Sleeping With the Enemy

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Julia Roberts tries to escape an abusive husband by faking her death. But eventually her past catches up with her in this suspenseful and scary drama.

This 1991 thriller by Joseph Ruben (True Believer) works up to a point: Julia Roberts plays an abused wife who fakes her death and starts anew under a different identity in Iowa. Her psychopathic husband (Patrick Bergin) figures it out and stalks her and her new boyfriend (Kevin Anderson). The best part of the film is the moody isolation of Roberts's life with Bergin. Ruben ingeniously stakes out the story by presenting what looks like an ideal life between the two--a nice house on the ocean, a seemingly healthy sex life, etc.--and then, whammo! Vital to the plot but less interesting is everything afterward, but that's less an inherent script problem than it is obvious studio pressure to push Roberts as a cute star. There's even a sequence where the actress tries on a series of hats while Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl" plays on the soundtrack. Such insistent valentines to Roberts destroys most of Ruben's momentum and the film's credibility, and the project never quite recovers. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • Sleeping with the Enemy
    Was a pretty good movie. At least Julia Roberts isn't yelling and screaming at someone in this movie all the way thru....more info
  • Good for a laugh or 2
    Wow. This movie's bad. But it's good for a laugh if you're in the mood for some brainless fun. Patrick Bergen gives one of the great over-the-top performances of all time as the psycho husband.

    Among the many major plot holes: Hubby smacks Julia because he thought she was checking out their new neighbor on his boat. Then a few days later he's arranging for them both to go sailing with the same guy, on his boat! (Wouldn't the psychotically jealous husband try to keep his wife away from the man he thinks she's lusting after?)

    Also, the fact that she would fake her drowning in the OCEAN - but flush her wedding ring (halfway) down the TOILET - is not the smartest move to say the least. Might wanna just ditch that ring in the ocean while you're faking your own death next time, Julia!

    Gotta admit though, I loved that the psycho hubby would sneak into Julia's house and actually take time to rearrange the cans in the cupboard before he hides. What a neat freak.

    The final plot hole involves her new boyfriend in Iowa, who would likely be more interested in Patrick Bergen than Julia, if you know what I'm saying....more info
  • A wonderful movie. I can watch it over, & over again.
    I think this was an excellent movie. I have been trying for a while to find out what is the name of the classical music that was played in the movie. It was the music that Julia Roberts that scared her when she heard it. Her ex-husband played it when he found out where she was living. Please let me know who the classical musician is, and the title of the song, PLEASE !!!...more info
  • If you've seen the film Enough, you know what to expect here...
    While on vacation on the beach, housewife Laura fakes her own death to escape her obsessive compulsive and abusive husband, Martin. Laura has painstakingly planned her escape, knowing that if he finds her she's dead. She rebuilds her life in Iowa, where she's secreted away her mother and she begins to live an almost haphazard life, reveling in the fact that no one can tell her what to do. What she didn't plan for was her future, having no forged paperwork to get a new job and not even having established a new name. But this being a movie, everything works out for the best, and Laura (now Sarah) even begins seeing one of her neighbors. Only of course her husband finds her and she's forced to fight him one last time--this time for her life.

