Bissell 14005 Little Green Compact Carpet Cleaner

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Product Description

If you have a white carpet you want to protect, the Little Green carpet cleaner should be stashed in your closet for emergency cleanups. This portable cleaner doesn't replace regular carpet cleanings but is excellent for spot-cleaning carpets in the event of an accidental spill. The lightweight Little Green weighs only 13 pounds for easy traveling to rooms, staircases, or auto interiors to clean up a variety of messes, including pet stains, spilled food or drinks, and muddy footprints. In addition, the cleaner has a flexible vacuum hose and a long power cord that stretches to almost 15 feet long to provide ample reach along the stairs or in vehicles.

The Little Green's stain-removing action is superior to store-bought chemical cleaners as it lifts the stain up with its suction before it sets in; other cleaners require you to rub the stain with a cloth and push it farther down into the carpet. The cleaner uses a combination of Bissell's special deep cleaning formula and hot tap water to pre-treat stains. The solution tank is easy to remove and fill and slides back onto the unit with no problems. A wide and strong spray path spreads the cleaning formula over the stain and, after a little scrubbing with the stain brush tool (which fits on the end of the cleaner's hose), the cleaner suctions up the stain and dries the carpet in one step. Dirty water collects in the back of the Little Green in another tank that is equally as easy to remove and rinse clean. This compact multipurpose cleaner is safe on most carpets and upholstery and stores easily in a closet or under a sink until it's required for a spill. The Little Green comes with an 8-ounce sample of Bissell's Little Green deep-cleaning formula and is covered by Bissell under a limited one-year warranty. --Cristina Vaamonde

TurboBrush powerful rotating brushes get to the deep down dirt. Powerful strong spray and suction clean and help dry in 1 step. Versatile long power cord and compact design make cleaning hard to reach areas easy. Compact. Stores ready to use, so when acci

  • Effectively removes pet stains and odors, dirt, and other messes
  • Strong spray and suction clean and help dry in one step
  • Long power cord and compact design for easy cleaning of hard-to-reach areas
  • Stores compactly and ready for use when accidents happen
  • Includes tough stain brush, trial size of Little Green formula
Customer Reviews:
  • Doesn't work
    I bought the Little Green machine new. I used it twice, once to clean a spot on an area rug and once to clean car upholstery. The next time I tried to use it the machine would not turn on. No power at all. I changed outlets. Still no power. Tried the switch several different times. No juice. It is absolutely ridiculous that a new product can only be used twice before it breaks. The machine I have was never dropped or abused in any manner. It was cleaned carefully after each use and store properly indoors. If this is how Bissell creates products then I'll never buy from them again....more info
  • Do not buy this!
    As well as it's poorly designed tank system which you can never get totally clean, it just doesn't work that good in general. I have had this little green machine for a couple years now and only used it a couple times. The reason? Because woolite oxy deep and a rag works a million times better! It is more frustrating to pull out this machine and while you think it is going to be easier cleaning up a mess it isn't. i have to scrub harder with the bissel attachments then I would with just a rag. Save your money & buy some oxy deep!...more info
  • the little machine that could
    I bought the bissell carpet cleaner primarily for use in our motor home. Not only does it work fantastic in there, it is great for the house as well. I have had no problems and it cleans great....more info
  • Poorly Designed
    THE BAD: The little green machine and the big green machines made by Bissell are poorly designed. Before you buy, be sure to do a web search of forums, blogs and reviews on the machine. You'll see (on for example)that they leak, triggers stick, poor suction, won't spray, and a myriad of other problems. I've owned several of these machines over the years, and there is always a problem near immediately or within a short time. I've bought pumps, hoses, brushes (cheap and break easily), handle assemblies, etc. Cords used on all models are cheap and stiff and kink easily. Their wands (on the big green machines don't hold together well. All in all, imo, they are not worth the money. If you insist on having one, however, I'd suggest you buy a refurbished one, since they are cheaper, no worse than new (sometimes better as they are oft' remedied), and often available and easily found (what does this tell you?).

    Currently, I need a small plastic part with spring for the trigger handle of a little green machine pro-heat model. Why? Because the spring that is supposed to return the spray trigger to its original (out) position when you take your finger off of it after spraying is rusted solid. Why is it rusted? Because it's made from steel, not stainless which is something Bissell should learn about using if they make products that handle water and are destined to get wet. Now, when I take my finger off the spray trigger, it sticks (no spring back with a lump of rusted spring), so the water continues to spray madly with no way to stop it other than turning the machine off. This is a quick fix with an easily detachable $2.00 plastic part with spring that snaps out and will snap in after removing two screws on the handle. The kicker, however, is that Bissell will not sell you this part. Instead, they direct you to contact one of their local dealers for service. You learn, however, when contacting a dealer to order the part (not wanting to pay the dealer megabucks to do some a fix so simple a monkey could do it, you learn you have to order the WHOLE handle assembly WITH HOSE to the tune of $30.00 PLUS shipping and handling. For a $2.00 part that snaps out after removing two screws on the handle????? Come on! That's nuts, not to mention a waste of time, money, materials, and natural resources! The bottom line here is that I'm done with Bissell until they start making available to us lowly consumers exactly what is needed to fix their poorly-designed products, i.e. ONLY the cheap part needed to replace the cheap part they manufactured.

