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On Ball With Lizbeth Garcia: Pilates Workout for

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On the Ball: Pilates Workout for Beginners with Lizbeth Garcia has been voted the Best Pilates Video of the Year by Health Magazine for 2005.

Customer Reviews:

  • Ok workout
    I found this workout too easy (I am in shape and work out daily for 30-60 minutes)..

    I think this is a great dvd for people that don't have much experience on the ball .. people that are just starting to work out again-- or people that work out regularly but need something for their off/light days.

    The instructors loud sniff-like breathing from time to time in attempt to remind viewers to breathe made me laugh* I'm easily distracted and eventually annoyed by instuctors that over-do movements, and breathing to remind me to do so. I'd reather them just talk.... I dunno-- It's like... falling asleep in class and having the instructor walk up to you wide eyed or something. (bad example... i know--- sending anyway)...more info
  • Great Ab Workout
    I am kind of new to the pilates thing, but the few videos I have done, I have loved. This one was no exception. It was so much fun that when it was over, I was left thinking, "is that it"? Hah. Although I consider myself to be fit with good ab strength, it has been two days and I am still sore. I do agree with other reviewers that said this workout is something to build up to. You probably won't master it on the first try....more info
  • Great even in a Dorm
    I got this DVD to help me reinforce the fitness I'm learning in my Modern Dance class and it is working wonderfully. I just prop my laptop on top of a chair and I hop on my ball and away I go! I like how she layers on the difficulty, so if you are being challenged and she kicks it up another level, you can keep on doing what you're already doing. After I workout with the DVD, I feel stronger and I can feel muscles working that don't always get a workout in a traditional fitness regime. ...more info
  • My new favorite workout
    I started working out again on the stability ball about 6 months ago, and about a month ago switched to pilates. I was excited when I found a workout that combined the two!

    This workout works your entire body, while working your core muscles the entire time. Make sure to press into the ball with your arms or legs as you workout, and really stretch your arms and legs as you lengthen them, and you will be sure to get a workout on those muscles during the workout. I could really feel it in my abs as well as my triceps and hamstrings the next day!

    I can already see a difference in my core strength and tone after just a few workouts. The workout doesn't get boring or drag on like some. Having a hectic schedule I always look for a workout that is around 20-30 minutes long. This gets it all done at once. I took off one star because the breathing instructions aren't always completely explained. Breathing properly and at the appropriate time is important in pilates. Sometimes she forgets to tell you when to breathe when. Other times she will tell you, but do it different than the instructions say. Other times she has you inhaling and exhaling too close together and it just doesn't feel right.

    Note for beginners, I would suggest having a little experience using a stability ball and knowing the basic pilates moves before doing this workout. The ones I used and suggest are Core Secrets fundamentals and 20 minute workout, and the Winsor pilates instruction workout and 20 minute workout. I would also suggest having some core strength before doing this workout. You are using those muscles thru this entire workout, and it would be too much if you are just starting to work your core and/or your abs.

    Also, if you are just begining to work out, DON'T MOVE ON TO THE MORE CHALLENGING MOVES AT FIRST. I think that's where a lot of people had problems with this DVD. She starts out with the basic move in a series, then adds on to make it more challenging. If you are just starting out, or find the next step adding on to the basic move challenging, just stick with the basic move. Then, as you get better and stronger you can add on. If you find it difficult adding on then just stick with the basic move. You'll still get a good workout, and you have the advantage of having something to work up to! I think this workout can still be good for a beginner if you do this.

    Another suggestion is make sure your ball has the appropriate amount of air or is the appropriate size for your body. Although my stability ball worked great for my Core Secrets workouts (I also highly recommend those), I needed to let some of the air out to be able to do some of the moves with this workout. The very first move was difficult for me to plant my feet while doing the move, and holding the ball between my thighs, but once I let some of the air out I had no problems.

    I highly recommend incorporating the stability ball and/or pilates in your workouts. It makes a big difference in the results you will see in your abs. ...more info
  • A mixed difficulty ball workout
    Well, this one really isn't for beginners. This is because the stability ball can bring two things to the table. You can use the ball to support you during exercises and make them easier, or you can hold the ball in your hands or in between your legs while doing exercises, which makes them MUCH harder. This DVD contains both kinds of exercises, which is why I really can't recommend it for people who have never done Pilates before.

