Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac with Clean Surge

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Product Description

HOOVER? STEAM VACUUMS SteamVac SpinScrub Hoover steam vacuums clean spots and stains on your floors with ease. Hoover vacuums use a powerful 12 amp motor to propel 5 spin scrub brushes that wash and wipe away spots and stains. Includes extra long 24L power cord for efficient use in large rooms. Tool kit includes spin scrub powered hand tool, on board hose and upholstery tool. Includes 16 oz. detergent. 1 year warranty.

This powerful home steam vacuum saves you the expense and hassle of having to rent a steam cleaner and keeps rugs, upholstery, and bare floors (other than hardwoods) looking like new. The powerful 12-amp motor combined with five spinning brushes that operate at either high or low speed lift the usual dirt and grime out of carpets. By pulling on the trigger in the comfortable upright handle, this deep cleaner releases the included carpet/upholstery cleaner and hot tap water. For more stubborn stains or for high-traffic areas, this SteamVac also has a Clean Surge feature, which sends an extra blast of cleaning solution into the stain by simply pressing a button on the handle. When cleaning is complete, release the trigger and the SteamVac forces hot air into the cleaning path so you can do a few dry strokes over the stain. This deep cleaner has two separate water tanks to keep clean water apart from dirty water. The top tank holds the detergent and 1 gallon of hot water and automatically mixes the two so you don't need to get your hands wet. The lower tank holds the dirty solution picked up from the carpet and unlatches to easily pour out into a sink without spilling. For cleaning stairs or upholstery, this deep cleaner has a long 8-foot hose and a special stair/upholstery nozzle that scrubs out spots. Other features of this deep cleaner include a brush indicator, which informs you that the brushes are spinning; an on/off foot pedal; a handle release pedal; and a 27-inch wraparound cord. The Hoover SteamVac is covered by a full one-year warranty. --Cristina Vaamonde

This powerful home steam vacuum saves you the expense and hassle of having to rent a steam cleaner and keeps rugs, upholstery, and bare floors (other than hardwoods) looking like new. The powerful 12-amp motor combined with five spinning brushes that operate at either high or low speed lift the usual dirt and grime out of carpets. By pulling on the trigger in the comfortable upright handle, this deep cleaner releases the included carpet/upholstery cleaner and hot tap water. For more stubborn stains or for high-traffic areas, this SteamVac also has a Clean Surge feature, which sends an extra blast of cleaning solution into the stain by simply pressing a button on the handle. When cleaning is complete, release the trigger and the SteamVac forces hot air into the cleaning path so you can do a few dry strokes over the stain. This deep cleaner has two separate water tanks to keep clean water apart from dirty water. The top tank holds the detergent and 1 gallon of hot water and automatically mixes the two so you don't need to get your hands wet. The lower tank holds the dirty solution picked up from the carpet and unlatches to easily pour out into a sink without spilling.

For cleaning stairs or upholstery, this deep cleaner has a long 8-foot hose and a special stair/upholstery nozzle that scrubs out spots. Other attachments include a bare floor nozzle and a powered hand tool that is also ideal for upholstery or small carpet areas. All tools are mounted on the front of the vac in a handy case. Other features of this deep cleaner include a brush indicator, which informs you that the brushes are spinning; an on/off foot pedal; a handle release pedal; and a 27-inch wraparound cord. The Hoover SteamVac is covered by a full one-year warranty. --Cristina Vaamonde

  • Powerful 12-amp motor; deep cleans with hot tap water and carpet solution
  • Five spinning/scrubbing brushes clean carpets, upholstery, bare floors
  • Clean Surge feature gives extra burst of cleaning solution for spots or stains
  • Two water tanks separate clean from dirty water
  • Brush rotation indicator; 8-foot hose; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Easy to use and gets the job done.
    I purchased this product a while ago and it has never let me down! It is so easy to use! All you need to do is fill up the tank with water and solution, pop it back in and start using it. It obviously picks up a lot of dirt, just by looking at the reserved tank. Not only does it clean very well, it dries the rug so much better than I thought it would. You can literally walk on the rug again within an hour.
    This is a must have...I don't know how I lived with a family and dogs without one for so long!...more info
  • Amazon eliminated its 30 day price adjustment
    Bought unit for $159.00. Amazon droped price to $140.00 and they eliminated price adjustment. Walmart sells unit for $139.00...more info
  • In love with it
    The important factor in comparing this Hoover Steam Vac with other carpet cleaners is its suction power. Don't pay less for one that won't pick up the water. This exceeded my expectations on my stain guarded carpet. Coffee stains, kool-aid, baby formula, dirt, etc all came up with this steam vac. Note: my carpet has stain repellents as most good quality newer carpets do.

    I used this on my old carpet, too. I was just as impressed! I actually bought a scrub brush in anticipation of scrubbing stubborn stains from my carpet. That brush is still brand new!

    The suction power is awesome. My carpet was nearly dry only two hours later. I'm keeping this baby in good care. I plan to use it alot....more info
  • Just what we wanted
    Great steam cleaner, a great thing to have with a toddler and a dog in the same house! Works great, gets the dirt out! Easy to use. Just wish it were a little less awkward to clean out when you're through......more info
  • Great when it works but...
    This product quit working 20 minutes out of the box--that's when I found out how little product support there is for it. I called the toll free number--I knew more about the product (had read the manual before plugging the machine in) than the guy on the other end of the line. He told me to take it to an authorized Hoover dealer. Good thing I called that dealer first--he told me the warranty on this product is only good for manufacturer's defects. In his experience, most problems were due to clogged hoses and it would probably cost me to bring it to him. His advice was emphatic: return it. Amazon was great about taking it back and sending a replacement.

    The replacement--so far--has worked great. It does a nice job of cleaning the rugs and leaving them just a bit damp. (Suction on the first machine cut out and left parts of my rug still damp 3 days later. With the replacement machine it just took a few hours to dry.) The machine is pretty easy to fill, use and clean. I like it--just hope it keeps going.

    The problem with the first machine was no suction--I read lots of reviews on line and saw that this was a problem others had encountered. No matter how many times I took it apart and put it back together, I just couldn't fix it. If you buy this product, be sure to buy it from someone who is willing to take it back. Save the box--you may need it....more info
  • Works Great
    The cleaner was used on a neglected basement carpet. All stains were completely removed. Can't express in words how amazing the results were. It's a keeper....more info
  • Well worth it
    While I didn't actually buy this cleaner, I borrowed it from my dear old mother to clean our very very dirty carpets. Therefore I have no experience with assembling it out of the box.

    But I do want to tell you that this cleaner did a superb job. I cleaned about 1100 square feet of very dirty carpet - carpet with numerous spots from kids spilling things on it, and a number of parties and gatherings with some messy guests. We even had some dark "paths" where there was high traffic. Normal people just buy new carpet when it looks like this. So I didn't have huge expectations going into this, but they were well exceeded.

    I think I got such great results because I did it right. I pre-treated spots with a spray cleaner at least 10 minutes before I ran the machine over them. Then I put between 8-10 oz of Hoover cleaner in every fill of the clean water reservoir (yup, more than recommended). When cleaning I did two full passes with the detergent, then I did two full passes with hot clean water. I also went very slowly over all the areas that I cleaned. And no, I didn't use boiled hot water - just hot water from the tap (which was too hot to hold your hand under, by the way).

    The results were nearly a miracle. The carpet is really really clean now. No spots at all and no visible dirt or dirty areas. The carpet looks brighter now. I think the key to getting the carpet so clean was the turbo-brushes. Some of the rental units just spray water on the carpet and then extract it and that doesn't seem to work well. So, I highly recommend this unit!...more info
  • Love the Hoover vac
    My experience with the Hoover SteamVac was incredible. I found it very easy to put together. There seems to be one difference with mine. According to the instructions, has long as the spray button is being pushed, the solution should come out and the vac will not suction. But mine always suctions when I pull the vac back towards me. That's ok with me, since it worked just as well. My carpets look like new. Even used on a wool rug we have. It made that look like new, made the colors pop back out. I did have one problem and if others have it, they need to try this. On the 3rd day that I went to use it, there was no suction at all. I took the water collection tub out and put back in several times and checked the lid to make sure it was attached correctly. Nothing seemed to work. I decided to try to connect the hose attachment and see if that had any suction. In order to attach the hose, you have to detach the little door on the tub. The suction worked just fine for the hose. So I put the door back up and and checked, the suction worked perfect. Apparently you need to make sure that little door is sitting correctly too!!. ...more info
  • Hoover Steam Vac
    I have found this Hoover steam vac to work well. It is easy to add water and to empty. I found it to be a good value for the price. Works well. ...more info
  • Hoover Steam Cleaner
    I love this cleaner. It works as well as the units I've rented in the past but is smaller and lighter. ...more info
  • worth the money
    I love this carpet cleaner. I had my rugs professionally cleaned for the holidays a couple of years ago. I thought they did a good job until I bought my Hoover SteamVac. They just go over areas once and very quickly too. We built an addition to our house over the summer and had a lot of foot traffic in our living room and hall. With my new Hoover SteamVac I was able to keep going over the same spot to get the heavily soiled areas really clean. The tanks for the cleaning solution and waste are easy to remove and clean. The suction on this cleaner removes most of the water leaving the carpet fairly dry. My carpet looks new again. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a carpet cleaner. Fabulous!!!...more info
  • Sometimes Sucking is Good
    So I have a million animals. Well ok not a million, I actually have 33 and as you can imagine having carpets leads to a lot of messes. From mud and dirt being tracked in to the occasional accident on the floor and the numerous spill that can and do occur my carpet was a mess. Even with a high traffic rated carpet it was looking really badly. So after checking on Amazon and the other reviews I got the Hoover Steam Vac. This thing cleans like a dream. Sure you can't go over your carpet like it's a vacuum but with a nice slow and steady pace you can really clean even the toughest dirt and grime. As for stains, well I pretreated all of my stains with oxyclean and the stains came right out when I used really hot water. I loved the clean surge that helps add a bit more solution for harder to clean areas. The carpet wasn't left sopping wet and dried quickly. The suction on this machine is wonderful and even the hand held upholstery cleaning wand works like a dream. It saved a chair from the dump it worked so well. The bare floor feature is really nice but of course I had to go around the edges of the rooms with a damp cloth and clean up anything left behind. It's wide mouth is great for carpets but not great for corners. Still over all I give this a 5 star rating. I've used it almost every day since I got it. ...more info
  • best Steam Vac ever
    This steam vac is the best one that I've used. It really gets the deep down dirt out....more info
  • Best carpet cleaner
    This carpet cleaner picks up dirt very well from carpets, but does require some elbow grease to get out tough stains. ...more info
  • Carpet Cleaner Steamer, Buy with Confidence
    This is my fourth carpet cleaner, so I know whats available out there. This machine does the job well for a home carpet cleaner. I have owned a Bissell and a Big Green Machine.......they did not do the job I needed for two active kids and two dogs. The only drawback on this machine is that it is heavy, so it is a two person job to do a long staircase, one to hold the machine and one to clean with attachments. This is the second Hoover that I have had, the first one lasted 16 years and the pump just died, it made more sense to buy a new one which is what I did through Amazon. The price was great and ordering and delivery was a breeze. I have many types of carpets in my home, wall to wall and room size area rugs, berber and textured carpets. This machine works well for all types. I have even used a pet product in conjuction with the Hoover detergent and it did a phenominal job. ...more info
  • Hoover F5914-900 Steam Vac
    Works great, very easy to use. Might be a little hard to push around if you are a lightweight. Very happy with the results, our carpets were very dirty and it cleaned them right up....more info
  • Lighter and MUCH better
    Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac with Clean Surge
    We had an old Hoover SteamVac that had come to the end of its life, and I bought this one. It's lighter, smaller, and very cleverly designed. Supply tank cap doubles as a measuring cup, the tank is very robust, it's easier to clean, everything has a place on the machine when you put it away, and it does a great job on carpets and stairs....more info
  • This cleans great!
    I've used this twice now - it works very well, although I think a professional service can get out the deep traffic stains better than this cleaner. I like seeing all the soil that comes up in the tank - I know I'm not wasting my time!...more info
  • Died after 2nd use. Buyer Beware!
    I would give the Hoover F5914 a negative star if I could. The first time I used it I was able to clean a small area rug we had in the living room. The 2nd time that same week I went to go clean a larger area, and it stopped working. It would still dispense the cleaning solution, but the recovery tank remained empty, which bascially left my carpets soaked! I had to use a wet vaccuum to clean up the excess liquid. Thankfully I bought mine at Bed Bath and Beyond, and returned it. I wish I had read the other 1 star reviews that noted this short life span. I'll never buy a Hoover again....more info
    This cleaner is both extremely difficult to setup and to use. First you have to put it together which is extremely hard because the directions make no sense. Next when you are trying to use it the directions are also extremely hard to follow. It is by far the worst thing I have ever used. Do not buy this product, you will regret it. ...more info
  • best purchase ever
    I am soooo impressed with this machine. I started to look at the more expensive machines but when I saw the impressive reviews for this one I chose it. My carpets never looked so good and they are OLD. I don't even care about new carpet now! My brother cleaned his too and was very pleased. So easy to use too. Very cheap on Amazon. Too bad I didn't buy it here!...more info
  • Love It and the Advice I got from the other reviews
    It was cheaper on Amazon than at the store or HSN. The product is definitely worth the price. I followed the great advice about loading the cleaner last from another review. I also let it all dry before putting it back together. It does an amazing job- just go slowly. Don't try to rush it. ...more info
  • Fantastic
    This is one of the best investments I've made in a long time. I should have bought this product sooner. It does a great job on carpet and carpet stains. I have several rental homes and have just completed cleaning the carpet in a vacant home. The carpet was in dire need of attention - this product took care of the work for me. I would highly recommend the Hoover SteamVac....more info
  • SteamVac that works!
    For years and years we have rented those box store rental units. You would have to call, reserve, drive and pick up, come home, clean it again (at least I never felt they were clean enough) and then hope it works! The last one I rented assured me I needed to get my own. I did the usual research on the web and decided to purchase this Hoover. I could not be more satisfied. Very happy with the cleaning and the ease of set up and operation. Even though some of the research indicated a leak, mine had none. Clean up is easy and stores well in coat closet. I would highly recommend this SteamVac to anybody. It is the smart choice!...more info
    Miracle Worker!
    This is a GREAT MACHINE! Even my husband said it did a superb job on both the carpets and linoleum/hard floors & he was skeptical about how it would do when I told him about this. But it did an AWESOME JOB! And I'm so HAPPY it worked so well.
    The only thing I had my husband use on the linoleum/hard floor in combination to the recommended carpet/floor cleaner solution was some liquid Comet spray with bleach. It did wonders! He was a cleaning machine that day, along with Hoover, and all the floors in my house look Brand New again! ;-)
    I read all the other reviews before I purchased the Hoover SteamVac and took the advice about making sure that I heard that CLICK or SNAPPING sound before we filled the Hoover with the Solution and Hot water to make sure it wouldn't leak like other's have reported, but we had NO LEAKAGE! The floors also dried quickly after we were fished steaming the floors.
    Thanks Hoover for bringing my floors Alive again!
    ...more info
  • wheres the steam
    Its easy to use,and clean after use. From the product title "SteamVac" i was thinking i was getting a unit that heated the cleaning solution. It does not. I use very hot water and that helps. The attachments are a pain to use and do not work very well. I could do the same with my ShopVac and a spray bottle. I have put them away and won't use them. On the plus side the vac does pull up most of the water and gets the dirt out....more info
  • Great product!
    Excellent instructions. Machine works like a charm. Only had it now for a couple of weeks; but works great!...more info
  • Could not be easier
    This machine was great. Easy to use and easy to clean up afterwards.
    Better than I ever would have believed. Tomorrow I am trying it out on Hard floor. I sent for the hardfloor attachment and if it does well I will have to say this machine is a perfect 10....more info
  • Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac with Clean Surge
    Vaccuum is heavy and hard to maneuver, which is why I gave I took away a star. For hair and small items, it is hard to clean with this vaccuum as it gets stuck. So according to Hoover, you need to vaccuum first with a regular vaccuum and then use the steam cleaner. That's why I took away another star.

    Otherwise, it does the job really well. I didn't realize how much dirt I had in my carpets until I emptied my vaccuum. The water turned black! Also, the cleaning solution that comes with the vaccuum dries really fast, within 30 min, which is good when you live in a city where it's cold most of the year. I just turned the fan on to aid in the drying process....more info
  • Does the job
    Used it once soon after purchase. Pretty easy to assemble and use. Pulled a LOT of dirt out of our carpet, despite regular vacuuming. A tough spot or two remained, but maybe pre-cleaning as per directions would help. Overall, the machine did a really nice job. I've read customer complaints about cheap easily-broken plastic, but I'm guessing, with some common-sense care in assembling and disassembling parts and manipulating controls, etc., the unit should hold up reasonably well. Clean-up can be a bit messy, but a lot easier than our previous Hoover portable. ...more info
  • Better than advertised
    Great price. Fast delivery. Product performs better than advertised. decision to buy was after reading consumers report on carpet steam cleaners. Recommend it ....more info
  • Hard Labor!!
    So I got my new Hoover SteamVac today and i just had to try it out right away and I am extremly satisfied with the way my carpets turned out.
    I got it mainly because i have a now twelve week old puppy that had some pottytraining issues at first and i have to say that by looking at my carpet you wouldn't know it if i wouldn't tell you. All the little puddle marks are gone and so is the smell. I didn't use the extra Petodor remover I just gave the bottle that came with it a try and it worked just fine.I didn't experience any leaks or anything like some of the other people were talking about at all it just was a breeze to assemble( AFTER reading the manual!) and to figure out how to use. The only issue i had was that nobody said anything about how much physical labor was gonna be involved in the cleaning process!! To transport the SteamVac to and from the areas to be cleaned was not a problem but pushing it while working is hard. I had to use my foot to even get it to move forward i wasn't able to do it by just pushing it by hand. The backwards motion was a lot easier but even then it needed some strenght. Maybe the handle needed to be more extended back or an extra handle for pushing needs to be installed lower toward the center of gravity! Within 5 minutes i was sweating and i have to say that's a lot for me to say because im in my twenties and work out at the gym on a regular basis. Anyway after i saw the results all was forgotten and it was absolutely worth it! I would recommend it to anyone who is capable of some physical activity and for that low price you really can't beat it!...more info
  • Wow! This carpet cleaner really works!
    I absolutely love my deep cleaner. The initial setup was easy following the instructions in the booklet. I would definitely recommend reading the short instruction booklet for detailed information on setup, cleaning carpets, and cleaning the machine.

    As I cleaned the carpets, I used the clean surge feature for more soiled areas in the carpet and then followed with four or five dry passes to pull out the excess water. I was amazed at how fast the carpet dried. After allowing the carpet to dry, I then used clean, hot water to rinse the carpet. It is noted in the instructions that this is not necessary, but I received great results.

    A few minor issues....The empty tank will fill up faster than you will use your cleaning mixture, which means you will have to empty the tank before adding new cleaning mixture, but I really did not find this to be a big hassle. It is very easy to empty and continue cleaning.

    Also the front cover of the machine will end up with some debris on the edges that is near impossible to remove, but all of the other debris can easily be swept up into the machine by pouring a cup of hot water directly onto a hard floor and then running the cleaner over it.

    The machine only came with 16 oz of Hoover cleaning solution which will not go very far. I purchased the large size Hoover Ultra Cleaning Solution which cleaned very well and left the house smelling clean and fresh.

    Even with these minor issues, I give the machine 5 stars because of how well it performs. My carpets look SUPER!

    I purchased the machine for $139.99 and think it is a great deal at this price....more info
  • very satisified
    I purchased this SteamVac based on the reviews. I'm so glad I did. It is very easy to use. No problems assembling. I went over my carpet VERY SLOWLY to allow soap to penetrate and brushes to work thoroughly. I also went over the carpet repeatedly to dry. Worked like a charm. There were some spots that wouldn't come out of my light carpet but a least I know it's clean! I did use the carpet cleaner that came with it but probably next time I'll try OxyClean. My one complaint is it did't come with the nozzle cleaning tool for cleaning the gunk out of the nozzle. It's a $4 tool that you have to pay $6 to ship. My husband says he'll clean with his air hose.

    ...more info
  • Great Cleaner
    I just love this cleaner . I got it at amazon for just $139.00 and will be buying my second one for our house in Arizona. We have 2 dogs and a ferret and I need to clean the carpet quite often. I think you will love it too....more info
  • Excellent buy
    I researched before purchasing a carpet cleaner and found that this cleaner had the highest rating on consumerreports.org. It's a great machine at a very good price. Amazon had the best price, Best Buy had the second best price. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Hoover Steamvac
    I bought this because my dog had an accident and I couldn't get the smell out. I also have 5 kids, one of which is crawling. So hard as I try to keep up, there are messes sometimes. This steamvac works awesome! It pulled out more stuff than I wanted to know was in there! It was gross! But now I have clean carpets, and we can use the family room again because the dog pee smell is finally gone! That did take some pretreatment and three cleanings, but it was a bad one, and it was set in. The spray and wipe didn't work at all, so it had been sitting for a week, and the smell got worse each day. Now the carpet smells fresh and the barricades are down! ...more info
    The steamvac arrived very well packaged. I put it to use right away and was very happy with the results. The steamvac went together without a hitch. Cleaned very well and didn't leak. Haven't had the opportunity to use the attachments yet....more info
  • Well worth the money!
    Very easy to use and change water. Would have liked to know that it does not come with the bare floor attachment nor is there any steam. But if you use very hot water, the carpets do come out nice and clean. ...more info
  • Very impressive cleaning machine
    I basically agree with everyone that stated the ease of use, durability and superior cleaning ability of this machine. I did plenty of research before my purchase and chose the Hoover 5914-900, 5000 series hands down basically due to its durability. I think Bissel makes a comparable machine on price and cleaning but I didn't want to replace it in a few years due to break down.Also don't bother with the 7000 series Hoover either. They have many more problems with the tanks splitting and don't evan clean any better than this machine. One last thought I didn't read in the reviews was that the Hoover takes a few carpets to get learn how to use it. I have already cleaned my whole house (4-5 rooms) in stages. I find that each time I pull it out and get going the process gets much easier and more methodical. It takes some time to get to know this product but now I don't even thing twice about it while in the steaming process. ...more info
  • Super sucker
    As good as a professional cleaning. I have a cream colored carpet and five dogs, including one senior citizen who often misses her papers. The carpet looked good as new after cleaning. The machine was easy to assemble and use. The two tanks are easy to fill and empty and hold enough solution for a sizable area. The size of the machine makes it easy to manuever. Very pleased with purchase....more info
  • Hoover Steam Cleaner
    This carpet cleaner did a very nice job shampooing my carpets. It was also very easy to put together.

    My carpets dryed in a couple of hours as well....more info
  • Great!
    Worked better than I expected! It really pulled some nasty stuff out of my carpet.It was cheaper to buy a machine than to hire carpet cleaners too....more info
  • Best steam cleaner ever!
    This Hoover cleaner is far superior to either of the Bissell cleaners I have used over the years. We foster small breed rescued dogs, and need to clean up their accidents frequently - often several times a week. This cleaner makes thorough cleanup a short chore and the carpet is usually dry within 30 minutes.

    Specific advantages over the Bissell:
    The Hoover cleaner does not leak.The spin brushes do not eat up the carpeting, suction is very efficient and the cleaning solution and collection tanks are MUCH easier to remove for refill and emptying.

    Cleaning tips:
    We use 1/2 cup of white vinegar to one tank of water, rather than commercial carpet cleaning solutions. Vinegar is anti-bacterial, neutralizes fresh urine odors, and leaves no residue or odor after drying.

    For overall very dirty carpeting use commercial cleaner and then repeat cleaning with white vinegar solution to remove the cleaner residue.

    Try 4 passes over a soiled area - one with the brush turned on while applying solution, one with the brush only, and two more with the brush turned off. The suction is stronger when the brushes are turned off.

    If cleaning up after pets, prevent bacterial growth and odor in the collection tank by spraying the inside with disinfectant bathroom cleaner (Lysol, Scrubbing Bubbles, etc.)
    ...more info
  • Hoover performs better than Bissell
    I got tired of my Bissell Pro-heat (purchased 2002) working or not working (two times to the repair shop) and decided to try the Hoover F5914-900 after reading some internet reviews and trying a friend's lower end Hoover. What a difference! The Bissell has a pump belt which can break at any time and if you don't have a spare you are done with your job. The detergent container in the Bissell is very small and has to be constantly refilled. The "rinse only" feature only works some of the time. The connections between the hand tools and the hose were very difficult to work.
    I absolutely love the Hoover. It has a different type of cleaning brushes (which can be removed for cleaning; a LARGE detergent tank (I can do half a room on one filling), which you can fill with water to do a rinse after cleaning if you want; no belt to worry about; the hand tool connections are easy to use; and the best news is that it cleans much better than the Bissell and sucks the fluids out of the carpet much better. I put it to the test right away when a visiting dog decided to use my carpet for a rather loose deposit. It removed all signs of the stool. Maybe Bissell has made some improvements since 2002 but I will stick to Hoover from now on. ...more info
  • I love my steam cleaner!
    When I received my Hoover steam cleaner, I was so anxious to get working with it that I went crazy going room to room, like a robot!! What a difference!! I was so tired of my carpet, that I wanted it "out!" It now looks pretty close to "barely used!!!! Great value and great product!!! THX!! M.I.F in Tucson,AZ. ...more info
  • Good Machine but Has it's issues
    I bought the hoover steamvac in April 2008 as a replacement for my older hoover(water pump broke). The new version has several improvements over the old one, mainly it seems to do a much better job of removing solution and blows warm air over the carpet. It does a great job cleaning.
    Some of the things I don't like:
    -connecting and removing the upholstery tool requires more steps than the older version. However, this does correct a problem with breaking vacuum hoses when you open the unit up and tilt the handle back too far. The new design eliminates this problem but requires more work. Acceptable trade off in my opinon.
    - The solution tank has small holes in the top. If you tilt the handle back too far, like when you are trying to remove the recovery tank, it will leak solution all inside the machine and on the floor. The manual says to remove the solution tank when removing the recovery tank.
    - After three uses the center brush of the brush assembly, the one with the green square shaft, started falling out whenever I tilted the front up or lifted the machine. I don't know why this started happening. I have emailed Hoover support about this problem.

    All things considered, the machine does a good job even with it's issues. I paid $138 and would consider this product again.

    I will update this review once I hear back from Hoover on the brush issue.

    ...more info
  • Fantastic Results
    used it to do all the carpets in my house and I was amazed how much dirt it pulled out of the carpet. did a great job. the Hoover Cleaning solution had a fresh smell when i got finished...more info
  • I am Deeply Thankful
    This deep carpet cleaner is nothing new in my house. We've had it for over 10 years and I just bought another because the older one is now being used only in the basement. If there is any criticism I have of this wonderful machine it would be its cord--while robust, its twists and turns don't easily unwind; this criticism is not nearly enough to deduct a star.

    Addendum Nov 10, 2008: After actually having used the second one we bought, both my wife and I think Hoover may have used cheaper parts that make up their cleaner. Having said that, it works, but it just feels like an inferior product compared to the first one we had bought a decade ago....more info
  • Hoover Steam
    Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac with Clean Surge This machine works wonderful ! I would recommend its purchase and it was delivered swiftly by Amazon. My carpets dried quickly as well from 30 minutes to 45 minutes at the most .. if your carpets are driving you mad and your ashamed to have company buy this cleaner !...more info
  • Good for the price
    Good for the price.
    Works well on the carpet and the hard floor.
    The hose with the vacuum does not have any suction power, and the rotating blades are also not effective at all....more info
  • Excellent machine!
    I have owned a similar machine for years (also a Hoover). Only recently one of the hoses cracked making it essentially useless. But I loved this machine and it's performance. Having loved that machine so much I decided to stick with Hoover when buying a new unit.

    WOW! Hoover has made this machine even better than the one before it. I can not believe how clean it got my carpets. Practically like new!

    It is a bit irritating that the clean water tank and the dirty water tank do not hold the same amount of liquid. It was the same way on the last one too. You'd think Hoover would have corrected this issue having seen how many people have complained about this in user reviews. Whatever, it isn't a deal breaker for me at all, I still LOVE this steam cleaner!...more info
  • Does a tremondous job.
    We were a little skeptical since we had previously used Bissell machines. We were lured into buying our Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac with Clean Surge by a variety of reviews and the fact that our old Bissel was a leaker.
    We have cleaned over 3000 square feet of carpet without a problems --- and it did a fantastic job. So far the Hoover has lived up to it's reputation as the best carpet shampooer on the market for the price....more info
  • I Love it!
    Well this is my second Hoover SteamVac. My original SteamVac did not have any attachments and did not have any rotating brushes. I was happy with my original Hoover, but I bought this model so I could clean my steps and furniture. I am so pleased with this model. It cleaned my carpets in half the time of my old Hoover and my steps and furniture look brand new. ...more info
  • Good alternative to expensive professional cleaners
    With twin boys going through potty training this has been a must have. I think professional cleaning is still better but this is a fantastic alternative to carry you over and stretch out the frequency of professional cleaning jobs. Reasonably priced and easy to use. A must have with children in the house....more info
  • Much better than I expected
    I had an older model (10+ years) and did not realize what a poor job it was doing. This newer model made my carpets look like new, and the clean surge is a fantasic welcome addition over my old model. And the price on Amazon beat the local retailer even when on sale, and with a certain % off. And it was delivered to my door! ...more info
  • Second time around
    This is the second Hoover Steamvac I have owned.The first one served me so well,(and still does)I bought a new one.I bought the first one when they had not been on the market very long(many years ago).It has cleaned a lot of carpet,not only my own,but numerous friends and relatives.It has been 'through the mill' so to speak.I keep it around mostly to lend out when friends ask.In my opinion this is the best carpet cleaner for the money you can buy....more info
  • So far, so good...
    Originally I thought that I would pick up a smaller unit as we don't have much carpet left in the house. The more I researched the more I realized that the smaller units don't have the power or the suction to clean well. This unit seemed to be a good compromise between "powerful" and "inexpensive." It also carried good reviews.

    It assembled easily and came with a small bottle of cleaning solution. The bottle was enough for 3 fills of the unit and that cleaned my area rugs/carpets just fine. One of our cats seems to believe the entire room that contains his litter box is fair game. This probably pulled 90% of his irritating behavior out of the carpet. Kudos.

    I feel that it did a better job than the rentals of "rug doctor" machines that I have used in the past... mostly due to the spin brushes. I didn't notice any change in the performance when I pushed the "surge button" though.. not sure what was supposed to happen.

    The only thing that keeps me from giving this 5 stars is a slightly flimsy feeling of the upright locking mechanism. It is not a critical flaw but lends to a feeling that it is flimsy. Everything else seems very robust.

    ...more info
  • hoover steam vac
    The hoover steam vac is exactly what I needed to clean my carpets. It
    did an excellent job on my stairs and it is simple to use and the directions were very explicit and easy to follow. My carpets look like new again. Thanks Hoover....more info
    I previously had this same machine only with 4 brushes. I have had great use from the previous Cleaner and expect the same from this one. I have already used it several times and am very pleased with it. Only problem I have is a bad right shoulder and I have to make sure I use left arm to operate because of needing a strong push and pull action. I still feel it is worth the energy it takes to operate. You can clean you carpet when it needs it and not wait until you can afford a professional. ...more info
  • So far so good.
    I did alot of research on carpet cleaners before deciding on this one. I have used it to clean the seats, floor mats, and carpeting in my cars. It did a fantastic job. I also cleaned my dining room carpet (which is slightly off-white). The carpet was really dirty so can't give an honest opinion on how well it cleaned it. It did clean it some, but the dirt is so ground in. This cleaner is really good for quickie cleaning or such, but I don't think it replaces having the carpet professionally done....more info
  • great product
    after much begging my husband to get the carpet cleaned, I finally decided to to do it myself. I researched for two days the best carpet cleaner I could find through customer reviews and actually looking at a few. I ended up with Hoover clean surge. It was very easy to assemble, but better than that, my carpet looked better than when we paid a professional almost 500.00 dollars for same space I cleaned. It was really dirty in some spots due to we have a dog who likes to take his treats there. I near boiled my water, it cleans much better when you do. Also, pretreat real dirty areas.I would highly recommend this cleaner, definitely worth every penny. ...more info
  • Hoover F5914-900
    Great machine, cleans well. I did my whole house. I like that the brushes are removable for easy cleaning. I wish it would have come with a hardwood floor attachment....more info
  • Excellent Cleaner!!!
    I had a base model Hoover steam vac that I purchased 5 years ago and it finally died on me. I had borrowed my neighbor's Bissell to clean my carpets, but it didn't have great suction or dispense a lot of fluid. I decided to stick with Hoover and am not sorry I did so. This model is by far an excellent value for the money and does a fabulous job getting all the dirt out. The water was black when I dumped it. Who knew from the cats, dog and kids that there was that much dirt in my carpets. I now spot clean once a week with my Hoover and couldn't live without it. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone....more info
    this cleaner works as good as they say. It is easy to figuer out kinda heavy to carrie up the stairs. the handle is havey cause of the water tank. but other than that i love it. it is bettter then other ones i have had in the past....more info
  • What more can I say
    Owned the Bissell green machine and have rented the professional steam vacs. The Hoover Steam-Vac is way better than the bissell- superior suction and nearly dry carpets after use. No comparison with the pro version either- the Hoover is nimble and easy to fill and clean.

    A no-brainer for me to recommend it....more info
  • Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac with Clean Surge
    The Hoover F5914-900 worked like a charm picked up lots of dirt leaving the carpet clean and like new again. I highly recommend this one if you are looking for a carpet cleaner....more info
  • Great steam carpet cleaner

    This Hoover steam cleaner is well built and
    really does a nice job of pulling up dirt
    and taking out stains. Excellent value for the
    price....more info
    Okay, so I have had 2 separate (different model) bissel machines over the past 4 years or so. The last one was purchased in December of 2007 as part of a Christmas gift! I like a clean home:)~ It broke 1 minute into using it. The belt busted. The Walmart I purchased it from didn't have the belt I needed. So I looked at 4 different stores with NO luck! How frustrating! Finally found a belt and after a few months of use, I lent it to a friend (bad judgement) and she said that it didn't work not that something had broken on it. Hmm...wouldn't have borrowed her a broken machine, but upon taking the machine apart, I realized there was a part completely broken from the heat of the belts. 27.00 to replace plus shipping! I received it in the mail along with several more belts since that is an ongoing infection with these stupid machines, but after cleaning 2 rooms, the same part broke again! Its a combo of plastic and metal! Rediculous! I am so fed up that I decided to do some research. I found reviews of several Hoover Machines and finally settled on this one! I just cleaned my carpets with my bissel maching Tuesday, bought my new Hoover Wednesday and was AMAZED at how much gunk and dirt and dust and (I don't know what else) came out of my carpets that hadn't been touched with the Bissel. I haven't had any leak problems or any problems for that matter! Assembly was easy, directions were great, it was easy to clean afterwards. I have no complaints. I have 3 german shepherds that shed enlessly and a 2 year old running around and another lil one on the way. When they are crawling on the ground, you need something to clean those carpets....not to mention we live in the desert! Endless dust! I will repost a message in a month or two to let everyone know how it goes. I literally vacuum weekly and steam vac the carpets every other week so if something does give me problems, I should know right away! If you are looking at purchasing a Hoover Steamvac, you will NOT BE DISSAPPOINTED with this one! I am a very satisfied customer! If you could hear me, I would be singing right now:))...more info
  • Hoover SteamVac
    I am so very happy I purchased the Hoover SteamVac from amazon.com, because the price was right and you offered to pay for the freight. Wow!
    I contemplated a long time before buying this product. I compared prices on the Internet before making a final decision.
    I was pleasantly surprised when three residents (I live in a 272-unit complex.) stopped to tell me that they own the same product, as I carried the Hoover SteamVac in its original (Hoover) box from the security office to the elevator.
    The steamvac was easy to put together and scrubbed my dirty living room carpet just like I expected it to. Thank you for offering such a wonderful product.
    Sincerely, Pat...more info
  • Can you carry a gallon of milk ???
    I can't believe how many people say that to fill or empty the reservoir it is too heavy. Come on, can you carry a gallon of milk ? If not maybe you aught to think of working out a little. NOT HEAVY AT ALL. Only reason not rated as 5 is I think the bristles are not stiff enough to give a good scrubbing. ...more info
  • Excellent Carpet Cleaning!
    Disgusted with the performance of a commercial carpet cleaner that I rented about 5 weeks ago, I finally bought this machine. I looked at carpet cleaners in all price ranges, and despite the lower price, decided on this one.

    I ordered this machine just yesterday morning from Amazon and although I really wanted to have it the next day (today), due to the shipping weight, the overnight cost was ridiculous, so I went ahead and got the super-saver shipping. Much to my amazement, I received a confirmation that my order had been shipped by fed-ex and would indeed be arriving today! Awesome service Amazon! Now, back to the carpet cleaner...

    I took it out of the box and it took only a few minutes to assemble. 3 screws and that was it. Realize I had cleaned my carpets just 5 weeks ago with a highly praised commercial machine. My carpets now look better than they did when I moved in! During the first tank I put only 3 oz of cleaning solution in, because I knew that other machine left our floors sticky and nasty feeling so I suspected that I did have quite a bit of suds build up, left over from that commercial rental. And I did, being nearly overwelmed with suds. After that first tank, I proceeded to clean my living room, dining room and hallway with only very hot tap water. You would not believe the left over cleaner and massive amount of dirt and gunk that this machine pulled out of my carpet. We are talking stuff that could easily clog drains. Oh, and my carpets were virtually dry immediately.

    I am absolutely thrilled with this carpet cleaner and know that we will get lots of good use out of it. It's smaller so very easy to maneuver under and around furniture and the tanks are easy to dump and refill. Thank you again, Amazon for offering this awesome product and getting it to me the very next day with super-saver shipping.

    Oh, and the problems that some purchasers had with the machine leaking if they did not hear the handle click into place during assembly apparently have been solved. The machine never leaked a drop and I never heard a click when assembling. The upholstery attachments are great too....more info
  • Will never buy another hoover
    Bought a steam cleaner and a vacuum cleaner (both hoover) about 10 months ago. Steam cleaner Worked well until now and then broke; given that i've used it for just about 4 times in the past 10 months, i would say hoover makes some of the most un-reliable machines around.

    And the Vacuum cleaner never had any pressure to begin with; i just got lazy to return it.. would have returned both if i knew the steam cleaner would also fail in just a few months.

    ...more info
  • A good product
    Biggest bang for the buck! I blindly went with the reviews on Amazon and am glad to say I wasnt disappointed! One cant expect wonders at the word 'go', but if you use it often, this one will rid you of worries and your carpet of dirt, that your vaccuums wont. Good product Hoover!...more info
  • Easy to use.
    Great product. Easy to use. I have white carpets that are 14 years old and they look close to new after using this product. I used a little bleach when I rinsed my carpets with the Hoover SteamVac and they are beautiful! My house is fairly large and this unit is great for small area rugs or larger rooms with wall to wall carpeting. I used to spend hundreds of dollars each year to have my carpets professionally cleaned. This carpet cleaner did a better job than the professionals and I'm saving tons money! ...more info
  • Hoover steamvac
    This machine worked very well. My carpet looks 100% better and stains did not return when carpet dried. Fairly easy to use, carpet dried quickly. I would have purchased one of these years ago if I had know they worked so well.
    ...more info
  • This machine is awesome!!
    Like so many of you, I researched carpet shampooers and read reviews from many people and decided on the Hoover F914-900 and absolutely love it!!! This is one time where I don't have any doubts about my purchase:) I made sure I read the manual while putting it together and I was anxious to give it the true test. First, I cleaned my bedrooms and was so impressed and that night when I went to bed, I could smell this nice, clean smell from the cleanser that was used on the carpets. Before I bought this one, I was looking at the Bissell Pro Heat but the thing that made me change my mind was when I discovered that the clean water actually was put in a pouch that actually sat inside of the dirty water container. I didn't like that idea at all because if you have to empty out the dirty water, that meant that you had to touch the pouch with the clean water and vice versa. Plus, I think the holding tank was smaller than Hoover.

    I am totally happy with the results of this shampooer. I didn't buy the extended warranty so I hope this machine will last a few years!

    The one thing that I noticed right away was the ease of pushing this machine back and forth. It just glides over your carpets. Nothing like the commercial ones I've rented in the past. They were so heavy and bulky. Plus, I like the idea of having it at my disposal anytime.

    Amazon has the best price!! I got mine at BestBuy for $158.00 so I was happy.

    ...more info
  • Hoover should be ashamed
    Would like to use this product but it arrived missing the three nuts listed on the instructions. I called the 800 number and was electronically directed to call another number. I left a message as directed and received no response. (4 days ago). I sent an email (three days ago) and have received no reponse. Hoover's customer service makes me doubt my purchase was a good one....more info
  • Great Machine
    Is a great steam vac, is better then the oldest one. It work perfect, does not leak errol. ...more info
  • Amazing.
    This machine is shockingly good at cleaning carpets (considering the reasonable price). The suction is really powerful, and my carpets dry in a few hours - less if it's a warm, dry day and the sun is shining on them. We used the Hoover brand soap that came with for our first carpet and true enough - it was used up very quickly. However, I've been cleaning all my carpets with just hot water (and pre-treating any stains with "Nature's Miracle") and it gets them just as clean as with soap - and there's no residue to attract dirt. I cleaned our car with the attachments and it worked great. That car has never looked so clean. Did I mention that I love this machine? ...more info
  • As Good as a Home Steam Vac gets
    This machine performs as advertised. You can actually see the dirty water being scooped up from the carpet. The cleaned areas stay that way. In other words, the dirty spots don't reappear when dry. The machine is pretty easy to assemble and use. ...more info
  • This is the one
    This is a great carpet cleaner at a great price. It did a wonderful job on the carpets. It was easy to assemble. The water receptacles are not too big and heavy,so they are easy to refill and empty. This is a heavy machine. It is easy to clean with, but I would not recommend lugging it up stairs. ...more info
  • Almost a homerun
    Did a great job on the carpets, as indicated by other reviews. However, mine had a defect in the accessory hose; the valve which activates the spray drips continuosly. I called the Hoover hotline and they directed me to an authorized Hoover repair shop which is a 40 mile round trip. Not convenient. I'll have to find time to solve the problem. Otherwise, I'd recommend the machine....more info
  • OMG the stuff that came out of my carpet....
    I really like the cleaner - i used a bissell proheat2x ($200) about 2 months ago on the same carpets. but the hoover got stuff out that didnt come out before. eeeew. i am disappointed that the bare floor attachment was NOT included even tho the product specs mention the bare floor cleaning. not fair. i have to buy an extra part to use it on bare floors....more info
  • deep cleaning!
    I have rented carpet steam cleaners in the past and was always delighted & disgusted in equal measure. Disgusted by the dirtiness of the water & delighted to think I was getting my carpets so clean. I hesitated to buy a consumer model, but the Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac's results made me happy I made the leap.
    The assembly was not difficult & I know I will be saving money soon as I will now steam clean quarterly. The water was just as black (gross!) and my whole house smelled better. I have wool area rugs and give the Hoover 5 stars for my results. For any pet owners, this is a must-have!!...more info
  • Pleasantly surprised!
    I didn't have a lot of money to spend, either on a cleaing service or a home machine. I did a lot of research on the internet, and found that this machine had a good reputation. I wasn't sure how well it would work though, and when we used it on our light beige carpet I couldn't believe it! I was very pleased. I also found the price at Amazon.com to be the best out there.

    Very happy!...more info
  • Much better than competitor
    I had a cleaner from the other company - it worked well but then the pump quit - upon further inspection it had many broken parts - what can I say -Fissell parts were more expensive than a new one

    Ordered the Hoover from Amazon - we have to have a carpet machine with 4 pets

    The Hoover Steamvac is far superior - more power, adjustable speed, more capacity, and quieter.

    We also have a floormate for tile - both are great machines - go Hoover! I searched Amazon has the best prices as usual.

    BG...more info
  • Nice for the price!
    I read all the reviews, then took the plunge. Steam Vac arrived within a couple of days, and today I used it for the first time. Although I ordered extra shampoo, it didn't come with the cleaner shipment--I only had the small bottle that came with the machine. However, I managed to clean a decent sized area, including our main hallway with it....and while I'll need to go back over a couple of high traffic areas (our carpet is cream-colored, with the last professional cleaning somewhere around last Christmas, give or take a month), it is noticeably cleaner, and some bad 'puppy spots' are gone! It takes a little getting used to watching both tanks, and once I noticed there wasn't any suction, but that was due to my not having the take up tank lid on securely--an easy fix. Overall it's easy to use and yes, lots of dirt comes up! I would have liked larger tanks--so only 4 stars--but again, it does a good job for the money. I'm glad I bought it. ...more info
  • Does a great job for the money
    I picked this vac due to the high reviews. I had a carpeted room in the house that was covered in old pet stains which failed to come up with spray-on spot removers. After using this vac on this room, the dirty water canister was black with dirt, and all the stains were gone. Couldn't be happier, and the cheap price tag on this model makes it very high in value. ...more info
  • Hoover Steamvac is a very good product.
    I've used this product one time and it is easy to use and does a good job.So far,I would recommend it,especially to pet owners....more info
  • Hoover F5914-900
    Works well,deep cleans with minor water residue. Only drawback is that it's somewhat hard to clean when finished....more info
  • Satisfied
    I purchased this steam vac after doing a product search in local stores and on other internet sites. I found the best bargain on Amazon. The steamer was packed well in the box on arrival.
    We have a new puppy soiling our carpet, leaving me very frustrated with messes. I didn't want to rent a carpet cleaner, recycling the dirt from other households. If I rented a steamer to keep up with puppy messes, eventually it would add up to a purchase price of my own steamer. I am very happy with my purchase!...more info
  • Works like a charm
    This is the second Hoover Steam Vac that I have purchased. The last one was ten years ago. I just used it a few days ago, and I think our carpets look and feel cleaner than when I have them done professionally. Also, they dried more quickly than the last time they were done by a professional cleaner. I'm quite impressed.
    Lisa Sereni...more info
  • Hey the Hoover F5914-900 steam Vac w/clean surge works for my Berber rug
    The reasons i bought this product is my Berber rug collects dirt like anything.
    My carpet hasn't been cleaned in years.

    I have three dirty cats and dogs that have vomited and peed on my carpet and nothing could get the smell out. The smell was awful The little monster soaked my carpet in my closet.
    We worked on a dairy farm.You get ground in dirt, no matter, how many times you wipe and wash your shoes.

    Now i use the carpet shampoo for part of the rug then i used Simple Green.
    The vomit stains were removed.
    the cat urine stains were removed but, the smell is still there --not as "knock me off my feet bad," the urine went past the pad. I will have to try the odor remover from Hoover or Odor Ban.
    Now, for the ground in dairy farm dirt, I went though 6 changes of solution it did a great job remember this is my Berber rug and a high traffic area the water was the color of charcoal. My Berber rug doesn't look brand knew but I don't mind doing my "sit ups" on it.
    I also used this on a shag carpet it worked but, you do pick up a lot of rug lint so just take it easy on the shag. I also did three area rugs it worked excellent.
    If you have a Berber rug it takes longer to dry and my was saturated in my problem areas. My other rugs it took 2-3 hours to dry including the shag carpet.
    I am very happy with my purchase.

    ...more info
  • Success!
    I just cleaned my carpets this weekend for the first time with my new Hoover SteamVac. It was simple to operate and pulled a lot of dirt out of the carpet. It was easy to assemble and easy to operate, well built, and exactly as advertised. The carpet was fairly dry that night, but I let them dry over night before putting the furniture back. I can't tell yet how well it will hold up in 2 or 5 or 10 years, but so far, so good....more info
  • Great carpet cleaner
    I bought this carpet cleaner because I have two small children and lots of dirt! I had my carpet professionally cleaned about a month before I bought this cleaner. I was amazed and grossed out at the amount of dirt this thing sucked up. I paid $175 for a professional that obviously did not do much at all. I have used my cleaner about 5 times. I used it twice the first week. I now have my carept to the point that the water is a little dirty when I clean it and not black and disgusting. Very easy to use, great price, and shipped to the house in less than a week. I would recommend this cleaner. ...more info
  • Great Product!
    We have a larger than average family and two dogs so there were times when I would rent the Rug Doctor on a monthly basis. What an inconvenience. The Hoover SteamVac is a terrific product. (The assembly was easy, too.) I use boiling water rather than the hot tap water and I think the results are outstanding. If I have a small spill in the living room, for example, I can do a quick area in no time. I am so happy with my purchase. I keep it in my kitchen closet and have had occasion to use it almost weekly. That may sound like a lot but it is so much easier to use than the large commercial machines you rent, that it seems effortless.
    This product is perfect as far as I am concerned....more info
  • I like this
    This is the first time I buy a steamVac, but I used one or two from my relatives already. I'm happy with this one since it does its job very well.
    I followed the instruction carefully and did get good result.
    Hot water is better....more info
  • SteamVac
    Once I got the suction to work the machine did a great job! The dirt that was extracted was amazing to see when you empty the container. ...more info
  • Excellent SteamVac
    I purchased this steamvac a few weeks ago and it has worked wonders on my carpet. ...more info
  • Love it -- Excellent crisis fixer
    I should have purchased this when we had our first child! Recently, I gave the machine a true test of its ease of use, functionality, and suction. We were leaving for a house "showing," (our home is for sale) when my two year old tracked dog poop into my living room. Needless to say, I went into crisis mode. Within six minutes, I was able to quarantine the three marks, boil a quart of water, add detergent, vacuum the marks and make carpet nearly dry; all around four children under the age of five! The realtor and potential buyers never knew what had happened just minutes prior to there arrival. Thank you Hoover SteamVac!!!...more info
  • Love this Steam Vac
    This shampooer was easy to put together and works very well. Cleaned a carpet with it that I thought was hopeless. My only complaint is that you have to empty the holding tank frequently. Maybe that's because it draws more water out of the carpet than other machines!!...more info
  • Best Model Number for Hoover Steam Vacs
    You definitely want the F5914-900 when shopping for steam cleaners. The suction power on this machine is terrific, there are separate tanks for the dirty and clean water, AND the price is under $200.00. You really can't beat it. It does a professional job.