    Sleeping with the Enemy is from the early 90s when Julia Roberts had established herself as America's sweetheart. It shows in this film. The opening scenes paint her as a beautiful woman with the perfect life. Vacation home on the beach, sexy husband, established domesticity. And then we see glimpses of her husband's neuroses, and finally see him hit her. I was rooting for her when she escapes him, even though I knew he'd find her soon enough. And when she began to reestablish her life, I was hoping that she could find love and learn to trust someone again (although, this being a movie, of course I knew she would). This film is enjoyable if you can forgive the weak plotting and transparency at times. If you've seen and enjoyed the film Enough, you know what to expect. And if you like that sort of thing, this one won't disappoint. ...more info
  • A must see suspenser!
    I remember seeing this movie when it came out in the theater and jumping out of my seat. The cruel, punishing and sadistic husband of Julia's matches Julia's scenes scene for scene in his acting. Onw watches this movie and wonders how could a man with all he has, money, a multimillion dollar house, and a perfect, beautiful wife like Julia treat her like that??? The only problems with this movie is that Julia flees only to end up in a house in Iowa for $700 dollars a month!!! How can she afford that with no job? And how did she get a job in the library even with that annoying bearded guys help with no social security number?? Of course we all know that a big scary house was necessary to build thrills and suspense and that it does! The ending is TERRIFIC as is the acting....more info
  • Good Old Berlioz!
    Julia Roberts quickly established herself as one of the most luminescent stars in Hollywood. She has a face which, much like
    Garbo's, the camera just never tires of viewing. She can use that face to express pensive worry, both spirited and icy determination, and, of course, her smile can melt glaciers. She also has a talent for rising above middling to mediocre material, so you never blame her the artistic shortcomings of the films she's in. Unfortunately, Hollywood quickly caught wise to her amazing "star power" and just as quickly developed
    the "Julia Roberts vehicle."
    There's something about "Julia Roberts vehicles" which I find annoying. Ulike the "women's pictures" of the 30's and 40's,
    starring the likes of Katherine Hepburn, Bette Davis and Joan
    Crawford, which featured strong women confronting and overcoming a lot of conflict, "Julia Roberts vehicles" fall generally into two groups: There's the romantic comedy, which is usually a shameless retelling of the Cinderella myth, like "Pretty Woman,"
    or there's the shameless feminist propaganda vehicle, like this one. In the latter vehicle, all men are beasts, and even the good ones are not redeemed until they finally learn to submit to Julia's will.
    In this movie, Julia plays the spunky beleagured wife of the husband-from-hell, played by Patrick Bergin. Bergin's character is such a control-freak, he's almost as manipulative as this movie is. One day, Julia fakes her own death in a swimming accident, and runs away, back to her childhood home in the Midwest
    to start a new life. It's a bit amazing in the way the filmmakers
    expect you to believe that husband-from-hell is bright enough to figure out there's something wrong with his wife's "death," but takes 2/3 of the movie to figure out where she's gone. No matter, that gives our heroine time to start a relationship with a somewhat nerdy, non-threatening, "liberated" male played by Kevin Anderson.
    The real surprise of this movie (and perhaps the only one) is the way it engages your interest in spite of how obviously manipulative it is. Julia has a lot to do with this, always conveying just the right combination of spirited spunk with disarming vulnerablity. Best part of the picture? The use of
    the "Witches' Sabbath" movement from Berlioz' "Symphonie Fantastique" to set up the final confrontation between the forces
    of good and evil. It makes Patrick Bergin more menacing than if he wore a Darth Vader suit!
    You could do worse....more info
  • Jerry Goldsmith Score
    Has anyone even mentioned the unforgettable score that Jerry Goldsmith wrote for this film? It really sets the tone and makes the film very enjoyable to watch. The plot is good and, of course, Julia Roberts and Patrick Bergin are very good....but it is the score that shines. I don't remember whether this score was nominated for an Academy Award (however I doubt it as the Academy always never nominates the truly great scores) - but it should have been and won....more info
  • One major blooper...
    Unless she knew that her husband was going to force her to go on a boat or that she set up something with the guy who owned the boat why would she be taking swimming lessons?