    Oh, one more thing on the little green machine: As others have stated here (and elsewhere), because of another poor design feature, it's nearly impossible to get out all the wastes, including slime, fuzz, dirt, mold, bacteria, pee, feces and/or whatever else you sucked into this machine. To make matters worse, the filthy collection of waste water leaks into the bottom of the machine tray (outside of the holding tank). Bottom line here: If you're a science teacher or microbiologist, I'd recommend purchasing this machine. It has the potential to be a terrific science project or can serve as a novel research project re how to best incubate and propagate an unusual mix of symbiotic micro-organisms. Whatever you do, be sure NOT to use the machine shortly before company comes for dinner. Although this little machine's suction "sucks" (does a poor job), it is most effective at blowing/venting out some amazing, noxious odors from the accummulated biological wastes in the holding tank. The smell is akin to an unsanitized porta-potty on a hot and humid summer day in the tropics.

    THE GOOD?: When company vomits from the foul odors emitted from your little green machine, you can quickly suck up the vomitus with your little machine, adding it to the ongoing experiment in the holding tank! Now, ain't that handy?
    ...more info
  • Own It and Like It
    My husbadn and I own this and my husband is using it as I type this review. I really like it. It's easy to use and does a great job at removing stains in carpeting as well as the futon mattress as we are discovering right now. Our male cat is having issues and decided that the futon was as good as the litter box. The Little Green machine is taking out the urine stains plus the smell. It's taking some elbow grease in which my husband is more suited for, but it's working. We are not having any issues with dirty water leaking or not being able to empty and clean it sufficiently between uses. I recommend this machine for the price and the portablity of it. ...more info
  • Great Job Cleaning - Machine itself is difficult to clean
    We bought this product because we have an elderly cat, who gets ALOT of hairballs. It does a fantastic job cleaning our light beige carpet from these nasty little messes....but I am truley disappointed that I cannot take the machine completely apart to clean it. I cannot find instructions anywhere on how to disassemble the machine to clean it. We've had it for a little over a year and a half now and after we use it, and do all the things the instructions tell us to do to keep the hose and parts clean, it still gets moldy ! YUCK. I think that is the reason why on the newer models of this machine Bissell choose to make the hose green colored, instead of the clear hose like the older machines have, becuase they don't want you too see the mold growing. I wouldn't recommend this machine based on the mold factor....more info
  • Positives outweigh negatives
    We've had this machine for over 5 years, and only now am I going to replace it due to wear (and the smell). I completely agree that it is difficult to clean, but if you soak the return tank in diluted vinegar, it helps. I usually don't empty the tank after every use, so that probably makes the issue worse. The return tank has also started to leak into the plastic bottom, but I think that's because the gasket on the main unit is old and starting to come off.

    My hubby used this when housebreaking our puppy, and in the past six months, I've used this 2-3 times a day with a potty training toddler, muddy dog, and home improvement messes (dirt, paint, etc.). It's been a lifesaver! I haven't had a big problem with leaking because I put the machine in the garage as soon as I'm done. The 2 times I had serious leakage problems were because I put the machine back together incorrectly. One time I put the rubber gasket for the solution tank on wrong, and the other time it was the rubber insert for the return tank.

    We've more than gotten our money's worth from this machine, and I'm looking forward to getting a new one. I wish Bissell would make the unit easier to clean, but hopefully I'll be better at emptying the new one!...more info
  • This cleaner doesn't SUCK! (literally)
    I bought this after coming back from vacation,and finding that my cat used my brand new couches as a litter box. It started out working fine for the first time I steamed the couches. Then I noticed that it seemed to be leaking from the bottom of the machine the second time. The third time I noticed that the trigger leaked solution water on my hands. The fourth time I was already used to the problems that I was encountering.

    I let my friend use the machine once to clean his bed because his dog marked his mattress. He gave it back to me letting me know about the leaking and what not.

    I come back from my last vacation to find that my cat did the same thing. I break out the Little Green to clean up the mess again to find that the machine doesn't suck anymore. There is no longer any vacuum after only 5 uses. This machine is not worth the time or the money even if you are desperate. Now I have to go buy a different cleaner so I can hopefully salvage my couches....more info
  • very worth the money
    I would say that this product was worth the money...we have two kids and we use it on the sofa and does a great me and my wife think that this a great prduct!...more info
  • just as good 2nd time around
    This my 2nd "Little Green" I/we wore #1 out.
    I like the new design and preformance is tops with me. Having 2 dogs and two big babies (husband and son) we DO put it to the test.
    I recommend highly....more info
  • Great little cleaner
    This product is better than expected for it's compact size. I have two siberian huskies who are getting old and need a lot of clean up after they come in from the rain etc. This machine really gets the dirt out and has powerful enough suction to get all the dirty solution up out of the rug when you are finished with the cleaning.
    Excellent product. I would not be without it. I would suggest getting the one that heats the cleaning solution. I don't have that feature so have to microwave it to get it hot.
    ...more info
  • This was a life saver!!!
    Bought this machine when my cat was sick and we had frequent clean up (stinky watery cat poop so you know what we're talking here). This went on for months while the vet was trying to diagnose and cure our poor kitty. It really saved my sanity and our carpet. I kept the solution tank full of Nature's Miracle. After removing the bulk of the soil with paper towel, I used this machine to spray on the Nature's Miracle and let it sit for 5 - 10 minutes. Used the regular brush to vacuum up the stain (forget about the turbo brush). Only in dire cases, did I need to soak the area and let it evaporate on it's own (as the Nature's Miracle directions suggests).

    Kitty is feeling back in the pink, Mom still has her sanity and we continue to use this machine for any kind of spill or kitty mishap. Works great with carpet shampoo as well....more info
  • I'm a pro, and say it's great.
    I've owned a cleaning business for 26 years, and this machine is great. There are a few secrets to success with it:

    To clean it and keep it from smelling, flush it after using. Suck hot clean water through the hose. If your unit is really dirty, suck a mild bleach solution and let it sit. ALSO, remove the rubber gasket at the bottom of the waste tank and clean it... this can be a major source of odor. It's very easy to do, but not mentioned in the instructions.

