AO Safety 95190 Woodworker's Respirator

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The AOSafety woodworker's respirator weighs less than five ounces and features a soft rubber face piece with two exhalation valves to make breathing comfortable and easy. Ideal for woodworking projects, this mask is also recommended for protection when working with plastic, metal, fiberglass, or drywall. The N95 filters are easy to clean and disassemble, making filter replacement a snap.

  • Respirator designed for woodworking use
  • Soft rubber face piece for comfort with two exhalation valves for easy breathing
  • Also use for working with plastic, metal, fiberglass, or drywall
  • Includes two easy-to-clean, easy-to-replace N95 filters
  • N95 filters are replaceable for economical and repeated use

Customer Reviews:

  • Sleepy Hollow in a Nostril,
    These converter kits for mold based ear/Nostril plugs have devout followers in Russia where the crops are said to stink of "one hundred corpses" after fermenting. They can be used for the ears and nose, thereby effectively eliminating any source for bacterial congestion. Developed by a Prussian doctor who had constant to moderate sinus infections....more info
  • Good and easy
    I've used a North 5500 for quite a while due to comfort, price and effectivity. I find this AO product to be perfect for basic respirator needs. The filtering seems to be acceptable for general dust use. The due exhaust ports provide minimal resistance and the single strap self adjusts for a comfortable fit. I'll leave my other respirator for more demanding uses and keep this one handy for the majority of my needs. I recommend you give it a try. Stay safe and live long....more info
  • Great product
    I purchased this mask to do electrical work in the attic and am not disappointed. The price was great and it worked perfectly to filter out the fiberglass dust, no more hacking and coughing. Wore the mask for about 2 hours while I was rewiring and found it to be very comfortable. I would definatley recommend it to anyone looking for an inexpensieve particle mask. ...more info
  • Works well
    I should have bought this respirator a long time ago. Works much better than typical paper masks. Comfortable for long periods. I have found that I use this more than paper masks. NO MORE STINKING PAPER MASKS. I can buy the replaceable paper filters locally. ...more info
  • another mask
    I wear a ton of dust masks around the job site. I have bad allergies AND if you tend to read up on the materials your using and demo-ing, you'll find that everything should have a MR. YUK skull and crossbones sticker on it. My grandfather died from asbestos. I don't plan on following in his footsteps. I've got a dust mask or respirator for everything. The 3M dust masks with the little valve are great, but they don't really protect you against anything smaller than splinter sized particles (if you read the back label). But you can wear them all day and not come home feeling like you've inhaled an entire 2'x6' x 8' of treated lumber and you can blow your nose and NOT be horrified by the brown and chunky mess in your hanky. I saw this AO Saftey 95190 mask and bought it up. It is nothing more than the middle man between the paper mask and the full blown respirator. You can breath easier in it than you can, say, the AO lead mold organic vapor respirator, and the large upfront intake and duel side outflow valves have a lot to do with it. You can keep it a bit looser cause your only using it for sanding clean untreated, unstained, unpainted wood, RIGHT?! Do not expect this mask to separate the real bad guys from your lungs. And your not going to want to go three hours in this thing either. Know what its used for, and in what conditions. be safe. Here's to our good and long health...more info
  • Small size
    The mask description says it's large but it is actually more on a medium side. ...more info
  • Excellent Respirator For Woodturning
    I bought this respirator to use while woodturning. While someday I may want to upgrade to a Triton or a Trend, I could not be happier with this, especially for the price. It fits well and always seals properly, whether I am clean shaven or not. I would recommend it to anyone for general woodworking....more info
  • It Protects My Lungs
    I am a woodworker and have a lung disease called COPD. I have tried those silly paper masks, the more expensive 3M masks and full-face North Lunar masks. The issue I face has to do with inhaling. I only inhale 30% of a normal lung capacity, so other masks cut off my oxygen supply completely. (Not so good if you really enjoy breathing.)

    This mask is light-weight, doesn't fog my eye glasses and, believe it or not, I am able to breath without any restrictions. It must be the large air intake in the front of the mask.

