DEWALT DC500 2-Gallon 12-to-18-Volt Cordless/Corded Wet/Dry Vacuum
DEWALT DC500 2-Gallon 12-to-18-Volt Cordless/Corded Wet/Dry Vacuum

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Product Description

Giving you the option to work cordless or corded, the convenient and powerful DeWalt DC500 Two Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum sucks up big work shop messes and job site debris quickly and efficiently. A unique, high-efficiency filter handles particles as small as 0.3 microns and captures 99.7-percent of dust, letting you present finished products neatly and keep fine drywall dust and other health hazards out of the air. The filter can be rinsed clean, and, since it is a wet/dry filter, you don't have to worry about time consuming change overs between jobs. This vacuum's heavy-duty rubber hose flexes to fit in awkward spaces, and it comes with both a crevice tool and a wide nozzle for added versatility. Other convenient features include an on-board hose design, cord and accessory storage that makes moving from site to site easy, and a drain port on the tank for quick, spill-free disposal of liquids. This vacuum runs off either 120-volt AC power or 12-18-volt DeWalt batteries (batteries and charger not included). This DeWalt high-performance industrial tool is backed by a 3-year limited warranty.

  • High-efficiency filter captures particles as small as 0.3 microns and 99.7 percent of dust
  • Wet/dry filter for versatility and easy cleaning
  • Runs on either 120-volt AC power or 12-18-volt batteries (not included)
  • Measures 16 x 12.8 x 14-1/2 inches; weighs 10-1/2 pounds for portability
  • Includes five-foot heavy-duty rubber hose, crevice tool, wide nozzle, and 3-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Very Good Product
    I bought the Dewalt DC500 two years ago and have been very happy with its performance. I already owned several cordless Dewalt tools, so I had the 18 volt batteries and chargers.

    I use it both in the shop and around the house for the immediate pick-up jobs, especially when I don't feel like dragging out the shop vac and cord. The abililty to take it wherever you don't have an outlet is a real plus. It has good suction for a portable vacuum. I would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Good vac if you remember why you bought it...
    I have had this vac for almost a year now and really like it a lot. Most of the complaints I have read seem like user error or trying to do something it was not designed for. I use mine on the job quite a bit and don't have many complaints at all. If you are going to use a battery, PLEASE, use an 18v. I have gotten 15-20 minutes on average with a good and fully charged battery. Make sure your filter is clean. The filter is a very fine filter and catches a lot of very fine dust and WILL clog on a short amount of time, especially with concrete and drywall dust. Buy an extra filter so you can rinse one out and let it dry while you use the other. I don't understand the comment about this vac having less suction than a "dust buster". May you had the hose hooked up to the wrong end of the vac, I don't know. I know that I have good results as long as you do as I listed. Even if you use the cord, CLEAN YOUR FILTER OFTEN. That should be a rule of thumb for any vacuum if you want to get the most out of it. The cord is short, but I think DeWalt did this so that you have the cord option but don't have so much cord that it becomes cumbersome. If you use it as intended, you will be satisfied with this vac....more info
  • Does the Job
    To be honest, had already decided to buy before looking at the reviews...but went through them to make sure there was no great problems with the unit. Currently have a 16 gallon Ridgid wet/dry vac and a QSP 8 gallon on-demand vac (tied up with a PC 1/4 sheet sander for drywall sanding). To use either one in a small area is a hassle, and doing home remodel most of the work is in small areas.
    Bought the unit and put it immediately in service,a 5x5 bath remodel down to the studs. The unit worked great for anything that was small enough to fit in the hose and held on to the bigger chunks 'til I could toss them in the bucket. With either of the other two vacs, I would have been constantly fighting for working room and getting tied up in the cord. Yes, it's noisy, but what isn't in a 5x5 room...I need earplugs with the Ridgid (and that's with the exhaust muffler).
    If you want a unit with a the radio...for one thing, that will be plugged in all day and usually sits in one place. Longer cord??...think extension, or's cordless.
    It does the job I need it to do at a price I think is fair, can't ask for more than that....more info
  • Good first try
    I like this vacuum. It does what it says it does, and does it well. But. Like all my experience with Dewalt products, they are innovative and well built, but only 90% there as cutting a few corners makes it not as good as it could easily have been. The hose is great - flexible, extendable and light. But the two nozzles don't fit on it very well, and with a bit of pressure applied sideways (easy to do when cleaning up dust) they fall off. Annoying. Just poor quality control I guess. The motor is fine on battery (I use 14.4V) but on mains (when its sucks a bit harder) it screams - ear hurtingly loud when the nozzle sucks something across the tube and no air can get in. And why no built-in charger or extension tube? So four stars because it works well, its innovative - a good idea (well done Dewalt) and there's nothing else like it. But when there is, Dewalt better make some improvements or they'll lose the market....more info
  • Can't figure out whether to say it sucks or doesn't suck.
    I had occasion to use my DeWalt portable vacuum the other day to clean some concrete dust out of my car. It works, and is better than nothing, but I'm thinking for $100.00 think of how many times I could go to the do-it-yourself carewash and use the powerful vacuums there that really work. I have had it for several years now, and I rarely use it because I know it simply will not do the job.