    Important Note: When the unit is assembled properly, there is some play left in the handle when you are through. ...more info
  • Works great
    We had 2 Bissells before (it takes me a while to learn). This hoover cleans circles around the bissell. neither bissell lasted more than 6 or 7 cleanings. Have only used the hoover twice, but from the reviews I've read it should last longer....more info
  • alll in all pretty darn good
    This machine is worth the money and does the job.
    Only a couple minor problems. First, the cord is connected to it in an inconvenient spot, at the bottom. You have to constantly keep it from being run over by the vacuum . Second, the instructions are a bit confusing, more then they need to be, but all in all, a good choice!...more info
  • Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac review
    First, thanks to all the previous reviewers. Your comments helped me buy a QUALITY product. Paid $175 in central NJ at Best Buy. Performed just as well as the rented Rug Doctor. Cannot see what the retail version Rug Doctor for $700 (yikes!) could do much better, except cover more ground on each pass...and that may be my one complaint. The one gallon capacity of this model seemed to go quickly. I was doing only spot cleaning with my first use so, I anticipate many refills for an entire rug. Suggestions anyone?
    Also, thanks to everyone for the cleaning tips. The use of BOILING water is essential. Do I need to say be careful?
    Assembly was relatively simple -READ THE DIRECTIONS- more than once. One previous reviewer had related the lock-in step for the upper storage tank and the audible "snap". I did not experience this and the machine seemed to work fine-no leaking.
    Again, all-in-all, a good product. I am now also done with the Stanley Steamer, Chem-Dry companies of the world....more info
  • An absolute bargain at this price
    Any complaints I could find with this machine would be trivial. To pay less than what it costs to have my carpets cleaned professionally even once, and get comparable results, is simply delightful. The Hoover is well designed, very simple to assemble and use, and delivers excellent results. I'm impressed. ...more info
  • Excellent carpet cleaner that does what its supposed to do
    Our last carpet cleaner was a Bissell that we got as a gift. It did an ok job but we still had to rent a Rug Doctor about twice a year to thoroughly clean our carpets. Well the Bissell died after about 2 years and it was time to look for a new cleaner. After reading the reviews and keeping a price limit in mind, we decided to go with this Hoover. Wow what a difference this machine makes. I couldn't believe how black the water was. It may even work better then the Rug Doctor that we rent from our local grocery store. I still use the Rug Doctor cleaning solution (but a lot less then what is recommended) for this machine, although recently I heard that shampooing carpet isn't generally recommended and that plain water (maybe with some white vinegar) works well to clean carpets and neutralize odors. I'll have to try that. All in all, this machine is great and with the low cost, it's an excellent value....more info
  • Don't rent a Rug Doctor. Buy this instead!
    Cleans even with just boiling hot water! Much better that a rug doctor which usually has someone elses Dog poop and hair stuck to the bottom, given that its never cleaned between rentals. Sucks the water to the point where the carpet is almost dry.

    Well worth the money!...more info
  • Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac review
    I recently bought it and used only once on our light beige carpet. We have a little baby and our carpets did not look good at all: food and juice stains, crayons, playdough, and other thing you do not want to know about. The result was very good. The carpet looks almost like new without using pre-treatments of any kind. The cleaner worked just fine: it was easy to operate, no leaks. The only minor thing is that the water containers are not very large and you have to change water frequently. However, the cleaner is always at your disposal and you do not have to do the whole house at once. ...more info
  • I Love It!!!!!!
    I was wanting an economical but good quality steam cleaner, and this does the trick. I thought it'd work well, but I was shocked at the difference it makes - with three young boys it is awesome. Its super easy to use once you get the hang of it. You can also easily whip whip it out for small jobs. I am constantly amazed at the amount of dirt that comes out of a seemingly clean carpet....more info
  • The secret is the suction
    The secret to success with this Vac is the well designed, sealed suction that slurps up that cleaning liquid so fast, the deep ground in dirt can't help but flow with it. I was simply blown away about a stretch of carpet I 'rescued' with just two passes of the Hoover. My hallway of beige carpet had become deeply, darkly grey and occasionally urinated on by my cat over the course of 3-4 years. A couple passes with the clean surge depressed and appropriate dry cycles, followed by a fresh water rinse (hot) about 30 minutes later, and the carpet is looking and smelling amazing. Used the pet enzyme formula which has a fantastic smell. I had already planned on replacing the carpet, it was so bad, but with this machine I can hit the hallway every 6 months or so to amazing results. It's not much bigger than my Boss vac and it's lighter. All around a great product in this price range, and suitable for single family homes....more info
  • Just bought this product
    I just bought this and recieved it today. I am really excited to use it but I have a question if anyone can answer it - how long does it take to put together? I need to plan around my babies sleep schedule! I will post a real review after I get this thing running this weekend. ...more info
  • Works great
    This cleaner replaced a much older Hoover that had given up the ghost. I used it the first weekend to clean the carpet in our living room. Normally I have my husband help me, but he was gone, and I put it together and did the work myself. Very easy to follow instructions for assembly, and it worked great. I have no negative comments at all, but am giving it 4 stars instaed of 5 because I do not believe anything is perfect.Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac with Clean Surge...more info
  • Amazing Machine!
    I just, today, used this shampooer for the very first time and I am thrilled, to say the least, about what an incredible machine this is. My previous shampooer was an Oreck and there is absolutely no comparison. This one far outshines the Oreck, feature for feature. The tanks are very easy to access and can be quickly and easily cleaned after use. The trigger in the handle is easy to use, besides being comfortable in your hand, and the finished carpet is far cleaner than anytime that I ever used the Oreck. I do not hesitate to recommend this product. If I could give it 25 stars I would!...more info
  • Absolutely Love THis Appliance!
    We have white carpet, three cats and a dog - bad combo. One of our cats decided the carpet upstairs was his litterbox, so the dog thought she could use it too! Commercial steam cleaning did nothing but disperse the pee smell. I bought this Hoover after reading the 350+ reviews and I love it. One trick I have learned is I SOAKED my carpet spots with oxyclean then used straight boiling water in the Hoover. Worked well and really took care of the smell. I have cleaned my handmade oriental rugs with it and the hoover detergent - did wonderfully! ...more info
  • I love it!
    I ordered it because I have 2 dogs and sometimes they get sick, I always spot clean which turns into a spot of another kind, But now I just hook it up and clean away. I love it!...more info
  • Great carpet cleaner at a great price
    This is my second Hoover carpet steam cleaner. I have a lot of dogs who tramp in a lot of dirt and muck and sometimes piddle on the carpets. My first Hoover was used frequently and some parts finally gave out to wear and tear. I chose to replace the first Hoover with another one because of how well it performed. I expect Hoover #2 will prove to be as reliable as #1. Hoover makes a very good home carpet steam cleaner and I would recommend this product....more info
  • it works good
    This definately works good.. but the 'sucker' gets really dirty and looks awful so its not something you want sitting in your house when company comes over... and don't spill it... or it will totally leak.. all over.. and you should empty the dirty stuff every time becuase it does not keep dirty smells in...

    overal its good buy on amazon, cheeper on amazon than anywhere else...more info
  • Pleasantly surprised
    I've used the hoover now on approx 9 carpets and have been very pleased with the results. it's easy to manuver and not too heavy. We own a campground and as you can guess the carpets get filthy. Although I have to go over areas two to five times it's not back breaking. I'm very happy with the suction. I do not use the recommended carpet cleaner though. For those interested I use woolite w/ frebreeze carpet cleaner, and a little Downy with frebreeze and oxy 10. This really tackles the dirt and odor....more info
  • wow
    Works better than rentals and once you use it 4-6 times it pays for itself. The cleaning solution is a little expensive, but that is the only drawback. Try filling the tank with white 1/5 white vinegar and hot water to get pet stains/odors out then go over it with the detergent....more info
  • Great buy
    I have been very impressed with this steam cleaner as it cleaned my beige carpet remarkedly well. The machine is very easy to use. ...more info
  • Our carpet looks new
    I did a lot of researching but knew I couldnt afford the very high priced shampoorers but wanted one with good suction. This one does a super job of taking the wetness out of the carper and it was dry in no time. The suction is so good I was ashamed when my husband dumped the water. It looked like the Missouri River, Old Muddy. We are very satisfied and it is easy to operate and handle. D. Shaw, Arkansas....more info
  • My Hoover Sucks!!! In the BEST way...
    Having had a dog for a number of years, I put more money into steam cleaner rentals than I care to think about. I ended up getting a 2nd dog and faced an even dirtier carpet.

    I read some reviews on the Hoover SteamVac and decided to make the investment. I couldn't be more pleased unless it was able to run itself.

    Some of the drawbacks I read dealt with the limiting size of the water compartments and possible leakage. I have found that it does require a number of refills but it pulls up more dirt than I thought was possible. I haven't found that it leaks like some others have said. It does, however, pool water under the unit after turning it off.

    Finally, while it is a carpet cleaner, I have been using it on my tile floors and it works well on those too.

    All-in-all, I'm happy I made the purchase! ...more info
    Does a decent job. Only complaint is that the tank is only 1 gallons so after every 5 minutes you are stopping to change the water. To remove the waste water you need to get down on your hands and knees. Ok at first but after the 20th time gets old. Does not have a heater but since you go through the water so fast I dont think you need one.
    Consumers reports will come out with a review of cleaners in 2009. Bought online, free shipping from Amazon. Would buy again.
    ...more info
  • Great Machine!
    I purchased this machine after reading many reviews and this is probably one of the best machines I have ever used. I've used Bissel Pro-heat and Big Green machine and this is much better. It cleans like a professional and the water pickup is amazing. No damp carpets for hours after cleaning. The removeable brushes are great for easy cleaning. I will buy nothing but Hoover now. This is a great machine....more info
  • Clean 'n' Easy
    This is a great machine! I have used a canister type of a different brand before and although it cleaned well it was a pain to hook up (attach to sink) and clean up. With this Hoover it is a snap to set up and clean up. It is slightly heavy if you have to carry it up and down stairs but it pushes easy and cleans very well. My ONLY complaint is that I find you have to reload the solution and empty the container fairly often. But the ease at which it can be done is totally worth it!...more info
  • First Impression - Very good results
    I recently purchased this cleaner primarily based on previous reviews. I was not disappointed. It pretty much works as advertised -- unlike a lot of products these days.

    I cleaned the high traffic areas first and was impressed by how clean they became. I spent a little more time sucking up the water than the manual suggests but was surprised by how quickly the carpet was dry to the touch.

    I debated for awhile trying to choose between a professional service, renting a RugDoctor machine or buying this. While the overall quality of cleaning might be rated in that order, the cost would be just the opposite. In the end I like the convenience of being able to wet clean whenever necessary on my time table. In the long run I think this cleaner will pay for itself.

    I also selected this unit for the upholstery tool which I plan to use on the carpet in my car....more info
  • so far so good
    I bought it one month ago, so far so good, I don't know how soon I have to change the spinscrub brushes, For one tank hot water, you can clean about 10 feet by 10 feet carpet if it is not so dirty, and I didn't use it as a heavy duty cleaner....more info
  • Use it all the time
    I live in Georgia - Red clay. I have 3 dogs and 2 cats and a grandson. I am cleaning my carpets all the time either with the vacuum or with my new shampooer. This machines really does the job. It scours like I would on my hands and knees. I am so glad I got this. My carpets look like new....more info
  • Works for us
    This is our third Hoover SteamVac, all of which were purchased from Amazon and one of which we had to replace after just about two years of actual use. Still, we feel we got our money's worth when compared to the cost of hiring a commercial service. Since Hoover is the only carpet steamer we have ever owned, it's impossible to compare with other makes or models. However, it also attests to our satisfaction with the product. So much so that we purchased one for our home in Colorado and one for our condo in Florida. Each seems to perform well
    in these two disparate climates. ...more info
  • Works great!
    I agree with many other reviewers- the machine works very well- at least as good as consumer rental machines. I had no problems with the dispense container leaking (or with anything else). The waste reservoir does seem to fill up quickly- but not a bad price to pay for a lighter, more maneuverable machine. The suction is super (probably why it fills quickly), leaving the carpet almost dry. I'll never go back to clunky rentals....more info
  • Better than my last Hoover!
    I just used this today for the first time. I previously wore out a similar Hoover. It eventually started leaking after 8 years or so.

    This item is very similar to my old one, but they have redesigned it to make it less likely to leak. The old one carried water in a flex hose, which got stretched every time the user pushed the cleaner forward. Of course the thin plastic split over time. The new one has no flex hose inside, just for the upholstery attachment. Also the recapture tank lid snaps on much better than the old one.

    The cleaner did a great job. It vacuums up the water so well the carpet dried very quickly. I pretreated all of the many stains on my carpet before using the cleaner. The cleaner did a good job, but I decided to rinse the carpet with plain hot water to get out any excess shampoo and to lift additional dirt off the traffic areas. I liked the surge button to put out some extra plain rinse water on the stains. I found some suds in the recapture tank after rinsing. This may have been mostly from my pretreating solution.

    I did not use the upholstery cleaner yet. I'll have to read the manual to attach it....more info
  • Works as expected
    I've had it for about a month and used it several times. Its good points are that it cleans well and quickly whether it is on stairs or area rugs, and the attachments work well. It does not leak and while the cleaning fluid should be heated, that is not a nuisance to do. Cleaning it out can be difficult because of the baffles inside the recovery tanks, and reattaching the upholstery and stair case tube hose usually results in part of that not staying hooked on. But for the money and the deep cleaning result, I'm satisfied....more info
  • Carpet Cleaner
    Overall, this seems to be a really good product. I've used it a number of times since I got it including cleaning one very large empty house that had been owned by a heavy smoker. It does a fine job. The containers for liquids are not too large, so they need to be refilled and emptied more often than I'd like, but there is no way around that without making the machine too large. I am pleased with it....more info
  • Hoover SteamVac
    This product is simply the best! I read all the other reviews before purchasing and the hint on the set up was the best advice you could ask for. There have been absolutely no leaks following the advice. As for cleaning - WOW. We have an extremely old carpet - ok threadbare in one room. Even this came out fantastic. There is a carpet just a few years old in another - and very very light. This carpet showed the most dramatic difference after cleaning. On the first cleaning it came up to within maybe 3 shades of the orginal almost white background it had. My other - and now gone (different brand) cleaner NEVER got it even close to clean. The second cleaning of this carpet made it look brand new. The hand tools are as good as the upright part. Cleaning the machine is a snap as well. I would recommend this to anybody needing a good, reliable cleaner. Oh yes, the liquid product is a must as well. It is the best I have come across my entire adult life....more info
  • Great Improvement
    I recently ordered your Hoover Steam Vac. I have had two carpet cleaners in the past, one Hoover and one Bissel. Each lasted less than 4 years. I must say this machine is an improvement. The suction is excellent. Also the manufacturer has eliminated the cleaning solution dispenser. It was the first thing in the last two machines that began to leak or malfunction. I found this SteamVac easier to handle and maneuver. The only thing I miss is a handle on the dirty water tank for lifting. I use it on wall to wall carpet, high quality area rugs, and the lesser grade carpeting RV manufacturers put in motorhomes. The last challenge, coming home from a camping trip, was the real test! At this price, if it lasts as long as the others, I will have really gotten my money's worth. ...more info
  • Totally Awesome!!!
    I bought this machine after consulting the reviews on Amazon. It is AMAZING! My dog had recently been ill and had many accidents throughout my carpeted apartment. Although I had thoroughly treated each one with white vinegar and sopped up as much as possible, I was looking at having to have the whole place steam-cleaned. I thought that I might try this machine before resorting to that because I have never been happy with the "pros". They never get the spots up and it takes 2-3 days to dry.

    WELL...from the time of opening the package at 9:05 p.m. to finishing the living room and dining room was only 50 minutes!!! Easy to put together and simple to use. In addition, it got out stains that had been there for years AND it was totally dry overnight! I can totally relate to the lady in a previous review that said she was kind of addicted to it! This machine is GREAT! I did my bedroom this afternoon!...more info
  • I love my hoover
    I purchased my hoover f5914 at best buy. Took it home and the next day, I cleaned my carpets. I was skeptical at first, because of the bad rep hoover gets with it's customer service. I had a bissel pro steamer, and was not impressed at all. I had to scrub and do more with that cleaner, then with the hoover. With any cleaner you have to do extra to get out spots, but with this hoover, it worked liked a champ. I had to clean the dirty water numerous times, but that didn't bother me. ...more info
  • Can't beat it for the price
    It does everything I need it to and does it well. The unit is definitely heavy, but all carpet cleaners are. Attaching the hose with accessories is a bit cumbersome and a several step process, but that is really my only complaint. Other than that, it cleans well, the suction is great and it pulls up most of the water to the point that the carpet is just slightly damp and dries quickly. It also seems to be built well and the parts are sturdy. Like I said, you can't beat it for the price. I was at Sears looking at the $300 models and the only real benefit seems to be two reservoirs, one for the solution and one for rinse water. Honestly, I never rinse anyway and don't see the need to since the Hoover solution is not soapy.

    I have only had one problem and that is that I had to replace the brush head assembly that connects from underneath. This was actually my fault, I was applying extra pressure to some stubborn stains by pushing down on the top of the unit with my foot. Yeah, it worked on the stains but wore out the brush head assembly. DO NOT put any pressure on the top of the unit, that was a dumb move on my part. Luckily the replacement head unit was only about $20....more info
  • great, easy to use machine
    This cleaner is great. I've had a Bissell canister carpet cleaner for years but was tired of the hassle of using it. This is almost as easy as vacuuming. It did a thorough cleaning, especially on pet stains, and also got out several other stains that had been setting for a while. Very effective, great price. ...more info
  • Great Product! EASY TO USE
    I recently paid a carpet cleaning company $400 to clean my carpets. This is the same company that advertises on TV and I had used in the past while living in FLorida with great results. Unfortunately, I now live in Kentucky and the results were quite dismal, plus the price was outrageous. I researched different carpet cleaners and my decision to purchase this product relied heavely on the reviews and customer comments. I have now used this carpet cleaner twice and the results where fantastic! All the spots that were left by the cleaning company have now been removed. I am extremely happy and satisfied, and happy to be saving $400 every six months which is what it would have cost me to use the cleaning company! By the way, I add a 1/2 cup of white vinegar to the cleaning solution, this is very helpful to remove spots and heavy traffic areas....more info
  • Good Deal
    Was worried at first since the box arrived crumpled on top with an obvious repair job on the outside and when I opened it, cleaning solution had leaked all over the cardboard inside.

    Went ahead and assembled it hoping it hadn't been broken in some way. Read the directions carefully as advised in the other reviews for the product. And it works great!

    Perfect for the owner of a very old dog. I was tired of lugging the rental carpet machines in and out of the car and house. However, I didn't have much money to spend. This machine cleans very well and is easy to use once you get the knack of it. If you do the extra "dry" stokes, the carpet dries very quickly. Only complaint would be that the dirty water tank does fill up fairly fast.

    Definitely very happy with it, would buy it again in a heartbeat....more info
  • Steam?????
    The name of this product is very misleading. The only way that I get water even close to warm is to microwave my water before putting it in the canister. Unfortunately I looked only at the graph showing the review stars and did not read the reviews. Also, the machine is touted as doing hard floor services as well as carpets. I bought the "steam" vac in order to steam clean my tiled floors and find that I have to purchase a hard floor attachment in order to do this. I'm searching Amazon right now for that attachment, but have given up and am writing this review since I cannot find the attachment....more info
  • IN LOVE!!!!!!!
    OK!! I bought this today at Best Buy because they price matched AMAZON Fiancee and I planned on cleaning carpets for Labor Day weekend! Yeah I know how fun.... Anyhoo, we live in 3 bedroom townhome with the standard light beige carpeting with a pekingnese and toy poodle that decide from time to time they are too lazy to use the bathroom outdoors.
    Well, after a week of research on every website(especially here) out there. I decided on this HOLY GRAIL of INVENTIONS!!! I am not exaggerating!! I can't believe I waited so long to purchase a home cleaner while owning pets!! I am incredibly impressed with this. Assembly was easy as all get out. Just read the instructions!! Now because of my research this is what I have found works perfectly for me!! Everyone may not agree but I am so in love with these results!!

    1) Use boiling water!!!! Easy way--use electric kettle and have it at the ready while you are cleaning, that way there is no waiting for water to boil in a big pot on stove. Major time saver.
    2) I used a mixture of fragrance free deep cleaning hoover solution, natures miracle, and oxy clean in the measure cup and added a little more of each about eight ounces total. A little more than the recommended 5 oz amount
    3)Have mp3 player around neck and ready with your favorite playlist
    4)I did three wet passes with solution and 10 dry passes. Yes i know crazy but so worth it.
    5) the dumping of the water was no big deal i loved seeing the dirt!!
    6) afer you are done with whatever area, make sure you are barefoot and go over with drying passes over entire area again, obviously you can go a little faster this time because with the heated air it helps dry faster.
    7) take break, eat, drink, do cartwheels because carpet is so clean for about 10 minutes
    8) Now for the piece de resistance.. however you say it... It's time for the rinse cycle. Hot clean water this time, with a small capful of your favorite DOWNY fabric softener!!!!! Do one wet pass and about 5 dry ones.
    OMG!! talk about soft and you can choose the scent!!!! right now my house smellls lightly of lavender and vanilla!!!!
    Done with my fabulousness.. off to lay on carpet for bed!!:)...more info
  • Best Cleaner I've Ever Seen
    I thought there was no such thing as a good home carpet cleaner but this thing is awesome! It's easy to run and does such a good job cleaning - even got stains out that we've had in the carpet since we moved in 5 years ago! Amazing machine!...more info
  • Great steamer for the price
    A prior review suggested reading the manual carefully to ensure proper set up and functioning. I did so and followed the cleaning directions. With that, the steamer has worked very well. Have not yet tried the upholstery attachment so not sure how well that works. ...more info
  • Very pleased!
    We've done two rooms now with this steam cleaner. We have four dogs and we live on a farm, so there's constantly dog hair, dander, dirt, and mud tracked in the house. The SteamVac really helped. The Clean Surge feature is awesome and really seems to hit stains hard. The carpet dries quickly and without that residual oily feeling. A great buy!...more info
  • No leaks and cleans very well
    Just bought this machine last week. Cleaned a berber carpet as well as a cotton rug and some upholstery. My unit does not leak at all. It took about 10 mins to assemble, then off I went. Pre-treat obvious stains and spots first, cleaners like this one do a "general" cleansing and are not designed to remove spots. The ability to clean is obvious when you empty the waste water tank ... yuch, mine was brown and dirty, and i am a clean person. I did it a second time a few days later and the water was a light brown, not near as dirty. The unit also pulls most of the water out of the rug.

    ...more info
  • Good value, works like described
    I had read most of the other reviews that I found from a variety of sources before making the purchase. There were a few negatives but the majority were solid and good. I used the Steam Vac on a spot in the middle of our daughter's bedroom floor and it worked beautifully! My wife said that alone was worth the purchase price! I proceeded to work on the pet involved living room carpet with great sucess. Used it on the kitchen linoleum, also good. Still pleased! ...more info
  • Completely Impressed!
    This is my first steam cleaner and I am completely impressed with ease of use and performance of this machine. Two-year old stains/spots were lifted with a few passes, carpet looks like brand new again. Glad I purchased this product - totally worth the money....more info
  • Pretty crappy machine
    Has several engineering flaws. I don't feel like listing them, but this machine is really annoying to use. It does a fair job if you have loads of patience.

    ...more info
  • Hoover SteamVac F5914-900
    This steamvac does the job right. I was very impress on how good it cleaned the carpet. Easy assembly and very easy to use. Highly recommend you get a Hoover Steamvac...more info
  • Works great so far
    So far, I really like ir, I have only used it one time but I did not have to empty the dirty water & fill the soap as often as I did with my old one,...more info
  • Best Steamer, Better Than Bissell
    This steam cleaner is harder to prepare with water and plan for use over the Bissell. It is more hassle and locking gadgets to move, but the results make up for it. The Bissell did not clean as good as this one and the repairs for broken parts on Bissell can take a long time to ship to America--had to give it away. Bought this and super happy with how my cream carpet sparkles now. I couldn't have asked for a better steamer. No complaints other than tripping over parts and doing cartwheels trying to get water and cleaner into it....more info
  • Does a great job
    Highest rated heavy duty steam cleaner.
    Works like a champ against most stains, like soil and "brown" spots.
    To work properly you must use very hot water. I take my water from the faucet and them heat it it to around 190F on the stove. Use 1/2 to full strength cleaner solution. I use two passes (push and pull) of cleaner and 4 passes of suction for most areas, moving rather slowly. I use 4 passes for heavy traffic. Dried completely by the morning with not one dirty-brown-spot missed, but be prepared to shoo the family off the rug until dry - it is a bit damp after cleaning. It does take a while to do an area; a medium sized living room took several hours to complete. I did in sections over a few nights right before going to bed. A full tank over heavy soiling will do about 8 foot by 4 foot before requiring re-fill. My carpet is low pile. I have used this product before; it will not take out dye stains such as from kiddie art projects gone awry. Over all I highly recommend this as a heavy duty cleaner that one would expect to use once a month or quarter to maintain one's carpet.

    You must read the manual to set up. Do not forgot to click the trigger or it will leak.
    ...more info
  • steam van works great!
    We have been using an older Bissell, that did a pretty good job, but was difficult to use.
    The Hoover F5914-900 went together very easily and the first time I used it, I was very impressed, it got dirt out of a pretty clean rug. It is easy to use and simple to get ready to use. Since I am a guy, I seldom read directions and really didn't have to use them here. (I did get one piece of direction from my wife, which I followed.)
    Great buy! ...more info
  • Love It!
    I got the Hoover SteamVac with Clean Surge and have used it several times. I have done upholstery on kitchen chairs, carpets, and the carpets in our SUV. I love this cleaner. After I clean my carpets, they look new again. The carpet fibers stand up and look fantastic. It made my kitchen chairs look great too. Although my better half was very skeptical, wondering if I wasted my money, he even seemed to be impressed by the Hoover SteamVac. It is easy to use and a great deal. I have young children and it is so nice to be able to clean up after them easily and instantly. ...more info
  • Great product
    This is my 2nd Hoover SteamVac. The old one lasted much longer than it should have. Being so pleased with it I bought another one. So far I am just as pleased with this one. The only problem I see with it is when it is in the upright locked position. It doesn't sit quite upright and so with no water in the tanks it tends to tip over easily. But that doesn't seem to affect it when I'm using it. So I can certainly deal with that....more info
  • Works Like a Charm
    The cleaner is very easy to put together and easy to use. We cleaned our carpet with Hoover 40321130 Premium Pet Formula Carpet/Upholstery Detergent, 128-Ounce, and the hoover got all of the stains out with ease. The cleansurge went to work on the heavier stains. It has been 3 weeks since we cleaned the carpet and none of the stains have come back and the carpet has stayed clean. Be sure to vacuum the carpet before and after it dries for best results. We also rinsed the carpet with clean water after cleaning, which is optional.
    The only complaint I have about it is that you have to empty the dirty water before you have to fill the solution tank. It would be nice if the dirty water tank had slightly more capacity so you could take care of them at the same time....more info
  • Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac with Clean Surge
    After reading most of the reviews, I ordered this steam cleaner and had it within a week of placing my order. I was impressed by the quickness of delivery. When putting it together, I followed the instructions/suggestions of a reviewer and had no problems at all. It's not a professional machine so I didn't expect professional cleaning results but I was amazed at how well it did. The best thing about owning a steam cleaner is I don't have to block out a day to rent one so I can clean all my rooms on the same day. I just pull it out, clean one room each week. When all the rooms have been cleaned, I start over. That is so great....more info
  • Impressed with SteamVac
    I spent a lot of time shopping around, comparing prices and reading other reviews before purchasing this SteamVac. The price was very fair and I was honestly surprised at how well it cleaned our carpets, especially since there were very old stains that had NEVER seen a carpet cleaner before and they came up. I couldn't believe how much dirt and muck it was able to get up - even after going over it several times. It did a good deep cleaning. I had some trouble figuring out how to use the stairs attachment, even after reading the instructions and it didn't seem to clean as good as I had hoped - liquid seemed to squirt out of control and not always on the stairs where I expected it to go. But maybe I still need to get used to it as I've only tried it once so far. I do wish the tanks held more liquid so we wouldn't have to change them so frequently. Overall its an excellent carpet cleaner and didn't leave much wetness in the carpet after cleaning, so it dried fast. I leant it to my daughter who's carpets were so stained from kids, lots of people traffic and a dog and she was amazed at how well it cleaned everything up as well. ...more info
  • 2008 Update on This Model
    I read the reviews, and bought this model two weeks ago (August 2008). I've run 20 tanks of detergent through this machine cleaning rugs and carpets. Rather than repeat what you've read already, here's an update:

    The "Snap": Forget it. Possibly true three years ago, but there is no "snap" today.

    Boiling Water: Works great. I initially filled half the tank with boiling water. That worked well, so I dragged out the stew pot to fill the whole tank with boiling water. This worked even better: the waste water is even darker brown as a result. It also seems that the waste water comes out of the carpet faster when you do this (fewer sucking laps). Boiling water is a winner.

    Leaks: Can't get this thing to leak. The tanks must have been redesigned.

    Extra laps to dry the carpet: This works. I noticed that a third drying lap sucked out more water (one lap with trigger depressed, then two laps just sucking). However, when using boiling water (see above), you want to keep the water as hot as possible. So go 1 lap with the trigger depressed, then 1 lap without, then move on. Come back later to suck out more water.

    Detergent and Pre-Treatment: The Hoover Deep Cleansing detergent that came with this machine worked well in conjunction with an enzyme-based pet spot remover. I ordered a gallon of the Hoover Premium Pet Formula, which did not work as well on pet stains without the separate spot remover. Best results for pets require separate pre-treatment with an enzyme based pet stain remover.

    Tank Sizes: If you follow the instructions (one lap with trigger down, one lap without), the detergent tank will empty about when the waste tank is full. If you do extra laps to dry the carpet further, the waste tank will fill before the detergent tank is empty. Spraying a lot of pretreatment on your carpet will also result in the waste tank filling faster. This is a minor design flaw-the waste tank should have been bigger.

    Cleaning the Waste Tank: I didn't understand why so many people complained about the difficulty of cleaning the waste tank. Hold it in your left hand. Spray water into it from your kitchen sink sprayer with your right hand. Twist your hands a little to get into the nooks and crannies. You'll be done in 20 seconds.

    Since this review will probably be buried under the other 500+, I will also paste it into a discussion. Sorry for the repetition....more info
  • Say goodbye to your mop!
    Now I'm not the type of person to typically write a review of any product. But this time, I just felt the need. So, I bought this back in November and finally opened the box yesterday. I was able to put it together in a matter of minutes - although I would suggest that you actually refer to the written pages when it comes to connecting the hose because the pictures didn't explain it well enough.

    Also - while I searched and searched the box for the bare floor tool, there was none. My issue - I didn't read well and thought there was one in there. No biggie - you won't really need it.

    So, I immediately got the hot water flowing from the sink (and I have REALLY hot water because it heats the house in the winter). It's about 200 degrees - well above the typical setting on a thermostat. Not even controllable since the knob is inside the hot water heater, but I've digressed. OK - so I don't typically clean with cleaning solutions and maybe if I did - I'd get different results but the result I got was just amazing even without chemicals. I used plain old vinegar and a touch of shampoo for the smell and hot water - and I would never have imagined the carpet was as dirty as the water clearly was when I was done.

    So I finished my daughter's room and moved on her bathroom. She has a large bathroom and one of those bathroom rugs you get from JC Penney. Oh my. The water was darker than her bedroom was! GROSS. Went back to check her bedroom and the carpet was feeling shockingly dry already. Yet again, was CLEARLY impressed.

    So I went to bed thinking wow, I should have done this sooner! Well, this morning I got up and thought - it's got more scrubbing power than me so why not use it on the foyer hall (which is tile). It's an 8x20 area and used to take a while to mop. We have 3 dogs and a cat, so it's an area that needs cleaned often. I mixed up my mixture again, this time leaving out the shampoo, and off I went. Within about 20 minutes I was done... never knowing the tile was actually as light as it was and without any effort compared to mopping. At this point, the Swiffer Wet commercial with the mop begging to come back comes to my mind and I laughed.

    On I went to the kitchen which is about 800 sq. feet. Did my vacuuming to get up all the loose stuff and again mixed the vinegar in with my hot tap water.... and I was amazed that my kitchen floor was as dirty as it was. Not nearly as dirty as the other rooms - but it did a great job on cleaning not only the tile, but the grout.

    Now, all in all this is a GREAT product. It will clean any floor I have in my house, from carpet, to tile, to laminate and do it better than I can with a mop.

    Some things to remember are....

    Make sure you vacuum first - I fortunately also have a Hoover vacuum and it has a hard floor setting so it's an easy task as well.

    The hand tool connection is quite awkward - so I wouldn't recommend switching back in forth. You have to take the tank apart to put the hand tool suction thing - and you have to plug another piece in to a socket on the top. It was quite a task trying to do that in my daughter's room and I quickly said this is cumbersome and time consuming, so I decided I'll do the edges another time.

    Remember to drain it - I noticed there was some water on the floor this morning where it was setting overnight because I didn't drain the water in the clean tank.

    While I did use it on my laminate, I was very caution with the amount of water I used -- and used it more for the scrubbing power than anything else. I took my microfiber mop and went over it when I was done to make sure I didn't get any streaks. (And I didn't.)

    That's really it. I know this is a long review - but again, just thought I'd share with you that for $150 -- this is an all around cleaner that isn't just for carpets. I haven't done the linoleum (sp?) in the basement yet - but that's about 1500 sq. feet -- so it will take some time. I can't imagine it would be anything less than stellar.

    Hope this has helped! Now go get cleaning.

    ...more info
  • Great Product
    We used it for the first time on our upholstery and it worked wonderful. It washed away everything that accumulated over time from 2 boys eating, drinking and jumping on the couches. We then tested our area rug and again it worked great. We borrowed a bissell from a family member to try out the product and the hoover worked much better and was very user friendly. Even the instructions that came for assembly were very straightforward. Great Product!!!...more info
  • Love It!
    I really am glad I purchased this item. I took my time and read MANY reviews on the amazon and the web, this model seemed to have everything I was looking for. I put it together in a few minutes and steam cleaned my entire house in just a few hours, It really did a GREAT job! I have light tan carpeting, 2 kids, a husband and a dog, lol so it needed a scrubbing. It was very easy and quick, I used the sample size bottle that came with my cleaner (a little less than it says to use) along with oxy-clean. Almost zero drying time as it really sucks out the water, which was nice so I didn't have to keep chasing everyone off the carpets.

    Mine does leak a little when it sits there while I'm filling/emptying the containers, I took it apart and tried again to get that click/snap but It just doesn't do it. I can live with it though so no worries. You will definitely not regret purchasing this! I waited for it to be on sale and got it for 139.00!! with free shipping, what a deal!...more info
  • wonderful easy to use extractor
    This is an easy to use machine...that does a fabulous job. We hadn't cleaned our carpets for years and with all the pet stains, coffee spills etc....I was ready to purchase new carpetting. Instead I bought this machine. What a smart buy this was. My carpets look great and smell excellent. This machine is also very easy to use. I recommend it for anyone. I will be doing all my carpets and my investment property carpets with this machine. Buy it you won't be disappointed!...more info
  • Better than the Pros
    I replaced my Bissell Proheat (which broke after two uses) with this Hoover. Simply put... I love it!...more info
  • a bit disopointed
    it is ok, for a very small job. thought this would be my answer to calling in the professionals.Sorry it is not , on the flip side I do not regret buying this product as it is fine for some of my rugs and furniture maintance cleaning...more info
  • Does a good job, but there really is no steam............
    Does the job well and is easy to clean up afterwards, but be aware, the only "steam" is the hot water you start the job with....more info
  • GLAD I bought it! It does a REAL good job on rugs
    Like many previous reviewers, I own a place and have cats as pets. The wonderful lil creatures tend to overeat and then decorate my rugs with the food they cant digest. (Funny, they always seem to throw up on my bedroom rug which is the lighest colored rug in the house)Anyways, I needed to buy a carpet cleaner and after reading the reviews I purchased this Hoover model. The machine does a real good job on the rugs and I am REAL glad that I purchased it. The stains in my bedroom carpet are gone and all my rugs look alot nicer than they did. The machine is easy to assemble (10 mins) and real simple to use. [NOTE: Like previously mentioned make sure the "dirty water" tank is properly closed since it is possible to close the tank without it being correctly closed. It makes a clicking sound when properly closed. If it is not closed CORRECTLY the water will go onto the rug and not into the tank!!]All in all the machine is worth the money and I recommend it to others. Just vacuum the rugs before you use it and be sure to take your time. Honestly, it is downright scary to see the amount of dirt that comes up off the rugs after they are cleaned....more info
  • Prepare to fall in love!
    I am now the proud owner of this Hoover carpet cleaner. I am slightly concerned that the same shampooer with a one-digit different model number could be had at Wal-Mart for less, but I digress. I've been a Bissell gal for 25 years, but the Hoover did a better job and left the carpet cleaner than the Bissell, even out-doing NWA Restore It by a country mile. A couple months ago, I shampooed an area rug (poly--not wool) using my Bissell upright. Our puppy had piddled on it and it smelled bad; however the Bissell left the rug so wet, it mildewed in our high humidity and smelled worse. Northwest Arkansas Restore It came out, quoted more than this shampooer cost, then took the rug and another one with them. A week and a half later, they finally brought them back looking murky--and they still smelled like dog whiz. Even the puppy thought so, as she peed on the original rug immediately. We ended up paying for nothing--then my Bissell broke down once again. After researching many opinions, I ordered this model Hoover. I did not pay the expedited charge, but it came in four days. The Bissell broke down in the middle of the original rug's cleaning--trying to get the smell out and the color back in--and the Hoover sucked so much dirty stuff out of it, I could not believe it! I did the rug in the evening and it was dry before we went to bed. Also, this model did not come with the bare floor tool described in the multi-model instruction booklet, but I used it on my ceramic tile floors and it did just as good a job on them as it did on the carpet. I am thrilled to pieces to get my carpet and rugs looking and smelling as they did when they were new. My only complaint is that the included bottle of shampoo was empty when the box arrived---and since I'm pathologically afraid to pay too much for anything, I question whether this model and the one at Wal-Mart are the same one. I might call to find out----------just for my own sanity. All you Bissell lovers--prepare to jump ship to a Hoover!...more info
  • As easy as vacuuming
    I love this machine. In just a little more time than it takes to vacuum you can steam clean your carpets. I have off white carpets throughout my house and 2 little children, needless to say, I use this machine a lot. I have also used it to clean the carpets in my minivan. It is easy and quick to use, and dries within about an hour. I always use double the recommended soap, and I have great results. I think that this machine is a household essential....more info
  • Hoover F5914-900
    We ordered the Hoover SteamVac carpet cleaner and received it withing 3 days. My husband and I could not wait to try it out over the weekend. Our little dog caught an intestinal virus and vomited all over our carpets.
    We were very impressed with how easy the machine was to assemble and use. We did read the (easy) directions and followed them exactly. Within minutes we were cleaning our family room carpet, then we moved on to all the area rugs and the entire downstairs. We followed the procedures for heavily soiled carpets. I am sure it does not clean as well as a professional truck mounted steam cleaner, but this is perfect for clean ups between professional cleanings. We could not believe how much dirt it picked up. Also, it left the carpets pretty dry. We put a fan on the carpets to speed up the drying time and then vacuumed afterward. We used the cleaner on synthetic carpeting, sisal area rugs and wool area rugs and they all look fabulous.
    Be sure to order enough of the carpet cleaning products. We used 10 ounces of cleaning product per gallon of water, so we went through the cleaning product pretty quickly. I am also buying the stain pretreat, because that is what the professionals use, and one dog vomit spot did not come out completely, although it does look much better.
    We saved a lot of money over a professional cleaning, so even if the plastic machine doesn't last for too many years we will still be happy and lots of money ahead.
    For a carpet cleaner that is less than $200 we expected a lesser performance. Our carpets look great! We are very happy with the machine!
    I can't wait to try it out on upholstery. Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac with Clean Surge...more info
  • Happy
    Surprised with the ease of which the machine fit togather (even the directions were easy to follow), which I did myself. Gets into corners and next to the baseboard nicely. I did my entire upper level and the stairs and was very pleased with the results. The carpet is older but in good shape, it looked as good as if I had spent $200+ to hire it done. So it paid for its self the frist time out and that always makes me happy! ...more info
  • Happy with this steamVac
    After renting steamVacs and paying the professionals for years, I could kick myself for not making this purchase a lot sooner! I was able to put this machine together easily and used it the same day.For the size of the machine, it did a good job cleaning and had great suction. The best thing is being able to use it for little messes as soon as they happen rather than waiting to have the carpet cleaned professionally or renting a bigger machine. I think it's a good buy at a reasonable price. ...more info
  • Great Rug Cleaner!
    This product is definately worth the money. It has brightened up my rugs, is easy to use and cleans very well. There is no residue left on the rugs and when you empty the tank, you can not believe all the dirt that it has picked up. Great buy for the bucks!!! ...more info
  • Blowed Away!
    I would recommend this product to everyone. I am a very particular person who will take hours to do a job that others might do in one. This machine works like a charm. It cleans exceptionally! My carpet was I'm ashamed to say quite dirty and it did the job effortlessly. Great product!...more info
  • Works great, light, but Cheap plastic - basically a throw away
    Carpet cleaner works great. I like it better than my heavy expensive Bissel which went kaput after 3 years. This machine has many fragile plastic tabs that snap into place and one will have to pay close attention when unsnapping or snapping parts back into place. I don't expect this product to last more than 2 years but have decided the expensive products don't either and actually enjoy using this product as it's easier and lighter so why pay more for nothing. Pros: Does a great job and got lots of dirt out a week after having used the more expensive Bissel. Cons: Cheap plastic throw away parts. Hope this helps someone. ...more info
  • Carpet looks like new!
    After one use over my whole living room and bedroom here are my impressions. This thing is pretty easy to use and gets the carpet very clean. The prep time is really where cleaning your carpet becomes a long process. More on that later.

    It's much more handy to have a machine like this as opposed to calling a pro to do it. Why? It's simple. You can work at your own pace. You can do one room one day and another room another day. That way you don't have to move every piece of furniture in the house into your kitchen. You also don't have to wait 5 hours for your carpet to dry. Your carpet will completely dry, using the steamvac, in around 3 hours. But the wait is much more tolerable because it won't actually feel like waiting if you're doing rooms at a time. Just close the door and don't go in there for a few hours. No big deal. With a pro you're sitting in the kitchen or going out until it drys.

    Anyway now for the steamvac itself. Just a bit of warning, you're going to have to empty the dirty water maybe 3-4 times when doing a normal sized living room. It becomes a hassle. This thing is also a water guzzler. You'll find yourself refilling the clean water maybe 3 times. You'll notice that the machine will not suck when either the water is close to empty, or the dirty bin is full. This happens more frequently than you'd expect. The cleaner will make a whinier noise when this happens and the brushes will stop rotating. Not exactly sure why this happens, but it does. This all goes back to the prep time i was talking about earlier, because at that point you have no choice but the empty and refill your bins. My machine also leaks some of the clean water. Not a big deal but it's worth noting. And yes, i did read the instructions about pressing the two triggers. Oh, and no i didn't get any parts to snap. And yes again, i did press the triggers hard.

    Bottom line though, this machine does what it sets out to do. I'm very pleased with the results. It's also light and maneuverable which is a plus. I know this review dwells on the negatives, but i'm really quite satisfied with it. I just wanted to point out that there's just as much prep time as actual cleaning time when doing full rooms in your house. Refill and empty maybe once for bedrooms, and up to 3 times for both for a living room. Haven't done the hall way but i'm assume at this point at least once. So if you get this machine don't expect it to be a breeze like actually dry vacuuming. There's some effort involved. Now if you're just doing random spots then of course it'll cut down on the prep time and will be much quicker. Fortunately the results are worth it.

    Other notes: The machine is not too loud. Power cord is on the short side. It has a three pronged power plug so finding an outlet may be difficult. Hand tool requires you to connect a bunch of stuff, so it's better to not have to switch back and forth from the hand tool to the steamvac. Finish with one and then use the other....more info
  • Life/carpet saver
    This is a small wonderful machine!! I love that the handtool is separate and can be attatched when you like. This way I do not loose suction nor does it drip when the handle is not in use, like my previous hoover cleaner. It is much lighter than my previous model. I wish the cleaning path was wider, but the pros outweigh the cons.

    This is my 4th hoover carpet cleaner in probably 16 years. The others had the hand tool attached and the hose would break from the bending of the machine to empty the scum bucket. The hose was not made sturdy enough to withstand constant bending. ( I use my machines at least 2 times a month) Since this model has them as a removable attachment, I am very optomistic that this one will last longer. I have 2 kids, 2 cats, and 2 dogs to clean up after and being without my hoover is too costly. Carpet cleaner companies charge over $100 per visit.

    I make 3 passes on the carpet. 1. Fill scum bucket with water so it does not suck up water. Do a pass on the carpet with Oxi clean. 2. empty scum bucket and fill container with normal carpet cleaner soap. Pass over carpet and suck up at the same time. 3. Pass over carpet and rinse with plain water. Make sure you have sucked up all water the machine can get. This 3 step process has proven to save me thousands of dollars.

    Love this machine. you will too.

    Pam...more info
  • good for its price
    If one follows the directions for set-up, and lets the machine do the work, this steamvac is a good buy. The amount of dirt picked up from the carpet that had never been cleaned was amazing. The carpet, that we vacuumed regularly, changed a shade after cleaning.

    Again, this is a cost effective investment in keeping your carpets clean over the long term....more info
  • Easy to Use & Highly Effective
    I read dozens and dozens of positive reviews and I'm happy to count myself among the highly satisfied buyers. I have a lot of Berber carpeting which is sometimes difficult to clean. I'm also leery of buying "cheap" products so I was concerned this machine wouldn't have the power to get the job done. It took my about 20 minutes to assemble the machine and I was off and running. We live in an area with very high humidity levels and I was absolutely thrilled how dry the carpet was after cleaning. I did use a couple of extra suction strokes. The carpet/house smelled fresh, but not cloying and the scent dissipated quickly. The hand attachment (upholstery/stairs) isn't the greatest on Berber, but it got the job done. I raved so much about the ease of use and the results that a friend bought one the very next day. ...more info
  • Wonderful!
    I've used different models in the past from friends and have loved the outcome of my carpets everytime. I do not believe in using the amount of carpet cleaning detergent that the instructions tell you to use, just a way to get you to buy more. I use just a splash. Anyway, good machine, and I appreciate the tools it comes with. I justified the cost by sharing it with the whole family. Pays for itself in no time....more info
  • Great cleaner for the price
    I purchased this product after my Bissel steam deluxe burnt. It was leary because the price on this one is much less. But, a it turns out, I am rather impressed. It is much easier to load, and to clean as each step has a different reservoir. Quick to set up and quick to use. It has done a better job on stains, perhaps because of the design of the scrubbing brushes. The switches are in good locations and comfortable during operation.
    If I found a drawback it would be I think that it could leave the carpet a little dryer. I have had it turn out great, near dry and then the next time damper than I would like. I am not sure if it was something I did or not. The front area suctions well, and cathes more hair and dust than one would imagine was even there! I would purchase this product again just because of the ease of use and clean up it makes it more inviting to use frequently....more info
  • so far so good
    I have yucky carpet and didn't want to keep hiring someone to clean it. I bought this cleaner (the same price as professional cleaning of two rooms) and have used it to clean all the nasty spots on my carpet. So far it's done a great job and is well worth the money....more info
  • I am pleased
    I just used this product on my high traffic carpet, and I am pleased with the results. It's heavy, yes, but that's not a liability. I followed the directions exactly, and got good results. The carpet looks and smells MUCH better. I took out both tanks and drained and rinsed them as directed, parking the unit on the kitchen tile floor for cleanup. There was a small amount of water that leaked on the tile as it dried, I believe this is to be expected.

    Overall, this was a good value and I am glad to own it....more info
  • Easy to use and good results
    We decided to buy a carpet cleaneer as an less expensive alternative to frequent "professional" cleanings as we have two dogs and frequent grand children.

    After lots of research we decided upon Hoover's upper-middle range cleaners. The many reviews were helpful in things to be aware of when using the machines. The only problem was comparing models and prices was every store seemed to have a similar but slightly different "exclusive" model. We settled on this model and purchsed it from Amazon as it had no shipping or taxes. Shipping was extremely prompt.

    By the way, there is no steam. Hot water is only as hot as you can get from the tap. I suggest making it as hot as possible as it will quickly cool. There is some heat drying effect from the heat of the moter, but the drying factor is removing as much of the water as possible by passing over several times to extract the residue.

    The set up was easy as some improvements have been made to prevent leakage. My suggestion is to read the instructions. The simplistic instructions seem to assume one knows more than one does.

    It seems that you should use the full amount of detergent as well as pre spotting more severe spots. A small bedroom or hallway takes about one gallon of water and 5 ounces of cleaner. A larger room will take more. I forgot about the surge button the first time but it only helps a bit. This is not a miracle worker.

    I found that two passes up and back in cleaning cycles followed by at least three up and back drying cycles was minimum. I usually passed at least five drying cycles which meant that the carpet was dry in just a few hours.

    For some carpets, the best results may be when you pass a rinse cycle which left my carpet softer. Make sure you follow with the required drying cycles.

    We suffered no leakage, spillage, nor splashing. We did not use the hand wand so I can't speak to that.

    For a long life of the machine, cleaning up is extremely important as there is lots of residue left in the cleaner from the brushes to the waste tank. The last screws to undo the suction area cover are hidden underneath the machine so it must be turned over to find the two lower screws. The brushes remove and replace easily but take a few minutes to extract all the dirty fibers.

    Overall we were very satisfied with the ease of use and the results. We plan to clean the carpets every 90 days. The amount of extracted silt was impressive. We are letting our daughter use it while we babysit as it is so easy and with enought drying cycles, the carpet is soon dry.

    You will fully recover your expenses after the second use. We fully recommend it....more info
  • A Good Value for the Money
    I bought the F5915 about two weeks ago (same machine, this is the Wal-Mart version). I paid about $140.00. I was pleasantly surprised at how well this little machine works. I have a light tan Berber carpet in my front room, and with the amount of people I have had traipsing through this summer (and it's been a year since the last cleaning), it was looking really dingy. The Hoover did a fine job on the carpet overall, the black water that came up made me vow to do this at least once a month! It took 3 tries to get the high traffic areas clean, but this has been the case even with my neighbor's professional steam cleaner so I wasn't put off by it. If you go slowly enough, it will actually leave your carpet drier than the professionals. But it takes a lot of patience, we are talking snail's pace here. The rotating brushes really work well, but just like all home carpet machines - THIS IS NOT A STEAM CLEANER. It doesn't heat the water at all. Most units that I have researched don't, it's misleading on the part of all the manufacturers, not just Hoover. It does a good job with general dirt, but not too well with spots. I pre-spot with Folex carpet cleaner, which will get out just about ANYTHING. I haven't tried to do my stairs with the attachment yet, but I have done two rooms so far and had no leaking problems. Overall, I am very pleased with the performance of this machine and think it will help me maintain my carpets much better than before, and hopefully make them last longer. ...more info
  • Fanatastic Product for the Money
    I bought the Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac with Clean Surge from Amazon and am very happy with the product. It set up perfectly right out of the box and was a snap to use.

    The rotating floor brushes clean well, and the unit's vacuum really sucks (and I mean that in a good sense) -- several passes over the carpet in dry mode will draw out more than 90% of the water, leaving a slightly damp carpet will be dry in about four hours.

    The "Clean Surge" button does provide better cleaning on tough spots, but it's mostly a come-on, in my opinion. For superior cleaning, use the HIGH setting on the brush speed.