    I also bought the Dewalt DPG54-1C Protector Clear High Performance Lightweight Protective Safety Glasses with Wraparound Frame. These work great with this mask AND fit over my prescription eye glasses with no problem....more info
  • Worth every penny for the safety
    I have been building flutes for the past year and have had to use disposable dusk masks that never seemed to fit. Once you learn to pull the bottom rubber band over your head and seat the mask, then pull the other strap up and over, the mask seats, seals, and goes on easily. It is now a relief not to worry about the PVC and sometimes toxic wood dust that I was not quite getting trapped in those throwaway masks. Do yourself a favor and order extra filters. It only takes a second to be safe. ...more info
  • Fits easily on your face with a tight seal.
    This is the first respirator I have bought and did so based on other customer reviews. So far it has worked exceptionally well. I have recently even grown a beard and it still seals to my face without excessive pressure. The filters seem to do well and have prevented inhalation of dust. It functions considerably better than disposable fiber masks....more info
  • Comes with one filter
    At the time of purchase, the description for this item states that it comes with 2 filters. In fact, it only comes with one filter. This shouldn't be too big of a deal since you probably ordered the replacement filters when you purchased the respirator. Overall, I am happy with this product and it is a big improvement over disposable masks....more info
  • A breather that really works!
    The AO Safety 95190 Woodworkers Breather really works, keeping your lungs free of micro dust that makes life and woodworking hell. This is a "Can't go wrong" item. I love it!!! Happy Woodworking.....more info
  • Great Air Filter for your Lungs
    I have worn many different MSA approved respirators and was very skeptical of this one being much better than a paper mask. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality fit and filtering of this mask. While it is designed for woodworking particles (sawdust) I have used it to help with other particles (like whatever it is that makes me sneeze and my nose run that is under the house) with great results....more info
  • I like it
    I purchased this a couple of months ago and have had a chance to use it several times. The first time I put it on I was a little apprehensive about the way it fit, but I did get used to the fit pretty quickly. It is a little strange to have the bottom sitting on your chin and not under it, but the mask seals fine for me. I would guess that if you have a long face, the mask may not work, but it fits my face fine. If fact- I don't even notice how it fits anymore.

    It seals, keeps the dust out and keeps my safety glasses from fogging up. The only complaint (and it's minor) I have is that I've has some condensation issues, but that's probably due to the cold temps in the garage when I'm working. Besides- a damp mask is much better than brown lung.

    I'll never go back to the safety masks again....more info
  • Shipment intentionally help due to using "FREE Super Saver Shipping"?
    I have ordered a fair amount of stuff from Amazon over the past week, and have noticed some major changes in the MO of how Amazon seems to be treating customers, prompting me to do these reviews, the first I have ever done. At the time of doing these reviews, I haven't even received some these products, but I feel I must share my experience and opinions with other all of you who spend money with Amazon and make its executives very rich! Please check out some of my other reviews relating to Amazon changing the vendor, price and shipping rates on the same web page/product several times within a 24hrs period. What I now call Amazon roulette shopping.

    This review is related to choosing I "FREE Super Saver Shipping". It seems to me that if one opts for "FREE Super Saver Shipping", Amazon will intentionally hold up some of your orders at their distribution warehouses. The evidence for this with this product is that at the time of writing this review, on the product page they make the following statement. "Want it delivered Monday, October 27? Order it in the next 14 hours and 8 minutes, and choose One-Day Shipping at checkout." I ordered this and other products 'Order Date: October 21, 2008' and my shipping date is given as "Shipping estimate: October 27, 2008". Amazon can get the product to me by October 27, if I pay so clearly these items are in stock NOW and ready to ship, yet I am having to wait until October 27, before Amazon will even start to ship my product. It seems obvious to me that this has nothing to do with shipping speed and all to do with Amazon holding up the processing on purchases that use "FREE Super Saver Shipping".

    The reason seems equally as obvious, Amazon are trying to coerce it's customers into paying for shipping (which seems to have really increased these days) or to sign up for "Amazon Prime membership" and gouge customers annual membership fee of $79. With the other issues mentioned in my other reviews in Amazon service and sales ethics, it makes one wonder about doing business with such a company....more info
  • Awesome mask, especially for the price
    My allergic self has a tough time with dust, even though I like home DIY projects and woodworking. I've tried a couple of disposable masks, while blanching at the cost of the various powered respirators. I bought this one based on the reviews, and couldn't be happier. I have a large, Charlie Brown-sized head, AND a beard, and the mask fits comfortably. I wear it for extended periods of time, and, other than feeling a bit like a minor player in a Star Wars cantina, I don't mind it. I also wear safety glasses much of the time, on top of my prescription glasses, and everything fits. On my most recent sawing adventure, long, dusty cuts in MDF didn't leave me with the little nagging cough I use to experience for a week afterward.