    It begins with some mini roll ups on the ball to warm up the abdominals. This part is pretty easy and boring and lasts for about five minutes. Then she does spine stretch, spine twist, and saw on the ball. Then we move to the floor and do traditional Pilates exercises, using the ball in different ways. The hundred is done with the legs resting on the ball, which makes it very easy. The exercises where you have to put the ball in between your legs and hold it there are killer though. Single leg stretch, double leg stretch, and criss cross are done first with your head propped up on the ball and then with you holding the ball in your hands (harder). Roll ups are done while holding the ball (harder). Teaser and bridge are done with legs on the ball, which I like a lot.

    So this workout really is a mixed bag--easier in some places than a mat pilates workout, but much harder in others. I enjoy doing it because of the places that challenge me. There is also a bonus with four exercises that are REALLY tough--like roll over with the ball in your legs....more info
  • Not really for beginners
    I watched then attempted to do this tape for the first time last night. It was pretty darn challenging, I could only do about half of the moves. Lizbeth is a good guide and I have no qualms about the tape except it is way too advanced for me. Also, with a bad back, there are 3-4 moves that my physical therapist said I should NEVER do. I've been working with the stability ball for 3 1/2 months now and wanted to add more moves to my current workout. I'm still glad I got this tape, but it's definitely not one I'll do regularly or try to complete all the moves. Overall, not for beginners and kind of disappointing....more info
  • Good Workout, Smooth Transitions
    I purchased this DVD a month or so ago, and I have truly enjoyed it. I use it in combination with a mat Pilates DVD, as well as regular cardio exercise. I originally bought this DVD unsure of what to expect, as I had taken several Pilates Ball classes at my gym. I was very surprised at the quality of the workout! Transitions are very smooth and the exercises flow, so you don't feel as though you're being lectured rather than getting a workout.

    I would highly recommend this DVD and would definitely buy it again (or any follow up DVDs to this routine)....more info
  • Its a toughie....
    Alright maybe it works for the pilates gurus but for me, not being very aclimated to pilates I would say start slow. Maybe workup to this DVD. Lets just say the first time I tried a move with the stability ball behind my head. My neck was sore till the next day. So I say workup to this one. ...more info
    RECOMMENDED....more info
  • Great Toning Workout!
    I started Pilates about a year ago due to my health. I suffer from extreme pain daily due to fibromyalgia and an old back injury. So I was looking into various exercise programs to see what I would actually follow through on and that would be doable for me. I liked the mind, body and spirit methods used in Pilates, so I began using Pilates. I found that Pilates reduced my pain level by about 1/2 after about 1 month of regular use. When I am faithful and do it daily I notice not only that I'm toning up, but that my pain level is very manageable. Lizbeth Garcia is very clear and precise in her instructions although for a true beginner some other helps might have been added to help clarify some things like `squeezing the sit bones together.' This video is a very good "On The Ball Beginner" and for those who just can't do the high stress programs out there.

    My 11 year old son got his first ball last fall and so I got Lizabeth Garcia's On the Ball Pilates program for him and found it was perfect for me as well. I was so excited because it was for 'beginners' and I was concerned about him doing the exercises correctly and not over exerting himself. I am glad however that I had previous experience with Pilates that explains in greater detail how to squeeze the sit bones together or as one Pilates instructor says "smile." I found that very amusing and my son laughed and said my bum can't smile! Another thing I found that that Lizbeth Garcia uses to communicate with her audience is her continual use of the word 'Challenging,' I think this is an essential part of encouragement and it really motivates our son and for that matter me too, to keep trying parts that are more 'challenging.' Keep up the great work Lizbeth and I look forward to future videos.
    ...more info
  • Great beginner's ball workout
    This is a good overall workout, mostly focused on your abs & legs. Not too strenuous-but enough to challenge a beginner. Some of the positions are a little awkward unless you're used to using a fitness ball. The pace is generally easy to follow but gets a little fast at times....more info
  • Work out is "on the ball " for older exercisers
    I have been a fan of Pilates for several years and so the thought of combining Pilates and the stability ball was facinating! Not only is this a great workout and easy so follow but it is like having a really good massage - it leaves me feeling relaxed. I am ready for the next step! I am not young anymore, in my sixth decade of life and still found this to be great for me as it encourages flexibility as well as building core strength....more info
  • Recommend this DVD!!
    I have been doing Pilates for years now and wanted to incorporate the ball into my exercise routine to get more of a challenge. This DVD definitely provided this! This is definitely not for beginners. The bonus workouts are perfect to getting a more challenging workout.

