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DELONGHI CGH800 -- Italian pressed sandwiches are all the rage among the culinary cognescenti this year, and once you taste one you'll know why! This appealing, "retro" designed grill is dedicated for making Panini quickly, perfectly and neatly! Embedded heating element distributes heat evenly for consistent grilling results Power on indicator and ready light for ease of use High wattage for fast cooking Stands upright with safety locking system Cord wrap Includes recipe book Join the crowd -- soon you'll be a Panini afficianado, too!

Stuff two slices of of rustic Italian bread with mozzarella, prosciutto, fresh basil, roasted red peppers, and whatever else takes your fancy, brush with olive oil, then press between the hot plates of this grill for the best panini outside Italy. The nonstick plates are hinged to adjust to any thickness of sandwich, meat, fish, or vegetables, and the bottom plate slants slightly to allow grease and juices to drain off into the included plastic cup. Brunch guests will ooh and aah over the retro-look mirror-and-glitter finish of the grill with its wide sweep of a handle. A round polished knob lets you set and see just the right temperature in a small glass window. Measuring 14 by 12-1/2 by 5 inches, the grill includes a cord wrap and locks for upright storage. A comprehensive gift-quality recipe book featuring more than 60 recipes for panini, bruschetta, and spreads comes with the grill, which is covered by a limited 1-year warranty. --Ann Bieri

  • Retro-look grill makes pressed Italian-style sandwiches quickly
  • Also cooks meat, fish, and vegetables
  • Hinged top adjusts to any thickness of food
  • Nonstick plates slant to allow grease to drain off for healthier eating
  • Mirror-finish with large cool-touch handle

Customer Reviews:

  • Very good product
    I had read all the reviews on all the grills first. I settled on Delonghi for 2 reasons, one, the reviews were positive, except for 2 negatives, no on/off switch, and when the cord is wrapped up, it;s hard to hang on a wall. I didn't care about either of those things, and I own another Delonghi product that I've been happy with. I found the panini grill to be all I expected it to be. It's gets really hot, easy to clean, the top grill construction for thick sandwiches all on the money. I was a professional cook for 3 years, and familiar with good equipment. This is good equipment.

    JD...more info
  • Still learning I guess
    Grill works fine, just need to get used to it I guess. So far has dried out alot of meals following the general time guidelines that came with unit. Booklet with unit could give more details/more recipes. Have also had hard time cleaning unit. Without being able to remove the grates it tends to cake up. I will keep trying to learn this new unit & hope in time to be as happy as the majority of reviewers!...more info
  • panini galore
    absolutely love the panini grill, use it a lot, easy to use, easy to clean and much fun to experiment with!...more info
  • Great Panini Grill for a Good Price
    This is a great, basic grill. I had looked at several in stores and so many seemed so flimsy and light weight. This is a heavy, good looking grill. It has a nice locking feature so it stands up for storage and cup to drain away grease. It doesn't come with a cleaning too, but it very easy to just wipe off. It has adjustable heat, which is nice - not all do. It lacks the alternate griddle plates of some, but all I wanted it for was grilling paninis and for that it works great. Used it for chicken breasts too - be careful not to overcook - they got dry. ...more info
  • retrow panini grill
    In past purchases Ive bought Geo Forman grills,but this time around I decided on a DeLonghi grill after looking at the specs.I dont normally write about things I buy, but this piece of equip Im totally happy with.Its a fine grilling machine,Its well worth my time spent finding it.I would recomend it to anyone in need of a grill.It works well as well as good looking.A nice improvment in the kitchen. Ed Tesar...more info
  • Love it.
    This was a good buy. I'm not usually a sandwich lover, but this has made me much more creative, so we have more soup and sandwich meals. It comes with a great little recipe book.

