Progressive Relaxation & Autogenic Training

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Product Description

The ability to relax your body and calm you mind is necessary for health and well-being. This recording helps you discover your capacities for relaxation and inner calm.

Progressive Relaxation promotes mind-body awareness and the deep relaxation of muscles through out your body. This recording guides you to gently contract then relax different muscle groups. It concludes with awareness of your entire body resting in a state of relaxation.

Autogenic Training promotes states of deep relaxation through the mental repetition of key phrases. "My right arm feels heavy and warm" is an example of an autogenic phrase. This recording guides you to repeat several autogenic phrases to achieve relaxation and inner calm. It concludes with awareness of your entire body resting in a state of relaxation.

Customer Reviews:

  • Helpful recording
    I had some autogenic tapes and they finally tangled in my old tape player, so I joined the modern world and got some CD's. I find this recording very easy to use, the voice is soothing and the harp work is not distracting. Takes you through a basic program. I ended up buying other CDs by the same author....more info
  • Great Relaxer
    I cannot remember a time when I was not tense, and it has manifested itself in chronic insomnia. I have been using this CD for a few weeks now and while it has not yet "fixed" the isomnia it does the job of relaxing the body. I never quite realized just how tense the body was until this CD. The recommended use is twice a day but I've only managed to use it once a day. There have been days when I haven't used it at all. Making time is the issue. Dr. McManus' voice is EXTREMELY soothing, the harp music in the background is EXTREMELY soothing. My goal is to discipline myself to use it the prescribed 2X/day. It is a wonderful product and you won't be sorry....more info
  • Perfect for anxiety disorders
    My therapist had guided me through a relaxation exercise that I was never able to adequately replicate at home. So I searched Amazon and found this CD. I had been dealing with anxiety attacks at work and stress at home. I now listen to this CD before bed and I have never had an easier time getting to sleep. I had been the victim of a burglary in my home and for months couldn't sleep because of hearing noises and some OCD behaviors (checking windows and doors throughout the night). Now I am totally relaxed and sleep through the night. I've started to listen to the CD over my lunch hour at work and I swear it's like I've taken a Xanax afterwards--totally de-stressed and calm. Like other reviewers, I don't use the second Autogenic part as often but it's good during the day because it's shorter and to the point. I haven't tried any other relaxation tapes/CDs but couldn't be happier with the quality and effectivenss of this one. If Carolyn McManus is reading this by chance, I searched Amazon for hypnosis CDs by her specifically, on quitting smoking. If you ever make one of these CDs, I will be first in line to buy it....more info
  • This actually worked.
    I read a few of the reviews about this CD and frankly, I was skeptical. The first time I listened to it, I almost fell asleep. That's how effective the relaxation techniques are! Carolyn McManus has a soothing voice and I would recommend this to anyone who needs a little extra help destressing....more info
  • Great for inital relaxation or night-time wake-ups
    I listen to this sometimes at night to fall asleep or when I wake up and have difficulty going back to sleep. I have rarely made it to the end of the CD because I fall asleep. The voice is pleasant & natural. I use some of the relaxation techniques even at the office or in anxious situations to bring my stress level down and relax my body....more info
  • relaxation
    I think highly of this product. If you want to really learn how to relax you should buy it. It will help you in all avenues of life....more info
  • Not relaxing at all, irritating in fact.
    I have quite few relaxtion and meditation tapes. Ms.McMannus may have the education but she does'nt have the voice. I felt like she needed to relax,slow down,and speak calmly. Her voice is high pitched and sounded stressed to me. It's amazing to me that she has so many positive reviews....more info
  • relaxation CD
    very soothing music and words. it helps me relax and go to sleep when i'm really wound up and have a lot on my mind....more info
  • Totally saved my life
    If you watch south park you know who Tweek is. The kid who drinks way too much coffee and freaks and stresses out over the smallest of every day problems. That was me 2 weeks ago. After having baught this cd, I didn't realize the solution to 20 years of stressing out was 15 dollars away and one of the simplest and oldest solutions of all time. I've done one session a day with this cd since I got it. Now I can start repairing the holes in my walls and actually live my life w/o resentment and anger and stress. The second track is ok like others said, but definately not as effective as the first. I feel like the main guy in the movie Office Space when its over as though I just took about 4 muscle relaxers and a valium. Just be sure and do it in the late morning or middle of day, like on your lunch break, else you'll keep losing focus and fall asleep....more info
  • Help from the get go!
    This CD is a fantastic primer for relaxation. I purchased it for my wife, who deals with a lot of stress at work. What I found was that from the very first section, she was given a quick and simple technique that took no time to learn, and was extremely effective. This CD was the best money investment, dollar for dollar, that I could have made, to improve my wife's quality of life. (And by extension, my own!)...more info
  • Very high quality and a good value.....
    I am a self development coach with graduate education in biology, biochemistry and psychology. As part of my practice, I work a lot in the area of stress management and also facilitate workshops on meditation and biofeedback. In general, I am aware of almost any new tapes that come out and this one is one of the very best.