    I liked the movie, glad I rented it - but wouldn't own it....more info

  • Enjoyable fun 90's thriller
    I enjoyed this film from the great acting from a young Julia Roberts. The film is early 90's so it's not the greatest but it's very entertaing. the film is very suspensfull and the acting is good. The plot is original and has you on the edge of your seat....more info
  • If you haven't, watch it!
    I remembered this film from 1991 and rented it again. I love Julia, and it's really worth seeing many times! It's exciting and scary at the same time. Go For It!...more info
  • A Great Movie!
    There are so few good scary movies made that are suspenseful without all the gore. I wish the studios could come up with more films like this one, which is not only scary but has great visuals, a great story, and the lovely Julia Roberts. By the way, the music a previous reviewer questioned is probably "Symphonie Fantastique" by Hector Berlioz. It was also played in "The Shining."...more info
  • My reading group says: read the book.
    Nancy Price is a spell-binding writer who knows how to dodge every Hollywood clich¨¦, as well as any happy ending Hollywood can imagine. Julia Roberts had only one man to run from-the Sara Burney in this novel has three.
    The first man she must escape is her husband, a controlling martinet who wants a child-wife to discipline and abuse. But two other dangerous men wait where Sara tries to hide-every woman in my reading group has met men like these: men who see women as the adversary to be tamed and used. The boy next door craves a sex object. The young professor distrusts women: he wants a housekeeper-wife who will further his career. In the world they see, everyone sleeps with the enemy.
    But Sara isn't a child, an object or a servant. She senses her danger and escapes, covering her tracks, leaving no dead man inside her door for the police to find. She's going back, Martin Burney's widow, to claim her happy ending: the home she had to abandon. Sara dreams of it as the book closes-every room's light and scent, every creak of the floor, every dish in the cupboards.
    My reading group cheered as we imagined Sara, home safe, ready to look for a marriage not shared by enemies....more info
  • I like this film...
    I have to admit, the scariest parts of this film were at the beginning, knowing Bergin's psychotic/selfish tendencies. Julia is great, as always, and the transition of her character is totally believable. Joseph Ruben has crafted a very fine suspense film, that I find myself watching over and over. I take issue with others who said the Van Morrison "interlude" was wrong. I thought it was a tension-reliever, as well as a chance to see the budding relationship between Julia and Kevin Anderson. Julia is confident and sure, and is everything we expect. The real moving factor here is the (almost) over-acting of Patrick Bergin, a real mean individual. He counters everything that might be nice. I still think the most overlooked facet of this film is the wonderful score by Jerry Goldsmith, a giant among film composers. Whatever you think, it all works for me. I like this film a lot. It's "scary" in all the "wrong"'s like that....more info
  • Full of Suspense!!!
    "Sleeping With the Enemy" is probably my favorite of Julia Roberts' movies. This film has so much suspense that you immediately get wrapped up in the lives of all of the characters.

    The story centers around a woman who is in a marriage from hell. Her husband abuses her and keeps her confined in a large beach house. His possession of her mind, body, and spirit is terrifying. She finally gets enough courage to get away from him and leave him once and for all. However, she has to fake her death to do so. She flees and starts over in a small town where her blind mother resides. All is well until her husband discovers that she's not really dead and hunts her down to reclaim her.

    This is an excellent nail-biter that will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat! I highly recommend this film!...more info

  • It works !
    This movie deals with the sadly timeless theme of domestic violence and manages to be at oner and the same time a classic piece of Hollywood machine tooled movie making and a contemporary fairy story.
    Laura -played by Julia Roberts-is married to an outwardly perfect businessman ,Martin Burney ( Patrick Bergin) .Their modern day castle is a luxurious high-tech Cape Cod home complete with all modern convenencies.He is a control freak and she goes along with this to an extent and subsumes herself to his demands ,even down to wearing what he wants her to wear .He is obsessed by neatness and order ,insisting the clothes be arranged in the closet and the towels on the rack exactly as he wishes .Periodically he beats her .It soon becomes cleasr he is a tasteful sadist and the for Laura the house is a luxurious prison cell and her husband an evil tyrant .
    She plots her escape ,fakaing her death in an accident at sea and sets up a new life for herself in North Carolina under a new name ,Sara Waters ,and finds a new man in her life.He is Ben Woodward ( Kevin Anderson)a drama teacher aty a local college .
    Things begin to go awry when Martin discovers the deception and tracks her down .The vengeful ogre arrives with murderous intent ,and comes over like a cross between Michael Myers and Jason Vorhees ..The stage is set for the violent final showdown and very well staged it is too.

    The story constantly teeters on the verge of silliness but firm direction from Joseph Ruben -whose excellent The Stepfather explored similar ground rather more subtly-keeps a firm hand on the reins and ensures the melodrama never becomes hysterical while the pacing of the movie is admirable ,reaching a powerful climax .
    Roberts is the movie's greatest asset and she gives a strong performance ,projecting both the vulnerability and likeability of Laura ;Bergin also judges his performance well and is genuinely scary as a man who one minute is warm and solicitous and the next a deranged madman .Anderson is Ok in the underwritten role as the wimpish Ben while there is a good cameo from Elizabeth Laurence as Laura's stroke ridden mother

    good edge of the seat material and a slice of slick professional movie making...more info
  • Awsome!!!!!
    The movie is great julia is at her best career,i liked this movie alot it's about an abused wife who want's to start a new life running away from her psychopath husband.....and then ya can figure it out by watching it,so dont hestiate by buyin' it.
    It's a nice movie with drama and love,romance,thriller and suspense,u'll like it alot.
    But i wish this movie will see the light on a dvd as soon as possible so please make it a dvd for the dvds collector...more info
  • Start having a great life
    Underappreciated stalker film about a wife who fakes death to shake her abusive husband and moves away to start a new life, truly unaware of the lengths he'll go to get her back. Eery execution and breath taking atmosphere add to the beauty of this film. The "Brown Eyed Girl" scene is a little corny....more info
  • A Good Movie.
    Sleeping with the Enemy is a good movie about a woman who is on the run from her abusive husband and stars Julia Roberts as the wife and Patrick Bergin as her violent husband and they both did some good acting and I felt really bad for Julia's character but I was glad when she got away from him....more info
  • A classic tale of betrayal and disappointment!

