Revere 2-Quart Stick-Handle Steamer

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A hard working kitchen needs an array of hard working pots and pans if it's to be expected to produce good food in quantity. This steamer allows you to preserve nutrients, colors, textures, and flavors as you cook veggies, poultry, and seafood. This method requires no added fat, making it an especially suitable way to cook for good health.

  • 2-quart steamer made of high-quality 18/10 stainless steel
  • Designed to fit 2- and 3-quart Revere saucepans
  • Phenolic stay-cool handle ensures confident grip; hanging ring for storage
  • Washing by hand recommended; oven safe to 300 degrees F
  • Measures approximately 13-1/2 by 7-1/2 by 4 inches

Customer Reviews:

  • Exactly what I needed
    Yep, I had some 20-year-old Revere Ware pots and this steamer fit my 2 qt pan with no problem. And the lid from the pan fit the steamer. It's plenty big to steam two large sweet potatoes, and probably more. Exactly what I needed and the price was good too!...more info
  • Revereware Steamer
    I have so many pieces of Revereware dating back many many years to very recently....some pieces belonged to my great-great grandmother and have stood the test of time...still in constant use, handles in tact...wonderful stuff. As with other Revereware items, this little steamer is the same sort of tough stainless construction. Nice handle and it fits perfectly with your standard Revereware saucepans. For one thing that I don't like about it, it is the size. I wish it were as tall as the largest saucepan. You really can't get much into it. I tried to steam some crab in it last week. I was only able to get a few legs in at a time. That might not seem like a very big problem, but the other problem with this steamer is that it takes twice the amount of time to steam anything in it as you normally would do. I used to steam crab for 5 minutes. It takes a full 10 in this steamer. I used to steam asparagus for 4 minutes. Now it takes 8. I threw away my old aluminum steamer because I am tying to eliminate all aluminum from my cookware. Now the debate is, should I risk Alzheimer's and steam in the aluminum or should I starve to death by cooking half the food in twice the time?...more info
  • No problems at all
    The steamer was exactly what I ordered and arrived in excellent condition without any problems at all....more info
  • I can't believe a lid wasn't included with this pot
    II guess the joke was on me. I assumed that a lid would be included, but I guess that cost extra, or has to be purchased separately. I returned the item, because I didn't own any lids that fit this particular pot. And I wasn't about to go treasure hunting in my city to obtain one. Next time I'll be sure a lid is included before I buy....more info
  • Revere Ware is always reliable
    I bought this as part of the 2-quart set with the saucepan included. Revere Ware is very high quality and is the best value in cookware that I know of. It's affordable yet it works great and lasts for years. This steamer attachment works well and allows you to steam vegetables so they don't lose their vitamins and healthiness....more info
  • One of my favorite pieces in the kitchen !!!
    I absolutely LOVE the way this steamer makes veggies just perfect!! No more messing with the collapsible inserts..... Whatever you're steaming never sits in water.

    Mine came as a set with the 2qt pot.... but if you already have the 2qt pot, that lid will fit the steamer insert just fine.

    I highly recommend!!! ...more info
  • No problems at all
    The steamer was exactly what I ordered and arrived in excellent condition without any problems at all....more info
  • It is nice~
    It fits my sauce pot very well and does a good job.:)...more info
  • Wish this was the older version...
    I love Revereware, but I, like others, can feel the difference in the newer ones verses the older ones in weight...I wish I could find some older models still! Nice steamer though...still waiting on the double boiler set I bought at the same time......more info


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