Brita 42629 Slim Pitcher

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Product Description

Slim design / Fits into your refrigerator door / Reduces chlorine taste / Includes pitcher and one filter

For crisp, clean drinking water in small family or single-person households, Brita offers their Slim Pitcher with Filter. The filter reduces impurities and harmful substances from tap water and holds approximately 40 liquid ounces. The slim pitcher fits neatly into many refrigerator doors, enabling users to maximize shelf space.

Certified by the National Sanitation Foundation International, Brita water filters contain a mesh screen to catch sediment and particles as tap water flows through into the pitcher's basin. Brita pitchers employ an ion exchange resin with activated carbon granules to draw mercury, zinc, copper and cadmium from tap water, trapping these harmful elements inside the filter. Brita filters eradicate up to 98 percent of the lead found in tap water while significantly reducing other impurities and dangerous bacteria including cryptosporidium, giardia, and benzene. Additionally, the odor and flavor of chlorine are removed from drinking water. Brita filters should be replaced every 40 gallons or after two months of use. Replacement filters can be purchased separately. Wash the Slim Pitcher by hand in lukewarm water with a mild detergent. Brita offers a limited 90-day warranty on pitchers in the event of manufacturer defects. The pitcher weighs two pounds upon shipping. --Jessica Reuling

The Brita 42629 Slim Pitcher ensures that you will always have healthful, purified drinking water at your fingertips. With a capacity of 40 ounces, this smartly designed, compact water pitcher is perfect for small households. With Brita's advanced filtration process, you can enjoy water that's free of harmful substances and unappealing chlorine taste. Using this pitcher for your drinking water needs is also an easy way to help the environment by decreasing the need for bottled water.

The Brita Slim Pitcher offers:
  • Efficient, compact storage
  • Capacity up to 40 fluid ounces
  • Reduction of potentially harmful impurities
  • Clean, better tasting water
  • A benefit for the environment

Each Brita filter helps reduce waste by substituting for an estimated 300 water bottles.

A sleek, compact design makes this pitcher efficient and portable.

Purified water is a powerful way to keep your whole body revitalized and uplifted.
Compact, Efficient, and Portable
Thanks to its slim, compact design, the Brita Slim Pitcher can be stored in narrow spaces like refrigerator doors, avoiding the hassle of sacrificing valuable shelf space. Despite its compact size, the pitcher holds up 40 fluid ounces of water, the equivalent of five 8-ounce glasses. The sleek design makes for effortless transport, refilling, and pouring.

Reduces Impurities and Cuts Down on Chlorine Taste
The pitcher's included Ion Exchange Resin filter acts as a magnet for impurities that are often found in tap water, such as lead, copper, mercury, cadmium, and zinc. The filter removes these impurities, reducing their potentially harmful effects. The filtering process also reduces that taste and odor of chlorine, thanks to special sponge-like filtration system.

The end result is clean, better tasting water that is healthier for everyone. This is especially good news for children and pregnant or nursing women who are more susceptible to potential harm from lead and other impurities. Filters should be changed every 40 gallons or two months and are not intended for use with microbiologically unsafe water.

All Brita Pitchers are universally compatible with Brita Pitcher Replacement Filters.

Improves Your Health and Invigorates Your Senses
Water is a vital resource in energizing your mind and body, and using a Brita Pitcher ensures that the water you're drinking is in top quality. Proper hydration helps your body control temperature, keeps skin clear and glowing, and transports nutrients to the brain and other organs. It also acts as a powerful aid in digestion, metabolism, and detoxification. Brita recognizes the importance of water to human wellbeing and takes special care to optimize the healthfulness of your drinking water, so you can keep fit and energized.

A Simple Way to Support the Environment
It's estimated that one Brita pitcher filter can substitute for the use of 300 water bottles, many of which end up in landfills. By using Brita filters, which are now recyclable through a Brita and Preserve filter recycling program, you lower your impact on the environment while benefiting your own health and possibly your wallet, too. Plus, your support of the Brita Products Company goes toward helping environmental efforts like the Brita Climate Ride, a five-day bike ride whose participants raise money for climate change awareness.