    Perhaps the dramatic support of this script has been inspired through a smart re-adaptation around a well known notable film of the past: Gaslight

    But the most remarkable aspect of this tense thriller was the fact to show Julia Roberts through her most striking feature inside the drama. Until that moment she was know as a light actress who was an emblematic figure for the easy comedy, but this risky incursion was for her an important stage in her career.

    High tension thriller.

    ...more info
  • This is a fine movie
    I think this movie have good quality . The cast do a good job and suspense works well. Julia Roberts is credible as a mistreated woman and Patrick Bergin don't perform the overacting psycho (thanks for this, Patrick ).At some points get slow but as a whole the movie have good rythm....more info
  • collectable movie
    I am a Julia Roberts' fan. And this movie is the one of the her best films because of my favorite classical music was used. Whenever its theme music that I like Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique flows, it predicts suspense and thrilling is coming. But recently I bought it and found a scene was cut compare to the first time when I saw it in the movie theater,it was a sex scene I think. Why they cut that VHS version ? I hate cut version because I am a movie collector. On the cover of box package,there appears "14"marked on. What is that? Is that a reason?...more info
    Joseph Ruben has fashioned a by-the-numbers, glossy, engrossing, if trashy and predictable, thriller. It is imminently watchable, of course, and features the mega-watt smile of our fave, Julia Roberts, who improbably dons theatrical costumes in the midst of a semi-breakdown to the tune of Brown-Eyed Girl. The men around Julia, both her over-the-top psychopathic husband and her would-be new, soft boyfriend (Patrick Bergin and Kevin Andersen, respectively) are completely dispensable, and Ruben knows this: he keeps us monumentally focused on the beguiling Ms. Roberts throughout. It is easy to forget and forgive lapses in credibility (there are many), and the opening twenty minutes have a glossy, antiseptic queasiness about them that seem to be setting up a much more deft and daring thriller. All of that vanishes, along with common sense, but it hardly matters. This movie is one you can watch over and over and over again, a bunch of chips nearby: it moves quickly, harmlessly, and gives you what you want when you just don't feel much like thinking....more info
  • Good if you don't mind a dose of sentimentalism
    Brutal husband abuses pretty wife, she flees in disguise to the Midwest, is tracked down and does what a woman has to do. It's not a bad movie, but it doesn't quite make up its mind how sinister it wants to be or how sentimental. Virtually all the tension is lost once Julia Roberts meets a "new guy" - one of those bearded, sincere types who should be excluded from all movie scripts. From too early on, you know she's going to be all right, once she's had a good weep and tried on a few different hats....more info
  • Entertaining and Creepy!!!
    The critics were crazy to hate this movie. It is full of suspense, teriffic Cape Cod scenery, and pure 100% entertainment. I will never get sick of this movie and advise everyone who reads this to see it....more info
  • Doesn't compare to book
    Whoever enjoyed this movie must not have read the book! I think Julia Roberts was a BAD CHOICE to play Sara! The film had none of the depth intensity the book had. If you haven't had a chance to read it please do. You will not be let down....more info
  • Sleeping With The Enemy!!!!!!!!!
    O my gosh this is the best movie that i have seen in a while!!!!!!! My best friend and I watched this movie together and we loved it!!! The last scene was so "on the edge of your seat" that we could barely watch. Julia roberts is great in it but the person who plays the husband was really really really good at bein a bad guy---You really wanted to hate him!!!! i would say that if you are trying to find a good movie to watch no matter what mood you are in, I would get this one!!!!...more info
  • Julia Roberts does just fine in a thriller
    The best part of this movie is actually the first third or so, where undertones of something amiss in a marriage are subtly revealed - and Roberts scheming to escape. The premise: an abused and terrorized wife fakes her death by drowning, gets the hell out of Dodge, and starts life over in a town in Iowa. Her psychopath ex figures it out and comes stalking her and her new boyfriend. Good stuff, mostly, but not the best effort of any of those involved....more info
  • Rainy Day Movie
    This is a great movie to watch on a cold rainy day. It is full of suspense even though you can usually guess what's going to happen next. I can watch this movie over and over again. It's not a classic but worth the time invested....more info
  • Mediocre Thriller - Not Julia's Best Work
    Julia Roberts, she of the million-dollar smile, shines in this otherwise dull, by-the-numbers thriller. Patrick Bergen glowers his way through the movie like a villian straight out of a silent melodrama. You expect him to be kicking widows and orphans out on the street, not traumatizing Julia Roberts.