    What a real vacuum, or shop-vac would do in seconds, it took me many minutes to do with this vacuum. I have to say that I am not happy that I bought it. At the time I thought it was the perfect solution for my car and portable cleaning, but under battery power the device is even less powerful than when the cord is plugged in.

    It is handy, and it better than some of the cheap vaccums you can buy for your car, but the thing is, this appliance does not do the job. This is a product that really should not exist. It costs a lot of money and it does not work like a good expensive vacuum cleaner should, it just doesn't.

    I'm very disappointed and would not buy this or anything like it again.
    ...more info
  • Very dissapointed with DeWalt.
    I purchased this vacuum on Jan 12, 2007. The next day I tried to use it around the garage, It was very hard to use since due to my aching back, it did not have an extension. I did not feel like cleaning with my back bent (not good). Also, when I did plug the unit, the suction was the worst I've seen, I thought because it was made by DeWalt, it would be very strong as the readers suggested. I returned the unit the next day for a full refund. Now, I will be buying a Shopvac ( model 587-25-00) from Amazon....more info
  • It makes sense
    I bought the DC500 vaccum nearly 2 years ago and I have been using it a lot. It is not very powerful compared to a large shop-vac but extremely convenient and that's why I use it so much.
    I recomend it if you have other Dewalt tols and batteries and if you're willing to accept trade-offs: it is not perfect but works well.

    I use it corded when cutting or sanding and it has plenty of power to suck sawdust. i use it cordless when I need something portable (clean car). The battery drains in about 15 minutes. On one hand a quick drain is a problem but it also shows that it has a high power. You can't have you cake and eat it too so I figure it is a god sign that the battery drains quickly.

    The power is the same corded/cordless.
    The filter is great and durable (i am still using the same one). there is no bags needed, just clean the filter!

    A word of caution: it is not weather-proof, don't let water get inside from the top. There is a sensitive electronic board unprotected. And don't remove the filter when vaccuming water (my neighbour killed the first one doing that).

    Improvement suggestion: weather seal the electronic board; perfect the attachement (they sometimes fall off), reduce noise.
    ...more info
  • Great functionality if you buy the accessories
    The vacuum works very well, surprisingly powerful even on the battery. I bought an accessory kit that doubles the utility of the vacuum. Got the extension tubes and floor brush, so now it works great for a quick sweep of the floor....more info
  • My DeWalt DC500 Speeds Up Job Cleanup
    DeWalt really did it this time ! I am a Locksmith and a big fan of DeWalt 18 V cordless tools. I often find myself kneeling in a small pile of wood chips as I install locks on doors. Before buying the DC500 I would use a bed sheet to catch the chips as they landed on floor. Often, as I moved about during the installation the chips would get scattered off the sheet. Now I don't even bother with a bed sheet ! I just let the chips fall and I vacuum them up when I am done with the job ! It works very well on 18V and makes a speedy cleanup. ( I could not tell the difference in perforce from 18V vs plugging the unit into 120V)...more info
  • Weak!
    I needed a powerful cordless wet/dry vac so I did a lot of research, ended up trusting the Amazon reviews for this product, and finally bought it from Amazon. I was really disappointed when I unpacked it and tried it: it was extremely weak, whether plugged in or on battery power. Luckily, Amazon accepted it as defective, and refunded me my total purchase price. That's why I but a lot of stuff from Amazon, they're fair and honest with returns. I'd be afraid to buy another one, and find out that the weak performance is due to poor design and a weak motor....more info
  • good, but not strong.
    Pros- has a real filter
    good size
    works on batteries
    solidly built

    suction is not all that much
    cord a bit short
    can't tell if there is a battery inside W/O opening it up
    I had a Shop Vac 1x1 for a few years and used it almost every day that little tiny vac had some serious power. But it had a cheesy piece of paper as a filter. it could come off and blow dust around. So I got this. It does not have the power of the much smaller vac. but it will pick up most stuff and is reasonably powerful, but not great.

