is the garbage. I'm back to my trusty old Kenmore cannister vac with the smashed hose - at least it works!

    Unfortunately I liked this vacuum so much when I first got it that I recommended my sister buy one. She's also having similar problems with hers....more info
  • Broke down after 6 months
    I bought this vacuum last year because it was rated #1 by Comsumer reports. It worked pretty well and I was happy with it.

    Until it broke down and can't be powered up anymore last week, that is 6 months of regular use. I would say I only use it for about 15 times, for about 15-20 minutes each. It is still under warranty and I have sent it to the repair center.

    On the comsumer reports, it is said that the repair rate for hoover vacuum is about 10%. I guess I am among that unlucky 10%. I don't know what is wrong with it, but I would expect it last longer for an expensive vacuum like this.

    ***** Update after repair *****
    The service center fixed the vacuum cleaner in 4 days after I sent it in for repair (there is a local service center close to my work). I am happy with the service process.

    I was told that there is a sensor on the vacuum guarding against motor overheating that needs to be replaced. To look at this glass-half-full, I would rather replace the sensor than the motor. Hopefully the new sensor will last longer than the first one.
    ...more info
  • Expensive Disappointment
    I had to add my two cents here after seeing some of the positive reviews. I, too, would have written praise for this machine early on. However, perhaps a year and a half or two years after my husband bought this machine, we have had all kinds of problems. The great suction is gone. There are burning smells sometimes, the hose gets clogged, the belt falls off and/or stretches out, and something is wrong with the self-propel feature which makes this very heavy machine impossible to push! I thought vacuums were supposed to last for years and years, and this thing is about to get tossed. I'd give it 0 stars actually. Truly disappointed. ...more info
  • Disappointed with Design & wear & tear
    Overall I have been disappointed with how the vaccuum has worked. We have owned it now for about 4 years. After one year, the "self-propell" function broke and it was almost impossible to push on the regular carpet height settings. In order to use it we have to always have it set on the highest carpet length unless we're vaccuuming a hard floor--which brings up another point. The lever to change to the different carpet heights, is almost impossible to move. I've had to hit it with my fist to get it to move to a different carpet height. The suction still works fairly well, but it clogs easily and you have to keep cleaning it out to have good suction. The brush roller does not roll well and we keep it clean.
    As for the design, I must say that this vaccuum must have been designed by a man for men. As a woman, I find the handle is too thick for my hand. I can't get a good grip on it because my hand won't fit completely around the handle--and I'm not that small. I have to use two hands to carry it down the stairs by the handle. I pretty much have to do that anyway because it's so heavy. Also the decible level is so high, I was advised by a professional to wear ear protection for the noise. Also, the attachment hose is so short, that when I use the attachments and I move a little too much in any direction, the vaccuum falls over and hits me in the head or the back. How ridiculous is that.

    Why can't someone design a vaccuum that's light, quiet and will fit a woman's hand???? Is that too much to ask for?

    I will say, however, that the HEPA filter and bag work well....more info
  • Better than Expected
    We're very impressed with the U6439 machine. The key reason for selecting this model was because of the self-propelled feature (my wife has back problems). Its practically effortless to run and does a very good job on the carpets. We're also favorably impressed with the hand-held cleaning head. We have a cat, and it works to clean the chairs and couches much better than even our ShopVac. The only negative about this model might be its weight. Particularly, if you had to tote it up & down stairs. We're on one level, so that's not an issue. ...more info
  • Hoover 639-900 Upright Vacuum
    Rated #1 by Consumers, I purchased this vacuum. It is a very good one and I am glad I purchased it. It really gets the dirt our and the nap of the carpet is really starting to stand back up. It is very easy to maneuver around things, but it doesn't go under furniture very well, which is no problem for me. I also got it a really good price from Amazon.com...more info
  • Just as consumer reports said it was...
    Great! Picks up dirt you didn't realize was even there!...more info
  • Hoover U6439-900 Vacuum Cleaner
    I am very satisfied with this vacuum cleaner. I was surprised how well it picked up. It seems to be well made, although a little heavy, but I'll take a little weight over cheesy every time. We ordered the 20 foot hose, this makes cleaning the stairs in our two story home a breeze. If it works as well as our last Hoover upright (25 years) I will be very happy. ...more info
  • Hoover U6439-900 Vacuum Cleaner
    Very impressed with this vacuum cleaner in all aspects except noise. The vacuum is very noisey. If this is not a factor, it is a good buy....more info
  • Lives up to the hype
    A high-quality cleaner that lives up to the hype from Consumer Reports. However, when they say "noisy", they mean it. I am quite sure my neighbors can hear it. ...more info
  • Great Vacuum!
    I do a lot of research when I buy things and picked this one because it was number one on nearly every site I looked at. I recieved this vacuum a few weeks ago and could not believe what it picks up! My socks are always bright white again and I have virtually no cat hair due to the motorized hand brush (and I have 2 cats that lay all over everything!)Also it is so easy to push because of the self propelled feature.I love how the brush stops turning when you put it in an uprtight position or use it on hard floors. That is a great feature, because I don't have dirt flying everywhere or need to worry about scratching the hard floors. I love the fact that the bag blocks 100% of dust and mites, as a nurse, and a sufferer of allergies that is a must in my home! Overall it is a wonderful vacuum that is easy to use and gets the job done!...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    So far I love this vacuum. The light that shows red when you have not picked up all the dirt is a great. This is about my 5th or 6th Hoover, and I have been happy with all but one. ...more info
  • Wonderful for Pets!
    This is the best vacuum I have ever purchased. I have two large dogs and this vacuum really picks up the dog hair not only on the carpet, but the hardwood floors as well....more info
  • Rated Number #1 Buy Consumer Reports
    I purchased this after reading consumer reports and it truly is wonderful and Amazon had the best price....more info
  • A very strong vacuum
    We have been using an Oreck for many years and a Kirby before that. The Hoover is as strong as the Kirby but not as heavy. It is much heavier than the Oreck but it cleans much much better. All in all we really like it....more info
  • Works great at first, but then breaks down
    Like many other reviewers, I found that this vacuum worked great for about 6 months, but then it started screeching, and the brush stopped spinning. Also, the "powered" hand tool is powered only by the suction from the vacuum, and it clogs easily with pet hair. I bought this on advice of Consumer Reports, but I wish I would have read the other reviews here before buying. I'm going back to a Kenmore. DO NOT BUY THIS VACUUM ...more info
  • Cleans the Air!
    The air is so fresh after running this vacuum cleaner. And great suction too. I bought this cleaner after it was recommended to me by a lady who cleans for a living (commercial and residential). Also, at the time of this purchase (Feb 2006) Consumer Reports rated this Hoover as the #1 upright. My family suffers from allergies and I believe this vacuum cleaner has really helped. I owned a Kirby before this one and I like this Hoover much more. I also like how easy it is to use the attachments (I had to shutdown the Kirby and reconfigure it like a transformer robot to use the attachments - very cumbersome)....more info
  • Great Suction
    A workhorse of a sweeper. I love the red/green light feature that tells me if it's clean or not. Not that I need it but it's helpful for those "in-training" kids and husband who don't define sweeping the same way as I do. It's a little frustrating that it tips over so easily when using the attachments but I've been thinking about getting the hose extender and I think that will fix that problem. It tips over because the suction on the attachments is so good....more info
  • This are horrible
    I have spent over $600 in the past two years on Wind tunnel vaccuum cleaners and I am bitterly disapointed I am in both of them. The belt that drives the self-propelled ones is constantly breaking and or coming off. Even though consumers reports rated them highly I think they made a huge mistake. The dependability is less than satisfactory after only three months and it just sucks after that. Even though I purchased the extended warranty at Sears it is not worth having to bring it back every three months to get fixed. I assure you I won't be wasting another dime on any Hoover products....more info
    I was forced to enter "1 star" above - it is a required field.

    I bought a Hoover U6439-900 Self Propelled Vacuum approximately 6 months ago and, like some of you, gave it the 5 star salute for the first couple of months.

    Then the stars started falling - Turn the vacuum on, push it around a few times and this ear-splitting squeal would force me to turn it off- sometimes fearing possible harm to my hearing. First couple of times I checked the rollers, checked the Hoover bag, cleaned off a little bit of lint on the rollers, plugged it back in and after no more than 30 seconds- the screeching was back- louder than ever.

    A big waste of time was spent attempting to get a human at the big Hoover in the sky to answer the phone, call me back and/or respond to my email. Finally someone must have mistakenly answered the phone because I did speak to a person and asked what I should do as the machine was less than 6 months old. I was immediately advised to take it to a Hoover dealer. What about a warranty? HUH?? HELLo??? Must have gotten disconnected. I even felt like I was overstepping the boundaries by calling Hoover about their product. Maybe $400 isn't enough to warrant a warranty - even if it is a "Hoover Limited" no warranty.

    So off I go to the "registered" Hoover dealer (Atlanta, GA - big shop - big Hoover logo splashed across the store windows) Picked it up three hours later-(he's a very busy Hoover dealer) He had given it a $76 "tune Up" (4 months old and in need of a tune up?) He also advised that the belts had to be replaced because they had burned up.

    I mean, What do I know - maybe this is a normal thing for a $400 vacuum cleaner to burn up after minimal use in a one occupant home?

    So $76 dollars later, back at home, I turn on my Hoover and enjoy almost 15 minutes of vacuuming before the ear-splitter starts up again. And again the Roller brush stops turning.

    Back to the Hoover dealer we go. Like magic -without even opening up the machine (Hoover must really train their dealers to develop such skills) he is able to diagnose the problem as "burned up belts". He adds that it happens all the time with this model. How, I asked, could this be? A Hoover dealer certified "tune up", belt replacement, and $76 only got me 15 minutes of vacuuming my living room carpet - absolutely normal carpet, not shag, plush, berber or any kind of fancy?

    The roller guard was skillfully removed so that the burned up belts could be viewed. But wait - there they were - BRAND NEW, NO NICKS OR ANY MELTING VISIBLE, IN PRISTINE CONDITION, TWO CLEAN BELTS SHOWING THE HOOVER PART NUMBERS IN CRYSTAL CLEAR IN WHITE LETTERS ON THE SHINY BLACK BELTS -


    So the skilled and "registered" Hoover dealer said "the only thing I can tell you is to change the belts again - sometimes that fixes the problem- but I don't have time to do it today."

    Then I thoughtI heard him say "you better buy 4 belts because this happens a lot and you will need some spares."

