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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life gives you the ultimate role-playing challenge -- take a simple farm boy and help him build a happy, successful life!

  • Decide what sort of life you'd want to live, as you choose which vegetable to grow, which animals to raise, and more -- six amusing and interesting chapters that span across 30 years
  • New Event System and wide-open game world for all-new adventures -- no matter where you go, or what you do, something new WILL happen
  • Interact with 40 unique characters and build solid friendships and alliances -- your success in the game could depend on them
  • Great new marriage system and the ability to raise a child, bringing your character's life full-circle
  • Connects with Harvest Moon - Friends Of Mineral Town for Game Boy Advance, for extended gameplay and all-new adventures!

Customer Reviews:

  • Harvest Moon - A glimpse of days gone by
    I have been a fan of Harvest Moon for several Years and the latest installment for the GameCube is by far the best graphically. Anyone familiar with earlier versions for the Gameboy or Nintendo 64, will recall a world revolving around a much simpler lifestyle. Individuals actually own their own businesses, produce goods and trade among themselves. There is no global economy or corporate mentality here. Satisfaction is derived from growing your own crops and trading with your neighbors. Money is saved, and houses expanded as cash allows. Life is good. While Harvest Moon, Friends of Mineral Town for the Gameboy Advance strays little from the tried and true gameplay of previous versions, Harvest Moon, It's a Wonderful Life places slightly more emphasis on building relationships with the villagers. Days also fly by much quicker in Friends of Mineral Town, where an entire day can be spent rather quickly just tending to your crops. In a Wonderful life, however, I have been able to milk the cow, water the existing crops, buy additional seed and plant it, all before lunch. This leaves more time to spend in town. It should be noted that the primary character in the current version of both games is male and is expected to woo and take a wife within a prescribed amount of time. This aspect of the gameplay will alienate female gamers to a certain extent. However, this July, Natsume is releasing versions of both games with female lead characters. Harvest Moon, More Friends of Mineral Town and Another Wonderful LIfe will be aimed at girls. Both games are already listed on Amazon and available for pre-order. ...more info
  • Grant Holmes (Exellent)
    I got hooked on it. It was so fun. You should get it....more info
  • Kinda Boring
    Amazon delivered item quickly and got it within a week! The animation on this game is pretty good. However, there aren't any games to play during the festivals -- NO Dog race nor horse race nor contests. Dog is useless and only 3 girls to choose for wife. Wife doesn't help around the farm. No greenhouse. seasons are short. Not much to do as a farmer or places to go. Rather BORING. Younger kids may enjoy it better. ...more info
  • My Daughter's Game
    I bought this game for my daughter and she seems to realy enjoy it.
    thank you Mark J Shemanski...more info
  • Harvest Moon Lover
    I bought this so I would have something to do when I got my wisdom teeth out.

    I really love Harvest Moon, I wish though that this version had more festivals. Otherwise I love it!...more info
  • An Amazing Game That Does Everything
    This game has a lot of great things on it, you can raise animals, grow crops, have friends, raise a family, go fishing, ride a horse around the town, give presents to people and let them become your best friends, and you can even go digging at a dig site near a waterfall! There is one secret though, if you buy the seed maker, you get to make your own seeds, without going to the farm next door, but you need to get tree seeds from the neighboring farm (Get the bananna seeds for more money) put them in the seed maker for a few days, and then you have instant money! This is also how you get all of those buildings (Food processing room, and the milking room).
    After you go through the first chapter in this game, you have a son, after a while, your son gets older, gets a career (which is influenced by you). If you choose to marry Celia, your son likes animals and likes farming, in order to find out what your son really likes, check his diary in his room.
    In the second or third chapter, Murrey comes into that tall building where you put your dairy in the Dairy Shipping Bin, and you have food in that refridgerator type thing, he will actually come and steal it from you. I made the mistake by saying "Give it back." I suggest saying "Keep it" so he still is your friend.You can find Murrey next to a tree, near a small garden, and to the right of where Van sells and buys his things, you can donate your money to him. I suggest you should buy this game, it is worth your money, and you'll have lots of fun with it. ...more info
  • All or Nothing
    If you've ever played Harvest Moon before, you know the plot. Raise animals, grow crops, make friends. I bought this game because I only have a Game Cube and wanted to experience it. IT IS NOTHING LIKE OTHER VERSIONS. Time constantly moves, the people are ENTIRELY new, there are only three women options, and crops are different. It's not bad, just different. To me, the Nintendo 64 version was amazing, and this could never measure up. Sometimes I enjoy it, but mostly, I prefer to stick to 64, or, the GBA version Friends of Mineral Town, which is very similar to the old version. Basically, you'll either like this one or you won't, but you may not like it just because you liked the old versions....more info
  • Peaceful RPG
    This Harvest Moon for the Gamecube is quite a bit different than the Nintendo 64 version. Here is a list of what's new:

    GRAPHICS: The graphics in this game is a big step up from N64. Your character lives in a small ocean town, so there are always beautiful vistas of the ocean. Also there is a very realistic river to fish in from many different spots. In the spring all the trees are in bloom with pink blossoms, it is very beautiful. You can always see a slight breeze blowing through the grass in your field on your farm. Your cows are very realistic looking. All in all great graphics.

    START OUT: Remember in N64 how you had to pull a lot of weeds, break a bunch of rocks, and cut a bunch of stumps to get your farm set up? I was grateful to see I did not have to do any of these tediuos chores in this game. In fact there are never weeds to pull, rocks to crack or stumps to cut, and you don't have to run around cutting stumps to collect lumber for building extentions anymore, thank goodness. In Gamecube version, you get a nice green field of fodder that already has a fence and you get a normal cow that is already milking.

