Sharp FP-N60CX Plasma Cluster Air Purifier, White

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True HEPA filter; Ion control; Triple filtration; Auto operation; Special Pollen Program Mode; 4 speeds; High mode: 212 cubic ;ft per minute; Silent mode: 28 cubic ft ;per minute; Effective area ;330 square ft ;(20 ft x 16 ft); Includes remote; Off timer

  • Combines passive air filtration with active air treatment for cleaner air
  • Helps clear the air of pollen and airborne irritants
  • 4 fan speeds and pollen mode; 1, 4, or 8-hour timer
  • True HEPA filter, washable active carbon filter; odor and dust sensors
  • Measures 16-3/8 by 22-1/2 by 9-7/16 inches; 1 year limited parts and labor warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • One of the best air filters on the market!
    I have owned this Sharp air filter for over a year now, and have nothing but praise for it. Sure it costs more than most filters on the market, but trust me - you get what you pay for. I use mine in the bedroom, where it runs very quietly most of the time, and the automatic sensor system is incredible!

    This may seem trivial, but I noticed something that stands out about this unit over lesser units I have owned. The air outlet, which is adjustable for airflow direction, is always clean! When I remove the filter for cleaning, I can't help but notice that the blower is spotless as new. I've owned other units that just didn't deliver that level of performance. The pre-filter is great, and it's refreshing (in more ways than one) to have a decent carbon filter system. Between the pre-filter and washable carbon filter, the main filter lasts much longer than most.

    Just a tip... I tend to vacuum the unit monthly if the filter light is on or not. Cleaning is easy, and the unit has been trouble-free. Highly recommended!...more info
  • I wanted to be sure
    So i waited 6 months to write the review for this unit. It was costly but I wanted something effective and quiet for my daughter (who has asthma and cant sleep if it's noisy). This unit is so quiet on the low settings that at times you really have to actively try to hear it. I keep it on Medium in her room and she doesnt notice it, on silent you wouldnt think it was even on at all!

    I've found that the filters need to be cleaned every 2 months if you keep the unit on 24/7 like we do...but they are easy to clean. And this is coming from someone who threw out 2 humidifiers just to avoid cleaning or replacing the filters/units. Very low maintence and easy to operate.

    unlike others on here i'm not sure if the air is cleaner, or if my daugher is breathing easier due to the allergy meds the doctor decided to try with her, but either way i'm considering buying another unit for our living room. Now i just need to find a humidifier that is this quiet and easy to clean!...more info
  • Moves a lot of air with low noise and power usage
    I recently got purchased two air purifiers, my first unit, the Bionaire tower from Costco wasn't bad at $125 CADR was about half of this unit. Loud at all speeds, I guess the smaller fan has to spin faster to move the air. But alas, It wasn't big enough for my 20x24' bedroom, so I needed to upgrade.

    Why I chose this unit over the Honeywell 50250

    High efficiency! Very low power usage, so it can be on 24/7. On silent mode it uses 4 watts! And yes silent mode is absolutely silent. Thats nightlight wattage! On max it uses 54 watts and moves a lot of air. The honeywell unit is loud and uses lots of power. 170 watts on high! It does however move slightly more air than the Plasmacluster.

    Plasmacluster/Ionization. Honeywell didn't have it.

    Cool design with LEDs

    Even without the rebate this is the unit to buy for larger rooms.

    I do however wonder how the HEPA filter is going to last 5 years when you can't clean it. The prefilter and carbon filter will catch the majority of the dust, but once the HEPA gets clogged you have to either run it at lower efficiency or get a new one. ...more info
  • Silent and Powerful
    We live in a desert enviroment, a lot of dust inside our home constantly, it is also allergy season and I haven't been sick, (yet!)
    We just had a new baby and we placed the unit in her room, it is very silent, and we haven't had any allergy or sinus problems with her, we think it is thanks to the clean air she breaths.
    I do recommend to purchase this product. I am purchasing one more for my parents and one for my office. (We work next to a foundry plant and they expell thick smoke everyday which we breath thru our AC system!)...more info
  • Go for the GOLD!
    Yes, this thing will set you back a little more "gold" than something like the other product I tried, the Honeywell 50250 Envirocare Air Purifier. However, BELIEVE ME PEOPLE, it is well worth it and I am definitely not one to throw money around left and right for little or no benefit. I love VALUE and the value factor with this unit is excellent.