    P.S. I'm glad someone mentioned the bonus workout in the reviews- I would never have known about them since I rarely go through the menus of an exercise dvd. ...more info
  • good work out
    I have never done pilates before or used a fitness ball. It moved at slow pase for proper body mechanics and still got a good workout. ...more info
  • Not for beginners
    I have done Pilates for some time and also worked with the balance ball so I thought it would be interesting to put the two together, and as I hadn't done that before I thought a beginner program would help. This is definitely not for beginner's. The exercises will be difficult for someone with little to moderate abdominal strength. The program goes fast with no allowance for different levels. A good workout for experienced Pilates....more info
  • Effective workout
    I have worked out sporadically on the stability ball for several years. Always with written instruction. This video does an excellent job of putting together a routine that is challenging yet doable even for the pilates beginner. There are a couple exercises I can't do yet but I'm sure with a few more weeks of work I will master them. ...more info
  • Very impressed - not just for beginners + only all-around great Pilates workout I've found so far
    I found this to be the perfect combination and intensity level for an advanced beginner/intermediate frequent exerciser. I love that all the exercises are doable while leaving room to grow as one gets more advanced. Great instruction and clever use of the stability ball further add to this being a great workout in every way. I'm especially impressed because the other Pilates workouts I'd tried before I found too uneven given too great a range between easy & hence not very effective exercises combined with some too difficult and hence way out of reach moves unless extremely advanced. Fortunately the rave reviews for this workout made me give Pilates one last try and I'm so glad I did as I love the intensity, pacing and effectiveness throughout. In case it helps give you a baseline for comparison, the other Pilates workouts I tried but did not 'hit the spot' enough for me to continue doing include The Method Pilates - Target Specifics, Winsor Pilates, MTV Pilates, Suzanne Deason's Balance Ball Abs Workout and Zone Body Sculpt Big Ball Workout....more info
  • This works wonders.
    This is a great video for all. I use the video all the time but I pause it to do more reps. It takes about 35 mins. for the whole video. I would have given it 5 stars if the video had more reps. ...more info
  • Awesome!
    Can't say enough good things about this one. I am not one for watching any program while doing these but I do integrate the exercises into my daily practice.

    Been working with the routines for over 1 year and - along with Sara Ivanhoe's Yoga on the Ball - have seen tremendous results.

    As with anything involving the ball and these types of moves, a good quality sticky mat is important in my opinion.

    ...more info
  • stability ball workout
    This dvd really surprised me! I am not used to the balance ball workouts, thinking they would not be that effective. Silly me! This is a great workout, challenging for me as a beginner. Easy to follow and it flowed smoothly. The reason I only gave it 4 stars is because I did have an achy back after, but I have 2 herniated disks, and just need to keep doing it to build up my core (hence the reason for this particular workout!)I would recommend it to anyone though....more info
  • Fun and surprisingly challenging
    I bought this one along with some other stability ball workout dvd's(quick fix,the method and maria leone's "pilates on the go on the ball" which are all good in my opinion)and since it is aimed for a beginner as the title suggests, I was surprised that it was actually challenging and I felt sore(in the good way) in all the right places a day after,and I do yoga and pilates regularly.The exercises are very doable and easy to follow so that's why it is suitable for beginners but anyone at any level could benefit from this workout.The workout is 30 minutes but there's a 10 minute bonus workout blast which unfortunately has some of the same exercises as in the main workout but also some new and more challenging exercises.The video quality is great and also the music , the audio is in dolby 5.1 which is not common for fitness dvd's.The instructor is also very nice and not annoying at all. All in all if you want a stability ball workout this one should definitely be your first....more info
  • Wonderful results
    After doing this video two times a week for a month, I saw results in overall tone and lengthening of the muscle. Balance ball excercises are challeging but gives you something to shoot for!...more info
  • awesome!
    This is a great workout video with the ball. it is challenging and fun. liz garcia is a great instructor and shows and talks about how to do things correctly as well as showing the modifications you can do and shows the full range of the most flexible. This workout is challenging. if you have extremely weak abs this is not the video you should start with unless you would like a challange. This video will get you into shape quickly. i have been doing this video and others for about 2 weeks now and i can already tell a difference. if you like this i also reccomend yoga on the ball with sarah ivanhoe.
    When i haven't worked out in a while i use this video and boy does it make me feel that i have been working my abs. This is a fantastic video that should not be missed....more info
  • A flawed video for sure.
    I used to do windsor pilates, I think my video was with Daisy Fuentes. I thought it would be fun to do a workout on my stability ball but I was totally wrong! There is no lower-impact option... which is especially nice when you're just starting out. She also sometimes says the wrong word and doesn't correct herself, so it's hard to understand what you're supposed to be doing.