    Several caveats: 1) Do NOT empty the dirty water rinse tank into your kitchen or bathroom sink!! Although the tank has a built-in filter, the rinse water has lots of fibers and other carpet debris that WILL clog your sink. Take it out into your back yard empty it on the ground. 2) The hot water tank holds only one gallon, so you'll have to refill it several times while cleaning your carpets. 3) The unit is not heavy, but lifting it up and down the stairs will certainly work out your biceps and deltoids and, if you're lazy like me, that's a downside. 4) Use HOT water. It cleans a lot better than lukewarm water.

    My only complaint is that I bought the unit last week for $159; today, the price went down to $144. ...more info
  • Love it!
    This is essentially a "Me, too!" review to all the others that rated this item 5 stars. Enough has been said already. I'll only add that this item removed stains (with just a few extra passes using the surger) that my professional cleaning service hasn't been able to remove in several years. . . . all on just lukewarm water. I used Kenmore Pet formula with Natures Miracle added.

    ...more info
  • Your Best option
    Because we have a new Puppy I have used this Cleaner at least 20 times since I bought this in May 2008; this includes two full house cleans.

    I carefully reviewed many manufactures and models before I chose this Hover Model. This Model had the larges reviewer group with the best rating as per this and other sites.

    The "Cons" first: I never had the leak problems because I carefully followed the setup instructions. Also a Tip from another reviewer to snap the back / Bottom of the water tank in first then close the top works every-time. Others had complained about cord management but reel-up power cords can break - I just hang it loose around the neck. Others had also mention the plastic parts; just be careful (like anything else) Don't over pull the water retrieval or waist tank latches and you will be fine.

    My only Con is to all the manufactures - Why do they insist on scamming customer calling their Machine Steam Cleaners when they only use Hot water - no steam.

    Pros: After doing a full vacuum I was surprised how much dirt the hover pulled out of my carpet. This unit was far superior to the rented cleaners we used before. The water retrieval was so superior the carpet was very near-dry. You can clearly see the condition and amount of water that you are picking up. Uses any soap - we also keep the more expensive brands for there pet small removal ability. I would by this unit again and would recommend this to anyone.
    ...more info
  • As Advertised---couldn't ask for more
    It cleans carpeting. It does a good job. It does it fast. It looks like my place is brand new....more info
  • My FAVORITE new toy!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this steam vac. First it cost about as much as I normally pay to have two rooms cleaned - now I can do my whole house whenever I want. It's been quite addictive - the living room carpet came out so clean (Yuck I can't believe how black the water was and how much cat hair it pulled up) - I had to keep going. I bought an extra bottle of solution to start with - glad I did. I use the solution and then go over the same area again with water mixed with small amount of vinegar to get any remaining solution up. Got out several stains! The only difference from paying a professional is that the carpet isn't as soft as when it's been done by a professional. Only downside of this cleaner - I didn't think it did a teriffic job with the upholstry attachment, it didn't seem to suck up as much of the cleaning fluid and didn't completely remove dirty foot print stain on the chair. I would definately buy this again!...more info
  • Hoover SteamVac
    We purchased the Hoover SteamVac eight weeks ago and have used it 5 or 6 times. It's been very easy to use so far. You pour the cleaner into the solution tank using the cap of the solution tank depending on how much you will be using. Warm/hot tap water goes in and you snap the solution tank back into place. You go over the area you want to clean and press the clean/surge button to put down the soapy solution, draw the steamer back then release the button and go back and forth over the same area. This sucks all the dirty water through nozzle which is easily visible. When your solution tank empties refill it. The recovery tank must be removed and emptied as it holds your dirty water. Make sure the lid that goes on it goes back on tight. If you don't when you go back over an area that you just clean/surged you won't see any dirty water being sucked up. That's a dead give-a-way that the lid isn't on tight. Other than that it really is a wonderful product and I highly recommend it, but be aware the solution tank runs out very quickly. I would buy this product again....more info
  • Clean in Cleveland
    It's true! A home steam cleaner that works. Easy to assemble. Easy to run. I was stuck paying big carpet cleaning bills with the leading companies not going within 3ft. of anything electical in my home. Also would not move my furniture. Read the reviews and tried this vac. At the low price I figured I had literally nothing to lose. It worked easily, cleaned well and I have 2 dogs, but most of all my carpeting dried really quickly. No residue from the Hoover cleaning soap. I bought a large bottle at time of purchase per another reviewers suggestion. Took a day but in the end a 2 story home was clean in Cleveland!...more info
    Do not buy this Hoover Product. During the third use the unit stopped. The motor had burned out. [...]. In conversation with some Hoover authorized repair facilities, I learned that Hoover was sold and pats were in short supply.

    Let the buyer beware....more info
  • Outstanding buy & product
    I shopped locally and on line for the best price for this cleaner--the best price (hands down) was Amazon--free shipping--it arrived in FOUR DAYS!! And it's a terrific cleaner. The only thing that would beat it would be paying someone else. :) But if you're stuck cleaning your own carpets, this is light enough for a woman to handle, and yet really has the power to suck up the dirt (and the moisture). Great product. ...more info
  • I love this SteamVac!!!
    I love this SteamVac - it was easy to assemble, it is easy to use, easy to clean up, and it works great!! I was able to remove dog stains from my dining room carpet and hallway that a couple of professionals could not get out. I use VERY hot water, vinegar and some Oxyclean, and the results are really, really good. In addition, I no longer have the impossible task of getting every room in the house ready for the professionals at the same time - get everything up off the floor, vacuum thoroughly, etc. I can just take it a room at time, and spend no more that 1/2 hour on it....more info
  • Almost perfect
    I purposely delayed writing this review until I had the need to use it at least twice. The short answer is that it works great. For the past three years I used a Bissell but it eventually failed to dispense the soap so I started looking for a replacement. I read the reviews carefully on Amazon before making my purchase. I was particularly intrigued with the comments about listening for the "click" when assembling the handle or you may suffer from a leaking problem. Even the instructions said they will be a "click" sound. I assembled the machine and never heard the "click". I took it apart and did it a 2nd time - no "click". I then cleaned the living room carpet - no leaks and it came completely clean. About a month later we had to clean it again - thanks to dirty paws from the family pet - and it was clean once again and no leaks.

    The only reason I didn't give it a 5 star is that the dirty water tank has no carrying handle. It can be awkward as I take my water outside to recycle it on the shrubs. Carrying a gallon of water with both hands and attempting to open the door is difficult.

    The machine is somewhat heavy, but we own a single story house so it doesn't present a great problem.

    Bottom line: I like it and would recommend it....more info
  • its just OK
  • Excellent
    I had to buy something in a hurry. My Bissell stopped working AGAIN! Although I purchased it in 2001 I only have 2 rooms with carpet so it got used maybe a whoping dozen times total including doing the car. I had to replace a main hose 2yrs ago at the tune of $65.00. I used it once since and the sprayer stopped working. I could hear the pump motor so I knew it was something inside I could not get too. I carried it to the curb and went on the hunt for something else.

    This one came onto my research radar screen. The price was right and I needed something as I had just taken in a rescue Beagle and didn't know what I might be in for.

    It arrived quickly and lo and behold within 2 days I had a need to spot clean an area. It worked like a champ. Easy and efficient. Emptying it is easy unlike my former Bissell which was a pain to clean out once done with it. The vaccum action left the carpet slightly damp so it dried in no time at all.

    I've since had the opportunity to ck this product's prices in some big box stores and have found it to be about $20 more.

    It is a little awkward and heavy to carry but not overly so. To get the cleaning power I expect as much.

    I recommend this cleaner hands down!...more info
    It's as good as advertised and produces a clean carpet. One inconvenience causes wasted effort unless you remember that the waste tray must be perfectly re-installed [jiggled to make sure]and suction physically observed before proceding with the task in progress. Otherwise, you finish and discover that no waste water was collected; so you have to start all over again from your last "empty container stop"....more info
  • Great Machine; Great Price
    I'm very pleased with this Hoover carpet cleaner. It really pulls the dirt out of the carpet, it's easy to use, reasonably priced and just a great value. I've read complaints that the dirty water container doesn't hold much. Here's the thing---if it held more water, the machine would be too heavy and hard to push back and forth. For me, this is a great carpet cleaner. BTW---I've used the Bissel Big Green Clean Machine in the past. It was hard to set-up and hard to break down. It didn't clean half as good as this Hoover. ...more info
  • Much Better than Expected
    Living in the Mid-west(Wisconsin) the last few weeks has made a steam vac an essential home appliance. I've been borrowing a friend's monster Hoover Steam Vac All Terrain. It does a great job, but is extremely heavy for an old (69) guy to shlep around a large house. Though it appeared to have a few quirks, i.e., the potential for leaks and substantial amount of plastic, the positive reviews of the F5914-900 were very accurate. Following the set-up instructions was quite easy. No leaks developed, though no "snap" sound was detected when pushing the two critical buttons. Yes, it could use more water, but that might just add to the weight. I'd rather have the maneuverability and ease of pushing, and put up with the more frequent water fills. The durability is a question, but if it holds up for 2 years, $159 from Amazon makes it seem worthwhile. The cleaning capability was terrific. I washed a carpet that was soiled due to the torrential rains that finally struck our basement Berber. It turned from an awful yellowish brown to a glorious off-white that I remembered before the rains came. It certainly doesn't take a back seat to the top of the line Hoover that I had borrowed. ...more info
  • Amazon / Hoover both deliver...
    Just received my new Hoover Carpet Steamer and thus far I am very pleased. This item took a minimal amount of effort to assemble, and the only hitch was that the step where the trigger rod snaps into place never provided the "snap" that others wrote about here. Prior to using the machine, I contacted Hoover Customer Service and to my delight was connected to a rep in under 3 minutes. The rep informed me that the "snap" does not always occur and does not necessarily mean that the system is not ready for use. Upon turning the machine on, he was indeed correct, and the system functions as advertised with no leaking whatsover.

    The most amazing part of this purchase was the delivery of my new carpet steamer. I odered this at Noon on Saturday June 21st, and selected free shipping. I expected to get this in the advertized 5-9 business days. Instead to my surprise, this unit arrived at 11AM on Monday June 23rd. Perhaps I should miffed that Amazon.com could have collected $72 from me for one-day shipping, but I concluded that there was little value in making that selection. So, in fact, I ended up receiving one-day shipping for free, and for that I am very greatful to Amazon.com....more info
  • carpet steam cleaner
    I have been steam-cleaning my carpet for thirty years, long before the Rug Doctor appeared as a rental product. I found the various steam cleaner home models too lightweight to do a comparable job. Then a friend insisted on loaning me their Hoover Steamvac. The results honestly amazed me. I immediately bought one for myself and used it heavily for three years (probably the equivalent of twenty average usage years). This is my second Hoover Steamvac. I cannot praise this machine enough. ...more info
    Just received mine yesterday and shampooed 2 bedrooms and a hall and stairs. Easy to assemble and handle for a woman. Removed stains that 2 "professionals" had not removed. Used 2 scoops of Oxiclean rather than carpet cleaner. It removed so much of the water that the rooms dried within 2 hours. I have very white carpet and I am UN-AFRAID of it now that I have this machine. ...more info
  • Cleaning
    This machine does an excellent job, although very slow. For a real dirty carpet buy more rug shampoo before starting project. It takes quite a bit of carpet shampoo....more info
  • Great product- well worth it
    I was skeptical about a household appliance vs a professional truck mounted version but I love this product. It works very well and much better expected. The container only holds enough water for 1 room but any larger and it would be difficult to move. It's heavy but I would expect that and it still moves easily. I only wish I bought it sooner. I pushed and pushed to snap the clean surge into place and got nothing but the unit does not leak so maybe they did change this version. I purchasing in June 2008. ...more info
  • Hoover SteamVac
    After reading all other reviews of this product I decided to order it. Once it arrived I CAREFULLY followed assembly instructions then cleaned a very high traffic area of my hallway. The carpet was supposed to be a light sage color but I had had such poor results the last two times I hired someone to come in and clean it that I hadn't had it cleaned in two years. It was a brown/durt color in places. I was amazed on how well the Hoover cleaned the hall! The hallway carpet is now the color it was ment to be. My only somewhat negative coment is you do have to empty and refill the tanks frequently, but you should have seen how black the water was in the recovery tank. And the carpet was only damp when I was done, and dried totally in less than 3 hours. I LOVE this cleaner. Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac with Clean Surge...more info
  • Tired of Cleaning Companies
    The Hoover SteamVac does a good job of cleaning carpets. It takes a bit to assemble it and then another bit to learn how to operate it. But after that initial 'get acquainted' period it's like old school. It's reassuring to have it and know that if companies coming over and the carpets are looking sad you can do something about it quickly and inexpensively....more info
  • A Great Product
    This is a great product for cleaning carpets. It assembles easily, is easy to use and does a great job. Some reviews mention a leaking problem. Mine never has leaked a drop. Some reviews mention you must hear a "click" as you assemble the handle and the instructions mention this too. I could hear no click so I disassembled the handle and inspected all parts, looking for the part that could or should produce a click. They must have revised the product since there is nothing in the mechanism that could produce a click or would cause a leak if it didn't click. I put it back together and it works great. I highly recommend this product for household carpet cleaning, both large areas and spot cleaning....more info
  • It Rocks
    My home office carpet gets very dirty very fast, for dog-related issues too complicated to explain here. Last summer I had it professionally cleaned. Results were good. This year I did it more conveniently and cheaply with the SteamVac. Looks just as good. A winner....more info
  • Fabulous!
    After reading all the reviews for all of the carpet cleaners on Amazon I selected the Hoover F5914 and I'm very pleased. It's an amazing carpet cleaner and Amazon's price was the best I found anywhere. It's easy to operate and does an outstanding job - even on pet stains. It leaves your carpet almost dry so you don't have the worry of the pad under the carpets being left with too much moisture after cleaning and have that sour smell a couple of days later, as I've noticed with other machines/reviews. I would definitely recommend this carpet cleaner to anyone....more info
  • Excellent Household Carpet Cleaner
    I had an earlier version of this carpet cleaner for years, with no problems except a couple of broken plastic parts which did not affect the cleaning. This newer model is pretty much the same, with a couple of new features (like clean surge). It does a very good job, and is a must if you have puppies in the house. Potential purchasers should be aware that the name is a bit misleading--the machine does not heat the cleaning water or create steam. You must put hot water in the reservoir....more info
  • Steam Cleaner
    I used my SteamVac for the first time the other day & was truly amazed at how easy it was to use & just how dirty my carpets actuallly were. I started with the seldomly used dining room to get a feel for the SteamVac & to see how long it would take the carpet to dry. The machine was very easy to use & the carpet dried within several hours. My only complaint is the dirty water tank doesn't hold quite as much liquid as the solution tank. A minor inconvenience. Very easy to assembly & very easy to fill & replace tanks....more info
  • Very Impressed
    I've had my machine about a month now, and have already cleaned most of the carpets in my house, and several pieces of furniture. The difference was amazing. We have 2 indoor cats, and should have bought something like this years ago. You do have to empty the dirty tank often (several times per room), but it's a compromise for its small size. It's quieter than my regular vacuum, and very easy to use once you get it all put together. Buy a large bottle of detergent, because you go through it pretty fast....more info
  • Great Scrubber
    This is my first upright steam vac,,I totally love it..It is easy to use and the first time i cleaned my carpet i was amazed at how dirty my carpet really was..the water was black when i emptied it..i would highly recommend this steam vac to anyone who wants to clean their carpet easily..got the best price here on amazon.. a great buy for a great carpet cleaner.....more info
  • Still going strong!
    I've had this carpet cleaner (Hoover F5914-900) for 4 years and have never had a problem. I love it! Just make sure to vacuum well first. Most of my house is carpeted so it has already paid for itself. It even cleans my laminate floor without the streaking I get from mops (and I've tried them all!) I use the hoover cleaner for the carpets but just ammonia and water for the laminate floor. ...more info
  • good quality for price
    After reading reviews on amazon.com, I ordered the Hoover carpet steamer. I had been reluctant to ever order another Hoover product after a bad experience with the Hoover FloorMate. Typical of Hoover's products, this machine seems cheaply made: lots of plastic and flimsy brushes. However, the machine was easy to use and did a very good job on our carpets in four rooms. Some reviewers did not like having to empty the dirty water tank so often. This was not a negative for me since frequent changes gave me short breaks and meant a lighter tank of water to carry. Also, the machine extracted water nicely and carpets dried in a few hours. Overall, this machine was a good purchase. As usual, Amazon's delivery service was exceptional: order arrived quickly....more info
  • Read the Manual, Do Your Homework, Buy Concentrated Detergent
    We got our SteamVac last night, followed installation instructions to the letter (some awesome previous reviews, by the way), and we're very happy with the unit's performance! The recovery tank contained VERY dirty water from the carpet after just a few strokes. It's lighter and easier to use than the three-ton, widow-maker commercial model we'd been renting from our hardware store in town, and has plenty of features to keep our carpets clean for a long time. The only thing I'd suggest is to use a concentrated detergent in the unit--we found some (at that same hardware store) that calls for two ounces per gallon--the sample bottle included in the shampooer works well, but recommends FIVE ounces per gallon of water. You could save yourself some bucks using something stronger. If you're looking for a shampooer, give this serious consideration. We're very happy with it!...more info
  • good for the money
    at a discounted price this cleaner is a good buy. It's not going to deep clean like a larger commercial machine but
    for lighter duty like fresh stains or frequent cleaning of high traffic areas it is convenient and effective. it does have a few drawbacks. the holding tank is a bit small, hard to carry up and down stairs due to lack of a carrying
    handle and an on/off switch thats foot activated instead of up by the hand. still, it has good suction, on/off
    brushes that work well and applies the solution evenly. its good for the money and i would recommend it....more info
  • Great machine!
    I was in the market for a steam cleaner after I decided that I was sick of my carpet looking so nasty. I don't think it had ever been cleaned...and I know it hadn't been done in the two years we have lived in the house. I did quite a bit of research before deciding on this model and I must say that I'm pleased with the results so far. It was really pretty easy to assemble and easy to maneuver. I first used it in front of the door to remove all the high-traffic stains and an old pet stain. My carpet looks almost new...I had no idea how bad it had been! I hadn't even used as much of the cleaning solution as the company recommended and it picked up tons of dirt. As with other reviews, I agree that both of the water basins (clean and dirty) have to frequently be attended to, but it's really not bad for the price and the machine so far has done a great job on my carpet. ...more info
  • love it, but
    I used it once and went to take it from the closet and the latch the keeps the unit up broke. So now it won't stand up. It cleans fantastic but lock should not be plastic....more info
  • works great !
    We have three dogs, and had bad water stains in one
    area from drinking water and drooling, and another area
    with heavy traffic dirt stains. Cleaned both areas very
    nicely ! Quite a work out too !...more info
  • Hoover knows its stuff!!!!
    So happy with my purchase of this SteamVac. Works good and is so easy to clean. You still need to do some pretreating on heavy stains but I think that is the case with any carpet cleaner. We had a different brand that we paid a lot less for but it didnt have spinning brushes so it didnt do good to pick up the stains. So the spinning brushes are a huge plus on this. Well worth the price!!...more info
  • my hoover cleaner
    It works really well. I just wish that the hose extention for the upholstry was conected automatically!!!!!!!
    otherwise I love it and it really cleans well....more info
  • good non-professional machine
    easy to assemble and use. does a very adequate job {although does not get spots as well as Rug-Doctor , which is $800}. The tank size is adequate, the suction is good {carpets are quite dry } and i find it quick/convenient to use. 4 1/2 stars....more info
  • Good for hard floors too
    There is a hard floor kit available for this, but I've used it on hard floors without it. I think all the hard floor kit allows it to do a better job of drying the floor. Well, as it is (without the kit) it does a far better job drying than I have ever been able to do with a wringed out mop.

    Assembly is minimal and takes at most 5 minutes. There's only 3 screws you have to install. I had no problems with it leaking, even if I lay it down with fluid in it (which they always tell you in the instructions not to do, because it might leak).

    Some people have complained about the reservoir size, but I think the reservoir size is perfectly adequate. With a bigger set of reservoirs the unit would weight a lot more when full and it already weighs more than enough... I'd say 50%-75% more than my upright vacuum cleaner weighs. No big deal if you just push it everywhere, but if you have to pick it up (to bring it up stairs or something), you certainly wouldn't want it any heavier than it is already.

    The cleaning tool is wicked cool. It is an amazing piece of engineering. It seems to have plenty of torque considering it is vacuum powered. It is easy to install and remove the tools once you have done it once. The reason I got this model over the less expensive Wal-Mart version of this is for this spin brush tool. The Wal-Mart version does not come with it, so if you want the tool be sure you get this model, not the stripped down version. I think having the tool is well worth the $15-20 difference.

    For the cleaning solution I use EcoLab janitorial products. You can get those at Sam's and probably other warehouse clubs. They are made for use in machines so I don't forsee any problems using them, and they are very cheap and effective... only about 10% of the price of the Hoover products when diluted to the same strength. I would not run regular household cleaners through the machine (especially ammonia-based cleaners) though.

    I haven't had it too long so I can't comment on longevity but it does a great job and seems pretty well built.

    I am very impressed with the quality of this machine for the price. Hoover (and others) make machines that cost twice this much, but I don't see a reason to go with a more expensive machine when this one works so well. Recommended....more info
  • Great Carpet Cleaner for the Money!
    After alot of reading and research I finally decided on this carpet shampooer and recieved it in the mail about two weeks ago. I tried it out on my large area rugs and boy did it pull up a lot of dirt though in all honesty, my carpets are dark and heavily patterened so it was a little difficult to tell for sure so I saved my true opinion until I helped my friend clean her light beige carpets this weekend. My friend has three kids, 10. 3 and 1 so her carpets were in bad shape. We spent the morning going over them and boy did this thing clean up! For such a light weight and inexpensive model it did a great job and got up food stains, beverage spills and after a long winter even a few stains left when her little ones got sick (eewww). I only gave this model 4 stars because 4 and a half isn't an option. The tank is pretty small so you have to refill it alot and you really should heat some water on the stove to get the water good and hot but for the price, size and ease of use that is a small inconvenience. I had no problem with leaking (just follow the assembly direction) and like I said, this product did a great job. I am seven months pregnant with twins and I have had no problem using or assembling this unit and it has helped me get ready for the babies and I know it will pay for itself many times over in the years to come.
    ...more info
  • Worth every penny...
    This product beats a commercial company and the rentable rug doctor in terms of ease of use, price, and effectiveness. A web search on comparing home steam vacs shows the Hoover F914-900 compares more than favorably to other steam vacs on the market in price, ease of use, and results. That it works for carpets, upholstery, and tile floors is a plus. In its price range it has excellent user reviews. The best price I found, delivered, is Amazon.

    Personally, I found the Amazon user reviews most helpful. They not only cemented my decision, they let me know what to expect when I used the machine. It arrived promptly, in perfect shape, and putting it together was as simple as building a lego model. The Amazon reviews helped here, too.

    Using it was as easy as the Amazon reviews said. I moved what furniture I could out of the rooms, vacuumed the rug throughly, wrapped the bottom of the furintiure in plastic as per the insturctions, used half the directed amount of liquid cleaner, and went to work. The muddy water I poured down the toilet was most satisifying. I then went back over the wet, but not too wet, carpet with just water - no liquid cleaner. The result was more muddy water. Since we live in the desert, the rug was bone dry in a matter of hours. I vacuumed the dry rug before replacing the furniture.

    The end result was a carpet that I suddenly realized was no longer packed down. (Hmmm, all that dirt.) It feels cushy underfoot. It is the lighter color I originally purchased. (Yes, I dithered for a long time between renting a rug doctor, hiring a professional company, or buying my own.) The machine was easy to use, the brushes came off for cleaning with ease, and my clean carpet makes my entire house look brighter and cleaner. I am ordering the bare floor attachment, and then will attack my tile floors.

    The instructions say to cover the base of any furniture left in the room with plastic. I did this the first time, but found the machine doesn't spray. It basically isn't necessay, although doing so the first time is probably wise until you get to know the machine.

    This is one of the better purchases I have made in terms of household cleaning. In a house with two indoor cats and an indoor dog, I am more than satisfied. My thanks to all of you who wrote an Amazon review. This machine is worth every penny it cost....more info
  • Nice product
    Initially purchased this product to get rid of the old owners dog urine smells. So far the urine smell has diminished a small amount.
    I am very impressed how well it sucks up excess water so as not to leave the carpet soaked. The intake does get really dirty and since you can't really clean it with anything or take it off to clean I take it to a small area on our bare floors pushing it back and forth like I am cleaning the carpet, give the nozzle a couple pushes and it seems to clean it up pretty well. I would have given this cleaner 5 stars but since the attachments don't work very effectively I knocked it down a star....more info
  • New improved steamvac happy with it
    This is my second Hoover steam cleaner. My first Hover stopped giving out steam after ten years of usage. There are many improvements done but basically the mechanism is similar to the old style. Followed the assembly instructions and test run on the same day it arrived. I am totally happy with this cleaner. Campared to the old Hover it gives more steam, the brush assembly is easier to clean since it pops out, it has stronger suction. The rotating brush helps scrubbing the carpet nap better.
    The first steam cleaning I owned was Bissell green machine. I was not impressed with it any at all so I purchased the first Hoover. It did a much better job. The weight of the cleaner helps to clean the carpet whereas with Bissell you have to push the wand to suction out dirty water so hard that by the end of cleaning I used to get blisters.

    I mainly shampoo carpet not hard floor and I do not recommend purchasing this cleaner intending to clean the hard floor.
    For carpet cleaning, yes this is the machine to use!
    ...more info
  • AWESOME Hoover SteamVac F5914-900
    I love this SteamVac!!! I have had my carpets professionally cleaned, chemically and steam cleaned, AND I have rented machines at the department stores and cleaned my carpets. I have also used other upright steam vacs and have to say that the Hoover SteamVac F5914-900 is by far the best choice! My carpets are cleaner using the Hoover and it is the most economical.

    I have both berber and regular carpet in my home. Getting the berber carpet clean has always been difficult and I was skeptical that this unit would be any better, but it was. It has great suction and pulls most of the water out leaving the carpets to dry more quickly. I also used other brands of cleaning solution and found they worked equally as well. The Clean Surge feature was great for stains/spots and high traffic areas.

    I haven't used the upholstry tool yet so I cannot comment on that but I am expecting it to work well also. We've recommended this machine to other family and friends and who have also purchased the Hoover and are equally as satisfied. I don't think you can go wrong for the price, ease of use and, most of all, the efficiency....more info
  • This one is a true bargain
    I searched and searched for a Steam Vacuum to aid in clean up while training a puppy and raising three kids. We purchased a Dyson Animal DC17 also and together, they are an unbeatable team.

    Assembly was cryptic, but ultimately not too bad. I did not encounter the leaking problem others did, so it must have been fixed.

    I got cool-aid stains, pet stains and odor, and everyday dirt out of my 18 year-old carpet. We have three small children, so the idea of paying a bunch of money for carpet that was going to be stained up again in no time was not that appealing. Thanks to this SteamVac, it worked out. Our ancient carpet looks like it will last at least until the kids are all school age and then when we finally do get the new carpet, we will have the tools to really take care of it.

    One thing I would recommend is to take your time using this vacuum. If you're like me, you get into a vacuuming rhthym and start swiping it back and forth with wild abandon. This won't work. Methodically going in strips works best and the Surge thing worked suprisingly well on almost every stain.

    One thing I wish they would change is the fact that you can't effectively clean out the intake. It gets pretty nasty (at least in my house) and it takes forever to really get it clean.

    Overall, this is the one to buy for the price. ...more info
  • My new steamer
    I really like this steamer. I have four kids and two dogs, one is a puppy, and I use it about every other day. It cleans very well and the only thing that I do not like about it is the length of the cord, it needs to be much longer but it is something that I can live with!...more info
  • Dissatisfied
    DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! All the reviews I have read seem to agree with my experiences. When it works, it really cleans the carpets. Unfortunately this design is horribly flawed and poorly constructed that it will not last. The hand-tool is an absolute disaster unless you enjoy spraying a yard-sale of soapy water and then watching your scrub brushes (driven by an air motor) chug at 5 rpm over the area. The vac itself was difficult to clean and maintain, and the air motor driving the scrub brushes conked out on mine at the 2 year mark. The nearest service center is about 5 light-years away and I can only imagine what it will cost to insert another shoddy part into the machine to give me another 2 years out of it. Use a rental next time....more info
  • great product
    We love this carpet cleaner! our carpets had not been cleaned for almost 4 years with 4 kids and this cleaner got out all the stains and looked like the day we moved in. I tried both regular hot water from the tap and boiling hot water and they both equally got out the stains. I also used another brand of soap from walmart and it worked just as well. We were doubtful this carpet cleaner would work any better then our previous experiences with cleaners however we were way wrong! Now all our friends want to borrow ours to clean their carpets....more info
  • Great Product
    this rug shampooer is great!!. i have purchased two of them one for me and one for my daughter. this sucks everything up from the rug and cleans the rug great. I purchased a model below this and it didn't work as well as this particular model. i would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Professional Cleaning
    I paid more than the price of this shampooer to have 2 rooms professionally cleaned in my home, only to have the stains pop back out a week later. I purchased this shampooer based on the reviews and have not been disappointed - this shampooer is WONDERFUL! I used the advice from several different reviews: Use boiling water, pre-spot bad stains & etc... and my very dirty carpets are now clean! Obviously there's some shadowing in a few places where there were very old set-in stains, but what comes up actually comes up... the old stains haven't popped back up. I would highly recommend this carpet cleaner! I was pleasantly surprised that it actually works!!!...more info
  • Just Excellent..
    Really kiinda overwhelmed by this unit. Just finished my carpets and they are breath taking beautiful. I really liked the two tanks and the fact you can turn off the scrubbers. I first just went over the carpet with warm water and the vac with the scrubbers off. Picked up a few amazingly dirty muddy water. As I didn't want to scrub that top layer into the rug as my other vac did as its scrubber was always on. So being able to turn off the scrubbers is excellent. Which kinda made me laugh as after I was done just vac with hot water the top layer of the carpet. They looked great. Excellent vac power on er. They I went back over it with the shampo and scrubbers on for a deep clean. I sitting here now as I type looking at my carpet. Just overwhelmed how bright and nice they look. Yes.. this is a very nice vac to get. I love it. Can't wait to use it again in three months on just the carpet walk ways....more info
  • As good as professional - maybe better
    Searched reviews on a variety of carpet cleaners and settled on this one because of the positive reviews. Arrived in two days. Used. Works perfectly -- surprising. Lots of dirt in the collection tank and the carpet actually looks better! I'm sold. ...more info
  • Pleasantly Surprised
    I was debating whether to purchase this Hoover or the Bissell 9400/9500. I chose this one becuase of the lower price and good reviews, WalMart has it for $140. It did a very good job as the other reviews have mentioned. We clean our carpet about once a year and it looked the same as when the big commercial cleaners clean it. It did take me 2-3 hours to complete 4 rooms, hallways, closets and some stairs but it was not too tiring-just like vacumming just a bit slower since you have to go over the same spot 2-3x to clean and dry. Overall very pleased and I would buy it again. ...more info
  • so far a great product
    We purchased this steamvac after a lot of research and ultimately what determined our choice was the relatively low number of negative comments. When we received the machine my husband was out so I put it together on my own in about 15-20 minutes. I tried it out one weekend and I was immediately hooked. In about 3 hours I cleaned three rooms and an amazingly dirty hallway. True, I had to empty the dirty water receptacle frequently, but it was not such a hassle. It was amazing to see how nasty our carpets were. What I really liked about this machine is that if you go slowly and meticulously over the cleaned spot it really sucks up the water from the carpets well, leaving them almost dry. In less than 4 hours after I finished cleaning all the floors were dry! In a few weeks I also used the attachment for upholstery and stairs. It did a good job on the furniture, but I think it is not powerful enough to clean the carpeted stairs very well. Still, this is a minor problem for a machine that cost us less than $160. Now I only hope that it lasts for a few years. ...more info
  • Cleans Good....but
    This is the first carpet cleaner I have ever owned and I am sorta happy with it. It cleaned my carpet very well. Removed ALL the pet stains and kid stains from the carpet, the carpet looks brand new. But I can not figure out how to get the u[pholstery hose and attachments to work. They do not "suck" at all. So I can not clean my stairs. And customer service SUCKS!! Hoover will not answer the phone, I kept getting hung up on. Shame on their customer service....more info
  • VERY good cleaner!
    I just got this carpet cleaner a week ago. I have used it plenty of times already and WOW I absolutely love it. As someone who has been diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder, I am PARANOID about Germs, dirt, dust and the list goes on. I am an AVID deep cleaner in my house and I have never owned my own carpet cleaner in fear I would spend too much money on something that never worked the exact way I wanted. I took a chance with this cleaner and WOW, it cleans better than a professional one i've used. And I live in Military Housin on post, so I HAVE to keep these carpets clean. This cleaner absolutely does the trick. The downsides, mine does leak just a little. But it's no biggie. And the dirty water container does fill up sort of fast. But other than that, very good carpet cleaner. Highly recommend it!...more info
  • Effective and Bargain-Priced
    A great bargain, even if it's not the greatest steam-vac in the world.

    I've had this machine for almost a year now and I have to say I'm pretty pleased with its performance. Sure, it has a few flaws, but given the price this is still a great buy.

    Starting with the flaws:
    -The unit is made of plastic that doesn't seem too sturdy, but my fears could be unwarranted, after all it has gone a year without breaking.
    -The hand tool/wand tends to overspray out the sides. The hand tool nozzle can also sometimes come disconnected at the base, which leads to some solution spraying out (but only when using the hand tool). This isn't a major problem, more of an annoyance. But if you're particularly sensitive to the neighbouring furniture, you'll want to be careful.

    For the positives:
    -It's very easy to use
    -It's only about as large or heavy as a typical upright vacuum
    -The soap solution is cheap (I've only used about a quarter of a $20 jug in the year I've owned it)
    -It does just as good a job as rental machines and, I dare say, professionals
    -Clean-up is easy, you just disconnect and rinse a few parts

    *Note: Many have commented about leaks, but I have had no issues with this. According to the instruction manual, this usually results from not properly depressing the "clean surge" button when assembling the unit for the first time.

    About home carpet cleaners in general: Work slowly and take care not to use too much cleaning solution. You have to remember that you are basically dumping soapy water into your carpet and then sucking it back out. If you don't take your time, you could be asking for trouble.

    Another note- though this says "SteamVac" it does not actually heat the water and certainly doesn't "steam" the carpet like a professional service would. This is not really false advertising, since a "real" steam cleaner is pretty gosh-darned expensive. The water that comes out will be slightly cooler than what you put in, so you may want to boil the water first.

    Lastly, I still recommend having the pros come in every now and again- like every six months to a year. There are simply some pro techniques and tools that no home unit will replace. A home unit like this is going to help keep your carpets shampoo-fresh without needing to have the pros out every time....more info
  • F-5914-900 hoover steam vac
    Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac with Clean Surge We tried the cleaner and preformed as we hoped it would. We have an elderly cat and he leaves us many "presents". The cleaner removes all the evidence, totally. The only down side is the path is a little smaller than our previous cleaner. ...more info
  • Love This Machine!
    I have used several "steamer" type of carpet cleaners over the past 23 years, and this is by far a superior product. I have 3 sons - a husband - 2 Golden Retrievers, and a toy Miniature Schnauzer, so you can imagine the traffic in our home! When I first purchased this steamer I had ancient carpeting - almost 20 years old. I didn't know my very expensive vacuum wasn't cleaning as well as it should have, until I finally bought a Dyson Animal - also terrific! So the bottom line is, I stood in amazement when I extracted gobs of dirt from the carpeting!

    I recently had the carpeting replaced, and held off steaming it for several months, because it still looked like new. When I finally decided to haul out the Hoover, I was once again amazed at the dirt that came out - nowhere near as bad as the old carpet, but still, it made my new carpets look fabulous!

    I don't use their cleaner, but opt rather to buy the huge jug from Home Depot.

    I do recommend regular maintenace - cleaning all filters and recepticles. It is easy to use, and does an excellent job extracting water. The carpets dry exceptionally fast, but I do have air conditioning running year round here in Florida....more info
  • Excellent buy
    This is the first cleaner that I have purchased and am quite pleased. We have white carpets that are 10 years old and heavily soiled. This machine did a fantastic job cleaniong the soiled areas. I would recommend this product to anyone. The clean surge really helps on those heavy soiled areas....more info
    I used the Hoover SteamVac for about 3 hours when I received it. It overheated and died. I took it into the Hoover Service Center (the closest one is 200 miles away) to have it repaired under warranty. They kept it for 3 weeks and couldn't find anything wrong with it. I took it home and it worked for 17 minutes and it overheated and died again. The Hoover repair people have had it for 3 weeks and they can't get the part to repair it. They can't tell me when they will get the part. Not only is the product bad but the service is worse. Don't buy this product. ...more info
  • Love this carpet cleaner
    Based on the reviews that were already here, I decided to purchase this carpet cleaner.
    I DID get hung up on hearing the snap lol - and didn't, so I assumed it wouldn't work. After several days of attempting to SNAP it in place, I gave up and used it anyhow. WOW!
    I have had several dogs over the past 18 years, we still have that original carpet in the porch, but newer carpeting everywhere else.
    The porch is looking great now! I did that carpet three times, and every time it pulled up more dirt and grime. It now looks clean and FEELS clean under our bare feet.
    I have used it in every room of the house and am very pleased with the results.
    I would definitely recommend this particular model!...more info
  • Does a good job
    I knew my carpet needed cleaning badly, but I didn't expect so much dirty sludge in the water. It is very easy to use, and the carpet dried in no time at all and looked very nice. It's my first very own carpet cleaner so I don't know what else to mention... except sooooo clumsy to put together.
    ...more info
  • As expected...
    I had been eyeing this thing for close to 3 years. When I received a $50 gift card to amazon courtesy of my credit card rewards, figured this would be a smart purchase since the reviews were positive and the price was write. This steam vac became more of a priority since I now have a 1 year old Beagle with a second on the way this June.

    Setup was a breeze, although the directions aren't much to speak of. My first trial was this morning and I was thoroughly impressed with the results using just 3oz of the provided solution and hot tap water. The directions say to perform an optional rinse with hot water after cleaning to help fluff the carpet and rid of any dryness caused by the solution. So, I did a test with the guest bedroom and hallway. Did only the cleaning in the guest bedroom and did both a cleaning and rinse of the hallway. Both were obviously clean and looked great compared to the carpet that hadn't been touched at all. With the rinse of the hallway, that carpet felt nice and soft and plush while the guest bedroom did have a sense of dryness. Either way works and they look equally clean, only I would recommend the rinse.

    Very impressed with this item, especially for the money. Would highly recommend this for anyone looking for a budget steam vac, especially if you have pets like myself. ...more info
  • The new Hoover
    Mine was delivered this week & I tried it out. I looked around & have to say Amazon was the best buy. The cleaner is easy to assemble, compact, lightweight & easy to use. It has more features than competing brands that are same/higher in price & has the attachments to handle about any cleaning you need. The only tricky part is the catch pot cover has to be sealed tightly or you get little action. You can tell by the limp pick-up of the vacuum & slow rotation of the brushes that you have to re-seat it. Cleans nicely on general areas. For harder spots, a hand brush is needed in advance. The rotating brushes don't have the really hard scrub to dislodge food/spots from carpet fiber. This isn't a big deal since there's usually only a few spots like that near the kitchen & bathrooms. Also, the one gallon capacity means it takes about 5 refills to clean a carpet in a large room. On the other hand, the Hoover isn't physically challenging and the tubs can be quickly & easily cleaned & re-filled in the sink. So, I'm satisfied with the Hoover. Final comment ... I notice the price went up $10 since I bought mine 10 days ago. Boo! ...more info
  • Awesome machine, highly recommended!
    I cleaned a large rug and a huge sectional (with 20 individual microfiber pillows) in about an hour! The water came out black. It's amazing how efficient and easy to use this machine is and the vacuum is so strong everything dries very quickly. The scrubbing brushes really works in the detergent and was able to get out food and wine stains that'd been in my sofa for almost a year. I was very impressed.
    I didn't give it 5 stars because it's a bit hard to use for a small woman like me. unlike vacuums, it doesn't lean back, so you have to pull it upright, which is tough b/c of the high friction. It does get the job done, so I think it's a good tradeoff.
    Another drawback is that the upholstery attachment spayer spays to the side, so water can get all over the place. But if you minimize the sparying, it should be okay.
    Overall, i'm really really glad I bought one. My couch would have cost almost $200 to clean, so at $150, this was a steal. I'm no longer worried about my puppy tracking dirt into the house, and can't wait to jump into my perfectly clean, like new sofa!...more info
  • Great Value!
    We received out SteamVac quickly and it worked as advertised. We have had no problems with leaks. Although it seems to do a good job cleaning our carpets, I couldn't say that they look or feel "good as new." However, it was worth the great price advertised on Amazon....more info
  • Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac excellent cleaning power
    Hoover Steamvac does an excellent job cleaning carpet. Would recommend.
    Old stains have disappeared. Thanks...more info
    I just ordered this machine and in assembly, a hole on the machine did not align with a hole on the part to which it was to be secured. The 2 holes are 1/4" apart. Unable to get any customer service from HOOVER, who did not even include an 800 number. Called long distance, phone rang then just stopped. Will never buy HOOVER again - customer service is non-existent. I'm returning it immediately. I would rate it no star but have to check one star to get this review shown. ...more info
  • What a great product!
    I didn't a lot of research before finally deciding to get the Hoover. I trust the product name and I know they will stand behind their products. My carpeting was deeply stained with pet stains that canned carpet cleaners couldn't even come close to removing. We cleaned the entire house and couldn't be happier. This does a much better job than a rental and in my opinion has already paid for itself!...more info
  • Hoover SteamVac Smaller size
    In the past 10 years I have had 3 Hoover machines. One cost $300 one cost $200. Since I go through machines so fast, this one is the best bet for the money. I have carpeting & a dog, so I am cleaning some piece every week or more. I don't need all the bells & whistles. This one does the job just as well as the $300 one, for half the price. It also does the tile. ...more info
  • I Love It!
    I used this product for the first time today and I liked the way it cleaned my floor rugs. I would strongly suggest though, that all the instructions be read before use because if not used property, too much water could accumulate and soak your rug. Since I have hardwood floors I steam vaccumed the rugs in the garage and let them dry fully before bringing them in. But in the case of a wall to wall rug, there could be a problem if too much water accumulates with improper use and cause a mildew problem. ...more info
  • With 5 dogs and beige carpets...the best ever!
    I have five dogs all of whom are still puppies (read as still housebreaking) with beige carpets in every room of my first house. Obviously my carpets are absolutely disgusting. I rented a rug doctor on a weekly basis almost at $60 a pop and had bought another steamvac as well but neither of them work near as well as this glorious machine. I stopped cleaning just to write this review because this machine is so awesome. Having read the reviews I made sure I read all the directions. It was very easy to assemble in just a few minutes although I did not hear an audible snap when placing the rod but I am not having any leaking problems. The suction is great and where as a rug doctor leaves my carpets soaked for days, this machine has left my carpets immaculate and nearly dry. The tanks are adequate size because I definetly had to stop and start much more with a rug doctor. A couple of tips I got from reading previous reviews that worked for me where heating some water (not necessarily boiling but very warm) and pouring the water in the tank first then adding solution. I also added a scoop of Oxi Clean and used Resolve carpet concentrate rather than the expensive Hoover cleaner and as I said, my beige carpets are immaculate after this awesome machine quickly cleared up five dogs attempts to get housetrained!...more info
  • Cleans fantastic and leaves carpets damp not soggy!
    I have used various Bissel carpet cleaners for twenty years. All cleaned well and I was satisfied, considering it wasnt a professional carpet cleaner. That was until my last Bissel shorted out and I chose the Hoover Steam Vac as a replacement.

    1- cleans better - simple. The five rotating brushes leave the carpet clean as well as hard surfaces. I actually felt comfortable using this machine on my marble floors. They shine! Better than any other economical home cleaning machine I have used.

    2- Leaves carpet Damp-NOT SOGGY in spots. The carpet is dry in half the time. The machine blows air on carpet as it cleans helping to dry and evaporate more water.

    3- Lightweight- easier to maneuver when full of water.

    I paid $150 at amazon - an amazing price for a machine that does a great job. To buy another cleaner that would do a better job? I am estimating the cost at minimum triple this cost....more info
  • Good steamvac
    I have a Rug Doctor and it was too loud and scared my baby. This hoover steamvac is not as strong and requires more passes to make the carpet clean but it did do the job. The hoover is a lot lighter and quieter than the Rug Doctor. I use the hoover monthly and the Rug Doctor every six months. The Rug Doctor is much stronger and requires only two passes on really dirty areas. The hoover will need about 5 to 6 passes to do the same. But since the hoover is lighter it doesn't bother me. You get what you pay for too. The Rug Doctor is 4 times more expensive....more info
  • Great cleaner - should have bought a long time ago
    Three weeks ago I purchased the Hoover Steam Vac w/Clean Surge. It's been wonderful. I can't believe how much dirt the cleaner brought out of our carpets. It's very easy to operate. Should have invested in this a long time ago!...more info
  • Good steam vac for the price.
    Everything is great except for when I use it on my high pile carpet. It is really difficult to push forward. I end up just having to do two pull back strokes. If I had to do it different, I would have gotten an automatic drive....more info
  • I was impressed!
    Read the previous reviews. Came close to getting the Eureka steam cleaner and I'm glad I didn't. My husband assembled it in 10 minutes and I just finished doing two rooms in no time. I really can't think of anything negative to say about it. I did what the other reviewers said to do. I boiled water and used hot tap water too. One reviewer suggested not using the rug shampoo and put 1 cup of vinegar in with the hot water and spraying a product called "folex" on the carpet, I went over the carpet very slowly. (Get Folex at Home Depot.) It took about half of the bottle to do two rooms!! I just couldn't believe the difference. The suction on this puppy is great. My mother owned a commercial carpet cleaning business, so I knew what to look for. This does it all and it has a great price too. Amazon delivered it quickly, as usual. You will not be sorry you got it. Ignore the negative reviews. ...more info
  • Satisfied Customer
    I purchased this because I was so tired of having to rent the clunky machines from the local hardware store. The set up of the machine was simple with the following of the instructions. And being that it came with a bottle of cleaning solution, I was well on my way to trying it out! Once I tried it, I was AMAZED!! It was easy to use and did a FABULOUS job!! If you don't "oversoak" the carpet, the water tank goes a loooooooooong way!! I was very satisfied....more info
  • Had a defective product, no support from Hoover
    I bought this unit 2 years ago, used it once and only did a hallway.
    I went to use it the SECOND time and it imploded. The motor chewed up part of the plastic base, spit plastic all over my floor and that was the end. It clearly had some sort of manufacturing defect from the start.

    I just called Hoover Customer Service. They were not willing to do anything for me. I explained I will nto buy their product again and instead buy Bissel and the supervisor was OK with that.

    This is not a company I will do business with in the future. I was extremely polite and professional in dealing with them and they clearly do not care about retaining a Customer. I will spend my money elsewhere. The good news is that I still have a practically FULL bottle of cleaner.

    It did a good job the first time I used it so if you feel lucky, go for it. :)
    ...more info
  • Love it!
    I just picked up this steamvac after reading all the great reviews here and anywhere that they let people review!

    I can see why it is highly rated. It works great!

    I'll be honest and admit that I did not have high expectations. This Hoover is one of the lower cost units out there, or at least, middle of the road, so I expected middle of the road performance. I also have a hoover steam cleaner that does NOT have the spinscrub or any active scrubber on the front. It actually looks very similar to this unit, but without the active scrubber, and as a result, it was terrible. It took ALOT of effort of me pushing down on the front and trying to scrub with it. Because I had such bad luck with that unit, I was very weary to try any other hoover, but the reviews online were just so good about this unit that I had to try it!

    And I'm so glad I did! I was very pleased to find that the unit cleans carpets VERY well. I was continually smiling and showing my girlfriend the comparative steps where I would clean half a stain or dirty area and you could clearly see the difference - like a commercial or something! The beauty is that the machine does all the work. 95% of my stains and dirty areas came clean with just the suggested use of two wet passes and two dry passes. A few I had to use the clean surge and go over an extra time or two, but that was it. I didn't have to hold down the front and scrub or do anything by hand - the machine did everything for me - which was a big plus.

    About 9 months ago we had the carpets in our condo professionally cleaned. It cost just under $200 and the guy had some fancy machinery. My girlfriend and I both agreed that this hoover achieved the same, if not better results. Granted, the professional machine was much faster, but the results were the same, with the edge actual going to the hoover. So, basically, the machine paid for itself it's first use.

    The only complaint I have, if you could even call it a complaint, is that the clean water runs out fast and the dirty water fills up faster. It would be nice to have bigger tanks on both, but it's understandable for this size model that they are smaller. To combat this point, though, emptying the dirty water, and refilling the cleaning solution couldn't be easier. The dirty water tub comes off SO easy, and goes back in just as easy, and it is easy to dump right into the bath tub (or outside, etc). The cleaning solution tank is also very easy to remove, fill, and install.

    I think for our ~1100sqft condo I went through ~13 gallons of cleaning solution. I did mix 10oz of soap per gallon, though, because the carpets were pretty dirty, and I didn't have anything to pre-treat with. Also, I picked up the Zep Carpet Extractor Shampoo, which worked, IMO, just as well as the Hoover soap that came with it, and it was very cheap too. Plus, it smelled better. Like a "professional" smell, if that makes sense.

    Just to note, I have not tried any of the tools yet, but I intend to try them soon. I can note that they appear to be pretty solidly made and I like the way they connect. They look like they'll do a nice job.

