Metro Vacuum Air Force Blaster 10 Amp 4 HP Motorcycle Dryer #B3-CD

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You'll have more time to hit the open road as the Metro vacuum air force blaster 9.5 Amp, 4 HP motorcycle dryer cuts drying time by as much as 75 percent. An easy flip of the switch and two high-speed dryers literally blast water off the surface with filtered warm air. It takes a mere five to seven minutes to dry the entire motorcycle, leaving more time to ride. The upkeep of this vacuum is effortless with the easy-change foam filter. This dryer delivers fast results with a 9.5 Amp twin fan motor that emits 29,250 feet per minute of airflow. Sturdy all-steel construction and a heavy-duty neoprene blower nozzle ensure a long life. The flexible hose measures 10 feet long by 1-1/2 inches wide and the dryer weighs only 8 pounds.

  • 10 Amp, 4 HP motorcycle dryer
  • Blasts water off the surface with filtered warm air; cuts drying time as much as 75 percent
  • Sturdy all-steel construction and heavy duty neoprene blower nozzle ensure long life
  • Easy change foam filter allows effortless upkeep
  • Flex hose measures 10 feet-by-1-1/2 inches (LxW); dryer weighs 8 pounds
Customer Reviews:
  • Great help
    Don't know why I waited so long to get the blower. About $50 bucks cheaper here than at the local HD dealer. Helps get water out from places you can't get a towel to. Helps prevent rust as well. Just have to be smart about the way you dry the bike. I have a HD so it is a big help....more info
  • Air force blaster
    Great product. I always used filtered compressed air before. works betterand no more long hoses....more info
  • Awesome machine
    I bought my dryer six months ago. Washing my bike is no longer a dreaded chore. This dryer is fast and works very well. I spend about 8 to 10 minutes drying my heavyweight crusier. (And that's taking my time.) I bought the 4 hp model and can't see a need for the 8 hp model, this one works just fine. I use the top down and front to back method. No water spots, none! The warm air that it produces makes sure of that. Anyone who says that it doesn't save time needs to learn how to use it, or just take an hour and dry it by hand. This dryer is highly recommended....more info
  • Great bike dryer
    This product works great. It didn't take long to get my bike dry and with the different nozzles, it was able to reach into any tight spots. Just remember to start from the top and work down. The only things I would change are to make the power cord longer and make the hose more flexible. If you want to save time drying your bike, this is the product you need....more info
  • Metro Vacuum Air Force Blaster
    I purchased the Metro Vacuum Air Force Blaster for my husband a Harley Davidson owner who really likes to keep his toys in showroom condition! He loves the Metro Vacuum Air Force Blaster size, design and the quick dry time he gets after washing his bike!...more info
  • Air Force Blaster
    This is one of the best items I have purchased for my bike yet. The best part of Air Force Blaster is its ability to get into those tight areas and blow the dirt and water away. I now have over 2000 miles on my bike and the engine still looks just a clean the day I bought it.

    Thanks Air Force Blaster!...more info
  • Great Product
    I couldn't decide between this model and the 8 HP model. I didn't want to get the 4 HP model and then be disappointed with it's performance. I am anything but disappointed...the blower has all the power I need. I use it with the accessory nozzles for blowing the dust out of computers as opposed to those cans of compressed gas - it works great for this purpose....more info
  • shop vac
    it's much stronger than i thought. for drying motorbikes off now i can see why they say you need this vac. i have use shop vacs before to dry my bike. but what i didn't no was shop vacs go both ways whtch mean they also can blow dirt on your bike from the vac. but these one is a must if you can get it. the air is strong and it can really blow the water off and make your work even better and easyer...more info
  • Not worth the money
    The dryer is good for getting water out of hard to get at places. However it keeps blowing water back onto places you have already dried and you must go over it and over it. You don't save time and you end up with lots of water spots that you have to polish out. Save your money and do it by hand. Use you leaf blower....more info