    LIVESTOCK: There are several breeds of cow now, normal, brown, marble and star, with breeds getting more expensive the fancier they are. Star cows are the most expensive. Remember the good ole days of N64 when all cows are automatically female and they automatically give milk forever once they reach a certain age? Well now on GC version, animals can be male or female and it is necessary to have a male around to get a female pregnant, and a female will not milk unless she just gave birth. New babies can be male or female. I find myself really hoping for females when babies are born. (They are worth more, cost more and are productive) I did not have to have a bull to get my cows pregnant at first, I borrowed a neighboring cow for a price. Chickens can be male or female too. Must have rooster to fertilize eggs. I sold a lot of rooster babies as I was getting too many hatched.
    Sheep are available too, and a goat, but I haven't bought those. There is only so much room in the barn. I got a horse for free and this time you can ride him all over town, not just in your farm.

    DAILY CHORES: Now in GC version you must water your crops twice a day, milk cows twice a day, and brush and talk to animals twice a day. It keeps you busy. You can no longer upgrade your tools by using them over and over. You must buy better tools - and they do not make it so you can water or cut more squares at once like the good ole days of N64. They are just lighter tools so you do not get tired as easily. Also add cuddling your chickens to the list. You can cuddle your cows too.

    DATING/MARRIAGE: I was disappointed. They really made dating and marriage even more boring in this version than in N64. Now there are only 3 girls to choose from, and you have no choice, you must marry, the game ends on you too soon if you don't. While you are dating your girl it is so boring. She never drops by your farm to say hi or bring a treat. She never does anything interesting with you like in N64. There was one scene where she decided to walk with me and that was it. Now that we are married it is even worse. She does absolutly nothing for the farm. I picked Ceilia, thinking since she likes crops she would help with something. In N64 version different girls did different chores for you, like gathering eggs. I wish they would of continued that. Instead I have a worse Stepford Wife than before.

    YOUR SON: You automatically get a son after marrying in this game. No having to wait while you treat your wife nicely and make sure you get home on time. Your boy starts out already able to walk. You can buy toys for him and pick him up and cuddle him. He even goes outside sometimes (your wife never does). I hear the more friends you have, the more career choices your son will have.

    PEOPLE/FRIENDS: There is a wide variety of friends to meet. No mailman and mail this time though! Different people like different gifts. Some will give you a weird item in return after awhile. You do not get recipes now from giving food. Instead you must look at people's kitchen's or other places, and you must memorize the recipe, it does not automatically show up in your kitchen.

    EATING/CROPS: You must eat in this game or your stomach grumbles. You can eat your crops plain or fish or odd plants that grow around town and on your farm. But if you cook in your kitchen one meal lasts you all day. Use recipes you found. The simplest one I found was sweet potato soup with one sweet potato. I like how even though it is one item it lasts me all day. Back in the days when I was broke, I was making a lot of mistakes with odd plants yet they filled me up too.
    There are many more crops in this game than N64 and you can grow even in the winter. You just have to pay attention to what season they grow. Months/Seasons (Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall) are only
    10 days long each instead of the old 30 days. Remember when you could get several tomatoes on one vine? Now you get only one per seed. You can buy tomatoes, carrots, melons, watermelons, sweet potatoes, potatoes, turnips, strawberries, and several tree seeds too. Don't have to water trees!

    MAKING MONEY: In this version you can no longer stick veggies, fruits and other plants in a crop box to make money, only dairy and eggs. Instead sell your stuff to a salesman named Vann who comes at least twice a month. What was most helpful to me in the beginning was cutting a lot of fodder and selling them to him for 10 gold each. It made more sense than growing lots of crops which tired me out, and then making little profit on them (sometimes only 5 gold!) It takes longer to save money in this game the N64 version, but when you save up 30000 it really pays to buy a food processing room to make cheese or butter, they are worth a lot more than milk. Now I am rich with money to blow. There is no longer a greenhouse to get. Fancier cows can make better grades of food, like a brown cow's milk makes better butter than a normal cow.

    THE MINE: You can mine any time of the year now, not just winter. I have collected lots of weird stuff than I can either sell to Vann or give to picky friends who don't like flowers!

    There are a lot of glitches in the game, words spelled wrong and such. Don't buy a food processing room when you have a cow expecting or have a calf in a hutch, it made my calf disappear and it took longer for her to come out of it.

    You can carry a lot more in this game at one time than the other version which I love.

    All in all the game is fun and there is more to think about than the N64 version. It keeps me busy....more info
  • Not a great way to spend your money and time!
    This game is very boring. The object of it is to, well, get married and have kids. What you do in a 'day' is you try to run to town, pick some flowers, and give them to the girls (Muffy, Celcia and Naomi) A day is about 10 minutes, and every one is asleep as soon as the sun goes down. Also, you have to manage a farm, with little or no money. If this is a "wonderful life" I don't want to know what a terrible life is!!

    The best graphics in a video game i've ever seen!
    Cute characters
    Adorable Animals

    Not a very good story line
    You can only be a boy (NOT fun for us girls)
    You start out with no money, and it is VERY hard to get your hands on some
    It is BORING!!!

    I highly reccomend you spend your money on somthing else. This game is horrible. I only rated it a 2 overall because of the graphpics!

    --Star...more info
  • best game ever
    this game is the best.in harvest moon your sappose to make a farm.you can plant seeds on your farm.in the begining you start out with a cow.after a while your neighbor will order a horse for you.you can also order stuff and ship stuff.theres 6 chapters.after one year you will get married and get a baby.you can marry three people celia muffy and nami.your hoase will get bigger once you get married.when you have time you can go look around.you can give flowers to people that you can marry and they could get heart in her diary.in the 2 chapter you can by stuff from vans shop.your baby can inherit your farm or do something else....more info
  • Farming Made Fun (spoiler alert)
    This is one of those games you will either love or hate depending on how much patience you have. I loved this game! It mostly revolves around tending your farm. Other tasks include finding a wife and raising a son. Who you choose as your wife will affect your son's interests and talents. Who you make friends with in town,what toys you buy him, and what activities you do around him will also affect your son's interets.

    But the best part is the farming and raising livestock! They did try to make it as realistic as possible. For instance, cows only give milk after they give birth and then they stop giving milk after a certain period of time. What you feed your animals and how often you feed them affect the quality of their milk, eggs etc. Keeping your animals happy by brushing and spending time with them also affect their output. Your animals will get sick if you keep leaving them out in the rain. Also just as in real life, you can only grow certain fruits and veggies at certain times of the year or they will go bad. I think it is this kind of realism that really attracted some people but really frustrated others.