    ...more info
  • Liked the smaller model better
    It really needs more suction if it's going to be this much bigger than the little 1/2 gallon vacuum. Maybe I'm just spoiled by my big shop vac. Quality and fit are great and if your battery dies, you can also plug it in and use it. I returned it and just got the small DC515 vac which is the little 1/2 gallon model. Nice and small with as much suction as this one. Sort of like a heavy duty dust-buster. Also, the 1/2 gallon vac comes with one battery. The smaller vac has the removable hose also...but it is loud. ...more info
  • Very useful for small jobs
    I bought this vacuum when I drove a service van for a handyman service. My duties included painting, drywall, electrical, plumbing, etc. I used this vacuum almost daily.

    One day I installed a new thermostat. I used the vac to quickly clean up the drywall dust from the anchor holes. The vac was easy to carry and greatly reduced the consternation I used to deal with from carrying a larger, corded vacuum in for two minutes of cleanup.

    On the next call, I used the vac to suck the water from a clogged basement drain. After removing the water, I saw that the clog was caused by a tennis ball which was slightly stuck in the drain. I vacuumed up the ball-it stuck to the end of the nozzle. Great functionality for a variety of jobs. It is necessary to thoroughly rinse it after performing slimy water jobs-otherwise it will smell moldy.

    I paint a great deal and often use the vac then. I use my larger, corded Ridgid shop vac to thoroughly vacuum the room-especially the molding and wall/ceiling area. I vacuum again after each coat (1 coat primer, 2 paint) before I use a tack cloth and the DeWalt is great for this purpose.

    The filter is great and is easily cleaned.

    The tub lip prevents easy emptying of the contents.

    I agree that the cord is too short. It should also be rubber (not vinyl) on a $100 tool. The vac is loud when pulling hard because it does not have bypass cooling. Some vacs (e.g. Fein) have bypass cooling. Bypass cooling ensures that the motor is cooled when the nozzle has little or no air intake.

    Contrary to what some posters written, having a built in charger would not be a good idea. Although batteries can be charged before being fully discharged, it is not a good idea to charge a battery incompletely. Since the vac will often be used for short periods-usually less than the .5 to 1 hour needed to charge a battery, omitting the integral charger was a wise engineering choice....more info
  • Worthy little vaccuum.
    I do use this vaccuum a lot. It is a nice portable wet/dry vac. Loud like your average shop vac and especially for its size.Has good pull for a small vac.Wet/Dry is a really nice feature. Problem areas are short battery life even w/ 18V XRP and a bit of a pain to do filter cleaning and emptying of the dust bin/bucket.. Could these problem areas be overcome, probably not.The unit is pretty powerful for a small vaccuum so it eats the battery.I end up plugging it in if I'm using it for more than 10 min or I have a second battery on standby. Cleaning the waste bin is just one of the "chores" of having a small shop vac.I have made the mistake of having a lot of dust/grime/dirt in the bin and vaccuuming up a bunch of water and forgetting about it.There was a "cake" in the bin that required some time to clean well.Replacement filters are on the spendy side.Mine is a few years old.I do regularily clean the filter with another old bag house vac. As one reviewer previously stated: "Excellent for it's intended application" <-- I couldn't agree more!!...more info
  • Powerful, convenient
    This has become a must-have tool for me. It is powerful and easy to carry. I did not think it would be this good when I bought it, and I cannot understand anyone not thinking it is great. Now, it does not come with a battery or charger, and may not be worthwhile if one needs to also buy those, but for those of us who already have the battery, this is a very handy tool. In fact, I think it is a good buy even if you need to buy the battery and charger (available cheap on Ebay or Amazon). Cheers. ...more info
  • Great Tool for Those Quick Repairs and Cleanups
    This won't replace the full-sized Shop Vac, but for those quick jobs that only need a little cleanup it is great. The GoreTex filter keeps plaster dust from blowing back into the room and it rinses right out. Nice touch, DeWalt. Decent power, nicely balanced, on-board tool storage (Tho place for an extension wand would be nice.)and well-built. The weight is ok, too.