    I'm a VERY picky consumer, especially since I've been burned in the vacuum and steam cleaner department in the past. I'd gladly speak my mind and bash any deserving vacuum or steam cleaner product by giving it a bad review and less than 5 stars, but this Hoover does not deserve this in any way shape or form. I would highly recommend it to a friend, and I can't imagine finding a better unit for the price (or even anything outside of a professional model)....more info
  • pleased
    I bought the Hoover after reading all of the reviews. I previosly had the original Bissel. This is much improved while being much more convenient to use,2 tanks are definitly better. Had no leaks so maybe earlier problems are gone, but I did slow down my usual assembly time as recomended. Brush system much better than Bissel but they are a pain to clean. Something I learned with Bissel. run clear water thru eveything before storing as it dries its like clue!...more info
  • Very happy
    With three dogs and 2 kids I needed a carpet cleaner desperately. I read all the reviews and selected this one, and it has turned out to be exactly what I expected. It cleans well and must have terrific suction because my carpet was dry in 3 hours. I'm glad I read the reviews because 1) I didn't hear a snap when I assembles the handle piece, and yet my machine doesn't leak 2) I read the directions thoroughly and had several problems solved immediately 3) wasn't surprised to find that the dirty water tank filled up quickly. My only question is why do they call it a steam vac? It doesn't steam and it doesn't heat the water. All in all I am very happy with this machine....more info
  • Better than Bissell
    Our Bissel shampooer sbroke so I was shopping for a new shampooer. I did a lot of research thru Amazon's ratings and decided on purchasing this model. I'm very very happy with this purchase. This baby works really well. It feels a lot more solid than the bissell. Great for pet owners!...more info
  • Hoover steamvac great product
    When I arrived home my 15 year old daughter had the steamvac assembled. She is quite handy. The water was almost black when we tried it out. The steamvac seems to work well for pet spots. Some pet spots reapeared after several days but just went over the spots again and they were gone. The clean surge button helps out on tuff stains. The steamvac works better than renting a rug doctor and much less effort. ...more info
  • Hoover Steam Vac
    I previously had a Hoover Steam/Vac for quite a number of years and liked it. It slowly fell apart, but now my son is using it. This new one is slightly improved, but a little harder to undo to clean. But it works great and I love it. Glad I now only have 3 rooms of carpet to clean. I hated doing stairs! But I recently used it and it brought my new carpet just about back to brand new again...and that's after almost a year! I really like the clean surge and it does take back quite a bit of the water in the carpet....more info
  • If loving the steamvac is wrong, I don't want to be right
    If loving my Steamvac is wrong- I don't want to be right., March 26, 2008

    I have been frustrated by consumer carpet cleaners in the past so for years I've been using The Rug Doctor. I've recently been in a car accident and have major neck pain and visitors were coming- which hurts more my neck or my pride when they see my neglected carpet? I decided to side with pride and knowing that I'd kill myself using the Rug Doctor I went looking for a good value in carpet cleaning. I found it. This is as close to professional cleaning that I've seen, easy to use, and affordable. I'd say this is the best bang for the buck with the scrubbing brushes and heat. I'd found less expensive but for me, I want some type of agitating brush. So my carpets look outstanding and my neck and back have held up pretty well thanks to the overall design and weight. I'm 5'4" it felt like it was custom made. If you are tall, it might hurt your back a little, but since you don't have 24 hours to get your carpets cleaned and the cleaner returned, you can take your time. I think I'll use it often. I can't say enough good things about this. ...more info
  • Great cleaner, great price!
    I bought this thinking I would use it for my high traffic areas. I have a big dog and live in an area with clay soil. My carpets get pretty dirty. After cleaning the high carpet areas I just couldn't stop! Eventually I had to because I used the entire bottle of cleaner. This machine did just as good a job as the machines you rent at the store. It's easy to use too and lightweight. I had no problems changing out the tanks. I always changed both out at the same time. It seemed like everytime I ran out of cleaning solution, the dirty tank was also ready to be emptied. So it's sucking up pretty much everything it puts out. An awesome little machine at a great price!...more info
  • Very satisfied
    Best price I could find, quick shipping. I couldn't believe how dirty my carpets were. This is a great product at a great price....more info
  • Great Machine!
    This carpet cleaner works great! Easy to put together. The ONLY problem is you have to keep stopping and emptying the dirty water and refilling the clean water. On one large dining/livingroom we had to fill and dump 4 times. Oh well its worth it considering it does a fantastic job cleaning and making my carpet bright and fresh!! Thanks Hoover and Amazon!!...more info
  • A very good carpet cleaner
    For the money this is a very good machine. The Hoover is very easy to use and was a snap to set up. We have a light beige carpet that needs to be cleaned often as we have two cats and a dog. The heavy traffic areas especially need attention often. I have used the machine several times on the most soiled areas with very satisfactory results. What I like best about this machine is that the carpets are left nearly dry after cleaning so after a few hours the carpet is dry enough to walk on.

    Bottom line is that the Hoover F5914-900 cleans carpets well, it is more suited to small areas at a time though. Do one room at a time and don't be in a rush and you will get good results. ...more info
  • amazing steam cleaner!!!
    amazing results on an old carpet in my new apt!!! there were a lot of stains and was overall really dirty. this product did a great job....more info
  • Old Carpet, New Hoover F5914
    Overall: *Excellent* results with the Hoover F5914-900. House came with 30 year old carpet. Looked like it had never been cleaned. Horribly stained and matted. After reading reviews here, decided to try this machine (rather than rent or hire commercial) before carpet replacement. Very pleased with all aspects. I strongly recommend it.

    Assembly: Easy. Requires a Phillips screw driver. There was no obvious 'snap' when attaching handle and engaging Clean Surge and trigger assembly. Machine has not leaked at all.

    Carpet Cleaning: Amazing results. Carpet was stained beyond belief. Even had been used as a drop cloth for painting. I spot treated beforehand. Didn't worry about extra hot water. About 90% of stains are gone. Those that haven't come up completely are now hard to find. Incredible amount of dirt picked up. Of course, no machine could remove the paint. Carpet looks and feels like carpet again (except paint).

    Upholstery Attachments: Not tried yet.

    Ease of Use: No more difficult than an upright vacuum cleaner. Took care to ensure water pick up was complete, going extra slowly during dry-strokes, watching nozzle for water to stop. Very good vacuum power. As others have said, carpet was nearly dry to the touch after about an hour. Design allows it to get very close to walls. Inside corners, not as good.

    Tank Sizes: Unlike others, I found the recovery/waste tank to be well sized. On average, less than a pint remained in cleaning-solution tank when waste tank was full. Simply filled one when I emptied the other. Larger sizes on both tanks would be a plus; but, not essential.

    Clean Up After Use: Easy and necessary. Takes a couple of minutes plus time to air dry.

    Durability: Have only used it a few times; so, can only say it seems well built and it has worked flawlessly so far. Even so, it has paid for itself (or nearly so) after the first week of use.

    Cleaner Concentrate: Used both Hoover's and a cheaper knock-off. Could not tell any difference.

    Storage: Takes about the same amount of space as an upright vacuum cleaner. Store after drying.

    Especially Pleased: With results; and, can clean carpet in stages rather than moving all furniture at once. Can repeat when/where needed at no additional cost, no extra trips, no appointments. Important for me since dirt accumulates quickly. Excellent machine.

    ...more info
  • Much Better than Bissell
    I used to own a Bissell "Steam on Board". I used it 4 or 5 times and the cleaning jet would not work. Before I could get it repaired, our home flooded during Katrina and we lost it. I just bought the Hoover F59147-900 SteamVac and am very pleased. The machine was easy to assemble and I was worried during the initial set-up when I didn't hear the "snap". I read several reviews on Amazon about setting up the machine so I was taking a gamble when I used it, but no leaks! The machine did a wonderful job; much better than the Bissell I previously owned. Another feature that I really liked was how fast the carpets dried. All in all the machine cleaned better and the floors dried faster. I also found that setting up the machine to clean and cleaning the machine after using was much easier and less time consuming than the Bissell. I am very satisfied....more info
  • Great SteamVac
    I bought this SteamVac to clean the carpet in my house and the car. It cleans the carpet in my house very well. In fact, I was surprised to see how much dirt it pulled from what I thought were fairly clean carpets.

    It cleans the carpet in the car OK, but not as well as I was expected. Probably has a lot to do with the lack of hot air when using the attachment. I just had to make more passes.

    The small attachments to do the stairs and upholstery works OK, I have a tri-level house and the hoses are long enough for my stairs so I can position the Steam Vac at the top of the stairs or bottom, but for someone with a full flight of stairs, it might be a little more challenging.

    I fill the water tank with about 1/2 boiling water and 1/2 hot tap water and seems to work very well. A little bit of carpet cleaning detergetn goes a long way. Clean surge is a handy feature.

    Carpet dries pretty quick.

    Couple of places are little difficult to clean (mostly bits of carpet fuzz) without some disassembly, but it's not like I use this unit all the time, so I don't mind.

    Excellent value for the money.

    ...more info
  • My carpets thank me
    With beige carpets and a dog I find myself cleaning the carpets a couple times a year and this carpet cleaner works great, I love the attachments for the stairs and is just like pushing a vacumm cleaner. I always heat the water on the stove then funnel it into the bucket to actually steam the carpets because this product does not heat the water despite what you may think when you read the product title, "steam cleaner". I like the upright style of the cleaner because the one I had previous was the shop vac style and it was much more strenous....more info
  • Holy crap this thing is great!
    WOW! This thing really does hold up to the reveiws. I am a pretty picky person when it comes to being pleased. I had my carpets professionally cleaned by sears, and I liked the clean from this machine better! It really does have good suction and the carpet is left barely damp. It is VERY easy to use, not a big ordeal as I was expecting. It was almost as easy as just vacuming!
    And one more thing...FORGET the included "soap". As I have learned, never never use soap on the carpet. Sears even said they "rinsed" the carpet and it was left crunchy with a residue that attracted dirt.
    Cleaning your carpet WELL is simple...just add 1 cup vinegar instead of the shampoo. It will kill odors and leave the carpet bright and soft. The vinegar smell is COMPLETELY gone when the carpet is dry. For high traffic areas, I pretreated with a miracle product called "folex". You can get it at lowes or home depot. It's an amazing non-soap carpet spot treatment. I sprayed it on the high traffic areas, rubbed it in a little, then used the steam cleaner with vinegar and water. The carpet was so clean, it had a sheen to it, like when it was new. There was zero lingering smell like when you use those awful carpet shampoos.

    The machine held up to every positive review on here. I got mine from walmart for about $139. WHY WHY WHY did I not get this thing sooner? I have 3 toddlers and a cat, and this thing made my carpet look new, with the help of the folex and vinegar. AMAZING. And it paid for itself already! GET ONE! ...more info
  • Very Nice
    Short and sweet:

    This cleaner really doeas a great job. The fact that there are two resevoirs to keep dirty water away from the clean really makes it great compared to others. The hand tool really works well as well. I used it to detail my vehicle and it worked like a charm. One NOTE** Because of the soap make sure your tile is completely dry or you will slide like gretzky. Not that I know or anything. =)...more info
  • Excellent Investement
    I received my cleaner two days ago and couldn't wait to use it. Read the instructions thouroghly and jumped in. It is extremely easy to use and cleans great! Carpet is almost dry after using. I have three animals and was a little leery as to how clean this appliance could really get my carpets. (two dogs that are out all day and come in at night dragging dirt with them) I hate to admit there was actually MUD in the reclaim tank. This just proved to me how well this little baby really works and again, the dry time is almost next to nothing. Highly recommended....more info
  • I am in love with a steamvac!
    First, I bought this at WALMART for $$139.97(reg.price) and I am soooo happy that I got this. Fifteen minutes earlier I bought one at Bestbuy for 169.99 and I needed to get the solution at walmart across the street, and I found the machine at the lower price!!! so I returned the one to BestBuy... I followed the instructions for assembly, no problems, and I filled it up as the directions said....(the instructions said that if you didn't buy pre-treating spray, double the amount of solution you put in the machine) WORKS LIKE A CHARM!!! I didn't have to boil any water, for fear this would test the limits of the O-ring in the tank and cause a leak... I used hot tap water and the stuff that came out of our carpet....YUK, my house is brand new (9 months old) and it was almost embarrasing...but It is soooo clean now.

    we have 2 bulldogs, so with drool, accidents, and foot traffic from our shoes, this cleaned everything nicely!!!

    if you are thinking about this model, Please GO BUY IT....DON'T CALL PEOPLE TO COME TO YOUR HOME TO CLEAN

    HAPPY CLEANING EVERYONE!!!!...more info
  • does a good job
    i owned a hoover steam vac before for years and it finally gave out. it was nice to see that hoover made improvements over the model that i owned before. on my old one, the dirty water bucket broke and the hose for the hand tool ran inside the handle and eventually tore from moving the handle. both problems have been re-engineered. the only complaint i have it that it is very tedious to get out and use the hand tool. you have to take the hose completely off the back, lower the handle completely down, open the dirty water bucket, hook up the suction side to the dirty water bucket, then connect the clean water part of the hose to the front of the steamvac. i use the hand tool a lot so this is annoying but it works. one other note, it says heated cleaning, it does not heat the water, it just blows hot air on to the floor. pretty useless. all in all, a good buy though....more info
  • Don't hesitate to buy this!
    So far, I'm extremely pleased with this product. It cleans way better than any carpet cleaning machine I've ever had. What it does that the others have not done is dispense a large amount of the cleaning solution from the upper tank into the carpet and then suck it all back out into the lower tank, which means a lot of the deep down dirt gets out. I also like that you can then put clear water into the tank and rinse out all the residue. My carpets haven't been this clean in years. The main drawback in the design of this machine is that both tanks are quite small and have to be refilled and emptied frequently. However, I find that to be a small inconvenience when compared to the beautiful job of cleaning it does....more info
  • hoover's are the best
    I bought this to replace my 13 year old hoover steam cleaner which was finally giving out after being loaned out and used on rentals. In my opinion this one is even better. It got my carpet cleaner than the last professional cleaning service I used. Hoover's seem to clean better and pick up more moisture than any of the other steam cleaners I've tried and I've tried alot....more info
  • clean carpets
    we have cream carpets, and after using steamvac they became clean even where they were stained or heavy traffic.love the removal of soapy water. have used the vac to rinse and quick drying. ...more info
  • It's "Doomsday" for the dirt in my rugs!
    This thing works like a raging bull, wow. Such power, and it really made my living room carpet look like new again. I'm beyond impressed. Definitely recommend....more info
  • Hoover Sucks Died in first week wont stand by product
    The worst company ever filing a chargeback on credit card died in the first week....more info
  • Great value but read the instructions!
    Having read the previous reviews, we purchased this machine over several other Bissell models sold by Amazon. Heeding the advice of earlier reviewers, we took our time to put the machine together properly before using it and had none of the leakage problems mentioned by others. If you purchase this machine, don't worry too much if your don't hear the "loud click" described in the instructions...ours didn't click and everything seated fine for a leak-free assembly. Actual cleaning was much easier than rental machines used in the past. We found a new concentrated version of the Hoover cleaning solution at wally mart and, in combination with very hot water, cleaned our carpet quickly and without too much effort. Take your time when vacuuming up the water as one or two passes won't do. We went back and forth over the wet carpet 10 or so times and it left the carpet damp enough for air drying in about 30 minutes. The only downside is that the dirty water needs to be emptied more often than it needs refilling with the cleaning solution. Oh, and it's heavier than a vacuum cleaner so don't think you'll be able to lug this unit around as easily as you do a vacuum. Highly recommended. Much better results than ANY rental unit we've used in 30 years of cleaning our home carpets. ...more info
  • Great price, Works Great
    This is a wonderful value and really cleans up a storm! Plus I got free shipping!!! With six dogs I needed something that really deep cleans. This one does the trick!...more info
  • Bought it after Christmas
    I thought it did a good job. I don't know how easy or difficult it was to put together, because my husband did it. They were prompt in delivering it....more info
  • Surpassed expectations!
    This is the 2nd carpet cleaner that I've purchased, and after reading some of the great reviews about the Hoover steam vac I bit the bullet and decided to give it a try. One requirement that I wanted in a carpet cleaner was for it to have brushes to actually scrub the carpet, not something that just sprayed water down and sucked it back up. Been there, done that, so this was what I had been looking for. The cleaner arrived within just a few days of ordering, was well packaged and easily assembled. I knew my carpet was really dirty because it had not been cleaned in about 3-4 years. With two dogs and two cats, it should be cleaned about twice each year. Okay, so straight out of the box, a quick read of the instructions and I was off and running. There were a couple areas where I had spot cleaned with a hand-held cleaner. This left much lighter spots on the carpet, so I knew that the rest of the carpet was pretty dirty. On to the first swipe down the carpet and I could see a difference! Wow, this was actually fun! Like one of the reviewers had said, it was just like vacuuming. You push the spray button as you push the cleaner forward, and also when you pull it backward. It's amazing to see all that dirt flow up and know it had been in the carpet. Not only that, but my carpet is really old and when it was finished I couldn't believe it was the same carpet. After the carpet was done I allowed it to dry for a day and the whole room smelled wonderful. When the carpet was dry I did notice a small, about 4 inch strip that I had missed, so I got the cleaner out and did that area once again. It was too much fun. I actually wished that I had more carpet to clean! One thing that I did learn on the 2nd use was when cleaning the machine. Even though I had vacuumed thoroughly there was some lint that got caught in the vacuum slot and it did not come out by the recommended cleaning method. So, what I did was lift the unit up over my kitchen sink and, with a turkey baster, carefully squirted the water down into the slit so the water and debris would run back down toward the direction of the floor. This got the machine clean as a whistle. I would definitely recommend this product to friends, family and neighbors. I am, to say the least, impressed....more info
  • Better than Rug Doctor
    I've had this shampooer for a few days now, and I'm still kicking myself for not buying it sooner. I had to rent a Rug Doctor twice since moving into my new apartment. The carpet here is really old (as in taupe-brown and orange shag carpet) and I don't think it was ever shampooed. My allergies had been really bothering me since I moved in, so I rented the Big Red to try and help with that. Then I found out my dog had been peeing in the corner of one room for a while without my knowing, so I rented the Rug Doctor again. Thus, my carpets had been steam cleaned twice in about a 3 month time period (and yet they still smelled bad).

    Finally, I decided to pick the SteamVac up after reading all the good reviews. For about $160 (at Best Buy where I had a gift card), I now own a shampooer I can use whenever the carpet is looking a bit dingy (or smelling a bit dog pee-ish). And it works a lot better than the Rug Doctor. I've used a few carpet shampooers in my day and this one is truly impressive. You will find yourself absolutely gaping at the nasty, brownish-black water coming up into the machine from your carpets. If you go slowly and make several passes to get out as much water as possible, your carpets will be dry in an hour or less. And they will smell, well, kind of like nothing at all--which is really what they should smell like, right?

    It's pretty lightweight for a shampooer. For those saying it's too heavy, the suction power would be lessened if it were any lighter. And let me tell you, the suction power is better than that of any other machine I've ever used.

    The SteamVac is also great on bare floors. My kitchen floors are old linoleum, so I just go straight from the carpet to the floor and it does a fantastic job, far better than a swiffer mop. I've found no need for the bare floor attachment. If you have nice wood or tile floors, I would be careful to use only the recommended solution and turn the brushes to low.

    If you are in the market for a carpet shampooer, look no further than this powerhouse. And don't waste your money on a Floormate. This does a better job, is the same price, and does your carpets too. Even if I were monetarily endowed and could afford one of the really expensive shampooers, I would still choose this one for it's remarkable cleaning and suction power. My mom just visited me and I showed her how well it worked and she's on her way to buy one right now. Just wait until you see how clean and fluffy your carpets are after you use it!...more info
  • This is a Beast!
    Since I just moved to a new city and, therefore, new apartment, I didn't need to use this SteamVac to clean the carpeting first. Instead, I used it to clean my overstuffed, twill sofa. This machine is a beast! I didn't think my sofa was as filthy as it was, because as I was cleaning it, the water and cleaning fluid that was sucked through the hose didn't look so dirty. But when I went to empty the recovery tank, the water was dark brown and loaded with grime and cat hair. I was able to clean my entire sofa with one fill of hot water, although I used extra cleaning solution because my sofa hadn't been cleaned since I bought it four years ago. I do intend to clean the carpeting after the winter ends. I'm sure it will work as advertised.

    I was unsure about how to use the SteamVac at first. The assembly--everything seemed too simple, like some steps were missing from the manual. They're all there. The SteamVac just works differently than I thought. There is some sort of mysterious connection between the solution tank and the recovery tank that makes it seem like an assembly step is missing. Read. Read. Read the manual (and look at the pictures). I didn't hear a snap when pushing the trigger and the clean surge button. I just made sure that I pushed them as far in as possible, so that the SteamVac wouldn't leak while I used it. The setup steps are the same regardless of whether you want to use it first to clean upholstery, carpet, or bare floors. Also, others have said this as well: You must clean the SteamVac after using it. When I cleaned the hose, a wad of fur shot out.

    One last thing: Boil the water that you'll mix with the cleaning solution. It will stay hot. Use a funnel or measuring cup to fill the solution tank....more info
    After spending hundreds of dollars on carpet cleaners, only to be dissapointed EVERY time....I finally found what I've been searching for!! Words cannot describe how happy I am with this machine. Not only does this work GREAT on pet stains/odors, it also worked great on some old oil stains that were tracked in from my husbands boots a few months ago. This literally made my carpets look brand new. Very easy to assemble, and it was actually lighter in weight than other brands I have tried in the past. ...more info
  • Steam Vac
    I got a excellent deal on this through Amazon Prime. This is a good all around steam Vac for your home and I have tried several....more info
  • Hoover carpet cleaner
    Very pleased with the hoover carpet cleaner. We had a Bissell Pro-Heat. Worked well for a few months, but then started having problems. The belt kept slipping off, & would not pick up the water. Carpet stayed wet for many hours, With this machine, carpet is dry in about 2 hours....more info
  • excellen carpet cleaner
    I read many of the reviews for various carpet cleaners and decided this one might be best since I have wall-to-wall carpet, area rugs, and 4 dogs. This cleaner can handle it all. I do heat the cleaning solution first though. It has good suction and it is easy to use. I highly recommend this cleaner....more info
  • The carpet feels good after a good scrub and steam vacuum clean
    We are not sure is it is worth to invest on a steam vacuum cleaner so we borrowed a Bissell from a friend to test it out. The Bissell was not very good and the suction power is very weak. Based on good review at Amazon and from a friend who changed from Bissell to Hoover, ordered the Hoover from Amazon and arrive within 2 days. Although it was bulky, it was as heavy as I though. The set up take times and you need the read the manual to make sure you get the part in place. It come with sample cleaning solutions and in less than 30 minutes, I am ready to steam vac the carpet. I spot clean and scrub some stain area using Resolve and brush. Once you start the machine and going over slowly the carpet, you will see all the dirt that is collected on the container. Once the carpet is dry (less than 4-5 hours), you can feel the difference from under your feet. The machine is easy to clean and changing of dirty water is quick and simple. The brush clean up light stain and you can remove and clean easily. Worth the investment and the time I spend over the weekend to clean my house....more info
  • practically perfect
    This machine is amazing. It lifted old stains and left the carpet almost dry. It is easy to use once you set it up. I think set up could have been a little easier. My fingers got caught on various plastic knobs and levers and I was afraid I would break off a part. Once you get past that, the machine works beautifully. With the clear parts, you can see the machine suck up soapy water and dump it into a tank. This machine is pretty loud, but it's satisfying to see it leave your carpets nice and new looking. The solution is pricey but you don't have to use that much and it's much cheaper than renting a machine or hiring a professional.

    ...more info
    I bought this unit after THREE FAILED BISSEL PRO HEAT- ALL DIFFERENT PRICE RANGES IN THREE YEARS. This Hoover is a godsend, I have four dogs and spot clean frequently. THIS HOOVER does not leak when you get side tracked and leave it in one spot. It cleans pet stains completely with some pre spotter as instructed and it sucks up from the depths of your carpet all dirt, dust and spores that Bissell's unit can't. I would recommend this unit if your serious about spending your money on something that won't break within 6 months....more info
  • good for the price
    This is good for the price for a steam vac. We've used it a number of times. Only problem is that for good cleaning you have to supply it with continuous warm water. The cleaner does not have a warming unit in it....more info
  • Cleans Like a Champ
    I've used this machine on a few carpets of varying degrees of filth with great success. I was amazed at how much dirt comes out of a relatively clean carpet.

    My most recent experience using this machine was with an extremely filthy carpet that probably hasn't been cleaned in over 10 years. We used 3 bottles of stain remover and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide as well as carpet cleaning solution. The results were amazing. Although the heavy traffic areas still showed wear, the rest of the carpet revived quite well.

    We took our time cleaning, letting the brush heads rotate on stained spots. This seemed to help lift some of the stains.

    For a residential unit this product works very well. For the price of a few rentals you can own a machine that will make your carpets look newer and refreshed....more info
  • Cheap, effective, and ideal for small dwellings
    This steam vacuum is a very good investment. It is cheap and effective, but it isn't quite upto par with the deluxe steam vacuums you can rent at your grocery stores.

    Because of its relatively small size, the vaccuum is ideal for small dwellings. With each fill of hot water and carpet detergent, one can clean around 150-220 sq ft of carpet effectively. Changing the container can be tiresome, and one may need to change the container ten times or more for a 2000 sq ft house.

    The overall cleaning prowess is very acceptable. It is nothing special and one may need to steam vacuum the same carpet multiple times in order to get the most of the dirt out. But then again, I found this to be true even with the deluxe steam vacuums.

    From the cost effective perspective, it is hard to beat this steam vacuum. I highly recommend it for those who live in small dwellings...more info
  • Great Price, Great Cleaner
    I justified purchasing this by contemplating the cost of renting a cleaner from the grocery. Yeah, I could have rented a machine and solution for about $40 but how many times have I rented a machine that needed cleaning before use or did not work properly? Too many times. So, by spending $159 with FREE shipping with Amazon Prime, I can spot clean or do a whole room or lend to my friend a great machine that cleans well. Also, I cannot say enough about the Hoover 40321130 Premium Pet Formula Carpet/Upholstery Detergent, 128-Ounce to use in this unit. It.is.fabulous. The smell is pleasant and completely removes stubborn pet odors. Ignore the few bad reviews here and get this machine. A+++++++++ Way to go Hoover!...more info
  • Highly recommend
    I found this to be an excellent product! It is not too heavy & maneuvers easily. Great result on cleaning & carpet dried very quickly. Love it! ...more info
  • Want Value? - Buy HOOVER
    Works better than rental machines. Easy to use - I don't need to pull out the manual if I haven't used an attachment in a while - they only fit one way! I've had my SteamVac for 2+ years and have cleaned up after kids, puppies and old dogs. Pet solution works great - no spots or bad smell after cleaning some pretty impressive messes. Size of tanks is just right - any larger and they'de be more than I'de want to deal with and much smaller and I'de be spending too much time filling and emptying. Carpets look better since we got our Hoover. Had smaller Bissel - don't go there....more info
  • Wow! Easy to Do and Results look Great!
    First time purchasing a steam cleaner. Easy to assemble and very easy to do. The results were incredible - the dirty water and sand it pulled in was amazing.

    Carpets look wonderful - very impressed!...more info
  • Best Carpet Cleaner EVER!
    I originally used this when my mother-in-law loaned hers to me, and I was so impressed I had to buy one of my own. It gets it all--even ground-in dirt and pet stains. The best part is, after two uses it pays for itself! Now we don't have to replace our carpet. I will never call another carpet cleaning service again. I use a little oxyclean dissolved in hot water in a spray bottle on the really bad stains and let that soak in for about 5 minutes before using the SteamVac on them--works like a dream. ...more info
  • Better than a Bissell!!
    I just purchased this after I finally reached my breaking point with my Bissell ProHeat. It really did a great job of cleaning my carpets and picked up everything that the Bissell had been leaving behind for the last year. The one thing that I noticed on most of the reviews was that many people complained about how bulky and heavy this was. To the contrary, I thought this was lighter and less bulky than the Bissell ProHeat. Perhaps compared to a normal vaccum this is bulky but compared to other cleaners, I think it's a little lighter and less bulky. I had two minor complaints about it though. First, I think the process to change to an attachment is a little time-consuming. You need to switch it off, remove the dirty water tank, switch some attachments on the front of the tank and then put it all back together. With the Bissell it was just a matter or turning a switch. Second, I'm not crazy over the fact that you mix the water and cleaner in one tank. I finished one of my rooms with some solution left and had to dump out about 1/2 the tank. Since solution isn't cheap, that was kind of painful to just dump the $$ down the sink like that. But otherwise, I think this is lightweight and does a great job of cleaning. I just hope that it lasts longer than the Bissell did!...more info
  • Great product
    This works much better than I expected. Best thing is when your finished the carpet is not only clean, but not very wet. Drys completely in just a few hours....more info
    Totally satisfied with this product. It cleans well and carpets dry very quickly. I've had Stanley Steamer clean my carpets and this is just as good, but more convenient!...more info
  • Does the job and easy to use
    I've had several steamvacs for home use. I like this one the best because it does the job very well and it is easy to clean after use. It also does the best job cleaning upholstery. The best part is that it is easy to rinse and clean out before storing till the next use. ...more info
  • Convenient.
    This Steam Vac is great to have around the house. Easy to use and gets the dirt out....more info
  • Works well for the dough
    This unit works very well. Few little things that aren't so good (cleaning hard floors, water tube not engineered well and had to zip-tie it on, bit awkward changing water etc.) Overall, I like it and would recommend....more info
  • Diana
    I purchased the Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac after trying to clean our carpet with a canister type steam cleaner. What a difference it made. It cleans extremely well, and it is fast and easy to use, and taking apart the cleaner to clean it was extremely easy as well. It took approximately 15 to 20 minutes to stream clean a medium sized bedroom and that was with
    taking my time. I would definetely recommend this steam cleaner to anyone....more info
  • good cleaner for the money
    I just tried this one out for the first time and already I am happier with it than I was with my bissel (which was a piece of junk!). I never heard the "snap" when putting it together as other's mentioned....but seems to have gone together just fine anyway. It really sucks up the water, got out some stubborn spots, and was easy to push around....more info
  • Great steam vac - Just buy it ! You won't regret it !
    My 2nd time reviewing a product here. Works well. I don't see any cons with the product, except perhaps all the plastic. If it lasts a long time, then the plastic isn't an issue.

    You can pretty much see all the dirt coming out. So you know its getting clean.

    And once you do this, you'll know the professionals aren't really "professional" since they leave your carpet extremely wet. Leaving it wet you know there is going to be detergent residue after it drys. Which then makes the carpet more prone to get dirtier quicker because the residue will trap dirt.

    With this unit, you can go back over with just the rinse, after you you clean it once with the cleaning solution. and I'm sure your carpets will be clean much longer. Just like additional rinse cycles in your washer. (it would have been really cool, if they could have built it a rinse function, just to go over right away after you clean. But this works just fine. It probably would be too heavy if they did that- just a thought.)

    Since they want you to go slow, it takes awhile, but what's the rush ? It's not like you are going to do it that often, and there is no rush to get it back to any rental center like you would have, if you rented a rug doctor or something.

    Read many of these reviews. Ignore the bad ones. You won't be sorry to have made this purchase, especially if you like a CLEAN house.

    And spend the extra money here to buy the big size detergent. It's worth it and smells great.And you can't beat the price b/c you have no shipping charges or taxes.

    Another plus. It couldn't have taken more than a day to get this. It was so darn fast. ...more info
  • i do love my new clean carpets
    this is a great machine for the price, it was able to clean some of my oldest stains and leave the carpet fluffy. i followed some other reviewers recommendations to use boiling water and to go over the carpet again with clean water after i shampooed. nice job hoover :)...more info
  • This is a wonderful product
    I used to have a carpet cleaner from Sears, but the carpet cleaner from Hoover quite different in technology and efficency in cleaning the carpet. It lighter and clean the carpet better, I love the product and recomment it to new users....more info
  • WillandKim
    Our carpets haven't been cleaned in at least eight months. The main paths were looking bad. I wanted to clean them more often than I would bother to rent a steam cleaner. I was quite impressed with the outcome from this machine. It made clean stripes in my carpet and collected a tank of mud. I don't think anyone would go wrong buying this machine. It looked complicated at first but was actually quite easy to set up and operate....more info
  • A must for every home
    Hoover makes quality floor & carpet cleaning equipment at an affordable price.Previously owned a Bissell.Poor performance, due to weak design of the structure, forced me to try another brand. My choice was a good one. ...more info
  • Does the job
    Could be better if you did not have to boil the water yourself. , but very good for a one bedroom....more info
  • Fantastic Cleaner
    Our rugs were pretty dirty, so I wondered if they would come clean without a professional cleaning. Wow they came out beautiful now I had to clean them twice to get the results I was looking for, but there was a lot of traffic on these rugs. I did purchase the spot cleaner by Hoover and before doing the second time I sprayed them down lightly with the spray and waited about fifteen minutes, I also start with very hot water to hurry the process. The machine has paid for itself already, and I'm super pleased with the results....more info
  • good for the money
    Before we bought this cleaner we were going to have our carpets professionally done. After weighing the amount of money, the convienience of having our own cleaner, and reading the reviews, we decided to go with a Hoover and this one was hands down the best deal. We have used it clean to large rooms and a set of stairs and have been pleased so far. Some old stains came up very easily, while others did not, but we weren't expecting a miracle. Overall we have been happy with our purchase, I gave it 4 stars because it still is just not quite as good as professional, but it is still definitely worth buying. ...more info
  • better than I thought
    This review is after a months use, so I am not sure about durability but we bought this to help clean the carpets in a house we recently moved into and it did a lot better than we expected it to. The carpets now look great and we have used it a couple of times due to a couple of dogs who track mud and everything else into the house. This vac has gotten up all of the stains so far, with the proper pre-treatment. For the money, this is one of the better investments I have made. It has already paid for itself over going out and renting a steam cleaner from a store. Couldn't have asked for more....more info
  • just awesome
    I agree with the other people, this is an awesome machine. My carpet was not cleaned for almost 2 years and looks like new. I do not have too much to tell just that I used it for the first time and I am extremely happy with the results.

    ...more info
  • Great cleaner
    Had a Bissell before and wasn't impressed even before it broke. This one is much easier to use and cleans much better. It isn't as good as steam cleaning but it will keep your carpet clean....more info
  • TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY (and I mean that in a GOOD way) !
    I just used my new Hoover Steamvac for the first time. Several months ago I had a Bissell Proheat, which broke. I was not able to get ANY parts OR customer support from Bissell and started looking for a replacement. In the meantime, I used my Bissell QuickSteamer and was under the (BADLY) mistaken idea that it was keeping my rugs clean. WRONGO! This new Hoover just cleaned up my guest bedroom...with light beige carpets...inhabited by my two grandchildren for the past Christmas week. I had cleaned the carpets with the Proheat before it cratered, and then the Quicksteamer just prior to the arrival of guests. And not that my GC's left the rug that dirty....but WOW.... this cleaner not only got out unbelievable and unsuspected deep-down grime-it left my rugs fluffed-up and looking next-to-new. The Proheat always left large tufty clumps of fiber all over and I thought that it was because the brushes were doing a good job of cleaning. ALSO WRONG! The Hoover did a BETTER job of getting up old shadowy stains and embedded dirt WITHOUT destroying my carpet. It even cleaned the grayish-looking threshold area that I had never been able to clean before even with scrubbing with rug pre-treatment. So far (depending on durability) I recommend this cleaner highly....more info
  • Worth every penny
    This machine is about as good as you'll get. It's easy to use and it cleans our light tan berber as well as the pros. As for the tank size, it's just fine. I suspect if it were much larger the weight would become a factor. Don't hesitate to purchase this carpet cleaner. And, as always, ordering from Amazon was a pleasure....more info
  • Hoover steam vac works well
    We've put this machine to extensive use since we bought it, and have been very pleased with it's performance. We did find that Procyon detergent works far better than the detergent that Hoover offers. We also had a small problem with the upholstery attachment, having to do with lack of lubrication inside the spray trigger mechanism. This was easily fixed by our local Hoover rep., and he said that it was a very rare condition....more info
  • Great Product
    This is a Great Steam Cleaner. Easy to put together and simple to use. Was very surprised at how well it works. Would definintly buy again if needed....more info
  • Much improved over previous versions
    They've improved this product a great deal. We bought a Hoover SteamVac eight or so years ago, and it gave us some problems. The tank that collects the dirty water kept coming loose, and I'd have to shut off the machine and restart it. The current version has a couple clips that keep the tank in place. It really pulls the dirt out of the carpet and does a good job of removing pet stains. I can't imagine why anyone would rent a carpet cleaner when one like this is available at a reasonable price....more info
  • A great product
    I've had this machine for a month now and have been very pleased with its performance. The water tanks are easy to remove and fill, the suction is terrific and the spinning brushes do a great job of lifting out embedded dirt. Also, the machine is easy to maneuver...and that makes a big difference if you get all excited about it and want to clean your whole house like me. :)

    I have used this machine in all areas of my home...traffic areas, living areas and bedrooms, and it has done a wonderful job of getting out the dirt. It's great to see the dirty water go down the sink...but kind of embarrassing too.

    Overall, I believe this is a product that does what it says it does. For the price and free shipping, I don't think you'll find a better carpet cleaner....more info
  • Plenty of power
    This baby does a fantastic job. Plenty of power and then some. I had the predecessor to this one and it lasted 7 years or more and a lot of use as we have pets. It finally slowed down to the point we needed a new one. I shopped around and the new version still has the best price and performance. We've only used it once, but it really did a great job on my tired old rug. It is designed well also....more info
  • Good Product
    I just woke up to see the results of the vacuuming we did last night, the result is great. Even though it wasn't the dirtiest of rugs (installed 1yr ago), but the coffee stains vanished.
    We had to boiled the water we used.
    Some online reviews actually do help in decisions about a products, but I have discovered there's hardly a product in the market that has no negative review.

    Even though it's my first experience with a steam vacuum product, this product worked well for me. It may depend on how dirty you rug is though....more info
  • Hoover F5914-900 Steam Cleaner
    I read several of your reviews before ordering the Hoover steam cleaner. It is a keeper. I cleaned my carpets before my new furniture arrived. Wow, the carpets look great. My kids were so surprised how well the new carpet cleaner worked on my stained and dirty carpets (clean surge worked great on the high traffic areas). Thank you to everyone for helping me pick out the best steam cleaner. Bev from Montana ...more info
  • Great steam cleaner
    Live in a condo with two dogs that shed with a large area rug on the 1st floor and complete carpeting on steps and 2nd floor.

    Hiring a professional steam cleaner every few months is not feasible either from a time or investment perspective.

    After testing out a friend's Hoover Steamvac (smaller version not made anymore), I concluded that purchasing one would make sense.

    This unit has worked very well. I have used it several times and am very pleased with the results.

    It picks up a lot of dirt and dog hair. One thing to note that should not be considered a fault is that if enough dog hair builds up, it will kick out a little wet furrball. Better to grab that and throw it out than roll the dice with a plumber and wash it down your sink.

    I do wish it were a little easier to clean out the main head of the unit or that Hoover would provide the tool automatically when sold, but that would be my only complaint.

    It does a great job on stairs too.

    A little frightening to see how dark that water is after the first use!...more info
    This is a great product! Follow the assembly directions closely, including the pull the handle step (see other reviews for more details), use the Hoover product so it doesn't suds too much, and ENJOY CLEAN CARPETS! I have 2 indoor/outdoor dogs and 5 indoor cats and 1 indoor/outdoor husband and only 2 of all those are shorthair! AND we live in a mountain region (lots of dirt!). After 2 years of living on our BEIGE carpet, I decided to give this product a try! WOW! My carpets came out clean! Any barf stains lifted, even old ones that I kind of ignored. The nap revitalized. The hand tools worked GREAT on the staircase. And BOY DID DIRT COME OUT OF THAT CARPET! I even cleaned our livingroom throw rug (outdoors on the driveway). If you make several dry passes with the product, your carpets are left barely damp and they only take an hour or two (even in winter)to dry. The throw rug -- I expected to leave the driveway soaking wet underneath -- but NO! the carpet came clean and didn't soak way through like I thought it might. The DAY AFTER I cleaned the whole house, one of the cats puked and my husband got grease on the carpet at precisely the same time. This machine cleaned them both right up! I now have friends and family "hiring" me to clean their carpets when the weather warms up. Easy to use, does a great job, why didn't I get this product earlier? This is a product that you will really appreciate....more info
  • worked well
    Worked pretty well the first time I have used it. I was a little disappointed that it didn't seem to get spots up the first swipe, but seemed to get them up after passing over them a few times. Mine didn't leak and the rugs dried very fast which was a pleasant surprise. So far happy with my purchase....more info
  • LOVE IT!!!
    I love this machine. It looks like a big monster, but it's very easy to use and doesn't take alot of muscle to move it around. It's unbelievable how well it cleans. You'll be amazed at what's hiding in your carpet. Definately worth the investment!...more info
  • Love it... but....
    We love this steam vacuum for upright use. I have lost the instructions, though, and can't for the life of me figure out how to use the attachments -- particularly, how to attach the hose to the machine. The front of my stairs looks atrocious while the rest of my carpet looks great! Ergh!
    I'm giving it only three stars because I think these things should be relatively easy to figure out OR (more conveniently) basic instructons should be printed on the machine. I tried everything I could think of....more info
  • Does the trick
    The SteamVac by Hoover is a decent quality consumer grade product that does what it says it will do. It sprays liquid into your carpet, swirls it around a bit, and sucks most of it back up, along with the dirt and grime your vac won't pick up. It's shipped with a few parts that are easy to assemble, and a small quantity of shampoo...Enough for a couple of average cleanings. I've owned a Bissell Pro-heat Steam Vac that worked for several years and did an adequate job...but when it quit working, I was told it would be cheaper to buy a new machine than try to fix it. This time I bought the Hoover. The Hoover is a bit easier to fill, empty, and a little easier to push around. They both seemed to work about the same as far as cleaning the carpet.

    What I like about the Hoover: It's cheaper than the Bissell..a little quieter, and it has five brushes that turn laterally unlike the Bissel, which uses a roller brush. The Hoover has you mixing the soap solution into the fresh hot water, whereas the Bissell had a separate chamber to fill with soap. It was possible with the Bissell to run out of soap before you ran out of water, or vice versa...Not an issue with the Hoover. It also seems that the solution goes a little further with the Hoover, making it more economical to use.

    What I would change: The cord could be a few feet longer. The power switch is a small plastic foot switch on the right side. It's flimsy and too small. It looks identical to the handle release switch on the left side...which is also too small.

    Overall, after using the machine, I can say I am happy with the way it cleans...and the suction is very good, as you seem to recover almost all the water you dispense (making for a quick drying time)...The machine is easy to empty, and with the amount of dirty water clearly evident, it works well. I highly recommend the Hoover SteamVac...for routine home carpet maintenance. ...more info
  • Works OK, but a bit overrated here! Needs more brush friction!
    This is an average machine, but has several issues which prevent me from giving it 4 or 5 stars. When initially assembling the unit, I could not push down the 'clean surge' switch to 'snap' or 'click' in place as per the manual (tried for 30 minutes, with intense pressure too). So I now have a machine that works with the normal amount of cleaning fluid dispensed, but no 'clean surge' for when I need a larger amount. When attempting to call the Hoover 'help line', I realized the call would be a toll call too. Why not a 1-800 toll-free line, at least for those that patronized their business by buying one of their new products?

    These are the pros and cons:

    Pros: good value; phenomenal drying suction (my carpets dried in 2 hours); easy and intuitive to use.

    Cons: 'clean surge' trigger did not want to 'snap' in place during assembly, thus preventing me from getting use of it's capabilities; rotating brushes not height adjustable- thus in some cases, not enough deep cleaning friction with the carpet; does not dispense much cleaning solution with main trigger; cleans OK, but nothing to rave about.

    All in all, it is a decent carpet cleaner, but if you expect deep cleaning action that can remove things like urine and most stains (even some that are 'pre-treated'), forget it! In my opinion, 3 stars is an accurate review based on the overall performance of the product....more info
  • Easy to use
    The product is easy to use on all types of carpeting. Our daughter-in-law has one that I have used, I love the attachments, easy to manuever and the surge of cleaning power it has. It does a pretty good job. We have spots on the rugs from chocolate that our dogs got into - it is keeping them at bay.

    I plan on using it for years to come, thank you...more info
  • Stopped working in under 15 minutes
    After cleaning an area approximately 4'x 5' the machine started to smoke. We immediately shut it down. We tried to turn it on again after checking the machine over, and it would not turn on. We called Hoover and could never get through to a live person. The only option was to leave a message and they promised to return the call. We also emailed the company. We never heard back from them. Thank goodness for Amazon! They had the machine picked up within 2 days at no cost to us and we received a full refund....more info
    I am officially obsessed with the Hoover Steam Vac with Clean Surge!!! I had my carpets professionally cleaned just two months ago. I used the Steam Vac and emptied FOUR tanks of chocolate milk-colored water, not to mention pet hair and carpet fibers on the filter! This machine is GREAT! I have cleaned two friends' homes and they were truly amazed (not to mention disgusted) at the dirty water! I removed stains that the professionals could not get out! BUY THIS MACHINE -- YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!...more info
  • Great carpet cleaner, misleading name
    Works well so far. Used it on my basement carpet which probably has never been wet-cleaned. I've had to go over it 2-3 times before the water wasn't brown. No leakage problems and easy to use. The spinning brushes really seem to make a difference. My only complaint is that it's called a SteamVac, but in fact steam is not involved, only hot tap water. A good product for the price nonetheless....more info
  • Works great! Gets the dirt out until you can bring in a professional steam cleaner...
    I got this because my beige carpet was being trashed by my two kids, husband who won't take his shoes off and my barfing cats and dog. We still have a professional steam cleaner come in twice a year but this certainly gets the job done and the puke up. I picked this model because it doesn't heat the water. I don't want any amps going towards heating the water, I can heat the water myself. I want all the power going to the suction of the water out of my carpets. ...more info
  • Hoover Steamvac
    So far I have had this product for approximately 3 months and it's all it's supposed to be. We love it and it's much easier to use than the prior one we had. Very easy to clean up after and with the brushes, it's a better cleaner....more info
  • really good
    that is the best Steamer this household ever owned. we been thru about 5 the last years because off heavy use due to our pets. You will not be disappointed because it uses spinning round brushes, instead of rollers. This is the best!...more info
  • Works well, but some usability issues
    This carpet shampooer works really well, when everything is seated properly. It really seems to suck up water more efficiently than the Bissell I used to have, so you don't need to avoid the shampooed spot for hours. It also really does a great job on the carpet stains we inherited. It seems whomever lived in this apartment before us never cleaned the bedroom carpet, and had a cat. Yuck. One of my dogs decided to add to the mess by boot-scooting this morning with, er, some mess on her backside. After cleaning her up, I looked at the carpet in dismay, and out came the Hoover. Now, you wouldn't be able to guess that there was a blemish on the carpet this morning!

    The first time I used it, it worked perfectly, but today it wasn't sucking water up.

    Lissie is right- if you aren't getting water suction, something IS mis-seated.

    So, my tips for this unit:

    1. Any time you aren't getting suction, the first thing to do is check the dirty water bin. I re-seated the thing about ten times this morning, trying to figure out why suction on the unit had ceased. (The dirty water tank was bone dry.) I was frustrated because I was absolutely sure everything was seated properly, but was still getting no suction.

    Finally, I pushed on the lid from the _sides_ rather than the back or front while attaching it to the tank, and it seated a little bit differently. Suction was restored!

    2. To clean out the suction area, pour some hot water on a tile floor (NOT wood) and suck it up. Repeat until everything is flowing smoothly. Sometimes, reduced or minimal suction is due to gnarly clogs. Again, though, if you're getting NO suction, the culprit is probably the dirty water bin's lid.

    3. I LOVE this product with Earth Friendly Products' Carpet Shampoo. You only need 1.5 oz of it per gallon as opposed to Hoover's 5, and it smells wonderfully of bergamot and sage. Seriously, do a search on the product. It makes my bedroom smell lovely when I use it, plus it's non-toxic so any kids or pets (or heck, you) don't have to deal with caustic chemicals. (I don't work for them, I just needed to rave.)

    I deducted a star because whether the usability problems can be easily solved or not, the number of people plagued by them (particularly the suction if you search around online) indicates a user interface problem....more info
  • Just Works!
    WOW, something that just works like it should with no fuss. I wish everything made was this easy to use and this effective....more info
  • Hoover SteamVac is the best!
    The Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac is the best rug cleaner for the money! Does the job as well as most professional rug cleaners but only for a lot less money. Being somewhat familiar with professional rug cleaners, I know the best cleaning system used by industrial professionals is the "rotary-steam extraction method", which employs one man with a rotary brush machine followed by a man with a steam vac (quite similar to the Hover SteamVac system). Most domestic professionals use the "steam extraction" method, which does a fairly decent job. This method is used mainly because it is cost effective allowing only one man to do the job.
    Hoover came up with the technology that combines both the rotary and extraction method at the same time in one machine. A far superior system available to the public for around $150 bucks, quite remarkable!
    Some ideas I have to improve your rug-cleaning job:
    1. Use boiling water not hot tap water. The difference between 120 and 212 degrees is significant. The higher temperature disinfects as well as breaks down the dirt and grime without harming the machine. The reason Hoover states hot tap water is liability.
    2. The backstroke vacuums up the most water. So you can move the forward "drying" stroke a lot faster to get to the backstroke which extracts the most water. Make sure to use the backstroke very slowly.
    3. Keep the machine as close to vertical as comfortable when in the drying backstroke to put more weight at the front of the machine where the suction actually takes place.
    4. When the recovery tank is full you will hear a change in engine pitch and see the yellow ball at the top of the tank. Shut the machine off and wait until the ball drops and you can get a few more washing or drying strokes in before the tank is completely full.
    5. Pretreat the real dirty spots with RESOLVE CARPET CLEANER 22 oz.and then use the SteamVac to go over them first and if all else fails use the powered hand tool-a little more work, but definitely worth it.
    6. It's best to move the machine to a tiled surface (kitchen or bath)-any water spilled is off the rug.
    7. Change both tanks at the same time (empty lower and fill upper) and save yourself alot of extra trips to the sink.

    ...more info
  • Only one "watch out for"
    This product does the job intended very well. Its easy to use and to clean up.

    Only thing to watch out for is when intending to use on bare floors.

    The $7.98 attachment required is not included. This is not stated in the literature on the product. You only find out when you go to assemble the unit.

    It's a small plastic part that press fits on the front.

    The local Hoover dealer told me, after I found this out, that delivery of this part was 6 weeks.

    After finding someone that would get it for me in a short period of time, for $17, I was amazed that the part is a flimsy piece of plastic that I don't believe is really even necessary. It also falls off the unit frequently....more info
  • The cheapest could be the best!
    I am one of those folks that looks at the lower priced item -- assuming that it's not as good. I often assume that the additional cost makes it that much better. In this case, this cheapest model is perfect!

    I live out in the woods and I've got a dog. Dirt is always coming in, wet paws are pretty common and dirty shoes too. This model does a great job of handling all of that.

    It's powerful. It does the job on the first try. Capacity is reasonable. I really cannot complain about it.

    I seriously doubt that the model which cost nearly twice as much as this one -- is actually twice as good.

    Stick with this model. You won't be sorry!...more info
  • dead within the year
    when it worked it was fine; but sure as the warranty was to expire it died..motor popped and nuttin would work. we tried to get it covered under warranty...good luck if you are not close to a warranty center. we will have to drive over a 100 miles to one in the bay area, at over 3 bucks a gallon, plus bridge fee...wow!!!

    i would never buy this product had we known, you are then benefiting from our experience. buyer beware is what i think....more info
  • its ok
    i bought it because of the glowing reviews on amazon and to be quite honest i found it to be ok. I have a large dog who brings in a lot of dirt with him and i have to do over and over and over the carpet to see any difference even using boiling water, so as i said i find it ok....more info
  • Excellent Product
    I was skeptical when I ordered this due to a lot of people mentioning that it leaked. Well I got it, it was so unbelievably easy to put together, and used it right away. It's nice how it separates the cleaner and dirty water into two containers. The spin brushes are a great feature as well. It cleaned my carpet very very well. I'm sickened by how much dirt I was living with. Anyway, when I turned the unit off, it did leak some water back onto the carpet. I took the product apart, thinking I did something wrong, also following some guidance from another member, and put it back together. Well it still does it. An easy fix to the problem is getting an old cookie sheet (or go buy one for $5). When you're done and turn the suction off, place it on the cookie sheet for a second or two, and no more leaking on the floor. Another fix is to tip the unit back when you're done. All in all I love the product. I've used other cleaners before, to include the store rented ones, and this one works just as good, if not better. ...more info
  • Hoover F5914
    I have had a very good experience with my purchase. I received it in a very timely manor and have used it several times. We have four dogs and one is old and she has accidents periodically and you would never know, after I used the steam cleaner you could not smell a thing just a clean scent. It was easy to put together and use. It is a little heavy but at least it is sturdy....more info
  • Shirl's Hoover cleaner
    I am very happy with this Hoover Steamvac. ... I used it recently, and it seems to do a much better job than my old Hoover Steamvac. I am a happy carpet cleaner! ...more info
  • Why didn't I get one of these sooner!?!!?
    Here's a review from a woman who is not fond of cleaning. This thing is spectacular! I have done my family room, half of the living room, and the filthy path into my office. The carpets haven't been cleaned in years (lots and lots of years -- please don't tell my MIL!), and they look brand new. Places where spot cleaning had been unsuccessful are now free of stain. It is totally amazing!

