Eureka 972B Compact Canister Vacuum, Yellow

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Product Description

This lightweight cleaner is ideal for tackling bare floors and carpets. It has a powerful 11-amp motor, multi-surface and cleaning capabilities with the switch of a button, 360-degree connection swivel hose, automatic cord rewind and comes with tools-on-board including a crevice tool and dusting brush. Get maximum performance from this Maxima canister!

  • Tools-on-board design provides easy access
  • Deluxe floor brush for extra cleaning
  • Convenient cord reel
  • 11-amp motor provides solid cleanign power
  • Long 16-foot power cord
Customer Reviews:
  • Excellent for hard floors, light use -- not for carpet, large areas
    I purchased this vacuum to replace another small Eureka canister vacuum that finally quit working after 21 years. I was a bit concerned about the mixed reviews (some very positive, some very negative), but this model seemed to have the features I was looking for, so I took the plunge. I've been using the Eureka 972B for about a year now, and I've found that it does some things extremely well, and others very poorly, which probably accounts for the mixed reviews. Here's a summary of my experience:

    - The 972B excels at quick cleanups of hard floors. The vacuum head is cleverly designed and almost seems to float over the floor -- it swivels smoothly and is very easy to maneuver. I've had no problem with the hose/wand coming detached (a common complaint on other models), the suction is quite strong, and the automatic cord wind-up is very slick. The canister part of the vacuum maneuvers much better than my previous Eureka -- the wheel design allows it to move with a simple tug, and it's not prone to tipping.

    - The dust bag is very small -- about a quarter the size of the bag on my old Eureka, despite the fact that the overall machine is the same size. This is fine for light vacuuming, but it will fill very quickly if you are vacuuming high-volume stuff (e.g., lots of pet hair).

    - The 972B does an excellent job of cleaning hard floors (vinyl, hardwood, tile). It does not perform well on carpet, though, since the head does not have a beater bar. Also, fuzz from the carpet seems to fill the small dust bag very quickly.

    In a nutshell, I'm delighted with this Eureka for light cleaning of hard floors. I would not use it on carpet, though, and it doesn't have the bag capacity to do "high-volume" cleaning. If you have a small home, with little carpeting and no pets, it's great; if you have a larger home with lots of carpet and long-haired pets, this small vacuum won't be up to the challenge. For my cleaning needs, it's been terrific -- just what I needed, and nothing more, at a good price....more info
  • Eureka Canister Vacuum
    Although I thought I was purchasing a rug cleaning vacuum, and this turned out to be a "floor cleaner", it is a great little vacuum! It is small and lightweight and easy to use. The suction capacity works just great on my low pile carpet....more info
  • Very Powerful
    This vacuum is very small (looks bigger in photo). In fact I was hesitant at first. But, they pack a whole lot of power into this small canister. It's just as powerful as the regular-sized uprights that I have owned! It easily stows away in the corner of a closet.

    It's perfect for someone like me-- some carpet and a lot of hardwood and tile. Someone with a large house with a lot of carpet may require something with a rotating brush. My problem with uprights is that the rotating brushes always get stuck or a the belt breaks so quickly. The great thing about this vacuum is that it's very simple. It has no rotating brush, only powerful suction.

    And the best part: NO MORE SWEEPING! If you have small kids it's a must! Click on the floor nozzle petal for the floor brush and it thoroughly cleans the floor without blowing the dirt around like an upright! What a difference when moping!

    My favorite part is that it's very quiet. My poodle and Chihuahua would get so scared from our old vacuum. They don't even flinch when I turn on the Eureka Maxima. It's also very light, so those who have problems lifting this is perfect! I used to have to move my couch away from the wall- now I can easily maneuver the floor nozzle under furniture and other hard to reach places.

    The only CONS that I can think of are that the cord is not as long as I would like. The bag is also very small and needs to be changed often. You need to buy the bags online, being that most stores don't carry the type "T" bag. That's it!

    ...more info
  • miserable vacuum
    I vacuumed up a broken light bulb one evening.
    Next day, I noticed broken glass underneath the vacuum
    in the closet where I'd stored it.

    Also, the plastic exhaust/vent cover is not rigid enough to stay well
    attached. As a result, my leg gets blasted by the exhaust (and dust, presumably) as it bypasses the vent.

    Price is cheap $50, so I wasn't expecting much. But this little vac delivered even less. I am returning it after just a couple weeks.