About The Brita Products Company
The Brita Products Company is a leader in the production of freestanding water-filtration systems designed to improve the quality of drinking water by reducing its impurities. Heinz Hankammer, the company's creator, realized the need for enhancing the healthfulness and taste of potable water in 1966. He and his family first accomplished this goal under a pear tree in the family garden and have been working to carry out their mission ever since. The company is named after Heinz Hankhammer's daughter, Brita. As a corporation, Brita is committed to community and environmental outreach through projects like, a campaign dedicated to the reduction of bottled water waste.

What's in the Box
Brita Slim Pitcher and one Brita Pitcher Replacement Filter

  • Slim water pitcher with filter from Brita
  • Filter uses an ion resin exchange to reduce lead, copper, mercury, cadmium, zinc, and other impurities from drinking water
  • Pitcher fits into refrigerator door shelves for compact storage; ideal for a single person or small family household
  • Filters should be changed every 40 gallons or 2 months; do not use with microbiologically unsafe water
  • Pitcher holds 40 fluid ounces of water(5 x 8 ounce glasses) - weighs 2 pounds

Customer Reviews:

  • Good value but need 2 hands to pour
    What you see is pretty much what you get: a smaller pitcher that has a clean and appealing look. However, what you cannot tell from the picture is that you have to hold the top cover while pouring or the entire solid white portion of the pitcher (including the filter) will tilt and fall out of place, which can lead to spilled water. Therefore, you have to use both hands to properly pour the pitcher. I might have opted for another Brita pitcher if I knew this beforehand. Nonetheless, I find it to be a good value....more info
  • Used to be good, Now don't waste your $
    In Columbia SC we have been voted to have the best city water in the nation. I purchased a Britta about 2 yrs ago to filter out the Chlorine. At first I was thrilled with the Britta but noticed in the last few months the water tastes different (like charcoal) even after I replaced the filter and ran several pitchers through it. My husband said the same thing with the pitcher he bought for his work from a store 2 hrs away so I don't think it was just a bad batch.

    I have a bladder condition so the water I consume is very important. I now only drink Deer Park water because it has a Ph of 8 and the bottles are made of less plastic than regular water bottles....more info
  • Not what I EXPECTED.
    I was not happy with this product at all. The style is nice, slim design and great for in the door of your refrigerator however, the waters taste nasty. I thought maybe it was because it was new but even a couple days after changing the water out everyday it still tasted horrible. I have drank many different types of bottled water as well as city water and well water but this stuff is just horrible. It leave a very bad after taste. If you know someone who has one of these, try the water 1st before you spend money buying one of these. Everyone in my family agreed this water is not drinkable....more info
  • Perfect Fit For An RV Fridge
    We had been using the BIG Brita Water Filter Pitcher in our mini RV. It was wonderful to have good tasting water in some of the rather funky RV parks that you pull into. It was a little bulky in our small fridge...then I saw the slim model and ordered it! It is PERFECT in the limited space in the RV fridge and even fits on the door. Refilling it twice a day is no problem and it is great to have nice tasting coffee and instant ice tea etc. MUCH better than trying to find storage space for quantities of bottled water like we used to do before Brita. GREAT!!...more info
  • it's the best tasting water
    and fits very neatly in the refrigerator! I'd recommend this product to boost your water consumption.......more info
  • Easy to store
    I like that this Brita pitcher is easy to store in the refrigerator. The water tastes great, and it holds enough for me to make a pot of coffee in the morning....more info
  • Good for 1-2 people
    I'm a college student, and the fridge can only hold so many things. My roommate and I have one of these each and live in a 4-person suite with 2 others. The pitcher fits in the fridge nicely, it's very slim; don't be fooled by the pics.

    One thing, though, it does not hold a whole lot, it probably is enough for 1-2 people. ...more info
  • This product is garbage
    I bought this pitcher to replace a PUR one that I had trouble finding replacement filters for--it seems that P&G decided to change its filter designs without pausing to see if it would fit older models.