    It must be real because there is a new Hoover receipt for $36 on my kitchen counter, four plastic Hoover bags, each containing a brand new Hoover belt, and on the floor in the dining room is a useless, almost new, Hoover U6439-900 vacuum cleaner with two brand new Hoover belts recently installed by a skilled Hoover dealer AND I STILL CANNOT VACUUM MY CARPET.

    I solved the problem today by ordering a Kenmore Progressive 35922. The interesting difference I've noted in past and recent experiences with Hoover and Sears - is that Sears will actually talk to you and resolve your issue without passing the buck and sending you off to a "registered dealer" who will take your money and apparently does not have to show Hoover proof that he gave good service to a Hoover customer.

    I am very very dissapointed in this product. I think the only glowing reviews that exist for this product are from those people who have not owned it for longer than 6 months. If you plan on owning it longer than that, DO NOT PUCHASE THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!
    In short, the brush roll will stop turning after 2 months, it will start making a ridiulous amount of noise in 1 month, instead of stretching, the attachment hose will pull the vacuum over EVERY TIME. It falls over at least 5 times each time you use the attachments. It will cost more than $100 to repair which is more expensive than many vacuums that are rated higher than this one. It is EXTREMELY heavy, but to be fair, I have heard that is common with vacuums that have a lot of suction, which it does, which is coincidentally the only good thing about this vacuum. A thousand thumbs down!!!!...more info
  • Thumbs DOWN!
    Upon the advice of Consumer Reports I purchased this vacuum cleaner. WHAT a disappointment! It's heavy, it's NOISY, and it really doesn't clean any better than cheaper models. PLUS, I think it's hard to handle and operate. There's no floor brush, the attachments fall off, and the little cover for the "turbo tool" never fit right. Of course it's too late to return it to Amazon.com now ... so I'm stuck with it. I shoulda saved for the Dyson!...more info
  • Onboard tools - do you use them?
    My review largely echoes the reviews of those who've had the vacuum for over a year. I give this vacuum 2 stars for suction power. I'm prompted to submit a review only to highlight what, as a long term owner of this vacuum, I feel is the most annoying long term drawback of this machine: the hose for using the onboard tools is WAY too short. The vacuum is quite heavy. This combination causes it to fall over almost every time you use the tools. If you need to clean ANYTHING other than your floor you will be *frustrated* (and possibly injured - think heavy vacuum handle on body part containing nerves - it's happened often). Even with all of the other problems I've experienced (and they have been numerous) I would buy this vacuum again if it weren't for this lousy hose design. I would recommend that anyone considering purchasing this vacuum give serious consideration to how often they may need to use the onboard tools. ...more info
  • It sucks until the roller brushes wear, and then it really sucks!!
    I own a model U6425-900, which seems to be the direct predecessor of this model. They look almost alike and from the pictures I can tell that this machine likely has the same design flaw as ours. We've had ours about three or four years.

    These work great when they are brand new. All the reviews from people who just bought it are probably accurate, but I advise paying attention to the reviews from people who have owned this machine two or three years and are now replacing it.

    My wife was complaining that this machine was not getting dirt out of the carpet. I still have an old Hoover 334, so I took the Wind Tunnel machine downstairs and held a sucking competition between the ancient 334 and the high tech Wind Tunnel.

    It turns out that they performed about the same at getting pine needles out of a short pile carpet. So much for progress.

    The interesting thing is that the old Hoover 334 had a dense row of brushes and a metal ridge alternating on its metal roller. It "beats as it sweeps as it cleans".

    The new Wind Tunnel machine has two rows of brushes with the individual brush bundles rather spaced out, and they weren't quite as stiff as the ones on the 334.

    That's why it doesn't work well any more! The brushes on the roller are wimpy and they wear out fast! Once those roller brushes get bent and worn, all you've got is a roller spinning over your carpet. It doesn't do much of anything to get dirt out that isn't right on the surface.

    So, all the high-tech bla bla bla aside, this vacuum seems to have a very basic design flaw. So, do I buy a new vacuum or do
    I buy a supply of rollers and get really good at changing them?

    Postscript: I decided to replace both the wide drive belt and the narrow roller belt and the roller and it works like new. I learned at the Hoover store that both the roller and drive belt need to be replaced no less than once a year, and probably once every six to eight months if the vacuum is used every day. A new roller for this vacuum cost me about $25.00 at the local Hoover store. Belts cost just a few bucks. So, factor that into the cost of ownership. ...more info
  • Can I give it 10 Stars * * * * * * * * * *
    I laid new carpet in Sept. New carpet = tons of new carpet fuzz and this vac has been awesome. I have a Fantom 12 amp Bagless Thunder which just cannot compare to this Hoover. Consumers Union reports that bagged vacs are more efficient than bagless - less dust - and I think I agree. This Ultra was rated the highest by CU. I bought bags for this Hoover on E-BAY for a GREAT price, so I am good to go. Amazon your price was excellent, the delivery swift. What more could I ask for? A housekeeper, maybe?...more info
  • A very rocky relationship
    I am writing this review while I am online searching for a replacement for my Hoover Self-Propelled Power Drive Supreme which I understand is a predecessor version of this vacuum cleaner. I, too, bought it several years ago in response to Consumer Reports' positive reviews. Beware! Within a few months, it had to be repaired, it eats belts which are sometimes difficult to find. It has never had hard use in my fairly small home, but just now has died. I have loathed this vacuum cleaner for years, but because it cost so much to begin with (at least $50 more than the Amazon price) I felt I had to keep it. Others I know who bought the same cleaner (as well as the local vacuum repair shop) have echoed my sentiments. No more! To be fair, it has relatively good suction, but that is not enough to make me buy another one....more info
  • great vacuum
    My husband and I purchased this vacuum and love it. It picks up great and is easy to use. We had an old hoover windtunnel and it was not self propelled. We have one that is gray, but I think it is 90% the same as on Amazon. To who ever reads this, DO NOT get a bagless vacuuum, we had one of those also, they are terrible. Also, make sure you get the self propelled, it will save your back!
    Sandra (Oakley, CA.)...more info
  • Great suction, lousy vacuum falls apart.
    We bought this too after using consumer reports guide.

    The thing has high power but the hose, hard extentions, and belts all fell apart in bits and pieces in 7+ months.

    We vacuum alot with three little kids but this thing just was not up to standard at all. First off a belt that the company site says rarely breaks, well it broke. Then the hard hose extentions started cracking. Then the thing started to lean and the propelling gear stripped. If you don't have that self propell action you might as well throw it away cause you cannot move this beast of a vacuum.

    This is all in the space of 7 months.

    A letter to Hover just got a response to take it to a dealer to be fixed. RIGHT!

    I will look for a brand other than Hoover at this point after years of being a loyal customer....more info
    This is a very expensive vacuum whose performance does not justify the price. It goes through belts on a weekly basis. Every time a belt goes bad, the vacuum starts squealing loudly. The belts are too thin, so they stretch out after only a few uses. At $5 apiece, this problem is very expensive to fix. I talked to Hoover reps at length and they of course say they never get any complaints, and that I should take my vacuum to a repair shop. I know what the problem is -- poor engineering and bad belts -- and there's nothing a repair shop can do to fix that. Hoover refuses to stand behind its product.

  • Big Sucker
    I switched from a canister to an upright, when I moved to an apartment. I never knew what I was missing. This machine has unbelievable suction and a huge bag. It cleans effortlessly and well. It is so nice to just be able to grab a tool and the hose and with no attachment or switch over, you can vacuum furniture or upholstery. The powered brush is a dream for picking up cat hair from the sofa. It has an easy grip, built into the body of the machine for carrying and an additional 15 foot hose, for using the tools only. It is loud, but effective and makes a difinitive statement against dirt. Clean is my favorite color and Hoover is now my favorite vacuum....more info
  • A religious experience
    Vacuuming is an opportunity to ignore the telephone, get a little exercise and meditate on anything you want.

    This vacuum has great suction to make those great track marks in your carpet.

    It tells you exactly when you've vacuumed enough by shifting from a red light to a green light when you carpet is clean. When else in life do you get this kind of clear indicator of completion.

    It practically floats when you push it and if you have ADD - you have enough tools to keep you interested for a while.

    It takes two screws to attach the handle to the body of the machine - so even before you plug it in - there is a sense of accomplishment!

    The cord is fine - but the hose is a bit short. And yes - it did kind of flop over when I used the extra tools.

    All in all - I Love it and would recommend it! Add it to your spiritual life and your exercise program. Oh and - it'll get your carpets clean too....more info
  • good, but could be better
    HI, I purchased this vacuum after much research and asking everyone I knew about vacuums.
    I love the dirt finder,the filters and self propelled features. But I hate that the hose is so short!!! If I don't use the wands, it tips over while I'm trying to use it. Also, the knob that changes from hardwood to carpet snapped after 2 months use, it has less than an 1/8" of plastic holding it together. ...more info
  • Well designed, quality vacuum. Very pleased!
    This upright vacuum has earned the top ranking by Consumer Reports for a number of reasons, but most importantly, because it is highly efficient at removing large quantities of embedded dust and dirt from carpeted areas. And isn't that the main reason for purchasing a vacuum?

    In my experience, the C.R. findings were accurate. Is this a 'perfect' vacuum cleaner? No, however, this vacuum DID remove substantially greater quantities of dirt, dust and hair from my home than any other vacuum I've owned. Mission accomplished.

    With any appliance, there are pro's and con's that come with ownership. I'll list mine shortly, but first... consider this; vacuums, like cars, require regular maintenance - keyword being: regular. If you don't change your car's oil & filter, you cannot nor should you expect your car to run for more than a year, much less expect it to perform like new beyond six months. The same is true with any vacuum. You must change the bags often so the vacuum can operate efficiently. You also must change the belts that drive the rotating brush approximately every three months (as rubber belts can stretch causing performance failures). If you're not performing regular maintenance yourself or having it performed by a repairman, you will likely endure a performance deterioration of exponential intensification no matter which vacuum you purchase.

    U6439-900 Pros: Abundant suction. Excellent dirt, dust & hair removal. MOST tools are excellent (yes, you must use attachment tools to properly clean your baseboards, underneath furniture, drapery, etc.). The self-propelled drive is fantastic. Exhausted air smells clean. Dirt Finder display signals when my carpets are clean. Easy to maintain. Fluffs carpets beautifully!