    There is LOTS of farming. To keep this from getting boring you can make hybrid plants and find things to increase the quality of your produce. You can also buy fertilizer and plow different plots of land to increase produce quality. Plant trees which take a long time to bear fruit (but are worth alot of money) or plant other fruits and veggies in the ground that grow quickly. If you give produce away or sell them to neighbors it affects how much they like you. Giving away high quality produce also affects your relationship with the ladies in your life and help you get in their good graces when it is time to propose.

    Another part of the game is keeping yourself alive and well rested. Unlike in animal crossing where eating and sleeping is optional, you must eat and sleep to survive in this game. If you don't eat enough your tummy will definitely let you know. You mostly eat things from your farm and you will have to support a wife and child later on in the game. A big part of the game is cooking and finding new recipes to stop you from going hungry and keeping up your strength. You must also sleep on a regular basis or your body will get tired just like in real life. BUT you can build up your strength by using heavy tools so you don't get tired as fast.

    If you liked animal crossing you will most likely love this game. Some people may still get bored because it becomes repetitious watering plants 2 to 3 times a day and taking care of animals day in and day out but its a farming game duh! What else did you expect to do? ...more info
  • Harvest moon is great!
    Harvest moon is a great game.It's very simple.Pretty much all you do is grow crops,raise animals,and start a family of your own.
    Starting a family is my favorite part.
    There's a secret though. If you want to have a baby girl insted of a boy.
    You go to the harvest spirtes house.
    On the right side of your room is little pots.
    If you press them it with say something like go a way.KEEP ON PRESSING IT UNTIL IT SAYS"I will grant your wish and then it will ask you if you want a boy or a girl.(I would go for the girl).(:...more info
  • My Daughter's Game
    I bought this game for my daughter and she seems to realy enjoy it.
    thank you Mark J Shemanski...more info
  • GrEaT gAmE
    Hey...I am only on year one and I just got into summer, I just purposed to Celia and she accepted! So I will soon get married....i have a sheep, 2 chickens (male and female) a cow, a horse and a dog. I want to know how to get my cow pregnant...and I don't have gameboy so I can't link it to go into town...what do I do??...more info
  • A wonderful 2nd life
    i am writing while eating popcorn so escuse any errors. i am 12 years old and this game is like a 2nd life to me. i got for my b-day this year(2005).My birthday is on may 15 and my grandma died the morning on may 15 2005. we were going to go to church together. i stayed in my room all day playing Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life. It kept me calm and made stop crying. it made feel better. Now ive been hooked on it ever since i named my person after my grandma. every time i play it reminds me of her. i dont know what i wouldve done without Harvest Moon.:)...more info
  • Wonderful game! I love it!
    This game is so cool! I've been playing it forever. You get to own cows, chickens, a dog, a cat, a horse and ducks! My favorite game ever!...more info
  • Cows, chickens and sheep, Oh my!

    ....I LOVE THIS GAME! A Wonderful Life is a very adicting and fun game. You get a pet dog, marry a girl, raise several farm animals and much more. All this without having to be on a burning hot or freezing cold farm!(no offense extreme weather lovers.) A Wonderful Life has great graphics to. With all these great things there are a few things that would make this game better. 1 is how you cant pick your gender. Picking your soulmate is hard enough, but being a girl picking a wife. Thats just hard. Another thing is how the days go by so fast. Not that having 1 minute equal 1 hour isnt fun but it doesnt always give you enough time to do SOME things. Over all though, A Wonderful Life is a very fun game. (even with its small problems) (: ...more info
  • An unbiased review of this game.
    This game is good, however it is not amazing. I have been a Harvest Moon fan for several years and at first I was impressed by the depth that has been added to the series. That is the best quality of this game, it changes as you play. The main character ages along with his family. The environment allows you to influence what your child grows up to be, and their personality.
    Not only do the main character and his family change, but the other inhabitants of the village do as well. People move in and out of town, have children of their own and some even die. You can fully interact with these people and doing so can trigger many events and stories.
    The graphics are amazing (especially the water), and you can replay this game over and over again.

    There are some bad points however. The main one for me was the lack of things to do. Once you gave established your farm there is little for you to do and as the game moves so slowly (24 minutes to a day) you begin to find yourself impatient for the year to end and for the world to change.
    Also at some times the game seems too realistic. For example, rather than puttiing your crops in a bin at the end of the day, you have to go into the town and sell them in a market to passers by.

    I hope this review has influenced you one way or another, although many long time Harvest Moon players may be dissapointed, new players have alot to appreciate in this game....more info
  • my own experience
    Well, Harvest Moon AWL is a wonderful game. Let me tell you what you can do: you buy sheep, horse, goat, cows(4 types), and chickens. Also, you will get ducks, a mouse, a lizard, a cat, a racoon, an owl, and that's about it.(these last ones are pets, along with your dog) you milk the cows, you shave the sheep, you milk the goat, you ride the horse, and you pick up eggs from ducks and chickens. Then comes seeds...You can plant and harvest several varieties of seeds, or you can make fabulous recipes to share with your friends of Forget-me-not-Valley or with your wife and son. To get a wife, you must talk to her and take things that she likes to her. When you get married, you get a baby son, which grows into a boy, then a teenager, and finnally an adult that ends up being married with either Kate, or Lumina (2 girls from the game). Your son can also choose a career. And other activities include: 3 mini-games,fishing, horse back riding, excavations, making hibrids, and making friends....more info
  • Best Game Ever!
    This game has it all. Here are a few examples of what you can do: own your own farm, own tools, own animals, go fishing, give gifts, sell items under a tree, go to a bar, get married, have a child, have friends, grow vegetables and much more. This game is very fun to play and once you hit the button on the Gamecube you will not turn it off. You play only as a boy in this game. If you are a girl then you might want to wait for the game harvest moon another wonderful life. In another wonderful life you will play as a girl and be able to marry a boy. If you love the harvest moon wonderful life series but don't have a Gamecube then you might want to wait for the PS2 version coming out. The new version is called harvest moon a wonderful life special edition and will have lots of new features. Thanks...more info
  • Harvest Moon A wonderful life
    The game is fun and clean. There is alot to learn about life and what a great way to teach your children about responsibility. If they are going to play video games this is a good healthy one to allow even the younger ones to play!...more info
  • Very fun and addicting game!
    I really enjoyed Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. I found myself playing it from 6:00 PM to 5:00 AM. O_o