    Both progressive relaxation and autogenic training are thoroughly researched and have proven to be very effective if practiced regularly. This tape is relatively unique in that it provides both progressive relaxation and autogenic excercises on one tape. This makes it an excellent value and the length of the two exercises is just right.

    This CD is very well done, a fault of many similar CDs is that the pace is too fast or flow or that the directions are not good, complete or specific enough. This audio has good well thought out and the directions are very specific. The pace is also just right and the addition of harp music is tasteful and integrated with the content.

    I have used this CD myself a number of times and it is effective for me. Different techniques work better in some people than others, so I think it's a plus that you have two to try on this audio. Ideally, these types of techniques work best when you apply them regularly. Therefore, it is a good idea to practice even when you are not feeling particularly stressed.

    Carolyn McManus also has several other products out. All of them are good, but I particularly like Relax into Restful Sleep. This CD also has harp music, so if you like this feature of the tape being reviewed, most likely you will benefit and enjoy the one on restless sleep as well....more info
  • So helpful! Feeling a little better already.
    After getting a new work schedule that required starting at strange hours I'd been feeling sleep deprived and on edge all day. Even when I had the chance to sleep I couldn't, having stress dreams and waking up multiple times a night. This CD has helped so much! After just a week, I already feel calmer and more alert during the day. Listening to the tape before bed helps me relax and focus on the moment, instead of worrying about the morning. I sleep better and feel significantly more relaxed when I wake up. And the best part is it takes no time at all, since the time I use to listen is time I would have spent trying to fall asleep anyway. It literally adds time to my day. I strongly recommend it, a great purchase!...more info
  • Highly recommended
    I enjoy using the progressive relaxation CD. The woman's voice is very relaxing and gentle. Using the CD does help me clear my mind of worries and anxieties. I would recommend this to anyone whose mind moves at a million miles an hour and can't stay in one place. This CD helps focus the mind on the present moment....more info
  • Sweet Dreams
    I initially began to listen to this to try to relax. I have found that it works so well that I rarely make it to the end. I become so relaxed that I drift off into a wonderful deep sleep. I find that regular use makes me calm, more measured and well rested. Thumbs up...more info
  • A nice way to get to sleep
    I used this CD for several months last year during a very stressful period. I was suffering from insomnia due to the stress I was under and I would put my headphones on before turning out the lights. I don't think I ever made it to the end of either side before falling asleep. I found the backgroud music very soothing, not annoying and the gently guided relaxation exercises were very effective.

    I did try listening once in the car and found that it was not such a great idea. It might work for someone else, but I found that having my eyes shut and lying in my bed was the ideal setting for this CD.

    If you're under stress and really having a difficult time unwinding, give this a try....more info
  • excellent, does exactly what it says
    Since I purchased this Cd I have not stopped listening to it. Ms Mcmanus' voice is so calm and soothing and really does relax you. Do seem to fall asleep to it although this is unintentional. This for me is one of the best relaxation cds I have. I particularily enjoy the harp music in the background that really does enhance the relaxing effect. An excellent product and well worth getting....more info
  • Works for me!
    I know that not every product or technique works for everyone, but I found this CD to be extremely helpful. Since I've received it, I play this CD as I'm getting ready for my nightly battle into sleep. It's only been about a week, but I haven't made it through the entire CD yet! I fall asleep! Funny, because I bought it to help with migraines, and have just been "practicing" with it....more info
  • not impressed
    Unfortunately, this CD does not help me to relax. In fact, I almost become more tense thinking of the monotony of the McManus' voice and the repetitiveness of her words. Compared to the soothing voices of some other guided meditation CDs, her voice sounds raspy at best. I have tried to listen to it a number of times to see if I can get anything out of it, but I simply cannot listen to her say the same phrases over and over again. I end up putting one of my other disks instead. Sadly, this was a waste of $16 for me. ...more info
  • Eases Me Into a Restful Sleep
    I was introduced to this CD by my physical therapist who had me listen to it before each therapy session. I acquired my own copy, and have used it the past few years to relax before bedtime when I am tense; it never fails to ease me into a restful sleep, usually well before the second track. I recently used it on a red-eye flight across country, and for the first time ever, managed to sleep on an airplane. I find Carolyn McManus's voice soft and soothing, yet clear and distinct. I have used relaxation tapes by other authors, but find this one far superior. I have given it as a gift to many of my friends and relatives who also love it. Highly recommended....more info
  • Among the best of its kind .
    I regularly recommend relaxation methods to clients that I see for counselling. It is a powerful method not only to relax, but is especially helpful for people recovering from trauma and abuse, whose bodies are still very reactive to triggers.

    This is one of the best recordings I have come across, and I have used many over the years. The voice is clear but soothing , the instructions well done and the background music really adds to the atmosphere. I highly recommend it....more info