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Breakthrough Technology - More airflow than all leading dryers* for faster drying with less damage. Five Port Ionic System - the ultimate in ionic conditioning for more shine and less frizz. Dries Hair Strands from the Inside Out! SuperSonic generates more airflow than all leading dryers* so it can use less damaging heat to dry hair faster and less heat means less hair damage. Tested against leading dryers. Leading dryers as measured by top 10 dryers. Source: NPD Houseworld, 2002.

Because wet hair holds most of its moisture in its inner layers, too much heat from a hair dryer can seal the wetness in, actually making it harder to dry. This full-size hair dryer with its 1875-watt motor generates high-powered air flow so less heat is needed--meaning less drying damage. In addition, five ionic ports release negative ions into the flow, which help counteract static and frizz. Three heat settings and two speeds give excellent styling control, while a cool shot button helps set the desired style in place. An air concentrator with intake vents snaps on the front for precision drying, and the six-foot cord with hang loop allows good maneuverability. The air intake grills wipe clean to prevent dust from clogging the motor, thereby adding to the life of the dryer. Although the hair dryer is on the heavy side, it is actually quieter than some smaller models. Remington covers the dryer with a two-year warranty against defects.--Ann Bieri

  • 1875 Watt
  • Ionic Conditioning
  • Ceramic Even Heat Protection
  • 3 Heat and 2 Speed Settings
  • Cool Shot
Customer Reviews:
    I am so freaked out by this blow dryer. I have had this I'll say less than 3 years I bought it from a retail store in town. I have had no trouble with the blowdryer and it did a good job of over all drying and spot drying with a brush to give me a flip. Today when I was drying I heard a loud crack and saw a flash and smelled like an electrical burning smell. I immediately dropped the dryer to see that the cord had dislocated from the dryer it's self!!!!!! I am not buying anymore Remington products. You've been warned!!!...more info
  • Up in smoke
    After one year of light use this hairdryer literally went up in smoke today. It started to make more noise than normal and a few seconds later smoke was pouring out of it. Beyond the fireworks, this unit was bigger and noisier than I expected. It was serviceable, but the build quality was suspect. ...more info
  • Best Dryer I've ever had!!!
    This is truly the best dryer I have ever had. I have had several different brands and models over many years, and this one is hands down the best! I've got pretty thick hair, and from start to finish it takes about 6-7 minutes to dry my shoulder length hair. I would recommend it to anyone. It's a great buy! Oh, and I almost forgot, it truly leaves your hair shiny and not staticky!...more info
  • This is the best hair dryer EVER!
    I think this is hands down the best hair dryer EVER! I have told everyone I know to get one (and they all agree). As far as it being heavy, I would agree it weighs more than most but my 57 year old mother uses it with no problem. I am on my second one but I dry my hair every day. Mom still has hers after a few years with less use. Worth EVERY penny. ...more info
  • Fan Has Bearing Design or Spec Problems
    I've had this hair dryer for 2 years and for the past year it squeals with a loud high pitch unexpectedly (really wakes a person up) and you have to immediately turn it off. Then it's ok for awhile, then it squeals *loudly* again. It's related somewhat to the position or orientation of the hair dryer and cold start temperature. After a year I've noticed that it squeals whenever the room temperature is below about 71 deg. F, say, in the wintertime. But now it basically squeals all the time until the unit is warmed up. Other people have stated this problem, you can search this online using this product name, model. It should have been a factory recall. It's most likely due to poor motor bearing specifications. I recently bought a new hair dryer, a different brand, to replace this Remington SuperSonic dryer. I am a engineering professional degreed in several areas.
    ...more info
  • Best Hair Dryer
    I tried this hair dryer at a resort and thought it was wonderful so I bought one when I came home. I have naturally curly wavy frizzy hair and while it does not totally eliminate these problems it makes them much more manageable. Just be aware it weighs more than the usual hair dryer so it is a little on the heavy side. I think it's worth it! ...more info
  • powerful and quick
    This dries even thick hair quickly. I'm not as fond of the ion method as I thought I'd be. It seems to change the texture of my hair....more info
  • Not safe!!!
    I have used this dryer for about 1.5 yrs now. After purchasing it new at Sears...I noticed it was the heaviest dryer I've ever used! I figured I could use the upper arm workout though, and continued to use it. It has a fairly good flow of air which my hair needs to dry.
    TODAY...I used it as normal-and then suddenly: POW BANG BOOM! It exploded at the top of the cord where it meets the dryer. It sparked really big, burned my shirt, and smelled really bad. It burned right through the wires in the cord. I will be calling their customer service dept. to let them know what happened. I just wanted to warn anyone not to buy this dryer. If it was my younger daughter using this when this happened-she could have gotten burned or electrocuted!
    I will NEVER buy a Remington again!!!...more info
  • A little heavy but...
    This dryer is a tad bit heavier than the one I was previously using, but since the Remington SSD-500 drys my hair in half as much time as my old one, I consider this issue a draw. I am very impressed with how quiet this dryer is, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone....more info
  • quick dried hair
    Not loud at all and my hair dried in record time. Very nice!...more info
  • Awesome
    I have fine hair and have problems getting fluff without frizz with any other hair dryer I have used. This hair dryer gives me both. I also notice that my hair is not as dry. Nothing beats ceramic heat and they have done it right with this dryer. It's also got the variable heat settings and numerous speed settings as well, not always easy to find both on one dryer....more info
  • Great high-powered hair dryer for the price
    Worth every penny. Easy to use and dries my hair very quickly. Very good product!...more info
  • A good buy
    This hairdryer is by far the best I have yet purchased. I always like to try new things, so I bought a Revlon and a Conair because I wanted to see if maybe I would be just as pleased. No way. The Conair Ionic hairdryer did not have the same power (even though it was 1875), and the Revlon Tourmaline was just too loud. My Remington Supersonic lasted four years of heavy use. I am buying another one! ...more info
  • Poor quality
    I purchased this hair dryer over numerous other models since it appeared to be better quality than several other brands. Unfortunately, after 2 months of light use (every other day for a few minutes), the hair dryer began to fail. It certainly does boast a nice feature list, is fairly quiet compared to other full-size models, and the design is nice in your hand. But, I cannot recommend the dryer based on it's poor quality. ...more info
  • Remington SuperSonic has quality fan design
    I recently purchased the Remington SuperSonic hairdryer after comparing it to other hairdryers available at our local discount store.