    You start out as a boy (if you want to start out as a girl, get "Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life"), and you get a farm. You start out with a cow, and you find a stray dog. You start out with about 3000 G. I spent my first day exploring the whole town, and by the end of Spring, I got my way around. Every season lasts 10 days (about 10 minutes each). You get to choose from three girls in your town to be your wife, Nami, Celia, and Muffy (I married Celia ^^). This game should last over 100 hours, unless if you sleep everyday, which is no fun. =( After you get married, you get a son, and you can buy stuff at Van's shop for him in Chapter 2.

    Well, that was alot. >>

    There is still more, yet i've only gotten to Chapter 2. There are about 6 chapters, all lasting a different amount of years (3 is the most).
    Now, for ratings:
    Graphics: 10/10
    Best graphics I've seen on the GC for a LONG time!
    Sound: 9/10
    It was pretty good, yet the music gets repetive.
    Replay Value: 10/10
    There should be alot of Replay Value, mainly because this game really doesn't end, because you can start over and marry someone else, make new friends, get different animals, etc.
    Gameplay: 10/10
    Best game on the GC since Super Smash Bros.: Melee. Not for people who hate slow games. Actually, I my self hate some games like that, yet I found this fun.
    Overall: 10/10
    I just loved this game, even though I'm not much of a farm-sim type of a fan, this really got me playing it. =D

    RENT, PASS, OR BUY?: Buy!
    Very fun, and very addicting.

    "I have spoken!"...more info
  • Hrvest Moon Rocks
    I have this game and its is very fun. I can't stop playing lol. I think its very fun indeed....more info
  • Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life
    Hi! I'm Jamie Robson and I am here to tell you about the 2nd best game in the world! Sadley in this game you can only be a boy but it is still lots of fun! I'm not going to tell you as much as I did on Animal Crossing, but I will still tell you things about it. This game is also a life game. In this game you on a farm with animals, plants, and buildings! You also can get married and have a boy. But that is all I cn tell you because I already have the boy but I didn't get past that level yet so you and me have to find out what is next!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • A disappointing version of a great game...

    I own the harvest moon they made for the original playstation, and THAT I would recommend. But with the odd system of time and confusing main map, this game is not worth the time or money....more info
  • wah wah wah
    I had his game for 3years and it got lost but you should buy it because it is a great game!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Before you Buy
    I bought this game for my wife, and this is what she thinks:
    The animation isn't like it is on Magical Melody,(prefer cartoon look).
    Your maps aren't easy to read and you can end up lost if you don't have your players manual.
    She prefers magical melody because you get to choose where you live and name everything....more info
    This Game is wicked dumb. It has no point. No levels. NO OBJECT!! All you do is try to impress REALLY ugly girls, and run around on your horse. This game is very weird if you are a girl, because you play a boy, who looks like a girl.So, it is very werid to play as a boy if you are a girl. Not to mentian it is really hard to get married. You have to marry them, or die. Please, don't buy this. It has nice pretty grapics. Thats it. Buy somthing else. Animal crossing is much better....more info
  • Before you Buy
    I bought this game for my wife, and this is what she thinks:
    The animation isn't like it is on Magical Melody,(prefer cartoon look).
    Your maps aren't easy to read and you can end up lost if you don't have your players manual.
    She prefers magical melody because you get to choose where you live and name everything....more info
    ok so you think its gonna bee some boring game but no you can marry Nami smart Muffy Airheaded beauty or Celia downtoearth but obsessed with farming dig at a archology site raise a son talk and give gifts raise plants and animal i got this by my cousins request its soooo fun i may get boring a little but just get some fresh air then come back and good old fun...more info
  • Great game playing it now
    great game just brilliant to learn about being a farmer and learn about life a great /U\ (Universle game=no sex violence )
    it is a great game im sure most of you have herd of Seed maker
    thats what makes everyone rich!...more info
  • I don`t do tittles
    this game is great!I loved it the minute I got it.It has to be one of my fav games on gamecube.I wish you could choose your gender(cause` I`m a girl)because it`s really hard choosing your wife cause` you dunno if she`s the right one!much easier for you to pick a guy.anyway,for a tip don`t pick the blond(I forget her name)I think it`s Muffy.here is another tip:

    sweet potato:fall

    and another thing:

    watermelons,melons and sweet potatos make the most money so plant them in the big field.Turnips are a rip off.Don`t waste money on cows.(their milk runs out after a year or so)Buy sheep instead and take good care of em` so you can get gold wool.and let chickens run loose outside in your field rain or shine,you don`t have to care for them and you`ll get gold eggs.believe me,all of these tips helped me a lot in this game!...more info
    Harvest Moon is the worst game ever. I've never seen such a horrible game, its a mess.



    Basically you take over your dads farm. You can marry either a goody goody blonde, a hard working brown haired girl or a girl who looks like a boy who never talks. Your neighbors are weird (one family is big on excercising and has really annoying music and excercise equipment everywhere.) If you want a good life simulator play Animal Crossing. This game was rated E (it has alcohol usage and suggestive themes) This game is bad. Play Animal Crossing...more info
  • Harvest Moon AWL is awesome!
    This is one of my favorite games for gamecube. It was the first Harvest Moon game that I've ever played, and I'm glad it was, because it left a really good impression.

    The story is simple: you have inherited a farm, and are about to start your new life. In HM:AWL, the main purpose, I think, is to lead a succesful life, as a farmer, of course, and to raise a family. You don't just start off being a millionaire, you have to work for it. At the start of the game, you own just one cow, a dog, and several buildings. But this is just the beginning!

    You can choose if you want to just raise animals and earn money off them, or if you want to grow crops and sell them for profit, or both choices! Another way to earn money is by going into the dig site every day, then selling what you find to Van, a traveling merchant.