    Cons: It's loud (bi-product of abundant suction) and heavy and includes some lack-luster attachments (air-powered brush is poor at best)....more info
  • Love it !!!
    Ive bought three vacuums in the past few years and I decided to shop around and I did I went to the Consumer Reports Buying Guide for 2005 and this one was rated #1 so I bought it and I love it!! It is a bit heavy but I only have 1 set of stairs in the house so its not bad its loud but thats because It is sucking all that dog & cat hair on my rugs ...It has the dirt finder feature which I Love because its actually telling me when my carpet is clean, I have light carpet and a light color Golden Retriever so it just makes it so much easier to make sure my rug is dog hair free..It has the self propelled feature which is fantastic because It makes it so much easier to vacuum its moving with you...This is a great buy believe me this is the vacuum for you if you are shopping around......more info
  • A Must Have for Pet Owners
    I have owned this vacuum cleaner for close to a year now and I absolutely love it. It's definitely a must have for pet owners. I had a Eureka before this one and it left the majority of the pet hair on the carpet. The Wind Tunnel picks up all of the dog hair (from 4 dogs who shed constantly). It's also great for cleaning up after the kids (we have 4 of those too). The only downside is that it's very heavy so it's not easy to carry it up and down stairs. ...more info
  • Hoover Wind Tunnel - Don't Waste Your Money
    We have had our Hoover Self-Propelled WindTunnel for 3 years, and have just thrown it in the trash and are going to buy something else. It worked fine for about the first year, and has been in the shop for repairs about every 3 months ever since. We have had the self-propel fixed a few times, the roller fixed a few times, belts replaced because of 'hot' smells, the carpet to bare floor switch fixed, and now the roller again doesn't work. Find something else to clean your floors with, and do your research. For over $200, I expect much more reliability. ...more info
  • This vacuum doesn't suck!
    I actually give it -1 stars. I bought mine about a year ago from Overstock.com (who, by the way, will only publish rave reviews, leading the consumer to believe that all of their products are wonderful). I have regretted the purchase, as I have spent more time trying to get this machine to function properly than it would take to just pick up dirt by hand. Here are the pros:
    1. It does a great job of sucking the fibers out of my expensive area rugs while leaving the dirt behind.
    2. I don't have to do my weight-lifting routine on the day I use it, as lugging this monstrosity around the house is workout enough.
    After owning it for less than a month, it worked sporadically. Changing the bags, taking it apart and clearing any clogs (& what this machine really excels at is clogging, more than anything else), changing belts...these are not some of my favorite pastimes.
    In sum, I've been ever so glad that I kept my old cheap Dirt Devil in my garage, as I resorted to using it more often than not since buying this overpriced behemoth.
    I'll never buy a Hoover again....more info
  • Broke the first day
    On the first day we used it, it caught the fringe of a throw carpet and wound it around the brush -- which is not an uncommon occurence. What is uncommon is after unwinding what it caught, then spit out bits of black plastic, and then the brush made a quite a racket when it was being used. Luckily, we bought from a good retailer, and they took it back....more info
  • Belinda Day
    I owned an earlier model of this vacuum and loved it; I thought maybe a newer vacuum would be better and I hated it so I went back to the older model. I gave it to my son when he moved out and he loves the old model. I tried some cheaper brands and they did okay, but not as well as the windtunnel. I just purchased this model and after only vacuuming once I can tell it was well worth coming back to. It picked up all the dirt and pet hair and left my carpet looking very well groomed. The onboard attachements are convenient and easy to use; I will never switch again!...more info
  • This Vaccum is a joke
    I have this thing at work (someone else bought it) BUY A DYSON - you will never buy another brand again - Hoover just pumps out lowest bidder corporate policy garbage. Hoover also tried to steal the Dyson design but got spanked in court after almost putting Dyson out of business. Dyson is the best vaccum I have ever owned - and I do not care about vaccumes - it is so well designed and works so well....more info
  • Vacuuming a pleasure-
    This is the ONLY vacuum that I will ever use. I have also recomended it to my sister and it was recomended to me by a friend who cleans houses for a living. We all love it! Thank you for the great service and rapid shipping, too!...more info
  • Hoover Windtunnel Bagged Vacuum
    So far we have been pleased with the performance of the vacuum, however the carpet adjustment lever snapped off so we need to bring it across town to get it repaired! Only negative thing about it....more info
  • No Dirt Defies this Vacuum
    This vacuum was designed for power users and has the horsepower to get the job done - quickly. Perhaps even a bit to quickly - the self-motoring feature has a tendency to pull or push you around the room. I have been leaving this feature turned off in fear of banging into walls and furniture. The vacuum is a bit heavy so be wary if you have to climb a lot of stairs with it. Overall the vacuum has exceptionally performance and Amazon offered the best price with very fast standard delivery. Overall I have been extremely pleased....more info
  • this vac sucks! and not dirt!
    After 3 what seems like annual repairs, we are done. The unit is heavy and eats belts. It is a pain to change the bag and it does not handle long hair well at all. the dirt sensor doesn't work anymore, and even the mini head to do on furniture, its belt is also eaten. I don't care how much they discount it, its a lemon. Too many plastic parts and its still heavy. Move over Hoover, here comes Dyson....more info
  • Major parts broke after limited use
    We bought this vacuum in 2002 based on Consumer Report's recommendation. It has great suction and the self-propeller was a really nice feature... until it broke after very limited use. We spent about $80 to get the propeller repaired, but shortly thereafter the motor started overheating. After less than 10 minutes the vacuum cleaner simply shuts down and we have to wait a long time until it is cooled off before we can resume cleaning.

    Our vacuum cleaner repair person told us that this vacuum is prone to breaking if you lift it by the handle. You must lift it by the special little handle which is built on the back in the middle. It is not a very convenient way to carry this heavy machine around.

    We may have gotten a lemon, but we've decided to replace it with another brand....more info
  • Wind Tunnel great for critter hairs!
    I have had two Hoover Wind Tunnels in the past. They perform very well on carpet and for pet hair.....currently we have one furry dog ( American Eskimo) and two long hair cats. I tend to burn through vacuums, so I have to buy a new one frequently. As this is my third Hoover, I do consider it the best vacuum available. My only complaints are : long hairs ( mine probably) tend to wind around the brushes and I have to cut them with scissors every other day...this is quite time consuming , and the belts tend to stretch easily and rapidly. The thick belt is difficult to replace and requires some strength. The thinner belt is easier. I only wish they didn't need replacing so often, but then, I do vacuum every day.
    It was a pleasure to be able to order this item from Amazon.com.It was easy. Delivery was prompt, I didn't have to wrestle the big box in and out of my car trunk....and I saved money!!!!!

    Wendy in Novato California...more info
  • Item fine, service lacking
    It took way too long to PROCESS the order, that is, from when I ordered it until it was shipped. Once it got into the delivery system, the shipping time itself was reasonable, if not "speedy".
    I will have to really think it over before I buy a major purchase from Amazon again....more info
  • Just bought
    I just bought this vacuum without reading any reviews. So, I may write back in a few months having changed my mind. After the reviews on this website, I think it important to state a few things. Full size upright vacuums are heavier than smaller vacuums and less maneuverable, but they have more power and clean better. The self-propelled option increases the weight but makes it easier to push. To maneuver it after it is turned off, tip it onto the back wheels and it will maneuver quite easily. To change the carpet height and carpet/floor adjustment levers, it is very important that the handle be pushed all the way forward so that the levers release. They will then move quite easily. This should be done with your hands, not your feet. All upright vacuum cleaners clog more easily than cannister vacuums because the dirt must go around the brush roller and into the hose. Toothpicks, paper clips, small papers (even the size of gum wrappers), bottle caps, toys, nails, screws and coins, etc. must be picked up, not vacuumed up. If you vacuum them up, they will either clog the hose (and reduce suction) or jam in the roller bar and the belt will smoke. You must turn off the vacuum and clear the jam. If you don't, the belt will break and/or the vacuuum will overheat. If it overheats, the vacuum has (thankfully) an overheat sensor that shuts it off until the temperature cools off or it would catch fire. You must clear the jam before resuming vacuuming. When winding the cord, it is important to wind gently because the plastic on the outside of the cord is more stretchy than the wires inside. If you wind the cord fast and/or hard, the wires on the inside will break or detach. These are upright vacuum basics. So far, this vacuum performs quite well as did the previous model that I owned for ten years. The Hepa bags are more expensive, but they work better. After all, the whole purpose is to clean. If a person wants a vacuum to pick up toothpicks, pieces of paper, and other debris, they need to buy a shop vac with a very large hose (and extra heavy duty cord) not an upright vacuum cleaner. I'll let you know how I like it in the months to come....more info
  • Overall - a bad purchase
    My vacuum is three years old and everything is breaking on in.
    From the beginning I wasn't crazy about how it worked. The self-propelled mechanism is needed because its so bloody heavy but it works in a jerky fashion and I can't tell you how many times I've banged into furniture and woodwork. Ugh! When you use the hose and pull on it the vacuum easily falls over onto you or crashes into what ever is close. The first month one of the tubes cracked on me (duct tape ever since). The attachments are always falling off the rear. Belts frequently need replacing. I could go on but just don't get one. I desperately need a new vacuum!...more info
  • Terrible build quality
    Yes, I too went by Consumer Reports. I had a Walmart Hoover Windtunnel that was $130 and still works well. When moving to a new house last year I purchased this one. It is currently in the shop for the third time. So far the self-propel mechanism has broken once and never fixed properly; belts go frequently (which Consumer Reports doesn't count as a repair - see small print in Oct05 ratings). Also the carpet/floor and carpet height adjusters keep breaking and finally the roller has twice stopped working. I've gone to three different repair shops and the repairmen all say the same thing - this machine is poorly engineered with way too many parts and too much cheap plastic. It does clean well when it works but it is too unreliable. Will not buy Hoover again....more info
  • Do not buy it!
    Bought one of these on June 2, 2005 and have returned it three times. We will be taking this one in again later today for the fourth time (August 31, 2005)....more info
  • Dont Buy This Vacuum
    I too read Comsumers Report and because of their praise of the machine I bought it. I am now on machine no. 3 (within one year) as the others kept breaking down. Why did I put myself thru so much trouble over a vacuum ... well the suction on this machine is amazing. When working, it kept my house clean.