    Now onto Brita. As others have said, the top will come out when pouring at extreme angles because it doesn't hook into the base of the unit, making the product cumbersome to use. For that and the reasons concerning limited capacity, you should look elsewhere....more info
  • PUR is so much better
    The charcoal bits that float around my pitcher is not acceptable, even if the manufacturer claims it is normal and safe. My pitcher has also started to leak between the top and bottom portion, so that the little bits float down to the "purified" section. How pure can my water be if tap water is passing around the filter and not through it? I replace my filter very frequently (like every 2-3 wks) since I have noticed that the bottom of my pitcher became green. How gross is that? Please save yourself this headache and buy a PUR. I've used that brand for many years and have never had any complaints. I swear water tastes better with a PUR. Their filter actually screws in the container to prevent leakage. Someone was thinking! ...more info
  • A fine water jug.
    Well, here you an exceptionally well designed water jug. This is probably all you should expect, with the added luxury of SOME water purification.

    I can't really comment on the scientific claims of the filter. I don't think anyone intelligent buys this item really thinking it will "fix" dirty water. This is not supposed to be an emergency system for toxic or disease ridden water. There are such products available from specialty outdoor/camping stores. The filter certainly gives the water a distinctive taste, which anecdotally I find superior to old apartment tap water which can tastes metallic.

    That aside, the actual jug is everything it claims to be. It's slim, solidly built and some careful thought went into putting it together. It pours well and holds enough to be ideal for a single user or couple!

    With regard to the black granules - there are a few grains that emerge every week, but only in the filtration compartment - never actually going into the water.

    Buy this if you are looking for a compact and high quality pitcher. Think of filtration ability as a bonus....more info
  • Fits on my desk
    Haven't seen any of the black stuff in my water like other reviews that I've read. Fits on my desk at work. Even got a co-worker to buy the same model. Other co-workers make fun of me, but I've been saving money by not buying bottled water anymore....more info
  • saved me so much money
    We used to spend so much money on spring water. Tap water is very heavy so this pitcher was just perfect....more info
  • What a pleasent surprise
    The water at my apartment tastes smells/tastes off, so I thought I would give this a try. What a nice surprise. I actually got a little excited.
    It would be nice if the lid snapped on, but I can manage.
    This model was the cheapest I found anywhere. I'm glad I bought it....more info
  • Does the job
    It filters water fine and fits well into my small refrigerator. Fair warning -- it's small, will only hold about 3 cups of water.

    My only complaint is that that it could have been designed a bit bitter. There's not a strong catch/lip for the lid so it often lifts up or opens while pouring, creating spills. Sometimes if I hold the lid down, it's top heavy so the whole filter slides out.

    All in all, is a good product and great for storage. But pouring is sometimes an issue....more info
  • Brita Slim Pitcher
    I have always liked Brita filters, of all types. The cost of bottled water keeps going up so, by me buying and using the Brita Pitcher two times I have paid for the pitcher by not having to buy bottled water. The price is great and the quality is as Brita has always proven it to be, very good. There is a definite change in the taste, for the better, of our otherwise nasty tasting tap water, using the Brita pitcher. It fits well in the refrig, too!
    Great price, fast shipping and well packed. You can't go wrong with this pitcher/filter! ...more info
  • Had Enough Bottled...
    This semester, I decided I had it. With my dorm's dilapidated pipe system, the water was simply undrinkable. So my choices for normal hydration were to either buy bottled water or not drink anything, and bottled water's an insanely expensive proposition. But the Brita pitcher filter...

    I love this thing like a child. I paid more for it in a store ($18) but the amount of money it's saved me on bottled water has paid for itself more times than I can count. The water is reasonably delicious and doesn't leave a mineral-like aftertaste, even with my extremely hard water here. The small size is perfect for my tiny fridge, though I typically just leave it out anyway...

    Every time I find charcoal in my water, it's because I overfilled it, or moved it while it was full, and the water from the top sloshed into the bottom, taking some charcoal. As long as you let it drain a bit, you won't have this problem. The only thing I'd change would be a tighter seal on the top of the pitcher, but for my purposes, this is perfect....more info
  • 3rd Brita filter.
    This is the 3rd Brita filter-pitcher I've bought. I like 'em, the other ones worked great, but I keep loosing/breaking them whenever I move.

    Anways, it came quick and well packed. Water tastes great out of it.