    Use just clean water in the solution tank, and put the cleaner in a spray bottle. (The less soap the better. Use the scrubber on the nozzle and allow a few minutes of dwell time). Think of your machine as the rinse cycle in a clothes washing machine. Rinse the dirt and soap out, leaving a minumum of residue. A seperate bottle also allows more precise application of cleaner. And it extends tank refills, so you won't have to wait for the spray pump to reprime as much.

    Durablility? I've used mine several times a week for almost a year now, what with business, dogs, and small children. No sign of wear whatever.

    This is a brilliant design. Don't let the reviews that don't know how to work with it dissuade you. It is one of the finest, best engineered consumer appliances ever made. Get the least expensive model, as the Turbo Brush and heater don't work well and are not needed.

    Drawbacks? Okay, it doesn't have the suction power of a commercial machine. If you want that, pay three hundred dollars more and lug an extra thirty pounds around the house.

    ...more info
  • Sprayer broke after a year of light use!!
    My sister and I each purchased this Bissell model because we both own dogs and there are a couple of carpeted rooms in our homes. I had researched the Bissell Proheat and the reviews all said the sprayer mechanism melted and quit working and they had recommended the little green without the proheat feature. Well, after a few months my sister's machine stoped sucking up the water and after a year the sprayer on mine completely stopped spraying. I have switched over now to the Bissell Spotbot for Pets and so far so good. It's got the handheld manual hose feature and the hands free smart clean which I LOVE because there is no scrubbing involved. I recommend it. As for the Little Green Machine and the Pro Heat models. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY or TIME!!! We had to just pitch them both in the end because it would have cost more to fix them then to replace them completely. :(...more info
  • pays for itself in one use
    I love this thing. I only have area rugs, but I also have four cats -- this comes in handy. Plus, I use it to clean all of my upholstered furniture at least once each year. This machine costs less than what I have paid to have my sofa cleaned.

    It does really clean and it really does suck the dirt out!

    I love my Little Green and have removed some awful tar stains from a relative's carpet. I saw the results myself and otherwise would not have believed them. The dirty water was black and more viscous than it had been.

    I left off a star because it would be nice if the nozzle were a bit larger and easier to clean and the machine a a bit more power. I would like to buy a machine somewhere between this and the uprights. But, especially given the price, this is a great device that delivers what it promises.

    Use this properly and it will reward you with a cleaner home!...more info
  • Great little machine
    Have had my Little Green for a couple of weeks now and love it. Have used it to clean up small coffee spots and some cat puke (hair ball) off a light tan carpet. Worked great. I used really hot water from my faucet and didn't feel like I missed the heating feature on the more expensive model at all. Also, instead of pouring the formula into the compartment, I took another reviewers advice; put a mix of water and formula into a spray bottle and used that instead--then used the Little Green for its spraying and sucking action with just the hot water. Worked great and saves a lot of money by using just a small amount of the formula at a time....more info
  • It's not spectacular, but let's be reasonable...
    Ok, so the suction isn't wonderful, and it's a bit of a pain to clean... but check out the price tag versus larger, better designed machines. I've never had a problem with leakage, as many reviewers have. And, for the purpose that I got it for, it really works quite well. It's not a carpet cleaner. It's a spot cleaner. Don't expect it to work wonders or be really good at larger jobs. I have four cats, a squirrel and a husband, so I bought this little guy for quick spot cleaning of carpet and upholstry. It's suction does leave something to be desired, but it cleans well for such a small portable machine. If any of you out there know anything about cat pee, it's really a monster to get rid of. But, the little green managed the job with relative ease.

    I only gave it 3 stars because of the difficulty to clean. That's really my biggest issue with this product. It's got an accordioned hose, which gives lots of niches for nastiness to get caught, so it can start to smell. I've alleviated this by sucking up diluted bleach or lysol out of a mop bucket. It alleviates the odor issue, even if it doesn't quite get rid of all the stuff caught in the crannies. Every aspect the machine is hard to clean, from the brush attachment to the dirty water cache, and everything in between. If you've got pets, the brush is a real pain, because any pet hair that gets scrubbed up gets caught in the channels inside and almost nothing you can do will get them out. I managed with a small paperclip bent into a very small hook, but I don't feel that should be necessary. The pieces should either be able to be broken down enough to throroughly clean all parts, or there should not be nearly as many places for crap to get hung up.

    I've never had a problem with my little green leaking, but I've also never tried to use it for a job that would require it to suck up large quantities of liquid. It's not a shop-vac or a full-sized cleaner, and people shouldn't expect it to perform on the same scale as a larger, sturdier model. All in all, for the size, price, and portability, it works well enough for the emergencies for which it is designed. But, I'd still drag out a heavier duty machine now and then for a down and dirty cleaning. ...more info
  • Love it!!
    We have had this for about 4 years now and it does an AMAZING job!! We have 2 dogs and 2 cats and it has saved my carpet and upholstery more times than I can count. I haven't had the problems with the dirty, smelly water because I empty and rinse the container after each use. This product is definitely worth the $$!!...more info
  • Little Green Machine
    We LOVE our Bissell Little Green Machine! It's very handy, easy to use and is one of the best appliances we've ever invested in!...more info
  • Very convient
    I purchased this item based on a recommendation from a friend. He bought the smaller unit, but I wanted the hose to be able to do cars. I have 2 dogs and a cat and this cleaner works great. I spot clean weekly without having to drag out the big carpet cleaner leaving a larger area wet. It is very easy to keep clean....more info
  • Minor Issues, But Better Than Others
    Bissell 14005 Little Green verses Hoover F5411 Steamvac Jr.