    Like others have mentioned, it would be nice to have an on-off switch instead of having to plug and unplug it, but that's no real big deal. It looks great and works great....more info
  • Nice item -- too bad it took Chumbadeals 6-days to tell me it's out of stock. =(
    The seller "Chumbadeals" was the only remaining seller with a Delonghi RETRO panini maker available at $59.99. It took them 6-days to send me an email (after placing my order) to notify me it was not available and on backorder. That's just pathetic. If you're going to run an e-business, have the right tools to timely serve your customers. Now I have merely 7-days to find a gift for my grandmother instead of 13. =(

    Unhappy Customer...more info
  • "A Keeper" ...
    This Panini Maker is a "Keeper"! I use it two or three times a week ... not just for panini sandwiches, I use it to grill chicken, steaks, hanburgers, bacon for a BLT, shrimp for a shrimp po-boy and the clean up is a breeze ... take a damp cloth and wipe the surfaces clean then use a warm soapy spong and wipe the unit down then come back with a clean damp cloth and wipe the cooking plates and put it away ... it is easy to store since it can be stood up in storage ... I love this kitchem appliance...
    RPH; Houston, TX...more info
  • Great specialty item.
    I am a thirty year food service manager, who is exceptionally picky about kitchen gadgetry. My home is very small (950 sq ft) and only the best makes it in to my equally small kitchen.
    For someone who opts not to have a food processor because of limited space, I asked for this item for christmas in 2008. Let me clarify, in deference to other reviewers, that it is a "SPECIALTY ITEM". It's purpose is making paninis, and when used per instructions it does a tremendous job with minimal clean up and great results. I use it weekly with any leftover meats, cheeses and vegetables, even stale breads. It saves money while encouraging creativity.
    If you want to crate an impressive weeknight meal, premake your sandwiches and refrigerate. Pop them in when you get home and by the time you change, dinner is ready. Serve with soup for heartier fare.
    Company coming over? Premake two or three different sandwiches and when company arrives, spend minimal time in the kitchen. Serve with pasta fagioli and a chianti. Desert is fruit and biscotti....a no fuss italian fare. I have actually made dessert paninis on my grill, with fruit and chocolate pressed between breads. And breakfast paninis with scrambled eggs, bacon and cheese. All have been yummy.
    Love this grill. It is functional, easy to clean, has simple settings and is a great price. It is well made and of heavier construction than many other panini grills, and the weight of the unit helps the "press" process. A real winning addition for my small kitchen. ...more info
  • High Quality - great value
    I researched several panini grills before settling on this one. This is a high quality, heavy (not thin and cheap feeling like so many) and with adjustable heat. It doesn't have a cleaning tool or interchangable plates, but has a really good non-stick coating and all I wanted was a panini maker, not a griddle. I would highly recommend this....more info
  • Very nice grill!
    I couldn't be happier with my panini grill. It makes excellent sandwiches and clean-up is easy. I agree with other reviewers that it makes an excellent grilled cheese sandwich....more info
  • Too cool to use!
    I just purchased this grill for my wife for Christmas and wish I hadn't. I had read all the reviews an thought this was the best choice on the market, but due to some flaws it was not.

    The Good: The grill itself is good looking.

    The Bad: The controls were cheesy plastic. I could have lived with this, but the grill would not heat up enough to grill the pannini, which it is supposed to do. Luke warm is the best it could do.

    Perhaps it is defective, either way I am returning this grill.
    ...more info
  • Exceptional
    I purchased this for my husband who loves sandwiches. It was easy to set up and use. I cooked a pork tenderloin with this pannini machine and it turned out juicy.

