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Product Description

The Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Toy, a replica of the real thing, is the upright vacuum that also includes some of the features of a real Dyson. This toy vacuum reclines to simulate vacuuming and includes a clear bin filled with pellets that spin! Also features real suction when using the accessories, like the crevice tool, stair tool or dusting brush. Batteries not included. Vacuum only comes in purple/red color.

  • Colors may vary.
  • Ages 3+
  • Vacuum features real suction power, on-board accessories and cyclone actions.
  • Requires 4 "C" batteries not included.
  • Dyson
Customer Reviews:
  • Not so great
    My son is addicted to vacuums and I was excited to buy this one because it makes noise and has the cyclone action. But, it isn't made very well. The front peice falls off constantly and the plastic isn't very durable. He still loves it, but it is a hassle for me because he gets frustrated with it....more info
  • not very sturdy
    I have to say I am a bit disapointed. I purchased this for my 30 month old son because he likes to use my dyson when I am trying to vacuum. This toy is not very sturdy, the front piece keeps popping off along with the two front wheels. This literally happened 15 minutes after playing with it. Although he has a blast picking up small pieces of paper with it. For the $40 I spent on this it could've been a bit more sturdy. ...more info
  • Junk!!!!!!!
    Notice how the one person who gave this product such rave reviews has no other reviews on this site...interesting. This is a total piece of junk - I bought it because we bought a Dyson for our home and I thought my 3 year old would get a kick out of having one like Mommy. The pieces fall off constantly and it doesn't work. Buy it and you will regret it!...more info
  • My son loves it but it's poorly made
    Let me begin by saying my twin boys (2 1/2) years old LOVE playing with vacuums and brooms. They already each have their own playskool toy vacuum, but they always want to play with our real Dyson. So when I saw this toy model, I thought it would be great. I gave it to the boys today. One of my twins has not put it down all day. He loves it. BUT, one of the wheels already broke off (I was able to snap it back on), one of the three vacuum attachments came out of the holder (they barely stay there) and I can't find it. He doesn't have the ability to pull the vacuum wand out of the holder so he's constantly asking me to do it. And there is NO suction. Not sure why there is a removable container to take out the lint and stuff sucked up because in the whole day of using it, nothing has been sucked up (maybe that's a good thing!) Also, the little balls that cyclone around keep getting stuck up at the top so I have to hit the area to knock them down.

    So, my 2 1/2 year old would probably rate it a 5, but I'd say 1.......more info
    This little vacuum is the most expensive piece of crap I have ever purchased. My son likes it, but the hose broke the first day and the front bottom piece broke the third. So very disappointed. I am shocked Dyson let this product use its name....more info
    Of course my daughter loves it! But, it looks and feels very cheap. For spending $50 on it, I don't think it's worth every penny... if any! The attachments look and feel cheap as well. So if you're looking for an expensive plastic toy, this would be one. I think that the $20 vacuums you see in the store are more durable and worth the money you will spend!...more info
  • Not Worth the Money
    Though my son is 3 years old and has no concept of a toy's quality, this vacuum is definitely not worth it. I purchased it on June 9, 2007 and it's only July 14th...the vacuum has broken twice and I've had to glue it back together. The attachments won't stay in their cubby and the suction on it is terrible. It will pick up stirofoam balls the size of a pen head...nothing else. For $50 I thought it would be of better quality that what it is. I'm extremely dissatisfied.

    ...more info
  • Kids Dyson vacuum
    Smaller then pictured. But 4 yr old nephew loved it. His parents have a real one. No batteries required - that'a plus!...more info
  • Piece of crap
    My son is a vacuum nut. The only thing he wanted for Christmas was a new vacuum, even though he already has 4! But this was the worst one we ever bought him. The front piece falls off contantly and the hose is too complicated for him to use on his own. I was really unhappy with the quality of this product. ...more info
  • My 2 year old loves this vacuum
    We have this Dyson for our 2 year old and it is a great toy! Not only does it LOOK just like a real, full-size Dyson, but it has the "cyclone action" in the canister part and it really sucks up small bits from the floor. There are also several attachments (just like the real thing!) It glides smoothly and is very easy to maneuver. I gave a couple as gifts for Christmas and everyone loves this Dyson, including my 2 year old. It was a great purchase - you get so much more for your money than you do with some of the other brands out there that don't actually DO anything....more info
  • A Very Poor Product
    I bought this item for my son thinking it was going to be so worth the money. When i got it however i was sorely dissapointed. The item is made cheap and all of the pieces just pop off at random. My son can't really even get five minutes play without something coming apart. ...more info