Crunch - Fat Burning Pilates
Crunch - Fat Burning Pilates

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Product Description

Welcome to CRUNCH Fitness! Get the best of both worlds and the most for your effort with this winning combination: calorie-burning cardio along with Pilates-based toning. Impact safe yet so effective, it maximizes your fat-burning potential. You'll start with easy-to-follow cardio that skillfully blends dance and low impact cardio with standing Pilates-inspired moves into one routine to challenge your aerobic fitness, improve your posture and put you more in touch with the power of your "core." Then, kick off your shoes and hit the floor to tighten and tone your favorite body parts, including abs, butt and thighs. Get long, lean, sexy muscles with our series of Pilates mat exercises, sure to give you a year-round bikini body! For faster results than Pilates alone, this combo workout can help you sculpt your body AND burn fat! For all fitness levels. A mat or rug and bare feet are highly recommended for the Pilates floorwork.

"Calorie burning cardio plus Pilates-based toning," promises this 40-minute Crunch program, which combines Pilates-influenced standing and mat exercises. In the cardio section, instructor Ellen Barrett uses Pilates terminology (e.g. "standing imprint") as she adapts Pilates moves to rather repetitious standing exercises--mostly squats and leg lift variations--which work the core muscles of the abdominals and back as well as legs, thighs, and buttocks. The moves are sometimes slow and rarely "travel," so your heart rate might not stay elevated, although your lower body and core muscles will get a good workout. The toning section consists of Pilates mat exercises which work abs, back, thighs, and buttocks. One exerciser demonstrates easier modifications. The background music is dominated by a lively drummer who keeps the workout upbeat and enthusiastic. --Joan Price

Customer Reviews:

  • Crunch Rules
    I love Fat Burning Pilates! Ellen is a pleasant instructor with a great video. It has the benefits of being a low impact video; it maximizes the fat burning opportunity, while target toning with intensity.

    At lower intensities, fax oxidation supplies the energy for exercise, which is why moderate exercise is best for someone like myself, as opposed to working out at my max. I have seen results from pilates and it's benefits are maximized by the cardio addition in this video. Core strength is developed and used in daily life. Increased muscle strength means that your metabolism increases as well.

    I highly recommend it for someone looking for impressive fat burning!...more info
  • 5 stars for Ellen, Zero stars for cameraman and idiotic drummer
    I am a huge fan of Ellen Barrett's Crunch Pilates series. I have all her DVDs and use them regularly. This is the only one I have a gripe with.

    The cameraman, for some inexplicable reason, frequently cuts away from Ellen just as she's transitioning to a new move! Why? To zoom in on a crunch logo, or to focus on that annoying drummer, smirking away in the corner. This was very, VERY sloppy camerawork in this DVD. It's extremely distracting and frustrating.

    Other than that, the workout is effective, and if you watch it often enough, eventually the camerawork, although still extremely annoying, causes less problems for your workout. I typically burn 205 calories doing this DVD, and 55% body fat.

    The other DVDs don't have this problem, though, and they are great. I have been doing the Ellen Barrett Crunch DVDs for the past three and a half months. You can REALLY tell a difference on my body, the results are truly amazing (of course, changing my diet and dropping 20 pounds helped). My thighs are really hard and my abs are definitely firm. Even three and a half months later, I still work up a sweat on this DVD.

