Hoover H2800 Floor Mate Hard-Floor Cleaner

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Product Description

Includes Hoover Floor Mate H2800 Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner Specially Formulated 8 oz. Lysol? concentrate. 8 oz. Old English? floor and wood cleaning concentrate.

Keep that new slate entry hall or tiled bathroom floor looking as clean as the day it was laid with the Hoover Floor Mate. Designed especially for cleaning hard, sealed floors, including stone, wood, and laminate, the Floor Mate performs a triple-whammy: it vacuums, washes, and dries. Dual tank design for wet or dry cleaning, a deluxe grip with solution trigger, and a 13-inch cleaning path make cleaning a snap. Four rows of soft brushes safely and gently clean floors with the included 8-ounce bottles of Lysol and Old English concentrated solutions. The brush assembly and nozzle squeegee remove for cleaning, and the EZ-empty recovery tank automatically shuts off when full. Soft wheels mean no worries about dents or scratches on those gleaming floors. The Floor Mate measures approximately 29 by 10 by 15 inches, weighs 18 pounds, and is covered by a one-year warranty. --Ann Bieri

  • Triple function cleaner vacuums, washes, and dries sealed hard floors
  • SoftTouch Brush System gently cleans in either wet or dry mode
  • EZ-empty recovery tank with automatic shutoff
  • Brushes and nozzle squeegee remove for easy clean-up
  • Soft wheels protect fine floors
Customer Reviews:
  • Hoover refurb floor cleaner
    Upon recieot of this unit I washed a floor When completed the floor was straky and less than clean looking Upon the second attempt days later the product worked well on part of the floor and than just ceased adding water though the container was half full and aqfter putting some water and cleaner on the floor the decice aqlso did not vacuum it up I am quite disappointed i will try one more time...more info
  • Good for a Starter Floor Cleaner
    This Hoover Floormate gets the job done, however if you have a larger hardwood/tile floor surface I would suggest spending more on the floormate with rotating brushes. Mine is over two years old and still works great but do plan on upgrading soon. No problems at all with it. Just need to change the filter every few months....more info
  • Nice floor cleaner
    This cleaner was really worth my money. Just as described, fast and easy. If this base model was great, I could only imagine the top model. ...more info
  • LOVE this thing
    I purchased this machine from Amazon many years ago to clean my old vinyl kitchen floor. I was "floored" by how dirty the water was when I emptied it! I used it faithfully for a couple of years and then we got hardwood floors. I treated them with kid gloves and handwashed them with plain water. One day i decided to use the floormate on them and once again I was shocked at how dirty they actually were. I stopped using the machine when the dispenser started to leak probably because I never used the right solution in it. Recently I was able to replace the dispenser and started using the machine again. We have since moved and true to form I couldn't believe that our brand NEW house could even have dirty floors and once again the water was filthy when I emptied the cup. I would also say that my floors do not get the same type of traffic busier families have, we have 2 kids at school and we're at work all day, no pets so to see how dirty they were was testament to me that this thing really is picking up dirt that I was just pushing around the floor before. I have never used the dry vac option, I just sweep the floors with a broom first. I have used it on vinyl, tile and hardwood and have never noticed any scratches. I would recommend using the hoover cleaning solution as the other stuff I was using probably ruined the dispenser over time. I love this machine, saves a ton of backbreaking hand mopping on large expanses of floors and you will be shocked at how dirty your floor actually is (don't tell anyone though!)...more info
  • It is true! it is a piece of junk and amazon doesn't stand behind it
    I also agree it is a piece of junk. I gave it as a gift and had bought it in early December. Obviously, the person that I gave it to could not open it until the holidays. 30 days had already passed when she discovered that it was a piece of junk. When we tried to return it, neither Amazon nor Allergy be gone would stand behind the product. ...more info
  • H2800
    My wife and I have been using is product for over 1yr on Pergo, Hardwood and the ceramic tile in our bathrooms. The stationary brushes work best on the Pergo & Hardwood since the surfaces are completely flat without any deep groves or grain. You will have to go over dried food and scuff marks a couple of times to remove. It leaves some water behind on the tile floor but performance here is still good. The rubber squeegee has worn after a year of weekly use and the water suction has been diminished by at least 60%. The replacement part is $17 and on a six week delivery time. The filter and suction pathway needs to be cleaner consistently to maintain proper removal of the water. At times you may need to stop and restart the machine to regain suction. Throw your mop out! 3 stars for performance and value....more info
  • Great machine from Hoover!
    I received this last week and used it today. It works very well and does the job. Alittle bit more work than the other floor mate that I had by hoover. This was is almost identical to it as well. I just have the bathroom and kitchen with linoleum and it works great. This is a great price and definately a great machine by Hoover. ...more info
  • So So...
    I have a very large expanse of linoleum flooring in the lower level of my home and decided to buy this machine to replace my cumbersome mop and bucket.. While I do indeed like using this product more than a mop and bucket i don't think thats saying much as everyone knows the old M&B method bites..