    You might as well pick up a pack of replacement filters, as I put a new in once a month....more info
  • Pretty good
    I really like this pitcher. It's a good size and the water comes out looking clean and tasting good. It takes a little time for the water to go through the filter but I guess that's an issue with all filters/pitchers....more info
  • Love my Brita pitcher
    The tap water here in Savannah, GA isn't all that tasty so I rely on my Brita pitchers (I have one at work too) for tea and coffee. I buy loose varietal teas and the water needs to be pure to get the best result, and my Brita pitcher works great. I also like the filter change reminder. I've had the one I use at home since 2000 and I love it. I got the Slim Pitcher for the office, and it works just as well. As an added bonus, I'm not clogging up the landfill with empty water bottles. It's cheap, compared to bottled water, and greener too. I don't want to even THINK about living without it....more info
  • Excellent-read and follow the maker's recommendations
    Bought the slim pitcher to replace the regular round Brita pitcher we had used for years. Amazon's price was better than our local walmart heh heh. The slim pitcher uses the same filter, and in 10 years of use, we have not noticed any quality issues in the filter, when used according to the directions. You do need to wait a few minutes for all the water to flow thru, and you do need to change the filter more often than the 2 month recommendation, if you refill the pitcher quite frequently. The filtered water tastes great and the pitcher is a good size to fit in the refrigerator or on the counter. Drink up! ...more info
  • DEEE -licious!!!
    First of all, the water in our town is terrible. In the morning when you turn on the tap you have to decide if you are drinking bleach or water. Needless to say a lot of people use a water service to provide them with drinkable water..I did some research and decided on this Brita product.
    No disappointment here -- the water is delicious and even tried it on my neighbor -- who himself bought a Brita pitcher also.. I grew up on a farm and our water came from a well 90+ feet deep -- So I had become spoiled by
    good water.. With my Brita pitcher I now can have good water again..
    Thanks Brita ........more info
  • Brita Slim Pitcher
    I purchased this Brita Pitcher to replace one that I was using for several years and its size is great for the office....more info
  • Takes the sulpher taste out of well water...looks good too.
    My Mom has sulpher tasting well water so I got her this and she says it took the taste out of the water so I guess it works....more info
  • Good
    AZ's water are full of heavy metal and salt. The product helps me a lot in everyday life....more info
  • It works.
    I've gotten a few of the black carbon granules in the filtered water part but not many, and part of that may be because I don't wait for the water to finish filtering before I pour and some of the pre-filter reservoir water drips into the filtered water resevoir (the lid is not totally sealable). Mostly they come out into the pre-filter resevoir. It fit very well in my refrigerator, but we have to fit it too often because of the small size, and it takes quite a long time! Still, not a bad product....more info
  • Goodbye bottled water
    This is awesome. I picked it up at a local conglomerate store and I was pleased with it from the get-go. I use the pitcher in conjunction with a Brita faucet filter so I am distilling my tap water TWICE thus ensuring clean and purified water. ...more info
  • perfect size...
    this pitcher is the just the right size for an adult & tween. realized the error of drinking bottled water and went looking for an answer, which turned out to be this pitcher. Fits easily on the door in the frig and the water tastes great. I would highly recommend this for anyone but it may be too small for a family....more info
  • Brita Slim
    What can I say it's a Brita. LOVE it!!
    The design is great...especially if you are like me...that I hate anything bulky. Plus it fits so perfectly in the refrig. I store mine in the door shelf. It also doesn't weigh a ton...when you fill it up....more info
  • Excellent Service and Price!!
    Brita Pitchers were offered at an excellent price---better than Walmart!
    I was very satisfied with products arriving in factory sealed cartons.
    Arrived in a timely manner. Very happy!!...more info
  • Great personal pitcher for office use
    I've been using this pitcher for several months. The size is great for personal use in office. It fits on a bookshelf perfectly. My only complain is that I have to hold the top cover when pouring water out. if not, the entire filtrition part would easily slip out......more info
  • Brita Slim Pitcher
    Excellent! Water tastes great and fits in the door of the fridge, so it doesn't take up a lot of space in the fridge. Great for one person. I'd recommend a larger one for two or more people if you can fit one in your fridge because you'll have to refill often....more info
  • Makes water taste better
    I purchased this locally for cheaper than online. It's a pretty good deal even if you buy it online. I wanted this because i'm tired of buying two dollar bottles of water. I also think that my city water tastes terrible.

    When you use this, the water is now drinkable and tastes just like bottled water. No lie.

    It fills up very slow, but it doesn't bother me. I fill up the top reservoir and then stick it back in the fridge. I don't understand how people complain about the lid. Just hold it down with your thumb while you pour it!

