Dehumidifier 36" 7G-36

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Perfect for eliminating moisture in engine room, head, gear lockers, electronics, galley, berths and bilges, GoldenRod invisibly protects your boat from problems associated with damp and humidity. Once positioned on your boat GoldenRod needs no attention. When you are underway, it stays put, and while you are in port GoldenRod automatically works to eliminate moisture.

Customer Reviews:
  • Golden Rod Works Great!
    Couldn't disagree more with Captain Grumpypants about this product. I don't know what size boat he's got, maybe he was just trying to use the Golden Rod for too big a space. I have a Ranger 23 sailboat that lives at the dock in San Francisco bay. I've had a 36" Golden Rod mounted low on the face of the port berth since 1999, when I bought the boat. The heater runs on a timer so I don't even run it 7x24, but it runs about 14 hours per day, from before Sunset to a couple hours after Sunup. Has kept my R23 mold/mildew free ever since. Don't expect 1 of these things to do much if you have a 30' or bigger boat, too much interior volume. Also, lightbulbs burn out, start fires, cause electrical shorts, and melt stuff. These heaters will not. I would never in a million years run a space heater on my boat unattended (and wouldn't let my insurance company hear about it if I did), 12v or otherwise. Too much fire hazard. But one of these will do the trick for you if used correctly. For a bigger boat, I'd suggest installing multiple units. They're easy to locate out of sight where they can do the most good. Again, great product if used properly and not asked to handle too big a space....more info
  • overpriced and ineffective
    I bought this product with the hopes that it would perform as stated. For what it is the cost does not justify its performance. It's only a mildly heated piece of cheap pipe. A simple one-dollar light bulb does the same thing, and if you use a light bulb over 25 watts it out performs this product for a fraction of its cost by leaps and bounds. I find for my moisture and condensation problems that a small inexpensive electric heater with a fan does in a few minutes what Goldenrod could never do in a hundred years. It's overpriced so save your money and for dehumidification use something far more effective to avoid any disappointment. Heat and air circulation is your key. Goldenrod is not a solution. I replaced my Goldenrod with a twenty-dollar automotive 12V heater/defroster and I am pleased with its effectiveness. However with all this said my Goldenrod did come in handy stirring a 5-gallon can of paint and that's one good thing about it....more info