    I am in the process of bringing machine nos. 3 back and have decided NOT to purchase machine nos. 4. Instead I have purchased Bissell PowerForce for $50 and hope that I have less trouble....more info
  • This vac stinks!
    Please, do yourself a favor, and steer clear of this vacuum. It's a piece of junk. It worked exceptionally well for about 6 months. After that, various things started breaking and/or not working the way they did when I first bought it. Consumer Reports is still calling this vaccum it's first choice. Who are they kidding? The longer they keep loving it, the more skeptical I will become of any of their ratings. I shelled out $350 for this piece of garbage two years ago. It's been in my closet, unused, for almost a year. When will Hoover begin to make their products the way they used to? I have a 10 year old Hoover Decade in my basement that looks like hell, but still works fine...minus the attachments that got too beat up to use anymore.
    If you read the latest Consumer Reports article on vacuums, you'll see to the left the ratings on repair info. Hoover SP Windtunnel is still number 1, but is near the bottom in terms of repair history

    I'll stick to my $50 Dirt Devil that works (even if not as well as I like) because it is no longer worth it to me to continue dropping $300- $500 every other year on products that, nowadays, are all disposable pieces of junk....more info
  • Don't purchase this vacuum
    This vacuum is very heavy to use. The cord needs to be held out of the way to make sure you don't vacuum over it. Although it cleans carpets exceptionally well, it does not clean close to walls without using the hand held option. It does not clean hardwood floors as well as other vaccums i have previously use. I would not have purchased this vacuum had I known all of this and would return it if I could....more info
  • I too, was duped
    I usually always go by what the consumer who had used the product had to say. Unfortunately, I also listened to Consumer Reports, and of my past history of owning Hoovers many years ago.
    Things sure have changed! I just came in from toting this piece of JUNK out to the trash. I've owned it for about 6 months now. Each time I took it out for a spin- about once a week- something would invariably break off: the carpet height adjuster, the carpet/floor knob. The noise sounded like, and I'm not kidding, an extremely loud pile of plastic parts being trampled by a bull. The belts created a stench of burning rubber, and needed replacement way too often!
    Save your money- Do Not Go Near this Beast....more info
  • Another Vac Bites the Dust
    Consumer Reports Best Buy? Maybe right out of the box, but it doesn't last (like oh so many others). I'm so tired of dropping $200+ on vacs that last less than 2 years. This one lasted 17 months and I just bought myself a Dyson to replace it. You should see how much dirt and dog hair the Dyson picked up on the first pass that this sucker left behind. Amazing.

    When I first bought this one, I returned it for another 1 week later - the beater bar started making a weird sound after 2 uses. Hoping it was just a lemon of an otherwise good product (CS Best Buy, remember) I kept my hopes high... in vain.

    I can't count how many times we've had to take the bottom bracket off to put the belt back on. The attachments constantly fall off, and the whole things looks like it's been through a war. My wife and I asked each other "are we hard on vacuums?" because we can't believe the poor condition this thing was in after only a year of use (2x/week - maybe used 100-120 times). I figure we're easier on vacuums than most. Also, the stair attachment (has a vacuum air-driven beater bar) is nearly worthless. As soon as you let the beater bar touch the carpet to do any cleaning, the friction stops it cold.

    The whole thing went belly-up a few days ago (the Sears lady told me there was a recall on the previous models of this - the cable for the self-propel mechanism snapped). That's exactly what happened to mine, but the beater bar stopped working with it. I looked at the "new" model of this vac that has supposedly been corrected for this (now it's a purple color). I'll admit I'm no engineer but it looks absolutely identical to the one I had, from the beater bar placement and it's belts to the place where the self-propel cable was on mine (and broke). I can see no changes. I'm not bothering with the recall because I'm finished dropping several c-notes on "disposable" vacs that can't last 2 years. I don't want the aggrivation of having it fixed and still having an unacceptably performing vac....more info
  • Hoover U6439-900 review
    Works great. Have a collie and it picks up her hair
    with the only problem being it tends to get wrapped up in the
    rotating brush....more info
  • Super purchase
    This is my second bagless vaccuum, and the first one was a Eureka - I mistakenly thought they were as good as Hoover, no way.
    This vaccuum makes my carpet look as if it was just professionally cleaned - it fluffs up the carpet so great. The self propel feature, can't be beat, you can vaccuum so fast and effortlessly.
    I got such a great deal, for a great product....more info
  • Conusmer Reports was wrong
    As mentioned before I bought this because Conusmer Reports highly rated this. I was been less than one year and the tumbler has broken. Not to mention the floor/ carpet switch has been constanly falling off from the first week. I would stay clear of this and other hover brands of similar make as a $200 plus cleaner should last more than a few weeks....more info
  • Takes Two
    While the machine seems to pick up a ton of dirt, it has 4 draw backs that are problematic enough for me to find another type of unit:

    1) You are supposed to lean the handle completely back to adjust the floor level. However, it takes several tries and after a few broken nails I had to ASK MY HUSBAND to try to move it. It is nice that he works from home so that he can take a break to help me vacuum the house...seriously, I'd never ask for his help if I didn't really need it. And he would back me up on that.

    2) You are supposed to be able to pull the canister out to replace the bag (I choose to go bagged, as I can't stand bagless - our last one was - and there is one canister for each but both have the same problem) you need to pull it straight out. Sometimes I can but most times I have to march down to my HUSBANDS office to ask him to help me change the bag. Again, nice he's around to help. However, HE had a hard time pulling it out. We both worried the handle would break!

    3) After getting my husband to pull out the canister I vacuumed again only to find that the vacuum lost suction. The reason - the BAG fell off! So, after another attempt to pull the canister off I had to bother my husband again.

    4) Though the vacuum pulls a ton of junk off the floor I've got to really battle with it on our extremely low berber carpet. Perhaps this is due to its excellent sucking power but I always need a shower after to rinse the sweat off and a sport massage to ease the muscles...well, almost.

    I like that this vacuum pulls up nearly everything (including eating the fringe from my area carpets - a nice touch) but overall I hate it enough to return it. And for those who think one should contact the company first, I did and got absolutely no help except to be told to take my brand new unit in for service. Not gonna happen. I've got a new born and I simply can't bother my husband with it after as many times he's had to help me troubleshoot this hunka...
    ...more info
    As with so many others we fell for the Consumers Report #1 rating and purchased the U6439-900 in December of 2004. Today we negotiated with Hoover for a complete refund after the agitator brush and the self propel motor failed for the third time. It is an excellent machine (the best we tested) when it is running and I have very much enjoyed my dealings with Hoover Customer Service. But having the machine completely breakdown every three months is much too much! Strongly recommend against this model....more info
  • Ho-Hum Hoover
    For the price of this model Hoover, you get a very high-tech-looking vacuum. Yes, it does pick up animal hair marvelously...yes, the attachments work very well. BUT 1) it's kind of heavy and awkward to carry upstairs. 2) it requires a special type of bag that costs more than your typical vacuum bag. And last, but not least, 3) the belt slipped off SEVERAL times within the first couple weeks of using it. Thus, I have stopped using this vacuum in the home and have moved it over to the guest house, where it will be used less frequently. I've now gone back to my original, old Hoover, and I am still on the search for the elusive perfect vacuum....more info
  • worst vacuum ever owned
    We have owned this vacuum for 2 years now. It has spent more time not working than working.

    If you are looking at this vacuum or any other similar Hoover product, stop now and look elsewhere.

    I will never own a Hoover product again.

    Pure garbage.

    ...more info
  • What a piece of junk!
    I am angry and disappointed with this Consumer Reports recommended vacuum cleaner. On the second use, the knob that controls Bare vs Carpet cleaning broke off and when I took in for repair they also found the small brush belt to be bad. I have decided to return this heavy and cheap plastics vacuum cleaner. I am also going to cancel my Consumer Reports subscription because I am not going to pay for bad advice. I got better information from the reviews on this website, except that I saw them too late. ...more info
  • Great vacuum
    I purchased this vacuum about 2 weeks ago and have used it extensively throughout the house. It works great. My ancient Eureka vacuum was broken and we had been comparison shopping and researching for the past few months. Our friends had purchased the Dyson DC14 pet vacuum and raved about how it picked up so much. So, we had them bring it to our house to test it out. It picked up a bunch of hair and dirt and we commented about how well it worked. However, my wife inspected and there was still some (not much) pet hair on the floor.

    We were set to buy a Dyson and dish out a great deal of money because of how well we saw it work. I researched Consumer Reports thinking the Dyson would get a rave review. That is when we discovered the Hoover U6439-900. We decided we would buy it and if it didn't work well, return it for the Dyson. Two days after our friends used the Dyson at the home, we used the Hoover. The pets had not been in the house, so there was no new pet hair. The vacuum picked up a lot of pet hair, but more importantly TONS of dirt and dust that was embedded in our carpet.

    For the first time in years, the carpet pile is up and not crushed down. We again inspected and couldn't find a single pet hair in the areas I vacuumed. We compared that to the areas last cleaned by the Dyson and found several hairs on the carpet. The pile also wasn't plush in the areas not vacuumed by the Hoover. It is a great vacuum.

    However, the hand tools are not the greatest. Dyson's idea of the hose attachment actually being a part of the vacuum and not an accessory is billiant. The Hoover attachments lack significantly when compared to the power of the vacuum itself. It is heavy, but we have a single story home and the self propell feature makes it very easy for my wife to use. Overall, I think it is a great vacuum and a good value. I know there are a lot of Dyson lovers out there and they are a good vacuum. However for another $300 above this one, they should do a perfect job. I can bear witness that they don't do as great as many claim. For those who want a great vacuum at a price more of us can afford, I would recommend this one.

    My best advised is go somewhere and try out the vacuums side by side or have a friend bring theirs over. You can decide which one is right for you.

    Good luck....more info
    I bought this model a few months ago and am more than impressed. I had actually gone out and bought the ever so touted Dyson and when I brought it home and tried to clean with it I was shocked to say the least. The Dyson picked up nothing from my carpets. With four kids and many cats I would have thought something would have been picked up. But no.

    So upon returning it to the store, I researched 'til I was blurry-eyed and driving my hubby nuts (What do you think?). I finally set my mind to buy the Hoover. I have never had a problem with a Hoover product and this one had all the bells and whistles I wanted and a price I could justify. So I ordered it through the internet and it came quickly. I was so excited (YES over a vacuum). I put it together and started it up and went WOW! I love the self-propel since I have very thick carpets and the weather tends to be humid thus making pushing this somewhat heavy vacuum much easier. The power and cleaning ability of this particular model is wonderful. The amount of cat hair, dirt, dust and just plain filth that I put into the bag was gross. I am so embarrassed to have been living with such dirty carpets.

