Bionaire Galileo? BCM4530-U 4 Gallon Cool Mist Humidifier

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  • Backlit display with filter monitor
  • Galileo remote climate center
  • Uses WF2630 filter refills
  • Removable reservoir with Comfort-Grip Handles
  • Comfort-grip handles
Customer Reviews:
  • Good try, but the devil's in the details
    I bought this to take care of my piano. I don't trust the in-piano humidifiers; humidifying the whole room is a MUCH better idea.

    The "Galileo" idea is excellent for this: put a remote sensor near the piano, and keep the humidifier across the room. Voilà! Even consistent humidification!

    Oh, but wait ... the humidity sensor is wildly miscalibrated, off by 10% or more. The fan, while not deafening, is loud enough to be quite irritating. The filters grow mildew quite quickly, and sometimes need monthly replacement -- especially if the humidity is not too low and the fan runs only occasionally. The rubber seal on the tank wears out over time.

    Good concept. Flawed execution....more info
  • High Maintanence, Low Output, but Good Features
    The Product data on this page says "Other items by Holmes". Not sure what that means; this is a Bionaire humidifier with a remote sensor/controller. The feature set it great; it's quiet, cool "mist", no white mineral deposits/dust in the room, etc. But it also requires a complex weekly cleaning, expensive wicks regularly, cannot output much humidity (the wick dries out instead of keeping up) and the wicks are fragile.

    The weekly cleaning includes sanitizing the water resevoir, scrubbing out the base, removing and deliming the float, and reassembling all. The wicks are fragile but also are harmed by minerals in the water, so replacements may be needed every month or two, at about $6 per when you can find them.

    Humidifier technology still has room for improvement. This is one of the better units out there, due to the remote sensor (so the room is measured, rather than the air around the unit), but it's not just a plug it and forget it model....more info