    Ellen is a great, non-annoying instructor, I just love her!!...more info
  • Great Introduction to Pilatees
    Except for the walking my job requires, I have not done any real exercise in over a year and decided to start swimming again; so I bought this video because I wanted something that would help me lose a little of the weight I gained and because I thought it would be a great way to loosen up and stretch my body after swimming. This video did that and more. My first day back in the pool was great but it left my shoulders really tight. So the next day I popped in this video and all I can say is WOW! WOW! The workout not only helped to loosen up and get rid of most of the soreness in my shoulders and the rest of my body, but I got a nice cardio workout. The instructor was very good at demonstrating or explaining each exercise without being annoyingly perky. It took about my third or fourth time using the video to get the movements down, but once I did the workouts wore awesome. I am so impressed with this video that I plan on buying the Crunch Cardio Sculp and the Crunch Boot Camp Training for when I don't feel like driving to the pool or the weather is too nasty (i.e. snow and ice) for driving to the pool. If they are anything like this video I am going to be in great shape during the winter months and I won't have to worry about getting into shape for the summer because I will already be in toned and in shape. Just a warning to those whose fitness level is intermediate to advance, this is may not be the video for you. I say this because with the swimming, I started to build up my stamina very quickly, so to really get the cardio benefits of the workout I had to rewind the tape before it got to the floor pilates part and start the whole cardio routine all over again. I was really sweating after the second time around. Since the instructor was so wonderful, sans perky cheerleader voice, I did not mind repeating the video which gave me a good 60 minutes of cardio before I finally did the floor exercise/cool down portion of the video. I think I will keep this video even after my fitness level has gone up, just for those days when I'm feeling lazy and don't feel like doing anything too strenous. ...more info
  • Cardio plus challenging mat moves
    The first 25 min of this tape offers a cardio routine w/ pilates inspired moves. You WILL feel it, especially in the obliques. The second part, mat work, was a little challenging after doing all the floor work. I will admit that when I first got the tape I found the first segment (25 min aerobic inspired pilates) to be enough for me but now I can do it all. I consider myself to be an advanced beginner. An intermediate to advanced practitioner may not find it as challenging and rewarding as I did.

    Overall its a great tape. As with every other CRUNCH workout I've seen, the instructor is good and likeable. None of that yelling from the other ladies in the background.
    There is a live drummer adding a nice layer of extra rhythm to the music. He is in no way distracting or annoying. I think he lends a bit of energy to the workout and to the set.

    Overall, this is a pretty nice workout. Its one of my favorites. ...more info
  • One of my favorite workout videos
    This DVD was my first Crunch video and I enjoy this workout tremendously. I like to do my workout videos primarily in the morning and I usually grab this over all my others. Ellen is a great instructor and the workout really gets my heart pumping, I'm not exhausted after it's over, and I feel great the rest of the day. I must agree with another reviewer that the drummer is pretty darn annoying, especially when you're first trying to learn the routine (hence the 4 stars). However, once you get the hang of it and are able to focus on yourself and not the screen as much you can just ignore him. It doesn't require too much room for this workout either, which is required for me as my space is limited. I plan on investing into more Crunch workouts. A must have for your collection!...more info
  • Get into shape with Cruch Pilates!
    I've been out of shape the last couple of years and one morning borrowed my sister's Crunch Pilates DVD. I've been hooked ever since and bought my own copy. The instructor is always energetic and supportive, the music is understated but very effective, and, most importantly, the moves aren't too difficult but provide a great workout for couch-potatoes, like myself, who want to begin leading a healthier life. I highly recommend Crunch Pilates. And when I get back into shape, I'm definitely going to order the intermediate version! ...more info
  • fat burning pilates
    great workout. a good sweat, but not too hard to keep up with....more info
  • crunch
    When I first started working out I used this tape. It is a great workout. I ended up buying two other of her videos. I think Ellen does a great job and know matter how many times I watch the tape she never is annoying....more info
  • great way to break up your exercise routine!
    This DVD offers a nice twist to traditional Pilates movements. There are a lot of lunges that really get your heart rate up. Results were noticable in just a few sessions. A must have for your collection! ...more info
  • Crunch- Fat Burning Pilates
    I loved this tape. It is such a great heart pumping cardio pilates workout! I definitly recommend it ...more info
  • Another great workout from Ellen
    Ellen is definately my favorite instructor. This is another great workout which is relatively easy, yet effective. You do lots and lots of squats, which REALLY helps to get your thighs buff fast...take it from me, I just had a baby. The squats are bearable though because she breaks them up with alot of standing moves to work your abs. Overall, if you learn how to maintain correct "pilates posture" (which she reminds you to do through the video) you will get great results from this, especially if you are a beginner. For intermediate to advanced, this is great for a "light day". Also I highly recommend Ellen's "Burn and Firm Pilates" for those of you who want more intensity....more info
  • Great Way to Start Your Day
    I have just recently quite my gym membership to join the wonderful world of home video work outs.

