Fagor Duo 10-Quart Pressure Cooker/Canner

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Make fresh steamed lobster in 3 minutes, or bean soup in 20 minutes. Risotto? No more standing at the stove stirring for half an hour, you can enjoy moist risotto in 7 minutes! As for ease of operation, here's how it works: load the ingredients, lock the lid in place, select the pressure, and begin cooking. When the food is done simply release the pressure and serve. Your food will be healthier because all the water soluble vitamins and minerals are retained. You'll also enjoy the tender taste of slow cooking and the natural flavors and colors of your food. But best of all? Your cooking time will be reduced by up to 70%!

  • Made of high quality 18/10 stainless steel, can be use on all heat sources- gas, electric, ceramic and induction
  • Spring type mechanism in dial format can be maneuvered from one setting to the next without changing valves
  • Sleek black handles are ergonomically designed to make for easier handling
  • Automatic pressure release position, visual pressure indicator and safety locking handle prevents opening under pressure
  • Comes with instruction manual and recipe book

Customer Reviews:

  • Save time and energy
    Good quality. Save both time and energy.
    I was worrying that 10Qt was too big. But actually I0Qt is a good size for family of two or more, because in order to be safe, you can only fill pressure cooker half full. ...more info
  • good buy!
    The pressure canner that I purchased was exactly as described. I do a lot of canning and needed a smaller cooker and found this to be just want I needed....more info
  • Great for cooking & canning
    I'd been looking to do some canning and got this as a gift...

    It's easy to use with a simple pressure indicator and lid lock.
    The nonstick surface inside has been a cinch to clean after cooking!
    I've canned quart jars, although I'm not sure if quarts are "recommended"

    The handle on the main pot is only attached with one screw...no matter how much I tighten the screw down, it seems as though the handle comes slightly loose when dumping an entire pot of liquid (like after canning). This hasn't affected the functionality of the pot, but it did scare me the first time I tried to dump the water out (the pot is very heavy when filled, and although the handle only gave slightly, it still was an "oh!" moment!)

    All in all, a very good product, and the included cookbook gives you a nice start on some basic recipes for the pot....more info
  • New pot handle shattered
    This brand new pot's handle shattered when I lifted the pot - half full with boiled water and beans - one quarter inch above the stove coil. Luckily it shattered immediately and not when it was above the floor. I would have received major burns.

    This fine product needs to be recalled until this defect if fixed....more info
  • nice product
    nice product because i can use it to pressure cook my half pint jars of jelly i make from my apple tree. I can also use it to cook other types of meat and come out nice and tender. The clean up is a breese no sticking to the pan and basket....more info
  • Savvy Shopper
    This is an excellent choice for a mid-priced pressure cooker. It is a major improvement over the "jiggle top" aluminum creations of my grandmother's generation.

    Its large size means that it may be put to a large variety of uses, including bulk cooking, making stock from large bones or a turkey carcass, pressure canning, etc. Though a lighter and smaller pressure cooker is more suited to regular use by a most families, this large pressure cooker will handle the small sizes too.

    It is, of course, made of quality stainless steel, has an induction-cooktop compatible tri-ply base, has numerous safety features, does NOT have non-stick lining, AND it is made in Spain.

    Many soups and casseroles made in a pressure cooker are often tastier than those made by other methods. Want a pot roast, but don't have time for a slow cooker to do the job? - Use a pressure cooker and be eating the cheapest (but tastiest AND most tender) roast in maybe 90 minutes.

    So why not 5 stars?

    The Fagor Duo is designed to release a small amount of steam with a VERY feint hiss when cooking. This indicates that it is at the pressure selected. Other new pressure cooker designs are silent and release only the merest hint of steam unless they are over-pressured. Correct pressure is maintained by adjusting the hotplate in reference to a visual gauge. This design requires even less water for the production of steam - especially advantageous when cooking for extended periods, and minimizing condensation in the kitchen. - These designs merit 5 stars....more info
  • Love this canner!
    I purchased this canner because after doing much research this was the perfect canner for me. I have 2 large 18qt canners that I can vegetables and meat in and one has a dial gauge and the other is a weighted gauge that makes a hissing noise.Of the 2 canners I prefer the one that hisses because I can be doing other things in the kitchen and surrounding rooms and know that the canner pressure is not getting too high or too low because I can hear it.One has to constantly monitor the dial gauge because it does not make noise, it is just like a kitchen thermometer and has a hand that points to the present pressure the canner is at. Many times my dial gauge pressure has gone too high only to turn it down and it goes to low.So for me the weighted gauge canners are the best because I can hear the hissing noise and know whether my pressure is too high or too low.
    I love this canner it is very user friendly and easy to operate.I have tried making cheescake which came out very well I just made a meatloaf last night that took me 15mins to make.My husband just loved it.
    The company is very accessible I called them because I noted a small dent in the pot of my new canner and they told me to return it.I emailed Amazon and the very next day they had a replacement canner on the way.Amazon provided a return shipping label and I just used the box that I had gotten my new canner in to mail the dented canner back.
    I am very impressed with Amazon they have great customer service.
    I love this canner and would not hesitate on buying another Amazon had great prices on this canner also....more info
  • Not the advertised product!
    I ordered this item and received - TWICE - the Fagor Home Essentials line instead of the Duo. The Home Essentials sells for much less (79.95 for the pot and canning kit together) and is Teflon lined instead of stainless steel. My order came packed in the manufacture's box for the Duo. It took two emails to Amazon to address the error, and when they sent the "replacement" it was again the same product. If, like me, you wish to purchase a high quality stainless steel pressure cooker, Amazon is NOT the place to shop. ...more info
  • Fagor Duo 10 Qt. Pressure Cooker/Canner
    I am so pleased with the Fagor Duo 10 Qt. Pressure Cooker/Canner. It is easy to use and the instructions were easy to follow. Delivery was quick and the price was right. Don't know how I lived without it for so long. I use it every night after work and my dinners are fantastic. I highly recommend this product.