    Biggest problem: If you're above 5'6" (I'm 5'8") you get a slightly bigger stability ball. This workout doesn't have that larger stability ball in mind. Some of the moves are impossible because of the size of the larger ball. This is a problem for me and I wish I would have just bought a dvd copy of windsor pilates to replace my old vhs. What a waste of ten dollars!...more info
  • Ballates Doesn't Cut It
    I'm a certified instructor who studied the East Coast (original) style of Pilates. My teacher training program required over 750 hours of training. Here's the bottom line: Joseph Pilates NEVER taught is method with a ball. It's time to look back to the real method and pan for real gold. No fools gold for me. ...more info
  • Awesome and Fun
    I'm a personal trainer and I think this video is so fun you don't realize you're working out, yet you'll feel a burn the next day! Other great Pilates videos are:
    Yoga Plus (by denise Austin)EASY
    Intermediate Pilates (by Gaiam)NOT TO HARD
    Pilate for Every Body (by Denise) more challengeing
    Strong and Streamlined(Stott) most challenging
    Hope this helps...more info
  • A great workout for advanced beginners
    As other reviewers have noted, this isn't a true beginner's workout; I think it should be categorised as Beginner/Intermediate. However, Lizbeth does give pointers on form and remind you when to exhale and inhale; she tells you every time a particular movement is challenging. It isn't mentioned in the product description, but the DVD includes a slightly challenging "Bonus Blast" workout, about ten minutes long....more info
  • I learned a lot
    This DVD can teach you dozens of things to do on an exercise ball that you never thought possible. The title says for "beginners" but I found it to be pretty intermediate myself.

    Overall I love using this workout video...it concentrates on your core muscles but definitely is no cardio workout. I find myself skipping the first part because she goes entirely too slow at first. Be prepared to mute the video and/or listen to music after the first time watching...she is really annoying and says "inhale, exhale" probably 300 times. She's good though!...more info
  • Don't buy if you're uncoordinated.
    This is definitely not a tape for you if you aren't very coordinated or if you are just beginning to work out. It is probably great if you've used a stability ball before but if you haven't some of the exercises are a bit too challenging. Therefore, I generally will choose another DVD that I can actually feel like I am accomplishing something rather than just fighting to stay on the ball. :)...more info
  • Effective workout
    I have used several exercise videos/DVDs and I must say this one is one of the best. Reason? Well, it does not last too long so you cannot justify it to yourself saying I don't have time for it, it is a continous exercize so the time is well spent and all important body parts are active. Some of the exercises are quite intensive, but all of them develop from basic movement to intensive so you can take a short break if you need to catch a breath. I could not complete all of the exercises, but I got the DVD to work with and improve my fitness anyway.
    Note for potential users: You need space to work properly! I found the yoga mat to be a great surface to work on :)...more info
  • Peaceful
    I tried yoga for the first time today when this DVD came in the mail. I read the good reviews and compared with any bad ones. All I can say is this is a beautiful DVD and yes, beginners can buy it. I'm out of shape and can only do the basic steps. The instructor is very helpful, doesn't speak too much, gives subtle reminders of when to inhale and exhale, yet teaches you everything you need to know for the steps. The background music is very calming along with the scenery. I just may get into shape! Very impressive! Feel safe buying this DVD if you are physically able to do stretches-moderate workout for beginners....more info
  • Great workout!
    I first tried out this tape through an online rental. I loved it so much I decided to buy it. Lizbeth is a great instructor and I really like her voice/accent. It is a workout that isn't extremely hard, but it's effective. My abs always feel so tight & toned afterwards. If you are looking for more of a challenge be sure to try out the bonus workout under the extra features. It will definately work your legs and abs! ...more info
  • Fantastic video!
    This DVD is a great exercise routine for beginners: the exercises are done slowly enough for you to follow along, but it's not so sluggish that you get bored when you learn the routine. Lizabeth Garcia is one of the least obnoxious instructors I've ever experienced, and even if you don't like her, there is a great feature on this DVD: once you learn the moves, you can turn off her commentary and work out just to the music on the DVD. That option alone is worth the five stars in my book.