    I own almost all of the Crunch Pilates and Yoga videos, but this one is exceptional!

    I love the instructor, Ellen Barret. She is positive, clear in her speaking and encouraging throughout the workout.

    This is probably my favorite of all the Crunch videos I own. My second favorite would be Crunch Super SlimDown.

    I do this video in the morning before work and fell energized throughout my day.

    Definitely a wonderful addition to my fitness DVD collection and practically a steal for the low price I got it at!...more info
  • Promising but a bit too much leg/knee work
    I love Pilates and have been doing it for several months, but I'm struggling to add cardio to my routine consistantly. I'm in pretty poor cardiovascular shape so I figured this short combination video would fit the bill. As a beginner, I found this workout very challenging. It definately got my heart rate into the target zone.

    I know the cardio was not supposed to be real Pilates, but "Pilates inspired." It seemed more inspired by ballet to me. It seemed almost totally based in plies/squats...tons of them. I have knee issues and after the workout I had to put ice packs on my knees, they were so sore. I like the workout, but I'm not sure if my knees can take it too often.

    The mat work is okay. If you are new to Pilates I would not recommend it because she does not explain the exercises or proper form. Beginners to Pilates really need a slower, more mindful practice to learn the exercises. Look for Ana Caban, or Stott Pilates for this. The matwork seemed very short. It contained a few traditional Pilates exercises and a few strange ones I had never seen. The mat workout itself is not very challenging, except for the fact that I was already tired from the cardio when I started.