    Hokey dialogue, a contrived plot, and murky cinematography make this a lackluster gem in Julia's career. The movie is worth a watch, however, just to see Julia in male drag when she's trying to visit her mom in the nursing home. If Hilary Swank had been unavailable to film "Boys Don't Cry," Julia would have made one hell of a replacement!...more info

  • book was better!
    the movie was good... if you never read the book! but by the same token... the book was better than the movie....more info
  • A complete waste
    Illogical from beginning to end. The movie is predictable. Once you find out Julia Roberts plays an abused wife, you know how the film is going to end. Julia Roberts is miscast. This movie is a waste of time....more info
  • Could've been better
    Would have been better if the husband didn't get killed. Everything would've been fine if only Julia Roberts' character had kept the canned goods and bath towels straightened. C'est la vie....more info
  • Creepy but realistic
    The pressure of the movie builds up as the abusing husband hits his wife(Roberts). The combination of creepy music, greyish (sad) colors and good acting makes this movie really good. I think the contrast between the wife's old life on the east coast and her new life in Iowa makes this movie so good. In her old life everything was grey and sad, while in her new life everything was colorful until the husband from hell returns. The ending was also very good, as her old life returned to her. The viewer get this impression as the creepy music is beeing played at the same time as Roberts rushes through the house to look for signs for her enemy that had been torturing her for so long....more info
  • How Come Julia Didn't Just Divorce This Geek Like In Real Life?
    This is a very tiring Suspense/Thriller starring Julia Roberts who plays "A Professional Victim" to this Anally Retentive Geek that she is married to. Then to escape from the geek she fakes her own death and relocates to another town but the geek is soon hot on her trail. For the life of me I can't understand why Julia didn't just file for divorce, get a Restraining Order and take her husband to the cleaners? That would have been more believeable and it happens every day in your friendly local neighbourhood. I give this movie 5 stars because I do like the look of the town that Julia moves to....more info
  • Husband From Hell!
    Julia Roberts plays a battered wife who is reaching her breaking point with her obsessive, controlling , and abusive husband. So she fakes her death during a storm on a sail boat and runs away. She changes her identity and settles down in a small, peaceful town. Trying to forget about her husband and her past, she starts dating her neighbor and begins enjoying her new life of freedom! But little does she know that her psychotic husband is hot on her trail. And is ready to get serious revenge on her. But little does he know that things can always backfire. And a person can only be pushed so far before they give you a taste of your own medacine. Full of action- packed thrills and super suspense! A classic along the lines of "Enough", "Dolores Claiborne" and "Fatal Attraction"!...more info
  • Flawed, But Engrossing
    Although primarily a showcase for Julia Roberts, who had become Hollywood's latest "IT" girl after "Pretty Woman", this romantic thriller, based on Nancy Price's novel, is watchable and quite suspenseful. It cannot be denied that the book is far superior, as is the case with most film adaptations based on a best-selling novel. The film is obviously aimed at women and the "yuppie" attitude that was still prevalent in the early 1990s. In the book, the abusive husband and wife were middle-class, while in the film Martin Burney (Patrick Bergin) is a wealthy businessman, who places his beautiful wife on a shelf like a trophy, expecting perfection and exploding when she doesn't meet his qualifications. While many may argue the change in their financial status in the movie, it does show that domestic violence can happen at every economic level, in all different walks of life and societies. We are only subjected to one instance where Laura (Roberts) is beaten by her spouse, although his control over her, demands and insensitivity to her feelings has been hinted at, and she does indicate that it was definitely not the first time. The novel goes into far more graphic detail of his offenses. Sara (the names that Roberts assumes are reversed in the book) wears a wig constantly after she escapes to Iowa, while the movie only has Laura wearing a wig as she escapes, and then she has her hair trimmed a little shorter and gets a perm. Not a very effective disguise if you're trying to alter your physical appearance so the bad guy won't recognize you! When she tosses her wedding ring in the toilet and tries unsuccessfully to flush it down the drain, Martin finds it after he tears through Laura's personal belongings and cuts himself, he discovers it with no problem - did he not use the toilet in the weeks since Laura's "death"? Faking her demise, since her husband believes that she could not swim (she secretly took lessons at the YWCA, who inadvertently tips psycho hubby off - how did they find him?), she finds an ideal guy, Ben Woodward (Kevin Anderson), the local college drama professor, who embodies the sensitive, artistic dreamboat with such naturalness that you cannot help but like him. He gets her to open up (at least as far as she is capable of doing) and he senses that she is very traumatized, and is there for her when she most needs him. Anderson has rarely been seen since and I wonder what became of him - he certainly had the talent (anyone who can even partially pull off the opening number from "West Side Story" with a garden hose in tow and make it look easy must have something special), and the sequences featuring Van Morrison's Brown-Eyed Girl, and the vintage 60s tune Runaround Sue is actually quite engaging, a break from the intensity of the plot and showing some light-hearted, romantic fun.

