Playstation 2 Action Replay Max

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Product Description

With Action Replay MAX, you can make powerful changes to any PS2 game, just by pushing afew buttons. The easy interface and simple set-up lets you make minor changes or rebuild a game from start to finish! No more code clashes -- Intelligent Codes feature keeps you from activating codes that will interfere instead of help Pack more saved games onto your memory card, or download saved games directly to your PS2 Action Replay MAX even breaks the region coding on DVDs - turning your PS2 into a multi-region DVD player!

  • A complete list of over 30,000 cheats for the latest & greatest Playstation 2 games -- the biggest library ever
  • Win the game every time, by giving yourself infinite health or ammo, walking through walls, skipping levels, and much more
  • Use Quick Mode to get right into the action -- unlock all kinds of cheat codes with a button
  • Go online and get live code updates through your broadband connection - you'll never have to enter a code by hand again
  • Auto-Game Recognition - Action Replay MAX detects the game in your PS2 and takes you immediately to the relevant list of codes

Customer Reviews:

  • AR is much better than the competition
    I've been a long time "supporter" of a major competitor of Action Replay for quite some time now. Lately, I've been very disatisfied with that product, tech support, everything. After waiting several weeks to get a call back from tech support, and an answer to several questions I posted on their boards, I decided to start checking out Action Replay. About a month ago, I purchased the AR Max for PS2. Wow! Am I happy with this product. I decided to register and began checking out the boards at Talk about a major difference! There certainly seems to be a lot more help and much quicker responses there! I don't even know where to begin on how much better AR is than the competition. All the extra options! And I can even type my codes in with a keyboard! Keep up the good work....more info
  • It really sucked big time
    It was the worst decision ever. It was a piece of crap. I put the disk in and try to do powersave and it says "error trey again" I tried and tried but ths thing was crap then the game I was going to use it fir wouldnt work.this was a ripoff get gameshark and BEWARE OF AR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Some codes does not work in the games
    The action replay is very cool actually, it has many things to do, but, there are some codes that do not work in the games, like for example, I was playing Devil May Cry (1st part), and I selected some codes (infinite red orbs), and they don't seem to work. But overall, it works great....more info
  • I don't cheat, but my cousin does
    He came over this afternoon with it, while I don't cheat in my games, he just bought it so he brought it with him, well I bought my ps2 in 2000 when it just came out, and it works like a charm, I don't know what else other people are complaining about but it works, dynasty warriors 4 was the game that it was tested on....more info
  • If you have the newer slim ps2 design then.............
    Then this will not work on your console.But if you have the huge old ps2 console then this will work on you console.If you do have the slim console then you should get a game shark....more info
  • Playstation 2 Action Replay Max
    This CD is good, it is hard to use though. Especially for a child. Directions are not very clear....more info
  • Does Not Work on Early Playstation2
    I got the Playstation2 the first day they were available and this product creates a disc read error message....more info
  • Maxxed out...
    Action Replay MAX vs. Codebreaker PS2

    Who will win?

    Codebreaker better features:

    Loads faster
    More games to choose from
    More codes to choose from
    A bit cheaper
    You only need a PS2 Memory Card

    Codebreaker's worst features:

    No powersaves
    Difficult to use

    Overall, it's a tie. But they're both worthwhile devices to use....more info
  • Cheating The PS2
    There are just so many different ways you can add a cheat into a game, and beat the game. You can either try the hard way through practice, or you can access and enter a cheat code that was created by the compant that created the game, or you can just enhance it. Thanks to the people at Datel, you can definitely punch in those codes with the Action Replay Max for the Playstation 2. It is simple and easy to operate. There are also sveral different codes that are preloaded for so many excititng games like Madden '06, Jak & Daxter, or Need For Speed: Underground 2. This is an absolute delight for anybody who owns a Playstation 2, and for anybody who definitely wants a shortcut to beating the game.

    Price: B+

    Convience: B 1/2+

    Overall: B+...more info
  • Action Replay Max or Games
    if your having problems with a disc read error try putting tape in the inside(hole) of the worked for me....i noticed the disc was sliding on the drive......more info
  • Proceed with caution
    New PS2 for Christmas. AR Max purchased excitedly with gift money. Expedited shipping because the 10-yr-old just had to have it right away. And it didn't work. At all. PS2 failed to recognize the disk. Our J&R/Amazon invoice advised that this product cannot be returned directly to the vendor.

    Datel Tech support sent us the following (leisurely) reply:
    "We are aware that SONY has released a new version of the PS2. To check the version of your PS2 locate the sticker on the back of the system, beside the SONY logo there will be a number that starts with "SCPH". If the following number is 50001 then you have the new PS2 version. If this is the case we will be able to send you an upgrade disc to correct any problems you are having with the Action Replay. Please forward all your mailing information and we can send the upgrade disc to you free of charge."