    Overall I think the dvd has too much leg work considering Pilates is supposed to be about working the core abdominal muscles. I am an apple shape and my legs need the least work, unfortunately most aerobics videos seem obsessed with squats and lunges. I like the music and the instructor and I really want to like this dvd; maybe I will if my knees get stronger....more info
  • low-impact, high-energy fun
    The quick and simple review for this DVD would be that it is a good, basic low-impact aerobics class with a nice floorwork element. I found it enjoyable and energizing without being too difficult.
    Now imagine this: you walk into your new fitness class and find it populated entirely by cute young women who have just been to the hairdresser, makeup artist, and possibly a waxing session, judging by the amount of abdomen they are showing. If you thought, "Perfect! That is just the kind of class I loove!" then you will feel at home in this video class. If you thought, "Oh, I wish I felt at ease in that kind of class!" then this is perfect, since you can do it at home without feeling that anyone is looking down on you for your baggy T-shirt, age, or imperfect figure. If you would spend the whole 40 minutes hating those girls, don't choose this DVD.
    I agree with an earlier reviewer that cutting to the drummer during changes in moves was a bad idea on the part of the editor of the DVD, but otherwise, this is well-done. The moves are clearly explained, the music is enjoyable, and there is a modifier. I intend to check out other DVDs from this series....more info
  • Moderate workout
    I think it was a good light workout, I agree that the heart rate won't get too elevated.
    The camera kept focusing on the drummer in the background way too much, I thought his presence was totally unnecessary and actually kind of funny. And the camera often also focused on a waist up shot of a group member when they were doing a lower body move.
    When you're trying to follow the moves, you need to see the whole body of the instructor...
    But overall it was a good moderate workout....more info
  • Great Workout!!
    I did this workout for the first time this morning and feel great today at work! Ellen's cueing was excellent and the moves were easy to follow but still working your whole body. I got this at the library but I will be going out to buy my own copy. Highly recommend for any home fitness library. ...more info
  • Ellen Barrett is Excellent
    I got hooked on Ellen's two All-Star workouts from FitTv, and wanted to see more of her routines. This is an energizing and attainable workout -- not too tough for a beginner, but not so easy to be boring for a more seasoned exerciser. It's great for days with inclement weather, when you just can't get out of the house to hit the gym or take a decent walk/run. Ellen is one of the few fitness personalities that I don't find irritating or annoying. She strikes me as a real woman with a beautiful, graceful, and healthy shape. ...more info
  • pointless...
    This was my first work out dvd and man do I regret ever spending money on it. The cardio is horrible, i didn't break a sweat at all. The foot work made me pull something in my leg so but yet after that i continued doing it because i thought well its probboly just a muscle getting used to working out again but no. It's hard being 16 trying to get fit because you need way more cardio. This dvd is called "fat burning" pilates, my only question is wheres the fat burning? the abbs part is a killer but besides that its not worth it. Your better off with Crunchs's Dance Party dvd, now thats fun and makes you sweat....more info
  • pilates lover
    I have all of Ellen Barrett's pilate/yoga/slim down dvd's. They are all a great workout, I have been using them for the last year and have literally changed my body shape. I have worked out with weights, cardio, etc for 20yrs and still do, adding pilates with these dvd's have really made a big change. I am in really good shape and this dvd is fun and still a challenge even after a year. I would recommend it to anyone who has already some pilates experience otherwise you might have a hard time keeping up. It is well worth the challenge....more info
    I am an intermediate exerciser, working out typically 5 days a week. I have to say that this is a great well-rounded workout. I don't understand how nobody seems to "break a sweat" with this workout...I am dripping when it's all over. The cardio section has some parts that are slower (standing pilates) and some parts that kick your butt (the plies and leg lifts kill me!) The matwork is tough on the abs, especially the double leg circles. I really feel it when I am done. For people who don't want to spend an entire hour working out but want to feel like they got a good workout, this is for them. Recommended for beginner to intermediate exercisers. Oh, and one more thing...Ellen Barrett is an amazing instructor. I have 3 other videos of hers. LOVE HER!...more info
  • Crunch- Fat Burning Pilates- Ellen Barrett
    This is an awesome work out! It is easy and gentle enough for the beginner, but you get advanced results. It realigns your entire body also, especially your spine. The tone of the work out really has great energy too! Thank you!...more info
  • A good investment
    Get this DVD and stick with it and you will see results! You could get on that stairmaster or treadmill but you wouldn't be toning your entire body (which is key). I have been fitness conscious and physically active since my early 20s. My experience as an aerobic/step instructor from my 20s into my 30s had given me a good base of fitness knowledge. Now approaching 43 and having faced surgery induced menopause I have found it more difficult to stay fit, loose weight and get toned. Always tired due to severe sleep deprivation related to (night sweats), I fell into the pit of believing that ? hour a day on my treadmill or stairmaster (4 or 5 days a week) would be enough and it just wasn't. What I found is that I began to have sagging upper arms and a larger middle section. One day running with (very fit/ripped and trim) sister-in-law (same age as myself) I discovered that she prefers Pilates over any other workout. An instructor herself she now only teaches or takes Pilates.
    I have read many of the reviews written by other people that claim this DVD doesn't make you sweat enough. To that I say work harder. This video is good but you need to put in the effort and trust me you will sweat and elevate your heart rate. If you feel like you are not sweating enough add in the arm movements earlier (once you get to know the video), step fuller/wider. Or you could mix it up with treadmill/stairmaster or bike by alternating days. Mix it up anyway, so you don't get board.
    As for me I have been using this video and others along with some biking and my treadmill. When I choose biking/treadmill/stairmaster over the DVDs, I always include the Ab portion of one of the DVDs. THIS VIDEO HAS AN EXECELTENT AB WORKOUT! I feel good, I am sleeping better, my abs and midsection are more defined, I AM losing weight, and people are noticing.
    I hope I have inspired you. Good luck and get to it.
    ...more info
  • LOVE IT!
    Well, I've been doing tae-bo & walk/running for the past year, & I felt I was getting a little burnt(read-bored) out. Pilates has always interested me, especially after seeing the winsor infomercials. I read other reviews of this workout dvd on amazon, & decided to check it out from the library before buying it. I was expecting a good workout, but I was not expecting to have my butt kicked! The 1st day was hard-but in a good way! I could barely walk after completing this workout-my legs were like jello from all the squats & plies. I was sweating (glowing :) ) after about 5 minutes into the workout. The mat work really gets my abs too. My boyfriend also started to notice the change in my body within 1 week, so this dvd is definitely sticking around!...more info
  • Great!
    I love this workout! I bought several of Ellen Barrett's workouts at the same time because of all the great reviews. Definitely worth it!...more info
  • Mixed review
    It's a great idea, but not very challenging aerobically, and there are far too many squats. You end up not getting a great workout, with the exception of incredibly sore thighs! Anyway, I use this DVD when I'm feeling lazy and don't really want to work out--"Well, I could at least do the Crunch Pilates routine." One more complaint--there are a couple of women on the video who can't actually do the knee lifts and some other things Ellen is leading them in because their pants are so low they would come off if they did. I realize that showing one's belly is the thing right now, but if you can't work out properly in what you're wearing, perhaps you should reconsider your workout wardrobe, n'est pas?...more info
  • Nicely Blended Workout
    The instructor, Ellen, is friendly and gives easy-to-follow directions, and the video is primarily cardio-pilates, with a great mat workout at the end. It was initially challenging, but has become easier (and still fun).