    I have not had any problems thus far. No boken belts, no suction problems, no offensive burning smell(as previous people have reported). The only thing bad I could say about this machine is that the attatchment hose could stand to be a bit longer. I have tipped over the vacuum onto myself a few times. But I am willing to look past this since my floors are so clean now. And my allergies and those of my other family members have seem to be better from the wonderful three filter system.

    If you need deep cleaning power in a vacuum I highly recommend this Hoover product. You won't be disappointed....more info
  • made off shore by Maytag
    My model was a Hoover U6616-900 WindTunnel Self Propelled Bagless Upright

    This thing was great for two months while it lasted. The first 800 sq foot of carpet looks great compared to the rest of the house. However the Hoover went up in smoke. The manual says it has an over heat cut-off, but it over heated and all I could see was smoke. I had to air the house out. Taking the machine to the only authorized repair in the area 30 miles away, they laughed when they saw me coming in with the vacuumed. The said don't tell us it over heated. Yep and the motor fried $$$$$.

    I admitted that the house was extra dirty but that was no excuse. Their official stand is that the final filter was too dirty and it was my fault. I should not have relied on the heat cutoff and not let my filter get dirty. WHAT! Not let the filter get dirty. Yep if it gets dirty all warranties are off.

    The dealer said any fool that would buy a Hover that is now made by Maytag off shore deserves what I got.

    ...more info
  • This one's a lemon - beware
    We agree completely with the other negative reviews. We have had this machine for less than a year. It's been back to be serviced twice and just today another piece broke off. It worked well at first, but the belt gave out after a few months and the adjustment switches break easily. Today (one week after getting it back from service) the switch went flying across the room without the thing being on - all I did was move it. Now I can't turn the brush off. The self-propel feature is fine at first, but now pulls unevenly, especially on hard floors.

    We were fooled by the Consumer review and tempted by the relatively low price. It looks like we have to start shopping again!...more info
  • This company should have been buried along with J.Edgar
    You won't be returning to those "glory days of yesteryear". Eons
    ago. Hoover meant quality. Years ago Hoover used to be built in the USA. Today, Hoover puts its famous label on a shoddy piece of junk. This machine is pathetic !
    Despite Consumers Reports giving the Wind Tunnel a # 1 rating -
    if this is # 1, I would hate to see, or use the others on the list !
    1) Noise Level - If Hoover had a conscience, they would throw in ear-plugs ! 75 years, and Hoover still can't make a quieter motor. Rocket science, I imagine !
    2) The belts on the machine break constantly . Guess what parts
    are not warranteed by Hoover ? The belts ! Duh !
    3) Adjustment knobs have all broken or fallen off, 1 by 1
    4) You don't get any indication of when your bag is full - Your
    indication is the machine ceasing to pick-up. What technology !!
    5) The machine requires higher maintenance levels than your spouse !
    6) I have owned the machine for less than 1 year, and now the machine needs its 3rd visit to the repair ship @ $ 60 a pop !

    ...more info
  • 9 months and I'm looking for a replacement
    I too was bamboozeled by Consumer Reports. The brush and propulsion stopped working after only 4 months. The guy at the vacuum repair shop laughed and me and showed me all of the other Hoover self-propelled vacs that were in for the same repair. Then the plastic footstep that keeps the unit locked upright broke off, so now the vac lies on the floor between uses. It does clean great, when it works. ...more info
  • I liked the Dyson better
    I bought both the Dyson Animal DC07 and the Hoover Windtunnel Self-propelled. I had read Consumer Report's review of vacuums, and they put the Windtunnel as a best buy. But I had also read all the reviews on Amazon from buyers of both Dyson and Hoover. There were just too many complaints from people about Hoover. But Consumer Reports usually does a good job, so I had to compare for myself.

    At first glance, both vacuums seemed to have positives and negatives. One did better at this, the other at that. I liked the Hoover's turbo tool at first glance because it gets into smaller crevices. I have MANY steps in my house, and a turbo tool was a must. But on the whole, the Hoover tools don't have as much suction as the tools with the Dyson.

    The Hoover seemed, at first glance, to suck up more than the Dyson. When I ran them over the carpet side by side, the Hoover actually picked up carpet fibers. I thought, WOW! I didn't know there were any more of those left to suck up! This thing must be really good. But then the Dyson just had dust and dirt and animal hair in it, but it was the same amount of stuff in the container as the Hoover, but it was all dirt, no carpet fibers. Hmmm.

    My husband made a comment about seeing only dirt in the Dyson, and it struck me; the Hoover beater bar was beating the crap out of my carpet, but not getting all the dirt. I saw hardly any dirt in the Hoover's container. The Dyson beater bars weren't so tough on the carpet, yet the suction pulled out more dirt.

    My husband tried a trick I hadn't thought of. He actually stuck his hands under both vacuums to measure suction. I followed suit, and we both agreed that we couldn't feel suction from the Hoover. We could feel the suction from the Dyson.

    So that clinched it. After a week (yes, this took me a whole week) of testing I took the Hoover back to the store and got my money back....more info
  • The Worst Vacuum I've Ever Purchased
    Six weeks ago I purchased the Hoover U6439-900 Self Propelled WindTunnel Ultra Vacuum Cleaner. The knob used to set the floor type has already broken off and the belt is no longer turning. I chose this machine based on the Consumer Reports recommendation. Their review was completely off the mark. To be quite honest, it seems like they reviewed a different machine. If I had it to do all over again, I'd definitely choose another brand and model....more info
  • Best Vacuum cleaner I've ever owned! Beats Dyson!
    Sure there are a few people who have had a couple of bad experiences with this model. But I can tell you as one who just went through the whole process of deciding whether to get the Hoover WindTunnel Self Propelled Ultra or the Dyson DC14 Complete, I'm glad I went with the Hoover, no doubt about it.

    I went all over the place to compare the two and listen to the sales staff from Best Buy, Kohl's, Home Depot and a couple other stores to help me in my decision. I also spoke with the man who has serviced our previous vacuum cleaner for the pst few years, a bagless Eureka which at the time was the best out. I got mixed opinions from just about everyone. Most of all the opinion from my vacuum repair man who has been doing this for over 30 years said, "Never buy a bagless vacuum cleaner", and I took that to heart.

    I really liked the Dyson and was very close to purchasing one, but here is why I didn't. I looked at the Consumer Reports that ranked the Dysons #13 & #14 that's not good! I also read how much people loved their Dyson. But really folks how long have you owned it? A year a few months? Let's just wait and see just how good it is if it can last a few years. Two year warranties don't mean squat if the company isn't going to be around in year three. This is one of the other reasons why I chose the Hoover. It's a name that is synonymous with vacuum cleaners, like Xerox is for copying.

    Before I used the Hoover I too gave my Eureka a last run before it was shipped of to the graveyard. Then I ran the Hoover, and I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked into that bag, all the dirt, cat hair and junk it picked up was amazing. My wife came over and we both looked at each other and just dais "YUCK!" Sure Dyson has great sucking power, but so does Paris Hilton. If it's not picking up the dirt as good what use is it?

    I finally ended up at Sears where I spoke with a lady who has been there, in the same department for over 20 years. She suggested the Hoover over the Dyson. What sealed the deal for me was, for the same price of a Dyson I also picked up the Hoover Floor Mate H3000 for my vinyl and tiled floors. Something the Dyson can't come close to.

    Don't take it the wrong way; the Dyson is nice for a "Bagless" machine. But that's also its drawback. I just can't see spending $550 on just a vacuum cleaner, it doesn't make sense. I got the best value added vacuum cleaner on the market, and it out performs the Dyson in picking up dirt. That's all I need. For those who say its plastic falls off, I'm sure there are Dysons out there doing the same thing. After all the Dyson has more plastic parts. I hope people who bought a Dyson don't think I'm knocking them, but why spend $200 more for a vacuum cleaner that doesn't pick up as much dirt as the Hoover?

    One more thing, Hoover is an American company.

    ...more info
  • Heavy. Poor Design. Dito the other negative reviews.
    Just a few quick comments on the Hoover:

    > Consumer Reports really missed the boat on this one. I ended up with the Hoover EmPower. So far, the EmPower seems good.

    > Heavy - and I didn't find a carry handle on the front face. (!?)

    > Cheap construction for the price. If you buy one and decide to live with it, buy some Duck Tape, too, to hold the lids closed. ...more info
  • Excellent Product
    I selected this product after doing a lot of research. Once it came home and we started using it, we are very happy with the product. It does a great job when compared to the previous cleaners we have had in the past.

    I would recommend it to anyone who has carpet....more info
  • Perfect for Pet Hair
    I love love love this vacuum cleaner. I was a little worried based upon the reviews I read here, but my concerns were quickly put to rest once I got the vacuum. I have a dog and a cat and way too much pet fur in the house to be picked up by mere mortal vacuums. This machine does the job brilliantly. Yes, it's heavy to lug upstairs. By all means, if you're out of shape, don't bother. The self propel feature makes it a breeze to clean and the dirt sensor is wonderful for making sure you get every bit of embedded dust. I think the tools work very well, and that the hose is an adequate length (with the extensions provided). I do agree with one reviewer that the handheld vac is largely useless because it doesn't have it's own motor and the brush operates on suction (which stops if you push down too hard on it), however. That's the one and only reason I gave it 4 stars though and not 5. I am thrilled with this vacuum's cleaning power, and so are my friends who can now visit my home without fear of an allergy attack....more info
  • Does What I Bought It To Do
    I bought this Hoover vacuum when I moved into our new home. Yes, it is heavy if you're going to carry it from one floor to another and yes, pulling the hose does cause the vacuum to fall over if you stretch it too far, both minor flaws when you take the vacuum as a whole into consideration. The vaccum is easily moved after it is turned off if you tilt it and roll it on the back rollers.
    Overall, I have never been happier with the suction and cleaning power of a vacuum until I purchased this one. I have hardwood floors with area carpeting downstairs and wall to wall carpeting upstairs. In both cases the Hoover performance was superior. The HEPA filter and bags and the self propelled feature are an added bonus. I am going to purchase a second one for my second floor as my 15 year old Hoover on the second floor just died.
    I'm sorry to read how many repair issues quite a few of the consumers have experienced. I hope I'm as lucky with my second purchase as I have been with my first....more info
  • Best and most powerful
    Yes, this is heavy, but it has a lot of power. I like the self-propelled also. We have this for 2 yrs now and it still works like new. If you want to take this from 1st floor to 2nd floor it might be a little heavy for you otherwise, the best vacuum cleaner we had....more info
  • Hoover self propelled bag type vacuum
    I have been using the Hoover self propelled vacuum for a couple of years now. I am very satisfied with it's performance. I feel the self propelled feature is a non essential option, but nice I guess for some people. The bags are very easy to replace and really make no mess compared to bagless type vacuums. Also, I get no dust smell when vacuuming. The secondary HEPA filter is a great idea....more info
  • Poor product
    Like some other reviewers, I am EXTREMELY disappointed with this vacuum. I've had mine about 8 months - bought because of the consumer reports ratings - and am ready to replace it. The hose is way too short, the tools fall off, and the whole thing falls over when you use the hose (I have the bruises to prove it). Rest assured, I WILL NOT replace with another Hoover. ...more info
  • What a rip-off!!!
    We purchased this vacuum cleaner because it was top rated by Consumer Reports. We had trouble with it from the beginning. The first time we used it, it had a burning odor. A few days later, a plastic dial fell off. We returned it and exchanged it for another, thinking we had received a lemon.