    Well, that's great. But we prefer things to work the first time. Nevertheless, we've ordered the upgrade an await the results....more info

  • Mine works great. I love it.
    I see many reviewers have had problems with their's mainly because of the PS2 50001 compatibility issue. I don't know which version of PS2 I have but mine works great I love it. It is the best cheat code system for a console I've ever used.

    To the people that have an incompatible PS2 version Datel will send you a replacement CD free of charge. I know it may be annoying to have to wait for one if thats your case but trust me once you have it and it works you will love this product. I give this 5 out of 5 stars because it works as intended period....more info

  • Sucks Horribly
    I have the redesigned slim PS2 and this AR Max doesn't work with it...AT ALL!!! It would have been fine if I knew before I bought it, but the only way I found out was to open it and try it, therefore voiding a return. Nowhere on the packaging did it say anything about having to be used with the first version of the PS2. I hate AR Max....more info
  • Platstation 2 Action Replay MAX
    I heard about this product looking for PS2 cheat on line. I retired in 2005. Now I enjoy playing video games alot. There are some games that frustrate you because in my case my hand and eye coordination is not as quick as my grandson's LOL. So I have to find a crush, if you will, to help me with the tough parts to some games in order to advance, since my grandson cannot be there all the time LOL. Well I found the solution in this CD. Now my grandsons and I take on the hardest games with confidence. This item is/was worth every penney, and you can connect broadband internet ethernet on the back of you PS2 insert a flash drive to the front of the PS2 and download the updates automatically or manually, depending on your personal setting. We love this CD. One word of warning, this disk is sold to work only in the region you are in(ie,USA, Europe,Asia etc) as does your electronic(PS2, Tv etc) it will not work in other regions electronic etc. So when and if you decide to buy this CD make sure it is the one compatible with the region you live in or you will do like me and mail it back for the correct one. Have fun I know you will, we did and are still....more info
  • Flawed, but adequate....
    The memory card manager corrupted my memory card and destroyed saves. It takes a long time for the disk to load, and like most cheat devices many codes don't work and it also causes freezing quite often. This device uses a different type of code than any other device so your stuck with what the manufacturer come up with...which isn't that great.

    The most usefull part to me is that it lets you play different region DVDs on the PS2. Also, the ability to download codes and gamesaves is pretty cool.

    Over all this is a decent buy, but I would probably be happier with a Codebreaker or the newer USB AR MAX....more info
  • Cool.. but so S-L-O-W !!!
    This is a great little cheat device to use, but it's unbearably slow on the PS2. I own both the Gamecube and PS2 version, and with the Gamecube one I'm up and running in about 1 minute. With the PS2 version, I literally have to sit there for 5 minutes waiting for the codes to load into the code list. That might not seem like a long time, but imagine sitting there and just waiting for 5 whole minutes.. it gets really old really fast. Sometimes I don't use it just because of how irritating the wait is.

    The good part is being able to download codes off the internet and transferring them to the PS2 on the included memory key. Well, copying over the new codes takes quite a while too, so prepare to wait for that as well. I really don't know if the PS2 is to blame or the Action Replay.. but it really should be faster....more info
  • garbage
    just bought an action replay max.. it takes at least 10 mins to run on my first try and then the next time i used it.. it took forever so i gave up... it might be the incompatiability of the earlier models (mines is 30001).. but if it works.. its great.....more info
  • without ar max i would never even want to play any game
    armax isthe greatest thing ever if it wasnt for ar max i would not even get past some levels of lotsof games it is the 1st thing i put in my ps2 before i play any game dont belive ppl that say it dont work causethey just dont know how it worksi mean u get god mode in al games and infinate ammo and so much moreu can buy an up grade disk with over 30.000 cheat codes and can put in all new game codes by hand or by pc it is the best disk i own and recomend it to any 1 that is having a hard time geting tru any game and levels buy this itsthe best frankie...more info
  • Total waste of time and money
    Save yourself a lot of time and frustration, don't bother with this product. I bought it for my 10 year old to give him an extra advantage in his game playing, but this product wound up disappointing him because we never could get it to work at all!! I followed the instructions to the letter and the game just never recognized any of the codes, it was if I had done nothing at all. The product support was, to say the least, poor - almost none existant!!! They had no idea what the problem was and made me feel like I was the only person who had ever encountered a problem with this product. I read the online reviews on this product before I bought it but decided to buy it anyway, thinking that I am probably a little more "tech savy" than the average person so I could make it work. WRONG!!! $30 in the trash can. I think there are probably better products for cheats and codes out there and I will definitely do a lot of homework before investing in another one. Another reviewer on this website suggested only buying from a retailer who offers full refunds for unsatisfied customers or if you are not satisfied with the product. If you are considering this product as a fun way to improve and enhance your games, do yourself a favor and pass....more info
  • A whole lot better than a gameshark
    It's cheap, and it works. You can't really get much better than that. I have an older playstaion, and all i had to do was turn the PS2 upright and it booted up just fine. And if that still doesn't work you may have to clean the lens on the PS2. I found that blue bottom discs and dirty lens don't mix. But, the codes i have used for it worked great, i haven't had one single crash or freeze up. Another thing that makes it great is that if you mess up on a code it can tell it's invalid. Unlike the gameshark where you would have to go back through every code reading over every number and letter. As long as action replay stays on this course they stand to do a lot of business. I reccomend this to anyone who loves a cheap functioning cheat device. ...more info
  • Order now and we'll throw in a set of premium steak knives!,

