Bosch VAC011 Vacuum Cleaner Wand Kit

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Product Description

For use w/ 35mm hoses & most 1-1/2 vacuum hoses - Includes: 2 Straight Wands * 1 Curved Wand * 1 Floor Nozzle Set w/ 3 Inserts (smooth floor, carpet & squeegee)--VAC016 * 1 Crevice Tool--VAC017 * 1 Brush--VAC018 - Specifications: Part Number: VAC011, Used on Part No. : 35mm hoses & most 1-1/2 vacuum hoses, Used on Model No. : 3931.

  • Fits Bosch Vaccum model 3931
  • Fits on Bosch 35mm and other 1-1/2" hoses
  • 1 curved wand
  • 3 inserts smooth floor, carpet 7 squeegee
  • Crevice & brush nozzles
Customer Reviews:
  • Here's something worse: These attachments do NOT fit Bosch 3931A Airsweep 120V 13 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum
    These tools are useless. Slightly too large diameter and just fall off the wand. Bosche sent us an identical set, same problem. My husband finally got through to Bosche tech support who sheepishly admitted that this is a known problem and they are working on it. That was 8 months ago. Gee, thanks. ...more info
  • Wand Kit Works....Expensive?
    Ok! Expensive vac with expensive kit!
    This quitly sucking cleaning combo may be expensive but the kit price is clearly commensurate with other vac tools from Festool or Fein. The kit pieces work well and are holding up under heavy use. Yes, you may readily substitute your old shop vac kit and attach it to your new "Bosch Tank" but hell! Who says that it will shoot better with the other old tubes attached.
    Now pay forty bucks for the wire tool basket to keep the armor within spec! ...more info
  • over-priced at half the cost
    It is an insult to pay over $50 for items that should come with the vacuum, especially at the price of this vacuum....more info