Haier HPAC9M Portable Air Conditioner with 9,000 BTU Cooling Capacity

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Product Description

Perfect for cooling a storage area, computer room or equipment room. Unit can also be used to help cool larger rooms that have central or window air conditioning. It can move easily from one room to another on its own built-in wheels. It's compact enough to be placed in a closet when it's not needed: Features: Auto evaporation function allows continuous operation without inconvenience of water removal. 9000 BTU/h cooling capacity. Multidirectional air flow. 8 hour shut-off timer. Easy access air filter. 2 cooling and 2 fan speeds. Rotary control termostat. Window exhaust kit included. Voltage: 115. Dimensions: 29-13/16"H x 20-1/4"W x 13-13/32"D. Warranty: 1-year manufacturer's parts and labor warranty.

  • 8 hour auto shut-off timer
  • 2 cooling and 2 fan speeds
  • Multi-directional air flow
  • Rotary control thermostat
  • 12.625 x 20.094 x 29.531, weighs 75.3 lbs.
Customer Reviews:
  • This is GREAT! A real lifesaver.
    I heartily recommend this unit. I live in a condo in Southern California that is older and doesn't have A/C. The past two months California experienced a record breaking heat wave. The temp in our beach city reached a blistering 108 with a humidity level to match. It varied between 78-98%. The heat was so bad you'd feel like you were breathing water when you walked outside. I put this unit in my bedroom. Guess where my animals and I spent all of our time while at home? Hey, we were all cool and comfortable! I don't have to watch any water levels, I turn it up as high (cool) as it will go and run the unit 24/7. I totally recommend this unit for a room unit. No, it doesn't have enough BTU's to cool say, a living room, but a room the size of my bedroom (15.6 x 11.6)? It works wonderfully! Buy one and you'll stay cool in whatever room you choose to place this unit as long as the room size fits with the specs....more info
  • hay, it's cold in here
    If by chance you live in a house that was built in the stone age as I do, in hot summers lack of central air is a pain.
    But, hark! what is that I see! a portable air conditioner! hoora!

    Theatrics, aside, this has been very heapfull, because my windows are swing rather than sliding, so that meant no window air-con, so this thing is great as the hot air can exet a sliding door.
    It doese'nt make the house a meat-locker, but it is comefertable in here now....more info
  • A little noisy
    I bought this for small room on the third floor. It works pretty well but is a little noisy. It is convenient to roll around upstairs though....more info
  • I have the 12,000 BTU version
    Good for places where you can't use a regular window A/c. I use this in a room with a Bay window with crank windows...inserted a plexiglass pane cut to fit, with an area cut out for the hoses, then added the hoses and there you go! I have an A/C for this hard to fit room. It does not cool as fast as some units, but provides a steady stream of cool air, exhausting the moist air to the outsite via one of the two duct hoses....more info