DeLonghi PAC-360 Portable Air Conditioner

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10,000 BTU / 8.6 EER / Cools and DeHumidifies a 300 square foot room / Programmable Timer / Rolls on wheels Air to air system 24 Hour programmable timer Quiet operation * No drip technolgy with Double condensor 3M Filtrete Air Filter removes 99.97% of the airborne particles that pass through it Convenient controls Adjustable thermostat helps save energy

  • 10000 BTU - Effectively cools and dehumidifies a 3000 cubic foot room (50x20x8)
  • Easily rolls on wheels
  • May be stored in a closet when not being used
  • Hose attachment for window/wall/door air exhaust
  • 8.6 EER
Customer Reviews:
  • Delonghi pinguino pac-360
    Like many of the above reviewers, I bought this unit because the specs were good and it was on sale.

    It functions adequately but the fan only has two speeds-slow and medium slow. The air does feel cool (not cold) and the filter definitely cleans the air.

    The plastic window support for the air outlet did warp in the heat and I have been unable to get a replacement. I now use a piece of wood that fits the plastic slide to position the air outlet. Looks cheap but it works.

    For the price one would expect higher quality in the materials used to make the product.

    It no longer is being sold locally so I suspect the item is outdated for the market.

    It is easy to move. I rarely have to fill it with water. And the sound of the ocean is a gentle background "white noise" like the ocean....more info
  • GREAT!!!... for a little while
    I purchased 2 PAC-360 units 3 years ago when I moved to the LA area and builders there didn't seem to think it was ever going to get hot so didn't install air conditioners in most apartments within 5 miles of the beach :-P Anyway, my Pinguino units both ran loudly (I slept with earplugs), but perfectly well for the first 2 summer seasons. However, this year, one of them turns off after 10 minutes (this one's on the way to the trash bin) and the other after about 4 hours - I pray that it lasts a few more excruciatingly hot & humid summer weeks. I figure it's still cheaper than the $1000/month more I would have to pay for an air-conditioned apartment, but I think that $1200 units should at least give 4 years of service (2 months per year). Too pricey for me to do again. ...more info
  • Like it..
    Ordered a DeLonghi unit and like it. After reading some reviews it seems that some units might get damaged in shipping if poorly pacakged/shipped - so I bought from a company with a good shipping and return policy. Unit seems to cool very well and I don't have to deal with emptying water which is a huge plus compared to different brand unit I tried....more info
  • Don't buy this product!
    I made the mistake of purchasing the pinguino PAC-360, and it stopped working at the beginning of its second season. Delonghi is not interested in my problem, since they have their share of the $1200 I paid for it. Since no one in the Boston area will service it, I am stuck replacing it with a different brand. If you want one, give me a call, you can have mine for free! (Just kidding, I already threw it away...)

    By the way, the water that circulates through this machine develops the most offensive smell that I have ever encountered. I am almost glad that it broke, just so that I could forget that smell......more info
  • DeLonghi Air Products in General
    We've had the model, 250, 260 and now the 360 (as a warrantied replacement for the 260). If we weren't so desperate, we'd not have bought this product. The 1st one we ever got worked pretty well for about 3 years/hot seasons, but the 2nd, 3rd (haven't tried the 4th one yet) leaked like crazy and shut off, when as the other review said, the hose was installed as directed. If you have money to burn, this product is fine.......more info
  • Not Happy
    I did order the PAC-360 and was disappointed. Now, this may all be due to a defective unit, or not.

    I got the unit for my basement office and the exhaust hose didn't reach. I was able to fashion an extension with a dryer exhaust hose. Well, after hooking everything up and venting the hose thru my basement window, it came to life. It takes about 5 to 10 min. to start cooling. Also, you'll need to fill an internal tank with water to get max cooling. Note, the instructions state that you'll need to fill up the water tank every 7-8 hours for max effect. Now, after running for 15 minutes the alert light flashes and the Delonghi goes into Fan only mode. The manual reports there is an obstruction in the exhaust hose. No way. Checked it 5 times and all is clear.

    Well, I might have a bad unit that can be replaced, but I'm going to return it. For the price, I expected better. The controls are cheap push buttons and not the electronic ones you find all most all a/c now-a-days. Also, when the compressor kicks in, it�s really loud. For the price of this unit, I don�t think it's worth it

    Again, this is my experience. I spoke to my neighbor who got one for his daughter and she's very happy with it....more info