Shrink Your Female Fat Zones

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Get ready to zero in on the zones and shrink the fat cells in places you never thought you could!
America's favorite fitness authority Denise Austin has created the perfect workout to help target those tough spots where we tend to accumulate the most fat: hips, thighs, upper arms, tummy and buns. You'll get a complete abs, upper, and lower body workout that will sculpt and contour your muscles, boost metabolism and lose inches. If you're ready to banish the bulge and create flattering curves in all the right places, go ahead and take aim at the zones toady! You've got nothing to lose but fat!

2 Complete 20-minute Workouts:

  • 20 minutes of metabolism-boosting exercises to dissolve bra lines, create sexier arms, chest, shoulders and trims hips, thighs and buns. Plus you'll get great results from targeted lower tummy trimmers!
  • 20 minutes with the use of a stability ball will transform your body and help you lose inches around the midsection through a series of tummy-flattening workouts. Shrink your thighs and hips with inner and outer thigh toners!

    System Requirements:
  • Running Time 40 Min

    Format: DVD MOVIE

Customer Reviews:

  • love this dvd
    i love this dvd denise austin has made. I wish it was a little longer though. I have never been one to exercise for more than 20 minutes a day--but this 40 minute video is awesome and you forget the time. it is for toning only though, so if you need to lose weight--do a different exercise first and then get this one to tone after you have lost all the weight you want to lose....more info
  • Funny, and straight to the point.
    I love Denise's sense of humor, I saw these words somewhere at the beginning of the book " Perhaps you know men who were able to shrink a huge beer belly simply by drinking less beer. But when you tried the same didn't work" funny but straight to the point when it comes to the female anatomy.

    Denise takes her time and goes back to ancient times and explains why women developed genes that contained a set of instructions that encouraged the female body to save every excess calorie, channeling them into strategic fat depots in the thighs, buttocks, hips, breasts, tummy and upper arm.I think this will help to shed light to some women,it will make them see that they were surely " beautifully and wonderfully made", to survive on earth, and their bodies are not a condemnation.

    She goes further to explain how muscle mass drops dramatically in women after menopause, largely due to a drop in testosterone, she then uses that explanation to show how women end up gaining 7 pounds every decade.If there is any woman out there who thinks that they shouldn't lift weights, well you'll change your mind after reading this paragraph!

    The following statement drove the message home: " Chronic stress of trying to be "supermom" can also encourage fat storage", she then quotes researchers at the National Institute of Health, who demonstrated how cortisol and adrenaline rise during stressful periods.Yes, any woman who wishes to re-invent herself-manage your stress now.

    Denise went further to state that most women in the U.S don't experience ancient stress.They tend to experience emotional and mental stress, which I agree with.Women in the Caribbean, Africa and Asia,experience more physical stress than their American counterparts.There is no question about that. I guess the question to the reader should then be : Is it possible for me to eliminate all this stress? or maybe manage it more effectively? these are personal questions that have to be answered.I know that spiritual poverty is the cause of these problems.Take care of the spirit, and you will be alright!

    Denise's eating plan is thorough, and she spent her time in researching and organizing her book.I had an issue with her implementing the "portion control and eating when you are hungry" plan. I believe that this aspect has to be addressed at the beginning, and not 5 weeks down the line.
    As it is, we live from the inside, and then out.

    The book has a stretching section, as well as a shopping list-saving you
    valuable time in thinking on what to buy, and what not to buy. Lastly, Denise did a thing that I hadn't seen in any other publication-she has a
    section named "Anatomy of a shoe" where you will learn everything about choosing the right pair of shoes.

    I know alot of women will find this to be very useful....more info
  • Best workout ever!
    I have to say that this is one of THE BEST workout videos ever. Now, I am going to admit I was not a fan of Denise Austin. I never thought that I would like the workout and I have been sticking with other bun and leg exercise videos, with my rotating yoga workouts. I grew bored and in my quest for something new I read the great reviews of this one, so I decided to buy it. My weights and ball were sitting at home unused and this video uses them, so that was an added bonus.