    My cleaning solution didn't arrive with the vac, so I bought the Hoover Steam vac OXY detergent. Also bought some OxiClean carpet spot remover. I pre-treated the new to very old stains, then used boiling water and 1/2 the recommended amount of solution in my clean water tank. Plenty of suds, and wonderful smell!

    The vacuum on the "dry" pass is amazing! I went over each "wet" area about 4 times with the dry pass, and the carpet is practically dry.

    Haven't tried the attachments yet.... having too much fun cleaning the carpets!!! Nothing like dumping out a container of black water to make you feel like your efforts are worthwhile!

    For those who gave this product a single star, I can only imagine that you got a lemon off the line. For the price, this thing can't be beat!!!...more info
  • Putting together
    This machine was easy to assemble until the hose part came . My husband & I decided to wait for another day to figure this one out. Not a bad price for5 the job tho!...more info
  • James
    Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac with Clean Surge + Steamvac Mega Carpet Care Kit
    This unit is the finest carpet cleaner I have ever purchased. First my complements to Amazon for shipping it fast and getting it to me in two days thank's to Amazon Prime. Now as to the cleaner, I have used a number of cleaners and although they say they get all the dirt out I always have spots which cannot be removed. This Hoover not only removed the stains that were put down recently but removed the old stains WITHOUT pre spotting! I mean tough stains like Dog feces and urine, coffee and others. In addition when you buy this product you will be in for a shock when you fill the shampoo and water reservoir with a gallon of water you get nearly the entire gallon back in the dirty water reservoir. It is an amazing unit the carpets are nearly dry after you clean them believe me you will NOT regret the purchase. It comes with a one year warrantee but it is eligible for an addition 2 year replacement warrantee through AMAZON....more info
  • very easy to use
    I dreaded putting this cleaner together, but once I got started, it was really easy. It is also very easy to use, and does a great job. I used the cleaning solution recommended, and also heated my water on the stove to very HOT. I would recommend this machine....more info
  • Very nice machine for the money
    I read quite a few of the reviews before I made the purchase. Most were very positive, if not glowing, and that is our experience. If you cannot assemble this machine in 20 minutes from opening box then you simply cannot follow simple directions.

    I cleaned a room that is not used much and was amazed at how much dirt showed up the recovery tank. A dark traffic area can completely clean. The carpet is ten years old and now looks almost new. In fact, the wife is lobbying for new carpet and is a bit upset that we can now postpone that purchase.

    Then I cleaned a small area rug that is in the hall off the garage. Even though I ran the vacuum the cleaning solution coming back into the recovery tank was black. I dumped the recovery tank and ran the machine over the rug a second time. The rug was clean!

    You can probably get a slightly better cleaning from a commercial service, but for the money this machine does an excellent job. You can clean a 12x12 room for about $[...] worth of detergent and your time. I'll not be calling my carpet cleaning company any time in the near future.

    If you are on the fence and are physically able to move your furniture then give this machine a try.

    Tom...more info
  • Better Than Expected
    Just unpackaged and assembled an hour ago. Then read the book, moved the furniture in the living room and cleaned. WOW! We had only hired the professionals to do the traffic areas, so the rest of our white carpet was extremely dirty (16 years to be exact - I know that's sick). Well, it works like MAGIC! I did extra "dry runs" to extract all the water, and it looks fabulous. Used the "surge" cleaner on the really bad spots and then just used the "trigger" button on the other areas. Fabulous. I actually found that if I went back over the tough areas after about 3-5 minutes, they really got clean. WARNING: I noticed my black "seal ring" in the clean water tank cap was installed backwards upon arrival. Be sure that those are correct as indicated in the instruction manual. Thrilled. Can't wait to do the rest of the house. I haven't tried out the hard floor accessories yet. Can't wait. Be sure to order: 1) floor accessory, 2) Clean out tool, 3)Hoover Steamvac Carpet Pre-spotter and Stain pre cleaner, 4) Hoover Steamvac Bare Floor Cleaner as well as additional large 5) Deep Cleanser carpet & upholstery. You will love this and want to use it everywhere. This sight had the best prices due to free shipping. FUN...more info
  • Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac w/Clean Surge Review
    The Hoover SteamVac model F5914-900 cleans as advertised. We cleaned a extremely soiled rug with great results. We can now use the rug in a public area....more info
  • Hoover SteamVac "life saver"
    I have two 15 year old weenie dogs, one in a wheelchair and diapers and one just old, and in diapers. My new Hoover is a blessing. I can't blame my Old Puppies for leaky diapers since it is hard to fit Huggies on a dog!! Plus the little Doxy Cart Wheelchair was leaving black marks. Carpet looks like new now and it is so easy that I can just do it weekly like a vacuum and have fresh clean carpets....more info
  • Love It!!
    I find this machine very easy to use, and it cleans very well. I foster cats for a local animal rescue and frequently need to shampoo the carpet and this has been a life saver. The price was great and it was shipped quickly. The powered hand tool was missing, I contacted Amazon, who then told me to contact Hoover, it's been over a month and I haven't received the missing part yet, but I am still happy I bought this product....more info
  • My story.
    There are some tools that are nice for homeowners to have, then there are tools that all homeowners must have. This machine fits into the must category, especially if you have lots of carpet and pets.

    My wife and I recently bought our first house. With this exciting experience came some big obstacles, especially since we have pets and our house has lots of carpet (we were used to wood floors). As you know, pets seem to create lots of stains in carpet. They get sick, dirty and do all kinds of weird things that can create some very deep stains.

    Not even two weeks after moving in our nice carpet started developing stains. I finally gave up and decided that I should rent a carpet cleaner. I never did much research on steam cleaners because I always assumed they were expensive (usually when you have to rent things that means they are expensive to buy). Just for fun I did a search on Amazon for steam cleaners. I was blown away that this Hoover was not only highly rated, it was only $160.00! Even though that sounded too good to be true I went ahead and bought it anyway. One of the best decisions I've made for my house so far!

    There was one stain in my living room that I thought I could never get out. We were watching a sick dog for a friend and she created a mess that I thought would never come up. We tried a few different powerful cleaners on the stain and tried to clean it up by hand for a very long time. After purchasing this carpet cleaner I immediately went to the offending stain to test this machine. I was amazed, with every pass this impossible stain became lighter and lighter until it was complete gone! I was amazed! Sure it took 5 or 6 passes, but this was a very deep stain. Now I had a different problem... I only cleaned the stain and now that section was so clean the rest of my carpet suddenly looked a little dirty! A wonderful problem to have.

    I give this machine my highest recommendation. You will save money in the long run. If you're searching for a carpet cleaner in this price range then you don't need to search any longer, this Hoover is exactly what you're looking for....more info
  • Super Impressed!
    This machine is so easy to use and it cleans very very well. Couldn't believe the black water! It's also easy to clean up after using. Be sure to read the instruction book as it gives very helpful tips on clean it after your done with it. I cleaned my entire house with it and feel it's already paid for itself as it would have cost $300 to have it cleaned by outside help. I saw it at WalMart for around $139.00...more info
  • Good Steam Cleaner
    So far, so good! It was lighter than my old Bissell Pro Heat Cleaner, and was easy to use. The carpets were not too wet after using this machine, so drying time was fast. Overall, a great product! ...more info
  • Wow! Worth every penny.
    I held off buying a steamvac for fear it couldn't get the job done - but boy was I wrong! I used the steamvac immediately after a very quick assembly and couldn't believe the results. One heavily soiled area of carpet (where my toddler used a red lipstick as a crayon) looks good as new. I tried many over the counter cleaners, but there was always a dark area left. I couldn't believe how dirty the water was after I cleaned that area. I can't wait to us it in other rooms in the house. It's worth every penny that I paid for it and would highly recommend it to anyone. The only downside is if you're cleaning a large room you will need to empty the dirty water chamber frequently. It does an outstanding job but using the machine also requires patience....more info
  • Great value and works well
    I had done a fair amount of research prior to buying this cleaner. It had great reviews and when it came in the mail, it did not disappoint. It has great suction power (if I use hot water, the carpet is usually dry in an hour or two). It did wonders on our high traffic areas, doing as well as the commercial rentals.

    It's a bit tedious to clean... but I am kind of an "anti-mold" freak...

    Would recommend this if you are looking for a cleaner to clean up those spots that crop up. Probably not the cleaner if you are looking to routinely clean your entire room....more info
  • Ab-fab even if you don't read the instructions
    I've realized since reading some of the customer reviews that I haven't been using mine properly. I have been using cold water (duh!). Despite that, I cannot believe the difference in my carpets. They were very dirty (pets, previous owner didn't clean) and are about 10 shades lighter now. Very easy to assemble (whoever wrote that it's a nightmare must be extremely technically challenged). Yes, you have to empty the tank often, but it's worth the effort. I cleaned my entire house within about 3 hours. I am going to go back over the stubborn areas (with hot water!) and see what happens. Extremely pleased with this purchase. Would recommend to anyone....more info
  • Hoover SteamVac
    This cleaner works as it advertised and is easily as good as the rental units that I've used.
    It is limited to smaller areas because the supply and used water tanks are very small. I had to refill it three times to clean a 12x15 bedroom. Would take all day to clean a house....more info
  • Clean,Baby Clean!!!!
    The Hoover Steamvac can really clean!!! Works great with a bit of effort.We clean our carpet once a month now.Clean surge? Sounds like hype to me and is.over look that and you will be satisfied....more info
  • Cleaning value in a Hoover
    I purchased the Hoover carpet cleaner when my old Bissel died. The Hoover's cleaning was very superior to my previous machine. It isn't difficult to use or to set up, and the results are quite satisfactory. The Hoover does have a smaller path and it took a few refills to complete a 13x26 living room, but the carpeting looked really good. I have pets to go with my wall to wall carpeting so a shampooer gets used fairly often. I am very pleased with this purchase; it's a lot of cleaning for a relatively small price tag....more info
  • Hoover Steam Vac is AWESOME!
    The Hoover SteamVac is awesome. Sears Carpet cleaners left and did a terrible job...I pulled out my steam vac and redid a strip in the middle of the trafic area that they didn't make the effort to get clean. Amazing! I really just don't have the time with 4 children and work to do it myself. I guess I will make the time now. ...more info
  • Hoover steamvac
    I bought this about 4 months ago and love it. It works very well and really picks up the water from the rug. Would recommend this to anyone....more info
  • Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac with Clean Surge
    I had to return this product because the motor burned out after using it on one rug. Needless to say, I would not recommend this product to anyone....more info
  • It really works
    Skeptical, but Tired of renting carpet cleaners and tired of hiring people with that special deal that always ends up costing more after the "needed" add on services. This little Hoover steamvac cleaned my carpets way better than the last company I hired, and it was easy to use. The water was black with dirt. Just for fun I went back over the carpet a second time and the water was almost clear. Stains were gone, the carpet smelled good. With three cats and two dogs thats quite an accomplishment. More like a miracle.I used the Hoover deep cleaning solution and was totally pleased. I don't think you can go wrong with this carpet cleaner.I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • easy to use, does a great job
    This machine is the greatest thing since sliced bread,, it is so easy to use and it really works, I have a new puppy who could not figure out the whole potty outside thing. This machine works as well as the one I rented, but much simpler to fill and empty. It is light enough that you don't get a work out like with the heavier models. I recommend it to anyone who is looking to buy a shampooer. ...more info
  • Made a believer out of me
    Ordered it Oct 10th...received it Oct 12th (thanks Amazon for the quick delivery! free delivery at that) ...cleaned carpet that night...woke up on the 13th to fresh clean carpet and feeling good! what a great product. I'll never use the professionals again....just me and my Hoover from now on. Highly recommended!!!...more info
  • Super Clean and Easy to Use
    The Hoover SteamVac is easy to assemble and very easy to use. It left my ten year old carpet looking almost new again. I used a commercial steam cleaning company last year and the Hoover SteamVac did as good a job, the carpet dried faster and looks cleaner. The beauty is that you can clean your carpet with commercial results at your convenience. You can clean a small stain, a high traffic area, a single room or the whole house. ...more info
  • Doesn't replace professional carpet cleaning.
    I got this in hopes of saving the cost of cleaning my whole house of carpet -- I figured if I'm paying $150 to a company to clean it, $150 for the SteamVac would be a good investment. I found that it is much better for smaller, high-traffic areas. It would have taken me all day to steam vac the entire house. I'm glad I have it, but don't plan on it replacing professional carpet cleaning....more info
  • Great Cleaner with Minor Flaws
    I was pleasantly surprised by this steam vac. The price was very cheap on Amazon, but after reading the reviews I took a chance. In my initial uses it cleaned the carpet very well and takes up most of the dirty water so the carpet dries very quickly. The instructions were easy to follow and once you do everything the first time it is easy to remember. The only quibble I have is that this system does not come with the bare floor attachment, and also the hand held cleaner is only fair. The misting shoots out the sides of the hand held device which doesn't make sense. Other than that, this is a great cleaner, it comes with a small bottle of deep cleaning solution which should get you through the first 4 or 5 cleanings. You may need and extension cord if you have a large room without many outlets. I found the cord to be shorter than the average vacuum cord. Take advantage of the free shipping, it arrived within a few days of ordering. ...more info
  • Good Product saddled with the Worlds WORST Customer Service!
    The Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac is a pretty good product, but unfortunately it is saddled with the WORST customer service in consumer history! Trying to assemble the Hoover F5914-900 with the pathetic instruction manual will take more guessing and mechanical intuition than most people have. Even the Twit at Hoover Customer Service (which is a Long Distance TOLL CALL) was of NO HELP when the F5914-900 immediately started leaking cleaning fluid all over the carpet, soaking it, because the assembly instructions were SO BAD! Rather than trouble shoot the problem effectively, the bimbo at Hoover wanted to send me a new fluid tank (which would be back ordered THREE WEEKS!) instead of finding the problem with the leak. Fortunately I found the problem myself and stopped the leak (a poorly installed hose connection).

    Now back to the he WORST customer service in consumer history. If you have any problem, any call to Hoover will be a TOLL CALL, and watch your toll charges $$$ flitter away as I had to wait ON HOLD for 42 minutes! Fortunately, I have Skype unlimited calling, otherwise I would have been really pissed off (even more).

    I was so frustrated with the idiot customer service bimbo, I told her that I was going to return the F5914-900 SteamVac to Amazon, to which she said "go ahead, I don't care". How's that for pathetic customer service? As I said, I fixed it myself and so far I haven't had to call the idiots at Hoover CS, yet. Would I buy the F5914-900 SteamVac again if I knew what I was going to go through? No. Too bad because it has very good specifications, the Amazon price is great ... but, next time I'd buy one at a store I could easily return it to and that goes for anything Hoover now in my book!

    So, WARNING!! Hoover makes YOU pay for customer service calls, they are rude and stupid, and you'll be on hold till your next birthday,...more info
  • GREAT Steam cleaner
    This is a wonderful steam cleaner for carpets! The price is the best for the work that it does; this is the 2nd one we have owned and its great. They last almost forever! Buy with confidence...more info
  • Worth every penney
    As a previous steam cleaner owner (I had a dirt devil before) I knew that it was worth owning one to clean my own carpets. In one day this machine easily paid for itself. It did a great job, even on tough spots. The worst spots I still had to pretreat, but that is the case even with the pros. It was easy to use and the long hose made cleaning the steps fairly easy. I did have to have the unit on the steps for the middle 2 steps so and extra foot of hose would be nice, but other than that I have no complaints. My best friend borrowed it as well and she's loving it. I really like the easy of use so that I can clean my high traffic areas more frequently to keep my carpet looking fresh. Oh, it also left the carpets fairly dry, even in the areas that I used the surge. The suction was wonderful and the carpets were totally dry in less than 2 hours!...more info
  • Perfect Steam Cleaner
    For years I have been searching for a good steam cleaner, other I have tried in this price range have been good...but not great. This one does a great job. My 8 years old carpets look like a professional steam cleaner just left....more info
  • Heavy and bad tools
    I think this product is to heavy and hard to move around it also seems to have really cheap tools that fall off and don't have good suction. It also leaks soaking the floor when stoping to change the water which makes another mess to clean up. It is also quite loud. On a positive note it does have good suction when you are not using the attachments and I do like the spin brushes. I think I will stay with my bissel...more info
  • Steam away with SteamVac
    Definitely superior to rental rug cleaner from Home Depot or Lowes which we have used for the last couple of years. Also worked well on Travertine tile lifting kitchen grease and grime. Concur with other comments that heating water helps. Using Water only worked well on oriental carpets....more info
  • wonderful
    I love this machine. I had a Bissel for 5 years until the motor died. I'm so glad it did. The Hoover F5914 does a much better job. The brushes do all the work. I also like the separate clean and dirty tanks. I have only had it for 2 months, but I have cleaned all my carpets and stairs. I am thinking about getting the bare floor attachment. Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac with Clean Surge...more info
  • Does more than expected.
    I bought this machine in spite of negative comments about all similar "consumer" carpet cleaners from a renowned national testing/rating service. I was pleased to disagree with their opinion. Does a fine job....more info
  • Don't be without one of these to clean your carpet/floors!!!!
    I purchased this machine based on the local carpet steam cleaning company raising their prices from $49/room to $80/room - plus needing to make myself available for the duration of the appointment with them -- for $80 per room I wanted an alternative. Consumer Reports doesn't offer ratings on carpet cleaning machines/Steam Cleaners so I was dependent on the reviews Amazon customers posted and came across this machine.

    This machine requires partial assembly; instructions are easy to follow - large diagrams so you can literally match up the parts to the installation sequence of the few items needing to be addressed. I got it together in less than 10 minutes and was able to clean my carpets immediately. I have encountered no leaks or issues - I followed the manufacturer's instructions which identify the need to use the trigger mechanisms in a particular order to set the seal at initial use (to avoid leaks) - I've not had a problem with leaking parts at all.

    The high traffic areas of the carpet became as clean as new! This product is efficient, easy to use, maneuvers well around obstacles and gets up to about 1/2" reach against the baseboards. You must use heated water to get the best effect - I heat a pot of water on the stove to just about boiling and have had great success at removing all stains and dirt. Set in stains take a few more passes but once you own this machine, you can use it every other week and will notice great improvement in the overall condition and look of your rugs! Slow, repetitive passes help with drying time as well.

    The price of this machine for what it can do is phenomenal - you would easily pay more to have your whole home carpets cleaned *once* by a professional (which my experiences with them were hit/miss based on the guy doing the job) - in general, the "pros" take longer to do it and they've left my carpets damp for days and $300 lighter in the wallet. The cost for the one time purchase of this machine and the consistently great results make it a no-brainer purchase! I think if you don't own this machine now and especially if you have kids or pets - whole room carpets or even solid flooring, you're missing out! I hope they never discontinue this product as I will never be without one again!
    ...more info
  • Outstanding
    This does everything it claims and does it very well. I have used the "pros" for a price and rented "Rug Doctor". This machine coupled with the Hoover Liquid Cleaner beat them both hands down. It is small enough to get into tight spaces and light enough to handle easily. The trade off is 1 gal. cleaning tanks as compared to 2 gal. on "Rug Doctor" necessitating more frequent changing. But the better mobility and ease of use is worth it. The first time I used it I couldn't have been more impressed--best carpet cleaner I have ever used. It paid for itself in one use. I would highly recommend this efficient and powerful machine. My carpets have never looked this good since they were new....more info
  • Great!
    I was so surprised to see how dirty the water was! And I am so happy to see how clean the carpet is right now!...more info
  • Awesome SteamVac
    This is the greatest steam cleaner I've ever owned. It has extremely powerful scrubbers and great suction. The upholstery attachments are wonderful. Usually attachments like these don't really get the job done; these however cleaned the couch that our beagle likes to lay on with no problem. Make sure you empty the waste container often, otherwise it gets a little heavy and difficult to push around. Everyone should have one of these steam vacs!...more info
  • Nice Job
    This product did a very nice job considering the price and how lightweight it is. I have two cats and a dog and two very messy children. It cleaned up their messes with no problem. Even the messes that have been "set in". I would definitely recommend this steam vac to others....more info
  • Excellent!!!
    I bought the Wal-Mart version of this cleaner and I have to say it is amazing! It's 20 dollars cheaper. (I think it's because the hand tool doesn't have the spin brush feature like this one.) None the less, I am impressed! It cleaned my carpets and an old licorice stain. Buy it, don't wait....more info
  • Best SteamVac I have found so far
    I am nearly 100% safisfied with my purchase. The only thing that I can see that could improve it is its total weight. It could be made a little lighter but still, I find it the most effective SteamVac I have ever purchased/owned....more info
  • Works great!
    Have only used with hot water- no cleaner yet and even with water it still gets the carpet clean!!! Didn't think my new carpet would produce such dirty water this soon. Can't wait to see what it does when we add a bit of cleaner. Only reason I didn't give it a 5 was if you let the machine sit with clean water in the tank it leaks, so when you are done I reccommend taking the resevior off.

    ...more info
  • Great Rug Cleaner
    I love Amazons reviews by the way, but my wife has been looking for a rug cleaner for years. We always rented the one at the supermarket, drag it home, drag it back. We looked at all the big appliance places and were ready to lay out 2-3 hundred dollars. Then I went on line and these thing are still not cheap. Then I started reading amazons reviews and from what I gathered the more expensive the unit the more it stunk! The F5914-900 had great reviews and cost half of what the others did. Even all the other hoovers had nothing but Hate mail, but everyone loved this model and you know what? So does my wife. You should vacuum first (we have 2 dogs) hair will clog the brushes a little but for the price it works great and we've had no trouble yet. My wife uses this thing alot (clean freak) and it takes up the same space as a vacuum. The upholstery attachment works great too. ...more info
  • IT WORKS!!!
    I had read many of the reviews for this and decided to give it a try. I received my SteamVac yesterday. After putting it together, I started cleaning the area rug that my 3 Norwich Terrier's use as an occasional potty. Oh my gosh, I couldn't believe all the gunk that came up! I had a Bissell steam cleaner which broke and now I'm glad it did since it didn't do a very good job and I was able to purchase this Hoover SteamVac. I was amazed at not only the cleaning but how fast my rug dried. So, of course, I did my second floor hallway and two more rooms. Again, the amount of black gunk in the tank amazed me (and we don't wear shoes on the second floor!!!)

    The only thing I didn't particularly like is when I need to use the hand tool, it is not exactly convenient for the transition. But since I purchased it mainly for floor cleaning and not furniture, it's not much of an issue.

    I have had my carpets professionally cleaned and it has been recommended to never use any type of shampoo since it tends to attract dirt. It was suggested to use only plain water with a capful of fabric softener or plain water and white vinegar.

    One of the reviewers mentioned purchasing the Hoover Steam Vac Nozzle Clean Out Tool. That is an excellent suggestion and it's only $3.99....more info
  • Very Pleased
    We have three dogs and three cats and live out in the country, so our carpets get messed up. We are using this machine almost weekly and it really does the job.
    The only issues we have had is the dog hair getting stuck in the suction face. I just remove the screws and clean it out once in a while.
    This thing "really sucks" in a good way!
    You can't beat it for the price....more info
  • great cleaner
    I have only used it once, but I am very impressed. I didn't have any problems at all with the product. However, I ordered from Beach Camera and it came in with a plastic piece broken from the bottom. Also, the box was untaped when it arrived at my house. ...more info
  • Great for Carpet Maintenance, Pets
    Just after the SteamVac arrived, my dog was pretty sick for a week with a lot of stuff coming out both ends. Luckily, both the dog and the carpet are OK. The SteamVac is great for spot cleaning using the hose attachment, or performing some maintenance cleaning on the carpet. I do use the hot water trick when cleaning carpeted areas (1/2 hot tap water, 1/2 boiling water); it really does help even though the SteamVac does heat the water too. I say great for maintenance because you just can't beat a professional cleaning service for getting the deep cleaning done. Anyone who expects otherwise really needs a reality check. I use the SteamVac about once a month or three to clean all the carpet in my condo. Very satisfied. My only gripe is that I wish it was easier to do spot cleaning with the SteamVac, and am thinking about buying something smaller and more portable for it in the future....more info
  • great cleaning machine
    I was very doubtful about the cleaning ability of this machine, but upon the recommendation of my sister-in-law, I decided to give it a try. I was very surprised at how well it works.....I have an "incredible barfing cat", and had numerous old stains that I had given up on getting out. This machine, along with the Hoover shampoo, did a very respectable job....better than the last time when I had it done professionally. For the cost of having the professionals return, I was able to purchase this machine. I have since cleaned all of my oriental rugs (great job), scrubbed the tile floors in my basement, cleaned all the rugs in my mother's house, lent it to my son to clean the wall-to-wall in his apartment. I love it! I have no idea how long it will last, given the amount of use I am giving it, but I definitely got my money's worth. ...more info
  • Superb cleaning, fast drying and VERY easy to use!!!
    I have off white carpeting which needs a lot of upkeep. I haven't been cleaning them very often because the 'pros' cost a fortune [300.00!]& the last company left the carpets so wet it took days to dry. I bought the Steam Surge thinking to 'touch up' in between professional cleaners- but, after the great job this home unit did I'll never waste money on them again.

    The Hoover Steam Surge assembled in 10 minutes, proved as easy to use as a vacuum cleaner,& left my carpets the cleanest I've seen them in years + completely dry in a mere two hours! Even my car looks professionally detailed after using the hand attachment to scrub the upholstery & carpet.

    I spoke to the Hoover tech before using the machine the first time & got some great tips: use hottest tap water but not over 140 degrees; go forward slow and steady, then backwards v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y. Repeat x1. Don't bother buying the bare floor attachment, but do get the brush to clean out lint under the front (2.49).

    I recommend the Steam Surge as a GREAT VALUE that will save you BIG BUCKS on keeping your carpets and upholstery clean with minimal effort and money....more info
  • Satisfaction
    Product works as advertised. It is easy to fill and empty, and does a good job of making the water dirty. Nice long cord, and not too difficult to push back and forth....more info
  • Best carpet cleaner I've ever had!
    I am extremely pleased with it, which I got to replace our Hoover Agility that was leaking. The F5914-900 cleans about 5 times better and it also leaves the carpet much, much closer to being dry. It's very easy to use and we actually now keep it handy to quickly clean new stains and spills. I LOVE IT!!!!...more info
  • Good for Cleaning Cars Too!!!!
    I purchased this cleaner specifically for the car. We have a minivan that sees it's share of dirt from our 10 and 12 year olds. I used the rotating brush hand tool and it worked well. It was a bit hard to focus the spray to just certain areas ... it sprays a wide pattern that is sometimes larger than you need. But, with the proper precautions (covering the dash with a sheet for example when doing the front seat backs) I was able to clean all 6 seats, the floormats and the carpets. The seats came out 100% perfect. It didn't remove all the floor stains but this was the first time I'd ever done it and the van is 5 years old. It removed a chocolate milk stain from at least 6 months ago ... but could not remove a red stain from a Slurpee (but I don't think anything can!!!). I pre-treated really bad areas with Resolve.
    The overall build quality is good but not industrial strength, but you aren't paying that much so I consider it a very good bargain. The suction is very strong and makes this a nice machine to work with. The scrubbers are effective. Your stuff feels soooo much cleaner after using one of these. It's not something you'd use all the time because of the minor amount of setup and cleanup, but it's great to do the job the right way!!! Highly recommended....more info
  • Not worth the money!
    I bought this to replace a 6 yr old Hoover Steamvac. First off I can't believe how much the quality has gone down in 6 yrs time. The plastic is made very cheap, including the hose.

    This machine was not very user friendly either. I found hooking up the hose to use hand attachments a huge pain compared to my older Hoover as the hose was always connected to the steamvac so no messing around with removing this and that. Then connecting this or that.

    The hand tool did not do a good job of sucking up water and left the furniture "wet"..not damp. My old Hoover did a much better job.

    The dirty water tank I could've lived with, but I wasn't impressed with the extra steps needed as my old one all I had to do was lift the handle.

    The machine did do a good job on carpets; hence, why I gave it a 3. It did a good job of extracting the water from the carpets so drying time was very minimal.

    I ended up returning this product due to it not being user friendly and poorly made. If you're looking for a steamvac to replace an older model with the same features I would not recommend purchasing this model. I found a Hoover Steamvac elsewhere that had all the same features as my old model and also included the same accessories as this one along with the bare floor tool and a scrubbing tool.
    ...more info
  • No such thing as a free dog!
    In the 7 years since I got my dog, I have spent all sorts of money on things I never needed before I had a dog. My $500 Dyson Animal vacuum (which I love and can't say enough great things about!) is one prime example. This Hoover Steam Cleaner is another. For years we had a small Bissell Green machine which is a hand-held carpet cleaner for small areas. This had done the trick until we moved into a new house which has beige carpet. We finally broke down and bought this Hoover, after reading reviews on Amazon from other users. I was able to clean really dirty carpet back to "new-looking" within about an hour. I did 4 main rooms in our house, including a problem area near the back door where there were months of accumulated muddy footprints the bissell was never able to deal with, and a few areas where the dog had, umm, accidents. The carpet is clean and smells great. I did get the special Hoover Pet formula solution and used 2x as much for the really bad and high-traffic areas as the manual suggests. My carpet is beige again, not filthy brown. It was an ease to use, easy to clean and really worked great on pretty dirty, certainly smelly carpet.
    One more successful accessory I never knew I'd need when I got a dog. Would be great for kid messes too, though I am not sure if Hoover makes a special "children" formula....more info
  • Only one problem
    Overall, the machine works great. I have had several Bissell cleaners, and I think the rotating brushes on the Hoover are superior. The only problem I have with the machine is the attachment for cleaning upholstery. There is a continual drip from the spray head making it impossible to get the fabric vacuumed dry....more info
  • Machine gets results!
    Recently bought a Hoover F5914-900 to replace my similar F5855. I got the used F5855 about ten years ago - and it has cleaned countless carpets in my rental properties with near professional results. When the older unit's extractor finally quit (after much use and abuse), I was delighted to see the same basic design was available in the F5914.

    The new unit appears as well made as my original. And the legendary cleaning power remains intact. I get decent results using cold tap water, but for best results I use hot, or even boiling, water. And as other reviewers have noted, pre-treatment also improves results.

    I hope Hoover continues to make this great line of carpet cleaners. I may need another one in ten or twelve years....more info
  • Excellent Value and Great Performer.
    I love this machine. It only leaves the carpet slightly damp when you're done so drying time is very short. It is basically ready to go right out of the box with only some minor assembly needed. It is easy to use and is worth it's price tag. You'll find yourself using it often since it's so effective at removing dirt and stains from your rugs, carpet, and upholstery. I use it all the time and recommend it....more info
  • Amazing...Easy...Cost-effective
    I am amazed. I bought this product after reading all of the reviews on this site. The machine assembled with ease and without any leaking. I followed the advice of several other reviewers and used boiling water in the clean tank. With a back and forth wet pass and the same again in a dry pass my carpets look like new again. I have inexpensive berber-like carpet that had stains that recurred despite any cleaners I used prior to purchasing this steam vac. It is well worth its cost to purchase even at full price and is as easy to use as running a vacuum across the floor. I believe it is cheaper to use than renting a steam vac twice a year. Clean up is also easy. I actually look forward to cleaning my carpets again....more info
  • Fabulous!
    I received a recommendation from another website about this being the number one carpet cleaner for working moms. I found the cleaner online at Amazon; it's not in stores. This machine is a hard working, quiet and thorough cleaner. Easy to use; used hot tap water and the cleaning was amazing. We bought the cleaner to help with our pet stains. Will need to spot clean pop and food stains from my family. My 15 year-old high traffic carpeting looked like new after we used the cleaner. We have no complaints. We are thrilled. You won't believe the filthy water it picks up! Worth every penny!...more info
  • Excellent results
    We've been hiring carpet cleaners to come clean our main carpets for the past few years with mixed results. The last fellow did such a poor job the stains were apparent shortly after the carpet dried. We finally decided to purchase our own full fledged steam cleaner. We've both been very impressed with the results. It has taken up almost all the stains with only a few exceptions. Those were some old coffee stains which are notoriously hard. It still lightened them considerably. I think it probably did as good, or better than the "professionals" do. It is very simple to use, and can do a reasonable patch before water changes. We used it with the Hoover carpet cleaning solution. I do not really see how a more expensive model could do much better than this.

    I definitely recommend this machine....more info
  • It gets the job done.
    Unlike the previous carpet cleaner I used this one operates more like a vacuum cleaner. It is easy to fill, load and change water. Clean up and storage are a brease. Most importantly the carpet was clean when I finished....more info
  • Saved by reading previous reviews!
    I'm so grateful to the reviewer who took the time to explain the solution to the leaking the first time this was used. I had the same problem and following their helpful hint was able to 'fix' it. Was happy to see how much of the liquid was recovered. The carpet was almost dry. I did put a small table fan on the floor to speed up the process. ...more info
  • New Carpet After Each Use!
    The light beige carpets in my apartment receive the complimentary carpet cleaning from the professionals every January. The last time they were here they left the door open and unlocked, and the carpets did not look that much better. I have two senior citizen cats who have their share of fur balls and little box accidents. After a month, the carpet looks like it did before the cleaners came. "Resolve" only does so much good. My oldest cat also has severe allergies, so I don't even wear shoes on the carpet to keep it as clean as possible. A friend of mine bought a different brand, but with her two kids and two dogs, she keeps her carpets spotless(almost).

    I began to do some research and was pleased to learn that Amazon.com sold steam vacs. I at first settled on the Hoover F6215 because I thought it would be fun to have something that looked like a decoration instead of an appliance. That lavender color almost had me sold until I found this model, the F5914, and read the comparison review by the retired design engineer. Consumer complaints about earlier models had scared me away from Hoover altogether, but evidently Hoover got tired of taking back their junkier models and changed the design to make the newer steam vacs more durable and dependable. The F5914 is sturdier than the F6215, though probably not as much fun to look at. The F5914 is also $20 cheaper, and Amazon ships it for free(minus the sales tax). You can't get a better deal than that, and it even arrived in two days.

    I have used the F5914 three times, and I have never been happier. This product does exactly what it was designed to do. I was a bit intimidated by it at first--I took it out of the box and set it in the middle of the living room for two days--but after I read and re-read the instructions so that I knew what I was doing, I took it on its virgin cruise, and it performed beautifully! I cleaned each room individually and was shocked at the amount of BLACK dirt that was in the carpet, even after I had vacuumed first. The carpet dried right away, and there was no soapy residue(I purchased the Premium Pet Formula at the same time and am equally pleased with that product). What is so great is that every time I steam vac the carpets, which is about every two months, there is less and less dirt, and the carpets look brand new each and every time. In fact, my landlady thought I had new carpets installed!

    The only negative thing about this steam vac has nothing to do with the design. Plan on having to clean the steam vac when you are done using it. My carpet "pills" after a while, and the excess gets trapped under the face plate, so I have to use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the face plate and clean off the carpet fibers. Also, when you are cleaning the removable parts and turn the unit on its side, do so on a tile or linoleum floor with a couple of towels underneath. There is water left over inside and it drains out.

    Like so many other customers, I am sorry I waited so long to purchase a steam vac. Having carpets that look new and smell clean and fresh makes your home a healthier, more uplifting environment. ...more info
  • Cleans great
    This is my second SteamVac carpet cleaner; my first, the Hoover Agility, just quit extracting the water dispursed on the carpet. This one works just as well at cleaning carpet. My only problem is with the design of this machine. After cleaning the carpet, the nozzle hood is filthy and there is no way to clean it. The Agility has a removable hood making this area easy to clean. I had to order a nozzle brush (not expensive - $3 and $6 to ship) and haven't yet received it. The instructions say to pour a lot of hot water on a flat surface and let the machine extract it to clean the nozzle...it doesn't work! I think they need to rethink their design. ...more info
  • AWESOME steam Vac
    Wow! Just about sums this item up. We have a white carpet - right in front of the door to the garage PLUS two dogs to boot! We put the house up for sale and thought we would have to replace the carpet. This vac took all the stains out and left it looking like new.

    I tell all my friends about it....more info
  • Excellent
    This SteamVac does a wonderful job! Works well not only on carpets but also on tiles floors. I more than paid for it in one use by not having a professional cleaner come in and do the work. Easy instructions and to operate. If I had to wish for one improvement it would be that the tank that holds the fluid was larger. It's a very small complaint when you consider what a great job it does!...more info
  • This is a good product!!
    For the price, the Hoover certainly does its job. It is an easy to use equipment and has great suction. Does a fine job cleaning the carpet and leaves it pretty dry. ...more info
  • Are we using the same machine??
    This machine cleans very well. Absolutely no complaints there. But I have to keep several parts duct taped because they fall off constantly when in use. The latch on the clean water tank pops out and disengages the cleaning mechanism every couple minutes, so it's taped on. It also falls on the floor and leaks if you don't relatch it soon enough. And, the latches the hose snap into let loose all the time, causing the hose to fall on the floor. The hose is duct taped in several areas to keep it in tact. Finally, the handle on the dirty water tank comes undone and is very tricky to reattach. I eventually just threw it away. I need to replace this machine because so many parts have broken off and the tank fell out & cracked falling down my stairs, and I'm certainly not buying the same model again. I just hope other cleaners are built better than this one. Again, it cleans very well, but its construction is just not acceptable. I'm a bit baffled by the rave reviews. ...more info
  • Cleans well, easy to use
    Nothing but good things to say about this cleaner:
    1) Fast shipping from Amazon at a decent price: $159
    2) Easy to assemble and easy to read and follow instructions
    3) Easy to use
    4) Cleaned the carpets really well
    5) Easy to clean up and store in a closet-about the size of a large vacuum cleaner
    As other reviewers mentioned, I recommend using really hot water-I boiled a gallon and added a gallon of hot tap water together.
    * Small receptacles for the hot water and the dirty water so needed to change and add fairly often. Not necessarily a bad thing because it keeps the product size reasonable and easy to use.
    * Still not sure how to use the attachments but I'm sure it won't be difficult if I read the instructions.
    Highly recommend this for average size home-I did two bedrooms and a living room and a hallway and very pleased with the quality.
    ...more info
  • Worth every penny and much more
    I love it. It cleaned even really tough pet stains that were quite old.

    It is very simple and easy to use. It is quite light weight for a steam cleaner. Lighter then my old regular vacuum.

    The one thing that it does, like the other steam cleaners I tried, is tend to leak a little if you leave it without using up all the water. It isn't much, others have been worse, and this seems to be normal of steam cleaners. I just plan for using however much water I fill it with all at one time.

    Used it for the 2nd time and just had to write a review, it was so easy and the carpet looked so good after years of dirt and pet stains.

    I have model 5912-900.

    Added 7/22/08:

    I used it again to clean my whole house for selling. The carpets look great.

    The realtors who brought buyers to see the house thought that I had put in New carpets. They were very surprised that the carpets are 10 years old (and I have pets).

    One frustration is that while they made such an easy vacuum to use - they made the hose attached so difficult and complicated to use that it was impossible for me to get it set up; I wanted to use it to do the same for my recliners. Very frustrating.

    Also, if you have problems with its turning on - check the water tank - even though only the front has a clip that has to click on, it has to first click over the back part before the front part is clicked shut, otherwise it won't allow the vacuum to run.

    ...more info
  • Buy it - you won't be sorry!
    I purchased this SteamVac five weeks ago and am extremely pleased with it. I have rented the in-store rug cleaners for years and finally decided to purchase one, and I'm so glad I did. Hoover has created a steam cleaner that is easy to use, light weight and very efficient. I was able to clean two good sized rooms with one gallon of water. The machine extracts nearly all of the water from the carpet, making drying time less than 30 minutes. It's great! ...more info
  • Good Purchase
    Pretty easy to assemble and I'm your typical girl. Worked like I expected. Lots of dirt coming out. Won't do to much for any set in stains without a lot of pre-treatment. At one point it wouldn't turn on. I'm pretty sure it's because I didn't get the bottom tank back in correctly, but I had made that mistake before and it seemed like it was in fine. I waited a while and jiggled some more and it's working again. That's the only reason I gave it a 4 instead of a 5. It might not happen again, but the thing is pretty touchy.

    Really good suction, and picks up water off bare floor nicely....more info
  • fantastic!!
    my husband and i both think this the best steamvac for the money. many great features and operating options. fell in love the first time we used it. it did a great job!! would buy again. we have four adults, three cats and a 95lb. dog in our house. you wouldn't be sorry!...more info
  • The Best Thing I Ever Purchased
    I bought the Hoover Steamvac a few months back after borrowing my friends. My floors were filthy disguisting do to my 1 1/2 year old dog and a few things here and there that were spilled. I have to say this was the best purchase of my life. I use it all the time and it picks up almost anything on my carpets. It can be time consuming if you use the machine right and go slowly over the carpets, but in the end it is totally worth it. I would recommend the Hoover SteamVac to anyone who needs clean carpets and doesn't mind spending a little time doing them yourself. Way better than any machine I've ever rented from the store before. Kudos to the Hoover SteamVac. I've also heard this model is way better then newer more expensive models, which tend to break or not have very good suction. ...more info
  • Great Machine
    This product was so easy to use. It works wonderful.Had no trouble with leaking water....more info
  • Nice Vacuum for the Price
    I just used this for the first time and it cleaned up great. We live in the desert so alot of dust gets trapped into our light carpeting. This really worked well. My carpet is like new again. I recommend using HOT water and go over high traffic areas several time. Also, as w/ any new item, read and follow the directions carefully and you will get great results. It is easy to clean also, I believe if you clean thouroughly after each use it will last longer. I would still like to have somebody come clean all carpets once a year though. I also vacuum afterwards to soften up the carpet again. I bought this vacuum at Wal-Mart for $139.99. I hate Wal-Mart but they had the best price. Good luck....more info
  • I love it !!!!!!
    I ordered this machine a couple of weeks ago and I have used this machine twice since I order it....first of all I couldn't believe the shipping speed (1 1/2 days after ordering it)I used it the next day to clean my husbands office....which was very dirty...mud, sawdust, etc. from being in the construction business. Looks new!! Also have cleaned my kitchen/family room which was almost as dirty as the office. Loved how the carpet was almost immediately dry. Didn't have to use fans to hurry the drying process. When I used a professional service the floor was still damp the next day. I would recommend this machine to anyone....more info
  • It REALLY does work!
    Several years ago when I lived in San Francisco, someone left a Hoover Carpet cleaner when they moved. I took it, thinking..."well, I'll give it a try". I was pleasantly surprised that it indeed DID work and was always amazed (and disgusted at the same time!)at the amount of dirt and yuck in the recovery tank. Over the years, many of my friends would borrow it and were very happy with the results.

    Sadly, but after being used A LOT, the brushes stopped turning. I decided to get a new one and the choice was clear...another HOOVER. I bought this unit and all I can say is WOW! I live in the mountains and often have my friends dogs staying with me while their owners are on vacation.

    I can't tell you how much dirt the big dogs track in, and there is a little dog with potty issues. I don't worry though, after they go, I bring out this Hoover and my very light colored carpet looks like new. Recently, one of the dogs had explosive, well, "you-know-what". I was horrified. I thought my carpet was stained for sure. I used this cleaner and with a few extra passes, the HUGE stain was gone!

    For pet stains I use a cleaning solution from Bissell. It is in a dark pink bottle and I found it at K-Mart. It is for "pet odor and soil". I really like the scent and it has taken out the worst stain in history!

    Anyway, for the price, I highly recommend this unit. I can't wait to use the upholstery brush on my stairs and in my car. THANKS HOOVER!!! ...more info
  • Awesome
    I love this cleaner. I started doing my floors because my baby recently started to crawl. I am a pretty lazy person and I have pulled my cleaner out five times in the last month that I have had it. I have already reccomended it to all my friends and family. It is so much cheaper than paying someone and after a few times of using it you will have paid the difference of renting a machine....more info
  • Whew!
    I am soooo glad I bought this unit. I researched, and shopped and researched again, then bought Hoover. Very happy with it. Very easy to handle, works as it should. Used very hot water and it took out some really messy stains. I have a feeling with four cats I will be using this unit quite a bit now. Carpets were dry in like 4 hrs but I timed it with good weather and kept the house open to absorb the warm temps outside. That helped. Only if I did intense soaping over certain spots did it take a little longer to dry. I still have a few spots from previous two leggers in the house, but I will learn to pre-treat next time. Mine came with a bottle of shampoo concentrate, but I bought the Hoover pet solution from WM at approx $12 a bottle. Not toxic to critters and it smells good. Overall, I am very pleased. But then, I am a Hoover fan, I've always had Hoover vacs. I feel this is very good value for my money, and by far less disturbing to my animals vs. having a carpet cleaning gang come in and clean my entire house in one shot. I have the convenience now of doing it when it suits my schedule. I am very happy and feel I have made an excellent investment in this product....more info
  • I really like this machine
    I was VERY leary, and wasted months trying to decide what cleaner to buy. I am very happy with my purchase, I clean my carpets monthly with white vinegar and hot water and this machine is GREAT. I recommend it. ...more info
  • So far, so good
    I've just had the SteamVac for a couple of months, and I've only used it twice, but both times have been satisfactory. The first time was on a basement family room that had been flooded with some outside water, dirt, etc. No prob. Dry in a flash. Then, on the second job, I kept getting mud up from the 30 yr. old kitchen carpet. I knew it was going to be nasty, but no matter how many times I went over an area, the water was picked up so well that the floor was, again, dry in a flash. I do wish the front clear cover could be easily removed to get lint and gunk out that accumulates, but overall I'm very happy with it....more info
  • Great on carpets, wish it would heat the water
    This vacuum works as well on our carpets as the rented professional one, and it much much lighter and easier to manage. I can't believe how much dirt our dog brings in, it's amazing to see it all sucked out! And most importantly I was very impressed by how well it dries the carpet, it sucks the water out very well, and the carpet was dry about 5 hours later.

    The hardwood floor cleaning also works well, but for really dirty spots where something is really stuck to the floor, you'll have to pretreat it.

    My only complaint is that this unit does not heat the water, so there is no actual steam. So fill the tank with the hottest water you can, and then use it right away....more info
  • cleans great!
    I have a light blue carpet throughout my ENTIRE house. It gets stained fast with two kids, a hubby, a dog, and a cat (and myself). I used my mother-in-law's cleaner countless times, and decided it was time to get my own. I liked hers so much, I got the same exact model - didn't even bother with the newer version (basically the same except for looks). The carpet cleaner was priced almost twice as much in our downtown store - I got it here for about 150.00 with free shipping. That's a HUGE bonus when you live in Alaska....more info
  • Worth every penny!
    I received my SteamVac, immediately put it together, vacuumed a section of carpet, and set to work with it. It amazed me out of the box- stains from 4 cats and a husband who likes to work in the garden and the garage a lot came up with almost no effort. Most came up on the first pass, and a couple came up on the second pass.

    The next day was the big test. Our carpets are a light cream color, and a couple of years ago someone spilled most of a can of Dr. Pepper on the carpet under the table. I didn't find it until after it was dried, and I despaired of ever getting it out of the rug. It took several passes and the addition of some Resolve and a little Spray 'n Wash, but even that big spot came almost all of the way out. It is barely noticeable now and gets even lighter with ever pass of the SteamVac- I think it will eventually come all the way out.

    Except for the really big stains, most spots come up with just a single pass. The amount of dirt in the water collector will simply amaze you. I have had none of the leakage problems that other people describe, though I've only had it for a week. In the first night I went through the entire bottle of cleaner that came with the unit (the bottle was enough for 3 tanks of water), and then I picked up Home Depot's generic brand of "Zep" cleaner, and it performed just as well.

    I love this machine and I'm so glad that I bought it. I hate to admit it, but it's actually kind of fun to use!...more info
  • A life-changing item
    I bought this unit a few months ago without great expectations. When it arrived I immediately cleaned all my carpets and was amazed at the results. It removed all the winter's dirt and mud. I had to redo some red wine stains, pretreating them first. But they, too, disappeared. True, it was not as good as the truck-mounted job I had done the previous year, but it sure cost a lot less.

    Since that first general cleaning I have kept it in hand-tool mode. I have two cats that yuck up a couple times a week and this unit has been a life-saver.

    The assembly is easy, as is converting from floor mode to the hand tool.

    The two issues I have with it are:

    1) I have a three-story house and this can be pretty heavy to carry up and down stairs.

    2) You use the fluid container handle to carry it around, and once you get where you're going you need to check that it's still attached securely or you'll have a leak.

    All in all, a great appliance at a steal of a price....more info
  • Makes short work out of carpet cleaning.
    I had read reviews on this and other makes/brands of SteamVacs and decided to purchase the Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac with Clean Surge. It's very easy to use, does an excellent job of cleaning the carpets and leaves the carpet almost completely dry. [...]....more info
  • Hoover SteamVac
    Works well if instructions carefully followed and care is used in the manual sweep....more info
  • Awesome carpet Cleaner
    I just purchased this carpet cleaner cleaner and after trying it out I was amazed it took out stains the had been in my carpet for 7 yrs. This machine is great.......more info
  • I love it!
    If you have dogs and children this is an awesome addition to your household. I usually rent a unit once a year or have someone come clean the carpets, but I love having my own. It's super easy and totally affordable. You do have to get used to it so you don't "soak" the carpets but once you get the hang of it you'll love it too!...more info
  • Cheaper than New Carpet
    We purchased this unit to clean up a rental unit, in hopes that we could avoid having to replace the carpets. After five years worth of dog and human traffic, the hallway and living room might have been a total loss, but... The Hoover cleaned them like a champ! There is now no smell or visible staining to the carpets, and the pile looks as fresh as the day the carpet was installed (almost).

    I will add the caveat that the carpets are a dark brown and dark green, so it might not be so visibly effective on a lighter carpet. I did, however, use the attachments on our cream colored sofa, and it managed to clean up some stains to which I had resigned myself. The sofa really looks new again. I am really impressed with the performance of this Hoover.

