Sharp FP-N40CX Plasma Cluster Air Purifier/Fan System, White

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Product Description

SHARP FPN40CX Plasma Cluster Air Purifier SPECS: True HEPA filter Ion control Triple filtration Auto operation Special Pollen Program Mode 4 speeds High mode: 141 cubic ft per minute Silent mode: 18 cubic ft per minute Effective area 253 square feet (15 ft x 17 ft) Includes remote Off timer.

  • Quietly removes airborne impurities from a 253-square-foot room
  • Uses triple filtration and patented Plasma Cluster technology
  • Triple filtration: pre-filter, active carbon filter, and true HEPA filter
  • Includes odor sensor that detects and reacts to impurities immediately
  • Measures 16-3/8 by 22-1/2 by 7-15/16; 1-year parts and labor warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Great product
    Except for the missing feature - odor sensor, everything is perfect.

    Elegant looks, extremely quiet (compare with my previous purifier- Honeywell) and most important of all, it does make the air clean and fresh. I won't hesitate buying another one for my parents!...more info
  • Worth it!
    Since my husband and I purchased this purifier, there has been a significant decrease of dust in both the living room and dining room. It's incredibly quiet and with the addition of other improvements in my environment, my asthma is much better. We definitely recommend this product! I'll be getting another for the bedroom....more info
  • Not the Best
    It is a ok unit, just not the best in term of performance per price. It has a CADR of 150 and costs $250, while the Honeywell 50250 has a CADR of 250 and costs only $150. The numbers are reversed. The Honeywell has a lifetime permanent HEPA filter. Consumer reports rank Shapr FP-N40CX's sister model fairly low and rank the Honeywell 50250 very high. Whirlpool AP450 is better as well. Whirlpool AP450 has a CADR of 330 and costs the same. It has more than double the CADR!

    It really depends what you want. I value actual purifying power over quietness, thus 50250 is a much better unit for me than FP-N40CX. However, if quietness is very important to you, then this is a ok choice. Even then, a Whirlpool AP450 is better. Beware of the ionization/plasmacluster ability. I have read some people claim how they like the fresh smell this unit produces. That is not fresh smell.... That "fresh" smell is hazard to your health. This unit produces oxidizing agents, such as hydroxyl radical, which is not exactly the kind of thing you want to breath in. Yes, it produces minimal ozone which is a big concern for other ionizer. Instead it produces other oxidizer. Do you drink Clorox blench? Why not? It smells fresh and it is full of oxidant agents too. Also, do you drink hydrogen peroxide? It looks like water and smell like water. In fact, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) only has one more oxygen than normal water (H2O). Well, you cannot drink it because ... Yes, you guess it. It is a strong oxidizer. Even heard of green tea and red wine is good for your health because of the antioxidiants in them, which can slow down oxidization process in your body. Good stuffs. Well, this unit produces the oppose thing. It increases oxidation reactions. I hope now you know why you do not want to breath in oxidizing agents... Still don't believe me? Go read reports from consumer reports, air purifier america or even ask your family doctor about consuming oxidizing agents.

    Look, this unit is not bad if you know how and where to use it. Just like my earlier analogy to Clorox blench and hydrogen peroxide. I have a bottle of each at my home, and as long as I know how and what they do, than I am safe. Same here, if you know exactly what this unit produces and use it safely, then it is a ok unit. However, taking deep breath in front of this plasma cluster is just . ...more info
  • Sharp makes the Very Best
    What a great air cleaner this is. I just got it yesterday and it exceeded my expectations in many ways. I had read about how quiet this unit is so I expected it to be as quiet as it is, yet I didn't realize that the first three speeds are from ultra quiet to plain quiet. In other words it's hardly noticable.

    The airflow on all speeds is more than my two Orecks and this unit just plain looks great in any room. Although a bit larger in size it looks good enough so that's not a problem. I equate the size to more airflow thus that's a good thing.

    I had thought about the larger Sharp 60 model, but for the money this is the one I got. After rebates I just broke a C note for a brand new unit.

    What a deal, what a machine! I'm impressed enough I may order another one before the end of the year to take advantage of their $75 rebate special, which can be found looking around.

    Oh yes, one more thing. Just because the 40 unit does not include a dust sensor, which is why I need a cleaner in the first place, this unit does just as good a job of cleaning dust as the larger unit does, relative to its airflow.

    I'm operating this unit in our living room which is 18 x 20 with excellent results. This is a bigger room (360 sq, vs the 330 sq recommended for this size unit) and I probably could have bought the larger unit, but I'm totally happy with this one. The price/performance is one to be beat.

    From one to five stars I will give this a TEN STAR rating.

    Great Job Sharp!!! ...more info
  • previous review is inaccurate
    There is a dust/pollen FILTER (same one as the -N60CX), but there isn't a dust/pollen "auto-cycle" SENSOR. So, there's a small difference in convenience, but not function or filtration. The only 2 differences between the larger -N60CX and this unit are (a) that sensor and (b) overall airflow/CADR....more info
  • Amazing cleaning power
    Since installing this air filter, I have noticeably less dust in the room. I also find that I suffer fewer asthma attacks.

    I used it at a party, and it sensed the cigarette smoke in the room and operated to purify the air. There were a few noisy, obnoxious guests at this party, and after the fan had operated for about 3 minutes, those guests were gone. We're not sure, but no one has heard from them since, so I think the filter got them....more info
  • Works okay, but why no dust sensor?
    I've had this air purifier for just over two months now. Before my purchase I researched many types of purifiers and this seemed like the best choice due to the price and the fact that it is at the very least a HEPA purifier. Even if the plasmacluster technology doesn't work at least you have a HEPA purifier with a filter that has a 5 year life span.

    My wife has severe allergies, and I was hoping that this purifier would make a difference. It has done that but not to the extent that I had hoped. For the money it was completely worth the little bit of comfort that it provides her.

    My biggest complaint about this purifier though is the lack of a dust/pollen sensor like the FP-N60CX. It seems to me that cleaning dust and pollen from the air is the grunt work of an air purifier, and odor control is more of a premium nicety. Sharp apparently sees things the opposite way as the FP-N40CX includes an odor sensor, but not a dust/pollen sensor. What this means is that the auto mode is fairly useless. I would gladly give up the odor sensor for a dust sensor. Though pricing has changed since my purchase, at the time it would have cost me half again as much to upgrade to the FP-N60CX, it just wasn't worth it. The end result is that I leave the fan in "pollen mode" and the plasmacluster in "clean mode". From my calculations this shouldn't cost me more than $10/year in electricity but I would much rather use the auto mode. If it isn't too much more to go with the FP-N60CX when you purchase I would highly recommend going with that....more info