    I've seen a couple of small piece of black charcoal(?) in the water, but it's not a big deal. Seriously, just only a few and that's it.

    This is also only large enough for one or two people.

    I had a water cooler before this and found those to be a complete waste of money. To buy a 5 gallon bottle it was like $8 if you didn't bring in a bottle. What a rip off.

    ...more info
  • Fits my mini fridge, very good quality plastic
    Works just like a brita should, just in a smaller thinner package. For a single person, this will provide a good amount of water and also just make it easier to drink more water. Super easy to use, the filters are readily available at my local supermarket. The plastic is sturdy and wont break. ive left this too close to the freezer element in my small fridge, causing all the water to freeze and expand, and this has never cracked, even after some falls and drops. Good product, would purchase again....more info
  • good water, right size pitcher
    I live in an upstairs bedroom with a bathroom. I didn't want to go downstairs to get a glass of drinkable water that tastes good. (We're told that the water from our tap is drinkable, but it tastes awful.)
    So, anyway, I was really pleased to find out that the pitcher insert fit under the tap in my bathroom sink for filling. I keep the pitcher right on the counter. The slim size is just right....more info
  • great design, amazing filter
    My boyfriend sent this to me as a gift with extra filters and i must say, this product is great! the fact that it's slim is great because I have a small fridge.
    The problem with the outer pitcher is that it can crack if you hit it on the corner of a desk/counter. Mine cracked a bit so i called up Brita and they are sending me a new pitcher! There is a 90 day warranty on the pitcher but I'm sure Brita wouldn't know if you lied about the date of your warranty ending.
    Be sure to read the directions on setting up the filter, and enjoy :]

    ...more info
  • Excellent slim water pitcher
    I bought this pitcher for my wife and loved the fact that it fits in our small refrigerator's door. I drink water out of the tap but she tells me that it is excellent for fresh-tasting water that is nice and cold. The filters are a bit pricey but by doing a bit of online sleuthing I can usually find great deals on the 3 packs - and they don't run out quickly so that is a plus. Great buy!...more info
  • Awkward Size
    I ended up giving this to a family member and purchasing the larger size (here on Amazon). This is an awkward size, frustratingly slow to fill for just that little bit more (for 6 cup coffee pot). The lid is very flimsy. Small and compact, perfect if you live alone. But in a larger household, its too small to be practical, and it takes too long (as with all of them), but even longer when you're waiting ... for the refilled filter to filter. Go with the larger model ...more info
  • An Exercise in Frustration
    I just wrote this to Brita about my slim pitcher:

    I have model 0803 and to say I hate it would be an understatement. If I hated it just a tiny bit more, it would be in the garbage even though it isn't two months old and I have four more filters to use.

    The lid falls off whenever I try to pour out of it, the innards want to fall out which probably makes the lid come off, and the little spout thingy falls off. It is as though no one ever actually tried to USE the darn thing before they sent a whole load of them to WalMart.

    Just so's you know--it's a piece of garbage and I'll never trust the Brita brand again.
    Seems to be a different model than the one on Amazon, but the other reviewers have the same problems I did except no carbon in the bottom in my case. This pitcher stinks. Try another brand....more info
  • Tastes great, saves a ton of $!
    I bought this for two reasons: One, with the economy being what it is these days, I was looking for some ways to save some money and previously we bought a lot of bottled water. Two, we bought one specific brand that only came in individual bottles, and I could see we were producing WAY too much waste by buying them.

    I'm surprised to find that the water does taste pretty good (and I am VERY picky), way better than "naked" tap water though not quite as crisp as purified bottled water. Bottom line is I can fill the pitcher from the tap without any additional costs for water and I have completely eliminated the massive waste we were generating! The filters last a long tme, and I think this is a great way to help the environment and save a bit of money as well....more info
  • Brita 42629 Slim Pitcher