    If you hate sucking in sawdust, it's hard to beat this thing, especially at this price point....more info
  • Well worth the money
    This mask works very well and is comfortable. Not only is this mask better than any other mask I have tried, but it is the only one that does not fog up my glasses. I bought it strictly for wood working, to keep out dust, not fumes....more info
  • Disposeable mask
    The main complaint I have about the mask is it's fit. Initially - it felt a little uncomfortable - but I got used to it where it didn't bother me to wear the mask.

    I was really excited to find an economical dust mask that I could replace filters and not spend too much money on the filters. I still have 2 packages of replacement filters that I'll probably never use - after replacing the filter once - the mask no longer seals around my face.

    I think they could fix the problem if they had a dual point attachment connecting the strap to the mask. But it attaches at one point like a pair of swimming goggles so there's not alot of flexibility to adjust the fit.

    My conclusion is you get what you pay for - and I'm currently looking for another alternative to replace this respirator. It worked well initially - when I could get a good seal around my face.

    Jake...more info
  • my professional opinion
    I have used this respirator for several years now and thought it was time to buy an additional one to stay with my work truck. I am an electrician and a professional woodworker and this respirator keeps the the dust from attic insulation to shop sawdust from being inhaled and does not fog up my glasses, which a pain in the neck if you are working with both hands and don't have a third to clean your glasses off, and you can't beet the price....more info
  • Who Is That Masked Man?

    Who is that masked man? That's what my granddaughter wanted to know after seeing me wearing the AO Safety Woodworker's Respirator. It has worked fine for me thus far. I experienced no fogging and no face or head discomfort. I agree with another reviewer who stated he didn't have the desire to take it off and burn it like some other masks. Well put! After using a few at home as well as in the USMC, I know exactly what he means. This one is lightweight and as comfortable as you're going to get wearing this type. I haven't had mine on for longer than 30 minutes in mild temperatures. I can't say it would never get annoying if worn for an extended period of time in hot weather because, frankly in my experience, they all do. Don't forget to order yourself extra AO Safety Replacement Filters. ~ The Boss...more info
  • Good product
    It works well and is as comfortable as a mask can be. I didn't give it 5 stars because I do get a little air coming in around my nose sometimes. I've tried adjusting it but it still happens. Who knows, maybe it is just my nose. ;-)...more info
  • best I have found
    This mask is the best I have found for easy clean breathing while wood working. The seal is tight on inhale and exhale, which means my glasses don't fog up....more info
  • Review of Woodworker's Respirator
    I did a lot of research on the various types of respirators. My main criteria was that it was specifically made for woodworking applications. I selected the AO Safety model 95190. I choose it because of the good reputation of AO Safety, having dual filters instead of just one, and having two straps--one for your neck and one for the top of your head to ensure a tight fit. I have used it for a year now and am completely satisfied with its performance. I would recommend it to other woodworkers....more info
  • too small aound mouth aera.....
    I think the concept of this woodworkers respirator is great but unless your a very small person or a child these will not work. I am 5'11 and have an average size head. When these are properly installed the bottom part of my mouth is exposed and does not fit properly. When it is fitted around my mouth, it does not fit right around my nose. The rubber mask needs to be a little larger to conform around the areas it needs to cover....more info
  • Great for allergy sufferers
    This is a great product. My husband uses it for yard work and it has helped with his allergies....more info
  • Experience with this product
    AO Safety 95190 Woodworker's Respirator....We have been installing cellulose insulation in homes for over 30 years and have found this item to work the best for our type of work..very durable,easy to clean and change filters. With daily use we have had them hold up for almost a year.The head/neck strap is the weakest link but will last the same amount of time if rinsed off occasionally.

