Metropolitan Vacuum(R) DataVac(R) 3-In-1 Cordless Computer Vacuum

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Best Deal Cleans and Protects Every Part of Your Computer The Datavac Shuttle is a three way, lightweight, portable high powered vacuum/blower specifically designed to clean dust and dirt from computers and office equipment. It cuts maintenance costs and computer downtime. Protects valuable hi-tech hardware from aggravating breakdowns, expensive repairs and even permanent damage.

  • Data-Vac Desktop Shuttle Vacuum/Blower
  • AC or Battery
  • w/Charging Station
Customer Reviews:
  • Electronics/computer vacuum
    Well this was probably the biggest waste of money I ever spent on a computer. There is LITERALLY NO SUCTION. It will not pick up a piece of dust, a paper flake, a piece of salt. It's THAT weak. And the option where you switch the small attachment to the air outtake part of the vacuum and use it as a blower...well that is equally weak, lame, and useless as well. Trust me, take your money and buy a few cans of compressed air. It cleans much better (well anything would clean better), and you can actually see, and feel it blowing the dirt away. ...more info
  • Look Elsewhere
    Look elsewhere for your computer-vacuuming needs. While a great concept, this vacuum falls short in the sucking-factor....more info
  • Somewhat useful
    This item is a small handheld vacuum. It doesn't have much power. It does get large things from the computer case, like furballs that collect in odd places, but doesn't have the cleaning power off good old fashion compressed air....more info
  • Clean-up on... Datavac
    My husband bought one of these for me as a Christmas gift this year; I have wanted a computer vacuum for so long. I was so pleased to finally have one.

    I charged it (according to the directions) and tried it out (we all want that first try to "play" with our new "toys"). My first impression was... I wasn't impressed.

    I Assumed (hoped, really) that I had done something incorrectly (Maybe I didn't fully charge it when I thought I had? Maybe I hadn't put the attachments on properly? (I know, "How can one mess up the attachments?" but, hey, I was trying to give it the benefit of the doubt)). I put it away until I could take more time to check it again later, when we got home.

    When I did have the opportunity? Pbbbb! It still didn't do squat (and this time I knew it was not me!). I checked the cord connections. I checked the attachments,... and I definitely had it fully charged! The suction just was not there. It was so minimal that I couldn't feel it. I couldn't feel anything at all. The blower felt like it would work though, and it did/does... to a certain degree. It blows the tiiiiniest of dust particles off the surface of the keyboard, if they aren't caught on another piece of dust, but that's about it. It won't blow anything at all out from under the keys. At least, mine won't.

    I think the vacuum might sort-of-work if you take the brush off and place the end flat against the keys, or the screen, but that sounds somewhat destructive on the screen.

    Unfortunately for me, I threw the packaging away at the home where I opened it so I didn't think I could return it. (If you know different, I would love to hear that I still can still could)

    The description of the vacuum on all of the sites I checked (5-7 of them) list it as, "A high-powered, 3-way..." I'm sorry (and I really am!), but that just isn't true for mine. The only thing "high-powered" about this vacuum (that I can see) is the description...

    Twenty-five dollars may not sound like much but, to us, it is, and my husband feels badly because he bought this gift for me that doesn't do the job it's supposed to. I still keep turning it on, hoping it will all-of-a-sudden do what it's supposed to do :)

    Live and learn from other's purchases.

    As I said before (to give this vacuum the benefit of the doubt), it could be that I did just happen to get a lemon, but I wouldn't reccommend this vacuum to you. There has to be a better machine out there, which isn't overly expensive. I'm going to find it; I still want a vacuum for my computer! :)

    I hope I have given you enough information (albeit, negative) to help you find the best computer vacuum for you. On the positive side, the manufacturer included the rechargable batteries, the power cord, the little charging station, which is pretty cool because it holds the attachments very nicely, and the clear blue plastic is really cool.

    I'm such an optimist... I've got the thing charging again to see if it will do something this time. :)

    Have a nice day, and I hope you find a good product....more info
  • A PIECE of TRASH!!
    this thing doesnt do ANYTHING at all, but blow a little
    air... I cant find anyway to make it "vaccum".. I can BLOW
    harder on my own than this thing....
    I've written the people but have received no reply....
    They should be put in jail for advertising this as they
    have... pUUUUUUUUUUUU to put it mildly!!...more info
  • The little vacuum that can't
    I was hoping to buy a small handheld vacuum for my office and computer hardware (keyboads, air inlets, and what have you). However, the DataVac has so little power, even after a full charge, that it's next to useless. I can't recommend it. ...more info
  • Metropolitan Vacuum(R) DataVac(R) 3-In-1 Cordless Computer Vacuum
    The charger is very convenient. Power related to AD/DC is extremely useful. High-tech design and features. Sucking and blowing power does not measure up to the price. It has an extremely disappointing performance. It feels like a child toy rather than a useful tool for a personal computer or laptop. Will not recommend anyone to purchase this item due to the lack of performance....more info
  • The little engine that ... couldn't
    If I live to be 140, I know my last dying gasp will produce more suction than this "vacuum." It is basically useless in other ways as well. The bristles on the brush attachment are far too stiff, rendering them incapable of curling around small components to loosen dust particles underneath. The exhaust vent (which doubles as a rather asthmatic "blower") is positioned in such a way that it actually blows much of what little dust is picked up back into the item you're vacuuming. And to top it all off, when I placed the unit into its charging station, it would not seat properly on the leads, so it wouldn't even charge. In short: just another made-in-China piece of junk....more info
  • Use it WITH compressed air
    It may not have the suction power of a larger, more expensive model, but it works fine in combination with air cans. The problem with using compressed air by itself is that much of the dust it blows off your PC components just swirls around in the air and then settles back down. If you blast the dust off of your PC and then suck it up with this, you'll do a much better cleaning job....more info
  • Not recommended
    I purchased this item hoping to put an end to all the compressed air cans that I use to clean. This was a waste of money and time all the thing does is make noise and give a slight breeze. You could easily blow more dust off of your equipment with your own lungs, even if they are filled with tar, than you can with this blower, and you might as well just scoop up anything that you want to use the vacuum to clean. I was very disappointed in this product....more info