    The Action Replay MAX is more than just a video game enhancer (VGE)....or at least it claims to be. My version is quite old yet but it claims to include a Region-free DVD player and a memory card compression utility (squeeze more saves onto your memory card). I have not used either of these features personally, but I have heard horror stories about the memory manager corrupting gamesaves and whole memory cards; some reusable, some permanently damaged. This and the fact that you must load up the action replay software to access saves that use the memory manager turned me off of using it. However, the real reason I bought the ARMax was for its codes and I'll get to those in a second.

    The ARMax, like the newer Gamesharks, loads its software from a CD. This is a major annoyance for me. Every time you load a game you must insert the ARMax memory card (which does I don't know what) and CD, go sit on the couch and wait for the software to load, choose your codes, then get up and put the actual game DVD in and wait for it to load. You can't simply turn on your PS2 and go sit down. In the old days of cartridge gaming you would snap the VGE between the game and the console so you could turn on the console and go sit down. The early generation Gamesharks had a little box that would attach to an expansion slot on the PS1 or N64 and that was it. If you wanted it to load before the game, you turned on its switch. Even if the ARMax was perfect in every other way (and it's not, btw), it would get a maximum of 4 stars as long as you had to boot it from a CD first. I mean, why can't the memory card part of it at least hold the codes for even just the current game you're playing after the system is shut off or reset so you don't have to load the software EVERY D@MN TIME.

    Ok, rant over. On to the codes. The user interface for the ARMax is better than the Gameshark. Functionally, they are very similar of course, but the ARMax just feels cleaner and easier to use. It offers a Beginner interface that includes descriptions of code functions (not for user-entered ones though, if I remember right), and a more robust Expert Mode. On big advantage, in theory, that the ARMax has over the Gameshark is its ability to update itself using your PS2's broadband connection. The upshot is you can download new codes for your favorite games fairly quickly instead of manually typing them all in using the controller. The dark cloud to go with this silver lining is that you have no control over which codes you download; its all or nothing. And since these updates are stored on your memory card (not the ARMax one), it will quickly fill up with codes and gamesaves for games 99% of which you will NEVER play! No wonder the ARMax has the option to come with 16 or 32MB of space on its memory card. It's to store all the useless codes! Any entered codes you choose to apply will either work, do nothing, or lock up the game. I have come across all, though to ARMax's credit, mostly the former. The absurd choice forcing you to download and save updates for every game in the PS2 library, when you may want just one, loses the ARMax another star. A note about manually entering codes: The sub-headings and folders for a game have their own codes that must be entered if you want them to show up in the game's code list.

    Finally, as mentioned in the reviews by Bret Morris and Glenn Nichols (, the ARMax initially did not work with the new revision of the fat PS2 a couple years ago AT ALL. This happened for me as well. I returned three PS2s and two ARMaxes before I realized it was a defect in all current versions (at the time) of ARMax. I had to send away and get a new disc direct from Intec which now works as well as expected. Since the ARMax has been on shelves for several years since I bought mine, I assume any bought today would not have this problem. However, at the time there was no way to find out about this problem without contacting Intec personally. Retailers were not aware of the problem and no notices were posted on the CodeJunkies web site. This inadequate treatment of a widespread problem drops ARMax down to two stars.

    In my opinion, if you're in the market for a VGE, both ARMax and Gameshark have their pros and cons. I would assume both have released newer versions with newer features than the ones I have. Looks at the specs, assume nothing, and don't be afraid to e-mail the companies requesting details regarding any features you have questions about.

    I apologize for the length of this review, but I find there are very few in-depth reviews of VGEs on the web or in print. Maybe reviewers feel they are above using VGEs, I don't know.
    ...more info
  • TERRIBLE PRODUCT - Costs you more than you paid for!!
    AVOID THIS PRODUCT, wait till PS3 with it's Hard drive an hope something better will come out.