    CPC,Michigan...insulating for 32 years...more info
  • Excellent respirator
    This respirator is comfortable enough that its not a bother to wear ever for long hours in the shop. Filters are inexpensive and simple to replace, straps are easy to adjust and seal over mouth and nose is tight. Highly recommended! ...more info
  • Dust filter does the job
    I purchased this dust filtering mask for use in spare-time woodworking. It is far superior to the disposable dust masks I have used and conforms well to the face without discomfort, even when worn for extended periods (although I have not used it in hot, humid conditions). I may even buy a second mask for occasional visitors to my woodshop. The disposable filter inserts last quite a while and are easily replaced....more info
  • Breathing less dust
    This dust mask works very well, is comfortable enough to wear for an extended period, and doesn't cause my safety glasses to fog up. Very nice!...more info
  • Excellent respirator for woodworkers.
    This dust mask (respirator) is great. It is very comfortable, does what it is supposed to do, and doesn't cost a lot. It is far superior to the typical disposable respirators....more info
  • Great Dust Mask,BUT
    This mask is comfortable [for a mask] and surely filters dust well enough. I did shave my beard to ensure complete fit to face. The one problem is that in a cold or cool shop,moisture builds up in mask and if you have been wearing it for awhile, drops will fall out of exit vents and land on whatever you are working on....more info
  • so much better than a 3M mask
    I was a bit skeptical of how this mask would perform, as I yet to meet a mask that I could wear for more than 3 minutes at a time, but I was very pleasantly surprised. I've been using a standard 3M type mask that you find at home improvement stores, but my safety glasses were constantly getting fogged up, and I was still getting particulate matter under the mask, especially when sanding on my lathe. I got this mask because the reviews were good, especially from fellow woodturners, and they were spot on. This thing is so comfortable that I even use it while doing finish scraping/skewing of my wood turning projects. Highly recommended. ...more info
  • Worth it
    Bought this at a good price to use while cutting laminate flooring. Worked great for that. Also, Used it while grinding down some concrete. Again, worked great. Then used while mowing as it was very dry and dusty, with a lot of pollen. ...more info
  • Does not fit with glasses!
    I tried these & they pushed my prescription glasses up on my nose till I could only see through the bifocals. I ended up getting the 3M 8511 Particulate Sanding Respirator N95. Not recommended for prescription glasses!...more info
  • Perfect Dust Mask
    I hate to differ with some of the reviewers but this mask is supposed to rest just below the lower lip on the face not down over the chin. I for one find this an easy mask to wear and work with because it doesn't feel as though someone is covering your face with a huge cumbersome mask. If it feels good on my face, I'll wear it, otherwise it'll sit on the bench in a corner. Thank you.
    Jeff...more info
  • Comfortable Woodworkers Respirator
    This is a good value. It's comfortable and fits well. The fit is different from most respirators I've used in that it doesn't cover the chin, but seals above the chin under the lower lip. This helps it seal better over facial hair. The drawback is that it tends to flop open when bending over unless it is tightened considerably more. I've been able to find a happy medium. It is much better filtering than the white particle masks and lighter weight than the bulkier two cartridge respirators. My sinuses and lungs are much clearer at the end of a day of sanding. I don't normally write reviews, but this product is distinct enough it deserves recognition....more info
  • Woodworking Hobbiest
    I am concerned about my health and I have for a long time been unable to find a dustmask that I could wear without fogging my safety glasses. With the 95190 Woodworkers Respirator its not A problem,It's comfortable and it provides me with clean air to breath. I highly recomend this dust mask in keeping ones lungs healthy, a small price to pay for good health....more info
  • A big step up from the disposables
    You know why workers hate dust masks? Because they're hot, smell funny, don't fit properly, aren't comfortable, and for all of that, barely work. This mask fits pretty well, seals tightly, and when you take out the filter at the end of the day and clap it between your hands...well, it's nice to see the cloud of what you DIDN'T breathe come out of it. Inexpensive and effective....more info
  • Good one!
    I'd hesitated a good while on buying this respirator. I needed something that would fit comfortably under a face shield. I'm glad I finally bought it! It works great and fits under the mask really well. Since I started using it I haven't gotten congested from wood dust (lots off of a lathe!)....more info
  • Best respirator/dust mask i and my co-workers have used!!!
    I have been using this Respirator for months and i love it, i work at a UPS Hub and it gets VERY dusty, especially when i am unloading parcels inside trailers, this Respirator has literally been a life saver to me and a few co workers i bought it for.
    One of my co workers had allergies so i got his this Respirator and he no longer has any allergies, awesome!

