Pyrex Storage 6-Piece Round Set, Clear with Blue Lids
Pyrex Storage 6-Piece Round Set, Clear with Blue Lids

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Product Description

Corning Pyrex, 6-Piece Round Bowl Set Includes 2, 4 & 7 Cup round bowls with dark blue covers that will store your left-overs and make re-heating easy.

Durable and nice-looking, Pyrex Storage pieces offer a welcome alternative to a cupboard full of plasticware. Made from strong, clear glass, the dishes are great for leftovers, ingredients, or prepared food. They store comfortably in the fridge, warm up in the microwave, and look a lot better than beat-up old plastic pieces at the table. For the storage line, Pyrex combines dark blue plastic lids with its reliable glass construction, adding versatility and stackability to the design. This 6-piece set includes three round dishes--2 cups, 4 cups, and 7 cups--and matching lids. Rectangular pieces are also available, and all are safe in the dishwasher for easy cleanup. --Emily Bedard

What's in the Box
Storage set, consisting of: 2-cup round dish; 4-cup round dish; 7-cup round dish; 3 lids. 6 pieces total.

  • 6-piece set of Pyrex glassware for ingredients, prepped food, and leftovers
  • Includes 2-cup round dish, 4-cup round dish, 7-cup round dish, and 3 lids
  • Made of durable, clear glass with smooth, straight sides; dark blue plastic lids
  • Stores in the refrigerator, warms in the microwave, and serves at casual meals
  • Safe in the dishwasher; different shapes and sizes also available

Customer Reviews:

  • Love it!
    No question -- these containers are essentials in our kitchen. I can't believe we didn't get them earlier! That's strong glass too (we tested this accidentially)!...more info
  • Pyrex containers have simplified my life
    I had fairly recently invested in a set of Rubbermaid Premier containers when the news got out about BPA (bisphenol-A) leaching into foods from plastic.

    I didn't want to invest in more plastic -- even grades of plastic that are currently considered safe. I decided to go with glass. And I'm glad I did.

    This set is one of three that I purchased. I also bought the Pyrex Storage 6-Piece Refrigerator Shape Storage, Clear with Blue Lids and the Pyrex Storage 18-Piece Round Set, Clear with Blue Lids. With these three sets together, I feel like I've got plenty for my storage needs for a family of 4.

    I had feared that switching to glass -- although the right decision for me from a health-consciousness perspective -- would be the source of some headaches. I imagined having to be overly cautious with the containers, treating them super gently, worrying that they would slip out of the refrigerator and break, wondering how I would stack them in the cabinet without having them all fall down.

    To my delight, this hasn't been the case at all. The manufacturer's claim that the glass is light-weight is fair. Obviously, these aren't as light as plastic containers, but they are very manageable.

    These pieces are not as attractive as those in Pyrex's more fashionable lines, but I would have no qualms about serving from these at any casual meal. They look much nicer than anything plastic.

    The Pyrex lids are, to me, an improvement over the lids that come with Rubbermaid plastic containers. First, each lid has a lip that runs all the way around the outer edge. This allows the bowls to be stacked safely on top of each other, whether in the cabinet or in the refrigerator. The storage bowl on top rests inside the lip of the bowl on bottom and won't slide off.

    Also, the design of these lids makes them easier to clean. All the Rubbermaid container lids I've owned have had a very narrow opening on the outside edge where the container fits into the lid. These crevices can trap bits of food (usually sauces gone astray in my experience) and can be very difficult to clean. The Pyrex lids have a wide lip that can easily be wiped out.

    Other reasons I am glad I replaced my plastic containers with these:

    1. No more concern about harmful chemicals getting into my food.
    2. I can microwave leftovers right in the storage container.
    3. I can wash these in the top or bottom rack of my diswasher without any worries.
    4. I can put fish, tomato sauce, whatever into these and not worry about them retaining stains or odors.

    Buying these Pyrex sets was a bit of an investment, but now that we're being told you should replace plastic every few years since it breaks down with use, heat, etc., I figure I will make up the cost in the long run....more info
  • Very useful, but with a slight flaw
    I've used these Pyrex lidded bowls for a few years now. I probably purchased my first set at Walmart, and I've always been happy with them. I recently got rid of my plastic food storage containers in light of the well-publicized health concerns (my doctor was the first one to warn me about xenoestrogens in some plastics). I bought three sets of these from Amazon due to the free shipping and great price (part of the 4 for 3 promotion!) One bowl had a small chip on the rim, but it wasn't bad enough to hassle with a return. What was more disappointing was the fit of the lids - unlike my old set, some of these lids are extremely tight and take a ridiculous amount of effort to snap into place! The plastic seems harder and more rigid than the plastic on the older lids. On some, I've had to put the lids in the microwave to soften them up enough to stretch. I think they've loosed up a bit from use and hope they will continue to. Despite the glitch, it's still worthwhile to be able to store my food in glass. When necessary, I use wax paper over the surface of the food to prevent contact with the plastic....more info
  • New favorite serving/storage dishes
    These are great for serving food during dinner and then storing it in the fridge later. They feel and look so much better than the plastic dishes we've used in the past. The plastic was cloudy and obscured the contents of the dish. It also discolored after heating up certain foods, and became misshapen after getting too hot. These Pyrex dishes are the perfect size for side dishes or storing small amounts of food that will fit well in your refridgerator....more info
  • It works.
    The only thing they could do better with this line of bakeware is make it indestructable....more info
  • Healthy storage, and cheaper than buying from Walmart.
    Glass is much healthier than plastic to store food. It is because plastic is porous and it traps dirt/germs and detergent as well. In some cases, trapping detergent is more of a problem because those chemical are toxic. For $12.99, it is cheaper than buying the 3 separately from Walmart.