    I have thick, straight hair. It tends to be on the wavy side when humidity is high as is common where we live. The SuperSonic works perfectly on my Bob hairstyle where I want to achieve a polished look. I especially like the "cool" button to set my hairstyle, since I do not use hairspray, gel, mousse, etc. Our old hairdryer's temperature settings were much hotter than the temperature settings on the Remington SuperSonic, so I was concerned that it would take a long time for my hair to dry. I was suprised when it actually took less time to dry my hair. I would think that this is because of the ionic ports and/or ceramic radiant heat features of this hairdryer.

    My engineer husband agreed that the fan design is quality made. I especially like the low noise level.

    The Remington SuperSonic is on the heavy side, but I will get used to it the more I use it. I haven't experienced any arm fatigue using it, especially since it takes less time to dry my hair.

    I'll give the SuperSonic a 5 star rating when it outlasts our previous hairdryer (Clairol Salon Super 1500-sliding switch no longer works at high speed). ...more info
  • It's Fast!
    My 4 year old daughter hated to dry her hair because it took too long. She has below the shoulder length hair and I can dry it completely in about 7 minutes. Also, it is so shiny and soft; no frizzies!! This hair dryer is heavy but worth it....more info
  • Wow! This is an incredible dryer!
    This hairdryer is truly a pleasure to use! I have longish (mid-shoulderblades) curly hair. I rarely dried my hair - other than my bangs. I did not have the patience to. Then I bought this dryer...WOW! I highly recommend it to everyone! It dries my hair in under half the time and my hair has never been shinier, softer, or more manageable - even 12 hours later! And I'm not burning my hair or my head to dry it! I dry my hair using medium heat and power...

    If you're fed up with hair dryers, try this one. I'd be surprised if you didn't love it!...more info

  • best so far
    This dryer worked faster than any dryer that I have bought. My hair was so much softer. Only thing I didn't like that it is kind of big and heavy. Thats why I gave in a four. But I do recommend it. I think that if it can handle african american hair it will do really well in other types....more info