    Bergin is effective if somewhat hammy in some parts - his character, no doubt, had some kind of undiagnosed obsessive-compulsive disorder, but at times he's a little too wild-eyed, but he does have the charm masking brutality bit down quite good, as many violent offenders are skilled at presenting as a front (how can such a charming, wealthy man be such a monster in private?). Bergin, a latecomer to acting (he was a teacher for children with learning disabilities in his native Ireland), has played many villainous roles, although here it was obvious that the filmmakers were trying to get him to resemble a certain dictator (guess who!). And the fact that he seems to be able to slip in and out of her home (and rearrange her towels and condiments) without her knowing is definitely stretching it, something that Robert De Niro's character in the 1991 remake of "Cape Fear" also seemed to excel at, and Martin seems to have it too easy when tracking down his frail mother-in-law in the nursing home that Laura secretly placed her in after lying to Martin about her mother's fictional passing.

    Laura is a terrified woman driven to desperation, who wants to start a new life but she is still living in fear of the man she married, who she fears (and rightly so) will stop at nothing to find her if he discovers that she has escaped him. It's nauseating when he calls her his "princess", which again, seems to indicate that she is more of a possession to him, and I wasn't particularly interested in seeing Martin's backside after he ravishes her to Berlioz's "Symphonie Le Fantasique". The cinematography is breathtaking.

    The final showdown, terrifying and voyeuristic (the viewer, of course, is aware of the danger lurking in the shadows far before Laura and Ben are), and it's last resort for this young woman who found that the law could not protect her. Of course, the brief, the bad guy comes back from death momentarily part is ridiculous and clich¨¦d, but when Laura embraces the injured Ben and the camera pulls back, showing the dead Martin, eyes open, his blood streaked hand, with Laura's gold wedding band just a few inches way, sparkling, is very compelling. The music, by Jerry Goldsmith is great, conveying sadness, terror and romance in equal amounts.

    Read the book, watch the film, and draw your own conclusions....more info
  • One of Julias BEST
    This film started beautifully, exploded in terror and ended with the death of the bad guy. What more could you ask for. This film showed the multifaceted capabilities of the Star Roberts. I would enjoy this again for the lovely stage scenes at the college and the suspense. I hope the powers that be will see fit to release this on DVD I like that format and will anxiously await its appearence....more info
  • Sleeping with the Enemy keeps you on the edge of your seat.
    This movie is well acted and will draw dread and charm from you. Worth seeing. Not for the sensitive....more info
  • " sleeping with the enemy "- the slayguys verdict.
    " Sleeping with the enemy " is one of the most chilling and exicting thrillers of the past 15 years.

    With a terrific performance from Julia Roberts it remains a nailbitting and brilliant thriller from beginning to end....more info

  • Scissor-Cut Look at Abuse
    With the beginning scene in "Sleeping With the Enemy" of a nice, handsome husband and a beautiful, smiling wife living in a lovely, rich house, this movie soon breaks the stereotype perception of an abusive relationship by showing that everything that glitters is not necessarily gold.