    I am not into kitchen gadgets, but this one is a necessity in our kitchen. ...more info
  • DeLonghi - Good for a beginner
    I did not buy an expensive panini maker because I wasnt sure if I would like it or not. So far I love it. You definately need the top on a swivel hinge like this one has. Its fairly easy to clean although it would be great if the inside came out to clean in the sink. Overall a great purchase and I have used it alot....more info
  • Works Perfectly
    I'd like to point out a fact for the people that are disappointed that there's no on/off switch. The reason is that the number one cause of house fires is faulty appliances, according to the Red Cross web site. My friends house burned to the ground about 5 weeks ago from this. Luckily they got out. You should unplug your toaster as well. For the woman who said her insurance adjuster told her it's bad to unplug/plug, sorry but you should file a complaint with your insurance company about that adjuster so people aren't in harms way from their bad advice. This is a great panini press. It works perfectly. It seems to be of good quality. I looked at the Cuisinarts and they seemed cheap. Every Breville I looked at was broken at the store. I wanted the Villaware but they stopped making it because they were bought out by another company. As far as grill marks, I think you want them. It heats up the inside quicker. I was in Rome 11 months ago and my panini had grill marks. I just ate a breakfast sandwich on home made Italian bread and it was light golden brown, and piping hot in the middle. The cheese was oozing and the outside had a nice crunch. It had carmelized red onion with a balsamic reduction. I brushed the outside with EVOO, which contributed to the crunchy and delicious exterior. It was totally awesome....more info
  • A fun new addition to my kitchen!
    I LOVE to cook! ... and the Delonghi Retro Panini Grill is a wonderful new addition to my kitchen! It is very well made, cleans with relative ease, looks great with my stainless appliances, but most importantly works so well to make Panini that are deliziosa! Making sandwiches has never been more creative and fun! It is also offers versatility to grill other items. And my sweet husband doesn't mind eating the proceeds. I am very pleased with my purchase. If you love playing in your kitchen like I do, this is your grill! ...more info
  • Okay, does not get hot enough
    I wish this product could get hotter. It's also not easy to clean the top portion. Some crevices make cleaning a bit difficult. On a level surface it does not drain grease as well. I also wish it could open flat...

    The grill does have an acceptable cord storage and some means to adjust tmperature. The top portion swivels for self adjustments. Once on a counter it sits very steady and does not slide around. The power cord to heat the top element is protected by a metal spring-like attachment....more info
  • Great Panini Maker
    I've had this for a few months & am really happy with it. I almost bought one that cost twice as much & am so glad I didn't because I can't imagine it being better than this. It is super easy to clean and nice & heavy. This grill is a big hit with my family and my kids have turned 'panini' into a verb, so when they ask for a sandwich they always say "panini it please"....more info
  • Multi-functional sandwich grill
    I bought this as a gift for my family. I was not sure how much they would like it, and I was extremely pleased with the outcome! They are using it for cooking meat, fish, vegetables, Asian specialty items (like dumplings and egg rolls), and sandwiches. It is easy to clean and easy to use. The press disperses heat well also. I would happily recommend this item to anyone! ...more info
  • my new favorite kitchen gadget
    I love this grill. I like the way it looks, cooks, plus it is easy to clean. The fact that it doesn't have an on/off switch is not problematic; I think it's safer that De Longhi designed the grill that way. I've bought several since my original purchase for friends!...more info
  • Quality product at a Great Price!
    I ordered four of these wonderful Panini Grills to give as Christmas presents. Delivery was speedy and everyone loved their present. ...more info
  • Excellent grill. Easy dinners. Yipeeeee!!!!
    I love my new grill and absolutely love the 'lines' on the Panini.
    This product comes with a recipe book. I buy the right kind of bread (focaccia, ciabatta), cheese (mozzarella) and ingredients (tomatoes, peppers, red pepper pesto, artichoke pesto etc) and the end products are delicion. ...more info
  • great panini maker
    This panini maker is great. We use it all the time. I heat up fast and stays hot. ...more info
  • Love it!
    I couldn't be happier with my new panini maker. It is so easy to use and even easier to clean. I love how stylish looking it is. Sometime you get one of these products and hate to bring it out in front of people because it looks cheap but not this product. Very classy and does an excellent job grilling. The only thing I wish is that the recipe book had more "classic" type recipes. These are pretty flashy and require a lot of specialized ingredients but those that I have tried have also been very good. ...more info
  • Works really well!
    I bought this as a birthday gift for my 12-year old son who is a blossoming chef. He loves it! It is easy-to-use, seems safe and straightforward, and makes great panini sandwiches!...more info
  • makes delicious sandwiches
    DeLonghi CGH800-U Retro Panini Grill We used our new panini grill over the holidays when lots of family members were in and out. We had very good results making many different types of panini sandwiches. For the most part the grill produces evenly browned and melted delights. My only negative point with the grill is that the 'ready' light doesn't work so we have to guess when its hot enough. Its a fairly large appliance but we use it enough to have give it a spot on the counter. The directions that accompany the grill don't give a lot of information. The cookbook that was included has some good recipes but I've mostly just invented sandwiches to suit the personal tastes of the person for whom the panini is being prepared. ...more info
  • A Pleasant Surprise
    I was shocked by the size of the box that my UPS man brought which held my new DeLonghi panini press. It is so sleek & retro is the right name for its lines. I want to display it on my countertop along side of my Dualit toaster. I made my first panini for dinner & it was as good as any I've eaten at NY's famed "Via Quadronno". Actually it was a bit better-no attitude! It is large, but those design-savvy Italians made it so you can stand it on end for storage. But, then, who'll want it out of sight? Can't wait to try nutella spread on day old croissants....more info
  • Love our Gril
    I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my wife. We have already used it several times and I now look for ways to make a sandwich. ...more info
  • A well built Product
    I've had this product for about a year now and its an excellent kitchen companion.