    Admittedly, it does it's job - picking up debris on dry function and the water solution on wet.. However, It usually took me 4-5 passes to suck up all the water this thing squirts out as it's "squeegie" function is rather lacking.. I don't think the rubber was positioned low enough to the ground..

    In anycase, it was a good deal of money I spent on the thing but I find myself wanting the top end model because I too was mislead by the "scrub" part of the marketing on this thing.. it has stationary brushes and I want ones that MOVE as this can have a tendency to leave those nooks and crannies in the linoleum filled with dirt if you don't pass it over a couple times.. I was still always amazed at all the dirty water left over after using this and the clean smell and feel of my floors afterward (granted you didn't take a closer look and still find dirt in the grout)..

    My suggestion, go for the top end model.. it should do a better job AND last longer.. the parts in this thing (ie; filter) seem to wear after awhile.....more info
    This is the best appliance! I bought one for my friend at work and one for my other friend after I received one as a gift. I also told the UPS guy about it when he asked why I ordered two of the things and he ordered one as well. LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!...more info
  • Very disappointing
    The Hoover Floormate was great the first two times we used it. Along with the Old English it did a great job cleaning and picking up the solution. After using it twice, it had difficulty dispensing solution from the Reservoir. This was remedied by having to apply downward pressure constantly. It still got the job done. Not too long after that it wouldn't vacuum the solution back into the unit. I got a great clean for the price divided by four uses. You do the math. I'll stick to the "cheap" clorox thing we pulled out of the closet after I put the Floor ex-Mate into the trash. Very disappointed...more info
    I am more than pleased with this Hoover Floormate! I sure has cleaned my ceramic kitchen floor with ease-no more mop and pail of water! I would recommend it to everyone! So glad we purchased it!!!...more info
  • Hoover Floormate
    I really like this but I wish I'd spent a little more & opted for the rotating brushes & gotten the one w/attachments to get into tight spaces. This doesn't fit around my toilet bowls. Now I've got to get down on my hands & knees to scrub around them. I bought the machine to avoid this but the price was great & it does a really nice job on the tiles & laminate flooring....more info
  • Hoover FloorMate
    Overall, the unit is very good. However, the newer model has spinning brushes which makes cleaning a breeze. This one takes a little elbow grease but definitely does the job....more info
  • Floormate
    Works great-you can use soap (a drop) and water with it but for best results use the hoover cleaner...more info
  • scratches floors
    I was pleased with the way the Hoover cleaned my floors, except that I had to empty the containers too many times. After using it for 3 or 4 weeks, I realized that it is scratching and scuffing the floors and they look terrible. I hope I can return it because I can no longer use it. Terry Sita...more info
  • Not What Was Advertised
    I was very disappointed when I received my FloorMate from Amazon.com. The unit works well enough, I guess, but does NOT have spinning brushes (or at least mine didn't come with them)that the unit is advertised as coming with (looking at the viewable manual provided on the product page). It does not clean very well with just the one little -- and I do mean little -- stationary brush included. I wish I hadn't bought it!...more info
  • It will do the basics
    I am by no means a neat freak. When I bought the Floor Mate, I just wanted something that will sweep and mop with very little effort from me. The Floor Mate gets the job done, but I think it's over priced. Vacuuming the floor was easy, though I had problems getting the corners. Washing the floor was a little harder because the unit sits so close to the floor. My kitchen is tile, so it was kind of a bumpy ride. At some points, I had to tilt the vacuum up a little so that it could suck up some food.

    But this vacuum passed the ultimate test: my 2 year old's eating area. It sucked up the dry cereal and crackers very nicely. As far as washing, I didn't have any juice spills or anything, so I couldn't test it on dry spills, but it did clean up a spot of coffee on the floor (I had to go over it a couple of times). It won't, however, get food that is crusted and stuck on your tile.