    I've used both of these mini shampooers and was not entirely satisfied with either, but I preferred the Bissell's Little Green over Hoover's Steamvac Jr. and here's why:

    I first had the Little Green for about five years. It was a great little vac with only minor problems. The fill and empty containers are removable from the unit for convenient filling and emptying. There is a cord winder built onto the unit, the hose wraps conveniently around the unit and locks into place, and the shape and size are convenient for most applications including stairs and storage.

    The problems I had with the Little Green:
    - It would occasionally leak a bit. The water seemed to be coming from where the hose connects to the base. It was a small drip leak that was easily solved by emptying the clean water tank after each use. We used ours so frequently that I sometimes left clean water in the tank during storage to avoid wasting cleaning solution.
    - My biggest problem with the Little Green was the inability to completely clean the dirty water tank. I had four cats when I first bought the Little Green and eventually had four kids. The Little Green made it through a number of illnesses with us above and beyond pet accidents. The dirty water tank became filthy and unsanitary and was not designed to be dismantled for thorough cleaning. Eventually, the smell became too great and I had to dispose of the tank. I decided it was time to try a new spot shampooer - one that had a cleanable tank.

    That's when I decided to try the Hoover Steamvac Jr. Both the Little Green and the Hoover spray and suck reasonably well for a small machine. As far as actual cleaning quality, the two are comparable. However, I found the Hoover to be bulky and a pain and its only redeeming quality, in my opinion, was that I am able to thoroughly clean the dirty water tank.

    The problems I had with the Hoover F5411 Steamvac Jr.:
    - The tanks are the base of the unit and are not removable. In order to fill the clean water tank, you have to either maneuver the entire unit under the faucet and aim at a one inch hole in the portion of the unit that houses the motor, or you have to dismantle the machine and still maneuver the largest part of it under your faucet or use a bucket.
    - The tanks are a single bucket-style unit separated by a divider. They are not individual parts. When you dump the dirty water, if you have the unit fully assembled, the clean water will slosh around. If you dismantle the machine to empty it, you will also be emptying the clean water tank.
    - The top portion that houses the motor also has a filter that sits down in the dirty water tank, so if you dismantle the machine to fill or empty it, you are forced to place the motor housing with hose and cord in a tub or sink or get your floor dirty and wet.
    - The machine is round. It doesn't fit well on stairs nor is it a convenient shape to store.
    - There is no cord storage on this unit and no convenient way to store the cord or keep it out of your way when you are filling, emptying, or storing. You can wrap it around the base of the handle, but it usually does not stay in place if you empty the tank and tends to get in the way of using the handle to carry the machine.
    - The Steamvac Jr. does have a spot to store the hose, but I find it an inconvenient and cumbersome position.

    I'm currently saving my pennies to buy another Little Green. The little Hoover just makes me more angry than satisfied and I've taken to simply letting stains set in instead of hassle with the obnoxious machine.

    I would recommend avoiding the Proheat Little Green. It seems the parts are not designed to work well with the heat and tend to break down. Hot tap water in the standard Little Green works well and this is coming from a germaphobe whose hands are raw from overwashing. If it's clean enough for me, it's probably more than clean enough for you. If you're looking for a spot shampooer, the Little Green is your best bet. ...more info
  • Awesome Cleaner!
    I got the Bissell Little Green turbobrush model to clean a hall carpet that I thought was essentially ruined after my dog got sick multiple times. I thought I would have to call the landlord to replace the carpet or at the very least rent a carpet cleaner. I figured I would try the little portable cleaner although I was pretty sure it was not going to do the job. I was so wrong. The Bissell little Green is amazing, it cleaned every spot and was remarkably easy to use. I especially like the turbobrush attachment- basically you spray the hot soapy water onto the stain, rub it in with the brush in every direction, let it sit for a minute and then turn the brush on suction to get all of the water and stain out. Some people have said they have problem with the dirty water reservoir leaking or not being clean.... yes the dirty water part is a little difficult to clean but it's not that difficult to soak the plastic container and mop up the little water that leaks out with a paper towel or sponge. In my opinion, this is the best cleaner for $70 that you can buy. It's portable, you can buy regular carpet cleaner soap from target or wherever and refill it, it works really well, it's pretty easy to fill and dump out once you get the hang of it, etc. Gotta love the Bissell Little Green....more info
  • At first it was perfect!!!!
    I loved this when I first bought it. I used it and it did a wonderful job, however is has now started to leak. The resevoir that holds the dirty water leaks everywhere. When I googled it apparently this has happened to most people. I have only owned it a year. ...more info
  • Little Green Machine
    This is the greatest little cleaner. It completely removes stains, even pet stains and deodorizes. You can't even tell the carpet was stained. I would recommend it especially for pet owners....more info
  • Love It
    I recently purchased this item for my furniture and area rugs....Think it works great; its easy to use, has a long enough cord and hose and gets the job done without a lot of hassle....more info
  • fabulous!
    I bought this thing to clean the interior of my car. I paid $70 for it including the turbo brush at a large retail chain, and it's the best $70 I ever spent on my car. The water that went into the dirty tank was black! I didn't even know my car interior was that filthy! This machine is very simple to operate and obviously very portable. Best carpet/upholstry cleaner I've ever used. It's also very handy when my puppy or my drinking buddies have an accident on the rug. ...more info
  • Great suction power for size.
    I've had mine for about 4 years now and it has performed great for my family. I'm not sure why it received so many negative reviews. It has great suction power for such a small machine and is not too heavy to prevent you from wanting to bring it out as needed. I have 2 children and a dog and it has held up well with light to moderate use over 4 years. I keep only water in the dispenser tank as a rinse as I use a spray bottle to apply cleanser to the spot. This sucks up most of the water/spill which is important to me. Please keep in mind, this is only a spot cleaner and if you use it as intended, I think you will be very happy with it. I only gave it 4 stars as I do agree, it does tend to retain some dirty water in the lower chamber under the extraction tank. But, as with any cleaning appliance, regular "maintenance" is needed to keep it clean; keep in mind, it is sucking up nasty, dirty spills/liquids. I swish out the collection tank and then suck through the hose some warm, soapy, bleach-water to disenfect after every use. It's also a bit on the loud side but, because, it's used for such a short time for spot cleaning, it is acceptable. And it's great for spot-shampooing out the car floor, too! ...more info
  • It's Grrrrrrrrrreat
    Yes, I stole the line from Tony the Tiger, but that's how I feel about the machine. I don't understand reviewers who claim it's hard to clean the tanks. Here's a thought...Read The Directions!!! They are so easy to clean a 3 year old can do it. As far as leaking water, is it possible your unit is defective, or you did not seat the tanks in properly? Again, a quick fix for that is to Read The Directions!!! It does take a lot of elbow grease though. At stair 9 of 13 I was getting tired of cleaning, but as I looked at the stairs I had done, I got a renewed burst of energy. The machine does not do a professional job. It was designed more for spot cleaning. If you want a professional job, call a cleaning company, or rent a carpet cleaner. All in all, for the price of The Little Green Machine it does a great job, is easy to clean, assemble, and use. ...more info
  • Dangerous junk and a waste of your money (and mine, of course)
    Although I truly like the idea of owning a small, portable unit to aid me in keeping my furniture and rugs spotless, this little green machine falls flat on its face because material defects render it virtually useless. The design and layout of the unit are straight-forward and logical and, in theory, should work effortlessly.