    My family has genetically large thighs (saddlebags to be more specific) and this video has been a perfect workout for them. I am so happy with the results that I have become a huge Denise Austin fan. I love this workout. In the past 2 months I have shrunk my saddlebag area by 3 inches! I went from being a size 12 to a size 8! Now, granted, it wasn't just this video, I had begun a vigorous workout routing with the yoga and watching what I eat, but this video definitely shaved off the last couple of inches. My arms are more toned, my stomach is down 2 more inches, and my hips and butt are looking great!

    An added bonus is that it is a fun video to do. I will continue with this one, and look for other Denise Austin videos!...more info
  • Love it for the Workout
    I love this workout because Denise tells you the zones she is targeting like underarm flab, saddle bag thighs, the butt, bra overhang, etc. I have only been doing this video for a week and already am seeing improvements. The video is challenging and I'm a very active and in shape college student. This video I will enjoy doing over the summer with my mom and sisters because it makes you feel great after doing it while knowing the "zones" you were improving. Although there isn't a very big abs workout she still does touch a great base on them, which is perfect for me.
    Don't let the bad reviews about people hating her enthusiasm and the music discourage you from this workout because you are buying this to get in shape and not criticize everything that doesn't have to deal with the workout. But if you have a problem with Denise Austin's "show my your beautiful smile" attitude getting mad will just make you workout harder!

    You will need weights and a giant ball for the second half of this workout...and always a mat!...more info
  • Shrink your Female Fat Zones
    Program goes pretty fast. It is hard to learn without stopping the program numerous times....more info
  • Excellent
    I really like Denise Austin and have used her video's and DVD's for sometime. I find her presentation motivational and upbeat and her hints and helpful examples very useful. This is a good DVD and one worth doing....more info
  • Good target areas
    I liked it. I felt the burn the day after so it must have worked something. Would recommend....more info
  • Good workout, but Denise is annoying
    I agree with what a lot of folks have been saying. It's a great workout, but Denise talks through the entire workout! It's quite annoying.
    The workout could use more repetitions as well. I think next time I use it, I'll put Denise on mute. ...more info
  • Total Body Workout
    I feel a total body workout with this video, and Denise keeps me motivated. It's very easy to follow, and she tells me exactly what body part I am working. I started out with 3 lb weights, and they were too light for me. I encourage you to get weights that will challenge you to compliment this video....more info
  • If you love Denise, you'll love this workout
    I have about 4 other Denise Austin workout videos and I love them! She is a little much to take sometimes, but I have to be honest, when I'm in a bad mood, I just put in her tape, put a fake smile on, and in five minutes, I'm sucked into her happy exercise bliss!:) In this video, she switches between the upper body, the lower body, and the abs with the ball and without the ball. You can navigate to whichever part you choose, or just let the DVD play straight through for a nice 40 minute workout. I love this DVD and recommend it!...more info
  • Motivating workout
    I been working out with Denise Austin for 12 years and she is still awesome. I don't workout with no one but her. I love how she talks you through the hard parts and is like your own fitness trainer. This dvd hits all those zones you want and them some you didn't even think you had, lol. Wonderful as always. ...more info
  • Best weight loss dvd.
    This is my favorite weight loss dvd. I actually enjoy this one. You are not jumping around, trying to keep up with the dance moves, or routines, this actually gets to the heart of the problem, targeting those female fat zones. ...more info
  • Best exercise dvd ever
    I've tried many exercise videos, but I consider this one the best. If you are bored with your exercise, this will keep your attention. Works on so many parts of your body, gets you a good sweat, and allows you to focus on the exercise not on catching up with the steps or the beat of the music. Works on specific body parts so you will really feel encouraged that your problem areas are being addressed. I like the use of weights and the ball, pushes you to do more. Congratulations, Leslie! Keep up the good work....more info
  • Good workout but she is annoying
    This is a decent video and I work out a lot. I am definatly sore after the squats and lunges workout. Some of the exercises with the ball is uncomfortable and just difficult to gain balance but that could just be my issue. The one main problem is listening to her voice, she is really annoying and I think makes some inappropriate statements but not a huge ordeal......more info
  • Not happy
    The Amazon page did NOT mention an exercise ball. The package said one was "recommended." About 15 minutes of 20 minute program required ball. I don't have a ball and did not want to buy one. I would return the DVD except I opened it. ...more info
  • Still haven't received
    I contacted the seller a week ago and was promised a replacement which hasn't arrived, I will give the seller some leeway since I know the USPS does not always deliver. I still want the video and hope that it does arrive soon....more info
  • unpleased
    This was a boring workout. I was surprised for Denise Austin. Usually she is a pleasure to workout with but I just couldn't get into this one....more info
  • Great Denise
    I would like to thank denise austin for such great workout, i feel really stretched and active after her workout, i thougt i would be lethargic after working out but this didn't happen, given the fact that iam lazy by nature, thank you denise, i 'll buy the rest of her DVDs when i can afford it