    The camera work is decent though sometimes the directing bothers me, especially when getting an artistic pan (shot) of the room - or the drummer - interferes with my ability to actually see what the instructor is doing.

    I sometimes use the DVD for just the mat workout - situps, buns, stretching. Overall enjoyable, especially if used as part of a rotating series of exercise DVD's. ...more info
  • Have it on VHS
    I love this workout! I can tell when I've had a bad day and I'm tired because I can't get through the first part of the mat exercise! My legs just shake! I love the burn, and I know that means it's working!

    Also, very fun! Makes the time go fast. At first, a bit hard to get the rythm, but once picked up, I feel very coordinated!

    Love it, plan to get it on DVD when my VHS burns out. I'm also curious about the pilates/yoga blend!...more info
  • 2 years and still my favorite
    I've been doing this video since the beginning of 2004 and it is still my favorite. It's kept my weight off and given me the flat stomach I didn't even know I could have. I love it! Definitely one to add to your fitness collection....more info
  • A good cardio and pilates workout
    If you want to integrate (a low impact) cardio with pilates, then this is the dvd for you. Ellen is very encouraging and gives good cues, especially for breathing correctly. The first half of this workout is cardio with pilates inspired moves. Keep in mind the cardio segment is not intense, but you may break a sweat. All these cardio moves are all proformed standing up. The second half of this workout is a traditional pilates mat workout....more info
  • Great workout!
    I liked this DVD because Ellen Barrett is not annoying at all, and the workout is kind of fun!...more info
  • Almost as good as Burn and Firm Pilates
    This will give you some Cardio as well as toning/ab workout/flexibility. As with all Pilates, this helps your balance and core strength. This was one of my first Pilates DVDs, and it is still good. However, if you are going to purchase a Crunch Cardio Pilates DVD, buy Burn and Firm Pilates first. This one is good; that one is better. Burn and Firm uses weights, which allows you to adjust to your level of fitness or desired exertion. Still, this one you could add for some variety....more info
  • Great workout
    Good pace, great instructor, moves easy to follow, and you really get a good workout. I am very happy with this DVD....more info
  • Great Workout
    I am very much a beginner in the exercise world. This is one of the first DVDs that I have purchased. The instructor is very friendly and personable. I found the workout to be challenging, especally the mat section. My abs hurt for days after the matwork. I recommend this DVD for anyone looking for a fun way to get in shape. It's amazing that there is such a thing as an enjoyabe workout, but this is it!...more info
  • a great workout!
    I had rented it from the library and never wanted to return it. Had to have it as my own. This workout is a combination of every type of exercise that I look for. Pilates, cardio, stretching! At first seems tough, it definitely hits the target spots. Once I warm up it just gets better. Ellen Barrett is a fantastic instructor. She is so easy to follow... her instructions are short and precise. Because I like her so well I also have yoga/pilates blend. A great pair of workouts depending on my mood. Highly recommended.

