Hamilton Beach 04152 HEPA Air Purifier for 300 Square Foot Room

List Price: $129.99

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  • Removes particulates from the air in a 300-square-foot room
  • Hassle-Free HEPA air filter filters dust as small as 0.3-microns
  • 3 power settings for a variety of control
  • Filter replacement gauge eliminates guesswork
  • Easy-to-change flat filters
Customer Reviews:
  • Louder than I would've thought..
    I recently purchased the Hamilton Beach 04161 purifier and was very happy with my deal. When this purifier came on sale I bought one for my brother's room and it was way larger and way louder than mine. Space is limited in his room so I was a bit disappointed. The purifier does it job okay though....more info
  • Hamilton Beach 04152 - very very good
    Bought this for my daughter who recently married and moved to a flat where she was having allergy problems. From the first night she used it she slept well and woke the next day with little or no complaints. She has no ac and says this unit keeps her small bedroom quite cool, much better than before (we are in the tropics and she says this works as well as an ac unit). The lowest setting makes a noise that is not overly obtrusive - does not keep you awake.

    She has had it for two months now and nothing bad to report. She speaks so highly of the unit that almost all her relatives want one. One aunt said she was ordering three. I was initially considering getting one with an ionizer but it seems that the ionizers do not work for very long on many models. At 49.99 with free shipping from Amazon it was a bargain. I notice that it is more than twice that from another vendor now. Darn! Procrastination has cost me again. I had intended ordering a second unit....more info
  • Hamilton Beach
    This product works great...especially for the price!! I suffer from allergies and using this at night has made life much easier on me in the morning. It is abit loud on the whisper mode, but the white noise is not too hard to adjust too. ...more info
  • Good and inexpensive air filter
    It is a very simple and easy to use air filter. It does not have many features, but it does the main job well. It is a little louder than I expected but good price and I am happy with it....more info
  • Noisy
    Although this air cleaner is filtering the air in our family room, it is noisy (even on the lowest speed) and it throws out air (through the top vent) that "hits you" as you walk by. I don't think I would purchase this unit again - at least, not for a room where hearing conversation, music, or the tv is important....more info
  • Good night's sleep.
    I bought this when it was on sale. It had good review so I said " what the hay". It replaced a Sears air cleaner I bought some 20 years ago. I missed the white noise that the Sears air cleaner provided me for so many years and relied on it to fall asleep. Well....I was hoping that the Hamilton Beach would fit the bill. It did. It has a slightly higher pitch white noise than I was hoping for, none the less, it blocks out all the noise and puts this guy to sleep. So for the money I'd buy it again. The only down fall, as with most any HEPA filter, is the replacement cost for the filter replacement. Almost as much as I paid for the machine. Ouch....
    Oh, although not related to this review, I like chicken!...more info
  • Wonderful Product
    No more itchy eyes from my cat. This thing works like a dream for my little house...more info
  • Good filter, not very quiet
    For the price, I think this unit delivers as much as can be expected. The high setting pushes through a lot of air, but generates a lot of noise. The whisper setting is much quieter, but much less airflow. It comes w/ a little tube that you can use as an indicator for when the filter cartridge needs replacing....more info
  • Great Air purifier
    I purchased this purifier on 3/31/2007.. Great product and great air purifier
    ...more info
  • The Filters are too expensive - but it works.
    I started to order replacement filters at $47.99 (too expensive) - but found the whole machine was on sale for only $49.99 - so I got 3 spare machines. I'll be looking for one with a washable filter before those need replacement.
    By the way - they do remove dust and pollen and the like - and I'm happy with their performance. ...more info
  • Great Buy
    I have an air filter in almost every room in our house. This air purifier works as well (if not better) than a $250 filter that I bought from another company. Keep in mind, it does not have any "frills" and is very basic. That doesn't matter, it just lowers the price.

    Hamilton Beach air filters last forever....even after running our units 24/7. Our oldest unit is four years old and is still working fine! ...more info
  • Buy it!
    I've had two of these for about a month and love them. I've gone from weekly athsma attacks to none. As for the noise, it is noticeable but not overwhealming. I also enjoy the white noise while sleeping....more info
  • Better Air
    I have been extremely pleased with the Hamilton Beach Air Purifiers. This model is working very well, although I prefer the model with UV light option. Noticeable difference in air quality and ability to breathe (big reduction of allergies). Side benefit is less need to dust furniture....more info