    I will try the Eureka 3670G, which I am hoping is similar to my old Mighty Mite (which was a great, cheap little vacuum)....more info
  • Warning: do not buy this piece of c***
    do not even consider buying worthless Eureka 972B. I have loved Eureka; for over 10 years I had a great Eureka and it's still would work, if the cord & wheels did not fall off.
    I bought this Eureka compact in October 2007, now in June of 2008, it quit. I have stone floors, two area rugs and a 1000sq ft (temporary)house to clean. The Eureka could not pick up fallen dog hair, nor the dust for which I bought it for. The bags are so puny, that an Ant could not make a home of it. The power that drives the suction stops at the coiled hose.
    End result, had one good Eureka, one that was not worth the postage. Only thing I found that was likable, was the color. Fun Yellow, but this Eureka does not suffice as a Frisbee for my dog. ...more info
  • Great Value
    I bought this same vacuum about 6 years ago for myself and use it for everything. I loved it so much I had to get one for my mom. The suction is amazing for such a small compact vacuum, great for hardwood floors and vacuuming out the car. I highly recommend this item, and for the price I guarantee you can't find a better product. ...more info
  • I'm pleased with this vac; overall.
    I really like this model because it provides everything that I need; a long hose, lightweight, easy to move around, good length on the cord and I'm still on the 1st bag that came with the machine over 6 weeks ago. I gave it 4 stars because of the so-called "attachments"; they are a real joke! They are about 2-3" long and very small - to me, useless for any cleaning project I have (maybe a computer keyboard). I had to go online and order 3 real accessory tools to use with this machine, so far though, that is my only complaint. I would recommend this machine for anyone who doesn't have lots of carpeting to clean (low pile carpets and bare floors only). ...more info
  • Dynamite Little Vac!!
    I bought this for my mother and it's great. She lives in a 950 sq.ft. apartment which is carpeted except for kitchen and baths. Her carpet is low pile and this vac does a great job on it. Some of the reviews say it's not good on carpet but it has such a strong suction that it is more than adequate for low pile. Be sure not to let your drapes too close to it -- it's that strong. I wonder if the folks who complained about the suction know to use the suction control.?. Anyway, for $58 and free shipping, it's the best deal out there. PLUS, Amazon got it to me within two days of purchase. I recommend this little workhorse. ...more info
  • Great little auxiliary vacuum
    I bought after researching for a backpack unit. I saw this and decided that I could attach a belt and utilize it like a backpack vacuum. I utilize a good upright vacuum for most of my needs but trying to utilize the onboard tools is extremely cumbersome. This canister is light enough to carry and does a good job of cleaning corners, shelves, drapes, and other like items. If you're looking for an auxiliary vacuum this is the one. ...more info
  • Rounds out your Vacuum Arsenal
    This successor to Eureka's Mitey Mite is a decent, if not better looking machine. The cord could be longer, but that would probably jam up the automatic recoil, which barely manages to swallow the cord as is. The long hose compensates in part for the cord's shortness. I don't recommend this as a first or only vacuum unless your needs are minimal. Rugs deserve an upright or something with a rotating beater bar to get the grit flying and into the airstream. But for stairs, molding, picture frame dusting, and automobile detailing, this baby is spot on. Plus, you can find it in the dark....more info
  • Maybe 3 1/2 stars...
    For the money, this is a great little vacuum. I have had the Eureka Mighty Mite for years which I actually love. I bought this for work and it's got quite a bit of power. I don't love the hardwood floor attachment, and the #1 problem with this is that the bag holds about 2 tablespoons of dirt. So, that's why I figure this is so inexpensive. They are making their money off of the bags for this baby, because they need to be changed at least once a week they fill up so fast. But that's my only complaint!...more info
  • don't buy this vacuume!!!
    I am on today to look for a new vacuume!!! About 3 months ago I bought the Eureka 972A canister vacuume...and it's the worst thing ever. I have wood floors and thought that it may work good....but it scrach my floors. Then I thoght I could use it on my ruggs but that does not work either bec it just dont have any suction power. It may seem like a good price....but save your $50 becuse it wount do any good! I whish that I would have spent a little more money to begin with, and gotten a vacuum that actually works!!!!...more info
  • Recomend this to all those who have hardwood floors
    Received my Eureka 972A today. Was impressed as soon as I took it out of the box. The quality was more than I expected. Worked great on my floor and small rug. I was also pleased with the speed in which I got it. Two days!!!...more info
  • This is a powerful & convenient vacuum (for bare floors)
    This vacuum is powerful (11 amps) & convenient (small & lightweight with a retractable power cord). It is fantastic on bare floors, which is why I bought it. At $60 (and no shipping) it was a great buy. If I had to change anything, I would make the power cord longer and the on-board tools larger. I would purchase this again in a heartbeat....more info
  • Terrible product by Eureka!
    I just got this today (not to mention, it took over 5 days to receive this with the Free Shipping). I was so excited cause it just looked really good. I tested it out in my little room on carpet, and I was so sad after only 2 minutes of testing it out. This thing doesn't have any suction at all for carpet. I'm not sure about other surfaces, but carpet is definitely not its forte. I just finished packing it up, and getting my refund back. I am sad to say that I've judged a book by it's cover, and I have made a bad purchase. I am also very upset that Amazon is not refunding me for the SHIPPING costs that I will incur after returning this. My reason for returning is obviously product dissatisfaction, but Amazon considers this to be the customer's fault, so we must pay for the Return shipping costs. Remember, this thing altogether with packaging weighs 18 lbs. I am super upset right now just writing this review. Just know that this is NOT good. Please don't get fooled like me....more info