    The battery life limits cordless use to about 10 minutes, and the cord is just short enough you will need an extension cord. The battery doesn't charge when plugged in.

    Also, handling the hose is like trying to vacuum with a Slinky.

    My verdict: this one is a winner....more info

  • Best shopvac I've owned
    What else can I say, this is the best shopvac I've owned. Mostly because of it's size and convenience. It is so easy to just grap this thing to vac up those messes that previously would have "waited till later". The power of this thing isn't the same as a full size shopvac, but I never expected it to be. The only improvement I'd make to this item, and the reason I'm only giving it 4 stars instead of 5, is that it should have a built in charger for the battery. Seems like that would be simple enough to add....more info
  • Powerful Enough and Very Portable
    Of all people my Mother-in-law gave me this vac. for my birthday. I think she was sick and tired of me complaining about hauling around my 5 gallon, 4000 decible shop vac. to clean up after my remolding projects. This little vac. does a really good job for smaller sawdust, cheerios and dead spider types of jobs. And the portability is great! My 2 year old hauls it around picking up marbles. The down side is if you want to run it off a battery, you need to spend a min. of $50 for a charger and another $50 for a battery if you don't already have a DeWalt chordless product. I do, but it is an old 9.6v and the vac. uses 12v-18v only. I had to bite the bullet. So if you ain't got a cool Mother-in-law like me, you need to open up that pocket book twice. OUCH! ...more info
  • Excellent cordless vac!
    After 6 months of ownership I can say this is a great little vacuum! I think it now gets more use than my large ShopVac Pro Series. Being cordless makes it so easy to grab and go anywhere without worrying about plugging it in. Despite other reviews that say its underpowered, I've found that it has plenty of power for its size. I've used it for usual debris cleanup tasks in the garage, and for cleaning up after drilling and sawing jobs around the house. I also use it in our RV on camping trips.

    I have really tested its "wet" vac capabilities too. After draining our spa, I used this vac to get some water puddles out. Also when I had a sprinkler line fail, I used it vac out the water and dirt in the hole so I could quickly get to the broken line. It's a great tool and I highly recommend it.

    Only improvement would be if it could actually charge an inserted battery when it's plugged into AC power, otherwise I have no complaints about it....more info
  • DeWalt DC500 Cordless/Corded Vac
    I bought the DC500 vacuum a few months ago to keep in my truck. Before that, I always had a little 120v 2-gallon wet/dry shop-vac in my truck for small cleanup jobs on service calls. I was keen on the idea of having a decent small cordless wet/dry vac that can run off my Dewalt 18v batteries. Mainly because it seems that when working on smaller jobs, I always end up making little messes that are scattered all around a finished building wherever I have been drilling or cutting, sometimes in remote areas where there is no electrical outlet to be had. This little vac makes it much easier to clean up as I go instead of leaving it until the work is finished and then going back with a dustpan and brush or extension cord and my old 2-gallon shop-vac.
    The suction is quite good and the DC500 also has a blower function for getting fine dust out of tight spots and crevices. It uses a single pleated filter for both wet and dry use. Dewalt says the 1-1/4-inch hose is five-feet in length, but the hose actually stretches to almost seven-feet.
    I used it to clear a clogged laundry sink and it does pick up water quickly, but of course, since it is only a 2-gallon tank, it fills up fast. A fresh, fully charged 18V XR-Plus battery will last for around ten to fifteen minutes of continuous use. Since I usually only use it for a couple of minutes at a time, I get can get by for quite a while with just one battery but, if needed for extended use I can always go the traditional route an plug it into a 120v outlet with an extension cord. The DC500 doesn't come with a brush attachment, which I use often, so I bought a Shop-Vac 1-1/4 inch right angle brush for about four dollars and just leave it on the hose. That way I can carry all three attachments with the vac for any type of cleanup that comes along.
    This little vac gets banged around pretty good in the back of my truck and other than the attachments sometimes falling out of their holders, it seems to be very rugged and takes the rough handling in stride. Overall, I have been quite pleased with this little vac and would recommend the DC500 as an accessory to anyone who already owns other Dewalt cordless tools and battery packs....more info
  • Great Vacuum for small projects
    I've owned this for about 2 months now and actually have used it a lot more than I thought that I would. For its size, it has good vacuum power. In fact the power is the same whether you are on the cord or the battery. Some have complained that you only get :10 minutes of use. Well, that's a lot of use. You are not supposed to vacuum the house. Typically I have it on for about 30 seconds to a minute. I think that I am getting more than 10 minutes of use by the way. It's great for cleaning up small messes and I think that it has amazing suck power.