    I highly recommend this to anyone who's like me and works in a dusty environments, it's the best $14 you'll spend. ...more info
  • Must have for woodworkers
    I've been a woodworking hobbiest for 6 years. I've purchased 4 or 5 kinds of cheap disposable dust masks over the years and couldn't get myself to use them consistently. They all either were uncomfortable, fogged my safety glasses, or smelled funny. I finally picked up this item a couple months ago and now I use it all the time (well, when I'm woodworking anyway). It's a great fit (no dust, no fogging) and just plain works. I'm sure there are other more expensive ones just as good, but why pay more. This is my best WW purchase in years.

    Oh yeah, read the instructions when you get it. Taking a second to check the fit when you pick the mask on only makes sense, but I wouldn't have known to otherwise. Ok, here's the short version: when you put the mask on, put your hand over the front part and inhale. If you have a good fit, the mask will "deflate" until you exhale or remove your hand. With this test, you can tell that the bands don't have to be very tight around your head at to work properly. If you over tighten them, it will be less comfortable and you won't want to wear it all the time....more info
  • Does the Job
    I have had this mask for several monthes now and really like the design. The mask conforms and the seals tightly to my face without pinching, and I can wear my safety glasses. For the most part I have been using it during the remodeling of my basement. It is perfect for filtering out fiberglass and plaster dust. I have come out of a room looking like a snowman without any dust getting into my lungs. The mask is easy to clean and filter changes are simple to make and filters don't cost much. This is great protect against all nuisance dust and I should have purchase this mask long ago. ...more info
  • so close
    I bought this respirator because I'm doing a lot of sanding and woodworking. When I got the package I read the instructions to make sure the fit was right. Well, the fit wasn't just right. While it was fairly comfortable, the fit was okay but not as good as the instructions indicated it should be. In fact the instructions said something like... if the fit/seal isn't tight, don't use.
    I guess I have a big nose or too high cheek bones or something.
    Well, I thought the so-so fit was much better than the old paper masks so I gave it a try anyway. While it's not the best fit I think it's better than what I had before. I'll be looking for that right fit somewhere else though. For me this is one of those items where I need to try it on before purchasing but you can't do that even in a store until you buy and open the package....more info
  • good mask
    This mask works very well to cover my mouth and nose. It has a great seal. The only thing I wish.....and I know it takes a more expensive mask to do that it was easier to breathe in and out with.

    EDIT: I have contacted AO Safety by email about replacing the baffels in the mask that have worn out, and they have not contacted me back. I have instead gone with a 3M mask....more info
  • Cheap and works well
    The fit is good (feels good on my flat, hairless face) and it functions well. The straps aren't the best and can slip a bit with use, but you can make your own or use a set you like from another/other mask. In the deep south heat it can get pretty wet inside the mask, but it won't effect the mask to much (and it is the same for all masks). Can't beat it for the price. Cheaper than the big box AO paint masks, or 3M masks, but you can't find replacement filters as easily either....more info
  • Most comfortable respirator i've ever worn... and it works!
    This is the first respirator I've ever worn that I would truly say is comfortable. It doesn't fog my safety glasses, it doesn't get hot and stuffy, and the rubber seals fit nicely. It works great, and after a few minutes, I didn't even notice it was there! ...more info
  • Does the job
    I use this when working in the attic and under the house, and it works very well. The housing is pliable rubber that does a good job conforming to the face, and though I have a beard it still manages to seal. It is also comfortable breathing through it, because it has separate exhale valves. A great product!...more info
  • Woodworker respirator
    The woodworker respirator works well, just as expected. It obviously filters out the dust; it does not fog glasses....more info
  • great mid-range respirator
    If you're looking for something more than a paper mask, but less than one of those bulky face attachments, this is probably the best respirator you can buy. Its lightweight, adjustable (convienent for those of us with small heads)and seals well around your mouth and nose.

    My favorite part is that it doesn't disrupt the placement of my safety glasses, which is an issue I run into requently with respirators. Definately a great value for the money....more info
  • Perfectly reasonable product
    A reasonable wood dust filter for the price. A little restrictive in moving air in and out but bareable. Fits over my big nose and seals well enough to avoid fogging my safety glasses. Which is my original peeve with paper filter masks - always fogging my safety glasses especially in either hot or cold weather. In the end a good dust collection system is the solution but this is a reasonable $15 fix....more info
  • Nice mask!
    I have been using this mask design since 1978 and like the soft, snug fit I get.
    Pretty easy to breathe in too.
    ...more info


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