    As for ease of use... It is really no heavier or louder than any other floor cleaner or vacuum, and pretty much the same for hooking up attachments, etc. I have had no problems with leakage from either the detergent or the receiving tanks, and it's a breeze to clean up. would just recommend cleaning the tank each time you dump it, and cleaning the vacuum channel on the front of the cleaner after you are finished, and before you store it away. Take care of this cleaner, and it should be a solid tool for years to come....more info
  • Supurb Carpet Cleaner
    VERY IMPRESSED WITH THE CLEANING PERFORMANCE, EASY to use, EASY to clean, EASY to FILL! Should have bought one like this YEARS AGO!
    I say Buy it...you'll LOVE it!...more info
  • Awesome!
    I ordered this machine from Amazon and it came very quickly. I put it together easily and started using it right away since a small bottle of cleaning product was included in the package, and I was expecting my sons and girlfriends for Mother's Day. Wow, this did really good and fast work of my messy carpets: I have a cat and a geriatric dog, and I just don't have the strength to lug the monster cleaning machines from the supermarket, so I hadn't cleaned my rugs in over a year. This machine did a great job, and I couldn't believe how dirty the water was in the recovery tank, quite disgusting! My downstairs rugs look like new, and I can't wait to do the upstairs rugs now. The house smells sweet again, but the best job was on a small, oriental red wool rug in the entrance: the colors are bright and we can see the knotted pattern again! That one absorbed a lot more water than my synthetic rugs, and I had to put it on the porch to dry, but it's well worth it! Now I'm considering buying a rug for the dining room, something I hadn't dared doing before experiencing the ease of cleaning that this machine gives me....more info
  • Hoover steam vac is great
    This machine is great for little issues as well as bigger ones.
    I have 3 dogs and 2 cats and before the Hoover I was using the little
    green machine which does not work so well.
    I have not had any issues with odors in the house after cleaning, like I did with so many other products. Thanks so much for allowing me the chance to express my gratitude.
    I appreciate the gentleman who suggested using oxyclean in with the detergent what a gem of an idea and it works great....more info
  • Gets the job done
    it takes a while to assemble it but once it is put together works great ...more info
  • Wow
    After owning two Bissels before, I was up for a change as I was dissapointed with their performance. Both just stopped spraying solution and I tried everthing to fix them. I decided to purchase the Hoover and am very glad I did. I have a dog and this cleaner does the job very well. I started cleaning other rugs in the house I thought were clean. I was wrong. This cleaner made the rugs like new again and picked up tons of dirt. Great suction and doesn't leave the rug wet. Highly recommended....more info
  • good product but not professional grade
    for what it's supposed to do, it does it well. maybe i read too much into the description but i expected it to do more as far as getting out older stains. it's called a steamvac but it calls for hot water, not steaming or boiling. it still works great on fresh stains. i had just hoped for more on old ones....more info
  • Built better than other models in the store
    I read a million reviews on cleaners before I bought the Hoover F5914-900. This works better than a Rug Doctor and is easy to take apart and re-assemble (Read the directions!). The reason I bought this model came down to one review I read that said this one was built better than the newer Hoovers you see in the store. I went to the store and noticed the tank on the new model they had was already broken (cheap plastic). This model does has better construction but I would not call it heavy duty by any means. This cleaner cleans well, I have used it 10-12 times -makes me ill looking at the dirty water it is picking up...that's what you get with two kids and a dog.

    The directions in the beginning tell you to hold and release the Clean Surge button before putting the filled tank on. Well after doing that and then putting the tank on I got water everywhere as the cleaner leaked from the bottom. I figured the Clean surge button was stuck. Sure enough, after working the button a few times it stopped leaking and hasn't leaked since....more info
  • Works Wonderfully!
    I thought my carpets were never going to look good again but bought this steamvac as a last resort. It really got the pet stains up, no sign they were there.It's a little heavy but not cumbersome. I even tried just using tap water with out cleaner in one area and it came clean too. For the price of one professional carpet cleaner visit I got my whole house cleaned and can use it over and over. Still have not tried the attachments but I'm sure they will get up spots on my couch....more info
  • Didn't last/piece of junk
    Initially I was pleased with this cleaner. It did a good job and was easy to use. It quit working one day after the one year warrenty ran out, and I couldn't get any satisfaction from the manufactorer. After repeated emails I just gave up. Will definately not buy this item again, and would recommend that no one else buy it either. There's too many out there to choose from and maybe those companies will back their products better...more info
  • Love it
    I bought this steam cleaner after checking and comparing all the reviews of this product and others like it. This one had a higher percentage of satisfaction. I orignally ordered it though warehouse deals as a refurbished one that was in a busted box. Recieved the product extremly fast and opened box only to find that it had broken parts. I was refunded my money immediately and order another one that was new and recieved fraily quickly as well. Used it on my carpets and even on my kitchen floor without the attachment and loved it. It cleaned all the stains up after pretreating them with a stain remover. The product is easy to use and so far hasn't given me any problems. Although I have only used it maybe twice and some do complain about it breaking after several uses. I would recommend this steam cleaner it left my carpets only a little damp after use and was dry in less then an hour. Attachments don't expect allot out of them. I used a scrub brush with a stain remover before using the attachment and the attachment did a good job at putting the water down and sucking the water back up but as far as scrubbing them it didn't do a great job. ...more info
  • Excellent Cleaner - Beats Dirt Devil CE7900 Platinum Force
    I have used both the Dirt Devil CE7900 Platinum Force Dirt Devil CE7900 Platinum Force Carpet Extractor and this Hoover SteamVac CleanSurge F5914-900. The Hoover is by far the superior machine in terms of features, build quality, and cleaning performance. The difference is night and day, no comparison.

    I've actually used two very similar Hoovers - this model, and the older SteamVac Ultra F5881-900. They haven't changed much, and for good reason. It's a great design that works amazingly well. This newer one adds the "heated cleaning" feature, which simply directs the electric motor's hot exhaust air down through a vent in the bottom of the unit. I find that it helps dry the carpet as you work. I find this design to be superior to the newer, flimsier Hoovers like the Agility and the V2. Those seem to be made much more cheaply.

    The greatest strength of the F5914-900 is it's incredible suction power. It really pulls up the carpet fibers, making the carpet soft and plushy again. It extracts dirt like nobody's business and it seems to reclaim nearly all of the water it sprays onto the carpet. My carpet is dry in no time after using this machine. The unit is a bit heavy, but that's because there's a serious motor in there, positioned right in the center of the unit. This weight helps keep the unit pressed on the carpet for maximum suction...I never have to press down on it trying to get it to really create a good vacuum like I do with other models.

    The SpinBrush system is superior to the beater bars used on competitors models. Instead of a horizontal bar using brushes that simply mat down the carpet fibers, the Hoover's brushes are vertically aligned and scrub into the carpet rather than over it. Pet hair does not get wrapped around the SpinBrush scrubbers they way it does on a beater bar. The scrubbers really work! If you let the machine sit in one spot and and then turn it off, you can lift the machine and see the sudsy, circular scrub marks set deep into the carpet. As the suction passes over the area scrubbed, it lifts out all of the detergent and dirt and pulls the carpet fibers straight up again. The end result is a carpet that looks new again. My bare feet leave perfect impressions in the plush carpet after it dries. Nice!

    The Hot Water tank is easy to fill and the cap provides and easy way to measure the detergent. The Dirty Water tank is great, because it does not leak and is bucket-shaped with a large removable lid. It is very easy to empty. It doens't have crazy baffles or empty through a tiny hole like other models. Usually when I empty it I find it's picked up a good lump of pet fur...and it pours right out with the dirty water! The filter is large and easy to clean as opposed to the tiny one-inch-square filters used in other models that seem to limit suction power. Both tanks are translucent to let you see the water levels. I find I have to empty the dirty tank fairly often, but that is because this thing sucks up nearly all the water it puts down, along with the grime in the carpet. That's a very good thing.

    The suction path can actually be dismantled to clean carpet fibers and pet hairs out without having to use some kind of silly skewer or tool or trying to shoot water through it hoping to get it clean. In fact the whole machine can really be gotten into and cleaned/maintained properly - unlike all the fused-together, throw-away, molded plastic junk parks in other models. The Hoover also does not use a belt, unlike the Dirt Devil, so there's no belt to break, buy, or replace (trying to place a belt back into a bunch of wheels in some crazy serpentine pattern is no fun).

    The unit comes with both a hand tool with powered SpinScrub brushes, and one without. Both work very well. The powered tool actually does a good job of scrubbing on stairs and spots. The only complaint would be that the water sprayer on the hand tools does spray too far out to the sides and makes it a little hard to control where exactly you're spraying. Not usually a big deal, but it can make the job a little messier than it needs to be. The suction on the hand tools is also very strong. I've used the hand tools on my high-end, light-colored, microfiber upholstery and it brough it back to new condition (and made it all allergen free!). All the tools store nicely on the unit, including a bare floor attachment seperately available from Hoover. I've seen it, but I've never used it.

    If you have pets, I highly recommend using Hoover's Premium Pet shampoo with this machine Hoover 40321130 Premium Pet Formula Carpet/Upholstery Detergent, 128-Ounce. It smells great, doesn't create too much foam in the machine, and contains enzymes to help eliminate and protect against pet odor. It also left no "crunchiness" or noticable residue on my carpets. There isn't any residual perfume smell - it just smells clean! The Deep Cleansing is also very good if you don't have pets and don't need to pay for the enzyme formula Hoover 40321128 Deep Cleansing Carpet/Upholstery Detergent, 128-Ounce....more info
  • Great Purchase
    Easy assembly, worked efficiently, and I now have clean carpets! Great value for the money....more info
  • Perfection and Excellence.
    Flawless design and easy operation. Beautiful, deep-cleaned carpets. Easy to assemble out of box. Super fast shipping. Arrived five days prior to predicted delivery date.

    This Hoover is a solid piece of machinery that feels great in my hands - powerful and able, not wimpy and cheap. Two rugged plastic tanks keep the dirty water separate from the clean. Both tanks are easy to remove, fill and reload. The bottom tank lacks (needs) a carrying handle.

    While cleaning you will see the powerful rush of dirty water flowing back into the Hoover's second tank. No guessing or wondering if it's picking up the soapy water it put down. My carpet was only slightly damp when finished, a sure sign that the dirty water was in the Hoover, not still in my carpet. It's perfect for the mobile home owner who has to avoid shampooers that soak those particle board floors. It rolls easily throughout the room. No effort or muscles needed. The cord is long enough to clean a very large room without changing outlets.

    My carpet looks like it was professionally cleaned.

    I don't like or understand why the upholstery/staircase nozzle spits water from the sides, as well as forward towards the furniture/stairs. It saturates everything on either side of the rotating brushes and suction nozzle. It's impossible to clean small sections at a time without going over the furniture twice or wiping water from the walls by the stairs.

    Regardless, I am thrilled with my Hoover. I would gladly have paid $100 more for this machine. With such a low price plus free shipping you can't go wrong, nor will you be disappointed. You'll actually be horrified by all the dirt and filth this Hoover will remove from your carpet....more info
  • Fantastic!
    Bought this machine to replace a Bissel that died. Took it to my mom's who hadn't had the carpet cleaned in a while. The carpet looks as good as new!...more info
  • great job!
    I have 2 dogs and they are 98% potty trained...i simply whip out the steamvac and the mess is gone. At first, I had to get used to how the steamvac works b/c if you don't go over the overlapping areas repeatedly in differently directions (just on suction)...u will have streaks on your carpet. I have off-white carpet. But once u understand the way it works...it a good steamvac. :))...more info
  • Excellent, Easy to Use Cleaner
    I've used this cleaner several times since I purchased it in January. Prior to it, I have never owned nor used anything but old upright vacuums.

    - Generally cleaned multiple surfaces and various levels of dirt quite well with little moisture left behind (surfaces were mostly dry within eight hours)
    - Main unit works well when it's not defective (first unit was returned for a strong leak)
    - Hand tools worked well, but I suggest using the standard tool after using the hand scrubber to vacuum up excess dirty water
    - The unit is quite heavy, and some poor design decisions could result in some confusion

    As with other reviewers, I initially received a defective SteamVac. Once I loaded the clean reservoir, the solution immediately began leaking onto my floor at a high rate. Needing to finish what I started (cleaning cat urine from a chair), I alternatively cleaned the chair and vacuumed the leak. After waiting on hold with customer service for too long, I returned to Amazon and promptly received a replacement. The replacement had no leak.

    I used the main component on a large recreation room and foyer that had last been steam cleaned professionally five years prior. I first vacuumed with an old upright, then treated the stains with a standard carpet stain remover, then proceeded with the SteamVac. The cleaner did a fantastic job with light and heavy spots. In one spot under a sofa wear my cat apparently urinated in the past (a common story), we cleaned with a spot cleaner, but couldn't get down to the carpet pad. Using the Clean Surge option, I made several passes over the spot. The slight odor remained, but has since disappeared. Since I like to let the cleaning solution sit for a minute, I suggest spraying the clean solution as you push the SteamVac, wait a moment, then pull back over to scrub and vacuum the dirty result. I further suggest taking a second pass over the cleaned area without spraying additional solution to pick up more water. My carpet was mostly dry eight hours after cleaning.

    With the hand tools, I've cleaned two flights of stairs (heavy traffic), an oversized upholstered chair (cat urine), and a car (heavy mud and beer from a tailgate party). In all instances, the tools worked great. The powered hand scrubber worked especially well on the stairs and in the car after judiciously spraying the clean solution. But, since the brushes are powered by the vacuumed air itself, the suction on it is mediocre. The other hand tool has great suction, and I ended up taking one pass with the hand scrubber, and a second pass with the standard tool. Everything was mostly dry within eight hours (including the car with doors open in the garage).

    For cleaners, I initially used the one packaged with the SteamVac, but have since turned to diluted Simple Green, an all-purpose, biodegradable cleaner. I've seen no difference between to the two. Also, cleaning the unit has been easy.

    As for complaints, my main issue is that the unit is quite heavy without water. This becomes a real issue when trying to do stairs, but also makes normal use into a strength training event. Another is that you have to recline the arm to get the dirty reservoir out. Strangely enough, the dirty reservoir will fill up before all of the clean reservoir has been used. While I can accept that the dirt will add volume (and I've always had very dirty water in the return), I think that this was fairly poor design. Also, when the dirty water reservoir hits the volume threshold, the SteamVac just stops suction. This was confusing when I first hit the threshold and couldn't figure out why the solution wasn't getting sucked up. The sound on the unit changes, but given that the reservoir is far from filled, I initially suspected that the second unit was defective. It would have been better to have some indicator light to provide further feedback....more info
  • Better than hiring someone
    This machine when operated slowly to let the machine do the work, really does do the work. The quality is that of a resoration level. I've used this machine on a friends carpet that was going to need to pay for replacement, It took a little extra elbow grease but the carpet looked as good as new once complete....more info
  • Works great
    Bought this to clean off-white carpeting. Carpet had not been cleaned (other than with regular vac) for 3 years. Did an amazing job, especially on high traffic areas. I chose this product because of all the high reviews; most other steam vacs had so-so reviews. I was not disappointed. And the price was very competitive....more info
  • lost in transit
    Order this because of all the wonderful comments.
    Item was lost in transit and it had to be cancelled. Boo hoo...more info
  • Like it very much!
    The SteamVac is very easy to put together and even easier to use. You won't be disappointed....more info
  • Works Great!
    Needed a carpet cleaner for my law office (1800 square feet, 1600 of which is carpeted with nylon berber). Clients spill coffee, cokes, snacks, sometimes bring their pets etc. Bought this Hoover model F5914 as it appeared to have best reviews of all I looked at. Now had it a month and am very happy with it. I had no idea how dirty some areas of carpet had become until we started using this thing. The first wash/rinse produced waste water that looked like crankcase oil from a car with 100,000 miles on it. Item was well packaged, easy to set up, and no leaks of any kind. I would not hesitate to buy another....more info
  • Love this steam cleaner
    I have had this steam cleaner for over a year and I still love it. It does a great job of cleaning up the carpets and it is easy to use. ...more info
  • Pretty easy to use, and I'm lazy.
    I hate cleaning. And I'm lazy. But I do find this steam cleaner easy to use and somewhat satisfying as well. I feel like it does a good job if you take your time and I've found that the carpet dries faster than I've experienced with other cleaners. It's not too heavy so you don't get tired from dragging it around the room, and it has a pretty good capacity as well. ...more info
  • Nice Machine
    This is my first steam cleaner, and I'm happy with the purchase. The machine worked great; did a nice job removing the deep dirt from everyday traffic. Much better than having to rent one of those dreadful supermarket machines. No complaints in the operation. Everything was as expected. ...more info
  • Do It Yourself And Save Money
    This is my first steamer so I can't compare to other brands, however I wish I had purchased this years ago......My only complaint with this product is that it leaks alittle when installing the solution tank....other than that, it does a great job at cleaning and drying...I would definetly recommend this steamer....more info
  • Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac with Clean Surge
    After paying for professional cleaning for many, many years, this machine does a good job. The suction is very good. I don't think I will be paying for professional cleaning again. It's that good.
    ...more info
  • Worth every Penny!!
    I just got my new machine and wow! I got a puppy in june for my bday and he is finally potty trained this cleaned all the stains and made the carpet soft and new feeling. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!...more info
  • Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac with Clean Surge better than professional claening
    I paid $270.00 for a SB Farley professional cleaner to do my carpets..waste of money. I bought this Cleaner last week. Did all my carpets over with this cleaner. WOW they look new. It cleaned all the left over residue from the professional cleaners. This vac works great. I highly recommend this cleaner. It is heavy duty. I did the rinse with just water, after I was done with the soap cleaning. Went really slow. That is the secret. Go slow. Take your time. And in the end like new. For my stairs I use my little green machine. Don't be afraid to purchase this machine. Worth the money after the first time you use it.
    ...more info
  • You don't always get what you pay for.
    I purchased Hoover's newer and more expensive cleaner two years ago after the one that I had just like this one died after eight years of hard use. The newer machine hardly lasted a year and a half. I had to replace parts and it didn't clean very well.
    I received this cleaner from Amazon less than a week from when I ordered it. I used it yesterday and I am so happy to have clean rugs again. I highly recommend this cleaner. It works great and my 5X8 rugs were clean and dry in less than an hour.

    ...more info
  • Very satisfied customer
    Great value for money and serves extremely well as a home carpet cleaner. Bought this after carefully reading all reviews. My friend has the more expensive version which has a bigger tank but it is hard clear plastic, the tank has cracked twice and had to be replaced at a cost of $50 each time. I do find the tank to be small and it does have to be emptied frequently, but carpet cleaning is not a weekly occurrence so I do not mind putting up with it!! Overall I am very satisfied with this purchase. ...more info
  • Great for carpet, but
    Easy to assemble, all plastic construction, works very well on medium height pile. Spin scrub feature not as claimed ...very weak, if any agitation of carpet. So, don't expect it to actually scrub the carpet clean. Cleaning quality depends upon how good you pre-treat and how good the shampoo is. When used as directed it cleans very well on moderately dirty carpet.
    The attachments are absolutely useless. Same silly "spin scrub" design. The sprayer on the furniture attachment leaks like a sieve and broadcasts the solution horizontally most of the time, so everything gets soaking wet over a huge area. Bottom line if you need a shampooer handy, have the room to store it, and spot clean/shampoo your carpets regularly, this machine will work for you....more info
  • Very good carpet cleaner
    I recently bought this Hoover carpet cleaner. After cleaning all the carpet in my house, I am amazed at how good a job it did. It got out stains that I thought would never get out. I am very happy with this purchase. One possible area of improvement is that the reservoirs for the cleaning solution and return water should be bigger....more info
  • Great HOME unit...not a professional machine
    I bought the Hoover F5914-900 after reading all the great reviews. My overall opinion is that this is a very nice home unit....emphasis on home. It's not meant to replace a commercial cleaning service. It pulled up most of the stains with ease and is EXCELLENT at removing the excess water from the carpet. I have to say, that is the part that impreses me the most. You WILL have to scrub/blot stubborn stains up with a stain cleaner. This machine won't get those out by itself (none of them will). However you can use the Hoover to remove the excess stain cleaner from the carpet. The cleaning solution that comes with it does not leave any signs of browning on the carpet (at least not on ours). And again this is a really nice cleaning machine...if you don't expect a miracle from a home unit....more info
  • Works like a champ - small areas at a time
    There's no doubt that this is an effective carpet cleaner. I used it in a room which had previously been cleaned with my Kirby carpet-cleaning attachment, and the Hoover won hands down. The only problem with it is the tank has to be emptied very frequently (especially if you follow the directions and do one forward pass and one backward pass with the trigger squeezed). I've found that for most areas I can get by with one forward pass with the trigger squeezed and that seems to help. Of course, dirtier areas do require more than one pass. I haven't used the hand attachment yet, so I can't speak to that. And I was surprised that the unit didn't come with the bare floor tool, but I was able to pick one up at a vac supply shop for $10. All in all, a great purchase....more info
  • Great
    I owned an earlier Hoover model and it was good but this one is a lot better. It seems to have more suction and it spreads the water more evenly. We have 4 dogs and use it all the time. I would highly recommend this machine. Our old one lasted about 8 yrs of constant use. ...more info
  • Cleans Well, but left a puddle!
    I bought the Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac with clean surge in January. The shield was broke in shipment. I returned the item and received another at no cost to me in a few days. I received the new carper cleaner, put it together, and immediately began to use it. I have used the machine several times over the past month and overall the carpet cleaner CLEANS well. The spin brushes got some stains out of my area rug in my living and dining rooms!!

    Today, I was using the carpet cleaner, went to empty the dirty water reservoir and fill the clean water tank. I came back into the living room and there was a puddle of water on my carpet. I guess the hose's leak. I continued to finish cleaning the carpets.

    Now it was time to try the attachment tools to clean my stairs, and the upholstery on my dining chairs. The spin brush attachment did not scrub well nor extract the water, but the other attachment performed well, except the sprayer sprayed water out sideways, getting other areas wet.

    I took a break from cleaning. I left a full tank of clean water and solution in the reservoir and left the machine sitting on the dining room rug. Came back to finish the carpets, to find that the entire tank emptied on the rug and floor!!!! I extracted the water, cleaned the machine, and put it away.

    I called Hoover, and they gave me a phone number of the closest Hoover dealer in my area. I have to take the machine in to get it serviced and repaired at no cost to me under warranty. I hope this fixes the problem.

    My mom has an older version of the Hoover Steam Vac, and has had very few problems with it over the past 10 years. The main issue she has had is either the attachments do not spray, or it leaks while using the attachments. It does not leak when hooked up regularly without the attachments to clean carpets.

    Overall, the machine cleans well. I hope the Hoover shop can repair my machine. I have always trusted Hoover, and hope this is just a minor flaw.
    ...more info
  • Very good machine
    We have almost white carpet throughout our home (no pets other than 3 parakeets) and we had both sides of our family come over for the holidays.
    Everyone thought we just bought new carpet!

    Gave it a 4 out of 5 because I used the small attachement to clean my 4runner's interior and the lip of the attachement broke. Cheap plastic.... otherwise it did pull TONS of dirt out of the carpet and seats. Made the interior look BRAND NEW again!

    ...more info
  • Great on other surfaces
    I have a black stove top that I always have a hard time keeping it streak-free after cleaning it; no matter what I do I always end up with a thin layer of grease film. The problem is when I use a towel, or a sponge, I need to press down to "squeegee" the liquid, but by doing so, I essentially press down the grease that was suspended by the detergent back down to the surface of the stove. With this machine (using the hand-held attachment), I can clean the stove like I normally do (with de-greaser), but instead of wiping the detergent off, I use the sprayer on the hand-held attachment to rinse off the detergent and vacuum it all up in one swoop. The result is mirror finish with no grease film whatsoever....more info
  • Is a bare floor attachment included?
    I bought this model based on the reviews and I had borrowed a similar Hoover from a friend that worked wonderfully! However, in the description it says it has a bare floor attachment which I was looking forward to as I have a lot of laminate floors. There was not one included and Amazon said I had to talk to Hoover and Hoover said I needed to talk to Amazon. I would give 5-stars to the machine because it is so easy to use and leaves my carpets dryer than I thought possible. Minus 1 star for the run-around I got from both companies. ...more info
  • Great cleaner
    We were noticing that the heavy traffic areas of our carpet were getting progressively worse, and decided to give this machine a try, based on the good reviews it got from other customers. They were all very accurate. This cleaner does a good, if not great, job. I did do all of the things that other reviewers mentioned, like using boiling water, and going slow. I got very nice results. Pretreating in high traffic ares is a must! I did the "wet strokes" in straight lines, but did the "dry strokes" in both straight lines and from other angles to eliminate the lines that can develop when cleaning a carpet. I expected the water to be filthy in the high traffic areas, but didn't expect even the places where the carpet was covered with furniture to be as bad as it was. It was a real eye opener!We did half of the living room one day, and planned to finish it the next. It was not a high traffic area, and really didn't appear to be very dirty. There was a noticeable difference. You could really see which area had been done, and which hadn't.I had a much harder time using the hand held stair attachment, but even that did a pretty good job, even though it took forever. The machine itself is good and sturdy, and wasn't too difficult to maneuver. It is very loud, as I suppose should be expected. Don't plan on listening to music or being able to hear the phone while it's on, but we must make some sacrifices for a clean carpet. It does come with a small bottle of cleaner, but I had bought a large bottle before I started. The small bottle got me through less than half of my mid sized living room. I thought this large bottle would last for a long time, but apparently it's going to be just about the right amount to do my whole house. I will be doing my whole house more often- I was really grossed out thinking about all the dirt that we had been living on!...more info
  • Great machine
    I researched all the machines. This one is really good. What I did was put hot boiled water into the fill tank.This machine cleaned my Kerman Irovy Iranian pre Komeni( sic) wool rug which cost me $6800 in 1987.I did the whole house with this machine and it pulled all the dog urine out of my carpets and sides of my tapestry chairs.All one has to do is READ the Directions and take your time.I had sent my Kerman to a professional cleaner years ago and they did not get out the stains and it cost me more then this machine. It even took 10 year old BBQ stains out of the carpet. ...more info
  • Best Carpet Cleaner I've Found
    Well, first my neighbor got one, and I borrowed hers when my kids all had the flu. I ended up with some nice clean patches on my carpet and decided I had to have one for myself. I've rented do-it-yourself cleaners from the store before, but this Hoover does a much better job and it leaves the carpet remarkably dry. I only gave it four stars because it doesn't do as well as a professional cleaner coming in and doing your carpet, but it is the best do-it-yourself that I've found....more info
  • Works Wonderful!
    I bought this and have four cats. I cleaned my sectional couch also my carpets and it did a wonderful job! Im very happy!...more info
  • Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac with Clean Surge
    I needed one and based my purchase on other reviews. I am pleased, have received it recently, used it twice on my carpeting, found it easy to use, and it did a great job. I couldn't get furniture as clean as I would have liked too, but I think it was the best it would be, considering the age. Worth trying....more info
  • Pleased so far
    Got this during a great sale from Amazon last week (with free shipping) and have used it to clean two carpets so far. Overall, I'm very pleased.

    PROS: easy to maneuver, reasonably quiet, removes a lot of dirt
    CONS: assembly could be challenging for the inexperienced; power cord gets in the way; tanks need frequent filling/emptying

    I've never had a carpet cleaner before, so my complaints might be common to all of them. I was surprised at how small an area of carpet can be cleaned with one tank of cleaner. You just have to get used to making lots of fresh batches of cleaner and frequently emptying the waste tank if you have a large carpet or want to go over your carpet more than once.

    I have lots of experience putting things like this together, but still found the assembly instructions puzzling at times. Make sure you have someone around with some experience at this kind of thing. It's not hard, but some skill is required. My mother couldn't have done it.

    The long power cord is always in the way. That may be unavoidable.

    The first cleaning on our very old, very dirty carpets (kids, pets, neglect) yielded a lot of dirt. So did the second pass over the same rugs. I think the third would find even more. Don't assume you've got it all on the first pass. Or at least don't go as long between cleanings as we did.

    Overall, I like this machine. It seems well built and is easy to move around. I make my own cleaning solution so the cost per cleaning is low (hot water and vinegar). It's a complicated device with lots of tanks, hoses, switches and so on -- and I wonder how it will hold up in the long run -- but for the Amazon sale price and free shipping, I can't really lose....more info
  • Excellent Carpret Cleaner
    I bought it 2 weeks back and it cleaned my carpet marvelously. You need to pre treat the spots to remove them. The carpet dries very fast and suction is very strong. The maintenance is also simple due to its two compartments for dirty and clean water.
    The extra tools are very efficient and helpful. I would recommend this product for those who are looking for a carpet cleaner.
    ...more info
  • Worked great!
    I purchased this a few weeks ago and used it for the first time this last weekend. I think it works great! As long as you pre-treat the deep dirt stains, they come up just fine. But, even the professionals have to pre-treat. Carpet smells nice and looks great!...more info
  • Hoover steam vac
    Have only used once on moderately soiled carpet. Easy to use and gets carpet really clean....more info
  • Outstanding machine
    I have cleaned my carpets and furniture before with several different units, and this one outshown them all. It got stains out that the others left behind. It is simple to use, change parts, etc...and with no messy clean up or anything. I have cleaned carpets of a few of my friends and relatives, and they were so pleased they each bought one of their own!!!
    I would definitly recommend this for anyone, whether you have a lot of carpeted areas, or like me, some carpet, hardwood flooring, and lots of furniture that needs cleaned after my children have been on it!!!...more info
  • Works well.
    I've only used it once, but it picked up a lot of dirt and was easy to use.

    My only gripe is that the power cord is at the bottom, which meant it got in the way while I swept it back and forth.

    I would recommend buying this steamVac. ...more info
    Easy to assemble right out of the box
    Great suction power carpets dryed fast.
    Make sure You vacuum first (have dog and hair could clog machine)
    I use mine almost every week.
    ...more info
  • great carpet cleaner
    Great carpet cleaner I had a lot of old stains and it got them out without a lot of hard work. Onboard attachements work wonderful. You do have to change and add water often but you can get a good sized room done without having to stop. I have used other cleaners but none got out all my stains the price was not bad for this model....more info
  • Awesome
    We live on a farm and have a german sheperd and black lab that are inside/outside dogs. I purchased this SteamVac to save paying a professional to clean my traffic patterns every 2 to 3 months. This machine is fantastic, easy to use, easy to follow instructions and easy cleaning. Does a professional job everytime....more info
  • Hoover F5914-900 Steamvac
    Nice! Always purchased Brissel....but this Hoover Steamvac was just as efficent. Did excellent job cleaning, and the attachments for cleaning carpets work!...more info
  • great purchase
    For the money this is a great steam vac. I must agree with the other reviews that I read before purchasing this product. To use the attachments is a big pain especially if you clean them thinking you are done and have to use them again. The other complaint I have it that you really need to empty out the dirty water often but any other way would probably make the machine and container to heavy to manage....more info
  • Great product
    I have rental property so often my situations really put these cleaners to the test. I have used another brand and was satisfied with their cleaning but they just didn't hold up - one small part on the roller would fail - and ruin the entire product. This product seems to be of a more sturdy design. And it cleans with the best of them...more info
  • It Does What It's Suppose to Do
    This is the only carpet cleaner I have owned. Since getting a puppy recently I needed a better way to clean up. My opinion on this Hoover F59-14-900 is it does a Great Job. I have only used the Hoover Carpet Soap with it. Be perpared for a shock, even on a nearly new carpet I was embarassed by all the dirt in the waste tank.
    I have no gripes about this unit after using it almost daily for 2 months....more info
  • very handy
    Used it for the first time today, very easy to use and sure picked up a lot of dirt~!...more info
  • Cleans carpets well
    I purchased this at amazon.com using an accumulation of amazon.com visa card certificates and an online promotion. My purchase price was a deal I couldn't refuse.

    I've rented carpet cleaners in the past, and I wasn't expecting the carpets to come out brand new, just cleaner. I wasn't disappointed. The manual for assembly is simple and straight forward. With a couple basic tools it was assembled in a matter of less than a half hour. The machine comes with a hand tool for upholstery (more on this later) and a sample of carpet cleaner, which was enough to get me started my cleaning job the next morning. While the machine can clean hard floors, it doesn't come with the hard floor cleaning attachment.

    I followed the suggestion of another helpful reviewer and boiled water in a tea kettle to add to hot tap water which I used to fill the reservoir. I used the supplied Hoover cleaner. There were a couple stain spots on the carpet that I pre-treated. Those were the spots I tried first and was amazed at how clean the carpets became. One of my family members uses an electric wheel chair. The wheels bring dirt onto the carpet at the entry door. I found the hand attachment especially helpful at cleaning the area next to the door threshold. It's a down on the knees job, but not hard considering the positive results.

    Others have pointed out that it's helpful to use a second cleaning with clear hot water. I gave this a try after going over the carpet with solution and removing as much moisture as possible. This second treatment I also used boiling water mixed with hot tap water. I couldn't tell much of a difference in the carpet after the second go around, but the water sure was dirty. The carpets were so much better after using the cleaner, that a favorite relative came over and asked if I could do their place as well. I used the same procedure at their house as I used in mine. I had excellent results.

    A couple tips to remember:

    1. This will not make your carpets brand new, but it does clean them.

    2. Use a few extra passes on vacuum to remove excess water from the carpet to reduce drying time considerably. Look at the clear plastic vacuum passage at the front of the machine to give an indication when the water is no longer being removed from the carpet. It helps to continue water removal until you don't see any more water coming up through the clear vacuum passage.

    3. I found that the canisters are pretty well matched in size. I filled up the vacuum chamber about the same time I ran out of fluid in the cleaning solution/hot water reserve tank. Don't expect to finish your house on one filling. You might do a small to medium size room per filling, but not the whole house.

    4. It really does help to use HOT water. Most hot water heaters heat to 125 F degrees. This machine is intended to use water at 140 degrees F. Heat up some water on the stove, or in the microwave to make your water hot enough to use in this unit.

    5. Pre-treat the bad spots. It will help remove the heavily soiled areas.

    6. Don't tell too many relatives you have the Hoover SteamVac, or you will be recruited to help clean their carpets too.

    A new model of Hoover SteamVac is now available in stores and online. At the time of this writing, it might be possible to obtain a discounted price on this model.

    My opinion is a recommendation in favor of this item.

    ...more info
  • Worth the money!
    This model replaced a similar Hoover SteamVac that I had been using sucessfully for several years. The old one had an interior vacuum hose that split because of stress and this new one has a different design inside so this should not be a problem. The only thing I liked better about my old Hoover was that the collection tank had a handle and was a bit easier to remove. But saying all that, this machine can really clean!! It is excellent at removing excess solution which means the carpet obviously gets cleaner the more dirty water you can remove. This translates to a much faster drying time also. You can spend more money on upscale machines, but I doubt you would notice the difference in cleaning ability....more info
  • Satisfied User
    The Hover F5914-900 Steam Vac arrived in excellent condition. Assembly went with no hitches. Instructions for assembly and operation were very good. I have used the machine numerious times to clean up pet accidents on carpets and clean whole areas. It is amazing the dirt it removes from a carpet that appears to be almost clean. I certainly would recommed this product with no reservations. ...more info
  • Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac
    I was very satisfied with the Hoover SteamVac. Prior to purchasing it I did review the different models and reviews for each one. While the cleaner isn't truly steam the hot water concept is good. I actually heated the water in the microwave to get it extra hot. What I really liked about the machine is how well it extracts water. The carpet was only damp and dried in a short time. As with all equipment following the directions works wonders with your impression of how well it works. So I would say be sure to understand what you are doing. My carpet has minimal dirt, I did't use soap just plain water. It made the carpet look great! Really lifted the nap up. Finally, be sure to let the equipment and all parts dry completely before storage to avoid possible mold, etc. Be kind to the vac and it will be good to you....more info
  • Pretty Good Steamer
    Used this thing several times now, it clean floor really well, Floor will not be very wet after cleaning.
    The only thing bad is: the design is not very user friendly, you need to read the manual carefully to know how to operate the machine, especially the Uphostery connection.
    But after you get used to it, it is a really handy tool!...more info
  • One word - "Awesome"
    Our living room carpet was nothing short of disgusting. We bought the house from another couple with children, and never did have the time to clean it in the first place. Now 8 months later with a 4 year old, and three dogs, we were sure the carpet needed to be replaced. We bought this product as a means to keep the other carpets, and soon to be new carpet, from getting this bad again. We tested it out on our disgusting old living room carpet, and amazingly, it came clean. Beautifully clean. We no longer need to buy a new carpet. All the stains came out entirely (go Clean Surge!). It is very easy to use, and does a fantastic job. Only one problem is the need to regularly dump the dirty water, and remix the cleaning solution...but that should be expected of a household carpet cleaner. Even the big ones you rent that are too big to maneuver, and cumbersome to use need almost-as-frequent changing of the water.
    Definately worth the price! I've been using it for only a month now, if its performance significantly diminishes within an unreasonable time period, I will repost. But until then - Extremely satisfied!...more info
  • no steam, but very clean!
    As has been mentioned in other reviews, this is not a "steam" cleaner, but actually a scrubbing wet vac. It is very effective - great suction. Follow the instructions and you can have clean dry carpet in 4 hours!...more info
  • Hoover Steam Cleaner
    Item worked great. Be sure to snap in place the part mentioned on page 4 so it doesn't leak out the bottom. Left the carpet clean and like new. ...more info
  • Wow
    Wow can this thing clean! I didn't realize how bad my old steam cleaner was performing until I got this bad boy put together. It is awesome, came packaged in a great manner and is a must if you like cleaning your carpets. Highly recommend seller....more info
  • Great Steam Vac
    The steam vac has great suction and is very easy to use.The carpets dry quickly.I would give it 5 stars, except I am extremely dissapointed in the upholstery cleaning function. You have to dismantle and re-arrange the unit, then, after going through the bother, the cleaning liquid squirts all over creation and nothing gets suctioned up properly. It is worthless.I have purchased three other units for upholstery cleaning, and have been unable to find any worth the time. so I was not surprised to find that this didnt work either. If you are buying this unit for the carpets, you wont be disappointed. If you are counting on having a dual function cleaner,this is not the unit for you....more info
  • Excellent for home use
    Having two dogs, two cats, a multitude of other small animals together with children in the house lends itself to having dirty carpets.
    Previous attempts at removing stains, without renting a carpet cleaner, were fruitless. We bought this cleaner, the first time of use it proved it's worth easily.
    No carpet damage, carpets feel softer and the dog/cat hairs are easier removed with the usual vacuum cleaner after the carpet was cleaned.
    Saves money from rentals and/or paying professionals, every time.
    Easy to use and highly recommended...more info
  • It was worth a little more money
    I was pleased with the product. It cleaned well and I wasn't too worried about how much soap it took. I did heat water in the microwave before trying some tough stains. Not to boiling but hotter than tap water. I would recommend it to others. It is not a professional machine though....more info
  • Definate WINNER Hoover!!!!
    When Montgomery Wards was going out of business more than ten years ago I grabbed on to the only Hoover SteamVac they had in the store with lust in my heart. That lovely, huge and heavy cleaner kept my decade old carpeting going for yet another decade. It was always a joy to see the difference the ole SteamVac made. Until the week I lent it to some relatives. Folks, DO NOT let anyone drag your 5914 from your hands, EVER. My BIG heavy old SteamVac came back to only let out a few puffs of smoke after I plugged it in. A sad death indeed.

    However due to my sharp shopping abilities AND Amazons wonderful 30 day price guarantee we'd gotten a $30 credit on the WONDERFUL Ariete Espresso Maker that a Brazillion (thanks GWB) Amazon folks had been waiting to come in stock for MONTHS. Happily the credit plus the $25 off made the deal for this great cleaner all that much better.

    This new machine weighs half of what my former model weighed. The bonus is, even with it's MUCH narrower width it does TWICE the job. Maybe it's just the new Stainmaster carpeting (July '06) but I swear this machine must have something like a 90% water/solution pick up rate. Just like another reviewer of this machine I always shampoo the carpeting with my bare feet to make certain I've really done the job. I was simply blown away. Within 30 minutes most areas were almost totally dry. Just amazing to me.

    Even better for me is after I picked up the bare floor attachment for $10 (Amazon's description is a tad misleading here) at my local Hoover Service Center (check your paperwork you may have one near you). We've got a LOT of tile flooring and anyone that knows tile understands the work it takes to keep the grout clean. Well I owned a FloorMate. It's a nice enough machine but after a few years, simply fell apart. The Floormate costs nearly as much as the SteamVac. The SteamVac, with the bare floor attachment AND the lighter weight is much more than sufficient to effectively clean those tile floors. Much, much better than the Floormate.

    I'm going to buy a Just In Case add on warranty that is offered here on Amazon that will push the replacement warranty to 36 months. We'll see how that goes....more info
  • Great product value for the buck!
    The home we just moved into has off-white carpets in a few high-traffic areas. Light carpet + 3 boys + dog + cat = instant dirt! I obtained a quote for professional steam clean/scrub that was around $132 for just the upstairs hallway and the dining room. This product was $160, I didn't pay to have it shipped, and didn't have to haul the toddler out to pick it up and lug the heavy, big box home. After pretty easy assembly (about 10-15 mins), I fired it up last night and WOW - the carpet's appearance is better but more importantly, you would not believe the dirty water that came out of the holding tank! It makes me feel good to know that the dirt tracked in by the kids, pets, guests, and the movers from 2 months ago, is now out of the carpet.

    The only thing that puzzles me is that it seems to leak out the bottom of the unit when I put the full tank of clean solution/water on and leave it standing upright. This is easily avoided by reclining the handle, but still, it's strange. Perhaps I should have read the directions more carefully. Also, it's pretty heavy, little cumbersome to lug up the stairs, but I'm so impressed with its cleaning ability that I won't complain about that. And it isn't ear-splittingly loud, either. Granted, I would not be able to hear the phone ring or the toddler scream while it's on, but it's got a pretty big motor, so considering that, I'm impressed.

    The box shipped with a 16 oz bottle of Deep Cleansing detergent. I suppose it's easy to find additional detergent locally at Wal-Mart or Target... I have refilled 3 times and cleaned the equivalent of 2-3 rooms so far.

    Did I mention how clean my carpets are? For the cost of one visit by professional cleaners, I have already cleaned more area than they quoted me, PLUS now the machine is in my house and I can clean as often as I feel is necessary, only for the occasional cost of additional detergent.

    Overall, I'm very pleased with this product and figure this investment will enable me to keep the carpets looking as good as they did when we moved in, and significantly delay our having to replace them. I would highly recommend the Hoover SteamVac....more info
  • good steam cleaner
    I used it twice with good results, on rugs and apholstery. Ifound it to be easy to operate....more info
  • Hoover Steamvac Rug Shampooer
    This machine works excellently. Its narrow width allows for deeper suction into the rug as well as maneuverability into tight spaces. (as compared to the Bissell and other larger models from Hoover) I have used both 3 Bissell machines none of which held up long because of cheap plastic parts and now this one. There is a world of difference between them all. One thing you might want to have on hand while you are cleaning is an extra container where you have to store some premixed cleaning solution when you are done. That way you won't have to waste it or dilute your unused cleaning solution. And you will have some to start with the next time. ...more info
  • Great machine and great value
    Very easy to assemble and use. Cleans well and leaves the carpeting only slightly damp (not soaking wet). Removes most new stains and dulls the appearance of old ones. Brushes and tanks remove for easy cleaning, but front, curved edge of machine is hard to clean w/o a special tool....more info
  • If you're going to buy a Hoover cleaner, buy this!!
    As far as performance is concerned, this machine is flawless and does the job perfectly! I had originally purchased the Hoover F6215-900 SteamVac Agility, and it had horrible suction no matter how many slow passes I made. So I got the F5914-900 instead, even though it wasn't so agile as the other cleaner. I wish I had made this my first choice..would have saved me the trouble of exchanging. It's almost a perfect cleaner. At first, I was having some problems like leakage (see other reviews) and the recovery tank yellow disk popping up (machine stops) every now and then even when the dirty water tank was not full at all. But I figured my way around it after using it a few times. You just have to make sure the recovery tank is tightly closed all around when that happens. It also shuts off sometimes, when I release the handle and machine "drops" on the floor. But I just turn it off and restart it, and the yellow disk goes back down, and the machine starts sucking again. Not a major issue. It's not designed so coveniently as the agility model, but it has awesome suction, which is the main thing I look for in a carpet cleaner. ...more info
  • No problems yet.
    I bought this a few months ago and have used it numerous times. It has stood up so far with no problems. I have to constantly clean a hallway rug and it has cleaned older rugs in dire need of attention. Have not used the hand tool yet but thoroughly please with it so far. I do like the rotating brushes vs the roller type on some modules. It rolls up the excess dog & cat fur on the carpet and I just pick up the fur balls after vacuum. It saves a lot of fur from clogging up the intake....more info
  • cleaner carpets
    Recently purchased and only used this vaccuum one time, but it worked great ! Look for "Amazon coupon" deals to apply that code as an additional savings....more info
  • Amazing Results!
    I just purchased this steam vac tonight for $159.99, not including tax. Assembly was a breeze, just remember to depress that surge button or you will have a leak as I did. Other than that it work amazingly!!! I have oriental wool carpets, they are dark red and in much need of cleaning. I did a color fast test on a runner, no dye came off. I vacuumed the carpet first, than I lodged one end of carpet under the kitchen table so that it would stay in place and went to work. I could see the results immediately, what an amazing machine. Easy to clean too! Just wish I could stay up all night to do all of the carpets!...more info
  • Great product
    Does a great job, I have two small children and therefor a lot of spills and stains....heats the water and doesn't leave carpet a sopping mess either! Can't beat the deal I got, my parents paid 1.5 times as much for theirs! ...more info
  • Better Cleaning than rentals
    This is our 2nd Hoover Steamvac, the 1st having lasted through 6 years of very heavy use still works, but was getting noticeably tired. With a few design improvements this new one works better, getting the carpet dry enough that you can go right back over it for a rinse -- something that really helps but we've never been able to do before, even with rental machines! I kept the detergent tank off the old one and this really makes a rinse easy -- don't have to clean out the tank with carpet cleaner.

    The gallon tanks are pretty much perfect in size -- smaller than that and you're always stopping, while if they were much larger it would be both heavy to push and impractical for small jobs.

    Personally I've found that if you can see a dirty patch or spot, you're going to have to pre-treat [I use diluted pine cleaner] no matter what brand cleaner you use, so the surge function is more a gimmick. On our old Steamvac the hose was permanently attached, but also leaked away some of the motor's suction -- this model solves the problem by making the hose separate... it's a bit of extra work (more than some might like) to attach.

    All in all figure if they still make these 5 plus years down the road when this one starts to wear out, I'll buy another in a heartbeat....more info
  • Best steam vaccum
    I rented Rug doctor before it is very heavy not that effective. But then i bought hoover reading the reviews. My friend bought bissel. Bissel spolied the carpet texture, it made it knotty. Whereas Hoover leaved the carpet fluffy and removed the spots like magic. The oldest spots also came off.
    If you have carpet you should have hoover. :)...more info
  • Superior to even prior Hoover Models
    This is my 4th carpet cleaner. Three have been Hoovers, one a Bissell. This Hoover has superior suction to the previous models. I've had the Hoover Agility (which is more compact and a lightweight cleaner. That one couldn't suck up the water even on short pile carpet.) This model has a surge clean feature (for heavily soiled areas) and Hoover has improved both the cleaning process (2 strokes - 1 forward,1 reverse) and the suction. On all of my prior models I had to press down on the body to make sure that the suction was effective. Not so on this model. It is efficient with out added weight on the body. I have cats and a dog in the house and it was able to clean up the the heavy spots with 4 cleaning strokes (the maximum recommended) and the same about of suction strokes. With 2000 sq ft of carpet alone, I was able to clean those entire areas in less than 90 minutes. A great improvement over all prior models. This model also seems to roll better. Not sure what is responsible for that but it is easier to use and no longer a chore to clean carpets. With the improved suction drying time on a rainy day was about 4 hours. The price tag is improved to and at less than $150 its a bargain over having someone else do it...and for do it yourselfers its paid for itself in just 3-4 cleanings.) ...more info
  • F5914 comparison to the Agility
    I recently had both the F5914 and the F6205 (Agility) to try in my home. The Agility is fully assembled out of the box with a folding handle. The F5914 takes a few minutes to assemble. I pre-vacuumed a section of carpet that gets a lot of traffic and used the Agility first. The solution and dirty water tanks are a bit awkward to open, fill and empty. The foot pedals are curved and your foot tends to slide off rather than activating either the power or handle-lowering function. It's fairly easy to maneuver and seemed to do a good job. The carpet was left quite wet, however and I made sure the tanks were seated and sealed properly as was the door for the tool hose. When I was finished I stopped the unit on a tile floor and it proceeded to leak a good amount of water underneath. I emptied and rinsed the tanks and then cleaned the rotating brushes which pop off easily. The design of the housing around the brushes is such that it collected a lot of debris that needed to be wiped out. The top of the nozzle is removable making it easy to wipe out that area as well. When I was all done, there was still a small amount of water leaking at the bottom.
    I then used the F5914 over the same area, carefully using the solution trigger and going over each area several times without solution as I did with the Agility. You can actually see the brownish water getting sucked into the tank, whereas on the Agilty the design of the nozzle doesn't allow as clear a view of the dirty water coming up. The result was a dirty water tank that was dirtier than the Agility's and the carpet was much drier as well. I stopped on the tile again and there was no leak underneath, just a couple of drips from the wet brushes. The solution and dirty water tanks are easier to work with on the F5914, and the area around the brushes doesn't have the same tendency to collect debris so clean up is quicker (the brushes pop off of this unit as well). The nozzle does not come off without having to remove 4 screws (which the instructions advise against), but it's easy to clean out the debris in the nozzle by simply placing a small amount of water on an old cookie sheet with a rim, turn off the brushes then turn on the vacuum and dip the nozzle in the water. This will clean out anything in the nozzle in a couple of seconds. Just do this before you empty the dirty water tank. The tools are much more secure on the F5914 than on the Agility, although you have the option of removing them as a unit off the Agility but cannot do so on the F5914.
    In the end for me, the F5914 won out over the Agility....more info
  • Very Satisfied
    I was pleased to find that this product picked up even what my Dyson Animal left behind (which I thought was nothing!). I would recommend this cleaner to anyone who is looking for a bargain and needs a deep clean for carpets....more info
  • Very Pleased
    I have 2 black chowchows and they have slept in the same spot on a large area rug for a couple of years. Vacuuming can only do so much. The dog smell was finally getting to me, so my wife says, and that's when I decided to buy the SteamVac. I also purchased the pet cleaner by hoover. At first, I almost followed the instructions and nearly dumped the entire bucket of solution on the floor. After following the instructions completely, I cleaned the entire rug and most of the living room carpet in a little over an hour and the rug came out great. It is very user friendly. The only problem is, I need to follow up on 2 items that did not come with this specific model although the add said the hard floor attachment came with it and a cleaning tool should have come with it. Other than that it works great. Highly recommended....more info
  • Don't buy it
    It wasted my money! If your carpet has clear color like white beige, you will see stain after using it, because it will not suck all the liquid back. If you insist on trying, then go to a local walmart and buy it from there for same price here, so you can return without much on shipping cost....more info
  • Great cleaning for price
    Very easy to put together but...READ THE INSTRUCTIONS AND FOLLOW THEM!!! I actually had to come back to this forum to discover why my unit was leaking. Specifically, you must pull the trigger and push the CLEAN SURGE button prior to the first usage. I did do this twice, and still when I attached the clean water tank water leaked out everywhere. Each time when I pulled the trigger and pushed the CLEAN SURGE button I heard an audible click. The third time I pushed harder and and heard the telltale "louder" click, and I was in business. We purchased this to clean 3 rooms of carpeting that were outrageously dirty. 1 room specifically had many pet stains (cat vomit). We used the Hoover special formula pet cleaner and and on the toughest stains we also used Oxy spray on carpet cleaner. My wife was the absolute skeptic and is now a believer, as am I. This was WELL worth the money, I just wish we would have bought it a year ago instead of living with our carpets looking the way they did. I think we'll clean them every two months with the steamvac to keep them looking good. Great product; highly recommended....more info
  • Hoover Steam Vac W Clean Surge
    I've had it for about a week now and have cleaned two rooms and a recliner. The carpets came clean with little effort and the recliner - which is 21 years old - looks like new after cleaning. It had been vacuumed reguarly and taken care of over the years; I never realized there was so much dirt embedded in it. I have rented "Rug Doctor" in the past and this machine works every bit as well....more info
  • Great Suck for the Buck!!!!
    This has 5 scrubbers, kinda soft, but work ok. It has huge suction. The carpet gets dry fast, even after you soak it!. I tried it on a huge (splash a 20oz cup!) coffee stain on my 4 month old very light colored carpet. It was gone fast, then I tried the slightly dirty place at the entrance to my front door. It sucked up a bunch of stuff, the water looked like coffee. And this was on 4 month old light colored carpet that didn't look bad! I'm impressed. Great bang for the buck! Recommended Highly! I used the included Hoover expensive shampoo. Genuine Hoover shampoo is $18 a gallon. Cheer laundry detergent is low suds, and works in cold water, and its only $5 a gallon. I've changed both tanks. It hasn't leaked a drop. It's sitting on the carpet now 15' from me. Its full of water and not leaking, ready to tackle the carpeted basement stairs tomorrow, or maybe my car? - Joe...more info
  • It's A Good Thing
    I bought this steam vac a few weeks ago and have used it 4 or 5 times already on different areas of my carpeting. I had little problem putting it together and have had no problems with leaks. (And I am known to be mechanically challenged) I was most mystified by hooking up the hose and stair attachment but even managed that without great angst.