    Again thank you
    May from Egypt ...more info
  • Awesome!
    I think this tape is great. I liked to exercises they were easy to follow. I could feel that I got a workout the next day. I didn't care for the ball part, but that is because I am not a fan of the ball. I tried it but it doesn't do it for me. But I felt that the other section was enough....more info
  • Give it a try!
    Had a baby 7 months ago and was completely discouraged when my once flat stomach became a flabby mess! I have lost all of the baby weight but the stomach remained so I decided to give this DVD a try. I tried it for the first time yesterday and I am completely sore today...a good thing! This DVD worked all the right areas. I did the full 40 minutes and am super excited to have found something that works the core and other "fat zones". As for Denise Austin, the negative reviews had me skeptical but after doing the DVD, I don't think she is that annoying. If she annoys you, use your mute button and crank up your iPod or stereo!
    I will update my review in 4 weeks or so with the results......more info
  • Great workout, great instructor
    I first came across Denise Austin's DVD was her pilate DVD checked out from local library. I was immediately attracted to the simpleness and easiness of the workout program and it was effective. Then I decided to buy both the pilate one and this one. I have been exercising using this DVD for about 3 or 4 months, religiously every morning. I have lost 4 ~5 lbs and shrunk my waist 2 sizes down. I am estatic right now and would like to thank Denise for her wonderful program, easy to do and very effective! She is absolutely right about exercising the back which helps with your posture. After I worked out only a few weeks, I feel my upper body was more straight than ever because of stronger back and waist muscles. When I stand straight, my ab muscle automatically sucked in which helps my posture even better. I just love her program and like to recommmend to everyone who is still wondering about exercising programms. As long as you stick to it, time will test it!...more info
  • Very good for toning
    I like this DVD a lot. Although Denise's voice and her little catch phrases are kind of annoying, I find that this DVD does a good job of toning the whole body if you do it at least 4 times a week. If you do it every day and take a break on the weekends, you'll see results. My clothes don't feel as tight and I'm definitely stronger. I usually only do the first part of the DVD and its enough. If you want more of a workout, then do the 2nd half which involves the use of a stability ball. She says you don't need one but you should get one if you're gonna try the ball exercises- I mean it only makes sense and will strengthen your core faster using the ball. Oh one more thing- you need a lot of space to do the ball exercises because you'll be bumping into things when you're rolling on the ball doing the various exercises. Hope this review helps all of you out there trying to loose the hard to shrink female fat zones....more info
  • Not impressed
    I admire Denise Austin but can't say that I'm especially thrilled with any of her workouts. I bought this at the same time as buying 'Quick Fix' and much prefer that over this one. I need something fast paced yet that I'm able to follow and I need to feel like I'm doing something. I never feel like I'm getting anywhere doing Denise Austin. This is my 5th Denise Austin fitness dvd purchase and my 5th let down....more info
    I love doing this DVD in combination with my Indoor Walking DVD. I always do the warm up and then pick either arms or lower body to do. I feel super after I have done it and can really feel my body working and improving. You need to be a Denise fan though, she's super perky in this one!...more info
  • Better than I expected
    I was very anxious to receive this as my friend recommended it. It was delivered very quickly so I was pleased. I did call Denise Austin a few choice words in the beginning because she really works you but as you get into shape it gets easier. I am see a difference (3 weeks later) and it prompted me to buy her book. ...more info
  • excellent
    i love denise austin workouts but what i do not like her music it need to be more energetic and powerful
    but all denise dvds is nice
    this the best dvd for home workouts ...more info
    Definantly a beginner workout! If you are a beginner this is probably a better workout video for you. As for intermediate and advanced people I would not buy this video. It is way to slow and rather boring. I had no problem with denise's voice or attitude though so i don't know why people complain about that. Hope this is helpful :]...more info
  • ideal when you do not have the energy to workout
    I enjoy this workout because I have a very physical job and some days I come home from work too tired to put in a tape and do an hour of weight training/aerobic mixes. This tape takes you by surprise every time. It feels like you are getting away easy, without working really hard, however it can really make you sweat. The combination of upper and lower body, weights, ball, and stretching gives me a well rounded workout without "beating" me up, making it a great choice for one of those days that I just can't go on.........more info
  • not for everyone
    Okay, let me just say upfront, Denise Austin is not for everyone. I thought she was too perky, too cheesy and she would talk incessantly. Seriously. Incessantly. The exercisers in the background didn't seem to have much personality either.