    Domenique S.
    Cleveland, Oh....more info
  • very light workout
    very light workout,I recommend this dvd for a beginner, I will give it to my mother, camera is on the drummer at times when you need to see the moves...more info
  • pilates beginner
    I had never done pilates before and this workout is easy to follow but challenging enough to feel it work....more info
  • This DVD lasts long!
    I tried many kinds of exercise DVDs and this is the best, not too intense or too easy. You can do in the morning, after work in the evening or on a trip. Instructions are simple and easy to follow and a modification allows all levels. There are two parts, cardio and mat and the cardio is segmented, so you can choose each part from menu if you don't have time to do all. The instructor's explanation makes sense for each motion. I personally like the instruction's voice tone and a way to talk, calm and bold. She does not talk too much, shout, laugh, or share her personal stories before or through the exercise as some instructors do. I bought this DVD after traial of rental one and have been using all the time since then! My husband, exercise obsession, even use the mat part for stretch. You won't get bored but want to come back after the exercise!!...more info
  • Good cardio!
    I like Ellen Barret's instruction. She goes smoothly from one move on to the next. Ellen's cueing is easy to follow, encouraging and she explains the exercise to keep you challenged and motivated. ...more info
  • More "Low Impact" Than "Fat Burning." Suited For Beginners.
    As someone who owns dozens of exercise videos and who hates to exercise, this was my first experience with a Pilates-based workout. Here are, in my opinion, the Good/Bad points to this workout:

    *Good: The atmosphere, the participants, the instructor, and the music are great.*

    - The instructor is attractive, personable, clear, and not annoying in any way.
    - It starts immediately. The instructor doesn't waste time with introductions or drawn-out instructions or "consult your doctor" warnings, like you see in so many other workout videos.
    - The music is excellent, a rhythmic Caribbean style. There's a good-looking guy in the background playing bongos to the tune. I really like that!
    - The choreography is easy. If you've ever used exercise videos before, you should find these steps very simple.
    - The first half is semi-aerobic, reasonably good for getting your heart rate up before the matwork (but not enough to be considered a cardio workout - see "Bad" below).
    - The supporting participants are women who are pleasing and most of their smiles seem genuine, although there are a couple forced-looking smiles now and then. There's even one woman who seems like a "regular" girl, not a buff athlete (but of course, they hide her in the back). There is one girl who really bugs me, but that's just me.
    - One of the participants does a "modified" position of some of the stretches, which is helpful for beginners.
    - The stretches are gone through pretty quickly. Right when you're starting to feel some burn, we move on.
    - The whole thing is only about thirty minutes and it goes by really fast.

    *Bad: The aerobic section is mild. The matwork is too brief.*

    - I would consider this to be NEITHER cardio or Pilates. I do break a small sweat, and I suppose any exercise is going to help you burn fat, but I definitely wouldn't have called this "Fat Burning" since your heart rate doesn't increase by much. If anything, this is Low Impact. Additionally, I haven't done any straight Pilates workouts, but I understand that they're very challenging. This is not.
    - Now that I've been using it steadily for a few weeks, I feel there are some moves that are too simple and a waste of time - not cardio and not muscle toning. For example, at the beginning of one set, she has you stand there with your hands on your hips, and simply tap one foot in. I feel this movement would be something more suited for someone looking for an *extremely* easy exercise, perhaps elderly folks or people in physical rehabilitation.
    - Since the matwork goes so quickly, I wonder how effective it really is. Granted, no one wants to do agonizing ab work until you're dying, but at the same time, it seems like just when you're getting into a stretch, the instructor moves on. For most of the matwork, this instructor counts only eights beats and does not have you repeat the move.