    Julia Roberts, with a combination of a sense of planning and cleverness, fear and hope, and a desperate will to survive, does the only thing she can - she leaves while faking her own death. (Any abused man or woman will probably be mesmerized by some of the scenes and the feelings evoked in this intense movie.)

    The new lifestyle she slowly, but surely creates for herself, against the backdrop of her husband piecing together her escape and his savage determination to find her creates a savvy suspense thriller that could be a classic in anyone's home movie library....more info

  • amazing performance with exciting twist
    Some time ago I have watched this movie not once and not even twice. But I want to go back to watching it over again. Why? I've lived the story myself. It is not a fiction. It could be reality. And I believe there are many stories untold that are even more frightening. There are truly people out there who hide their persona well. And there are women out there for real who for their own reason get involved with individuals like those. I believe this movie was empowering to all open-minded people who can see beyond, who can empathize, who do not label or prejudge and who are on their journey of self-discovery. We all go through different experiences for a reason to learn and teach. Some people call it fate, some people call it a coincidence but always it ends with the kind of choices we make now and tomorrow....more info
  • A Good Movie.
    Sleeping with the Enemy is a good movie about a woman named Laura who changes her name to Sarah after she runs away from her abusive husband and stars Julia Roberts as Laura/Sarah and Patrick Bergin as her violent husband and they both did some good acting and I felt really bad for Julia's character but I was glad when she got away from him....more info
  • What to expect in a movie
    this movie is of good quality, exactly what I wanted....more info
  • Husband Displays Classic Signs of Abuser
    The husband in the movie displays the classic signs of an abuser. He tries to keep Laura under control, he must have the towels and cans arranged in a certain order, he accuses her of having eyes for a doctor who lives on the same beach as they do (even though she insists that she doesn't know him) and hits her, he wants to keep her confined to the house, and he tries to keep her from seeing friends or family (especially her mother). So-so movie, but portrayal of abusive husband is accurate....more info
  • Julia in her best role ever!
    Laura and Martin were married for 3 years 7 months and 6 days in that time Laura has been beaten by her husband everytime she did something wrong! She pretended that she couldn't swimm but behind Martins back she took swimm-lessons. One day when Laura and Martin went sailing she pretended to fell over board and to bee drawn! While the police searched for Laura in the water, she swimmed home took some cothes threw the ring down the toilet and took the next bus to the town where her mother ived in a clinic! There she fell in love with her Neighbore Ben! But somehow Martin discovered Laura's Mom and so he knew where Laura was! A clever suspens movie, two Thumbs up!...more info
  • Suspenseful
    I think this movie came out before Pretty Woman made Julia Roberts a star, and it's a pretty entertaining flick. Julia is a battered woman who escapes her husband and starts anew. But instead of being a harrowing drama flick about the aftermath of an abusive relationship, it's instead a suspense movie.

    While her husband is tracking her down, Julia gets a house and a cute new neighbor who steadily tries to win her over. No surprise really about this movie, it's fairly predictable. But if you like a modicum of suspense, but scare really easily (like I do) then you'll like this middle-of-the-road suspense drama....more info

  • Sleeping with the enemy
    This is one of those movies that I can watch over and over again. A well made thriller with good acting by all the actors.
    The first time I saw the movie I was on the edge of my seat.I would recommend this to everyone that likes to bite their nails...more info
  • Well Done, Julia
    This movie is suspensful from beginning to end. A fine dramatic performance presented by Julia Roberts....more info
  • Great service, great product
    Prompt response from seller, and the DVD was in good working condition. I would use this seller again. ...more info
  • Trying to teach!
    This is a great movie that I think is trying to teach the world that this kind of abuse does exist. It is very hard to get out and stay safe and there should be strong laws about violence. There isn't ever enough protection when you try to get out of that kind of relationship. Most times it does come down to him or you. This is so sad that people still don't get it and the laws can't help....more info
  • good but gets a little slow
    This movie is a good suspence movie but needs a little more action in the middle. ok. Julia Roberts plays Laura Burney, a battered housewife who's had enough of her organised and beating husband(Patrick Bergin in a great and nail biting performance)She fakes her drowning because her husband is so caught up in himself that he doesn't know she learned to swim. He learns and follows her to Idaho where she has a new house, a new identity, and a new love in her life. He slowly shows his existance by making her kitchen cabinets organised and neatly folding her towels. He shows himself and you must watch this movie to find out what happens....more info


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