    However, the design requires water to be drawn through a hose into a receptable and in doing so, dirty water passes by a seal separating air-intake and water exhaust. Unfortunately, this seal quickly turned from impenetrable to quite the opposite. True, on the surface, this is not a major flaw and it is seemingly easily fixed - if you are a little handy and inventive. Unfortunately, the break-down of the seal allows water to flow into the motor of the unit where it can either cause severe damage by shorting out the motor, or (and worse), it can cause an electric shock.

    My hope is that subsequent models no longer suffer from this flaw and hence, I advice you to look into newer models or models from competitors and stay away from this one despite of its appealing price.

    Shame on Bissell for releasing this crap. I, for one, will stay away from Bissell in the future and will look towards competitors for alternative products. Once bitten, twice shy....more info
  • Perfect little spot and vehicle
    This little guy is just perfect to spot clean or clean out your car. The turbo brush was too big to use on the interior but worked well on the trunk area, even the small attachment did great. I thought my car was pretty clean, but this cleaner sure proved that wrong.
    Bissell supports their products with accessories that can be ordered through them and the cleaning solutions are easy to find in stores and are easy to add to the tank, just follow the directions or the "fill to here" lines on the tank, simple.
    Clean up was easy and rinsing out the containers was simple. The hose is permanently attached and the cleaner tube is inside the hose, so you're not going to snag it while working....more info
  • I wish I had gotten this sooner!
    I can't say enough good things about this Bissell product. As the "parent" of two dogs, this machine is indispensable! I highly recommend it....more info
  • Good for the price
    I bought the little green before I read any of the reviews and planned to give it to my boyfriend for Christmas. After reading, I was almost convinced to take it back and get another model. However, I just decided to give the gift early and try it out first.
    This machine cleans very well...mud, pet stains, and unknown dark areas on carpet. It is true that sometimes it leaks water, so I just put a towel underneath the machine to prevent this. This machine also requires you to clean it after each use, and if you don't it will be clogged and smell horrible. I find that if I soak the dirty water tank in hot water for a half hour that it does the job.
    I have never had this machine clog on me, and I've used it a dozen times, so it doesn't occur with every model. The hot water heater doesn't really work unless you start with semi-hot water. But, overall this machine does the job for the price. If you're expecting the perfect machine, it doesn't cost $80....more info
  • Easy, effective, could use some fine-tuning.
    We have 2 kids, a dog, a cat, and a lot of neighbors. We also have white carpet (it's a local thing - can't explain it.)

    What I like:
    1. Size - this is small and portable. Easy to store, easy to use.
    2. Convenience. It's pretty easy to add fluid to the cleaner basin.
    3. Convenience. It's really easy to empty the dirty water.
    4. Suction power - it does get the dirt out.

    What I would modify:
    1. I would put castors on this so it follows me as I chase down spots on the rug. Example - 1yo walks across a room with a grape popsicle (unbeknownst to Mom or Dad.) That's a 15-foot trail of purple dots.
    2. Put the fill-lid on TOP of the cleaner basin so I don't have to juggle the pointed-top container as I open the cleaning fluid and turn on the faucet.
    3. Allow the dirty-water basic to be opened and cleaned completely. We get debris up in there that can't be removed and it STINKS. ...more info
  • Awesome product
    I think this was the best $70 I have ever spent! It is small, easy to use, and great for stains, stairs and the cars!...more info
  • Works, sort of, but design flaws are frustrating.
    I owned an original Green Machine (all green) when they were first introduced. It worked well (but didn't have enough suction power) until it refused to squirt solution. I needed a small nylon internal piece to fix it. Bissell wouldn't sell it to me. I ended up dumping the unit, and bought the next model (with two side-by side tanks) as a replacement. The tanks leaked, and Bissell (to their credit) sent a replacement. It still had problems, so they sent one of their "newest design" units, which is the current model advertised here for sale with tanks on each end.