    Well built, simple to use, easy to clean and heats evenly. Overall you can't go wrong with it for the price.

    No auto shutoff function. ...more info
  • Completely Cool
    Really great! We received this panini grill for Christmas and have used it almost every day since for someone in the household. Sandwiches for dinner - now that's a novel concept and super fast as well. You don't need to oil or butter the bread if you are counting calories and the panini are absolutely delicioso! The recipe book is fantastic. The machine works great and will also double as a "George Foreman" kind of grill for meat, poultry and fish. Awesome highly recommended A++++++++

    ...more info
  • Dang this thing is great!
    Not only is this grill a great panini sandwich maker, it also can be used like the George Foreman do chicken and other meats. In fact the George Forman Grill is tiny compared to this so we put it in the yard sale stuff. It has a large stick-free surface and is easy to clean. My wife has enjoyed making sandwich experiments and I have really enjoyed the eatng part. Just in case you wondered if the...."People who purchased this....also purchased that" ads at the bottom of Amazon's check-out pages work....well they do....more info
  • Very good, but plates should be flatter.
    This unit works well. It gets hot enough to toast your sandwich in about 3 minutes and the pivoted top plate lets you come down square on your food with just a little re-locating of your food. It would be nice if the top plate came down with a parallel arm mechanism, but that is probably too much to expect for $50.

    It's biggest problem, and it is not a big one, is that the protrusions in the heating plates are too deep. That means that parts of the bread that cannot get to the valley bottoms (all bread, actually) do not brown. Someone else said this is a silly affection to get the grill marks that some people seem to associate with paninis. I'd prefer that the plates were flat or at least more flat, but this is not a huge deal and this is still a good unit.

    One last thing, I wonder what possessed the designers to make the temperature setting knob so smooth that it is hard to grasp.