    If you love animals, then this is the game for you. There are four different types of cows that produce four different types of milk for you to buy. There are also chickens (of course). You will be given a horse. And you can buy sheep, and also you can purchase one goat. There are different animals that you can get as well. You get to name all of them! Yay!

    Do you think this game sounds boring? Well, it isn't! And there's much more than planting things to it.

    There are three girls that you can marry in harvest Moon A Wonderful Life. They are named Celia, Muffy, and Nami. This game it is a lot easier to get married, because you don't have rivals, and it doesn't take as long to bring up their heart level. Once you get married, you will have a son! And you get to name him! And he's really cute! And he says such cute things! And his clothes are so cute!

    There are also other characters in the town that you can interact with, and befriend. Once you become friends with them, they'll give you items.

    The graphics in this game are really pretty, and it's obvious that there was a lot of effort put into the game to make it look good. There isn't a lot of music, only when you're in the farm, and there you have the option of turning it off without turning off the volume. I personally like the fact that there isn't much music, only the sounds of your footsteps, or the rain, or a bird, or something else.

    There aren't many things that I don't like about this game. One thing that comes to mind is that I found quite a lot of errors in what the character's say. But I don't really care about that. Another thing that I don't like so much is that there aren't many festivals, like in Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town, (the only other HM game that I have played). Like all games (for me) it got boring after a while. Every now and then I play it, but I'm not one of those people who can play for hours one end.

    As I said, this is one of my favorite gamecube games. I like it because it's unique. I would say that everyone should try it, but it's definitely not for everyone.

    ...more info
    I started to play this game by renting it a my local Movie Gallery and I TOTALLY fell in love with this game and (after 2 weeks of renting it) I had to buy it!

    In the game, you start out as this boy (IF YOU ARE A GIRL, LOOK AT "AN EVEN MORE WONDERFUL LIFE) and his dog. You have a cow and that's pretty much it, and you have to make a life for yourself. You plant crops and have to maneuver your way around town, but it's kinda hard. You have a choice of 5 women (Celia is cutest) and right when you are ready (at the end of the year) you will go into a huge leap in time and you are married and allready have a kid and the whole nine yards, but this game continues on from an earlier game and it says things in your father's point of view, like "You should be very proud of your grandson" (YOUR child.) It is a bit confusing.

    If you are looking for a game that will keep you occupied and you won't go absolutly crazed over because there is really no END to the game, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life is it!

    -Alex Mc....more info
  • A fun Chapter
    Ok, AWL is a game on Harvest Moon where a boy character wants to follow his dead father's footsteps, he becomes an adult when raising livestock, starting produce, but most of all, starting a family. You will be given the chance to woo 3 potential girls in town with different personalities, on the first day of summer you will be given a blue feather, you can propose to a girl you like with at least 3 hearts in her diary, to find her diary search where they live, anyways once you propose they can say yes or no, if you don't propose to anyone, at the end of the game the girl that likes you the most will marry you and you have a baby boy, when years go by more people move in, some villagers die, you become older, your son is older and new things happen around the village. it's a good game for RPGers and it's very fun. it teaches you the MEANING of LIFE. and most of all, how to become a farmer inside, you're a dad, farmer, husband, friend, and a lot more. So buy this game....more info
  • A great game for families with Christian values

    Our family has nearly all of the Harvest Moon games, for the various Nintendo systems, and visually, this is stunning. It has the usual farming/nuturing theme of all the other games, with the addition of a few new animals, though cattle and chickens remain the moneymaking farm stock. One real plus in this game is that *finally* you are able to ride the horse all over the play area, not just the farm....but the horse race has been deleted. Another fun addition is of little real value, but just kind of interesting- you now can breed cattle with your own bull, which are rather neat looking animal. The cattle are of four different "breeds", as well, giving milk of different values.

    There are many new people to meet and interact with, which somewhat offsets the dearth of suitable girls for marriage. The only really nice one is Celia, who lives on the town's other farm. The other two girls, a tart of a barmaid in a red and black slip, and a spoiled girl with too much money and time on her hands, could care less about the farm, and are not girls I want my own kids to spend the length of the game with. (Game time is 30 years. I don't know what the other two girls are like to chat with, but Celia is kind of limited conversationally, both before and after marriage, but is totally devoted to her family. Her son, a cute lil squirt in the first three years, has the options of growing up to be an artist, farmer, breeder, scientist or archaeologist, depending on who your friends are, and the influences of his life. Another problem we noticed is that there seems to be no wedding of any sort- Jack, the farmer, goes to the home of his fiance, and from there, they tour the town, saying hello to folk...that's it. Really disappointing, especially after HM:64, HM:FoMT and HM:MFoMT, with the nice little church and priest in each town.

    As far as game play, it moves at the usual leisurely HM pace- which I personally find relaxing, but those into FPS games will find screamingly boring. The controls are different than in other HM games I've seen, but typical for the GC. One thing I very much wished had been included was a first person perspective, which would have made targeting much easier in many situations. (On the plus side, there is a yellow targeting frame that helps with watering crops.) Not having had time to play this game completely through yet, I have not learned all its tricks, the main play problems I've encountered have had to do with not enough energy or money. It seems that there are no power berries in this version, despite the fact that it is designed to link to the HM:FoMT game. Your character does seem to develop stamina gradually, though it would be nice to have some way of measuring it, as can be done with the berries. The money is another snag- it is very hard to make enough with crops and the stock to have breathing room to develop other parts of the game. Fishing does seem to be a good way of making money- a day spent fishing at the base of the waterfall can easily bring over a thousand gold when sold. But it would be hard for children playing this game to manage the time well enough to earn money to move the game along. Children not old enough to actually play would enjoy watching the game, and those ages 10 and up should have the skills needed to play this without too much frustration. Our four kids, ages 10 to 16, like to watch it, but only our daughter seems to have the patience to actually play any of the HM games.

    This game does mention drinking, does have a bar (complete with a barmaid in a back room), and does involve breeding animals, though nothing inappropriate is seen. There is some innuendo, which will likely go straight over the heads of small children, but overall I do believe this is a good game, and one that can be added to the collection of any family with Christ-like morals and values.

