Hamilton Beach 05510 1.5 Gallon Cool Mist Humidifier

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Product Description

Dishwasher Safe: Water tank and tray are designed to be washed in the dishwasher, leaving them thoroughly clean and sanitary. EasyFill Tank: Large opening offers fast, easy filling with less mess; handle makes carrying easy. QuietMist Setting: Perfect for living areas, bedrooms, nurseries, or anywhere extra quiet is desired. Humidifiers at Home: Many health care professionals support the use of humidifiers in the home + ask your physician. Drop-In Water Filter: Changing filters is easy + just pull the old filter out and drop the new one in. 2 Power Settings: Set on high for quick humidifying or QuietMist at night; power light indicates when humidifier is on.

  • Hamilton Beach 05510 1.5 Gallon Cool Mist Humidifier
Customer Reviews:
  • It's okay
    Very easy to clean filters are easy enough to replace..However it is very loud..It could be quieter I have an infant and it wakes him when he sleeps...more info
  • Great Little Humidifier
    This humidifier has everything I was looking for - it's compact enough to sit on a nightstand, it's easy to clean, it humidifies a mid-size room adequately, it's easy to fill and not too heavy when full. I have had no problem with spills. While many have complained about the noise it makes, I even like that feature! I require "white noise" to sleep, so if you are among those of us who sleep with a fan running, you'll love the sound of this humidifier. Another plus is that the price is reasonable and the filters are readily available through Amazon, with free shipping if you buy several at a time....more info
  • Perfect for me
    I went through about 6 different filters in my two year olds life and this one has been the best. It is easy to keep sanatized since you can throw the dome and tray in the dishwasher and the humming noise helps my son sleep through the night. He even turns it on and off himself. It is easy to refill and replace the filter and the filters are inexpensive (about $6). It will leak if you move it with the dome on, quite a bit, but if you take the dome off it will be ok. I have put a towel under it on occasion from transfering it. And it won't turn off if the water is empty but I don't want it too and run this emtpy in the summer just for the noise....more info
  • This is an okay humidifier
    This humidifier is okay. It does the job for small rooms. It only has two settings. It's also a little louder than I would like. The tank is cumbersome and kind of difficult to fill. But it does work well and a full tank can last more than 24 hours. It's a decent buy for the money....more info
  • Great white noise...
    Great in a small child's room as white noise- I can vaccuum the hall outside my 7 month old son's room while he naps and he doesn't move. I have problems with leaking only when the filter needs to be changed, and the better care you take of it, the less often that is. Just clean it regularly, as you should anyway if you want to keep the air clean, and the filters last and it wont leak.
    I wouldn't reccomend it if you're looking for a quiet humidifier you don't want to spend much time on, but for the money it's pretty convenient for my son's room....more info
  • Terrible!!
    This humidifier is horrible. The thing is loud!! Yeah right it has a quiet mode. Also, the water container does get everywhere. The water leaks out and makes a mess. Also, the filter has to constantly be changed. If you use the filter while your child is sick put the humidifier away for a month you have to get another filter. You cna't really feel any mist coming out and it doesn't shut off automatically. I returned this humidifier and got a comparbly priced one from Vicks. It is not that loud, granted none of them are quiet and the water container is big and the filter is reusable for more than one use. ...more info
  • great for the money
    This is my first review but I had to respond to all the other negative things about this humidfier. I think for the size and price it's great. The sound is a consistent low roar which I have to say I don't mind because my 13 month old has slept through the night since we bought it! Yes, if you don't get the top in right it spills but I think any brand would. I can even turn it on with my foot, in the dark, while holding my 25 lb baby and heading toward the rocking chair for naptime/bedtime. I even bought one to have at my mother's house for the same low roar for the baby. It worked, and once I had it he slept thru again....more info
  • Compact and efficient
    This little unit is both compact and efficient, but is noisier than I would have expected or wanted. I purchased it for my office and it has helped tremendously. I was concerned when I received it- although packaged securely, there was a small crack in the motor housing- it doesn't seem to affect it's operation however....more info
  • not recommended- ruined our hardwoods
    This humidifier leaks every time we use it. It has warped our hardwood floors. We currently have it sitting in a tray until we purchase a new one. It does not automatically turn of when the water runs out. I do not recommend this product....more info
    Thought this would be great to use since the water tub goes into the dishwasher. I never liked getting out the bleach and vinegar to clean my other one. But this one is SOOOO LOUD!!! I don't mind it too much since it will put me to sleep but I can not hear my children over the loud hum of the machine! I like to hear them when using this so I know they are comfortable and not getting to the croupy stage.

    ...more info
  • Horrible-Leaked twice on my hardwood floors!
    I bought this humidifier for the dishwasher safe feature, however was unable to put it in my dishwasher because I use "jet dry." It leaked on the hardwood floors (twice). In addition, the filter only lasted about 2 weeks. ...more info
  • Excellent for the price
    I purchased this humidifier off of my own registry. The winter air was drying me out giving me pregnancy nose bleeds. With a coupon it came out to $26. The whole unit can come apart and be bleached which is great. The filters are readily available in BRU for $5.99. The only place where I took a star off was sound. On the quiet setting it still is pretty loud. For me it's not a problem but for others it might be. For the price it works as promised :) ...more info
  • Love It!!
    I am so happy with this humidifier! My son got a cold and immediately after we started using the humidifier his symptoms cleared up. And if you are only using it in a nursery or small bedroom, get this one instead of the 4 gallon tank. The tank only has to be re-filled every 24 hours, and the filter has lasted us 3 weeks so far. Replacement filters are not too expensive($5.99) and can be found at BabiesRUs **Be sure to rotate the filter...you'll get more use out of it. As far as sound goes...I don't know about other babies but my son has to have some kind of white noise or else he's waking up to just about anything, we keep it on the low setting and it works great. It's a little noisy on the high setting, but nothing you can't sleep through. Overall I would highly recommend this product to any parent or expecting parent....more info
  • Not Quiet - Beware Light Sleepers!
    I am returning this humidifer after using it 3 nights in a row. It is very loud, even on the quietest setting. It also leaked water all over the floor twice when I went to re-fill it. It did help with my son's congestion and the white noise helped him sleep through the whole night, but he was in our room and the noise kept me up the whole night. ...more info
  • Not bad
    Overall I like this humidifier. I find it easy to put water in because you are able to take the tank to the sink and you don't have to unplug the unit everytime you add water. I love the fact that I can put it in the dishwasher to keep down on bacteria in the unit. My only complaint is that it could be a little quieter. Mine has never run out of water, so I haven't had a problem with it not shutting off when the water runs out. I fill it with water every night. I would buy this unit again if I needed another....more info
  • Automatic shut off doesn't work
    Contrary to the product description, this humidifier does not automatically shut off when the water is empty. Also, unless positioned properly the holding tank will dump all the water (on your floor). Not as loud as other small humidifiers but louder than the larger TrueAir model....more info
  • Not quiet = not cool
    I don't know why they call the low fan setting a quiet/bedroom setting. That thing is loud! My much larger 5 gallon hunter humidifier is much quieter than this thing. It also does not shut off when the water runs out. It happily keeps on blowing. It would be nice to have a smaller humidifier that still has the nice features. I didn't want to buy a huge humnidifier for the small room that I need it for, so I got this one. Aside from the noise and really having to keep an eye on the water, it works fairly well. The pieces are dishwasher safe, which is nice if you use your dishwasher a lot (I don't)....more info