    The actual workout consists of two 20 minute workouts. The first part is pretty much a traditional workout with free weights. Nothing new there. Though I did like the butt blaster move. I liked the second workout with the stability ball better. Some transitions between exercises were a little fast, but still, not bad.

    Both parts focus on toning, cardio isn't really incorporated into the workouts. But if you can ignore Denise Austin's voice, the workout does work the areas you want to target. It's not the best workout video by any stretch of imagination, but it isn't bad for the price....more info
    Oh she gets on my nerves. This dvd is so boring I only watched a couple of minutes of it and turned it off. If you want great sculpting moves with actual energy and fun,try Turbo Jam by Chalene Johnson. It's excellent....more info
  • My favorite workout
    This is my favorite exercise DVD. I look forward to doing it for several reasons. First is that there's nothing tricky in it like there can be in a dance-aerobic type workout. Also, it is about 42 minutes from start to finish which makes it easy to fit into my schedule. Because it has 2 parts, one using small hand weights and the other using the stability ball and hand weights, I can split it into two 20 minute workouts if necessary. I really enjoy Denise's style, although sometimes the directions would be almost impossible to follow if you were unable to see what she's actually doing! The best thing is that I see definite results from doing this workout regularly....more info
  • Great Workout
    This DVD is a great workout. Not too strenuous. It's great to get you motivated to get back into shape and feel healthy....more info
  • Love this Workout DVD
    I, so far, own four of Denise Austin's exercise DVD's and this is my favorite workout. It is 40 minutes of strength, weights and stability ball. I wish it had an optional 20 minutes cardio section as well but it is still a great workout by itself. I usually do this DVD then pop in one the other ones for a 20 minute cardio session. But, very glad I purchased this DVD....more info
  • A Truly Inexpensive Exercise Opportunity
    I was a little skeptical before purchasing this exercise video, but at the price I couldn't resist. As it turns out, this is one of the greatest bargains I have ever found! The video is easy to follow. The exercises are strenuous, but not torture. I like the way Denise Austin changes up the focus every few exercises, so one body area doesn't get too tired at once. A great overall workout! (P.S. - if you don't have an exercise ball or hand weights, you will need to get them; but it's worth it). ...more info
  • Aimee
    Denise Austin is my all-time favorite exercise instructor. Whenever I get in a slump, not wanting to exercise, etc., I can always count on her encouraging, energizing, positive attitude to get back in the mode of exercising regularly. Also, when I use Denise's dvds, I never hurt my back or anything like I have with other dvd's. Also, I need variety and fun or I know I'll just eventually quit. I know, maybe that's not a very good attitude, but it's a reality. At least I know myself enough to know this is the truth and to take measures to get around it. Anyway, Denise has a great variety of fun and versatile workouts so that no matter what, there's something that works for the moment. She also gives lot's of good advice in her workouts and has a great mix/balance of weight training and aerobic exercises. If you feel like you don't have energy for more than 10 minutes or if you feel like getting an intense 1 hour workout, you can find this with Denise's workouts. Thanks for helping me stay on track, Denise!...more info
  • Shrink Your Female Fat Zones by Denise Austin
    I did my research before I bought this product (I already had a much earlier video of Denise's) so it was not surprising to find that it really does work! Even after one run through I could feel a difference because I find it is highly focused and just the right amount of challenge....more info
  • Effective workout for beginners
    I have been working out to this video 3-4 times a week for 4 weeks and have been cutting back on carbs. My jeans are fitting better and I have dropped 6 pounds. It definitely helps to use weights and an excercise ball as seen in the video as it helps give an extra push to the workout. Denise does tend to talk quite alot, sometimes annoying, but other times it keeps you on track by reminding you to keep proper form which is important. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good starter workout to get you motivated. ...more info
  • Excelent workout!
    I bought this DVD two months ago. The first time I used it I loved it, this DVD completely reshaped my body. I am so excited because I have lost 15 pounds and I am in better shape than 10 years ago and I am 45 years old! I like very much Denise is very encouraging and motivating. I disagree with other people that do not like her cueing. The only thing you need is CONSTANCY. Believe me is easy. If I can do it, you can do it. There are two workouts of 20 minutes each. You can do one or both, depends on the time and how you feel at the moment. I also walk every day like Denise recommends. In summary I am very very happy with this DVD and I really recommend it a lot, specially for beginners like me. ...more info
  • Great workout, DVD needs a tweek
    I enjoy both workouts on this DVD. However, when you open the DVD its divided by chapter, not by workout. So, you can either start with the first chapter and stop after 20 minutes or start with chapter 4 (when they start with the balance ball) and go on from there. I prefer Denise's other newer DVD's that divide the workouts, not the chapters. Otherwise, these are 2 great workouts. They can be done together, but a lot of the moves are repeated in the second segment, just a touch different.