    ...more info
  • Great product!
    I absolutey love this panini grill! I initially was looking for a grill with flat plates since I thought it would heat the sandwich more evenly, and would make the grill a bit more versatile, but I already own a griddle & can just use that if I'm looking for something with a flat plate. As far as heating the sandwich evenly, I've never had a problem with this grill; it makes the perfect sandwich! I've never had any cheese ooze out of the indentations either, like a previous reviewer. I was a bit hesitant to get a grill with plates that don't remove for easy cleaning, but I have to say cleanup is a breeze. Now I actually prefer that the plates don't remove since I've heard complaints about a lot of the grills that have removable plates. The clips that hold removable plates in place can break, rendering the unit useless. The non-stick surface on this grill makes cleanup so easy. I just let it cool & wipe it down with a wet paper towel. My only complaint is that the unit does not have an on/off switch, but it's really not that big a deal....more info
  • Good panini
    So far so good. This gets a lot of use and has held up well....more info
  • Love it!
    I purchased the Retro Panini Grill as a Christmas gift for my husband. This is a sturdy, well made grill for a great price. This is not junk! In just a matter of minutes, the panini is done...crunchy on the outside and hot on the inside of the sandwich with melted cheese. We have also used the DeLonghi for fish and chicken. Again, in just a matter of minutes, you have delicious food! The top grill of the panini maker automatically adjusts to the height of the food placed within the grill. Easy cleanup and upright storage is a plus. The cord is not a problem with upright storage. An extra bonus is the recipe book which will make your mouth water! I highly recommend this item to everyone! ...more info
  • Terrific
    Work great, has a temperature controller for things other than sandwiches. Easy to clean and all at a great price....more info
  • Good Machine
    I've been using this for several months now and it makes a great panini sandwich. I don't think I would use it as an indoor grill because the drip cup is rather small and is hard to keep track of since it is not attached to the machine. I do find it a little hard to clean since the grates are not removable, but if you are persistent you can get everthing out of the ridges with a paper towel and then a damp cloth....more info
  • no off button????
    This grill is just ok I guess I did expect much more! One really strange thing is that it has no off button. You have to turn the knob all the way to the left in order to (turn it off) but it's still on there is no off button or a switch which make me very uneasy when I have to unplug it.
    Unless there is a diffrent way to turn it off but I read the instructions and it only says turn left to turn it off.
    Other then feeling getting shocked when unplugging it's not to bad.
    ...more info
  • Amazing...
    I bought this product a month ago for my wife's Birthday and we've used it multiple times since and it's perfect. I chose this item because of the dial option on the front. I liked the idea of being able to control the temp. the unit gets rather than plug it in and wait for it to get hot. Clean up is easy, I love every aspect about this. And Amazon's price was perfect for this....more info
  • The juices flavor the whole sandwich!
    Unlike just toasting a sandwich, the panini grill heats the entire sandwich, straight through to the middle. The juices from the meat (if you use meat in your sandwich) are pressed into the bread and flavor the entire sandwich. It's compact enough to fit into a kitchen cabinet, yet large enough to grill a man-sized deliciously satisfying sandwich....more info
  • Love it
    All my sandwiches come out crisp.
    Clean up is easy, it wipes clean.
    I would recommend it....more info
  • Broken
    This product was broken at the handle when I opened the box, can I return it?...more info
  • Easy to use
    DeLonghi CGH800-U Retro Panini Grill

    I found this grill easy to use. I like the fact that it heats up quickly....more info
  • Smart looking and dependable
    A nice addition to my kitchen appliances. Very practical for making quickie lunches for my family and grandkids, which they all enjoy. Sturdy, well built and attractive. Easy clean up and stores on edge if you appreciate the saved counter space as I do....more info
  • Amazing...WHILE IT LASTED :(
    I bought this Panini Press on July 15, 2006 its and incredible machine, EXCEPT for one thing. It has fallen apart. First after about 6 months of owning it something inside started rattling, but it still worked fine [better then fine this Panini press works so well everything cooks evenly and well with perfect grill lines]. I go to use it today [April 11, 2008]and the whole top comes off the machine [aside from the coil in the back] the connection to the bottom piece [through the handle] broke off on both sides. I am hoping it was just my machine because while it lasted it worked great, to think a respectable company such as DeLonghi was starting to make products that only lasted a bit longer then their warranty would be rather sad. So as far as the machines skills as a panini press I give it 5+++ stars but as far as its longevity I would say 2 stars maybe. I hope this review helps and I hope that other people have not had the same results. Oh and for those who want to know the press was left on the counter and moved around only to clean underneath it....more info
  • makes the best grilled cheese on the planet
    What an amazing panini maker. Doesn't take long to get used to--other than not pressing down on it--it does it all itself! Wow!...more info
  • fantastic and heavy duty
    I got this for my birthday about 2 years ago. I had read about all the different brands/models and chosen this one. Thankfully I wasn't sorry! This panini maker is awesome. I realize you can grill sandwiches in a pan or even on your george forman(which doesn't adjust at the back for the height of the sandwich so everything comes out the front!)but those both seem like more work then having an actual panini grill. we had also just spent time in Italy and wanted to make some delicious authentic paninis without all the typical condiments like mayo(not once did we find mayo on anything in italy, who knew a sandwich could be so awesome without it!?)

    This panini grill heats up fast and you can choose the temp from lo-high. It adjusts well to height of the sandwich so thats its grilled perfectly. My boyfriend even discovered that he could make grilled burritos on this, which is something I hadn't thought of. Perfect for making a soup and sandwich lunch or dinner. I'd totally buy it again if I had the choice. ...more info


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