    Memory cards are flash memory an flash memory is FRAGILE, one whoops an it's destroyed.

    Damn to hell Sony for making us pop 25 bucks a memory card in the first place.

    STAY AWAY FROM MAX MEMORY MANAGER... DO NOT LOAD GAME SAVES FROM THE INTERNET ONTO YOUR MEMORY CARDS. IT WILL CORRUPT AN DESTROY YOUR MEMORY CARD/CARDS. One memory card is worth more than this stupid thing. I lost two memory cards an ALL my bazillion hours of gameplay.

    ALSO... the disc sucks, when the PS2 is warm, it won't recognize the disc & if you break or mess the disc up, no way you can make a copy of it an use that. Your screwed!

    The codes work an it's great to whip through a game that was driving you nuts or stressing you out before.

    If you have complaints, call Datels US office
    (727) 431-0650...more info
  • Don't buy, it will corrupt your files, and lose saves!!!
    I bought this product after reading that you can update the code list via a network connection, or using a USB flash drive. I have not been able to get either to work correctly. After following their instructions on the Datel website on how to update the codes using a USB drive, it deleted my game saves on the memory card. It also corrupted the memory card, and corrupted saves on the card in slot 2. I have had nothing but trouble with it, it's slow and doesn't live up to the promises. Their customer support is lousy, with a response that merely said...sorry. Well thanks a lot to them...just lost hours of game saves!!!...more info
  • Zero stars is not an option
    I have found only one game out of the many that i have tried that the codes on this thing actually work on. This action replay is basically a twenty dollar or more waste of plastic and the cardboard that it came in. avoid like the plague....more info
    I actually recieved this from a friend of mine, which he bought for $0.98. Anyway, I said that there were television shows that I thought were interesting, but were only sold over in the UK (and so on). He told me that the AR MAX was a REGION X DVD reader. So, I took it home, and decided on buying a TV series that was a Region 2, and just recieved it today, to my surprise (not actually) the damn thing didn't work. Now I'm stuck with a Region 2 DVD with nothing to play it in. I AM EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED IN THIS PRODUCT! If you are buying this for the reason that it reads other Regions of DVD's...DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT! It is junk. However, I am thankful that I didn't even buy this product, but it was given to me. I hope that someone planning on buying this, reads my review first. IT'S NOT WORTH YOUR MONEY!...more info
  • Cheating Your Way to the Top
    This is a wonderful resource for enjoying 'retired' video games. It adds new life to older titles. It is, however, challenging for new games; it requires you to input long lines of code that can be frustrating at times, but well worth the effort. Overall I recommend this product for anyone with a library of games who is looking to enjoy them again and again....more info
  • Don't purchase this product
    You can save 5 bucks, easy updates without buying an online adapter(flash drive is needed), and get superior codes. Go out and pick up a code breaker. You can buy code breaker at info
    This product works just fine but at what coast may i ask AR MAX comes with many problems like the possible corruption of your memory card and the fact that using it to much on any one game can totaly ruin it because it changes the game itself you can alter the codes to much and say good-bye to your game i used it to much on kingdom Hearts and now the game turns on for about five mins then freezes and shuts down so if you do bye this product keep this in mind the game is worth more than the cheats ...more info
  • May be useful, but Corrupted my memory card
    All I can say is, I've been using cheat software from day one. I've owned Game Shark stuff, Action Replay stuff, and Codebreaker stuff. Nothing has made me as mad as Action Replay Max, though. It corrupted my memory card, causing the loss of dozens of hours of saved games. To add insult to injury, the corrupted games still take up space on the card, but I can't find any way to recover them. I guess I'll have to reformat the card and wave goodbye to hours of hard work (play)....more info
  • Sony PS2-Model No#SCPH-50001,beware!
    If you have a new 'Playstation 2',model number# SCPH-50001,you will not be able to play this disc period! To look up compatibility for other 'Itec' products,Intec web site:(,the model number for your 'Playstation 2' is on the back,very simple,take a look,will save you some money and heartache....more info
  • Bad Move Cheaters
    Hey, I know what you're thinkin' ,"Cool, a cheat system like no other!!"
    Even though this thing gives you unlimited cheats, It doesn't work like codes do already in games such as Jak 3.It alters the programming of the disc, meaning if you do it too much, it'll screw up you're disc. I can't die in Metal Gear without getting a second chance thanks to the altered Health function maxing after I die a second time.
    Don't buy this Product. P.S. Watch Class of 3000, Only on Cartoon Network....more info
  • Best and Cheapest Cheat Device for PS2
    This is the best working and cheapest cheating device for the PS2. For all you adults who think that the memery card corruption is permanant, well, do some research! I can figure out a way to solve the problem, and I'm only 13! You are all over 21! AR Max Memory has a formatting feature, which scrapes all of the corrupted data away. Yes, you will lose your hard-earned saves, but that's the price for cheating. Who ever said that cheating would be fair? Overall, besides the Max Memory portion, this item is great!...more info
  • AR Max to the max
    Helps immeasurably in getting past those pesky impassable spots in games that just put your blood pressure through the roof....more info
  • The version I received doesn't work with a slim PS2
    The AR disc I received would not play in my slim PS2. I checked with Datel and found that only AR versions 3.30 and up will work with the slim PS2. The version Amazon shipped was 3.06. As another reviewer has stated, Datel says that they will exchange older versions for a 3.30 version if you send it to them together with your sales receipt. Not sure if they make good on that offer as I decided to return my AR to Amazon for credit....more info
  • Buyer Beware!
    I'm a high school student, and I don't have a job. Therefore, my cash, is well, pretty important to me. While I didn't get any cash for the holidays, I decided to go out anyway and treat myself to something good. I was looking into getting a cheat device to help me bring some replayability into my dated games, and the Action Replay MAX SEEMED to be the answer.