    I love these workout, my reason for the 3 stars is purely based on the division of chapters instead of workouts. ...more info
  • This will get you fit in no time!
    I have had this dvd for about a year and LOVE it! I am a big Denise Austin fan. I love her shows and videos. Most of my fitness collection is Denise. This DVD requires weights and a stability ball. It lasts 40 minutes and you can break it up and do the 2 20 minute sessions if you prefer. I like doing the whole thing. It takes just 40 minutes and she doesn't leave anything out! Total body workout! I have had 2 kids and I look better than before I had them! I have been able to maintain my weight very easily. I also recommend her Personal Training video. ...more info
  • Outstanding Workout for 50 year old!
    I turned 50 this year and my main exercise is walking. My doctor insisted that I begin weight bearing exercises and do more back strengthening workouts. This DVD is absolutely the most fabulous workout I can imagine. Perfect for any age, it's geared to young and middle age women, I think. I can adjust the weights to suit my strength. At 50 I feel like I am in better shape now than 10 years ago. By doing this routine in the morning, my energy level and metabolism stays in great shape for the whole day. Very convenient 40 minute length. Total body workout. Denise is awesome!!...more info
  • Shrink your female fat zones
    The exercises are good but she talks too much! Incessantly! She does not explain which muscles you should be working so you cannot be certain you are doing the exercises properly....more info
  • shrink your female fat zones
    no warm up. very fast paced and doesn't explain the moves very well....more info
  • It wasn't the workout I was looking for, sadly
    It wasn't Denise's perky attitude that made me not really enjoy this work out dvd, it was the exercises. I was looking for a work out that focuses more on 'old school' exercises like Bicep curls and what have you. If you're looking to really tone up your arms (especially the flab on the back of your arms, bleh) and everything else without any fru-fru workout plans, then I recommend "The Science of Fitness with Tamilee - I Want That Body! by Tamilee Webb".
    ...more info
  • Good choice.
    I have the "antiquated" VHS format of this and I bought it almost seven years ago after my first child was born and I was able to stick with it...for awhile. Then, I had another child 18 months later and got way too busy, both working and being a Mom of two busy toddlers!
    Now, I'm coming to the end of my youngest's Kindergarten years where you feel like you spend all day going back and forth from the school because of the "half" in full days, one in half... I do try to walk as the school is not that far away. And my job is in a warehouse where I'm forced to stand all day and go up and down stairs, so I guess I'm not too out of shape.
    Anyway, I forgot about this old tape and was thinking I should start something up again... I'm about 20 lbs overweight, and I just did this workout again and I have to say, it's still "up to date" even after several years. I personally don't mind Denise's commentary (she's very encouraging when you're feeling the "burn")and the music is not overwhelming or cheesey sounding. She knows her stuff and even though I had a car accident that affected one shoulder, I have no problems with any of her exercises. This workout ensemble, combined with some cardio and healthy eating will get you in shape....more info
  • Purchase it as fast as you can
    Denise Austin's Shrink Your Female Fat Zones video is absolutely wonderful. The tape is an excellent tool for working on those "tuff" spots but it is also great for a total body workout. I can honestly say that I reached my toning goals in two weeks! I was committed so I exercised daily. The tape is fun, versatile and easy to follow. I especially enjoy the balance ball exercise section because it is better than all the balance ball videos I already have. I also liked the stomach exercises. Because I exercise regularly I am familiar with a lot of exercises but the video showed me some variations, as well as some totally new exercises. If you are thinking about purchasing the video stop thinking about it and buy it now. You will be glad you did! I also own the book which is fantastic....more info