    The second machine was no better. While it was being stored in our closet (not even in use) two large pieces of plastic fell off the front of the machine.

    Since we purchased this machine at Costco, we considered purchasing another machine. Another customer told us that she had purchased the Wind Tunnel and had to shell out $50. several times already because the machine kept loosing suction.

    We returned the second Hoover and purchased the Dyson. We are much happier with this, even with the additional cost. What a difference!!...more info
  • This Vaccum Doesn't Suck...that's the problem!
    We chose this vaccum on our wedding registry and we were excited to receive it. After two months it began smelling bad and overheating. We took it to be repaired. The guy said I must use Hoover bags and he replaced some things to fix it. I thought I was using Hoover bags, he said no so I bought more of the same bags from him. A week later while using the Hoover bags, it overheated again. It still had a burning smell and rattled most of the time. I only vaccumed once a week. As time went on, still using Hoover bags, it would overheat after 1/3 of our smallest room was vaccumed. I'm actually waiting on it to cool off for the third time in one room. Please save your money. We are going to buy a new vaccum tonight!! I noticed the last few weeks it's just moving the dirt around anyway!...more info
  • Hoover could do better
    Especially in this price range and with a reputation to uphold I expected more from this vacuum cleaner. The belt is VERY sensitive to breakage and not easily replaceable. You have to unscrew the bottom (4 screws) to replace the belt, where other vacuums I've owned have a bottom plate that pops off for easy maintenance. Also, when you use the on board tools for dusting, etc, the brush does not stop spinning so I have several burn marks in my carpet from where the vacuum rested in one spot too long (before I got wise and now lean the cleaner onto me as I use the on board tools). I would not buy another one, ever. The filter assembly is cumbersome to clean and even just emptying it out I usually end up with quite a bit of dust all over me. Look for something a bit better engineered. Hoover could certainly do better....more info
  • Some Design Flaws, but No Functional Problems So Far
    Before buying this vacuum I went through two top-of-the-line Kenmores. One of them didn't work right out of the box, and the other stopped working two weeks after I brought it home. After two tries I gave up on Kenmore and bought a comparable (in terms of price) Hoover. However, I was disappointed because the Kenmore was a better design in several ways.

    What's wrong with this vacuum cleaner?...
    1) The extra hose supplied has to be connected at the back of the vacuum cleaner, leaving the length of hose that normally connects the vacuum motor to the floor section unused. Why?? This seems like a waste. (With the Kenmore model you could connect both hoses end-to-end, giving a longer reach.)
    2) The rotating brush in the hand-held attachment is air-powered. As a result, the brush slows during heavy cleaning -- just when you most need it to spin fast. (The Kenmore model had an electric motor in the hand-held brush attachment, so it didn't slow down with heavy cleaning.)
    3) You have to bend over to switch the vacuum between carpet and bare floor modes. (The Kenmore had a push-button for this right on the handle.)
    4) The floor/hand attachments are so narrow that they are really only practical for corners. If the attachments were wider you could use them for larger areas. (The Kenmore had larger attachments.)
    5) There is no "gentle" mode, for delicate carpets or small rugs. (The Kenmore had this mode, accessible from the controls on the handle.)

    I would think that a company like Hoover, which has been making vacuum cleaners forever, would do better with the design details, especially at this price-point. Oh well, at least the Hoover is still working six weeks after I bought it. ...more info
  • Lasted 2 years with biweekly use
    I've owned the sister model(6425-900) of this Vac since October of 2000, but I'm a lousy housekeeper and probably only used it 10 times over the first 2 years. One year it was only used on hardwood floors. However, once I bought my own place in 2002, bi-weekly vacuuming became the standard.

    The good news:
    1)The belts on this vacuum are still in pristine condition. So, the "cheapest" item to replace was NOT what broke on this model.
    2) I got great suction the first two years.

    The bad news:
    1) The Self Propelled mechanism stopped working 2 months ago.
    2) The bag level indicator stopped working about a year ago
    3) As most reviewers pointed out, it is incredibly heavy.
    4) Also, it's too big to fit under my kitchen baseboards. We recently had cream colored cabinets installed and now I've seeing marks where the green paint on the vacuum tansferred to the cabinets. Time to break out the attachments.
    5) The suction power has degraded significantly. I vacuumed a 10 foot by 8 foot room tonight TWICE and then shampooed the carpet. My rug steamer picked up 3 times more pet hair than the vacuum did.

    I guess it's time for my to check out a Dyson....more info
  • Sorry Consumer Reports
    I LOVED the review from Bookslave it made me laugh! Unfortunately I have to echo most of her review. I too did my research on Consumer Reports to find the best vacuum and thought this was it. In terms of suction it is pretty good, although for hard surfaces like my tile floors, it doesn't seem to do that great of a job. In fact, it works better on floors with the carpet setting than the hard setting. It is a bit heavy but that doesn't bother me, only when you stretch the hose and it teeters over and clobbers you in the head is it a nuisance. The self propel function does work well (good thing for mine because I can't turn it off) and gives more ease to vacuuming. I've always had a Hoover and for the money I spent, won't be buying a new one right away, but the next time, I will seriously look into other brands.

    Good Luck....more info
  • YUCK!! Consumer reports got this one wrong!! Wrong
    I used to trust consumer reports but no longer will I blindly follow their suggestions!
    This vacuum is heavy and old fashioned. The buttons alone are similar to a 1970's model. Mine broke after 2 months. The self propelling feature is powerfull but it needs it because it is super heavy. The suction in this vacuum is incredible at first but is lost after a few uses. I must say that if it hadn't broken I would probably be stuck with it still I am glad it broke!. I bought a Dyson and I love it! WORLD OF DIFFERENCE! Hoover needs to move forward with their design features. ...more info
  • Please heed the negative reviews - I didn't!!
    When it comes to vacuums, Hoover is all I know. I have one that's five years old and have never had a problem. But we wanted one with a HEPA filter. Purchasing this item was a slam-dunk, especially after Consumer Reports rated it no. 1.

    I read the negative reviews, but chose to ignore them - those folks must have had isolated bad experience. I WAS WRONG.

    Today I am returning the 2nd of these machines I received from amazon in the past 3 weeks. The first one sparked and smoke poured out after I first turned it on. After the smoke a burning smell remained and the dirt finder and headlight would not work. No big deal, I let amazon know, boxed it up and UPS took it away.

    Last night the replacement arrived. I got it all set to go, plugged it in and carefully turned it on. IT WORKED GREAT! No smoke, no smell, all of the lights worked, including a very powerful headlight. BUT after 5 minutes of vacuuming this awful growling noise started coming from the self propelled feature. When I turned self propelled off, no noise. I was furious. I called Hoover this morning, figuring I would give them a shot before returning to the vac to amazon. Hoover told me to take it to a service dealer 30 miles from my home - for a brand new product this is unacceptable.

    I decided to return it to amazon and ask for a 3rd replacement. Stupid, huh? Well, amazon saved me from my stupidity. They will not send another and will refund my money.

    Today I purchased the Eureka Boss Smart Vac Ultra 4870 - no. 2 on Consumer's list and half the price of the Hoover. I'll post my review on it upon receipt. Want to bet it'll be better than this one? I should have read the Eureka reviews there before purchasing this one. I will stay away from Hoovers until I hear that they've resolved their quality issues.

  • Don't buy this vacume
    After 3 days all the belts are loose. They are so hard to change my fingers are still bleeding. It is heavy. I'm really sorry I bought it....more info
  • Best Self Propelled Heavy Duty
    I have this vaccum for 3 1/2 years now and I have been very happy. I did a lot of research before settling on this. I bought it from the hoover store (They matched the online price) plus gave me lots of free bags and filters and belt.

    In the last 3 1/2 year I only had to take this vaccume for service once and they changed the belt ($12) and it has been working without any problem.

    The best things is the self propelled and my wife is able to do the vaccum with so much ease. I use the accessories to clean my car..

    One thing you need to keep in mind that you have to lift the vaccum from the back and not from the handle. This will allow the handle to have long life as the self propelled switch is located at the handle top....more info
  • I want my Kirby back
    We purchased a Hoover Wintunnel over a year ago and have had nothing but problems. In fact the first one we baught was so noisy we had to get it replaced. The second one ate drive and beater bar belts to the tune of one a week with the bar needing replacement once a month. I followed all of the techical and documented instructions to the letter making sure I wasn't doing something wrong. At 1st these were warranty issues and it cost me nothing. Now it is a different story. At one repair session the repair technician replaced the beater bar with one with a soft bristle. This helped the belt loss issue but didn't resolve it. I still can't vacuum even short nap carpets without disolving the belts due to the beater bar dragging and stopping on the carpet causing terrible belt slip. This happens even with new belts. The Hoover reps tell us that's the way it is and nothing can be done about it. My resolution will be to throw the beast out and get another Kirby. At least I know it will work great and last a good 10 yrs. In the long run the initial high cost will be offset due to the number of repairs the Hoover will need. ...more info
  • Excellent Wide-Path High-Suction Cleaning Vac - But Heavy
    I've used Eurekas, Orecks and other lesser Hoovers. This 15-inch cleaning-path Hoover is fantastic, though heavy. Part of the added weight is the heavier motor unit that provides the excellent suction and brush-spin power. It won't lay flat to reach far under beds or under furniture, but many brand-models won't lay flat.