    So, I drove to the local CompUSA, picked up an ARMAX, and headed home with nothing but optimistic thoughts.

    Installation was simple enough; the product came with a dongle to put into a memory card slot and a standard boot disc that contained all the necessary software. I inserted the dongle, put in the disc, and was greeted with the software's opening loading screen, which took about 30 seconds. Not too bad.

    But this was where the problems began. After loading, I was greeted with a window stating that a network connection was detected, asking if I wanted to check for updated codes. As advertised, this was probably one of the selling points of the product, the ability to automatically acquire new codes for all the latest games; no more tedious number punching. However, when I chose yes, the software seemed to stall, and the connection failed. I tried again and again, changing network settings (I couldn't load my previous ones, thanks to a bug in the software), and checking messageboards, where I discovered that a large majority of users were encountering the exact same problems.

    The situation only got worse when I decided to test out the game's built in memory manager. I needed to delete a network settings file, so I selected the file and chose to delete. What happens? EVERY SINGLE FILE on my memory card is wiped out. I figure, oh, it's not the end the world. Then when I decide to check out the memory card in the PS2's official browser, it shows that no data is available, but that only 4MB of the card is available, of the original 8. Corruption.

    So, I head back to the store, return it, and am forced to pay 25 bucks for a new memory card. Thanks a lot, Datel.

    The moral of the story? Keep your distance from this one. You'll only find unfulfilled promises and corrupting software....more info

  • Does Not Work
    The Action Replay Max does not work on my PS2. I got the disc error on the first one so, I exchanged it hoping it was a defective one, but turns out, the second one was the same way. So, I traded it in and got myself a GameShark for the PS2. No problems with the GameShark yet. Does the same thing as the ARMAX. If you do get the ARMAX, make sure you get a warrenty or a trade-in for store credit just in case you end up in a similar situation....more info
  • Need help beating that game? Here's your solution
    I got this action replay because I no longer have reflex or free time or 10 year old to finish games that I like. Although I prefer playing the game the way it is written, many times I just don't have enough time to do all the dirty work - like collecting experience points and collecting money.

    This worked as advertised. It is little hassel to load this up _every time_ I need help. Since it take a while for this to load up, it's not convenient as popping my game disc and playing.

    I think it works reasonably well.. Used on 2 games so far. It's unfortunate that this doesn't let you play import titles. I've heard gamecube version had that functionality.

    It has tons of codes already on the disc. Unless you are trying out a recent game, you don't even have to enter a code....more info
  • Not as good as game shark
    As previous owner of a GameShark for PS2 (it was stolen after some idiots broke into my apartment), I decided to try something new... I purchased this based on reviews of it having an "intuitive interface" and "better than GameShark". After playing with it for a bit, I know that those reviews can't be further from the truth.

    I pride myself in being a somewhat accomplished Techno-phile, but to call this interface "intuitive" is the same as expecting someone who has never worked a computer to be able to write HTML code.

    As for better than GameShark?...No way... GameShark comes pre-loaded with more games and better codes. What's the point of cheating the game if you don't have an invincible cheat or infinite money? Those have to be most important cheat codes to just about any game! And they aren't found in all the games on the disk or even on the CodeJunkies site... You can request codes on the site, though... We'll see how that works out......more info
  • This thing is absolutely AMAZING!
    I've never been a big fan of "cheating" my way through games, but after buying a couple of new games I realized that I don't have as much "free time" as I used to; the ActionReplay Max definately gave me what I needed to get the most out of my new games.

    Even though the "AR Max" comes with TENS OF THOUSANDS of codes for about a hundred games on the disc, it didn't come pre-loaded with the particular codes I was looking for; I realized that was because the games I bought JUST came out the day I bought the Action Replay.