    I followed instructions by first using my regular vacuum over the area that I was going to clean. Then I used the steam vac and the results were amazing. The steam vac did a good job on the areas where my elderly dog had peed a few times over the past six months. And the rest of the carpeting looks great after using this machine. Since the carpeting was last (professionally) cleaned Oct 2005, I cleaned some areas twice. I could not believe how much yucky dirty water kept coming out of the carpeting. Also, the attachment that I used on the stairs brought up an amazing amount of dog hair-and I had just vacuumed the stairs with my Hoover Windtunnel.

    It's true that the tanks don't hold alot of water. I had to fill the tanks 2 or 3 times to adequately clean a 10x15 area. On the other hand, if the tanks held any more water, the machine would have been too heavy for me to easily use. Also, per other reviewers, I boiled water to fill about half the tank, then filled it the rest of the way with really hot water from the sink. Maybe that helped to get such good results.

    I was most amazed how quickly my carpeting dried- in many places withhin a few hours. Last year, it took several days for all of my carpeting to completely dry after being professionally cleaned. Quite frankly, I think that the carpet looks just as nice now after I cleaned it myself. I couldn't be happier with my purchase....more info
  • Clean carpets, but leaky with upholstery attachments.
    The Hoover F5914-900 is my first steam cleaner. It got my carpets cleaner than the model I rented from Giant, and even got out some spots that had been in the carpet for years. I did have problems when I tried to use the attachments. Water leaked out under the steam cleaner while the attachments were connected - might be user error. I will have to look for better hook-up instructions....more info
  • A Must Read!
    We have owned other Hoover steam cleaners. They did a terrific job but all ended up leaking. We purchased a Bissel and returned it due to the soggy carpet. We bought the Hoover F5914-900 based on the reviews. I was confident that it wouldn't leak because of the reviews and the fact that this was made in America. I was confident it would be a better product and Hoover had gotten their act together. We have grandchildren and 3 dogs so our carpets are constantly under attack. I couldn't keep affording to have the carpets professionally cleaned when I knew Hoover could do just as good a job. Ok...our Hoover came. My husband put it together and it leaked all over. I then re-read the reviews and a few had mentioned how important it was to read the directions and put it together by exactly following them. By then we had already taken it to the repair center. After a week they had not touched it. My husband picked the machine up and brought it home. We decided to start from square one and put it together again. He did, following the directions to the letter. Lo and behold...no leaks!!!!! Yeah! My carpets are beautifully clean and I am a very happy woman. So...the moral to this story is always read the directions first!...more info
  • Amazing at this price
    Works very well. You'll probably want to pre-treat the carpet and also boil the water to get it extra hot, if the hot water out of your tap isn't that hot. Once you do that it works extrememly well. ...more info
  • Works great -- I almost threw out my area rug!
    I have a 9' x 12' area rug in my living room from Pottery Barn. With 2 cats, a dog and a 4-year old daughter, vacuuming was just not enough. This carpet was also beginning to smell like my dog after a big rain -- yuk! My husband was convinced that we should throw this carpet away.

    Boy, do I wish I took before and after pictures! Immediately after the first swipe I saw something magical. There was my beautiful carpet again!

    Aside from working wonderfully, it was easy to assemble and use. Of course, I would have loved a bigger water tank; I changed the water once on my 9x12' carpet, but that's really fine.

    Also, be sure to read the instructions. An area rug like mine should have plastic placed underneath of it to protect the hardwood floor while shampooing. I just took a few garbage bags, cut them and opened them up.

    And it was also a great deal. Sears had similar models for $100 more. Next I will buy the hardwood floor cleaner and scrub my floors with it!...more info
    After having read the positive comments, I purchased the F5914 from Amazon and it was delivered this week. I tried it today and I'm very pleased with the results. Even though my den just needed to be "refreshed", I was amazed to see how dirty the water was. I had brought home a Bissell with a lot of bells and whistles but the Amazon comments were very negative so I returned it. The only negative comment would be that the writeup in Amazon is not correct. There was no bare floor attachment in the box. I had to order one from the Hoover Store. But that has nothing to do with the performance of the machine. ...more info
  • It's extremely useful
    I have really messy children. At the begining i thought about renting a carpet cleaner cause my carpets became very dirty & i thought that nothing will clean them exept a commercial carpet cleaner but when i decided to start poty training them i found that i have to own one at home.

    It's really great, it cleaned my carpets, It's easy to use & it's light.
    I use it all the time for the usual old accidents & the new potty ones
    ...more info
  • Easy to Use - Fantastic Cleaning Machine
    I rented the Rug Doctor to clean my area rugs on Memorial Day weekend and by July 4th weekend my carpets got dirtier in that time period than they got in their first two years. I think it was due to the soap, although I rinsed the carpet with plain water 4 times after I used the rug doctor soap. I was searching for a good cleaner and purchased this because of the information in the customer reveiews because I was really not interested in renting the rug doctor again. This machine is easy to use. I had absolutely no problems with leaking. I did not use the soap that came with the cleaner yet. I used two scoops of Oxyclean and a cup of fabrese with the water and rinsed a couple of times and put vinager in one of the rinses. No problems whatsover. My carpets got so very clean. It extracts very well also my rugs dried fast. I am so happy that I purchased this cleaner and got such a great deal at Amazon. ...more info
  • Awesome Carpet Cleaner
    My carpets feel and look brand new after using the SteamVac! I love how soft it feels, so I have been using the steamvac at least every 3-4 weeks. The suction is great, and my carpets dry super fast. I agree with the other reviews not to use more than half of the solution that is called for....more info
  • No More Rug Doctor
    After years of renting Rug Doctors, we decided to buy our own carpet cleaner. We were also motivated by having two dogs who bring too much of the yard with them on our off-white carpets when they come in from playing. Also one of them is a puppy, who thought it convenient to pee on the carpet a few times. After reading other reviews, we selected the Hoover F5914-900. We wash the living area carpets about once a month and have already spent less on the Hoover then we would have by renting a cleaner. The carpets are as clean as with a bigger Rug Doctor. We have found that going over an area with just hot water after cleaning it with the detergent helps keep the carpet clean for a longer period of time. We are very happy with our Hoover. It is fairly light, easy to fill and empty, and easy to clean both the tanks and the brushes. As other people have commented, the attachment hose tends to fall off, so we just leave it off. Otherwise, it's a heck of a deal! ...more info
  • Works Great, don't have to hire someone!
    Since we heard nothing but bad things about hiring carpet cleaning services, we researched this SteamVac to replace that...our carpet had a lot of cat throw-up stains, and hadn't been shampooed in two years. This thing was amazing! It took out all the stains, and a ton of cat hair and dirt. We continue to use it for spot cleaning cat throw-up (yes, she does it a lot!), and it is easy to use and clean up. Very happy with our purchase, and now we can steam clean whenever we want without worrying about hiring someone to come into our house....more info
  • cleans great
    Works well and cleans just like it says. Easy to use also. Happy I bought it....more info
  • Just washes the carpet not real vacumm works only for deep small dust
    This although does a normal job for cleaning deep dust but it does not work for everyday cleaning like getting big particles. To use this "SteamVac" you need to use a regular vacuum first if not it will clog the suction. I hoped that this could get big stuff like dust bunnies or loose fabric or even any big dirt particles.

    This just trows water to the carpet and picks it with the dust trapped. It does not really use hot water just trows some warm air to give the illution.

    I'm really disapointed of the performance of the SteamVac in the floor (it says that it works there but that's irealistic.

    If you need a carpet wasshes that requires to vacuum before you want to clean this is your vac. I would preffer a normal vacumm that really pulls the dirt out that is able to trap water without damaging it.. and when you find a trouble spot just spray some good carpet cleanner.

    It's really not worth the double trouble, double space and the double cost of 2 vacumms to clean your carpet. Just buy a better high suction vac rather that having 2....more info
  • WOW!
    I purchased this machine based on reviews in Amazon. It is great! Not only does it do a great job of removing stains, spots and dirt in general, the real beauty in it is that it really sucks up virtually all of the water that is injected into the carpet. Every carpet I have cleaned has been completely dry in less than 4 hours. Everyone at work thinks I'm crazy because I have been raving about this machine, but when I used it to clean the carpet in our staff room, they became believers too!...more info
  • Works great!
    This is a great steam vac, it's powerful, cleans really good and picks up most of the water too. The attachment to clean stairs works great too. I love clean carpets and it's so handy to have a steam vac available anytime you need it, I think it was worth every penny....more info
  • This machine really works!!!!!!
    I was very doubtful whether this machine would fix my heavily stained carpets. It had been over a year since they were cleaned professionally and were really dirty. This machine WORKS!!!!!! It takes a bit of going over the same areas numerous times, and refilling the tanks but it works wonders!

    My suggestion that I found very helpful was to go over the area 1st with cleaning solution provided, and throw a scoop of OXYCLEAN in with the detergent.

    Step 2 is to go over the area again this time with PLAIN mircrowaved or boiled hot water alone. No detergent is necessary the 2nd time, because the amount of dirty water will astonish you! If the water the 2nd time around is really black, as mine was, then you can go over the area again a 3rd time to pick up more dirt again using ONLY Hot water.

    I highly recommend this machine....more info
  • Best Bang For The Buck!!!
    I can't say enough good things about this SteamVac. It is amazing!!! I ordered it on-line and it arrived just yesterday.

    Now to explain my excitement. We have a toddler little boy and those with small children or know people with small children, you realize that they make messes. My son is no different. He likes to hold milk in his mouth and won't swallow it. He'll just let it drible out of his mouth slowly. Of course he is doing all this in the middle of our family room. Besides that he likes to shake his drink cups and see if he can get juice, milk, soda, or whatever to come flying out. Again, he does this all over the house, but especially in the middle of our family room. As you can imagine our family room looked like someone had taken an old oil pan and dripped it all over the carpet. Not to mention that our carpet is probably the cheapest the home builder could find and it is a lighter shade of brown. Add all these things together and you get one nasty carpet.

    My wife has been bugging me for months to rent a carpet cleaner from the store so we could get the family room carpet cleaned. However, being a typical man, I procrastinated and finaly decided that with a small child in the house, we would be renting a carpet cleaner all the time. So with some intensive research I narrowed my search to the Hoover SteamVac with Clean Surge.

    As I said, it arrived yesterday and as soon as I arrived home from work, I tore the box open and had it put together with 3 screws for attachments in under 5 minutes. It is a very simple machine to put together, and use for that matter. My wife had to go to work at this time, so she wasn't able to see my joy in using it.

    First I vaccumed the area and then pre-treated the major spots, after all this isn't a miracle machine. After waiting 10 minutes and watching some Sponge Bob (with my son of course), I began my first Steam Cleaning Adventure!

    What I Liked:
    1. Automatically stops suctioning and spinning when the return tank is full.
    2. The Clean Surge button helps dispense extra solution on bad spots.
    3. Suction Power is the best out there!
    4. The 5 Spinning Brushes rock, and you can see how fast they are spinning.
    5. Attachments and Tools are easy to get to.
    6. Two seperate and clear tanks.

    Now I did have to re-fill my tank about 4 times to do the entire family room, which basically used up the small container of solution that comes with it, but WOW did it work. The amount of grime and dirt this machine pulled out was sickening, but at the same time made me happy to know that my carpets were getting clean. The family room is the worst room for high traffic, especially from our dog, who likes to come inside from our back door with dirty paws and run across the family room to the front door. I used the Clean Surge on this area, which takes up a lot of solution, but the benefits are worth it! I promise you, that I have absolutely no spots at all! And on top if it all, the carpets were practically dried in about 3 hours.

    My wife arrived home and couldn't believe her eyes. The floor looked and even felt brand new. The scrubbing action along with the amazing suction power really fluffed up the carpet and made it feel softer and fluffier. So at 10 p.m. my wife says "Lets do the stairs, too." I was like, right on! So we did the stairs. Again, vaccumed them first, but didn't have any more pre-treater for the spots. So we cleaned them anyways starting at the top of the stairs using the hose and attachment, which also has spinning srubbers, and when we were finished the stairs also looked and felt brand new!

    This machine over all is the absolute best money I've ever spent! If you have any doubts on what to buy, let those doubts subside and buy this machine, you won't regret it. Granted it is a little heavy, but it needs to be to be able to clean as well as it does....more info
  • great machine
    ordered on tuesday, arrived thursday, used friday
    assembly very easy,and i was able to do as good (if not better) than
    professional cleaning services i have been using to clean carpets--
    very pleased with this steamvac...more info
  • Pays for itself!
    I have owned one of the original Hoover SteamVacs, (when they were about $300 or so) for about 7 years now. I imagine this one is upgraded a bit with the steam surge and all, but let me tell you, Hoover is the best. I did my research back then and all the Bissells got bad reviews. Not only that, but two friends of mine had Bissells that broke within a year.

    This virtually will pay for itself the very first time you clean your carpets in your house. I had my carpets cleaned professionally one time and I was just not satisfied with it. Like someone else said, it took forever to dry and it didn't even look any cleaner. It was like they didn't do anything at all. When I wanted my furniture cleaned, it was then I decided to go out and purchase a steam vac. I don't know about this one, but the model I have is easy to use the upholstery tool for the stairs and furniture.

    If you need to pretreat, I have used OxyClean solution and it works great. Moved into a new home with light carpets and there was stain that I just couldn't get out. I mixed up some OxyClean with very hot water and sponged it on there with a washcloth and let it sit about 10 minutes and then went about cleaning the whole floor with the Hoover and it came out great. Now they sell the solution with the Oxy Clean in it. It does brighten up light carpets quite a bit.

    Its amazing because I don't walk in the house with shoes and I still clean my carpets every six months and this Hoover somehow STILL manages to pick up dirt from somewhere. I'm a stickler for a clean house, so if you're like me, then you need this. It is WELL worth the cost....more info
  • Instant allergy relief
    I have a dog. Recently, this dog had some stomach issues, causing him to make several messes on my upstairs landing. At this point, I figured it was time to buy a carpet cleaner instead of renting one.

    This thing does an amazing job of cleaning and the suction is among the best I've seen from a carpet cleaner, commercial or otherwise. It's amazing what this thing was picking up from my carpets.

    Best of all, my allergies have subsided considerably in the hour or so since I've cleaned the worst areas of the carpet. I haven't used the attachments yet, so I can't comment on how difficult that is to set up but from what I've read in the manual, Hoover doesn't make it too easy to use, so I'm not looking too forward to cleaning the stairs....more info
  • Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac with Clean Surge
    I normally rent a machine and clean my carpets about twice a year.I had just done so about two weeks ago.But with one senior dog and one puppy in the house accidents have become rather commonplace.So I purchased this machine for spot cleaning and "touch-ups".The build quality is fairly good.I was not expecting anything close to a rental machine.
    I must say after using it twice I was pleasantly surprised.It cleans very well for a machine under 200 dollars.The Tanks are rather small and if you were to use it on large areas I would be prepared to empty the tanks alot.The machine does not leave the carpet excessivly wet.Make sure the "Clean Surge" button is depressed and locked down before using the machine the first time.If you dont the solution will leak out and youll think the machine is defective....more info
  • Great Suction
    For the first time the other day I used my Hoover F5914-900.I wont go into a big story but I will tell you this: the most important aspect of any extractor is its ability to extract maximum amount of water from the carpet.This machine does a great job of doing just that.In most cases,at least my experience it usually takes about 6 or more hours for the carpet to dry after use.After using the machine, the carpet was completely dry in less then two hours.The carpet felt soft and fluffy and the air quality in the room was noticeably better. Well worth the money ...more info
  • Excellent Machine ---- and the best price
    My original search was for the new Hoover Agility but Amazon's price and free shipping on the SteamVac convinced me otherwise and I'm glad. This SteamVac has super suction as long as you tightly close the 'dirty-water' container. The brushes work very well and are easy to clean. It's light enough to push even with a full 'clean-water' tank. I cleaned the LR/DR carpet around 10 PM and it was bone dry and fluffy in the morning. A couple of old wool throw rugs came out great too.
    On the negative side, the hose/upholstery attachment is difficult to set up. It requires re-configuring the machine. If you clean your upholstery often it might be a drawback. With 3 cats, we're into fleece throws. ...more info
  • best I have used
    We used our new Hoover F5914-900 for the first time last night and I have to tell you it is far and away a better cleaner than the Dirt Devil we previously owned. It virtually picks up 90% of the water, allowing the carpet to dry in a very short time. We had shampooed the carpet only about a month ago so I wasn't really expecting to get much out of it, but it actually had mud in the bottom of the pick up tank, it is very powerful. So far the only thing we don't like is the hose and handheld attachment placement, it is really in the way so we simply took it off. I would recommend this cleaner, does a good job and a good price too....more info
  • I Cant't Believe It Got The Whole Thing!!!!!
    I just unpacked and put together my new toy. Although I did read all of the reviews, I WAS AMAZED that this little guy could clean my very, very, dirty apartment beige carpets to what is like new. The old stains were gone even though I had rented one of the clumsy big tanks - they did not compare to this machine. The carpets were virtually DRY when finished. The small size makes it easy to empty, BUT YOU MUST BE CAREFUL WHEN PUTTING IT BACK ON THE MACHINE or you will have no suction. You must read the instruction manual for best results. I still can't figure out how to attach the hose gizmo to the back. Any help - bcarol1@optonline.net. Worth the price. ...more info
  • so far so good
    Purchased the Hoover F5914-900 about a month ago.
    It was easy to assemble and cleaned the carpets very well.
    Only used once, but well satisfied so far....more info
  • Very Pleasantly Surprised
    Having owned steam cleaners before (Bissel) I didn't have much hopes for this one, despite the high praise earned in the reviews. The tanks are large enough to hold hot water and cleaner for one good sized room. The machine has plenty of power to clean even the dirtiest rug (dogs, children, husband - you get the picture!).
    I highly recommend this cleaner. Definitely a good investment....more info
  • This is an excellent SteamVac!!
    I was extremely hesitant to purchase a SteamVac because I was afraid of mold, etc.

    This SteamVac was extremely easy to assemble (I am not a "handy person"), and the directions were very easy to understand--both the assembling directions and the operating directions.

    I bought this product as a last resort, because I have a cat, and I had some pet (urine) stains in my carpet that I was not able to get out previously.

    I pre-treated the stains, and then used the SteamVac on the "low brush" setting. I also went over the carpet wetting it on one stroke, then extracting the water out with the "dry" stroke (I used the cleaning solution that came with the cleaner, and it really worked on the pet stains!).

    I was able to get all of the stains out of the carpet, and was SO IMPRESSED with how beautiful and NEW our carpet looked, that I did our formal living room, our family room (which has burber carpeting), our bedroom, hallway, etc., etc. Our carpeting looks BRAND NEW throughout our house, and this machine has already paid for itself--there is no need to hire a professional to come out to clean our carpets!

    I love the fact that you can control the amount of water that goes into the carpet, you can control how much water to extract back out of the carpet, the "dirty tank" and "clean tank" are very easy to remove, clean, and fill-up.

    This is an EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT product, and I HIGHLY recommend it--especially for anyone with pets!

    Thanks for making such a wonderful product!...more info
  • Slower than the pro machines, but cleans just as well
    The Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac with Clean Surge works astonishingly well for a consumer carpet cleaner. There are some limitations and some gotchas; I'll tell you about both.

    There's a 2-page "Quick Assembly Guide" and a 40-page manual. If you want your assembly guide with pictures and few words you'll like the QAG. If you prefer verbal instructions, turn to pages 4-6 of the manual; I wish I'd started there first. (It takes me longer to figure out "Store Hose" with four illustrations showing a hand in various steps of the process than to understand the eight sentences that accomplish the same instruction.)

    There's no heater in the "SteamVac", so make your gallon of water VERY hot for best cleaning. And prepare your carpet for cleaning before filling the tank with these two steps: (1) vacuum thoroughly; and (2) pre-treat heavily soiled or grease-stained areas. The vacuum in the SteamVac is designed to suck up water (which it does very well), but will only pick up the tiniest bits of solid crud. Hoover recommends buying their PreCleaner, but you can make your own for a lot less money. Just mix 10 parts sudsy ammonia to 1 part Simple Green in a spray bottle. Hit the stains with your spray, and work in with your fingers or a clean cloth.

    When cleaning you'll need to go over the carpet quite slowly to clean it well. This is the one area where the Hoover SteamVac is down a peg compared to the pro cleaners. Make two passes (one forward, one back) holding the trigger down; this is what squirts your hot detergent mix into the carpet. Then make two passes without using the trigger to suck up the bulk of the water. I found it really helps to clean your carpets barefoot. Because the "dry" pass greatly cools the carpet while it sucks up the water, it'll be easy to tell with your bare feet if you step on a warm, wet patch that you didn't dry yet. There's also a thumb button -- the "Clean Surge" -- which squirts the hot detergent mix more vigorously than the trigger does. Hold this down while making repeated passes over the really dirty parts of your carpet, then do your dry passes. The machine changes its pitch quite noticeably when the dirty water reservoir fills up, so you don't have to wonder about that; just pop it out, dump the yucky water in the sink, and make sure to clean the carpet fuzz off the fibrous filter.

    You use 5 ounces of Hoover's detergent to 1 gallon of water, and I found this was barely adequate for a medium-sized room. You get a 16 ounce bottle with the SteamVac. The manual says not to use other carpet detergents, as they sudse up too much. Amazon sells Hoover's gallon size, which is handy if you want to clean your carpets regularly -- it IS the best way to maintain them.

    There are other carpet cleaners, both from Hoover and its competitors. But THIS is the one you want....more info
  • you thought your carpet was clean
    Great product. Can't say much more than was already said other than make sure you read the manual when you put it together....more info
  • Customers never wrong
    I spend few hours to search review on a number of deep cleaner brands, and found this one is the one choosen by so many customer as the best one in a very good price.

    Customers never wrong. Thank you guys, for your reviews.

    ...more info
  • AWESOME!!!
    What a great cleaner! So easy to use. My carpets are so clean I can't beleive it. I had some pet stains that i couldn't get out with a rental but this got it out. My carpets is softer and fresher. I absolutely love this and highly recommend!...more info
  • awesome cleaner
    This product is awesome! I bought it on sale a few days ago for $149 at best buy. In the past I have rented the rug doctor, but not anymore. Now I have the hoover. Easy to use and does a great job. ...more info
  • This is the best hoover makes!
    OK, let me tell you about my problems with hoover. First we bought the most $$$ that hoover had, which was the dual v wide path with autorinse. After about the 2nd use the solution tank started to leak, and it leaked bad! The plastic was cheaply made and was hard to fill with clean water due to the small opening. So we took it back and got the hoover agility, it didn't leak, it simply did not suck! There was more water on the floor than in the tank. The carpet took days to dry and left a smell that was worse than I started with! SOOOOOOOOOOO after reading all these online reviews we went with this one the steam vac with clean surge that has square looking tanks and let me tell you it works great! Just as well as the dual v as far as the sucking the water out of the carpet goes. I love this cleaner and it is truly a cleaner. It is kinda hard to use the hose attachment, but I would rather that be a little difficult than have a 300 dollar junker. The plastic on this model is durable, so no cracking or breaking. It doesn't leak either. We paid 173 including tax and it is sooooo much better than the other more $$$ cleaners. It works on all kinds of carpets as well. We have indoor outdoor carpet in one room and it cleans it great. The carpet dries super fast. One of the neat things about this cleaner is that the hose stores nicely on the cleaner, where as the other two we bought and hated, had a removable hose holder thingy. I had just finished cleaning our living room with the agility and while looking at the "cleaned" carpet I noticed it still had a spot. That did it for me! Got this one the next day and re cleaned the carpet and guess what no more spot! I was amazed! Don't waste your money on the 200-300 dollar hoover cleaners. Finally after all these test runs we found one that works great. 3rd time is a charm!!! ...more info
  • Amazing!
    Amazing is the best word to describe how this product sucked so much dirt from my carpet. A year ago before I moved here they had just added new carpets and padding so I bought a very good vacuum in order to keep them clean. This seemed to work fine I thought until I used this SteamVac and saw how much dirty water was picked up in the container. Keep in mind that this is not the same as having a professional come and clean your carpets but it's still good enough with constant use to prevent really messed up carpets.
    1. Sucked a lot of dirt from the carpet
    2. The attachment worked great on my car floor mats
    3. Great if you have pets
    4. Easy to put together and use
    5. Even though it's not a real steamer it still works great

    1. A bit heavy for my wife
    2. Constant need to refill with more water
    3. Not a real steamer (but it still does a great job)
    4. Hard floor attachment is sold separately

    ****The only reason I give it for stars is beacuse of the few mentioned "Cons"....more info
  • Can't be beat!
    I love my SteamVac, and use it often. It saves a lot of money over professional cleaning, and I can clean when I have time, rather than waiting for the carpets to be cleaned when a professional cleaning job has been arranged. It can't be beat for quality and convenience. It's also reasonably priced: less than one or two professional cleanings if you have a large house and a lot of areas, so it pays for itself VERY quickly, especially if you have pets or high traffic areas. I HIGHLY recommend it.

    The only problem I have is that I need a replacement hand tool, the one that doesn't have the spinning brushes on it. If anyone knows where I can get a replacement, please contact me. I would surely appreciate it. My email address is princess_bing2002 @ yahoo.com (no spaces). Thanks....more info
  • Well worth the price
    Love this steam cleaner. I have a small animal and this is required for maintaining my home. The suction after applying the steam is unbelievable. It replaces another steam cleaner that I had had about 6 years and I cannot believe I tolerated anything but the clean power of this machine. I am very happy I purchased this product....more info
  • Wow!
    This is a great cleaner! I've had two other steam cleaners and this one is far superior to either of them. It's easy to use, and easy to clean up for storage afterward. It also leaves the carpet drier than any other I've ever used (including those you rent). I would definitely recommend this steamvac to anyone with a busy family! ...more info
  • Great Product
    First off READ THE INTRUCTIONS!!! I've read several complaints about leaking, if you would of read the instructions you would not of had that problem.

    We have three cats and I'm extremely anal about keeping the carpet clean, hard thing to do with three cats right?

    It kept fairly clean most of the time but over the year it had it's wear and tear, so I was about hire a professional, but my wife came home and mentioned someone was raving about the steamvac, bought it that day and made a huge difference. And this is coming from an anal person that notices everything. Get it, enjoy it, but don't forget to read the instructions =)...more info
  • worth every penny
    I had used the dirt devil carpet extractor for years until the water tank cracked and I decided maybe it was time to just get a new carpet shampooer. I thought the Dirt Devil did a decent enough job for the price, until I decided to try this one(which costs about the same when on sale) to see how it worked, and let me tell you - there is no comparison. The Hoover works much better - lifting and cleaning matted down carpet that the dirt devil couldn't touch. I had been using the dirt devil carpet extractor regularly for the past 5 years, but my carpets were still looking old and worn - the dirt devil just doesn't do a very good job of getting into the fibers, or of sucking all the water out afterwards. After using this only 2 times, my 10 year old carpets look almost like new again. A must have for everyone that wants beautiful carpet!...more info
  • Sure worth the money
    I was all set to buy a new Hoover Steam Vac with Dual V technology until I read all the negative comments here. So, I went to my local vacuum shop and talked to them. They also stopped carrying that particular model. They recommended one of the original models. I had already purchased 2 of those in the past and wore them both out. I was very disappointed that the new models were not reliable. So I purchased a new "old" model. This one has heated cleaning that my other 2 did not. Let me tell you it sure makes a difference. I was considering also buying a Bissell 2x with the 2 rows of beater bars as well as a Rug Doctor. The local vacuum shop carries those as well. A friend let me borrow her Bissell. I brought it home and cleaned 1 small room. I didnt like the results or the tank in a tank system they use. Just to be curious I pulled out my old Hoover and cleaned the carpet a second time. I was amazed at the dirt it picked up that the Bissell left behind. The carpet was also drier to the touch and looked noticably cleaner. Then I went and rented a Rug Doctor. It was heavy and awkard to use. It did pick up more dirt than the Hoover and Bissell, but it used about a gallon and half of water for a small 10 x 10 room and didnt suck nearly that much up. Again, I pulled out the old Hoover and it sucked up water the Rug Doctor left behind. So all told I went out and bought this model of Hoover. I really like it. The carpet is much drier and I know its much cleaner than when I used the Bissell. It does seem to dry the carpet faster than my old Hoover without the heater. The bucket is not as convenient as my old Hoover. The old one had a nice handle. This particular model does not. Hoover please take notice! Save yourself all this time and effort and dont buy the expensive Rug Doctor or the Bissell. This Hoover does an excellent job. I only rated it 4 stars due to the handle on the bucket. Other than that its perfect....more info
  • EXCELLENT!! Couldn't ask for more!
    I'm just getting around to writing this review after using this machine for several months. It is EXCELLENT!! More that I could have hoped for at such a reasonable price!

    The cleaner was very easy to assemble...I did it myself in a few minutes.

    It had been several years since the carpet was cleaned & I didn't think it looked too bad....but what the dirty water revealed! The high traffic areas were the worst & now they look just like the rest of the carpet...very clean & pretty!

    I use half hot tap water & half boiling water in one tank with the Oxy-clean cleaner that I found at Wal-mart! The carpet is wonderfully clean & smells lovely!

    One of my most favorite purchases....certainly the most useful! ...more info
  • Excellent cleaner
    I'm writing the review to echo the comments so far...very good carpet cleaner!

    I waited 8 months to share reliability with you, and can report this machine works as well as the day I bought it. No leaks, no breakage.

    I have a houseful of cats and a small child...this machine is a lifesaver (and a money-saver!)

    I use hot water from the tea kettle for most stains, and cold water for pet accidents. I NEVER use chemicals. They just arent neccessary, especially with this machine. I have used dish soap in light quanity before using the cleaner, if I had a stubborn stain.

    I also recommend using the hose attachment on spots/ stains. I feel I have much more control on the water placement and also on the suction placement.

    I also notice that the two tanks stay even as in water out/ back in. My carpets are always dry quickly.

    Excellent machine at an excellent price. Worth every penny!...more info
  • Cleans very well; slight hassle to clean it.
    This cleaner works very well. It has excellent suction and leaves the carpet very clean and fairly dry after a couple of soak/scrub passes and a couple of suction/scrub passes.

    Assembly was fairly easy, and required only a #2 Phillips-head screwdriver.

    Loading the unit with soap and water is OK. The cap for the soap/water resevoir doubles as a measuring cup. The line on the inside of the cap that indicates the correct amount of soap to use can be hard to see, as the cap is black. It would be nice if the line was colored bright white or yellow, or if the cap was clear. The shape of the soap resevoir makes it tough with our sink to get the hot water in without angling it under the faucet. Placing the resevoir back on the cleaner is simple but doesn't provide any sound or feel feedback to let you know that the resevoir is correctly seated before you lock it down. But it does seem to just somehow go on correctly anyways.

    Cleaning the carpet is simple: one slow soap run out, one slow soap run back, one slow dry run out, one slow dry run back. The clean surge seemed like a gimmick but is pretty handy for stains. The cleaner seems to go through the soap/water resevoir quickly, but the dirty water resevoir fills up about the same time as the soap/water one runs out (our old Bissel always filled the dirty water resevoir just a few passes early, so we had to stop twice as often or guess at how much soap to add for a partially filled resevoir). The cleaner knows to turn off the suction when the dirty water resevoir is full, and makes it obvious that it has (the motor speeds way up and this yellow disk appears in the dirty water resevoir).

    Cleaning the cleaner's parts is a bit of a hassle. It's handy to have a towel around to "park" the cleaner's nose on while taking it apart and cleaning it. Still, easier than the old Bissel.

    The cleaner seems well designed and rugged. If it didn't go through the resevoir so fast and was a little less hassle to load and clean, I'd give it 5 stars....more info
  • Hard to Beat ...
    I've payed professionals more than this to clean my carpets once. Now I can clean them anytime without the headache of scheduling and being there to supervise.
    With just one use, the machine got up 98-100% of the spots in a light beige carpet that I just knew was ruined, (i.e. oil/grease from wheeled computer chair and pet spots)... the partially boiled water may have done it; I also pre-treated with a generic spray carpet cleaner first. This was the first time this carpet had been cleaned in 18 months and believe me the dirty water showed what is really hidden.
    No problems yet, just wish the tanks were bigger, you do change often, but not hard to do....more info
  • great purchase
    This cleaner works great. I have used on some areas of carpet that I thought were not going to be spotless, but to my surprise this cleaner made it like they were never there. I would be hard pressed to believe that for the money there is a better cleaner out there....more info
  • Great Update to my older SteamVac
    Just bought this yesterday, and used it today, and, as with my older SteamVac, I am impressed. I bought this one on the reliablity of my old one (1o+ years), and because I like the idea of spinning brushes.
    The spinning brushes really helped with the high traffic and spotted areas of my carpet, as did the Clean Surge button to add extra cleaning solution where you need it.
    Cleanup was easy, especially since the brushes detach so you can rinse them off.
    Next, I will try the powered spin brush handheld attachment on my carpeted stairs, always a problem area.
    I agree with all the positive reviews on this product.
    Well made, and does what it says....more info
  • A product that you can rely on
    After doing a lot of research and reading a lot of reviews I decided to go for this model. This deep cleaner does a very good job even on months old stains. Information on making sure to squeeze the trigger and clean surge button during installation was very helpful in avoiding leaks. Boiling water instead of hot tap water was also a good suggestion. It is also very important to clean the deep cleaner after use every time. I would definitely recommend this product....more info
  • They were Right
    After reading a lot of the reviews for this item I decided to purchase it. It was everything that the reviews said. I am thoroughly pleased with this carpet cleaner. It did a spectacular job on my carpets. I plan to tackle my furniture next. ...more info
  • Excellent product!
    I used my SteamVac for the first time today and I'm very pleased with the results. I used boiling water as suggested by previous reviewers. I cannot believe how clean this machine has gotten my carpeting. I didn't find it hard to use at all, although a bit cumbersome carrying up the stairs, but that's no big issue. Don't hesitate to order this. It works great! ...more info
  • Hoover and Bissell side by side comparison
    I have been generally happy with my last two Hoover carpet cleaners and they have been durable for me. I used both TONS -- the 1st one was a very early model that was still going strong after 5 or 6 years of hard use, and I replaced it with one that had rotating brushes. It also got years of use but I accidentally damaged it thru my negligence. (Used it in an unheated cabin, left it overnight, and it got well below freezing - I broke the spray trigger when I impatiently tried to use it.) My last one still worked if you pushed the surge button and then pried it up again, but I decided to get a new one.

    I purchased this model, but it leaked before even starting to use it, so I returned it and bought a Bissell Proheat 2x. I liked that it seemed easier to clean the machine than the Hoovers, and that it had a rinse option, although not conveniently located. I noticed immediately with first use that it wasn't as good as even my old (trigger broken) Hoover. The Bissell didn't extract water well at all, even though I went over and over an area trying to get the water up. It was obvious by looking that it also didn't clean as well (probably as a result of leaving dirty water still in the carpets.) If it'd been my first carpet cleaner I might have thought it great since it did get dirt out, but I knew they didn't look as clean as in the past and mostly they were WET. The next day, before returning it I bought ANOTHER Hoover 914-900 thinking the first leaky one was an anomaly. The 2nd one leaked initially also, but once I used it for a minute, pressed and released the trigger a few times and the seals got wet, it stopped leaking. Thus I had two new cleaners to try side-by-side. Where I used the Bissell after the Hoover, there was no difference, the Bissell didn't get the carpet any cleaner. Where I used the Hoover on where I'd cleaned with the Bissell the night before -- a BIG difference. The carpet was visibly cleaner; (it's a very light carpet so it's easy to see that) the dirty water collected confirms that it picked up dirt the Bissell left behind; and the carpet was drier. This was a return to what I expected based on my last 2 Hoovers -- damp carpet, not WET carpet, and I think it's why the Hoover cleaned better. The Hoover isn't perfect -- the tanks need to be bigger for fewer trips to the sink (if too heavy for some people, they wouldn't have to fill as full), and there is no good way to clean it! I did like the idea behind the Bissell of having clean water with which to either mix with the detergent and spray, or to rinse with, and it would be a plus if Hoover would find a way to do that. (Especially if the "rinse" button was on the handle and easily accessible.) But Bissell's technique of inserting a plastic bladder for clean water inside the dirty water tank means neither holds much water which makes for extremely frequent trips to the sink. Also, having to stop, bend over, and switch a dial on the base to "rinse" and the same to switch back to cleaning mode was highly inconvenient. Last, Bissell's on-board water heater didn't seem to make a difference. Leaving behind too much dirty water was its downfall, it didn't matter that the water went in "heated." I used the hottest tap water I could in the Hoover and it worked just fine. The "proheat" seems to me to be just another unneeded gizmo that can break. Overall, I guess it depends on what's most important to you. For me, clean carpets that dry in a couple of hours trumped ease of cleaning the machine....more info
  • Great cleaner
    This is my first experience with a steam cleaner and I found it performed very well. It was easy to use, after reading the directions once. It was amazing to watch all the dirty water get sucked into the collection tank. Did a great job on both new and old pet stains. One may need to go over the old stains a few times. Very effecient housecleaning tool!...more info
  • Works very well
    The SteamVac is pretty easy to use and gets out more dirt than I ever imagined was in the carpet (even after vacuuming). Some stains came out surprisingly easy, the carpet looks much much newer and even feels better under foot than before. For the price this is excellent value.

    As some others have noted, a larger collecting tank would be better and save a few trips to empty it out....more info
  • One of the best investments I made
    First of all I'm Dutch living in the States, so my english is not perfect. We temporarily rent an house with white carpeting, also we have carpets We have a 3,5 yr boy old and 7 mo baby. The carpet was a complete mess (chocolatemilk, cola, babyfood, mud etc). I was trying to get my husband a rental, but he never got it. I just had it, and decided after reading these reviews to give it a try. The set up was done within 10 minutes. I made the handle part SNAP and followed the directions (I did pretreat bad spot with Oxyclean spray and just rubbed it in) and just started. It was INCREDIBLE. What a dirt came out. I did each time a room, about 3 times. The carpet looks better than we came in !!! The carpets we own are squaky clean and looks beautiful. Even if this will break after a while (some complaints I have read) still this is WELL WORTH my money already.

    A handle on the dirt box would have come handy, but I didn't think it is difficult or heavy to do. I wished I bought it sooner !!!...more info
  • Dan&Sue
    Bought this steam vac to replace the old one we had for 5yrs,which still works great except for the upholstery attachment(doesn't spray for some reason). We have 2 house dogs and could not live without this wonderful product.Would highly recommend especially to anyone having pets.I believe we only paid around $135 after $25 kitchen and appliances discount from Amazon.com with free shipping(how can you beat that?) Shipping was very quick by the way.Our old one does not have the rotating brushes or the surge spray which I consider improvements to an already fine product....more info
  • moves like a dream
    I had a hoover for years, but it finally gave out, so I bought this one an it met all my expectations and then some.
    We will be together for a long time...more info
  • Great value
    I ordered this cleaner after reading several reviews. I have used it twice and so far have been really pleased with the results. Compared to the Dirt Devil that I owned previously, this one is extremely easy to use....more info
  • STeam vac Review
    I set up the carpet cleaner and attempted to use it- but it leaked everywhere. So as of right now it is at the vacuum repair shop awaiting parts so I can use it....more info
  • Works quite well
    The Hoover is very well made, and to my surprise, right here in the USA. Of course some subassemblies are from Mexico etc., but still, it is nice to have something US made in the household. It cleans the carpets very well, although on stains and heavily soiled areas you do have to slow down drastically, and do the shampoo/dry cycle several times. However it does get everything but very dark and old stains out perfectly well. The holding tanks are somewhat mismatched, because you have to empty the dirty water tank before the cleaner solution tank goes dry, however, this is a very minor issue. I would highly recommend it.

    3/2008: Update after 2 years: The Hoover is still going strong, even after some abuse by "borrowers". This is a high quality machine, and our carpets are cleaner than they have ever been....more info
  • Not magic, but useful
    We have an old house with dingy carpets. The steamvac really brightened up the carpets and removed a lot of stains. I'll use it again....more info
  • Excellent !!!
    it does deep clean the carpet well. My carpet look like new after the cleaning.I love it....more info
  • Great, Practical Machine
    I read any and all reviews on carpet cleaners before deciding to go with this one and I got exactly what I expected. This Hoover is easy to use and works well. I've gotten more dirt out of my carpets than I dreamed could be in them.

    I bought mine for $155ish with another $25.00 discount from Amazon AND free shipping. I consider this a GREAT buy. I wouldn't hesitate to do it all over again. ...more info
  • A great deep cleaner for a lower price
    My wife is very concerned about dirt on carpets. My apartment is carpeted so she wants to clean the carpet at least twice a month other than vacuuming the carpet regularly. Since regular renting of a cleaner is expensive, I thought of buying an inexpensive carpet cleaner. Usually I do web searches, about the products; I want to buy, from only well known manufacturers.

    First I thought I have to spend a fortune to find a good product, but by chance I found this Hoover F5914-900 Steam Vac deep cleaner. I also found that there are couple of inexpensive deep cleaners from other well known manufacturers and also there are inexpensive models from those manufacturers (including hoover) too, but I selected this item because of its very positive feed back from other users.

    I have noticed that some people are complaining about a leak. It happened to me too. But right away I thought it should not happen since Hoover is well known brand for its quality and service. Usually I don’t read manual . . . . !
    So this time I had to read the manual and also with my general knowledge I figured it how it leaks. The problem is at fixing the handle. Handle part has two leavers which control the clean water tank valves on the bottom part. If u don’t squeeze the two triggers (After fixing the handle) before you put the clean water tank, they will not make the right fix with the bottom part which has the valve or water will leak. How to fix this part is clearly written on page 4, 1-6 figures. If you are technically good, then you can figure this out by looking at the valve connections before and after fixing the handle.
    This unit has a very good suction. Almost same as the product, I used to rent, even though this product is small in size. This has couple of accessories. Powered hand tool is one of them.
    The capacity of the clean water tank is barely enough to clean a area about 100 square feet if u spray twice on the same area. I can clean my apartment with about 4 fillings, which is great for me.
    This is my first carpet cleaner and I selected this brand since I have used Hoover products before. I can recommend this product to anybody who can read and follow the instructions on the manual. It does the job I wanted at a lower cost. I am very impressed.

    ...more info
  • How Could I Pass It Up?
    For the price, I couldn't pass it up. I borrowed someone else's Hoover machine and it was at least 8-10 years old and it worked great even without the spinning brushes. Imagine how well the newer one I bought worked! I've had professionals clean my carpets and it cost more than the new machine. I like having my own for touch-ups or in-between professional jobs....more info
  • Good everyday carpet cleaner
    After extensive research of the different carpet cleaners on the market,I decided to purchase the Hoover F5914-900. It is easy to use and does a decent job. If you have stains, spray them first and then run machine back and forth over the stain. This took care of all my problem areas. I used microwaved boiling water to keep the temperature hotter. The only downside I found was the constant filling and emptying of the tanks. The machine does not have a huge capacity, so plan on spending some time cleaning. Also, when setting the machine up if it tells you to depress the cleaner release button do so until it makes a loud popping noise. I did not hear it pop and water poured all over my floor until I figured out the problem. Lesson learned the hard way! First carpet cleaner I've owned, but I am happy so far! ...more info
  • good cleaner
    The cleaner is easy to use and works well. I had my carpets professionally cleaned a couple of months ago, and the cleaner still got a ton of dirt out. It was disgusting!! Also, the carpets dried very quickly....more info
  • Carpet cleaner a winner
    Works great, my only suggestion is to make sure the water is REALLY HOT when you fill the machine....more info
  • Great Carpet Cleaner!
    The F5914 is very easy to operate. I read the instruction manual and went to work and the machine did just as it was supposed to do. Some reviews I read on the upholtery cleaner said it didn't perform well, but I could not find any problems with it. No problems with leaking or anything. I think if you read the instructions you will have no problems. Glad I bought this machine!
    ...more info
  • Exceptional Performance
    I am more than pleased with this machine. It is extremely easy to operate and the carpet dries very quickly. This model does a better job then the last two professional carpet cleaners did. I will never need to hire an outsider again. I would highly recommend this purchase to all!...more info
  • Custom Cleaning -- BUT it'll cost you convenience!
    Ok, first off I'll admit I'm a carpet cleaning addict. I've got 4 kids and a husband with seriously dirty shoes, so I'm the kind of person that cleans my carpets and couches every 2 to 3 weeks. Because of that, the average steam cleaner doesn't last very long for us. We previously had a Bissell pro-heat and we finally had a non-replaceable part break - I researched and researched and decided the Hoover was the right machine for me! (Ok, so one of the biggest reasons it was right is because it was right in my price range!)

    Overall, I like this machine. It does it's job. I love the round rotating scrubbers -- works much better than the rolling brush approach. This thing scrubs out dirt great! Granted, it's not much on stains -- but a carpet machine really isn't going to get out red kool-aid! It has a "clean surge" feature that works much better than I thought it would. When you reach a tough to clean spot, just hold down the clean surge buttom for a moment, run the scrubbing brushes over it and it makes a world of difference!

    I absolutely hate that the attachment hose is very complicated to set up. Don't be fooled by the picture, it looks like the attachment hose is actually "attached" -- BUT IT'S NOT!! In order to use the hose, you have to shut off the machine, remove the top bucket, remove the lid off the dirty water bucket, slide the hose into a special grove on the dirty water bucket, and then plug a part on the hose into the actual machine, then put the top water bucket back on. Seriously -- that's a lot of work! If you're like me and happen by a tough spot, or decide you're going to clean a certain piece of furniture while you're near that spot - you enjoy the convenice of just being able to flip a switch and use the attatchment hose without being bothered with complicated steps. The hose works ok, but it could really be easier to use!

    I like that the bottom tank (that holds dirty water) is translucent. It really gives you the opportunity to see how dirty the area you are cleaning is. That's a plus. BUT it's a big ol' pain to empty. The older Hoover model we had years ago had a handle for the dirty water bucket -- this model does not! What's the big deal about a handle? Oh, it's a big deal alright! Carrying that heavy dirty water bucket to empty in your sink or toilet without a handle means holding it against your body and I hope you don't wear white the day you clean your carpets! Granted - the bucket has a tight sealing lid, almost too tight, but it does splash a bit.

    My other problem with the lower bucket is that it just doesn't hold enough. When I clean my living room carpet, I have to empty the bucket no less than 3x and I really don't think my living room is that big!

    The top bucket, where you mix the clean water and solution, is pretty standard and easy to use. Just make sure you set it in the machine right, or the water will start leaking out the bottom of the bucket all over the place!

    Despite all my petty complaints, I really do like it. It works great, but definately not the most convenient on the market. It runs much louder than our previous Bissell Pro-heat, but cleans better, the hose and dirty water buckets aren't nearly as convenient as I'd like, but again, it cleans great. It's moderately priced, so affordability is a big "likeability" factor! Overall, off the 4 carpet cleaning machines I've had, this one is my second favorite - my favorite being the older Hoover model, that had a handle on the lower bucket and the hose was actually attached - hopefully they'll bring those features back in the near future!...more info
  • Hoover Steam Vac
    This is by far the best out there. In the past I owned the same model and loved it. when my dog chewed the cord, my husband thought buying a more expensive unit would do better. I had that one for 6 mo's and it broke. So I came back to the one I know is reliable. This unit is very easy to use. It has two seperate compartments for clean and dirty water, which is very convienent....more info
  • hoover steam vac
    I recently purchased this item to replace another Hoover steam vac I inherited from my mom and used it myself for 4 years and in total had for over 10 year. I compared several different brands but had a smaller hand vac from Bissell that broke after 1 year and decided since I had luck with Hoover I would try again. This is a great cleaner- only complaint is that the hand tool attachment is a little harder to attach then my older model but it does work better- not a huge in-convenience just cumbersome to take a piece out insert one but overall a great cleaner for your money (I paid about 130 total including tax and shipping) I do recommend this product....more info
  • A MUST if you have carpet
    Living in a one-bedroom apartment, I had real qualms about having purchased this. However, after several cleanings, I can say it's absolutely been worth it.

    I have a short-haired cat who was home one time during a professional cleaning. The cleaner had let himself in when I wasn't home. I came home later to beautiful carpet, but I couldn't find the cat. No, he hadn't been sucked up by the steamer, but he was a terrified lump under the covers of the bed. He stayed there for a long time, huddled and shivering as I petted him through the covers.

    With time, my carpets started getting grungy again. Like most felines, mine goes through his shed-and-barf episodes a few times a year. I used to spot clean, but it always grossed me out, and I was never convinced I was getting deep enough. Considering I now had several spots and didn't want to put the beast through another traumatic professional cleaning, I sprung for the Hoover SteamVac.

    It's a hefty, heavy thing with minimal prep required to set it up for the first time. After shutting the cat in the bedroom, I was ready to go. I steamed the living room using the recommended amount of Hoover cleaner, adding my own boiling water from an electric kettle (the directions just say hot, but I had read other reviews here!). The stuff that came out of the carpet was amazing and disgusting. I had swept already, and still the water turned a filthy brown. It lifted the spots from the carpet like a pro. The Clean Surge feature is great for particularly difficult, set-in stains. One stain that had been there for a long time lightened, but could not be completely removed. Still, I was satisfied. The vacuum of the water worked great and left the carpet just slightly damp. It dried quite fast.