    Things that I would like to see improved:

    1. Add a battery charger
    2. The cord should be about 3 feet longer
    3. The price is a little steep, but no one else is making this thing and they have to pay for all those NASCAR's.

    All in all it's a great little tool especially if you are a handy man and want to leave your clients house clean....more info

  • A great portable shop vacuum
    My shop has a 3hp central vacuum, but there are still a lot of places that the central vacuum doesnt reach. The DC500 gets into all the little hard-to-reach spaces. With an 18V Dewalt/B&D battery it has considerable pulling power. It doesn't run a long time on a single battery charge, but it runs long enough to clean up a decent sized shop. I think it's the best cordless vacuum anywhere. The only negative note--it gets a bit heavy after about five minutes and needs a shoulder strap....more info
  • If this was my first DeWalt tool I would never buy another!
    I own many DeWalt cordless tools and am very happy with all. BUT this vacuum couldn't pick up anything but drywall dust, and very little of that. When I got it out of the box I was very pleased with the quality of the appearance and the accessories, but then I tried to use it. What a disappointment. The attachments won't stay on the hose, and the vacuum power is so low my 20 year old Black & Decker with a clogged filter has 5 times the sucking power. The DW execs should be embarrassed to offer this next to their other tools. My advice: Don't waste your money. It's not even worth the cost of shipping to try it and return it to Amazon....more info
  • Falls Short
    This Vac has a cord and runs on batterys, How much more would it cost to make it charge the battery? For me the whole idea is to carry less stuff around....more info
  • Just missed the boat with this one, still great corded vac.
    This is a nice little vacuum and is better than any of the other small portables I've carried.

    I'm sorry to say though, that Dewalt missed the boat on this one by not having it charge when not in use. Everytime I need it, the battery is dead. If I have to carry a charger around with it all the time, what's the use.

    Dewalt could have made this a decent product (like the radio), but, they got cheap. I'm still a Dewalt fan and will remain so, but this perfectly good little vacuum is relegated to my workshop, while my charger/radio still makes it out to job sites....more info

  • It's okay - I expected more
    I've had the Dewalt DC500 for about a year and have used it dozens of times.

    This product works for light duty pick up -- saw dust in the shop; sugar or coffee spills in the kitchen. However, for vacuuming carpeted stairs, car floors, and other surfaces that you want to really clean without dealing with cords or weighty appliances, I have to think there are other products with more suction.

    It does have a long cord, however, for when you want to run independent of the battery. And it's light enough to carry around while using it.