    Brita 42629 Slim Pitcher works great. I can tell the difference immediately. Great price too ...more info
  • Great Price
    Perfect size for my dorm living college kid, and the best price I found anywhere. He said the water "tasted terrible" before using the Brita Slim Pitcher....more info
  • Not the best filter
    Filters water, however water still tastes somewhat chlorinated after filtration. When pouring from a full pitcher, water from the unfiltered chamber can leak into the glass if top is not firmly secured. Also the entire top compartment can shift and fall out of place while pouring. These are only minor things that do not compromise the integrity of the filter...more info
  • Simply great!
    This pitcher is simply great and it stands up to the infamous Brita name! There is no problem with black crystals in the actual water that has been filtered. I read in a past review that someone had crystals in their water. Well, they could not have followed the instructions for filling & dumping. This pitcher is worth the money and will certainly save you money....more info
  • Does what it's supposed to do
    Having lost my last water filter, I needed a replacement, and I didn't want to spend a lot of money so I bought this product. It does what I want expected it to do - filter water to eliminate some of the (unpleasant) taste of tap water. Of course, your results may vary depending on the geographic location you live in, since the chemicals and taste of water varies greatly from region to region.

    The size of this pitcher is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it's rather small, so it easily fits in a variety of places (such as a refrigerator), but because the bottom only holds a few cups of water, you'll find yourself refilling this filter regularly. Some reviewers have mentioned finding filter granules in the water - I've only seen those granules come loose in the top part of the pitcher, not the bottom part which actually holds the filtered water. ...more info
  • Too many granules in my water pitcher!
    I had been using this pitcher for about two years. I know that it is normal for pieces of carbon to be in the TOP reservoir and in the actual pitcher for the first few uses. This was my experience for about the first year. Then, when I bought replacement filters, they kept leaking so many particles (and I pre-soak the filter as instructed) that they kept leaking into the pitcher. I thought maybe I had purchased a defective filter and exchanged it for another from my local grocery store where I had purchased it. I had the same problem, and it was VERY annoying! I finally had enough and just bought a Pur water pitcher/filter. Would you believe that there was not ONE piece of carbon in the pitcher on the first use. Nice!

    I read some of the comments underneath the reviewer who stated he or she also had granules in their water. Someone stated they thought that the granules are harmless and might be beneficial. Even if this statement was backed up with actual scientific data, who the heck wants crunchy water?

    Another point is that Brita doesn't remove as many harmful substances as Pur, according to the box. I can tell you that based upon flavor alone, Pur wins and I will no longer use Brita....more info
  • Perfect size for one person!
    This is the first time I have used a Brita filtration system and I will definately use them again and again! This pitcher fit perfectly in my 1.7cu ft fridge in my dorm room yet it holds a days worth of drinking water for one person. It is so simple to use but lacks the filter change indicator like other Brita pitchers.

    There was an obvious difference in taste of the filtered water compared to the tap water. It has been so easy for me to drink more water and I have even used it to filter water for my fish tank! ...more info
  • Don't bother!
    In the instructions it says to run water through twice to get rid of the granules of carbon that will be floating around in the water. After about 12 times we just chucked the filter in the garbage and just used the pitcher for tea. What good is it if you can't drink the water coming through the filter?...more info
  • Britta pitcher
    No problems with the pitcher or filter, but the water tastes unpleasant, not as good as my filtered water from my refrigerator...even replaced the first new filter. ...more info
  • Clean, crisp taste
    This Brita pitcher is the perfect fit in my hydrated life. Once I bought this pitcher, I drink at least 3 glasses at night, when before I would drink a water bottle nightly, therefore not acting 'green'. The size of the pitcher is perfect for my overstuffed refrigerator and I'm hoping it'll fit in my college dorm fridge. I'd highly recommend it, if not this particular size, then the brand itself....more info
  • Any slimmer and it wouldn't hold water
    I like Brita. I own a full-size pitcher, which I use daily at home.

    I bought the Brita Slim Pitcher for my office to use in a Sanyo SR-3770S Counter-High Refrigerator (great product, see my review). The pitcher fits tightly in the door, but there's so little usable space that I'm refilling the pitcher no less than 2-3 times per day.

    Looking back, I should've bought another full-size Brita pitcher and filled the ice cube trays with filtered water.

    The pitcher is top-heavy. When full, this isn't a problem. When you're trying to pour your second glass of water (and that's about all this pitcher can carry), the top tends to come off, so you'll have to hold it with one hand to prevent it from detaching and falling out.

    If space is a problem, consider buying reusable water bottles. You can store them in a compact refrigerator and refill them using a full-size Brita pitcher....more info