    After this, I was bitten by the cleaning bug and wanted to steam EVERYTHING. My car was several years old, having been purchased as a used vehicle. The seats had always bothered me because the driver's looked dingy and darker than the passenger side, and the passenger side was darker than the back seats. Even though the Hoover cord is quite long, I attached a couple extension cords together in order to reach from my apartment to the car outside.

    Setting the steamer up for cleaning upholstery is a more complicated process than steaming your carpets. I read the directions and remembered thinking I'd better not lose them because there's no way I'd remember what went where later. I went to work and steamed those seats. The results were nothing short of amazing. I could see muddy-colored water being sucked back into the Hoover. The cleaning using the upholstery attachments, including rotating, scrubbing brushes, worked wonders in cleaning out years of dirt and turning the seats much lighter.

    Months later, I've cleaned my carpets repeatedly. Each time I'm thrilled with the results. I don't always use as much cleaner as Hoover recommends because I've read the other reviews about cleaner possibly attracting dirt. I haven't noticed any difference in using half the amount of cleaner after the initial cleaning with full strength.

    After a cleaning, the cat barf spots are gone. Despite having vacuumed before cleaning, the cleaner still picks up cat hair and spits it out as wet little clumps that need to be picked up later when the floor has dried. It's just confirmation to me that the steamer is really getting in deep and pulling up ground-in dirt and hair.

    And you know what? This even works on linoleum! Granted, you may not want to pull it out as your primary method for washing floors, but it's great for a periodic steam cleaning. You have the option to turn the rotation of the brushes off if you're concerned about them on your floors. The cleaning solution also does a fantastic job and leaves the linoleum gleaming and shiny.

    My carpets always look great. They always have that "just cleaned" look about them. I've had people comment on them as they enter my home and insist on removing their shoes. I'm very satisfied with the performance of the Hoover. If you have carpet, and especially if you have an indoor pet, you'll get lots of use out of the SteamVac. ...more info
  • More than expected
    I bought this on the recommendation of a co-worker, I was expecting something that would just lightly clean the carpet and that's about it.
    I had my carpets Professionally clean by DryChem and they did not do as good as a job as this Vacume cleaner, this Hoover leaves your carpets dryer than DryChem go figure.
    I am a dog owner and accidents do happen some times, but this Vacuume does an excellent job cleaning up,. Could not ask for more.
    The hand tools are sort of flimsybut is all you need is to clean carpets this is the tool you want....more info
  • Don't listen to the naysayers
    This thing is great. No, it does not leak like others have posted. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS when you put it together and listen for that "snap". Yes, you have to add hot water to it but that is no big deal. This thing has cleaned almost every carpet in my house since I got a few months ago....more info
  • Great Steam Cleaner for the price, just have to replace water often
    This is a great steam cleaner, does a similar job to the Rug Doctors you rent from Walmart or Lowes,etc. It does a fairly good job of getting stains out but you should pre-treat the stains or heavy traffic areas and be prepared to do the areas several times the first time out. Also, you will have to change the water pretty constantly, but it does cut down on the weight. For the price I got it (115) there is no better and it does a fairly good job....more info
  • Still impressed after three years
    We got this Hoover SteamVac in January 2003. We have three kids and two dogs. Needless to say, our carpets can be wrecked in a matter of minutes. I have been throughly impressed with the superb cleaning ability of this steamer. It especially does an excellent job of restoring medium pile carpet -- in some cases it almost looks brand new. As stated in one of the other reviews, I have found that boiling the water before you add it to the machine makes all the difference in its cleaning ability. Also, I pre-treat all spots with Hot Shot and let it soak in for 5-10 minutes before cleaning. I have not tried the Oxy-Clean, but will do that in the future. I'm not as impressed with the little hand unit that you can use on stairs and upholstery -- we have two staircases and I'm beginning to think that carpet on stairs is just a mistake. ...more info
  • Leaked like a waterfall
    I got a defective unit and had to return it for a new one. Water was leaking everywhere on or off.
    Hopefully the next one won't leak....more info
  • Got Carpet? Buy This!
    I did a lot of research before purchasing this cleaner, and the reviews here at Amazon really helped. I just cleaned the open dining room/living room area in our apartment, and I'm quite pleased. I experienced no leaks or problems at all, and I was pleasantly surprised by a couple of things. First of all, even though many people complained about the small size of the dirty water tank, I thought it was sufficient. Yes, I had to empty it about three times, but it actually took less time to empty, rinse, and re-install than it took to replenish the cleaning solution in the other tank. And there's a little yellow float that pops up when it needs to be emptied, so there isn't any question about that. I was also pleased that this cleaner wasn't as heavy or difficult to use as I'd imagined. The handle is only fixed in the upright position; when you're vacuuming it's incredibly flexible. Pushing the vacuum back and forth was a little bit of a workout, but I didn't find it much worse than regular vacuuming. I definitely recommend making more dry passes than wet ones so your carpet dries more quickly (the instruction manual covers this), and I certainly recommend reading the manual. I didn't pre-clean some areas, and this vacuum didn't take care of them, so I'll be sure to do that next time. All old stains that I'd already attempted to remove by hand were easily removed. Definitely buy this machine!...more info
  • unbelievable!................
    .as the owner of plush light silver carpeting and a cat that became ill with nonstop vomting for four days, I read reviews and took the shot.....with the first pass, I knew it was a great machine!.......heeding the advice of other owners, water was heated first and a scoop of Oxiclean was added to the supplied cleaner. Wow!.......My carpet was only spot cleaned for the eighteen years down in my living room; it looked almost new!........very little effort involved, go nice and slowly with it ad you too will be delighted!......easily handled, easily cleaned, easily stored.......what are you waiting for?...more info
  • Cleaned Like a Pro
    I was a bit hesitant to try a home steam cleaner, but I was very surprised with its performance. The previous homeowner had hop scotch tape marks on the rug in the finished basement, and no matter what I could not get them off. Not only did this machine get rid of the tape marks, it cleaned the rug to perfection. It was also very easy to assemble. You won't regret it!...more info
  • Cleans a 17 Year Old Carpet Pretty Darn Well
    I have used this machine on a white carpet that was 17 years old and in dire need of deep cleaning. It worked well. Make no mistake, it will take time and elbow grease, however, the results are worthwhile. Like the other reviewers mentioned, you will need to change out the dirty water routinely, however, I felt that was immediate and positive gratification that dirt was being lifted from the carpet, so I didn't mind.

    Also, I am using Hoover's cleaning solution with very hot water. It does not suds up too much and it has no odor. ...more info
    This product works wonders on all carpets. We used this product on commerical rug and also on high traffic areas throughout the home and it worked great. You do have to empty it and fill it quite a few times to get the carpets looking like new but it is well worth it. Great Product for the Money!!!...more info
  • Read my update. Had some problems............
    I am a careful shopper. I have been considering carpet cleaning machines for several weeks. I decided on the Hoover F5914-900 after Amazon ran a one day sale, and after reading the reviews here, written by people just like us. I LOVE this machine! In the past I rented the Rug Doctor. I find this model Hoover works MUCH better. First, I own it, don't need to go rent it, so chances are my carpets will get cleaned more than once a year. If you order one of these, read the reviews. If you simply follow the setup steps and read the booklet, there will be no problems. Take your time. Don't try to assemble it, read, and do a cleaning job all in one session. I followed the recommendations in the reviews and my carpeting is like new. Buy some OxiClean powder, mix with hot water, pre-spray the dirtiest areas. Also add nearly boiling water as part of the cleaning solution each time. The picked up dirty solution was black! My carpets dried much faster than I've seen before, cutting dry time in half. The machine is made very well, and plastic parts are thick & sturdy. Hopefully it will last even 5 years, but I expect longer. I cannot rate this Hoover any higher. I am completely happy with this purchase. One additional suggestion: When storing it in the closet I place it on a slightly raised cardboard box (from cans of soft drink)with the brushes overhanging the box. That way they will not get pushed down and out of shape from storage.
    UPDATE 11/29/2006. My Steam Vac stopped working 10 months after buying it. I've only used it 6-8 times. I took it in for warranty repair at a factory authorized repair center. It needed a new "turbine" which is the main power unit controlling the rotating brushes & more. Had it not been under warranty the cost to me would be $90.00. It's working again and I still love my Steam Vac. Repairman told me he gets lots of carpet cleaning machines in for repair. Is this what Made in America means? Maybe the turbine just went early, but I sure hope I have no more problems. Warranty ends in January....more info
  • Buy it! Buy it! Buy it!
    I got the cleaner for Christmas from the in-laws last weekend and I have never loved an appliance like I love this thing. This summer we moved into a house with wall-to-wall off-white carpet. Before we moved in, I had the carpet professionally cleaned, and it looked pretty good, but the high-traffic areas were still a little dingy and worn-looking. Since then, we've tracked in all kinds of dirt and red clay mud, and had the usual spills and drips and splashes. We are not white carpet people. I just finished cleaning the carpet and it seriously looks brand new. The worn-looking spots are fluffed up to match the rest of the carpet, and all of the carpet is spotless. I didn't pre-treat anything -- just used very hot water and a scoop of Oxiclean per tank. I emptied and refilled the tank a bunch of times, but that was because the carpet was actually pretty filthy so I had to go over the traffic areas a few times. In lower traffic areas, I didn't have to do that and the tank of water lasted a lot longer. I really can't believe how good the carpet looks. No, it's not as easy as vacuuming, but if you take your time, the machine will practically work miracles. I mean, it's cleaning carpet, so of course you can't do it in 15 minutes and of course there's a little effort involved with emptying and refilling the tanks, but the results are totally worth it. I know now that we have the cleaner the carpet will never get as dirty as it was, so this was the longest it will ever take me to clean the carpet and it still wasn't bad at all. And because the cleaner sucks up so much of the water, the carpet dries very very quickly, so you don't have to disrupt your life because the carpet is damp for hours and hours. Very much worth the effort, and very much worth the cost....more info
  • Hoover "LukeWarmToCoolVac" - Will Never Buy Hoover Again
    "SteamVac" is a misleading name that was obviously dreamed up by the Hoover marketing department. Unfortunately, I didn't do enough homework on this one and got sucked into (don't mind the pun) buying one. "LukeWarmWaterVac" would be giving this unit more credit than it is due. The only steam you get is when you pour water hot enough to steam into the tank. Even when used immediately, the water applied to the carpet is lukewarm at best. Within two minutes of operation, the applied water is completely cool. As for the brushes - they are powered by suction - not a belt - and are apparently there for show because they certainly are worthless. They worked marginally through the warranty period, then begin to jam, slow down, and finally refuse to rotate at all. This is a design that was obviously never tested adequately, and should have never been mass produced - shame on you, Hoover. This is the kind of engineering that goes into cheap, late-night, infomercial products - not an old, established brand name product. The hand attachment has a similar vacuum-powered brush set. When used (as on stairs) you must take care to barely touch the carpet or the brushes will stop, because they have predictably little power. It would be more effective to pour hot water/cleaning solution on the carpet and then vacuum it up with a Craftsman Wet-Vac than to use this attachment. The dirty water holding tank is poorly designed and molded so that it is nearly impossible to get it completely clean. Thoroughly cleaning the nozzle and brush area of this unit is a difficult ordeal that most won't even attempt. Very little thought appears to have been given to ease of cleaning. The clean water tank holds more water than the dirty water tank, so that you can never stop just once to dump and fill. You stop to dump, and then a little later, you stop to fill. If anything, the dirty water tank should always hold more than the clean. I originally thought that this $200+ unit would eliminate my need to have to go to the hardware store for a rental, but I was completely wrong. More convenient? Of course. Better cleaning? You must be kidding me. Please do your homework, and don't waste your money on one of these....more info
  • if only I had known
    My husband was deployed when I ordered the steam vac. When he arrived, he assembled it for me and I tried to use it as our new dog had an accident. Water leaked everywhere, and 2 hours later it is not sill usable. I have bought Hoover products in the past, but this time I am so disappointed I think I'll give up on the brand. Very poor quality item, the worse 150 dollars I have ever spent!
    Another thing, if I had bought it locally, I could bring it back....what a costly mistake!...more info
  • Very good machine
    If your new machine LEAKS, see note #2 below. I am just amazed at how many people write that their machine leaked from day one, and they returned it. It will leak if you skip a crucial one-time set-up step.

    Paid $170 at Best Buy. This is my first carpet cleaner so I have nothing to compare it to except my own expectations. Even though the name is SteamVac, like all the others in this class of cleaners, there is no Steam to it. That's just false marketing, but all the manufacturers do it, so no particular knock on Hoover.

    First, let me say I'm ashamed to admit that our carpet hadn't been cleaned in 4 years, and that we live in the country where lots of dirt gets tracked in from outside. So the carpet was pretty darn dirty. The Hoover F5914-900 did a very nice job the first time I used it - a drastically noticeable difference in the appearance of the carpet. The water in the dirty water receptacle was black. Did it return the carpet to new condition? No, impossible. Will it take another treatment or two to really get it clean? Yes, that is the price I pay for ignoring wet-cleaning the carpet for years. One of this cleaner's best features is the ability to dry the carpet quite thoroughly. Since the front of the machine is made of clear plastic, you can see when you're vacuuming up water. If you want to dry the carpet as much as possible, keep vacuuming until you no longer see water being pulled up. As time has passed, the SteamVac has done an excellent job of maintaining my carpets.

    My only gripe is that the dirty water container fills up too quickly and should be a little bigger. Ideally, the dirty water receptacle "should" be full right as you run out of clean water. Then, you shut down, empty the dirty water, refill the clean water and back to work. But this process gets out-of-sync with the dirty water receptacle filling up before you run out of clean water. So this can be a little inconvenient, but not a show-stopper.

    The machine is well constructed but it IS plastic, with lots of compartments and latches and hose holders, etc, so one must simply be careful or those things will no doubt break off.

    A few other notes:
    1. If you are not the type to read manuals, do read this one. Assembly and operation are easy if you sit down and read the manual through before starting. It's not like a vacuum cleaner where you just plug it in and go.

    2. My machine leaked badly BUT it was my own fault. There is a one-time only setup procedure where you squeeze the trigger and push the Clean-Surge button to lock a rod into place. Push the Clean-Surge button firmly. There may be a loud SNAP which sounds like you broke something, but you didn't. Until you get that snap, the Clean-Surge (which releases extra water-cleaner solution) is on all the time, hence the leaking. I didn't push the button hard enough initially, so I had the leak problem.

    EDIT December 2007
    Apparently many people are assuming that without a loud snap, the Clean Surge will not work. All that matters is that your machine doesn't leak. If your SteamVac doesn't leak, it is assembled properly and the Clean Surge will work!!! The only reason I emphasized the "snap" was because so many people were having leak problems, which are easily solved. And it's possible that Hoover has changed the design after getting so many returns from people who didn't read the instructions in the manual. So don't get hung up on the snap. If your machine does leak after assembly, you know what to do.

    3. ANY time it seems like there is no suction, the problem is that something is not seated properly. It is easy to snap the lid onto the dirty water container without lining it up properly, which causes a vacuum leak. If there is a vacuum leak, there is no suction at the bottom of the machine, where it is needed to suck up water from the carpet. So recheck the dirty water lid.

    4. If you have velvet or velvetine furniture, do NOT use the powered tool, use the utility tool. The powered tool is too strong for delicate fabric.

    5. Like others have suggested, find a cheap alternative to the Hoover brand carpet detergent. One gallon of water doesn't clean a lot of carpet, and at 5 oz of soap per gallon, you go thru it fast.

    6. Always be sure to dry vacuum your carpet with a regular vacuum cleaner first before using this machine to wash it. Be sure to remove and clean the brushes when you're done using this machine. Otherwise hair, thread, and balled up carpet fibers will dry on them and between them. Then the brushes won't turn. These are not "use and put away" machines like vacuum cleaners, they're "use, clean, and put away".

    7. Here's something I do which you *might* want to try. For a very dirty carpet, I fill a cheap plastic 2 gallon watering can (or smaller for a smaller carpet) with hot water and a tablespoon or 2 of Oxy Clean. I then sprinkle the carpet heavily, being careful not to soak it. This saves trips to the sink to load up on clean, soapy water. Then use the Hoover normally.

    8. Others have suggested using boiling water. Not for me, thanks. Too dangerous to handle and unnecessary, unless you've spilled or tracked in grease.

    After reading countless reviews here, I have concluded that the problems people have encountered are from failing to properly set up the machine initially, failing to seat the dirty water lid properly, or failing to clean the machine after use. I recommend this Hoover. It won't perform miracles, but I think if it is not abused it will last a long time and do an excellent job of maintaining a carpet. ...more info
  • Great Price - Sturdy Machine
    I bought this after we moved into a house with very light beige carpeting and one of our dogs was ill inside the house.
    This machine cleaned it all up.. and fast too considering it was down deep in the carpet.
    The machine moves easily and isn't hard to push.
    I used the shampoo cleaner that comes with it.. then the following week tried simple green ( the lemon scented one ) with a couple of drops of ALL clothing detergent. Works like a charm. Cleaning our carpets with this has really helped cut down on my allergy attacks. It was a great price & I highly recommend it....more info
  • Never buy SteamVac, which designed with < 4 years lifetime.
    The product should be rated below 0 star!!!

    I bought a SteamVac about 3.5 years ago; it had worked ok for the 1st two years. last year when I tried to use its hand tool, and noticed that I got very small amount of detergent out of there. I had to use the hand tool at the position much lower than the detergent tank. That, in fact, just the 3rd time I had used the hand tool. Two month ago when I tried to use the hand tool for the 4th time, it didn't work at all. So I decide to open it to see what's wrong with it. The problem was the detergent driving pump, it's broken! But it is inside the machine where the customer could not tough at all, and was built by metal axis with plastic plate, the two things went apart. I called Hoover (accurately, MayTag), and was told that they know that the part could be broken down after 3-4 years regular use. That means it was designed to be like this!!! If you just want to pay them every 3-4 years (about use it for 4 to 5 times), go ahead to buy it. Otherwise, keep away from the SteamVac!...more info
  • Does the job.
    Made my off white berber carpet look new again, took out a stain and took out a dark high traffic area. Works well on thick pile carpet. Also used it with success on short, very flat area rug, and thicker multi height area rugs. Used the attachment tool to clean carpeted stairs and a sofa-Does a pretty good job. Have 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 kids and this machine gets used a lot. The "dirty water" tank holds a lot and it is easy to empty. Very simple to use- just toss a capfull of cleaning solution (the Hoover Advanced cleaner works great and smells nice) into the tank and fill with hot water....more info
  • Well worth the money and right now it's on sale
    First the great...I got mine from amazon for 125 with 30 off the kitchenware sale, plus free shipping. AMAZING! I looked around and could not find a deal that good.

    For the even greater..how well it cleaned. I just cleaned our dining room (which is rug and I can't stand but a story for another day). ANyway, it has been through 2 kids learning to eat, paint, play doh, you name it..it has been on this rug. This rug had stains everwhere. I did NOT have pre-cleaner, so I followed their recommendation of using not 5 ounces of cleaner but 10 ounces...worked like a charm. ANd the rug was not cleaned in over a year (yes we vacuum but not deep clean as I always had to borrow one).

    The actual machine assembles in about 10 minutes following the instructions in the manual. 2 sets of assembly instructions come with the manual - I followed the more detailed ones in the book.

    As for the rest of the instructions - well there is a lot on the page and if you are like me and just want to get through it..well, let's just say it's worth a quick read to get the jist. After cleaning, do a detailed reading.

    The attachments stay in place very well and are easy to put on and off their holders. The attachments for cleaning the furniture take a litle time to switch over but it's not a horrible task.

    The trigger is not that hard to squeeze which is always nice when you have to do that over and over again.

    My only wish was that it held a little more water in both the solution tank and the resevoir tank. I had to fill and empty more times than I cared to BUT the water each time was so gross that I am glad I did not rush it. It really cleans awesome so if that's my only beef - oh well.

    I have used a Hoover like this before and loved it. Then I used a Bissle that heats the water - and it DESTROYED my carpet. Not sure why..but it untwisted all my fibers. And that carpet was only 2 months old. This Hoover is great and I am glad I switched back. Incidentally, I own a Bissel vacuum and hate that too. Maybe it's just the Bissel products - oh well. YOu cant go wrong with this Hoover....more info
  • Pleasantly surprised
    I did quite a bit of research before deciding to purchase this particular model. I made sure to use it a number of different times before posting a review. This cleaner works. It removed stains that I'd tried to get out with a different cleaner. It's easy to use and does a fine job. The only complaint I've had is that when the hose is stored on the unit the end of it won't stay where it's supposed to. It's annoying but doesn't actually get in the way of using the cleaner. I would definately recommend this particular cleaner model....more info
  • Easy to use!
    I was really surprised at how easy to use this steam cleaner is. My carpet dried so fast. However, I was extremely disappointed that the product description states that it cleans bare floors. The problem is, the manual that comes with it states that you need the bare floor attachment which I cannot find online or in any stores. This was one of the reasons I purchased this model....more info
  • Buy it now!
    We bought this cleaner because of the great reviews on Amazon and were very happy to find out that it lived up to all of them. We had awful carpets in our apartment (mostly our dog's treats stains) and were really afraid that we wouldn't get our secruity deposit back. My husband took a day off of work one day and when I came home it was like a brand new carpet. It took everything out, even the stains that I had tried to get out with the Green Machine or other heavy duty cleaning products. We can't wait to try it on our new house. Well worth it! ...more info
  • Excellent product for the money
    This is machine works about as well as a Rug Doctor and is easier to use. I think it is well worth the money. I have a cat and a toddler, both are rough on the carpet (mostly the toddler). Using this every couple of months keeps my carpet looking great.

    We loaned it to some friends who have really badly stained carpet and it didn't work so well for them. But their carpet is really bad and needs professional cleaning. They liked it though and plan to buy one to maintain their carpet after they have it cleaned.

    ...more info
  • awesome product
    After doing some research, I decided on this model and could not be more pleased. I did not want to get the cheapest or the most expensive. A friend had an older model exactly like this one so I was familar with it and knew it was easy to use. Very easy to put together and did a wonderful job cleaning. I have two dogs, one being a 4 month old puppy who sometimes has accidents. I have paid mega bucks to have my carpets done in the past and have used the rental machines which are heavy. In the past I have always used your standard cleaner that they make for the machines. After doing some research on home made cleaners this is what I used and did it ever clean. In our office there were some old urine spots that I just could not get up prior to cleaning. I used simple green (it is biodegradible and smells clean) I then cleaned it again with a mixture of scalding hot water vinegar and a couple drops of tide. Well my carpet looks absolutley fabulous and the smell is gone. I was skeptical about not using a cleaner market for carpets but I am more pleased with the simple green than anything. Cost less and does not have skin irritants in it, hope this helps. ...more info
  • Hoover SteamVac - great product
    The Hoover SteamVac is easy to assemble and use. Drying time varies depending upon carpet type, I have plush white carpet (heavily stained!) that dried in 6 hours - impressive considering that some SteamVac's dry in 24 hours or more.

    The power hand tool works wonderfully however I did have to take mine to a Hoover repair shop since the handle was not properly assembled with the manufacture, the fix took about 15 min. and now there are no more leaks. Would highly recommend this machine to anyone, just make sure to not saturate the carpet and only use 4 strokes on each area.
    ...more info
  • Alright when it works.
    I bought mine last week, use it once and will return it this week. The problem with the machine is that it leaks so much; with or without the motor running. I called Hoover service dept and they said that I have a broken unit, told me to send it back for repair. The leaked solution thoroughly soaked my carpet and it's still damp after 2 days. I noticed that I'm not the only person with this problem.

    Amazon promptly sent me another machine that doesn't leak. When the machine does not leak, it does a decent job of cleaning the carpet and the sofa. If I could change the star rating, I would give it a 3.5 stars. ...more info
  • Had to buy another
    We had the Hoover SteamVac once before, but we decided to purchase a Kirby2000 that was supposed to do everything but put the cat out. We got rid of our Hoover at his time, and used the Kirby for steam cleaning our carpets for about a year. Finally, enough was enough, the Kirby just wasn't getting the job done like the Hoover did, and it was time to buy another Hoover.........more info
  • Amazingly clean Carpet...Excellent Must Have for Carpeted House
    It just did some miracle on 15 years old carpet. It looks very clean. The feel is totally different after cleaning with this steam vac. The carpet became smooth and feel like nicely combed dry hair after apply shampoo and conditioner into dirty hair.
    One thing I would like to point out is that You need to make sure that the dirty water collection tank is latched nicely with the suction head otherwise there will lot of suction loss.
    Sucks more than 90% of water back and rest of is done by warm air. Thus, Carpet will be dry pretty soon.
    MUST HAVE for any big or small house with Carpet....more info
  • This beats the machines I have rented!
    I read the other reviews on this machine, and since they were favorable, I decided to purchase it. All I can say is...WOW! It took me about 10 minutes to put the machine together, and a little over 1 hour to clean my carpets! They were dry really fast, too! The great thing is that I can keep my carpets clean all-year-long without having to go out and rent a machine. It's also lightweight and easy to maneuver. A big plus...it's made in the U.S.A.! ...more info
  • Great piece of gear for the house
    Worked better than I thought it would. Got out some really deep stains that had been in the carpet for awhile. Be sure to clean it when you're through using. All the parts came off quickly and easily for cleaning. It was a little hard to get all the fibers out of the brushes but all and all a great piece of gear for the house....more info
  • So Much Easier Than Using A Rug-Doctor!!
    The last time I cleaned our carpets I rented a Rug-Doctor thinking "how hard could it be"? Boy was I wrong, pulling it about killed my back, my carpets didn't get that clean, and I was out $58 to boot! So this past month when it was time to clean the carpets I dreaded renting a machine again so I figured I would buy one instead.

    I searched high and low for the best deal and Amazon had it, I got free shipping plus I got another $25 off the total because they were having a special. When the machine arrived I put it together with no trouble. Of course I had seen the other reviews about water spilling out so I made sure to read the directions throughly. Sure enough, it clearly states that before you go to empty the bottom tank, which is the dirty water tank, be sure to remove the top tank, which is the clean water tank, first before tilting the machine back to release the bottom tank!! I did exactly as it said and never had one single droplet of water leak out the whole time I used it. Needless to say it pays to read the directions before doing anything, even though it seems like a pain, it actually saves you time in the long run.

    Anyway, I then cranked this baby up and WOW what a difference to run verses the Rug-Doctor! I didn't have to struggle to pull it, and the stains seemed to dissapear right before my eyes with each pass of the machine. I did however empty the dirty water tank a lot but that was because I had my finger on the clean surge button the whole time which meant I used the clean water up faster than usual. If you saw my rugs you would know why! I have a five year old and two dogs who are always tracking dirt in from outside.

    I have to say this machine was not only easier to use but it got my carpets much cleaner too. I am not sure if it is because of the clean surge feature or what, but my carpets haven't looked this good in years. If you are looking for a good reliable machine you can't go wrong with this one....more info
  • Fantastic
    This product is great! This is the first SteamVac that I have ever purchased so nothing to compare to but I love it! It is easy to use and does a great job! I have cleaned area rugs, upolstery on kitchen chairs and full room carpet. No more scheduling of professional carpet cleaners - now I can do it whenever I want and where I want!

    Great buy!...more info
  • Very pleased with this SteamVac
    We just bought this steam vac to replace a 10 year old Bissell Green machine whose pump broke. We looked at several options and chose this machine based on the reviews on this site as well as the specifications. Today we cleaned many rooms plus a couple of area rugs with great success. Found it easy to manuever, less strain on the back than our old machine. We wish the green machine had broken sooner!

    We like the way the brushes work the shampoo in to the carpet. Our carpets came out real clean. Our only dislike is that we have yet to find a machine that does stairs well, this one included. It works okay, but is a lot of work with the upholstery brush....more info
  • Hoove SteamVac
    The steamvac was easy to assemble and use. I used it for carpets and then switched to upholstery mode. The switch was a little time consuming but not hard to do. It did a better job on carpets than on the upholstery. I did not try the bare floor mode. The only drawback I found was that the machine was heavy -especially up and down the stairs. ...more info
  • This Cleaner Sucks...and that's a wonderful thing.
    I just received this SteamVac and put it right to use. The father of two year old twin girls I knew I was going to need to invest in one of these rug cleaners. After reading the numerous positive reviews here, I decided to take the plunge and buy the Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac with Clean Surge. Upon removing from the box, I had the SteamVac assembled within 15 minutes...the instructions were that good. The construction appeared very durable. I then proceeded to clean the carpets in my daughters' bedroom and the hallway outside their room. Though my wife works very hard to keep the floors vacuumed and clean, the SteamVac almost to my embarrassment pulled up a thick, black stream of water into its holding tank. That brings me to the point I made in the subject heading. I was amazed by how well the SteamVac pulled up the water from the carpet. Just a couple of passes and the carpet had just a slight hint of dampness. Compared to the rental carpet cleaning machine I used a few days ago, the Hoover far exceeded the performance of the "professional" machine. The SteamVac was sucking up brownish water from where I used the rental a couple of days previous. I am impressed. Now I must agree with what I read in a previous posting. Don't expect miracles...plan on pre-treating any stains that you may have...the pros do it. For the money, I can't see how you can beat this machine. If you rent a machine to clean your rugs frequently, than you will no doubt be able to justify paying the reasonable price of the Hoover. It's a great investment. And you know something, as it has been mentioned here earlier...it was actually kind of fun....more info
  • Excellent Product
    The best I ever used, the high price rental has nothing on this one.................more info
  • Fantastic carpet saver!
    After a great deal of research, I chose this model and it has been absolutely fantastic!
    Using hot water directly from the tap and the Hoover Pet version of carpet cleaner (about 1/3 to 1/2 of recommended amount of cleaner), brought new life to my carpets.
    Having bought this unit to treat high trafic areas in my office, I was so impressed with the amount of dirt and grime it removed, that I decided to try it on some horrendous carpets at home.
    Having a cat prone to hairballs and two small children, there were numerous identifiable and unidentifiable stains that had defied previous cleaning attempts with Resolve and similar cleansers and had resisted the cleaning attempts of a Rug Doctor stream cleaning vacuum.

    The cleaner is loud, but no louder than any other I have tried and the carpets were completely dry within a few hours of use. I am very pleased with this purchase.

    ...more info
  • The machine does good job
    The machine has good design. It is easy to set it up from the shipping box. It is working well so far. ...more info
  • Great deal!
    We just purchased this steam vac and so far, we are very pleased. It is light and very easy to use. The only problem, and maybe we aren't using it correctly, is the upholstry attachment sprays cleaner everywhere! The rugs and couches dry quickly and have picked up really old stains. We are very happy we bought the Hoover. ...more info
  • only very good til it breaks
    Not happy with this. Only lasted til warranty ran out!! Considering the few times it was used and the price, I am very unhappy with this product. The top container for clean water started leaking when the connection broke where it fits....more info
  • Great Results
    This steam cleaner is excellent! I bought it as a last resort to see if my carpet was salvageable, and the results were amazing. I took everyone's advice and used boiling water; I also used oxy clean (which I get in bulk at Costco) instead of the cleaner that came in the box, which seemed to work better (and is much cheaper). I kept a swatch of carpet for a comparison, and could not believe the results. Not all stains came out, but the carpet looks great in comparison to how it looked before!...more info
  • Very happy
    This is my first steamvac,have rented in the past. Most useful feature to me is the weight-always needed my husband to operate the Rug doctor as it was just too heavy for me. I can solo with my new Hoover.I took the advice here of pre-treating and adding some boiling water and the carpets look great and dried in a few hours. Haven't tried the upholstery tool yet,that's next weekend. My only complaint is that as stored, the hose is awkwardly placed near the push pedal that lowers the handle-I ended up taking the hose off the machine while I cleaned. A great buy with the June special of $25 off and I expect I'm going to use it a lot more often than I rented since it's so easy to use. ...more info
  • Much better than anything Bissell or Eureka Atlantis
    I just got this machine and tried it on a high traffic area rug in the entry-way of our home. While it did not get all the stains out (nothing will), it did a much better job than my 3 year old Bissell powersteamer. It was also very effective at removing baby formula & milk stains on the bedroom carpets.

    The 5 rotating scrubbing brushes are much more effective at eliminating dirt than the single rotating drum brush design on Bissell and Eureka machines. The powered hand tool is also a nice feature as it also has 2 separate rotating brushes.

    The suction is also very good at getting the dirty water out of the carpets. I'd say the machine sucks out 80-90% of the water that you put in. This means less drying time and less water seepage into the wood floors beneath the carpet.

    The machine is fairly easy to assemble, take apart, and remove and attach the 2 water tanks.

    The only gripes I have are the relatively small size of the 2 tanks (fairly standard for non-pro machines), no on-board heating (fairly minor gripe here as I could have bought another model), and the clean water tank design makes it difficult to get all the water out due to it's "lip" around the opening. I guess it is more important to get all the water out of the dirty water tank so this is not really a major deal either. The dirty tank empties just fine.

    Bottom line, unless you are going to buy a pro machine like a Rug Doctor (approx. $800), this is a good one. Now, I would definitely buy a Hoover over Bissell or Eureka carpet steamer anyday. ...more info
  • Very Good Overall
    I have an older version of this SteamVac model. I am mostly happy with it, although the dirty water tank is difficult to clean and remove pet hair. It has a lot of crevasses where dirt gets caught. Save some money- do not buy the expensive carpet cleaner- I use Spic and Span liquid and it works just as well for only $3 a bottle. I use it to spot clean on carpet and car upholstery, too. No staining, and no need to rinse....more info
  • So far, so great
    Has this baby for about a week and loving it. Initial assemby is quick and using it is very easy. It doesn't clean quite as well with one pass as the professional one I've rented from Ralph's, but if you go slow and add a little boiling water (someone here recommended that -- thanks!), it does a remarkable job. Having 2 dogs and white carpet, we're putting this steamvac to good use!
    I was a little nervous (when reading previous reviews) about the fact it's all made of plastic -- and it is -- but the plastic does appear to be of good quality, particularly the hoses and the resevoirs. Looking good so far!
    Recommended? Definitely.

    August 31, 05: An update since first review --

    Have been using it quite a lot since April (about once weekly) -- glad to say that it continues to work great without problems. My concerns about the plastic parts was unfounded, thankfully; all the crucial parts (resevoirs, tubings) are made of high quality plastic - no leaks no cracks so far....and I certainly was not being "gentle" with it.

    My only gripe? The suctioning power of the handvac component is rather weak - leaves good amount of water behind and does not clean as well. Something to consider if you're planning to use the handvac component frequently....more info
  • couldnt live with out it
    with two toddlers, and an unpotty-trained dog, living in a house with wall to wall carpeting a steam cleaner was a must have! i searched through different kinds and brands and found one i thought i might like, the hoover steam vac with clean surge. it was a total life saver. it works wonderfully and is totally easy to use and put together. there are only a few pieces you have to attach and then your ready to go. it works wonders! the difference in my carpet after the first use was amazing and definitely noticable. i've had it for over a year now and i use it at least 4 times a week. without it i would still be on my hands and knees trying to scrub whatever mess was made out of the carpet. i love my steamvac and even after a little over a year it still works like new....more info
  • Absolutely love this steam cleaner!
    I searched and did a lot of research before buying this one. I am very impressed. I wanted a steam cleaner because I didnt want the water sitting in my carpet and padding, this one takes it out wonderfully. I wanted something with a long hose so I could do furniture and vehicles..this one has it. I also wanted seperate water containers.
    I took someones suggestion when I got it and boiled a teapot of water and added that to my hot water..definitely worth the extra time. It took me only an hr to do my couches, cushions and living room floor. I did not use the soap that was included though because my carpet distributor has said that soap will attract the dirt, so I use a cleaner that wont soap up. By the time I finished my carpet, my couches were dry along with where I had started. Today I steam cleaned my childrens rooms. I had ink on one of their carpets that pros could not get out a yr ago. I moved the brushes back and forth and side to side and it came up! Im sure the cleaner has some help with that...but the more I moved the brushes, the more came out. As soon as I finished the bedrooms, my 2yo proceeded to throw up on them, so I just cleaned it right up with the steam cleaner..not a spot or smell left. I will be using this on their mattresses really soon. Need to get rid of the stains and dust mites in them.
    This steam cleaner is very easy to use. Its easy to push. The only problem I do have with it is that the surge cleaner button is in an awkward spot..but its not a big deal, I dont use it that much. Even my husband had fun with it! Definitely a great investment for our house..which has 4 children...ages 2 through 8. ...more info
  • Finally took the plunge
    Love it! I was reluctant to purchase any carpet cleaner, because of all the complaints I've heard about: hard to assemble, heavy, no suction, breaking, or difficult to change dirty and clean water. First when my Hoover arrived I decided to time how long it took me to assemble. In 30 minutes I dragged the box from the porch to the kitchen, took everything out of the box, assembled it according to clear instructions, and read about how to use it. The dirty and clean water compartments are a snap to remove and replace. IT IS NOT HEAVY. I'm a 5'5" female and I push it around with no problem. Geez people, get off the couch? I have used the cleaner on both thick wool pile and on berber carpeting in my home. It worked equally well on both. I've also dragged it to work and cleaned my downright gross office carpet. I have one cat that throws up hairballs and just last week an antibiotic didn't agree with my other cat and she vomited everywhere. I cleaned up the surface stuff and the cleaner zipped it all right up. Anyone who has cleaned up vomit can appreciate how much time this save me, and the cleaner did a much better job than manual cleaning could hope to. I have a few practical suggestions. Do follow instructions and vacumm first. Do a couple extra drying steps, and turn on ceiling fans if you have them. You will be rewarded with dry carpets by the end of the day. Also, try spraying bad spots with some water before cleaning (water is cheap). I have also used a precleaner for particularly stubborn stains. So far no stains have defeated me. Another product I have had for a couple years and recommend is the Bissell Little Green Proheat with turbobrush. Great for little cleanups and the car. One last comment I can't resist. One review mentions excess water ruining wood floors. The instruction manual and the advertisement information clearly says it is NOT to be used on wood floors. I would expect someone with a PhD to have better reading comprehension. Sorry if I sound irritated, but, now that I have my cleaner, I am annoyed that negative reviews kept me from buying it sooner....more info
  • Took out stains i thought we would have forever!!!
    We moved into a brand new home 8 months ago, along with us came our rotti, with a terrible problem with constant upset stomach and our St Bernard who still likes to pee on the carpet if we dont let her out exactly when she wants us to (and a dog that big drinks alot and hence...pees alot too. We used all sorts of pet stain removers which took out the odor after several treatments but i could still see the dark staining on the carpets in many areas in our doggie/rec room. I was already looking up professional cleaning companies in our area when I compared cost and realized i could own a steamer/cleaner for the price of one professional treatment to do our whole house. This hoover took about 15 minutes to put together (make sure you squeeze the triggers down til you hear a "click" to be sure you engaged the trigger mechanism). 4 Hours later and about 10 trips to dump the black water that came out of my carpets and I could not be more pleased. There was a spot in the corner of one room where our rottie threw up on atleast 15 times (i have spent hours on my hands and knees scrubbing this one square foot area trying to get the stain out)...i used the power surge button feature on this spot twice and spent about 1 minute on the area with the machine and the area lookes like brand new carpet. I nearly fainted when i saw what an amazing job this machine did. Easy to use, made our carpets look as good as the day we walked into this place 8 months ago (in 8 months two big dogs can drag an amazing amount of stuff in and leave it on your carpets). I would recommend this machine to anyone and I would buy it again in a heartbeat....more info
  • Excellent Cleaner
    I gave this cleaner a shot, and wow! Does this cleaner know how to do its job. Even working it was a no brainer, didn't even have to look through the manual (except to assemble it). Would highly recommend this product....more info
  • I'll never pay for carpet cleaning again.....
    This is our SECOND Hoover Steam-Vac. The other one lasted 11 years, two houses, two kids, four cats and two German Shepherds. We gave the old one (still working) to my wife's little sister that just got a place of her own. We're kinda picky when it comes to our furniture/carpet and the Hoover Steam Vac keeps the upholstery and carpets in top shape w/o calling Stanley Steemer! The "Hand-Attachment Scrubber" is EXCELLENT for hitting a small spot like when your four-year-old drops a container of BLUE yogurt on the den carpet. It makes short work of small jobs and is easy to operate and utilize all of the features when a bigger task is at hand such as WHOLE HOUSE carpet cleaning. Summary....it is an AWESOME cleaner! We highly reccomend....more info
  • A piece of crap that works once or twice
    Hoover steam vacuums are junk. I bought one and it worked once. I took it for service. The service center said the company failed to attach a part that permits me to vacuum my wood floors. I took the steam vacuum home and it still does not work.
    This is sad because when I put too much water on my hardwood floors I ruin my floors--which I did by useing Hoover's steam vacuum. Avoid this product and the Hoover company products. Their
    floor polisher also is no good---worked 5-6 times and plastic gears inside already no good. PLASTIC GEARS! That is called planned destructions. Any company that makes the key parts out of plastic is working-over the buyer. I strongly advise people to avoid Hoover products. Price may be cheap but their products are worthless. Buy at your own risk.
    RM Borland, M.D., Ph.D....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    Purchased this product after looking around and reading reviews here and elsewhere. I have to say this vacuum is a great buy. I have 3 dogs and the carpets in my home had not been steam cleaned in years so there were stains I was sure wouldn't come out. I was wrong. This machine took them out with very little effort and it looks almost like new carpet. Putting the unit together was very easy and so was changing the water and cleaning after use. Went through about 64 oz of the pet carpet cleaning solution but tha was for about 1500 sq ft of carpet. Took me a couple of hourse and there was no leakage at all. If your looking for a carpet cleaner that is affordable and does the job, I can recommend this product. ...more info
  • Nice update from the older model!
    I had an older model of this that I received as a gift 7 or 8 years ago. Since then we have had kids, and the old machine has taken a beating. It still works but the upholstery nozzle has broken (mine has the standard nozzle this one has but no second spinning nozzle like this one). Also the sprayer on the hose kept falling off. I determined to buy this second one for the house and keep the old one for the car.

    This model is a nice update, they fixed my complaints about the old one while keeping the things I liked. I love the new spinning upholstery brush. Plus they give you a standard upholstery brush as back up, I'll probably just use it on the old model to replace the broken one. And the system for holding the hose to the machine has been greatly improved. I also really like the clean surge feature my old one doesn't have it and it makes a difference. Finally, the cord is longer than the one on the old one, on the old one, I had to attach an extention cord.

    So it cleans better than the old one and the old one did a decent job. I am very happy with my purchase and figure it will hold up well as the old one is still working fine except for the attachment to the hose. The hose itself is still ok and the rest still works fine. Nothing leaks and the five brushes still spin. I see that they are replaceable anyway should you wear them out. Anyway, great product, cleans great, Amazon has the best price on it, shipped quickly. With the kids, I have already had to use this several times......more info
  • Works like a charm
    This steam vac had the best overall reviews I saw, with no discernable trends on the negative reviews. I had no problem putting it together, although you do need to look in the screw holes and pull up on the lower plastic part before you can put in the 2 long screws that hold it together. It initially appears to be of questionable build quality, but it has worked great. I have cleaned every carpet in my house once, and the stairs and landings twice. The result was as good as the professionals I had come out, and the cost of the machine was less than it would have cost to get the cleaners to come once! In other words, if you get one good cleaning out of this machine, you're already ahead money-wise. Fortunately, it seems like it will hold up for a while, but again, I'm money ahead after only one cleaning.

    I did have an issue the second time I went to use it, in that when I set the cleaning solution/water tank into the machine, the water/solution mix started pouring out through the bottom. The fix was to plug the machine in and start it. The seals reseated themselves, and it didn't leak again. My advise would be to have it plugged in and on the surface you're going to clean before you set the tank into it, just in case you get a bad seal like I did that one time. If you do, just start it up and it will work fine again.

    Also, if your'e working on stairs, the handheld scrubber works very well. However, if working on the landings, and you're having to manhandle the vac around, the dirty water tank is sitting on the front, and if you lift the vac too high to reset it on the little landing, the bottom part of it could drop vertically, causing a spillout of the dirty water. Not a problem, just something to be careful of.

    The water that the machine sucked up was absolutely filthy, even on parts of the carpet that appeared reasonably clean, and that I had vacuumed dilligently before using the steam vac. This tells me the machine is getting out a lot of filth I'm not even aware of. With two dogs and a yard that had some bare spots when we moved in, the carpet had some muddy brown places where the dogs would settle down to lick off the dirt from their paws that I didn't see. The vacuum cleaned those places out completely without breaking a sweat.

    Sorry for the ramble, but reader's digest version: Steam Vac costs less than one professional carpet cleaning, but holds up well for the long run, so if you're thinking about getting your carpets cleaned, why not just get this machine and do it yourself for less money? Then every time it cleans your carpets again you can split the cost down until you're paying less than $10 for a whole house cleaning!...more info
  • Bad design for the Installation part
    I bought a Hoover SteamVac F5808 yesterday. It takes me long time to install the Handler(to the SteamVac body). The design to allow the user to hold the nut to screw in the screw is bad. It took me about 30 minutes to complete the "2 screws" installation as the part of the installation. The quality of the rubber part is not that good either. I bought it at about 50% discount of the regular price. You got what you paid for. I have not started the Vacuum part yet. ...more info
  • WOW ! Fantastic!
    I am the mother of five kids ,4boy & 1 girl,3 Yorkies, two cats and two hamsters. I needed a cleaner that could help me keep my home clean. I am a neat freak anyway and my home is only two yrs old so I did not think my floors were that dirty. OH my gosh....eeewwwwww YUCK! This machine is the best at getting the dirt out of the carpet. So easy to use REALLY! Your not filling the clean water tank every 2 seconds like I thought I would. And the suction is great too! The dirty tank has just about the amount that is missing from the clean tank.The only thing I would like to see improve is the suction with the hand tools.Overall I am very pleased,and I think you all will be too! Well worth the money and I have the feeling this one is going to last me for years....more info
  • The most awesome carpet cleaner I have ever used.
    This carpet cleaner is the best I have ever used. I have used the Rug Dr that you can rent at your local stores and it doesnt even compare to this. I was very impressed with the ease of use and the convenience of this machine. It was lightweight, even with a full tank of water I was able to carry this machine up and down the stairs. I have 2 children and I got better results out of this machine on my dirtiest carpets than any other machine I have ever used. It was easy to use and easy to clean and put away. I encourage everyone looking for a carpet cleaner to purchase this wonderful machine. ...more info
  • Works great in a home with 5 kids
    We have owned this machine for about 3 years. I use it probably twice a year on all 6 carpeted rooms in our home plus for stains in between.

    The name is misleading. This machine isn't really a "steam vac" it does not heat the water, you must put hot water in it.

    I think this machine has done really well for us. It cleans the carpets well and beleive me we get DIRTY carpets with 5 kids and a cat. The power hand tool does great on upholstered furniture.

    My only real problems with this machine is that I don't feel it sucks the water back up very well on low pile carpeting, and that it is VERY heavy. ...more info
  • Holds up well!
    I use an older model of this machine (at least 4-5 yrs old) and it is holding up fantastically! I have 3 kids and 1 hairy German Shepherd and the Hoover has taken care of all the stains they have made so far. Have had minor trouble keeping the attachment hose where it belongs and the inner hose is a bit short so be careful putting the handle all the way to the floor.(Ours cracked, but we repaired it with duct tape last year and that solved the problem) Oh, it likes low sudsing soap better. I loan this out to my Mom and we alternate using it. We (ab)use it, empty it, unplug it, and put it away. No special care involved. No trips to the repair shop either. Love it. P.S. It is not a vacuum!! At most, it swirls dog hair around into little clumps so you can pick them up later. Does great on stains though....more info
  • Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac is awsome machine
    Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac is the best. I had Regina SteamCleaner for about 9 years until I bought Hoover F5914-900 yesterday. Hoover is made in USA and the quality shows in overall design and operation. This is as close as it gets to the Hoover pro machine I rented once that sells for $1099. Amazing cleaning power with 12amp motor and ease of operation. Quality heavy duty durable plastics used, makes it a better value all together. Consumer product still made in USA, not China or Mexico is worth the price tag itself, you will not find a better value in this price range. I looked at Bissell machines also but did not like its overall design, somewhat cheap thin shiny plastic look and low web review ratings.

    Use as directed with hot water to loosen the dirt, and go slow give the machine chance to break the dirt and suck it out from the rug. Tanks are smaller than in the pro machine, but machine is lighter and smaller than $1099 Pro Hoover SteamVac monster....more info

  • Only worked once
    Because my Hoover, Model F5866-900, very similar to this one, had such poor relaiability, and, the machine only worked fair one time, then didn't work right again, I vowed to insure people knew they had better use the machine a lot during the first year after purchase. It was unfortunate, but after doing a thorough cleaning, I had my carpets professionally cleaned six months later, and didn't get back to the Hoover for over a year. I would have had to schlep it 200 miles to their service center, and then pay again for a machine that was pretty bad by my estimation. One use is pretty expensive....more info
  • awesome
    Let me say that I have never written an online review before, but this product merits it. I borrowed this cleaner from a friend. We have a beige colored carpet and have never cleaned it in 3 years. I thought it wasn't that dirty because we remove our shoes in the house. Well, this vacuum made me realize that it was really dirty. I put hot water in and did not use cleaner(Ididn't want to leave a residue). I went to work. It does a great job of sucking up the majority of the water. The spin brushes made my carpet stand up and look newer again. I did pre treat the bad spots, but it got up most of the small spots on it's own. I thought it was easy to fill and empty. The reward I got from looking at all that grimey water was all the reward I needed. Needless to say, I will be purchasing this from Amazon. My friend has had it for 2 years and uses it all the time. So will I....more info
  • Great Vacuum!!!
    I purchased the Hoover steam vac to help clean up all the puppy stains in my carpet. I have tried those portable vacuums that you can get in the pet shops, I must say this hoover vacuum did wonders for my floors and stairs. It is very easy to use while cleaning. The only reason I gave it a 4 instead of a 5 is because it is hard to take the canisters off and put back on for dumping and filling. I would defentley recommend this product over those portable vacuums.

    Update: I have had my vacuum for a year now, and I must say it still works like the day I bought it....more info
  • Run - Don't Walk and get this machine
    I have two dogs and messy people in our home. After contacting a local carpet cleaner to do a wool area rug I have at the exhorbitant price of $180, I decided that for that price, I could get a steam cleaner and do it myself. I did a lot of research before getting this.

    What a great machine this is because of the turbo brushes. They get deep down into the fibers and really scrub and clean the rug. The colors popped as if new again. I did every rug in the house. I too boiled some the water I added to the machine so it would stay hot while I worked. It is pretty easy to set up and use as well.

    To the person who gave this a bad rating I say " This is not a Vacuum Cleaner." This is a carpet steamer/cleaner. You have to vacuum your rugs BEFORE your clean them..... Read the instructions.

    I think you will use and like this machine and be very glad you got one....more info

  • Don't trust Hoover products
    It's does not vac at all. I am going to get a canister vac like my friends from Eurica, they worked great. Uprights are always too loud and does not clean well. My only good vac was the upright that's cordless. It does not clean very well, but does the everyday job of picking up dirt. My ex-wife got it and still using it. I need to get one. Wasted hundreds on Hoover and Dirt Devil's upright too. Purchase 3 Hoover in my life time and are not happy. 3 strikes, your out Hoover. I'll get a Eureka canister vac for sure....more info