    While I was cleaning the floor I was kind of disappointed with the Floor Mate. But I quickly became a satisfied customer when I emptied out the dirty water. It was filthy! And I had just swept and mopped 4 days ago! So it definately does the job....more info
  • If you want to get your dust wet and leave it as streaks ---
    A miserable experience. I bought this through Amazon when I contracted to have my hardwood floors refinished. The contractor took way too long, so I didn't try to use it until yesterday. Only the dry vacuum function worked, and not very well. I tried to call Hoover. They don't have an 800 customer service number, so I had to pay for a looonnnnnggggg long distance call. Got a busy signal the first ten times, then was put in line ("Your call is important to us") for 47 minutes, a total of one hour 13 minutes before I got a human being. She first tried to tell me that she didn't know anything about their products and that I should take it to my local appliance repair shop. I insisted and she finally suggested that I unscrew the handle and screw it on again. I did. Nothing, though I noticed that the internal "controls" are a couple of flimsey plastic sticks, the very essence of nineteenth century technology, but with cheaper materials. Ever heard of a switch?

    I then drove across the county to my Hoover dealer. He told me that there were two screws missing, which should have been installed at the factory, and replaced them. He also pointed out that the "scrub" function is a misnomer -- the thing doesn't scrub; its brushes aren't designed to move at all. He assured me that the tiny dribble of cleaning solution he managed to get out of it was all it needed.

    I took my expensive toy home and tried it. The advertised three-way action is actually about a half dozen separate actions, only two of them (vacuuming and dribbling) done by the machine. You have to do the rest. First you have to dry vacuum the floor. Then you switch over to wet/scrub and three tiny streaks of fluid appear. Then you go back over it to spread the fluid around and, supposedly, to pick up the fluid and dirt. After a few minutes the floor dries and you see dirty streaks everywhere. Repeat process. Same thing. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Then go get a mop and do it properly.

    As far as I can tell, the purpose of this appliance is to moisten dust, move it around a little and leave it on the floor as streaks. The machine has no effect whatever on dried spills, footprints, scuff marks, dirt or any of the other things that routinely find their way onto a floor. And the tanks are so small that you can only do about half a room before you have to empty and refill.

    I have bought a lot of appliances since I started restoring my house. Some have been great (Bosch dishwasher, Mac woodchipper, Mikita powertools), most good (Amana gas range, ShopVac), but this Hoover is the biggest piece of crap, backed by the worst customer service, that I have enountered outside the former Soviet Union. I gave it one star only because you are not given the option of none. And now Amazon won't take it back because 30 days passed before I could use it....more info

  • thought there was only one model
    i too didn't realize there were diff.models [i researched it on the web] but saw it at brandsmart and thought i was getting a good buy. its not the magic bullet for tile but saves the mopping.who knew there were supposed to be spinning brushes?a little truth in advertising? problem is finding lysol concentrate for machine.is there somehing else to use?...more info
  • Get the FloorMate 3000 or 3010 for just a little more $$
    We ordered the FloorMate 2800 model from the Home Shopping Network last week by mistake (paid $165, including shipping). We hadn't done enough prior research to realize there were THREE different FloorMate models, and this was the bottom-of-the-line model with immobile brushes.

    It went together easily; probably 10 minutes and we were ready to go. Somehow we managed to get it out of the box and assembled without noticing the brush configuration (there was no need to turn it over during assembly).

    I vacuumed and cleaned the white linoleum in our 500 sf kitchen in about an hour, using about 1.5 tanks of water + 3 oz of solution. It did a great job of picking up dog hair, pepper, sugar, etc, and did an OK job of cleaning the floor (still kind of dirty in the pits of the linoleum. I was disappointed that it took so long, but amazed at how filthy the water was, when we had just mopped a couple of days before.

    While cleaning it out I discovered it didn't have the spinning brushes. After some quick research, we found that both the 3000 and 3010 models have the spinning brushes. The 3010 model (FloorMate Plus) has only been out since Sept 2003, costs only about $35 more than we paid, and also has a longer cord and extra set of brushes. It didn't take long to decide to send back the 2080 and get the 3010.

    We weren't completely unhappy with the results of the 2080, but figured for $30 more, the 3010 would do even better....more info

  • clean grout !!!!!!!!!!
    I purchased this with a bit of scepticism. I'm not a cleaning fanatic, but I like a clean house. Well, the grout in our tile is now getting clean and the stained concrete porch with all the doggy footprints is getting clean as well. I highly recommend this product. I am so excited about it that I've told friends. I never talk about cleaning with my friends.

    This is well worth the $!!!!!!!!!!...more info

  • So dissatisfied with performance I returned it.
    I ordered this item on the basis of customer reviews. I tried to use it on both tile (in the bathroom), linoleum (in the kitchen), and hardwood floors. In none of these cases did it give satisfactory results....more info