    Another great feature is the addition of "bonus workout blasts" which are (very) challenging moves that you can choose to add to your workout if you feel like you need a little extra. These are great when you've already been doing the workout for a while and feel you need to up your challenges. The standard workout by itself should be more than enough for any beginner; the moves alone are not super difficult, but combined into a half-hour session, they certainly make you work hard. This DVD is great for both those who seek great muscle tone and those who want to lose weight, though be sure to combine this routine with some cardio work, as these DVD does not get your heart going very fast and it alone will not drop weight as fast as Pilates + Cardio. Personally, I've found that cardio 3 days a week and pilates 2 days a week does wonders, but to each his own....more info
  • Excellent core workout
    An excellent video. I was starting to get bored with the video that came with my workout ball. This one is the next step more advanced, the right amount more difficult for me to move on to, don't let the easy warm up exercises fool you....more info
  • Woohoo!
    OK, I've tried everything and this is a great dvd. I am still a little bit wobbly on the ball, but I'm learning. And Lizbeth is a good teacher. I've only been doing this for 2 weeks so far, and I'm certainly feelin' it after each workout. I haven't lost weight yet (I think I need to add some cardio in there, but I feel taller and I SWEAR my waist and abs are changing in shape. I love this and cannot talk about it enough! ...more info
  • Great Ab Workout
    I am kind of new to the pilates thing, but the few videos I have done, I have loved. This one was no exception. It was so much fun that when it was over, I was left thinking, "is that it"? Hah. Although I consider myself to be fit with good ab strength, it has been two days and I am still sore. I do agree with other reviewers that said this workout is something to build up to. You probably won't master it on the first try....more info
  • Having A Ball
    I am really enjoying this DVD to add some different ways of working with Pilates in my exercises. I have working alot on my abs with this DVD and feel the results, love that part alot. As a relatively new person to Pilates and working my way up there were many things I could do on this DVD as a beginner. If you like Pilates and want to add some extras (such as a ball) that will further strengthen you, Lizbeth will help....more info
  • Not for True Beginners
    As a pure workout ball beginner, I found this DVD to be very difficult and complicated. I can tell the exercises are effective and useful, but it's very difficult to get the hang of this without any experience with Pilates or the ball. I suggest something simpler and slower if you are an uncoordinated beginner like I am!...more info
  • Great Great Great!
    I've owned this DVD about a month now and I still enjoy it every time I do it. This is a great pilates workout. Even if it says "Beginners", it was not as easy as I thought. It really works my abs and other muscles in my legs and [...] well by the time I'm done with it. It's challenging and the ball adds fun to the workout. Everybody should get one. It works!...more info
  • Good for all fitness levels
    I am overweight and fairly out of shape, and one of the most frustrating things I found about pilates workouts was that they often used moves that my muscles just couldn't sustain or that the size of my chest or stomach would get in the way. This is a great zero-impact strengthening and toning workout that anybody can do, and sitting and laying on the ball is actually very relaxing. Make sure you get a ball of the proper size for your height!...more info
  • Multiple levels for different agilities
    I really like this video because it's challenging enough to keep working out to it. It doesn't get boring. And I've already seen results but I've only done it three times! There is a lot of ab work on this DVD, so you definately have to get this video if you need work on your abs. And there are extra clips you can go to if you need a little extra work here or there. A great workout video....more info
  • Awesome for beginners needing core strength!
    As someone who only recently allowed my body to get out of shape, I needed something to kick start a core-training program, and this was the perfect choice! While difficult, it's enjoyable and pleasant. You feel your body throughout the day after working out. It makes a difference immediately.

    The instructor is beautiful and inspiring. She has a great voice and nothing about this dvd is annoying like so many other work out dvds.