    I've used it for about four years to clean up after an incontinent dog. The unit still doesn't have enough suction (in my opinion), but has done the job. After about two years of use I replaced the collection tank in an attempt to get rid of the smell. As others have pointed out here, the design of the tank is flawed. It's sealed so you cannot easily clean all the nooks and crannies on the inside, and several areas like to collect material that will eventually turn to mold and stink. The tank can only hold a limited amount of dirty water due to its design. Also, the unit will occasionally refuse to squirt solution, although it's fixable (see hints below).

    The collection tank has begun to leak into the main unit when cleaning, which puts some of the dirty water/solution back onto the floor or carpet you're cleaning. The cause: a black gasket that attaches to the main unit and separates the air return from the collection hose. The collection tank sits on top of this gasket when it's inserted into the unit. The gasket has come loose and no longer makes a good seal. Once again Bissell refuses to sell the part, although anyone with moderate skill can replace it without disassembling the unit. I intend to get some rubber gasket material and make my own.

    Here are several tips for using the product:

    1) When using the unit, flush the collection hose with hot water immediately after you're through. I run hot tap water in my sink, then turn the unit on and suck up water from the stream. This will help keep the collection path/tank clean and avoid a quicker buildup of smelly residue.

    2) If you've been lazy (like me) and didn't rinse the unit every time, fill a bucket with hot water and Pine Sol cleaner (see label for mixing instructions). Suck up water from the bucket until the collection tank is almost full (won't take long!), then turn the unit off, dump the tank, and repeat until the bucket's empty. You can also refill the bucket and submerge the solution tank, then let it sit and soak a while. Pull the tank out of the bucket, cover each end with your hands to seal the entrance and exit holes, and vigorously shake it. This will distribute the solution around and may dislodge some of the smelly residue. Rinse the tank with clean water until you no longer get foamy water out of it. This will help disinfect the tank, and as a benefit will put out a clean odor when you're using the unit, at least for a while.

    3) When you're finished using the unit, turn it off and hold the spray head straight up so the hose goes toward the floor. Press the spray trigger. If you look at the bottom of the spray head, you'll see the cleaning solution drain out of the head and go back into the hose. If you don't do this and start waving the head around, it will dribble cleaning solution over your floor. This is another design flaw.

    4) When the unit refuses to squirt solution, don't bang the spray head on the floor in frustration (like I did). You'll break the spray head and the brush will refuse to stay in the head. Instead, follow the instructions in (3) above to drain the spray head then remove it from the unit. Take the spray head off, then run a Q-Tip inside of the spray channel and clean it out. The tiny exit hole gets clogged with foreigh material easily and this cleaning usually removes it. Test it by (carefully!) blowing through the large end of the supply tube. If you can blow easily through the tube your solution will now squirt again.

    THE BOTTOM LINE: When this unit dies I will try to replace it with another company's product; unfortunately Bissell seems to be the only company making something like this.

    ...more info
  • Incredible!
    I have had my Little Green Machine for about three years. It's helped me successfully keep my carpet from being ruined many times from stains such as red wine, blood, coffee, and normal foot traffic. I often use Spray and Wash as an added cleaner on tough stains. I also use the Little Green Machine to keep the car carpets and mats clean. It's incredible!...more info
  • BUY IT IF you have messes, kids, pets, REALLY!
    I bought a bissell spot remover thingy at Sam's Club once, I tried it and immediately returned it. It was about the size of a breadbox. Well, this is just SLIGHTLY bigger, and WAY better. Let me put it this way, my kids spilled 1/2 gallon (yes, half a gallon) of Sherwin Williams Cashmere flat enamel on my new carpet. (latex paint) I was MORTIFIED! My neighbor, who, blessedly, happened to be there at the time, said, "Do you have a steam cleaner?" I replied, "No, just a foam shampooer, not an extractor." He ran next door, and handed me his "Little Green". I was so freaked about the stain, I just dug in and started sucking with this little thing, with no regard to what paint would do to it. (Nice neighbor I AM??!) Anyway, it got out EVERY BIT. I had to empty the tank a few times, but come on! It was HALF A GALLON OF PAINT~! Anyway, the paint DID stain the inside of the brush head and the dirty tank, but it didn't slow it down a bit. As a courtesy, I traded the affected pieces with parts from a new unit, and have already used it 3 times in the last month. Praise God for this little wonder. (And the neighbor!!)BUY IT, QUICK! BET YOU'LL USE IT BEFORE YOU CAN PREDICT NEEDING IT! ...more info
  • Don't buy unless your desperate!
    While this little machine cleans well but it is poorly design from a maintenance and easy of cleaning prospective. The catch tank is feed from the bottom through a 2 inch pipe that is split into two functions, return water and air return. The machine can never get all of the water up the 6 inches of feed pipe so it leaks out the bottom into the area under the catch tank (This area is nearly impossible to clean)! The dirty water feed should have been near the top of the tank and the air return should not be in the tank at all.