    Thanks Amazon.com!

    Louise...more info
  • Fagor Duo 10
    Excelent! Easy to use and delicious food -- cuts down your cooking time by half....more info
  • Fagor Makes Fast Cooking Easy!
    This 10 Qt Fagor Pressure Cooker has become one of my favorite pieces of cookware. I can cook bean soup from dried beans in an hour or less. I can cook tender, tasty roasts from the less-expensive cuts of meats with only 15 to 20 minutes of pressure. I really like that it is easy and safe to use. Ten quarts gives enough room for a generous amount of whatever you're cooking. Every kitchen needs one of these!...more info
  • Product has packaging problem
    The first order was as a Christmad gift for my son. when opening the package he found the pressure cooker had a broken handle. I had that one replaced and a second one shipped to him. Upon opening the package this one had a broken handle as well. Obviously there is a fundamental problem with the packaging. ...more info
  • Fagor Duo 10 qt Pressure Cooker success.
    I received the cooker within the prescribed delivery time and was impressed by the ease of operation, the flexibility of cooking times and the wide variety of recipes provided. I owned pressure cookers for years and still had no idea of some of the possibilities demonstrated in the recipe book. The quality of the steel is impressive and the heat distribution is very uniform. I have only one note to future users and that is to test out reactions to the high setting on your ranges since a lower heat setting may be more appropriate to avoid burning sticky foods. Even so, the Fagor performed better on high than the two other makes I used previously. The 10 quart size allows for maximum flexibility in preparing larger amounts....more info
  • Broken Handle on mine, too
    ALSO received one with a broken handle, teflon coated. Unlike other people, though, I went straight to Fagor's customer service department and was surprised that they declined to replace the handle. ...more info
  • Unbelievably Quick & Efficient!
    I grew up on a farm and my mother used a pressure cooker all summer long to quickly cook fresh veggies and for canning. But let me tell you - today's pressure cookers are easier to use & have built in safety vents so you never have to worry about having food exploding all over your kitchen.

    After having read so much about microwaves and how they change the molecular structure of food and how they are linking them to auto-immune diseases, we have totally given up using them. I initially was shopping for a pressure cooker so I could can/preserve produce that we will be raising in our garden this year. But when it arrived, I wanted to try it out. Food cooks more quickly in this pressure cooker than the microwave, and really tastes good. I simply can't believe that I haven't been using one for all of these years! A part of the reason I didn't is because my old 'jiggler' model is aluminum and of course I didn't want to cook food in that any more either. I haven't used it for canning yet, but I can't imagine that I will have any problems with it.

    I love this cooker. It is a little big for the two of us for cooking meals, so if you don't intend to use it for canning, I would recommend a smaller version. I DO use the steamer basket that came with it quite often, so I would recommend a model that comes with one. Food is moist and never dry, and flavors seem to be infused. It's wonderful! And there are so many cookbooks out there to help you with recipes. I checked out several from the library and intend to purchase a couple that I really like.

    Bottom line - this has become one of the most used pieces of equipment in my kitchen! Soak dry beans for a few hours and cook them for about 10 minutes and they are better than if they had been cooking for hours on the stove. Unbelievable taste and totally easy to use. I was also surprised at how much quieter they are now....more info
  • A good unit - well designed, does a great job
    I had purchased a Cuisinart electric pressure cooker, which I did not like - you can read my review under that product. I returned it and bought this one, which I like much better. No problematic electronics, larger capacity but smaller and lighter - easier to store and less $$$.

    It's easy to use, cooks enough for leftovers - which will get eaten! Pressure cooked food is easy, fast and tasty.

    This one is simple to use and has a good capacity - you can only fill a pressure cooker to around 60% of capacity, so a 10 qt. cooker can make around 6 qts.

    You do have to wait for it to get up to pressure before turning on the timer - you don't go off and leave these things. But the results are great, some of the best food I've ever made.

    If you want to try pressure cooking, this is good unit....more info
  • The box said Fagor but not the cooker
    I ordered the Fagor Professional Duo 10-qt. Pressure Cooker and Canner and was really looking forward to getting it as it had stellar reviews. The box was for exactly what I ordered but lurking inside was a Chinese made Kitchen Essentials cooker with a non-stick surface. I notified Amazon of this anomaly and they happily exchanged the product for a true Fagor product. Alas, the same thing happened the second time. I won't use non-stick and returned the second cooker too. I suppose Amazon cannot be faulted if Fagor is hiding inferior products in their boxes but it would have saved everyone a lot of grief if someone at the warehouse could have looked inside to see if the Fagor box contained an actual Fagor cooker or an imposter. I still would like to receive what I ordered but am afraid the result would be similar....more info


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