    All in all, I'd say this is a good video for a beginner, someone NOT looking for a challenge, or someone who wants to get in a daily workout but is lazy (like me) and doesn't like to break much of a sweat. It does give you some exercise, and you do feel your abs the next day. At least in the beginning.

    *UPDATE: After using it for a month or two, the thought of doing the very boring and much too light "step-touch" routine has made me stop using it. It's just not enough - not enough cardio and not enough Pilates. If I've talked myself into working out, dangit, it's got to feel like a workout!*

    ...more info
  • love it!
    I have tried a lot of workout videos in my day, and Ellen is my favorite instructor to date. She explains things clearly, but doesn't "baby" you. I started with "Pick You Spot Pilates", and got "Fat Burning Pilates" for a faster-paced workout. I also love the live drums. It's the only workout video I want to use daily - and this is from a person that gets bored with workout videos in less than a week. My only warning is BE PREPARED TO SQUAT!! Before this video, I only thought I was working out my inner thigh. ...more info
  • Wonderful!
    I decided to try this DVD after buying a few of the others in the "Crunch" series. I have owned it for well over a year and it is STILL my favorite by far! It did get a bit easy for me after a while, so I switched to Ellen Barrett's "Crunch: Burn & Firm Pilates" for the days I'm feeling like stepping it up a bit. But I still come back to this one when I'm looking for a quick, invigorating, and energizing workout, or when I'm short on time. I love how Ellen transforms traditional Pilates positions (which I find a bit too slow and boring) into standing exercises with cardio elements! And I appreciate how she breaks even the more complicated moves down for you before going into it. Even the matwork segment in this video is great, with some fabulous ab exercises that I've taken to using even when I'm not doing this DVD. This DVD really holds my interest - something which is hard to come by! I LOVE Ellen Barrett's style of Pilates and I'm planning on buying ALL of her "Crunch" DVDs for my collection!...more info
  • Just right workout
    I have been doing Pilates for over 2 years. However, most of the dvd's I have are all down on the floor exercises. I really felt I needed to start doing more aerobic-type exercise.

    This is the dvd I have been looking for. You start off with about 25 minutes of aerobic exercises standing up - this did make me work up a sweat. Then you finish with about 15 minutes of mat exercises on the floor. The first time I worked out to this dvd, I definitely could feel muscles in my legs that haven't been used much on the other dvd's I have. I think that you'll enjoy this dvd if you're looking for some aerobics to add to the stretching-type Pilates. I do recommend this dvd -it is definitely helping my waistline....more info
  • Good Workout
    This is an overall good workout. It seems simple but its effective. The only thing I do not like is that when a new move starts the camera is sometimes focused on the drummer so you do not know what to do, unless you have done it a few times. I have not used it long enough to see any actual body changes but I know my heart is benefiting from it. Also, for someone who dislikes fancy, complicated moves, this suits me well....more info
  • One of the best workout videos
    I love this video because it combines toning and cardio for a great workout. It will have you sweating in the first 10 minutes, and sore the next day!...more info
  • first-rate workout
    I am an avid exerciser and own many workout videos (Pilates with Mari Winsor, The Firm, other Crunch videos, Kathy Smith, etc.). This is one of my favorites. Ellen Barrett is an excellent instructor. The video is fun, the drumbeat background is different from the usual and very cool, and it combines aerobics and pilates in 40 minutes. The pilates is not as extensive or traditional as a Mari Winsor video, which I recommend highly if you are serious about pilates, but if I am pressed for time combining some pilates plus an aerobics workout is great for me. Also the moves are challenging but not overly dance-like, i.e. not too complicated. This is a workout that also helps me condition for my tae kwon do classes. One of the very best exercise videos I've seen....more info
  • Finally pilates with true cardio - satisfying workout
    I think it's perfect for those who don't have a half day to spend in the gym and want a quick, thorough workout. The fast pace adds a bit of challenge, but is not too difficult. It gets my heartrate up (which is very important to me) and tones. Highly recommended for those looking for a solid, low impact workout....more info
  • I wanted repetitive and got it!
    My legs hurt. This is an awesome disc; not for beginners.
    ...more info
  • Awesome workout AGAIN by Ellen Barrett!!!
    One of her first CRUNCH workouts, Awesome and soooo much fun to do!! The time just flies by!! There is a guy playing bongo drums in the background with the music! Sounds GREAT, and it's so fun to do!!! Ellen is soo cheery and sooo good at what she does!!!...more info
  • Worth it!
    I've been doing pilates with an instructor 1:1 for a few months. I wanted to continue my practice at home but add some fat burning to the mix. This DVD fits the bill! I can follow; I sweat and it works! It's worth giving it a try!!...more info
  • my FAVORITE pilates DVD!!
    I've had this DVD for 4 years and I love love love it. It's a fun challenge. This DVD made me a big fan of CRUNCH - I have the Ab attack, Burn & Firm Pilates and a couple others). I used to do this DVD every morning when I woke up and I felt AWESOME every day. Now that I have a 5mo old son, it's kinda hard to stay so disciplined. Def easier doing these DVDs @ home than going to the gym (babysitter/childcare etc). Anyway, I try to do this about 3x a week and I'm pretty happy w/my post preggo body!