    I returned the Honeywell unit because, quite frankly, folks, it was too noisy. Even on the low setting, it sounded like a big whooshing floor box fan on at least medium if not high. It was white-noise-ish but it still interfered with TV watching to an annoying degree. On the other hand, if you WANT white noise, by all means go for that unit.

    As soon as I packed that thing up to send back, I ordered this, the Sharp Plasmacluster FP-N60CX unit, and could not be happier. With the Sharp rebate available plus a special Valentine's day discount from Amazon, I was able to get it for a final bill of two hundred thirty eight. Sweet!

    The Sharp unit is significantly more advanced: it kills bacteria and certain viruses (like influenza) with the plasmacluster feature, has separate pollen and dust sensors which will kick the unit on and off depending on environmental pollution, has a remote control that I can program into my learning remote (SO AWESOME to be able to sit on the couch, press a button on a remote to turn the display on to see the air quality (good, slightly impure or very impure) and then turn the display back off), etc.

    The Honeywell unit, on the other hand, simply had a low, medium, high and off turn-switch you had to set manually, no automatic adjustment, no smart sensors, etc.

    One nice thing about this over the Honeywell is that this unit is relatively flat. It will close to the wall and be unobtrusive. The Honeywell is this stout little pot of a barrel-like thing...feels like you're wasting space. So I am really digging the Sharp unit.

    Also, a big deal was this (pay attention): The replacement charcoal filters for the Honeywell unit run about $11 online, and you must replace every three months for the odor removal to keep working. That is $44 per year.

    On the other hand, the Sharp unit's charcoal filter is WASHABLE and lasts 5 years. This is a consumables savings of $220! That is almost what I PAID for this unit.

    If the price difference is LESS than this $220, and you want to retain the smell removal, the Sharp is CLEARLY the better choice!

    The increase in price of one hundred dollars final after rebates was well worth it for the Sharp unit.

    All that said, the Honeywell unit did give that "fresh moutaintop air" feel to the air in my house. The Sharp just does it even better, though. Oh and I am happy to report no itchy, scratchy problems from cat dander. Have been almost completely itch-free for two weeks now. Sweet....more info
  • Very Good Product
    I am using this product for last 2 months and I am impressed. We have dogs and some time we cook spciy food. Which leaves smell around the house. After buying this product I am really able to breath.

    Troy, MI...more info
  • Very Pleased with the Sharp FP-N60CX
    I ordered the FP-N60CX before Christmas, and have been very pleased with all its features. Maybe it's my imagination, but I've had less problems with allergies at night since putting this unit in our bedroom. It definitely senses odors and dust and goes into a cleaning mode when dust is stirred up from the carpet or odors emanate from the bathroom. I did a lot of research before purchasing the PlasmaCluster unit, and found nothing but praise for it, and even some scientifically-oriented articles verifying that it indeed neutralized some viruses. Another unit is on its way from Amazon, and I plan to put this second one in our den, where we spend most of our time when not in the bedroom. Also, the remote control is very handy. When we go to bed, I switch the fan to high (sound then masks outside noises), and turn off the display lights until morning. All this without getting out of bed! I very highly recommend this product!!...more info
    I had been doing a lot of research on the best air purifier to buy given price, quality, noise, etc. I finally settled on the Sharp Plasma Cluster air purifier, primarily because it is one of the only machines I saw that had ALL POSITIVE reviews. I ordered it and have to agree, it has been excellent. I have a hairy dog, a long haired cat, two kids, and we generate a LOT of dust. We use the highest rated quality filters for our central air system, and it captures a great deal of dust, etc as it is. Not thinking there would be a whole lot more dirt in the air to capture, the Sharp Plasma Cluster Air Purifier is removing more, a lot more, garbage from the air. The clean up has been super easy. I have vacuumed the prefilter a few times since I started using it - which means it is doing its job. The air seems crisper, cleaner, and the reduced dust accumulation on my furniture is noticeable. Also, I generally keep it running all day and night, and the noise level, even on maximum, is no problem. I love it so much, that I plan on buying a second and maybe a third for the house. You won't be disappointed!...more info
  • No more allergies; no more dust bunnies
    I took the plunge and got this thing, despite the high price, after paying $300 to see a doctor who said I had a severe allergy. (I thought it was a bad summer cold.) Well, I've been symptom free for 5 months now. As a bonus, I discovered that we no longer have dust bunnies in the apartment! And it was pretty bad before. We put the unit near the entrance to our bedroom, and there are no dust problems in any of the other rooms of our 2-bedroom apartment as well. We're amazed. The unit is completely silent. It's also very easy to clean with a hand-vacuum. The filter unit is like a layer-cake of various materials; easy to take apart and put back together again. I'm glad we went with this unit. ...more info
  • This is awesome
    I'v had this unit for over a year now, and I must say it is well worth the money.
    I don't want to go into its functions as many others have done that already. What I want to point out is that the pollen mode really helped me a great deal during allergy seasons.
    Cleaning filter is a fairly easy and does save on cost.
    I purchased my unit with an $100 rebate from Sharp. It took a little while to get the rebate but now I wish I had gotten another unit. ...more info
  • Excellent air purifier (may be the best in its class)
    I bought this unit about 5 months ago. Of course I did all kinds of research before buying it. Sharp's Canadian website has a ton of info. on this unit, it even has a rebate which, unfortunately, does not apply to US purchases.