    The tank does not lend itself to cleaning either. The return pipe has so many nooks and crannies that dirt builds up quickly, even with immediate rinsing and only after a half a dozen quick uses, and there is only a 1 inch hole in the top available to clean it. Another fault the catch tank is actually about 12 inches high but you can only use the bottom 6 due to the placement of return water outlet. All in all, the designers never used or had to clean this little green monster, neither should you! Don't buy this....more info
  • Do Not Buy This Product !!
    In theory, this is a good machine. It did, in fact, work as advertised for a brief time - then it started to smell. All of the urine, drinks, vomit, whatever nasty stuff you just vaccumed up from your carpet, starts to pool under the holding tank. As it festers there, the exhaust fan takes that wonderful aroma and blows it all over your house. This, to an extent, is simply a nuisance - bad smell and extra clean-up of the machine itself - until it starts leaking all of that crap back into your carpet, making more mess than you started with. The first time this happened, Bissell customer service sent a replacement unit. We started having the same problems with it shortly after we received it. Bissell only wants to send us another (no doubt defective) unit - so unless you want to be stuck with a stinky, urine-leaking, mess-maker, don't buy this product !!...more info
  • Unmitigated Disaster
    I bought this unit after a friend recommended it to clean pet stains, despite reading all the negative reviews. The first time out I used it on a stain about 6 x 8", and I used Bissell's Pet Stain shampoo. Long story short: the stain got darker, and covered the entire area that got wet, about 10 x 12". After thoroughly cleaning the entire unit, I refilled it with clean water, and tried spraying and vacuuming just that. After three passes, the stain had grown to 14 x 18", PLUS there was a new, large stain adjacent to it where the fill tank from the machine had leaked copiously on the carpet while I was working. Couldn't get that stain out either. Now I have to have a professional come out and at least try to clean up both messes, and if that doesn't work, figure out what to do about a trashed new, very large area rug.
    Many folks gave a very low, negative rating to this product. Wish I'd listened to them instead of my friend!...more info
  • These break in less than one year!
    I actually was stupid enough to buy this machine TWICE. After the first one stopped sucking (only one year old) I wandered into Sears, looked at all the models, and concluded this one was the easiest to use again. Then, THAT one broke after being used about six times. Now, I am going to try the Hoover after reading the Amazon reviews. Wish me luck :)...more info
  • Negatives outweigh the positives
    I bought the Little Green the day after we adopted a puppy. Although it does a sufficient job suctioning accidents out of carpeting, I would not recommend it.

    --Good at absorbing spills or other liquids from carpeting
    --Compact and easy to store

    --Dirty water pools in the bottom of the unit under the tank that collects the dirty water.
    --The unit then leaks the dirty water out the bottom while using it.
    --It is extremely difficult to clean.
    --The dirty water never seems to be fully emptied even after taking the entire unit and dumping it upside down.
    --It smells horrible! Even emptying it immediately after every use has not prevented it from smelling awful while using the machine. I think this is because the dirty water is never fully emptied. Hot, soapy water suctioned up after a clean up has not helped to remove the lingering smell....more info
  • Won't spray after one use
    Used it one day for about 15 minutes, worked fine. It sat for a few weeks and it no longer sprays the cleaning solution. Tried to troubleshoot the problem per manual. No luck. Losing patience with this machine. Probably make a good boat anchor....more info
  • Indispensable
    I have an earlier version of this product. (It is, in fact, all green) Since I have numerous pets, it is a life-saver for cleaning up the inevitable little carpet messes. However, mine leaks also and I must take care to leave it on linoleum after using - until it has finished making its puddle on the floor and dries up. I have no experience with similar products on the market, but think that when this one finally breaks, I will buy some sort of replacement from another manufacturer. ...more info
  • Works great - but design flaw DOES exist...
    I bought this machine shortly after shelling out some $$'s to have the ENTIRE house recarpeted. I have a large dog and a large cat = occasional large messes. This machine has SAVED the investment I have made in 2,000 sq. feet of new carpet. Yes, the cleaning solution tank DOES leak. However, when I use the machine, I prop it up on an old towel and clean away. Of course, I wish it did not leak (have even ordered replacement parts through Bissell to no avail) - but more importantly, my carpet is not ruined due to unavoidable pet accidents. If you have pets or children, this unit is a must have. Keep in mind that this unit is best for spot cleaning, not for large surface areas. Love the compact size - fits easily in a closet....more info
  • My Little green broke in the first week
    I tried to clean my brush attatchment and used the proper relaease button carefully, but it broke off! It is very hard to clean this machine fully....although it does a pretty good job, I wouldn't reccommend it....more info
  • Great for small jobs
    Very good suction, have had NO problems with leaking or spray not working, although I'm good at emptying out unit after use and cleaning it out a little (as instructions recommend)! Ready to use in minutes and works well with all carpet cleaning solutions. I happen to like the Woollite for carpets the best and it is great on stains too.

    If you're just getting a few stains here and there, this machine will do the job and quickly too. I've used this unit several times and really like it. We have a dirty dog and a toddler and white carpets -- but I've managed well with this cleaner. Great for stairs and sofas too (even red wine stains). I would not recommend it for doing larger areas (am looking at the bigger units now). ...more info
  • Wish that here was something better.
    This product appeared to be the best for my needs BUT the solution tank leaks and so does the replacement that Bissel sent me. It's a poorly made plastic tank design. Be prepared to empty it each time you use it or it will puddle on the floor. ...more info
  • Complete junk
    I used this a few times for our sofa and to spot clean carpets. The spray nozzle has always been a bit leaky but it did spray and if you didn't mind solution/water all over your hand, the spray was decent. Less than a year and less than 15 uses later it doesn't work. The nozzle doesn't work and the machine leaks so bad (even without water in the tanks) we have to keep it stored in a sink in our laundry room and it smells really bad the first time you use it if you haven't used it for a month or so. Save your money and buy something else. What a waste of money....more info
  • No spray
    I used this machine once successfully. The second time I tried to use it, the spray simply wouldn't work. I cleaned everything over and over again just as they suggest in the troubleshooting guide, but to no avail. One use for $70? I could've had all the carpet in my house professionally cleaned for that... Very disappointing....more info
  • Quiet and strong
    I had an older version of this about 5 years ago that I literally wore out using all the time, so I knew it was a good product. However, it eventually leaked and was really really loud. This one is soooo quiet and very strong! Much easier to carry around, cleaner looking, and easier to clean! I was content with the old version, but am thrilled with the updates. ...more info
  • Needs Improvement
    I read both positive and negative reviews on the Little Green. I decided to give it a try. The negative reviews proved to be more accurate. The spray nozzle never worked quite right from the start. When it did "spray" it just dribbled out and never hit the spot. I ended up spraying the cleaning solution on my spots with a squirt bottle, scrubbing with the attached brush and then sucked up the extra solution with the vacume....more info
  • It's a MUST if you have small children or pets!
    I've had this item for over a year now and it's been a real life saver. I purchased this particular unit, without the heating element, because from the reviews I've read- the ones that heated the water were the ones that some people had problems with. I just put hot water in the tank and away I go! I've used this item 5 times- 3 times when my daughter threw up and twice when she had an "accident" during potty training. Every single time I've said "What would I have done without this machine!" Very easy to set up, use and clean the unit when you're done. Rug smells great afterwards when you use the bissell cleaner (sample is included). I recently bought a larger steam cleaner (Hoover agility- also great) to do entire room cleaning. The little green machine is not meant for entire rooms- just spot cleaning. Also, if you already have a larger machine, this is so much easier to take out and use if you have a small mess to take care of! Well worth the money. Enjoy!...more info
  • A life saver!
    I spilled blue oil-based paint on my white carpeting. I thought I would have to replace it. I used goof-off paint remover along with my little green and the paint came right off! It also cleaned up the messes my puppy is leaving around the house. ...more info
  • Better than sliced bread.
    If you have kids or pets this device is a must. It is simple to use, convenient, and gets out stains amazingly well.