    Gail Nichols

    ...more info
  • this game sucks
    I hate this game! It is soooooooo booooring. It is also for rednecks. It is so stupid. If you are looking for a fun game with violence and action, dont get this game....more info
  • The Best
    Ok. This game is way better if nobody is bosing you around. My little brother says it is boring, But it is the best. Get it now....more info
  • ???
    (ignore the 1 star rating, i had to put something to post here, this post is a question really!)

    Should i get this game?
    All my friends at school have it and say its great but im not sure.

    I LOVED animal crossing for the first 2 months or so but the graphics put me off after that.

    so guys...




  • A game about careers could be the start of a whole new generation of games
    Fred's Review:
    8.5/10 stars

    The first couple of years will be the best and after playing you'l give it a ten but in the third+ years, it loses its fun. You take the role of a farmer and maintain your father's farm with the help of his best friend. At first it might be hard to start out but you'll eventually have an awesome farm. You do everything from growing and tending your crops, to getting married, buying cows,sheep,goats,horses,chickens,and ducks(I won't tell you how to get them)
    The best way how you'll get money will probably be from fishing. I can get about 2500 G in a day from fishing. You sell things to Van-some dude with his own shop(How does he get all this money?) and you can also buy stuff from him. As you continue through the game you'll get new equipment and buildings that will make farming somewhat easier. But i found out a secret about how you can get rich with the seed mixer and i now have about 200,000 G from doing that. I wouldn't consider this game to even have replay value since you can't beat it. If you want a game that will last you a while, this is probably one of them....more info
  • Great game
    I rented this game and I found it to bevery fun. I like the fact that you get to do all the hard stuff you have to do on real farms, and you get to go to hotels, resturants, and marry to have a child. I know marriage is supposed to be gross to us kids, but I found it very fun to see the different personalities of children depending on the wife you marry...more info
  • Fun, but makes absolutely no sense
    I am writing this review because I had noticed that somebody had put five stars in the educational category. The only thing educational about this game is that it could encourage smaller children to learn to read better. Now lets cover a list of things that would be very bad for kids to learn.

    1. Grapes grow on trees

    2. There are giant two-headed plants that talk

    3. Carrots grow above ground

    4. Turtles wear bandanas

    5. Chickens lay golden eggs

    6. An entire bag of seed will only grow one plant

    7. Flowers are tasty

    8. If you scrub a tomb, a ghost will appear

    9. Doctors can cut people open with sickles

    10. Its cool to wear a leprechaun hat

    11. You can eat bananas without peeling them

    12. You can eat a fish with the eyeballs still attached

    13. There are big fluffy white apes in the wood

    14. When you cut trees, little lightning bolts appear

    15. You can talk to your father's spirit in a shed

    16. Your stomach says "~Guu~"

    17. You can find relics by scraping your shovel over two inches of dirt

    18. You can eat a special mushroom and shrink

    19. There are little people with green hair and red noses called Harvest Sprites

    And last, but certainly not least,

    20. You can go into a bar and spend all of your money on alcohol!!! %P

    Dont get me wrong, its a fun game, but just not educational....more info
  • Very disappointing
    I had played the original Harvest Moon on the SNES and when I saw Havest Moon A Wonderful Life for the GCN I jumped at the chance to play it again.

    For those of you out there who think that HMWL is anything like the original let me quickly dispel that notion right away.

    Additions and Subtractions: The game has a few things added, and a few things removed when compared to the Original Harvest Moon (SNES)
    While some additions are good, I will be focusing on the ones that made the game suck.


    Cows suck - Cows don't just give you milk like they did in the SNES version. You have to get them pregnant...which takes a YEAR (40 days)
    Then they will produce Milk for one year and dry up..so you have to get them pregnant AGAIN.
    You also have wash your cow in addition to talking and loving it. So you take them outside, get them next to the water stall and wash them with your brush. This wouldn't be so bad if you didn't have to 'push' them from behind to get them to the stall; which is painfully slow and tedious because of the god-awful controls you are given to guide the stupid beast to said destination.

    Set up Shop: You go into town and set up a shop and you sit there and WAIT for people to come to you and buy your produce. This can take from 10 to 15 minutes of just sitting there WAITING. And you will only get about 2 or 3 customers who never buy in bulk.

    Subtractions: Things removed in the GCN version that were present in the SNES

    No Crop drop bin: You have a bin for only Animal products. Milk, eggs, etc.
    But not for crops.

    No Golden scye: Cutting grass will forever be done as God intended...one square at a time.

    All this coupled with many poor menu designs makes this a mediocre game as best.