    This workout gives you a great sweat and beautiful muscle tone!!

    ...more info
  • Very fun!!!!
    This is one of my all time favorite workouts, it's fun and upbeat plus work you hard. Great for beginners!...more info
  • fun!
    its a different workout than normal aerobics. mixed with pilates moves, this is a great workout, but not for beginners. i feel great after doing it. the first part is standing aerobics pilates, and is a challange. the second part is mat work and is a real challange, but is worth it. lots of fun....more info
  • Girl's Fitness
    I'm taking a girl's fitness class, and we're using this tape. It doesn't matter how old you are (referring to the 16y.o. who complained further down) to use this tape. I've tried other tapes, and they're so fast and complicated, I don't get them, get frustrated, and give up. This tape is easy, but you feel it the next day. I have rather weak arms, and did they feel it the next day. This is probably a 'beginner' tape, but for the time you use it, it's worth it. I'd suggest doing it with a group, it's fun, and it makes you stick to it. You're gonna sweat with it for the cardio part, and the mat part you'll feel until you get stronger. Another great ab tape is 'Curl'.

    Enjoy!...more info
  • Fun, Light Workout
    Ellen Barrett is an exceptional instructor, and I haven't done a workout of hers yet that I didn't like. This workout isn't as challenging as some of her others, but with the amount of weightlifting and running that I do, a balanced, fluid workout like this one is a welcome change of pace. The standing portion consists largely of squats mixed with fun combinations of arm and leg variations that keep the workout from getting boring. The pace is reasonable - not "break-your-neck," but not "take-a-nap" either - and her cuing is terrific. The "floor" section is short but challenging IF you concentrate on proper form. The music is awesome, and I wish more workouts used drumming like this. It reminded me of The Method's Target Specifics (with Jennifer Kries), which I love both for the workout and for the music.

    Overall, I wouldn't use this DVD on days when I am looking for a full-blown Pilates or cardio workout. However, it is a great option on its own for a lighter day, or combined with a weight-lifting, cardio, or second Pilates session for a more complete workout.

    As a side note, I agree with some of the other reviewers that a few of Ellen's cohorts should have reconsidered their outfits before trying to work out in them. I usually don't notice that kind of thing - and it would never stop me from doing the workout - but it is actually distracting, especially when the camera cuts directly to them. Try to ignore it....more info
  • Amazing
    I absolutely love this workout! It not only tones your core but it is also a great cardio workout. All of the moves are simple, easy to follow, and very effective. ...more info


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