  • Love it!
    I love Denise Austin's "Shrinking your Female Fat Zones" because she alternates from upper body, abs, and lower body, keeping the workout interesting and not wearing out one body part. She also will keep you motivated through each move by telling you what muscle groups you are working and how good you will look in what outfit if you just keep it up. Nothing but positives, this workout is a must!...more info
  • GREAT video
    I've only had this DVD for a week now but I really enjoy it. I do both sessions together as 1 40 min workout 3 days a week & that works great for me. I am definately feeling it in my thighs (which I think is a good thing), however I'm not sore. The 40 minutes flies by, and Im never exhausted. I think she does a great job of intertwining the more difficult excercises between easier ones so that you have a chance to catch your breath. I got this DVD b/c my jeans were getting a little too tight and after only 3 workouts they feel a little better. I found it easier to use wrist weights (which are weights that strap right onto your wrists with velcro, you can find them anywhere) b/c Im not always as graceful as she is and my ball occasionally rolled, so it was nice to be able to catch myself without dropping weights. I have already recommened this to a few friends and would strongly recommend to anyone that starting to notice those female zones getting bigger!...more info
  • Shrink Your Female Fat Zones
    This DVD will DEFINITELY shrink your female fat zones! It is a great workout. Doing both 20 ninute workouts together is tough but worth it! I would recommend this DVD to anyone, with or without trouble spots! Get rid of them and/or prevent them! ...more info
  • talk talk talk
    This is a good workout but she talks too much. She never stops talking and it is almost like she is talking to a child....more info
  • Good but not enough
    I bought this DVD for my wife and her thoughts were as follows. Depending on this DVD alone is not a good decision to go for. You should at least get her other DVD "Personal Training System". This DVD contains very limited exercises, yes focused, but as she says it's not enough even for one exercise session....more info
  • Review
    This is a great video. Good workouts especially since you can do them together or separately depending on how much time you have....more info
  • Great Workout!
    This workout DVD is great! It targets all the problem areas, even some that other videos don't address. You really feel it after the first workout. I can tell I'll be in better shape in no time. Highly recommended. Make sure you have weights and a ball too! However, if you need a lot of instruction during a workout program, this is not for you. There is almost no intro or information on how to do the exercises. However, that makes the workout fast paced and very effective....more info
  • Female fat zones
    I think this is a great work out for women like myself. The areas that are listed as the female fat zones are exactly the ones I need hel with. I have been using this workout for a little while now. It is not full aerobic but you can really work up a good sweat and feel the burn during and after. After awhile of using it I am feeling the burn in new areas. I highly rcommend this product to any one....more info
  • Good for a beginner
    This video is great for a beginner but it doesn't keep someone who regularly works out very interested. ...more info
  • Seeing improvements already!
    The video is presented in segments which I like. The exerecises are approachable and target the special areas I'm interested in targeting. I use it every morning. ...more info


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