    ...more info
  • Time Tested
    Pyrex has been around for what seems like forever, so when I purchased these I really knew I had nothing to lose. I already had a set of 3, but rectangular, which I use for baking. These I wanted for leftovers, or to microwave. These work beautifully. I love that the glass is thick, very substantial.

    Iam finding the lids alittle hard to get on. You really need to work them onto the glass bottom, but once the seal is on, it's on.

    I think these are an excellent purchase, at a good price, especially for something that will last. I may be buying more, but for now, these 3 certainly do the job....more info
  • High quality reusable food storage
    I'm one of those people who saves her cottage cheese and salsa containers to put leftovers in. However, they have a short shelf life, and are not large enough for some food storage. Plus, some sources tell you not to heat up food in plastic containers due to the chemicals that may leech out.

    For all those reasons, I purchased this set of Pyrex containers. While slightly too heavy to comfortably carry when I bike commute, they are unbeatable for home use. The three sizes mean i have a container for any kind of food - a little applesauce up to a large dinner-sized salad for two. Highly recommended....more info
  • Order a 6-piece set first
    This was my sixth order of Pyrex storage items in the past ten months. I now own 44 containers (plus 44 lids) in various sizes from 1 cup to 7 cups. There are always several in the freezer, many in the refrigerator, a handful in the cupboard, a few in the dishwasher and one or two storing bulk ingredients in the pantry. With the clear bowls, refrigerated leftovers are no longer forgotten until it's too late.

    If you're purchasing Pyrex storage pieces for the first time this is a great starter set. If you're not sure which size(s) are best for your household, start with this set (one each 2-cup, 4-cup and 7-cup sizes plus lids) and/or the other 6-piece set (one each 1-cup, 2-cup and 4-cup sizes plus lids). Once you use them on a daily basis you'll know which sizes or sets are most useful in your household. I guarantee you'll be ordering more. Start checking the prices every day. One morning you'll log in and the items you need will be at a too-good-to-pass-up price. That's how I've placed each of my six orders. As I result, my 44 containers have averaged $4.72 per bowl+lid set.

    These containers have made healthful eating so much easier. In the winter I cook large quantities of vegetable and grain stews and soups in a slow cooker and freeze the leftovers in 1-cup and 2-cup containers. These have totally replaced prepared frozen dinners. With summer in full swing, I wash and tear a head of romaine lettuce that fills the 7-cup size and use a variety of 1- and 2-cup containers for assorted salad vegetables run through the food processor. In well under half an hour I have salad fixings for several days. I can set out a salad bar for lunch or dinner in a minute. No more excuses that I'm too tired or too hungry to start prepping the salad fixings at 6:00 P.M. And it tastes better than if I'd washed and chopped and sliced immediately before eating. All the ingredients are always cool and extra-crisp.

    Improved our diet, cut down on disposables, replaced plastics in the microwave, made in USA. What's not to love?

    ...more info
  • Air tight!
    A little pricey, but these are super high quality. Air tight and thick durable pyrex glass. Wash easily and make the left overs in the fridge look a little more appetizing than my cheap plastic containers did....more info
  • As others have said
    As other reviewers have said, the lids are quite difficult to put on. For people with poor vision or poor manual dexterity or arthritis, this probably isn't the right storage product. But these are not problems for me, fortunately, and I don't mind wrestling with the lid. The lid goes on securely, the pyrex is strong, and already microwave tested. I've only had them a few weeks, but I'm very happy as of now....more info
  • Pyrex Convert!
    Good-bye tupperware and rubbermaid. I don't think I'll ever use anything but Pyrex for food storage, again. It wears scuffs, discoloration or wear marks. It heats in the oven or microwave beautifully (I don't use the lids in the microwave). But best of all, my son was home for the holidays and when he opened the frig he commented, "Wow. Nicest tupperware I've ever seen." The price is really good, too, considering these will probably outlast any of my plastic storage pieces. Also, I was never too concerned about plastic leaching out into my food from microwave use, but now I'm not concerned at all. ;-)...more info
  • Excellent Food Storage Containers (and Plastic Alternative)
    We were trying to eliminate storing leftovers in plastic and these are the perfect alternative. I've been using them regularly for 3 months and love them so much that I just ordered 2 sets of the 18 pc set.

    Tip about the lids:
    Because the lids are difficult to get on the first time, force the lids on when you get the set to stretch them out slightly (don't worry they will still fit tightly). Try putting the lid upside down on a table and then work the container into the lid. Leave it there for an hour or several. This will make it much easier to put the lid on the first time you actually use the container.

    - They don't stain
    - Look great to serve in
    - Eases cleanup because you can put them directly in the microwave or oven without having to use another bowl or dish (you can take soup to work, heat up the container, and eat it directly in the container).
    - Long lasting
    - Refrigerator and freezer safe

    - Heavier than plastic (but I don't mind that)...more info
  • Glass Storage set
    Nice set. The 7 cup is a little larger than I really need for storing leftovers but the set is nice. Unfortunately because the lids are plastic, they retain odors. I stored a cut onion in one of the containers to save time for the next day. Now the lid smells like onions. I haven't washed it in the dishwasher yet but I did try washing the lid with a heavy dose of soap and also soaked with diluted vinegar. Still smells. Otherwise it's a great set....more info
  • Time Tested
    Pyrex has been around for what seems like forever, so when I purchased these I really knew I had nothing to lose. I already had a set of 3, but rectangular, which I use for baking. These I wanted for leftovers, or to microwave. These work beautifully. I love that the glass is thick, very substantial.

    Iam finding the lids alittle hard to get on. You really need to work them onto the glass bottom, but once the seal is on, it's on.

    I think these are an excellent purchase, at a good price, especially for something that will last. I may be buying more, but for now, these 3 certainly do the job....more info


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