    The PROS: Excellent suction, excellent main brush power, 15-inch wide cleaning path reduces vacuuming time by covering more area per pass; decent selection of tools; tools assemble easily; optional extra-long 20-foot hose is great for extended-area ceiling corner cleaning; excellent power cord length; self-propelled motion is tuned just right; bag-full indicator appears to be accurate; HEPA filtration obviously captures 99% or more of what the vac sucks in; switches are easy to use and just far enough away from the handgrip that accidental activation possibility is reduced; and bag and filters are easy to access and change.

    The CONS: It's heavy and wide and not the best unit for cleaning stairs unless you use the optional 20-foot hose and the onboard power-head attachment; width may not fit between the legs/feet of some chairs and tables you want to clean under (so you move the furniture); it's noisier than some but quieter than most other vacs I've used; bags and filters are pricey but they do what Hoover claims they'll do; covers for the HEPA filter and onboard power brush feel flimsy but appear adequate for anyone but those with a careless touch; and it can tip over, but any upright vac can tip over.

    People complaining about the vac width and weight and cost of the bags and filters obviously did not do much comparison shopping or give much thought to buying this brand/model of vac. A vac purchase is personal - you want it to fit your budget, your physical ability and any physical limitations, the area it'll be used to clean, and the types of cleaning you need the vac for. I find this Hoover model to be an excellent vac that does exactly what Hoover claims it'll do -- in the first hour of use the bag filled with what an Oreck and a 10-year-old excellently-maintained Hoover left behind embedded in carpet in just one room. I could only be more pleased with this vac if it could do everything it does so well... without using electricity.

    ...more info
  • Great Vac
    I bought that after having an old Eureka for about 10 years. I thought the Eureka was okay, until I brought this home. The Eureka had missed so much dirt and dog hair! I practically filled the entire bag on my first use! As a response to some of the bad reviews here...first of all, all vacuums with good suction are heavy. All of the vacs in the top 10 or 20 on Consumer Reports are about 20 pounds. If you can't lift 20 pounds, you shouldn't buy this. But you should have figured that out if you tried it out at the store. Attachments are super easy to take on and off and work well. The mini vac can get clogged with dog hair if you use it for stairs, I use the furniture attachment. I like it, I think it was a good investment. I'm unsure about some other reviewers expectations...it's going to be heavy, it's going to be loud, it's a vaccum cleaner. All I care about is that it works well and lasts a long time-- which for me, it has....more info
  • This is the best vacuum I have ever used! A great buy!
    I love this vacuum! I love the Hepa filtration system. I suffer from awful allergies and asthma so when I was shopping for a new vacuum a Hepa filter was a must. I always thought my carpets were clean until I used this baby for the first time. I was shocked to see how much dirt and dog hair was in my carpet, and I had just vacuumed the day before with my old vacuum. My old bag vacuum stunk up my entire house when used it. The Hepa filter keeps the carpet and air clean, so my house doesn't smell like my old vacuum did. Using the attachments is quick and easy. The only downside of the vacuum that I can think of is the weight. It is rather hard to carry up stairs, but not impossible. Although it cost more then I ever dreamt I would spend on a vacuum, it was definately worth the extra money to get the self propelled WindTunnel. So many of the bagless uprights tend to be heavy, so the self propelled feature is much apreciated. ...more info
  • Suction Great - Everything Else is The Worst
    Hoover uses a powerful motor and the suction is great. The rest
    of the machine is terrible. Exterior plastic parts break frequently. Wands and accessory pieces do not "fasten" together so they constantly separate when being used. You can't use two hands with the accessories or the vacuum falls over (broke my toe when it fell over as I tried to clean with wand). You must always have one hand on the vacuum to balance it when using tools. I actually bought a second machine (new one on sale) so I would have replacement parts for the many broken pieces of plastic....more info
  • "Hoover" now stands for TOO OBNOXIOUS
    Having owned a self-propelled Hoover upright for 6 years and looking for an excuse to dump it, I have to agree with the negative comments: too hard to maneuver, too bulky to vacuum under anything shorter than a foot high, too difficult to change the TWO belts (requires a lot of strength), too hard to change the bag, too much plastic in the body, and too heavy in general and top-heavy in particular (tips over). There really isn't too much that's right with it - maybe the suction is OK.

    I'd like to add that it's also incredibly loud. Why aren't mufflers put on these appliances? And now since the self-propeller has stopped working, which drove me to this site, I fear that it will be too expensive to fix. The dealer said it would be a minimum $80-$90 to service a self-propeller type vac and that doesn't even include a new transmission! If my Electrolux guy can't fix it for less I will finally have my excuse to dump it!!!

    In the meanwhile, guess what I dragged up from the basement to use on the carpets? My 34 year old Hoover which I purchased as a newlywed!!! And since it was made by Hoover when Hoover meant DEPENDABLE it has none of the current model's problems and still works great!!! Too bad the current product is so obnoxious.

    ...more info
  • Thought it was good, but SO disappointing
    I thought for the money this would be a good vacuum. Easy to push, suction to pick up cat hair and dust. Boy, was I wrong. The suction never really was that great, and the self-propel feature stopped working about 2 years after purchase. What a disappointment....more info
  • Please withdraw my review
    Please withdraw my review of this product (evh70) since, although I believed that is was accurated when I posted, I discovered that it contains errors....more info
  • 9 months old - dead as a door nail
    I picked one of these up August 2003 and I turned it on this afternoon: nothing happened. I checked the off/on switch with an ohm meter and it seems to be working. The "helpful" troubleshooting guide suggested that maybe there was a problem with my house's electrical system or that the cleaner I had not used for several days was overheated -- wrong! I suspect that the thermostat to detect overheating is broken. I agree with the other reviewers that the product is bulky, heavy and awkward. I cannot get in under the coffee table to clean because it is so large. It also tends to fall over when I use the applicances, also mentioned by another reviewer. The only really cool feature is the air-powered beater brush extension -- which I will not be using today because the Hoover does not suck...Avoid this over-priced piece of junk. Next time I will go with cannister vaccuum like the Kenmoore I had that lasted 15 years....more info
  • Hoover - Good Performance
    Have had this Hoover for over 2 years - purchased online. This Hoover has been a reliable product and has the best suction of any machine I have used/seen. My prior Eureka Christian Klingspore signature upright model had significant durability problems and not near the cleaning power which drove me to evaluate the Hoover based on the Consumer Reports rating. Am satisfied with its overall performance - good suction (not through the motor), good tool set with power brush, and is reasonably quiet, although it is a bit heavy (carry handle is conveniently placed).

    Downside: When using the tools with the short hose, the vacuum tips too easily and can easily hit you, or nearby walls or furniture potentially causing damage (scratches/scuff marks).

    I am satisfied with this product and would consider purchase of another many years from now, as all functions/features still work as when new....more info

  • Worst Vacuum Ever!
    DO NOT BUY this vacuum. It needs the belt replaced every few weeks and constantly smells of burning rubber even when you have just replaced the belt. The roller bar constantly gets stuck. After about 10 minutes of vacuuming (if you can stand the burning rubber smell) the vacuum gets too hot and turns its self off. It is very heavy to lug up and down stairs and it doesn't get into the corner of the carpets at all. All I wanted was a good vacuum that would work and even if this vacuum was cheap (which it isn't) it is still the worst vacuum ever!!!...more info
  • DONT DO IT!!!!
    I have had this vauum only a couple of months and I hat eit. It weighs 26 pounds for one thing! The cord is some cheap plastic imitation of a cord. The lever has broken off It is hard to lower the vacuum from the upright postion I have to push several times with my foot.I have gone through several belts already it will not vacuum up anything over an inch and a half without you smelling something burning! even paperThe dirt has to travel a long windy way to reach it's destination which makes way for clogging...and there is o way to get to this to UNCLOG it!I am taking it back What a mess Resist the urge to buy this junk!...more info
  • I Bought A Kenmore
    After much debate on this model and the Kenmore Direct Drive Bagged Upright (Mdl 33923), I settled on the Kenmore. Thank God. While the Kenmore does not have the self-propelled feature, after reading reviews here, it seems one less thing that can break. Also, there are no belts that can break. I tried both the Hoover and Kenmore, and even with the self-propelled feature on the Hoover this one was not that much harder to push. The Kenmore has the hepa filter, but in addition, it has a second stretch hose (my reason for buying it) enabling me to make it over half way down my stairs with the power brush attachment. The brush is phenomenal! It is electrically driven so it spins no matter how hard you push. I have 3 dogs, 1 cat, and 1 bird, and if this vacuum works for me and keeps the dust down, it will work for you. Buy the Kenmore!...more info
  • Stay away from this model
    I'm one of many "victims" who bought this vacuum because of #1 rating published in Consumer Reports magazine a couple of years ago. The light went off very quickly, but it was minor. The major problem we encountered is that at some point it started overheating after 10-15 min of work. When it is overheated it automatically shuts off and you have to wait 10 more minutes until it cools down. I could not find any explanation for it. I replaced bags, a filter and a belt, but it did not help. I would not recommend to buy this model to anyone....more info
  • Love it.
    We bought this to replace a more expensive model we were given as a wedding gift in 99. I higly recommed this vacuum to anyone who is looking for a quality product that helps relive allergens. This is just as good as the vacuum that we had before, and it was double the cost....more info
  • Works great - but VERY failure prone.
    I believe there are few vacuums that have the suction the entire WindTunnel series provides. Coupled with low dirt emissions, the operation is quite sound and desirable. That part was great.

    Problems with use: The tools are friction fit. Scrubbing stairs with the upolstry tool caused it to keep coming off. The main hose is flexible, but still rather short and awkward to employ. They do sell an extention hose for $$$.

    Problems with part failures: The vac is literally plagued with breakage. Power switch, prong that keeps the vac upright at rest (actually the case CRACKED!), power assist cable (for self-propelling), power cord, beater bar, belts. The bar belt tends to go quickly because there is little friction between the motor and the beater so you can hear it squealing regularly as you negotiate your daily rug car.