    Much to my surprise, when I poped in the ActionReplay disc into my PS2 and it loaded, it automatically detected my broadband adaptor and updated itself with EVERY CODE I could ever want!! (New codes, and I didn't have to enter a sinlgle one by hand) There was over 1000 brand new codes for the Final Fantasy X-2, and it just came out the day I got this thing!

    This thing is MUCH more than a simple cheat disc, it makes old games fun again; especially with codes to make cars fly, characters shrink and grow, and allow you to play as characters you could NEVER play with before. It has a memory manager, which kind of sucks, but it also lets you download game saves straight from their website and play DVD's from other countries.. I don't know why you'd want to, but at least I can if I want to!

    To the people made this nifty little blue disc, Nice job and THANK YOU!!!
    I'll never play my games without the Action Replay Max again!

    If you get one, I'm sure you'll be just like me; surfing the "codejunkies" website, thumbing through game magazines, and on message boards looking for even MORE new codes!...more info

  • May not play on your PS2!!
    I bought this item today and was very excited. I had always wanted a Gameshark/Cheat machine for PS2, and I had finally bought one. I opened up the package (which, is EXTREMELY hard to open without breaking...even the inside one was ripped when I opened it.) I read the instructions and placed the AR Card in a free memory card slot, turned on PS2, and placed in the AR Disc. I got the error, please place in PS1 or PS2 format disc. I tried several times, the same error. The scotch tape trick to improve the grip on the disc didn't work either, meaning it was probably a defect with the product or just the blue disc. I don't plan on buying another AR Max, and plan on exchanging it for a PS2 game instead....more info
  • Solid Product-Works Like A Charm
    The AR MAX is an awesome gaming tool. If you like cheat devices, buy this one or the evo edition. Although it has slow loading time, it works perfectly. I recommend using expert mode. I use it all the time. ...more info
  • useless and outdated
    this unit is only for the fisrst generation ps2, the new slim model that came out recently makes this unit completley useless and outdated. the better buy would be thier evo unit....more info
  • Utter CRAP
    Ok, so I went and bought an Action Replay MAX, I go home all happy knowing I will be able to watch movies from any Region and what happens? It doesnt work on a scph model 5001 ps2. Hello, can you people WAKE UP and recall all your crap or have the stores label them with a sticker that says NOT COMPATIBLE WITH SCPH 5001 MODEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELLO????????...more info
  • ReplayMax review
    I'm not an expert on video games so having this software helped me a lot. I can't ask for a better one. Grazie...more info
  • Don't know about all these bad reviews...
    I've owned an ar max for several years now and I can say it's the best cheating system created. I don't what everyone else here is having problems with, but my ar max is compatible with every game I own....more info
  • Not with PS2 model 50001!
    What a complete waste of time could not get it to work on my new playstation 2! Intec support is useless as they seem to not know the answer to any question. Make sure the store you buy it from excepts returns. UPDATE: Finally got an answer from Intec had to ship my disk back for an updated version. Works fine now and I'm happy with it. Word to the wise make sure you keep the CD clean and unscratched!...more info
  • A word of caution
    I do not own this, and I do not use cheat codes, so ignore my rating on this. I simply wanted to add a little bit of useful information.

    The last reviewer of this prodct stated that it used his broadband adapter to download new codes. While this is correct, it may not work with your broadband provider. This product DOES NOT work with any broadband provider that uses PPPoE (point to point protocol over ethernet) to give you your connection. This is a fairly common protocol that ISPs use, mostly because it is easiest. It is especially common is DSL connections. I recommend that if you are considering this product, that you check to make sure that your ISP does not use PPPoE. Action Replay is aware of this problem, but does not have a fix (and it doesn't look like they will have one any time soon)....more info
  • Codebreaker and AR Max are both great
    The Good: Interface is great, incredibly easy to use, comes preloaded with a bunch of codes already for use. DVD Region support, in which I have had zero problems with.

    The Bad: The Codejunkies website. This is where you will go to grab codes for games that you bought that may not be preloaded into AR Max. The site CAN be extremely unreliable, and there is no other website you can use to get the codes that you desire. So if the site is down...sorry. Another bad is the amount of codes compared to Codebreaker...just wow there really is no comparison, there are just that many more codes for codebreaker.

    The Ugly: The Memory manager. Just to test it I backed up some saves on another memory card. Took a clean memory card and "crushed" (which is like a compressing tool) some saves, yes it saved room but I also half the files I crushed became corrupt.

    Why this is on Par with codebreaker: There are tools out on the net that will let you convert codes over from v6 - v7 codebreaker to AR Max Format and visa versa. Without these I would go codebreaker, even taking in account the benefits with AR Max.