    I have no complaints. This is the dvd for you if desire core strength almost over night!...more info
  • Great for beginners
    I've heard so much about Pilates so I thought it was time to give it a try. This DVD is so useful for anyone that is new to Pilates or new to working out with a ball. I would highly recommend this product....more info
  • Just get Winsor Pilates!
    This was not a great workout for me; the same old pilates moves, just on a ball. I didn't like it at all....more info
  • A fun challenge
    This video combined two forms of exercise I love. The stability ball and pilates. The routine takes pilates off the floor and challenges your core muscles to remain stable on the ball. I fell off my ball the first five tries. The moves look simple, but require focus and strength to execute. I'm a huge fan. This is the video that redeemed by Core Secrets ball (Don't bother with Core Secrets. Their exercises can be found on any library ball workout video.)...more info
  • For a beginner who wants a challenge!
    This is an excellent dvd! Well worth the amazon.com price. I am a new student of pilates and have enjoyed getting started with this dvd. Although this is a beginners workout, even those of us who consider ourselves relatively fit and flexible will find this routine challenging. Sometimes Lizbeth Garcia's breathing instructions are a little hard to follow, but overall she gives great instructions at a comfortable pace. You might want to consider starting with a pilates mat workout, as the ball adds an extra challenge...balance. Or try alternating between the mat and ball. Gaiam makes a decent beginners mat workout dvd. Overall, I highly recommend this dvd.

    (For those of you sensitive to the demeanor of fitness instructors, Lizbeth manages to be both motivating and soothing. No annoying cheers, fake smiles, or hyperactive mannerisms.)...more info
  • Not really for Beginners
    I agree with those who state that this workout is really not for beginners. I consider myself a true beginner. I have five children, so my abdominal and lower back muscles are practically non-existant, and I haven't worked out in years. I heard so much about Pilates that I wanted to try it. As a beginner, I found that I simply could not do some of the exercises. It was clear to me that these exercises required you to have good abdominal and lower back muscles, which are usually found on someone who is already in fairly good shape, not a beginner like me.

    That's not to say that this workout is not good. If you can do all the exercises, I think you will get a good workout. If you are a true beginner like me, start elsewhere and work your way up to this one.
    ...more info
  • generally excellent but probably not for rank beginners
    This is a very good workout DVD. I have the Colleen Craig Book and DVD (Pilates on the Ball) which I think is one of the best programs, and I have been following (not always religiously)her routine for about a year. Lizbeth Garcia's DVD is of the same caliber (I don't know if there is a book as well) but I find that the workout is more advanced than Colleen Craig's DVD. Having said this, it is also shorter and perhaps more reasonable for everyday use once you have mastered the exercises. Lizbeth Garcia is a great demonstrator and makes the exercises look deceivingly simple. I am in pretty good shape but when she put her legs on the ball (with her upper body on the floor) and then did a sit up, she went another notch or two above my ability level, and even further above a beginner level. She tells you when to breathe which is always helpful, and there is an additional routine included. I see this as being at an advanced beginner to intermediate level DVD. It is a perfect one to follow Craig's Pilates on the Ball....more info
  • short but interesting exercises
    This is not a comprehensive workout but has some good exercises in it if you need to do a quick workout....more info
  • The more I use it, the better I like it
    This workout covers back, abs, legs, glutes, and stretching. If you have some free weights, it is easy to add some upper body work during the beginning section, for a full-body workout in just about half an hour.
    The instructions are clear, and once you have become accustomed to the moves, you can turn off the speaking and just enjoy the workout with the music.
    Instructor Lizbeth Garcia gives suggestions for adapting to different levels of difficulty, and there is also a special "challenge" workout, so you can continue to use this DVD as you get stronger.
    The combination of stretches and strength work is very relaxing, and the way the exercises flow makes this a pleasurable and peaceful way to begin or end the day....more info
  • Very good work out
    This is an excellent way to work with Pilates, but I must admit some exercises are quite difficult to perform for beginners. Anyway as we are suppose to hear our body we catch witht time. Is really energetic and efficient....more info
  • Having A Ball
    I am really enjoying this DVD to add some different ways of working with Pilates in my exercises. I have working alot on my abs with this DVD and feel the results, love that part alot. As a relatively new person to Pilates and working my way up there were many things I could do on this DVD as a beginner. If you like Pilates and want to add some extras (such as a ball) that will further strengthen you, Lizbeth will help....more info
  • watch out!
    be careful with this video if you have any neck, back or shoulder problems....more info
  • I hate ab workouts and I liked this
    This program is great. I get bored with most ab workouts (crunches and situps get old fast) but the ball in this somehow makes it more interesting and almost fun. Lizbeth Garcia is a very encouraging instructor without being annoyingly perky. She makes the moves in this look easy, but I wasn't able to do all of them at first. After doing the workout for several months, I have really increased my ab strength and couldn't believe how many situps I could do. ...more info
  • Great video!
    This is great! I feel so toned after completing it! I use it in combination with the Iron Core kettlebell workout. I alternate between the two every other day and I'm finally seeing results after trying so many other workout routines....more info


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