    If it had just a little more suction, I'd rate it 5 stars....more info
    I am an handyman & do a lot of different jobs. Most are in peoples homes. I carry a 6ga shop vac and this little one. most of the time i just take this little one in. it is quick and easy for small jobs....more info
  • Great if you already use 18V Dewalt Tools
    Seeing as I just purchased my 2nd DC500 so I wouldn't forget to have one at my shop and at my house, I think I can whole-heartily recommend this to anyone who aleady has 18V dewalt stuff. As a bit of a dewalt junkie I already have 4 chargers and like 7 or 8 batteries, so the lack o' charger / battery thing didn't apply to me. Even so, I was bright enough to realize they weren't going to throw in a 40 dollar charger and a 60-90 dollar battery in on a 99 dollar machine. Those who would expect such haven't purchaed dewalts before. They are not cheap, but you can beat the crap out of them. The other argument of "lack of extension/nozzle/etc." is simply idiotic. Why would dewalt manufacture/market/sell something that you can walk over two isles at home depot and purchase from this litle company shop-vac?? Just use your friggin brains, and purchase the 4 dollar extension from them....more info
  • Excellent
    I have to say that although it is heavy on batteries - Around 10-12 mins, this is a great hand held vac. Much more power than hand helds, and the portable pwoer means it is useful around the house....more info
  • Great Idea!
    The first time I saw this vacuum was in a catalog, and I thought what a great idea! Well I put off buying this tool for about 8 months, because it is not exciting like a new cordless impact wrench or saw. I finally bought it because I needed something to bring my total invoice up to $199 so that I could obtain the Amazon promotional deal of $25 off. Well now that I have it, I love it. I have probably 10 - 14.4 volt batteries to various Dewalt tools that I own kicking around so I knew that batteries would not be a problem. This has to be one of the best car vacs around; plenty of suction and best of all no need to plug it in, which works great for me because I don't have easy access to an outside outlet. With a fully recharged regular 14.4 volt battery I got about 5 minutes of use from it, and with an XBR 14.4 volt I got about 8 minutes of use. This is plenty of time to vacuum out a car or clean up a small mess. This is the perfect compliment to someone who owns multiple Dewalt tools, because you will already have the requisite batteries. If you don't have any batteries, you could probably do better elsewhere with a cheaper small wet/dry. One other positive thing about this vac; it is relatively quiet compared to similar sized units that I have used in the past, and it comes with a great locking high quality hose....more info
  • very underpowered, battery drains fast
    This looks like a powerful little shop vac, and the looks and brand name fooled me into thinking it is, but in fact it literally has far less power than an off-brand hand-held dust buster vac. The only 2 advantages of this item are it's a wet and dry vac, and it's both battery and AC cord powered. You would think that would make it very convenient, but if you for example take it out to your car and try to vacuum the floor you will be very disappointed to find out it's not powerful enough to completely suck up the small dirt and pebbles that accumulate in a typical car mat during the week without making 20 passes with the vac, and in no more than 5 minutes the battery will already have run out and you won't have had a chance to clean more than a third of the floor surface of your car thoroughly. The combination of lack of sucking power and extremely fast draining battery makes this thing barely useful and very frustrating. You will really get a better tool and save $50 to $70 by buying almost any hand-held mini vacuum. Only buy this if you need a weak-powered vac that can suck water when necessary and run both on a power cord and very briefly on a battery. Otherwise this thing is embarassingly useless and takes up a fair amount of space in a closet and is way overpriced for what it offers....more info
  • Got It Free with a Dewalt 10 Inch Miter Saw!!!
    Before laying down your hard earned cash, you should know that during the 2003 holiday season, DeWalt was offering the DC500 Multi-Volt Cordless/Corded Vac free to those who purchased selected DeWalt mitre saws and hammer drills. My thoughts are as follows...

    1) I am biased towards both DeWalt and Milwaukee products, bacause in my humble opinion, both manufacture what I call rail road grade products -- they build things as tough as freight trains. I have actually dropped my unit down a flight of stairs twice -- and believe me, my stairs, and not the DC500, are worse for the wear
    2) Product is truly portable -- it is light and can be easily carried around by anyone
    3) Good power for a *portable* unit
    4) Was delivered as promised after I submitted the appropriate paperwork to DeWalt
    5) Saves my (significantly more expensive) house vac from the brutalties of dust, nail, and wood-chip collection after my DIY projects on my house -- at the end of the day, this will also save my marriage as it used to drive my wife crazy when I used her Oreck for post-project clean-up ; )

    1) You will be disappointed if you are like my neighbor and have the unrealstic expectation that this unit will act as either a rudimentary dust collection system (that's just nuts) or a shop vac (let's get real, these need to be 4.5 amps plus)
    2) Only comes with two rudimentary attachments; and I haven't seen a kit with additional attachments anywhere
    3) Worth about half of what it is listed at retail
    4) Disappointingly short cord (about 4 feet long)

    Net/net: if you can get it for 50 bucks or so (or less!), and you need a portable unit, you'll find that DeWalt has created another great (albeit a niche) product! But if you need a shop vac (which this unit does not purport to be) look to something from "Rigid" (first class stuff!) or "Shop-Vac" (good prices)....more info