    I would elaborate more on features and why I liked this unit but you can read more about it through the reviews here as well as from Googling (try Sharp's Canadian website). Instead, I will share my after-5-month experience.

    I've had to clean my filter once after 5 months of use. Cleaning is very easy, just pop open the cover, take out the filters, vacuum them then put them back in. Sharp reccommends buying new filters every 5 years. That's a huge cost saving versus what other air filters will cost down the road. I've left the unit on non-stop (usually in silent/auto mode) for the past 5 months without incident. Works like a charm. Quieting working in the background, kicking into higher gear as it detects impurities in the air. Put it near the main door of your house and you can tell how *clean* your guests are. Also, it seems to know the difference between a pungent smell and perfume/air fresheners. I sprayed the room near the unit with a citrus air freshener but the unit didn't show that the air was "unclean". However, put a pungent smell near it (trash, rotten food, etc.) and it will kick into high gear almost instantly.

    With all this hoopla revolving around the vastly inferior Ionic Breeze, I'm surprised to see that there hasn't been a major US-based review on Sharp's Plasmacluster technology, or much talk about it. Is it hype? Does it not work? It seems to work for me and the other reviewers here....more info
  • The best!!!
    I probably don't have to expand on the performance of this product. As you can read from other reviews, it does all the things it says it does and then some...
    Besides being a good air cleaner, it's very well designed, simple and unobstrusive... it's beautiful.

    ...more info
  • PERFECT!!!
    Is the only word I can think of for this unit! In "Silent" mode it REALLY is silent! I keep it on "Auto" in my bedroom and you can't even here it. Every now and then, the air quality goes to "slighty impure" and it kicks into gear and cleans the air. On "Max" it really moves the air! I love the fact that it has a "thick" carbon pre-filter instead of those "thin" sheet carbon filters. It'a all the features you'll ever need in a purifier. I highly recomend this unit...more info
  • Medical centres choice!
    I pretty much bought this Plasma Purifier without hesitation for my new born baby nephew in Hong Kong, after hearing that some medical centres there have been using it as well. With the bad air pollution there and caring about the air he's going to be breathing in, I feel there is no better choice. Don't worry about changing the filter either, 5years is a very long time and putting one in is a breeze.

    I suffer from hayfever, so any dust or pollen around tends to irritate me quite a bit during the summer. I personally have had the much advertised Ionic breeze, and don't think it realy helps that much, although I still keep it on, hoping it's doing something! To be honest, unlike the Sharp, there is hardly any circulation to move air or dust particles around to be ionized. The Sharp is the obvious choice even for the price tag. Since the falling out with the Ionic Breeze, i have upgraded to the Sharp and can only recommend it those conscious about the air in their indoor environment....more info
    I have severe allergies and have tried all of the air purifiers on the market with no luck. I decided to plunk down the $$ for this unit and kept my fingers crossed for any improvement with my allergies. Well, this is THE UNIT and I actually feel better....more info