    I can't see how this game would be for children. With it's 480 hours of gameplay (that's just how long it takes for the game to end) any normal child will quickly get bored and move onto something else.
    Only if you are a hard core Harvest Moon fan, and a little bit masochistic...more info
  • Harvest Moon Excellent
    I don't know much about it - but my daughters couldn't get enough of it and played it for about a week straight...eventually the shine wore off a bit and they don't play it as much, but they thoroughly enjoy it....more info
  • The best game ever to hit the harvest moon series ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don't listen to those negative reviews! This game rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at first you start out with a big barn with one cow therefore it is your job to make it the most succesful farm ever!!!! you get the marry the beutiful womens you can oly marry one, (excuse me if you wind up thinking thses women are hiddeouse!) raise you're child make friends with people and find valuble artifacts in the ruins. So rent it first, because not everbody has the same game taste as we harvest moons fans do!...more info
  • An awsome non-violent RPG.
    Before I get to the details, I've just got to say this game is not for everyone. A lot of people are into action RPGs, and this is not one. Okay, now to the details. The game is all about the life of a 20 year old boy. His grandpa just died and wants to give a shot at raising his farm. The game is a little diffacult at first, but you'll get the hang of it. Now, the game is seperated into 6 chapters. Unlike the rest of the Harvest Moon games, this one ends because you die. By the sixth chapter you are old and your child is grown up and is married. But you have to get married too! You can choose from 3 girls. Muffy, a hot chick who's dad owns Blue Bar, Celia, a quiet, sweet orpan girl whom lives on Vesta's Farm with her brother, Merlin, and Nami whom is very shy and moody, lives at Inner Inn, and who can move away if you don't marry her. If you don't propose by the end of the year, the girl you have the highest hearts with will propose. If you you refuse, the game will end and you go back home. The second chapter is the most fun in my opinion. You now have a boy child. He takes after the girl you choose to marry. He has green eyes and blond hair if you marry Muffy, Brown eyes and hair if you marry Celia, and red hair and blue eyes if you marry Nami. Chapter one in Harvest Moon AWL is all about getting used to the controls, getting your farm started, becoming friends with everyone, and wooing your wife. The second chapter is more compilcated. It's all about getting more animals, giving breeding your animals a try, meet this guy who will make hybrids, and leading your son on a career path. Your son's career is very importent. The job choices are rancher, a farmer, an artist,a scientist, a musician, and an athlete. Muffy's son would like to be an athlete and a rancher, but is bad at ranching but good at being an athlete. Celia's son is really into animals and farming, but is better at farming. Nami's son loves art and animals, but is really good at art, not so good at ranching. Be careful about what you influence your son to, his career choice depends on it! Back to the chapters. Chapter 3 is mostly the same as Chapter 2, except that your child is about 10 and that Hugh and Lumia are teenagers. Your son has his own room now, which also means you can invade his personal space. He also has a diary now, which helps you know what things he is into. Your son also has a bunch of books, which also helps you know career he wants. Chapter 4 is diferent. your son is now a moody, independent teen. Now you should really check up on your son's diary, since it tells you whom he has a crush on. You now look older, so does everyone else. Chapter 5 is basiclly the same as Chapter 4, but now your child is a young adult. You look even older than you did in Chapter four. This chapter is your last chance to choose your son's career. Chapter 6 is the final chapter. Your son is now grown up, has a job and has a wife. After this chapter the game ends. But trust me, it doesn't happen as quickly as it sound. It takes at least a year to compleate the intire game. Now, you're wondering: How do I know if Muffy/Nami/Ceila loves me? Well, all three girls have diarys. Muffy's diary is the easist to get to. You can get to it anytime that Blue Bar is open. Her diary is hidden in that ugly lamp at the north end of Blue Bar. I really would had perfered if they put it in her room, but, oh well. Celia's is the second easist to get to. It is hidden in her room, under her bed. But you can't get into her room half the day, since she works. Nami's diary is SO hard to get to. You have to catch her while she is in her room, which is any time between 4:00 AM and 10:00. It is on one of the tables in her room. Now, that's about everything to go over. You can see I know a lot about this game, and that's because I love it so much! But remember, Harvest Moon has no action whatsoever, so it is not for some people. Thank you for reading my review!

    P.S Please excuse the grammer mistakes. Thank you....more info
  • I Personally Loved It, but it's not for Everyone
    Your father passes away and you inherit his old farm. His old friend Takakura helps you on the farm. At the very beginning he gives you a tour of the farm and town. He takes you into the barn and shows you your first cow. He acually bought it for you!
    So you have your first cow, so now you take care of it and plant some crops. I suggest you get some pretty cheap ones, because you should really buy stuff cheaply at the beginning. For a while buy cheap seeds and only essetial products.* You should consider finding a wife soon.*
    After a while (only if you have around 4000G that you don't need for essential stuff) you might want to start buying good fodder and seeds for trees and just stuff a little more expensive than before. Follow that for awhile and soon buy a miracle potion (or cow/bull).
    Like I said earlier try to find a wife! You can choose from three different bachloretts. The three choices are Muffy, Nami, or Celia. In the first chapter, first summer the Harvest Sprites will be fighting over the Blue Feather. The Blue Feather is the item to give your girlfriend during proposal. If she has 4 or more hearts, she will eccept. After that you get married. That leads to Chapter 2. In this chapter you now have a child! The child is mainly based on your spousces personality. Nami's is interested in learning, Celia's in farming, and Muffy's in athletics. The animals you can get in the game are:
    a goat(ch.2 only)
    and a horse
    The animals play a big role in this game so be sure to get 8. The crops aren't so big but be sure to get them too. They become bigger when you can use Tarten, Takakura's two-headed plant. The crops you can grow are:
    *There are more, I just can't think of them at the time.*
    Over All Ratings:
    Graphics: 5/5
    Music: 4/5
    Story: 5/5
    Fun: 5/5

    Like I said, it's not for everybody but I hope you like it.
    I'm a girl so other girls should love it like I did!...more info
  • A really cool game
    This game rocks! The first 2 weeks I got it and I was addicted! You dad has died and his dream was to run a family farm with Takura. You start out with a cow and dog. You adventually receive a horse. After Spring, you get a blue feather. When 1 of the ladies has 4 hearts, you ask her to marry you and she will. The hearts are in their diaries. Celia is a shy, boring girl who loves farm work but sadly won't help you. Her diary is on her bed. Muffy is the cutest girl on the game. Her diary is under the lamp in the Blue Bar. Nami is the smart girl who is not easy to impress. Her diary is on her desk. She will leave Forget Me Not Valley if you don't marry her. After you marry a girl you will get a baby boy. (I married Muffy and named my son Cory) This game rocks so bouy it!...more info
  • Harvest Moon is Lacking in many ways!
    I like this game a lot but I feel that there isn't enough to do.
    I notice that the wedding ceremony is gone. That is what I think should be in all the games. I love the fact that there is more time to tend to your farm but what about the horse and dog races. Where is the interactivity that makes a video game a video game. I notice that they have more cut scenes than actual interactivity. I notice that there is no harvest goddess or any festivals relating to the goddess. This game is a great upgrade from the N64 version but it's missing all the fun the N64 version had. The N64 version had dog and horse races but there wasn't enough time to tend to the farm. It would also be nice if there were events like hauntings and burglery. It would also be nice if the wives didn't lose their personalities after they got married or their jobs. It would also be nice if you could play the wife every now and then as well.