  • Good if you need a cordless Vacuum
    If you need a cordless vacuum for light duty use, this is a good choice. Mine is exclusively used for cleaning up small piles of drywall dust from cutting in electrical boxes or access holes. For that, it is excellent, as the filter is very good (I put a Shop Vac filter bag over the pleated filter) and get no leakage. It runs about 15 minutes on an 18v battery, which is about 3 weeks for me. The battery door works well, as it allows you to use those crappy fitting, off brand batteries that are too hard to get on and off the drills and saws. The hose is good quality, and locks in place on the vacuum.
    Suction power is poor at best, especially on 110v. For my use it is fine, but wood chips or small leaves quickly clog the hose, and the vacuum is not powerful enough to clear the hose. The attachments don't stay on the hose or the vacuum, and end up floating around my van. Probably my biggest pet peaves, however, are the slick, hard bottom, and top heavy construction of the vacuum. It has a real tendency to slide around, and rapidly falls off the tote or shelf you put it on, usually landing upside down, and occasionally popping the latches. I know this has happened when my rear view mirror shows nothing but a large drywall cloud following me. I put rubber feet on the bottom to stop the sliding, so now it rolls around when unsecured.
    As a portable vacuum, the Ridgid WD4050 is superior in every aspect, except the cordless part. I will keep my Dewalt, as it fits my use, but I eagerly anticipate a redesign, or competitor from Makita or Milwaukee....more info
  • Decent vacuum, little too high-priced
    We've been using these at work for about 6 years now with good results and few problems (one bad circuit board). We almost always run them off 18v batteries, and they run about 20 min to a charge. They are not a shop vac in my opinion - they are a battery powered vacuum for shop use. It has decent suction, but nothing like the other regular shop vacs we use. Good for light - medium duty projects. The only issues I have is the crevice tool doesn't fit on the hose real snug and is prone to fall of during constant use, and the design of the hose itself drives me up the wall as it is always pinching my forearms while it is extending and collapsing. All in all a good product, just a little bit high-priced for what you get. But hey, that's DeWalt for you....more info
  • TK Testifies
    This tool was refurbished, the hinge was broke and canister wouldn't seal, I ordered a new hinge from dewalt and tool isn't cracked up to my exceptions, wouldn't recomend this one, doesn't suck well at all...more info
  • Great Vac
    I found this vac very effective. You can plug it in or run it off batteries. The BATTERY AND CHARGER ARE NOT INCLUDED. If you have other DeWalt power tools no problem, if not you can buy their drill for $199 with 2 batteries and a charger, then they give you a cordless screwdriver worth $100 so you get the drill an screwdriver for free and then some. I believe this free screwdriver offer expires around Christmas 2003. I found the unit light in weight and easy to move around. The only thing might have been a longer hose....more info
  • No Battery included and does Not charge batteries
    There are no batteries included and when you plug it in it doesn't charge the a battery you need to buy to run it.
    If you don't mind buying a charger and battery and removing the battery from the vacume to charge it every 10 min of use then its OK and you have alot of extra money and free time....more info
  • Some more power would be ......
    All the accessories stays in place. Very easy to use. However, there is very little power on the blower. The vacuum works really well with lots of suction power. It uses battery very quickly, so make sure to have a spare around....more info
  • Too bad this vac doesn't suck...
    The suction is miserable on this vacuum. The build quality is typical DeWalt and the battery option is nice, but for $100 it should suck more. Really....more info
  • Great for quick jobs
    Had this guy for about 8 months now and it works real well. It has plenty of power on the batteries for small jobs. I used it to change out around 12 lock sets on interior doors that needed some chisel work on the latch and it made it real nice to just vac up all the chips and move on to the next. Filter is real easy to clean; just knock or wash it off. I even used it to clean up a spilt coffee at one of the places I was doing work at. It did a great job as a wet vac. Plumbers may even think about using it to suck the water out of toilets when doing a removal or change out. It would be a handy size for that.
    If you own the batteries and charger already, go for it. If not, just go buy a small shop vac. I love mine mainly because I had four 18 volt batteries already....more info
  • I love this vacuum
    I looked for a long time for just the right portable vacuum, and finally decided to go with the Dewalt. I love how light it is, I love how quiet it is and most important it has very good suction. Suction is actually on the top of my list. I can't believe how crappy the suction is on many of the vacuums I looked at and how loud so many of them are. I purchased a loud and crappy suction vacuum that went in the garbage after I bought the Dewalt. I don't think this vacuum is going to replace anyone's dust collector, but for smaller messes, vacuuming your vehicle, vacuuming your steps carpet, cleaning up after using your circular saw, vacuuming your furniture, etc this is a great fit. I have a dog that sheds and the hair is all over my vehicle and house. That hair is so hard to clean up, but this does a great job.

