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Claritin 24 Hour Allery 10 Mg Tablets Original Prescription Strength. Loratadine/Antihistamine. Relief of: Sneezing Runny nose Itchy, watery eyes Itchy throat or nose Non-Drowsy - When taken as directed. 30 Days of relief. Claritin 24 Hour Allery 10 Mg Ta

  • Non-drowsy allergy tablets for relief of sneezing, runny nose, and itchy throat
  • Provides respite from hay fever and other respiratory allergies
  • 24-hour formula delivers 30 days of relief
  • Consult a physician before use if pregnant or nursing
  • Please read all label information on delivery

Customer Reviews:

  • Perfect trouble free alleergy solution.
    Last 24 hrs, resolves most allergy problems whatever the season or reason and has no drowsiness issues I can come across, if you need an antihistimine with sleep inducing properties becuase your allergies are meaning you loose sleep, I recommend Piriton....more info
  • Out the door with toilet paper rolls and sunglasses.
    This product really doesn't work for me. Sudafed works, but makes me really jittery-- and overtime, I had to take more pills at a time to make my nose stop clogging. I have been taking claritin for 2 weeks now. I've heard you have to let it build up in your system before your allergies start. But seriously... if it has to "build up" ... could that really be healthy? 2 weeks and nothing. If anything, as I've moved 2 weeks farther into my allergy season... I've gotten worse. Itchy, watery eyes... runny nose, congestion, sneezing..... The people at my job think I'm coming from a funeral!

    Tylenol Severe Allergy works well for me... but you're not supposed to exceed 8 in a day. You take 2 every 4 hours. That's 16/24 hours of coverage. My allergies are too bad to go without that 8 hours of relief. Maybe I need a mask........more info
  • Excellent price for this item
    If Claritin works for you, then $18 for 30 of the 24-hour tablets is a very good buy. That's 60 cents a tablet. I couldn't find it for less than that considering no tax, no shipping (if order is over $25), and delivered to my door....more info
  • depends
    id say that this product works and gets in my system in about 30mins to an hour. most of my allergy problems are gone except maybe slight runny nose but thats all.

    ive seen people complain about the pill being $[...] for ten pills [$[...] per pill]. So my advice is to got to costco or sam's club and get it for about $[...] for 90 tablets [about 30cents]

    my doctor says zyrtec is better but he warned me about it being drowsy, so he said i should stick to claritin.

    age:16 or sacramento, CA [one of country's worst place to live if you have allergies]...more info
  • Claritin is a great Medication for Allergies
    Claritin (Loratidine) is a medication in the class of anti-histamines. Histamine is a chemical in our cells that is released during an allergy attack. Histamine causes all the symptoms of allergies: sneezing, nasal congestion, itching, hives, etc. Being an anti-histamine, Claritin blocks the action of histamine in the body.

    Claritin replaced Benadryl (Diphenhydramine) as the #1 doctor prescribed allergy medication, the reason being that Claritin does not have any drowsiness as a side-effect like Benadryl has. Benadryl has very significant sleepiness as a side-effect, and this limited its use in people who needed to operate cars, machinery, or needed to have full-attention in their jobs. The sleepiness of Benadryl was so marked, that manufacturers marketed it as a sleeping aid! (Diphenhydramine is the component in Tylenol PM or Excedrine PM, it is also in all the sleeping pill formulations). Fortunately for allergy sufferers, Claritin has no sleepiness as a side-effect, in fact, Claritin has virtually NO side effects, which makes it an excellent medication to take if you are taking other medications as well. Plus, Claritin WORKS to counter allergy symptoms. I developed a form of full-body hives that persisted for over a year, and Claritin was a God-send for me. Without Claritin, my life would have been miserable.

    Up until a few years ago, Claritin was a prescription medication and was the mainstay for doctors to prescribe for allergies. Once its potential for abuse was determined to be nil, and its safety factor proven, it was released on the market as an over-the-counter allergy medication.

    Claritin still is expensive, as the medication is still "owned" by a major drug company. Until its lease expires and it can be marketed as the generic Loratidine, consumers will have to ante up the money if they want the best over-the-counter allergy medication available. If you can't or won't afford Claritin, then the cheaper alternative is Benedryl (Diphenhydramine), and you put up with the drowsiness.

    Hope this helps.

    Jim "Konedog" Koenig...more info
  • Candy works better than this
    I have taken this for nearly a month and have not seen any difference with it. Actually, I found I am worse, because my allergies are still bad, but now my mouth is dried out. I have allergies all year round... Perhaps this would work for seasonal allergy sufferers. For those like me, we are probably better off seeing an allergist....more info
  • Amazon did a bait and switch
    Product works fine. When I made my purchase the picture showed the package with 10 free tablets. They sent me boxes of 30 instead of 40.
    That made the price higher than my local store. Will not buy here again....more info
  • about claritin 24 Hrs
    Amazon has a very good price for this size package. That's the only
    reason for this purchase :) The product itself is well known otherwise
    and may be purchased behind the desk at most pharmacies.
    Thanks....more info
  • Worked Fine Before, but Not Anymore

    Claritin used to work for me. The pill is very small that makes it very easy to swallow. No drowsy effect which is a big plus. The first year, it was excellent. Then the following year I have to supplement Claritin with Flonase nasal spray to combat my allergy. I feel like I got immuned to it that it does not work as good as before. Also, Loratidine is now available generically for a much lower price....more info
  • Does the Job
    I've used Claritin for some time now, and it does the job!...more info


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