    This would make a great gift for any occasion....more info
  • One dirty little sucker
    We had a new puppy and needed some serious spot cleaning back up. I had used other Bissell machines in the past (you know, other puppies). This little machine does a great job of getting spots up and out. I sometimes use it in conjunction with spray on cleaners. However, this machine is difficult to keep clean. It has two chambers - one for fresh soapy water and one for dirty water. The dirty water chamber has a complicated flow system (it's the one on the right in the picture shown). Gunk gets trapped on the edges and tops of the dirty chamber and it doesn't rinse out easily. There's no way to take the bottom off and clean the inside of the machine. This means that you always have gunk in your machine - sometimes smelly gunk. My other complaint is that the nozzle for the spray wand is miniscule and when it clogs water isn't directed in a spray, it pools in a puddle. This model is the best I have found, but I think Bissell should make some improvements to the design. Oh yes, one more thing... I find that I can't unwind the hose without unplugging and winding the power cord. This means you're stuck juggling a dirty hose while winding the power cord....more info
  • I love my little green!
    This cleaner is wonderful for spot cleaning. I used to have one of the "original" models, and I am so happy with the improvements they've made over the years. This machine is so easy to fill/clean/etc. And..I've yet to have any trouble with leaks. Thanks Bissell!...more info
  • The Bissell 1400A was a disappointment !
    I have wanted this little Green Machine for sometime now. But I failed to do my homework before I bought it. I really should have bought the Green Machine with the rotating turbobrush. I think it probably would do a better job for my needs. I have a problem with weak wrists so its hard to clean with it. I have cats and the hair on upholstery quickly plugs the suction cleaning tool. It also seemed to leave lots of water behind requiring longer drying time. The good points are this machine is light weight and good for little easy clean up jobs....more info
  • the helper you've been looking for
    We have mostly hardwood floors and ceramic tile with only a few rooms of carpet and area rugs. So the compact design was a great draw for me. The size is perfect! It is easy to carry around even when full with water. I purchased this based on reading the reviews and seeing it in action. Our cousin had new white carpet that their very large dog had an extremely loose stool on. I watched as The Little Green was loaded up with solution and water. I was thinking they had better get a professional over ASAP. It did take a little time as it was a large area and again white (not off white) carpet. Unbelievably, within minutes all appearance of the accident was gone along with the odor as the solution has a clean scent to it. We have an ill cat and I thought if it worked on that mess it should clean up anything our cat does. The day we brought it home, there was approximately a 3 x 3 area of a reddish (cat food coloring) stain on our light colored carpet. I set off to start the green machine and remembered that we didn't purchase solution. Surprise, nice of Bissell, they included a sample with the machine. :-) The mess cleaned up within minutes just as I had seen a few months earlier. Later that day, a friend stopped by and could not believe that the stain was gone. I am grateful to have it readily at hand!...more info
  • Works good, easy to use, easy cleanup
    I had two reasons for buying this, we have two small children and a new puppy. I needed something for spot cleaning. I read lots of reviews for different machines and looked in the stores, this one seemed best for us.
    It is easy to fill and easy to cleanup. Just suck up some clean water when you done, it cleans out the hose and dirty water chamber. It also says you can leave cleaning solution in the machine while storing, which is nice for quick cleanup of spills. I liked the small cleaning head with the brush for small spaces and the car.
    I have used mine quite a few times and have no complaints. It is much easier to use and doesn't make a mess like the professional cleaner we rented. Also, the chambers are clear, which makes it easy to see the amount of cleaning solution and dirty water....more info
  • It works like nothing else!
    I bought the Little Green because I have three cats, a husband, and a first home with off-white carpet. So far, this machine has cleaned up several wet messes -- soda, hairball incidents, mud, and grease -- and one incredibly dried on mess. A cat was ill while we were away, and she had hidden the mess by moving some clothes over it. When I found it, the carpet was caked with gook. I let the solution in the cleaner soak and then just used the brush over and over in the same direction. The machine lifted the mess off of ther carpet and cleaned deep into the fibers -- you would never know anything happened by looking at it!

    This version does not stay hot, but in my experience, that doesn't affect it's performance. I found it at a brick-and-mortar store for a fraction of the cost listed here, and much cheaper than the pro-heat model....more info