    The graphics are nice.
    There is also a lack of tunes to choose from. You only have two. The first one is good the second one is quite boring and slow.
    There are also less brides to choose from but that is a minor flaw compared to the lack of things to do and interactivity.
    The fact that you also can only have a male child is rather lame. Overall this game is only worth 2 1/2 stars....more info
  • A Fun Game that kids should get
    This a game for people who like farming. You have to like girls to because you gotta marry one. After the first year you have a baby boy. He needs more love than any of your animal combined. He will grow up into 1 of 6 different choices. You can marry Muffy, a cute girl who stays in the house, Celia, who likes farming but doesn't help you, and Nami, who is adventourus. Get this game because it rocks....more info
  • Harvest Moon: Complex but Fun
    Harvest moon is a really complicated game at first. Once you've played it a couple of times you start to figure things out. For example, I thought that there were only about 10 kinds of crops you could grow, but I went on Natsume.com and found out that you can mix seeds. Like you could mix carrot and potato seeds and grow something that's a cross between a carrot and a potato. Also, if you haven't played a lot of video games before you will probably need a guide book- not just the little guide inside the game case. I would recommend this game for ages 10+ because of its skill level. If you understand it though, it's a really fun game....more info
  • Better Than Animal Crossings
    I wouldn't go so far as to say this game is boring. It's boring for people who are into killing and throwing and bouncing around like Super Mario. I myself love Mario games, but Harvest Moon kicks butt! And here's why.

    It's so FUN!

    To start off, your father has died and it was his dream to run a farm with his best friend Takukra or something. I can't spell it. You decide to move to Forget Me Not Valley and take on your father's dream. Your first goal is to find a wife. This is really fun, as each of the three women you can choose from have different personalities.

    There's Celia, the farm-girl who's so so SO dull and pretty and happy. Then there's Muffy, the sexy barmaid who thinks you're sexy too, and will tell you so. Then there's Nami -- the beautiful redhead who's also smart and not easily impressed. (I wooed Nami -- she's the best!)

    Not only do you begin a family, but (as it's a farm) you have farm animals to take care of. You start off with one cow and horse, but you can buy chickens and sheep and goats and get ducks and lizards and cats and raccoons -- the number of pets is endless! You also have a dog, who chases away strangers if you take good care of it. My dog is pretty useless (the first year I kept forgetting to feed it) and I was robbed blind by a begger man.

    There's a monster who lives by a stream, a mad scientist, a hippie musician who lives in a yurt, an artist . . . the neighbors are just interesting and so weird!

    Anyway, after you've wooed the woman of your choice, you get a child the second year. The child will always take after your wife, so don't expect big brown eyes and scruffy brown hair. My child takes after Nami and has big blue eyes and red hair. He is quiet and shy and smart and it's fun to toss him in the air and buy toys for him. I named him Gwydion, incedentally.

    Man, I want to go on and on about how awesome this game is! But I don't want to give too much away. Just take it from me -- if you liked Animal Crossings, you'll love this game even more. At least rent it and you'll enjoy it -- I guarantee....more info
  • This game is awsome!!!!!!
    This game is very fun, but it can get pretty boring doing the same thing over and over but I still think it's an awsome game. either you'll love this game or you'll hate it I like it because you can have cows, chickens, a goat, a horse and alot of pets. Only thing I don't like is that I can't find any festivales but there are alot of cut scenes....more info
  • A great game
    I beleive in the saying that the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts. I'm not here to say how the music is or anything, I'm here to reccomend this game because it is great and teaches children like myself how to maintain a family and a farm, and also helps social skills. Even if some small peices of this game are not satisfactory, the entire game is great and one of the best I've yet played. Thank you for reading this review and I hope you buy this game....more info
  • Not satisfying, and addictive
    This game is really bad and hard. You start as a rancher, but making money is very hard, you have to marry raise kids, like in real life, but it's not as it sounds, it's boring,cause you have to do everything all the time. Bottom line Don't buy it, if you haven't played the other ones...more info
  • Funestest game EVER!!!!!!!!
    I so love this game, even though I am only on "Happy Birthday part 1." The first day I played it I didn't quite understand too much, but once I read the manual and played more, the more I understood it. So if you ever get this game, PLEASE, read the manual before you put the game in your game cube(or in anyone else's game cube, for that matter!). I let my friends borrow it, and for the time they had it, I was sooooooooooo bored of all my other game cube games! Harvest Moon rocks!!! So the bottom line is "If you want fun: GET THIS GAME!!!" Oh, and kids if your parents are bored of watching you play they may start saying stuff like "Turn that game off already so we can watch some decent TV!" or "I'm bored, put something good on!" or even "Turn that game off, or else it's going back to the store, in exchange for Barbie dolls!" Ok, I'm pretty sure you get my point by now, so any way if your parents start saying stuff like that first of all: shut the game off, then later try explaning stuff about the game to them and ask if they want a turn playing! Man, I'm giving good advice, I should try this stuff with my dad: he HATES Harvest Moon; don't worry, your not the only one who is shocked. Oh and if you want even more game play: get Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town and the cable that connects the game cube to the gameboy(advance or SP)so you can connect. I hope you have enjoyed this info!...more info
  • What I thought of it.
    Hi I'm Kyle I thought Harvest Moon was a good game ,but after a while I got tired of doing the same thing all day but Nami ( my wife)had a son which made the game better. so don't give up so early. It will get better. if you miss Nami(If you don't marry Nami and marry Celia or muffy) If you go into the blue bar at 7:00 P.M Nami will come back! If you didn't know your son is like your wife so be careful who you marry. Nami is shy Muffy is funny and Celia down to earth. This game is good so buy it....more info
  • Really fun game
    This game is really fun and really addictive. Raise crops and animals. Marry and raise child. Mine, fish, and gain friends. You play as a male in this game. The animals you can raise are cows, chicken, ducks, horse, sheep, and a goat. You can only have a son. Your house upgrades when you finish one year. There are four seasons and you can only grow certain crops in certain seasons. I hope I helped!...more info
  • Yippeee!
    I think Harvest Moon is the best game on Game Cube, I think the people are cute, and I think you can learn alot about life....more info


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