    Words from the Wise: As with any cheat device, make sure that you back up your games first before you start using codes. Some codes as with any device can really mess some things up and even cause loss of your original save!!...more info
  • Cheat disk not a game
    This product was sent to me brand new and in excellent condition. If you enjoy getting the cheats to your favorite games then I do by all means recommend this product....more info
  • AR Max is garbage
    This product is a piece of garbage. It is famous for killing memory cards with saved game data, and corrupting them permenatly. In adition, the tech support provide whether it be web based, or live telephone(when they answer) is the worst I have ever encountered. Datel products and service are the worst. In addition to the AR max, I purchased their talknet USB headset for online gaming. The headset does not work with new playstation 2 games. I am told Sony targeted this product, and rendered it useless with programming encoding. Their answer for this is for me to pay postage to mail the product back, and the will try to "fix" it and send it back. I dont think so. Buyer beware on anything from this company(Datel)....more info
  • Do Not Buy.
    Do not buy this. This is a piece of junk pretty much.

    I'm actually the son of the person who bought this, and even as a gift this is absolute garbage. Thankful She went through the trouble yes ^.^ But not quite happy with the product. Angered with the product!

    Here's what My experience is with this from turning it on.

    1. Open the package, A flimsy silver box in which the logo punches out for some reason, easily big enough to fit 3 DVD cases. It actually holds two instruction manuals, one in Spanish, and a CD-Rom in a sleeve.
    2. Putting it in. This is not a CD-Rom. Not a DVD, which the Playstation 2 is primarily meant to handle, but a CD, the thing that in conjunction with movies, played to much will screw up your PS2. A low Quality One No less, it sounds like my Playstation is falling apart trying to play it.
    3. The codelist is crap, there's games on here with no codes for them at all installed.
    4. Using this is interesting. I rarely get the desired result, often codes used will have completely negative effects, which I was not warned about. But in fairness to that area, they only claim it will warn you if it screws up the game, not screws with it.

    Also when I got this, the website was down for over a week, and entering codes is lengthy, and tiresome. The codes for each game are incredibly pathetic. Especially with RPGs. Customer Service is a Mess to deal with, worse so then DirecTVs.

    If there is a piece of dust on this disk, it will not play, you need to wipe it down thoroughly before inserting it. It's "USB Compatibility" Is explained in the manual, and on use I wouldn't recommend it. The DVD Region X feature, only works on select DVDs, or maybe it's just not compatible with Japanese DVDs, you're better off Buying a DivX DVD player for that. (They sell those cheap now)

    Just do not buy this. It was bad enough I will never buy another Datel product again. As far as being Generic goes, I don't know if this is, but it takes the cake on what you would expect from a Generic product. Even the codes section of their website is a bit hidden away, and Generally doesn't contain anything but what's already on the disc/catridge depending on what system you get it for. Just spend your money on a Codebreaker, or Gameshark even, but not this.
    ...more info
  • Don't Understand the Bad Reviews.
    Personally, I don't understand the poor reviews. I have owned the ARM for a very long time and I love it. It DOES work with my slim PS2 and has worked for every game I have tried it on. The ethernet connection doesn't work with my ISP, true, but that is a small price to pay for all the help it has been getting over tricky sections in games. And, since I only have to input codes once and it recognizes the game for then on, I don't even consider the lack of an ethernet connection to be a hinderence. This is a phenominal cheat system and I only hope I can find one as good for the PS3....more info
  • like to cheat?
    ive used a couple of the ps2 disk cheat loaders and this one by far the most user friendly. great interface, extremely easy to use. the action replay comes pre-loaded with codes for alot of games off the bat. can add new codes easy. i have yet to experience any kind of glitch with action replay, which i can say i have for others. if you want to beat the game quick use this infinite ammo, health, power-ups, everything in the game can and will be unlocked using this....more info
  • Doesn't seem to work on "early" PS2's...but not certain
    I followed the instructions by the book when I first purchased this product on installation and use. Everything seemed to be functioning normally, but when I start the game, there was no effect whatsoever. I went to the codejunkies website, read all the FAQ's on troubleshooting...nothing helped. So I exchanged this product for a new one, thinking it was defective. Same symptoms occurred. So I contacted both UK and US support. Neither side could help. They just kept repeating the instructions mentioned in the Instruction booklet, wasting my time. Eventually, I threw a question at them that seemed to have boggled their minds. I asked them if early PS2 consoles produced in 2000 don't work with their product. Both sides say they cannot be certain, but there is a possibility since they did design the product based on a later produced PS2 console. The funny thing is, UK support asked me to contact SCEA to see if there was any hardware changes made in the PS2 production over the years. Why waste my time? I just returned this product. My recommendation is to purchase this product at a store that guarantees returns so you can test it on your console and return it without any hassle if it doesn't work. I purchased my PS2 back in early 2000 and AR MAX doesn't work on it. Whether it's because AR MAX isn't compatible with early PS2's or AR MAX is a terrible product, I cannot say for sure with the facts I've collected. Purchase at your own risk!...more info
  • Don't Buy It! Mine was dead 8 hrs later!
    Here's the deal. In the box you get a CD and a Dongle. Some dongles are also 8mb memory cards. As was mine.

