Armed and Dangerous

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Product Description

Armed And Dangerous is for the shooter fan who likes to have a laugh. Add a little wit and humor to your gaming with a shooter that makes you grin! You'll laugh when you see the surreal humor of the game - you'll think you were watching (and directing) a sci-fi comedy

  • Join 2 partners in crime on a mission set in a vividly stunning fantasy realm
  • Battle your way through dastardly enemies, war machines, and psychopathic robots
  • Fight your way through 21 action-packed missions
  • Explore 5 diverse environments
  • Take down wicked enemies with over 17 outlandish weapons

Customer Reviews:

  • Get the XBox version instead
    I remember playing the demo for this game on the XBox. It seemed like it would be a fine game. So, now I find this game for the PC for super cheap and buy it. The moment I start playing it I notice a few problems. The cutscenes, while they have good graphics are in small windows, instead of full screen. When playing you seem to play in "letterbox", meaning there is a large black area above and below. I have a pretty new computer. 3gig chip, 1meg duel channel ram, RAID drive and the like. But the graphics during game play itself seems rather pixelated. Looking at an enemey that is say 100 feet away looks really blocky. Everything about it just screams that this was a bad port to the PC. It may be pretty cheap right now, but do yourself a favor and get the XBox version instead if you really want to play it. It may be out for PS2 and Gamecube also, not sure on that one....more info
  • What a Great Game!
    This is a perfect example of great and funny entertainment where you have wide latitude to do anything you want to achieve the goal. In addition the game is a bargain and so far superior to the overpriced $50.00 crap hyped up in the video mags. Treat yourself and buy this title....more info
  • A fast, hilarious and worthwhile game for your collection!!!
    I read a few gamer magazine reviews about this title. They claimed it was great to play and had gut busting moments. IT WAS ALL TRUE!

    Warning - this game would be good for kids....HOWEVER the jokes and comments are very adult. This game is a shooter....but the violence is mild and made funny, not gory. I would say it is ok for 12 yrs old and up.

    Want an example of FUNNY? One of your weapons is a Shark gun. Yes, you shoot it at an enemy, yet all you see is a shark fin swimming on top of the ground. Suddenly, a Great White shark lunges up from underneath the enemy, bites into him and shakes him around like a rag doll before disappearing into the dirt again...THEN IT PATROLS FOR MORE ENEMIES!!!! It can easily wipe out a gang that has you pinned! Best of all, it never gets old. I could watch it again and again and again!!!

    Excellent job LucasArts.
    The cutscenes are a must see. Do not skip anything, even the opening credits and titles for the game. Some are cute, some are funny and some will have you laughing out loud. True example - I was playing this game at 2am. One of the cutscenes made me burst out laughing. My girlfriend was asleep and did not enjoy being woken up to see me having a great

    Basically, you are part of a crew of rogue-ish Scotsmen roaming the country side for The Book of Rule. You have a blind old Jewish man, a Mole and a robot Roman soldier as sidekicks. Comments while you play and shoot bad guys are made by your side kicks. Example - The Mole cries out in a thick Scottish accent, "Did you hear the one about Miners? Miners do it in the dark!" I have bad guys crawling all over me and I start laughing so hard they killed me quickly becasue I could not react!

    Use a rocket to knock off a guy up on a cliff edge and watch and laugh as the vistim cries out something like, "Avenge my death!" and his body flies through the air and lands right near you with a hard smack. Down right funny.

    My only gripe about this game - the cut scene graphics are a very low quality. I think the animation and character designs could have been better. Look at their arms...they look very puppet-ish and silly. The video itself is low quality and at times, hard to make out the details. I am really disappointed at LucasArts for that.

    No other complaints, the game is awesome it the first time without the music on so you can hear all the funny screams, comments, etc. Play the game again WITH the music on..the music really adds to the game!!!!...more info

  • A nice change from the same ol' shooter...
    As soon as I read about the Topsy Turvy gun, I knew I had to try this game. I have not been disappointed at all.
    For those of you who are tired of all of the WWII games or any game with the same old selection of weapons, you need to try this game. It will spring new life into your love of shooters.
    Just the Sticky Bombs alone had me hooked in the first 2 minutes.
    The humor is excellent. The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is the lack of multiplayer....more info
  • Gem of a game
    It seems like this game was fairly overlooked when it came out, but now that it can be had pretty cheaply, I'd highly recommend picking it up.

    As others have said, the best thing Armed and Dangerous has going for it is that it's funny - laugh-out-loud funny at times. The character design and voice acting are superb, making the cutscenes (which appear between every level) highly entertaining.

    The actual gameplay is fairly standard third-person shooter fare, injected with a healthy dose of humor ("Is that a spleen?"). The weapon selection is decent, but although many of them are unique and amusing (e.g. the Land Shark Gun), most of the time you'll only be using two of them, the machine gun and rocket launcher, because they're so darned effective. The jet pack that shows up in missions midway through the game is a great addition as well.

    The levels are well designed, with quite a bit of variety both in the setting and mission style. In addition to the standard levels, there are about a half-dozen missions that place you behind a machine gun/mortar turret, singlehandedly holding off invading armies. As you play through the levels, you can find tokens which unlock features of the game, including bonus levels, cheat codes, and the ability to replay missions and cutscenes. The number and length of the levels is sufficient that you'll be satisfied when you reach the end.

    The game does have a few flaws (e.g. some pretty bad rendering artifacts during cutscenes), but I had such a good time playing it that they were easy to overlook. Check it out if you want something a little different that will keep you laughing for hours....more info
  • OMG!
    This is the most fun I've had playing a game in years! Half of the time I'm laughing my head off, the other half I'm wreaking havock!!...more info
  • Super fun shooter game.
    This game had me hooked as soon as I saw it. It is not your standard shoot the terrorists Nazi bad guy let's be realistic as possible FPS. This has lots of fun stuff thrown in, like the topsy-turvey bomb. FUN STUFF!...more info


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