    My only complaint is I wish the wide nozzle stayed on a little better. Right where it slides on the hose is where you grip, and it is easy to push and pull the attachment loose....more info
  • Great Vaccum
    I Just Got one a few weeks ago and love it. I use my 14.4 battery from my drill and it last about 10 min . I have three boy's and use it on a daily bases at least once a day but usually more then that. Like one time the kid over ran the sink and I used it to clean up the water that was every were. If you have kids it is a must for them small mishaps. I am amazed at the suction it works great and I Love it!...more info
  • Overall good, could use more power
    This is NOT a full-blown shop vac. If you're looking for that kind of power, you're going to be disappointed. It has more power than other portable vacs, much more than a dustbuster type vac.

    For light vacuuming around the shop or for portable use, like in the car, this vacuum works well. I like the fact that you can plug it in when you have a job that would take too long for the batteries to last. Overall, it's a good portable vacuum, although it's a little expensive for what it is....more info
  • Great little Vac
    Great little vac for the price. Does what it is set to do and more...suction is very ggod both for water and dust. Tried on my pick up and did wonder.
    No regret, good buy!...more info
  • Great product!
    This vacuum is an absolute time saver. I can move the vac around without dragging out the LONG extension cord and the 18volt power supply does a nice job in powering this vac for 15 - 20minutes. I am giving this vac 5 stars even though DeWalt did not have the sense to build in a battery charger so the battery can stay charged while using the vac plug into an AC outlet. ...more info
  • handy & powerful
    works great on both 120 volt and I use a 18 volt battery, nice not to run a long extension cord out when work far from outlet. use in my car and work areas. I would have gave 5 stars if it had a built in charger....more info
  • Perfect wet/dry vacuum for use in obscure places!
    I work in the commercial air conditioning business in Florida where condensate water and slime build-up is a problem. The drain pans and condensate lines clog up all the time and the best way to clean them is to vacuum them out. On rooftop units most of the time you have no immediate access to 115 volt power and have to use a "cheater cord" off a 230 volt line or run 100 feet + of extention cord to get 115 volt power.
    Dewalt has solved this problem with a cordless 2 gallon capacity vacuum. Right now I'm using a 14.4 volt battery in it and it does just fine for this purpose. This is saving me valueable time and also it is much safer than using a "cheater- cord". I have an in truck charger that works off the auxillary socket so my battery is always charged. This slight inconvience is overcome by the other factors I listed above.
    I will be buying a new 18 volt drill soon and will be using that spare battery to power my vacuum for even more power. If you are an HVACR Tech working on rooftop units using a vacuum for cleaning, believe me this is a must have, it is well worth the price and slight inconvience of not being a direct plug-in rechargeable, but then neither are your other power tools. Also the fact that it can work on 115 volt power when accessible is a bonus you will discover....more info
  • A good tool for those with reasonable expectations
    Overall, I found this tool to be quite effective for small to medium-sized clean-up jobs where dragging out a full-size Shop-Vac would be a hassle. Initally, the power was a bit lacking, but this was more a product of some rather elderly 12V batteries than any fault of the vacuum itself. With some fresh batteries, the performance and run-time is more than adequate.

    If you are already a DeWalt cordless user, this is a worthwhile addition to the workbench. But without the DeWalt batteries already on hand, there are probably other, better alternatives out there....more info
  • Underpowered
    We purchased this to vacuum ash from around our wood stove. We did not expect it to pick up much else because of its size. If any of the attachements are used, the suction is diffused to the point of non-existance. Even without any attachments, the suction leaves a lot to be desired. The DeWalt leaves what the Hoover picks up without effort. We have used this only when plugged in. We did not yet test with the battery even though we are a DeWalt house so have a lot of 18v charged and available.

    We are going to invoke the 30 day satisfaction guaranty and return the vacuum. Its dissapointing since we are so happy with our other DeWalt tools....more info
  • A clever tool...
    DeWalt has produced an effective tool that performs better than expected. They aren't exactly doing us a favor, since I'm sure DeWalt's profit margin on batteries is high and this is a good way, in the long run, to sell more of them. I purchased one DC500 and it burned out after about two years of use, which is why I awarded four stars for what would otherwise be a solid 5. I immediately purchased another vacuum since it is used daily. We have twin 2 year old girls at home, and this vacuum is used not only for cleaning home projects and the car, but for cleaning up the high-chairs quickly and easily. The tool is available with a battery and charger, but the price then is high. If you have any DeWalt cordless tools and several batteries laying around, at $99.00 this tool is a bargain that will save a lot of time....more info


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