    You pop the dongle into a memory card slot - it only seemed to "see" it when it was in slot #01- and then pop the CD in and boot your PS2.

    After about a 30-35 second load -which feels like forever- you're treated a pretty slick GUI and upbeat music. The interface is easy enough to use, it auto downloaded codes, I even browsed some save games and everything. Neat.

    Then I went into the memory manager and as one memory card, an Official Sony brand one was getting full I moved some saves from off it onto the dongle.

    Then played some games, tested out some codes and had a lot of fun. Fast forward 8 hours from the time of purchase and booting it up I'm greeted with:

    "Please insert your Action Replay MAX Hardware now."

    Wonderful. It now refuses to see the dongle and my saves are trapped on it.

    Bottom line. Do not buy this. Try a Gameshark instead....more info

  • Not good.
    I have the slim-line PS2 and I bought the AR Max simply to play Region 2 DVDs. When I first put the product in, the machine would not recognize it. I called the customer service line and paid for a 7-minute phone call that told me I would have to send the product back to them in order to get a NEWER VERSION that would work in the slim-line PS2. When I got the new product, it was only a CD (they kept the cartridge I sent in), but the CD is all you need. I still find it annoying that they kept the cartridge. I didn't need it for anything, but it wasn't theirs to keep. So I put in the CD and try to play a few Region 2 DVDs. They don't work. The audio is fine but the video is distorted beyond recognition. The codes for video games work fine, no problem there. I have sent their support department an email (I don't expect them to get back to me anytime soon).

    So, in conclusion, if you are buying this product to use in the SLIM-LINE PS2, be prepared to send the product back to the manufacturer as soon as you buy it. Also, DO NOT buy this product solely to play Region 2 DVDs. Otherwise, you will have wasted your money like I did. ...more info
  • This thing actually has a use now...
    I honestly do not like cheat devices, but since Wild Arms 4 came out, it actually now has a use. Let me explain...

    Unfortunately, thanks to an programming on the part of Xseed Puplishing (the company that translated Wild Arms 4) it is impossible to unlock two of the bonus contents in the game without the aid of this device, or a similar device like a Gameshark. Since this is the cheapest of all said devices, if you are hellbent on unlocking everything in that game, you'll want to shell out the twenty dollars for this.

    If it wasn't for this reason, I wouldn't even be interested in this product. ...more info
  • Not Compatible with PS2 Slim
    This product did not work in my PS2 slim. Datel said that, with a receipt, they would exchange it for the correct disc, but I still need to find out if that means I had to originally purchase it from them....more info
  • DOES work with slim PS2
    Okay, I'll admit I bought this cheat thing for one reason only - to see the "hidden" games in GTA San Andreas. It worked just fine on my slim PS2 right out of the box, although there was a long load time as it updated from the website, and of course I had to find the codes and enter them manually since some paranoid loser at CodeJunkies decided to take the GTASA codes down. It takes a long time to put all those dang codes in and it really wasn't worth it for the hidden content. Buy it if you want to tweak your games a little, just don't go overboard or it will freak your PS2 out just as messing too much with Windows will freak out your PC....more info
  • Pretty good cheat program
    This is one of the better PS2 cheat systems I've tried. It's not perfect, but it does beat the other major one I have...(I probably can't say the name, but I suppose I can say GS are the initials of the thing).

    Pros: Lots of cheats included, and adding cheats manually from their website is pretty simple. If your PS2 is hooked to the internet, you can also just download the cheats. There is also a USB 'flash drive' with software available that lets you download codes to their own special Flash Drive to transfer to the PS2, (purchased seperately), for those who don't wish to muck around with manually entering cheats.

    Cons: Like other cheat devices, those writing the cheats don't often do their work properly. You end up with cheats that don't quite work the way they're advertised: (Case in point, the Persona 3 FES code to give you unlimited hitpoints doesn't do anything in fights, your hitpoints will not be unlimited at all, however AFTER a fight, your hitpoints will recover, which is kind of useless). Also, this device loads a bit slowly, though not quite as slow as some others have made it out to be, (It loads in under a minute for me every time).

    All that said, this is a handy bit of software to have if you get stuck on a game and really just wanna see the end, or for those like me who replay games a lot, and just find it more fun with cheats when replaying....more info