    Bottom line, we are quite frustrated. This could be THE vacuum to own. But design and poor materials make it a bust. I intend to write a letter to Hoover - aa brand that used to mean quality and good design. Now its just pricey. Very sad!...more info

  • I love this vacuum
    My husband thought I was a vacuum cleaner junky until I purchased this vacuum quite awhile ago (I can't remember how old it is but I think its at least 5-6 years old.) I have had no trouble with it (that is until this week when the switch that switched the brushes off broke -- it still runs fine but you can't turn off the brushes anymore.) I love the embedded dirt finder and the self propelled features. I will admit that it's a little heavy, well, it's very heavy that's why I'm in the market for another one so I can have an upstairs vacuum. I'm buying another one....more info
  • Belongs in the trash
    What a waste of money!! Consumer reports rated a similar vacuum very highly when I purchased it in October of 2001. After numerous repairs, we're in the market for a new vacuum. We've replaced the belt 3 times, the carpet, bare floor switch twice, the self propeller no longer works and forget storing the cord.

    With all the repairs, I could of bought 3 cheaper vacuums and I bet at least one of them would still be working adequately. Will not buy HOOVER again...more info

  • Not Happy With this sweeper
    We have owned and used Hoovers for at least 18 years. We decided to spring and buy another one, since our 16 year old sweeper is beginning to tire a little. We purchased this Hoover Self-Propelled WindTunnel (ours has bag) and it is terrible. Just doesn't measure up to the old one in many ways, it is heavier, has belt problems, doesn't seems as easy to maneuver. We are returning it today....more info
  • Too expansive for what it offers
    I have owned this vacuum for more than one year. Its roller brush had to be changed four times and the belt once. Now it has problem with the cord. I and my wife are careful users and has never handled it roughly. It is not worth even half the price it is selling for. I bought the hoover bagless after being disappointed with this one. I am disappointed with that too. I will look for other brand now....more info
  • Stay away from this model
    I must agree with the previous reviews. After working well for 1 year and a half, the self-propel motor went out. Disappointing for a vacuum of that price that saw only light use. Too heavy and awkward for my wife to use as well. All in all, I would not recommend this or any other Hoover product to Amazon customers....more info
  • Thank you for the warnings
    My 18 yr old vacuum (Eureka canister) died and was going to replace it with this Hoover. Glad I decided to research on Amazon. I am very sorry so many people had bad experiences but thank you to all of you for writing about it - you have saved me from wasting $300....Question - so have you replaced your Hoover Self-Propelled Wind Tunnel with another model? Which one?...more info
  • Horrible product
    The attachments are ok, but other than that this product is awful. The self-propelled feature has never worked properly, and I found it easier to just go without it. The vacuum is way too heavy, and it's constantly falling over when using the attachments. Replacing the belt is a joke, after 30 minutes I give up. I would never buy another one of these. I read all the consumer reports that made this seem the best of the best. I'm really sorry I didn't come to Amazon and read the bad reviews first. I spent way too much money to go buy another vacuum cleaner now, but someday soon I'm sure my patience will give out and I'll be shopping again. I'll take a little less suction power (which, frankly, is overkill on this model anyway) for something that's easier to maintain and lighter to use....more info
  • The repair guy hates this model
    Within 6 months of purchase the self-propelled feature broke. Repair guy said it would be $100 to fix but the vacuum would still work without it so we passed on getting the fix. 6 more months the on/off switch broke; easy fix for $20. 6 months later the brush is having rotating problems (not a belt problem) so we are now shopping for another vacuum....more info
  • I love this thing!
    I purchased this vacuum cleaner after using my neighbor's. I love the self-propelled feature! I use my cleaner on both carpet and tiled floors. The extensions make it possible to clean my stairs without having to lug it up them. I use the suction brush on my furniture.

    The windtunnel is a little heavy. I have 3 children, and my vacuum withstands a lot of abuse. I do have to change bags frequently (Good thing!!! It means it is doing its job well.)

    I was a little wary about spending $300 on a vacuum, but it was a wise investment for my family. With the self-propelled feature, it is easy to push; so my kids enjoy running it. My husband is asthmatic and has a lot of allergies. So, I think the hepa filter is a wonderful idea.

    I've had my unit for 2 years now, and I couldn't be happier!!...more info

  • Poor longterm performance
    Splurged a couple years ago and bought a Windtunnel when my wife and I got tired of going through $100 Eureka and Hoovers.

    Very happy with it for the first year...good suction and the self-propel feature made vacuuming almost fun. Fast forward 3 years and numberous little parts are near/past end of life and performance/utility are quickly deteriorating.

    Vacuum is still working, but I'm shopping for a replacement. Overall disappointed that a $300 vacuum was not better built....more info

  • dependability
    I am not happy about this product. I researched thoroughly and was impressed with comsumer reports rating it number 1. I purchased it approx. 1 1/2 years ago, past the warranty period, but when the self propelled feature stoppped working, I wasn't worried. I took it in to a vacuum store, and they called me a couple of days later. Apparently the small plastic activator for the self propelled transmission broke off the top. It moves back and forth when you pull and push the handle via a cable. Hoover would not sell the vendor the piece(although it detaches from the main transmission body), and would only sell the entire transmission. The cost of the entire transmission is $149.95. I would not have purchased this product if I had known that Hoover would be so money hungry. If the cable had broken, it would have been $49.95 for the part. I could have lived with that. What was the part doing being plastic, hooked to a steel cable and a solid steel transmission, and then not replaceable? I will never buy another Hoover product again. My wife is gloating, because she did not like Hoover in the first place, due to prior experience. I do not like the taste of crow....more info
    I write this review only by chance, because my real reason for visiting Amazon.com today is to replace this very product.

    I have always trusted Consumer Reports, finding their reviews pretty much on the money, but despite their glowing report on this product, (quoted here by another reviewer) reality has proved far less luminous.

    I have struggled with this vac for over a year now, and honestly, I wish I had never bought it! If it hadn't cost so darn much, I'd have tossed it out long ago.

    On the positive side, this machine has plenty of suction - but unless you have miles of unobstructed wall-to-wall carpet and a single level home, it simply sucks! The self-propelled feature is quite helpful: more on that farther down.

    The vac is too bulky to fit under/between most of my furniture. Even if the head gets under, the body does not lay flat enough to follow. I spend WAY too much time on my hands and knees struggling with the poorly placed hose, extensions and powered brush attachment to get under normal items like chairs. In addition, its wimpy "powered" brush (which spins only by suction with no motor of its own) only picks up light surface dirt anyway. Push down harder and it just stops turning. BAH!

    As another reviewer mentioned, beware when using the tools on this vac. Mine also falls over all the time (timber!) and because it weighs a freaking ton, beware of falling over yourself if you have to carry it upstairs! GADS! And forget cleaning those stairs on the way up, too. I had to purchase another small, hand-held vac for that.

    Other complaints: The adjusters for bare floor/carpet are very hard to move and break easily. It does not clean close to walls at all (get out that hose again!). The bags are not all that easy to change, and quite pricey. It eats belts. And why, oh WHY, does the cord (which you have to wind up yourself - no cord reel) come out on the bottom?

    Did I mention it's HEAVY?? If it weren't self-propelled, it would be immobile. The vac cannot be rolled at all when turned off, making storage difficult.

    In summary, unless your home resembles a hotel lobby - pass this one up....more info

  • Windtunnel stinks!
    My husband and I purchased this machine less than two years ago and have been totally dissatisfied w/ it! It is heavy, awkward - generally poorly designed. It is top heavy and tends to tip over easily when using the attachments. The attachments are difficult to connect and access. I honestly could not recommend this to my worst enemy. Everyone who uses it expresses the same. When I filed a complaint with Hoover and the Hoover store where I purchased it, all they could say was "sorry". I did not complain until six months ago since I thought perhaps I just needed to get used to it. Hope this is useful in another person's search for a quality vacuum!...more info
  • Consumer Reports # 1 Upright for 2003
    Fine, full-featured model at relatively low price!

    Carpet: Excellent
    Bare Floor: Excellent
    Tools: Excellent
    Ease of Use: Good
    Noise: Fair
    Emissions: Excellent...more info

    I love this vacuum. I researched before I purchased this vacuum 2 1/2 years ago. I have never regretted the nearly $300 I paid. It cleans so well and the on-board tools are convenient and so easy to use. I was concerned, however, about so much plastic, but have not had any problems at all. The self propelled feature is nice, but on hard surfaces it can sometimes run you over. It has an indicator that tells you when the bag is full, and althought I am not a fan of paper bag vacuums, I really don't mind since it cleans so well. I would recommend this top rated vacuum to anyone who can spend $300....more info
  • I liked this vacuum!
    I don't have this specific model, but I have the older model. It's a heavy machine, but works well. My maid, my nanny, and relatives who have tried it (and yes, I even use it myself!) think that the self-propelling feature is awesome. This was the #1 rated vacuum by Consumer Reports, and to the reviewer who wanted to try bagless, BEWARE, because Consumer Reports recommended against bagless....more info
  • Why can't I assign negative stars?
    This is a poor excuse for a vacuum. Don't make the mistake of thinking that Hoover is a quality manufacturer. It is no longer true. Yes this machine sucks, but I don't mean that in the normal vacuum cleaner vernacular. If you want to pay lots of money for cheap plastic parts that break after a couple of months of use, you have found your match! It overheats and shuts off for 20 - 30 minutes, it eats belts like candy, it won't stay in the upright position because the latch is broken. IT IS GARBAGE and it belongs in the GARBAGE. Don't bother calling for support or sending it in for repair. The design is inadequate and it is GARBAGE. Have I made myself clear? If you purchase a Hoover product, don't say you didn't know better....more info
  • Didn't last long.
    For $300, this vacuum should last longer than 3 years without requiring expensive repairs. Unfortunately, that has not been the case. After spending $100 to repair an internal electrical problem in April, we are now looking at another costly repair bill....more info
  • Heavy duty...and heavy!
    This Hoover does a good job in the suction department. We have 2 large dogs and 3 indoor-only cats and the vacuum is a part of the daily routine in this house. However...

    This thing weighs a ton. I am not frail, nor am I physically restricted. It pushes along well with the self-propelled feature, but it is very difficult to lift it off of the floor...
    very cumbersome...and it is NOT a breeze to haul it out for a quick hair pickup.

    If you have to get down on the floor to use an attachment to reach under something (such as the woodstove, etc.)be careful.
    The hose is connected to the middle of the back of the machine.
    When using the springy hose to reach back under, it can pull the handle end down on top of you. I wouldn't purchase this for my elderly Mom or for those with physical limitations.

    The bags are pricey (about 7 bucks for 3) and the filters are about 8 bucks.

    Although this monster does an acceptable job at cleaning, I would check the bagless options next time and look for something a bit easier to handle....more info