Pyrex Storage 14-Piece Round Set, Clear with Blue Lids

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Product Description

Eliminate the guesswork about what's lurking in your fridge with these convenient glass storage units by Pyrex. It's a scientific fact that leftovers are far less likely to be eaten if they languish hidden. By the time someone decides to take a peek, well, let's just say it can be unnerving. Glass gives you the advantage of being able to store and reheat in the same container, and it doesn't discolor or retain odors the way plastic containers can. With many sizes to choose from you'll be able to store not only leftovers but also pre-prepared meals.

Keep your leftovers chilled or frozen in these durable glass containers with plastic lids. The clear glass lets you see at a glance what's inside, and the stackability factor helps you neatly store dried pasta, cereal, and other items on your shelf. When you're ready to reheat those leftovers, bring to room temperature then warm in the oven or microwave. Pyrex glass is nonporous, so it won't stain or absorb food odors. And, unlike plastic containers, glass won't emit harmful chemicals during microwave use.

This 14-piece storage set consists of seven round glass bowls: one large seven-cup; two medium-size four-cup; and four handy two-cup (great for lunches). Each has its own seal-tight, blue plastic lid. Incredibly durable as long as sudden changes in temperature are avoided, Pyrex glassware is safe for the oven, microwave, freezer, refrigerator, and dishwasher, and even looks good serving at the table. Please avoid using the lids in the microwave and oven, and wash by hand or on the dishwasher's top rack. Pyrex covers the glass bowls with a two-year warranty, and the lids with a one-year warranty. Pyrex glass is made in the USA. --Ann Bieri

  • Set includes one 7-cup, four 2-cup, and two 4-cup round bowls; seven blue plastic lids
  • Made of nonporous glass that won't warp, stain, or absorb odors
  • Seal-tight lids ideal for secure food storage; stackable design
  • Bowls safe for use in oven, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher
  • Lids dishwasher safe on top rack; 2-year warranty on glass; made in the USA

Customer Reviews:

  • Pyrex. Say Goodbye to plastic forever.
    Pyrex means you can throw all that other plastic garbage away. It's safe, easy to clean, stays clean, won't stain, and just look good. ...more info
  • awesome and no leaching!
    With all the recent worries over plastic containers, I decided to go back to glass. I'll never look back! These containers are wonderful! They can go from the deep freeze to the oven to the microwave and more. Bonus, even a klutz like me can't break these bowls. This is very important when one is walking through the company cafe, bumps into the HR rep, does a 360 spin on the nice, slick linoleum floor and launches her lunch through the air like an Olympic shot putter. Knowing that your spicy bean soup would not have shards of glass in it after this display is priceless. ...more info
  • Great Product
    Serves its purpose well. Not really any big bowls so u may want to look into an additional set with bigger bowls, but this set is very nice and convenient to have....more info
  • Great!
    I love these tupperware! It's durable, none greasy, easy to clean, and sealed tight. It's worth every cent. Especially when I didn't even pay that much for these through amazon. =) ...more info
  • I love the Pyrex storage sets
    I first bought my first set of Pyrex storage and bakeware at Costco. And I fell in love with it. So I came back for more and I ended up buying this set, because we use the round bowls a lot.
    I used to have a lot of the plastic ones (like Rubbermaid), but we are replacing all of them with the Pyrex ones. The plastic ones get stained with tomato sauce or sometimes they will deform on microwave.
    The pyrex set can go to the oven, microwave, freezer and fridge, of course! I never had any problems with it. I use the small ones to bring lunch to work because their size is just perfect.
    And now I'm buying more of the round ones because I need more! I just can't have enough....more info
  • Good Buy
    Bought them mainly for use in the microwave as have not had good experience with any of the branded microwaveable plastic containers. The plastic containers do not last long and eventually need to be thrown.
    I am very happy with these containers as they work really well in the microwave
    As per the seller: The packaging was good too and the containers were shipped promptly and arrived in around 4-5 days ( as per the shipping option ) I had taken.
    ...more info
  • Good deal
    I got these on sale for $16.99. The lids seal well and it's a nice alternative to plastic. Some bowls can be stacked so they don't take up a lot of room in the cabinet. There are more small containers, but I prefer that to the large ones since I tend to have leftovers that fit in the smaller ones. ...more info
  • If some lids are missing...
    .... Amazon will not handle the problem but rather tell you to contact the manufacturer of this product.

    I received this product with several missing lids....more info
  • Pyrex Storage containers
    I am very pleased with the delivery of my Pyrex storage set. I was worried about broken pieces because they are glass but everything was in excellent condition and the shipping was fast....more info
  • Great Storage at a Great Price

    -Great durability, offers the right sizes for storage.
    -Lid seals on tight to ensure that no air gets in
    -Easy to clean in dishwasher

    -It may be a little difficult to get the lids on. Other than that, i highly recommend this set!...more info
  • You get what you see
    They are simly what you should expect from the product description. They met my expectations....more info
  • great - lids are SO tight, though
    Bought pyrex to make heating toddler's meals easier - and arguably safer than plastics. The first few times I tried to put on the lids, I swore they sent me the wrong size. It's really, really hard to do. That's the only drawback I see....more info
  • Wonderful Product
    Excellent quality as expected from Pyrex. Clear containers really help when you are trying to find something in the refrigerator.

    Unfortunately the there is nothing on the lids that says what kind of plastic they are made of. They are dishwasher safe - I've washed one in the dishwasher in over a year - but now I've switched to washing the lids by hand in cool water. There is a study that says that exposing certain kinds of plastic to hot water increases the rate at which it releases phthalates. So I really wish I knew what the lids were made out of. ...more info
  • Tight Lids and "Tight" Containers
    The lids fit VERY WELL... to the point that is a little trouble getting them on. Better tight than not, right?

    I would encourage all to make the switch from plastic to glass ASAP!...more info
    OUT WITH THE PLASTIC AND TUPPERWARE and in with the non-reactive glass. Microwave without the bowl warping. YAY...more info
  • Practical
    The newer pyrex glass doesnt seem as thick or as heavy as the older pyrex (even from a few years ago). The new glass also seems to have minute bubbles in the glass and chips easily.

    For the lack of anything else like it on the market, I would still reccomend this product for its versatility and for environmental & for health reasons.

    wait for the friday sale or for a special at 9.99...more info
  • 14 piece pyrex
    I bought two sets and am glad I did because they are wonderful.I'm trying to get away from plastics especially in the microwave. I just put a paper towel over the container not the lid and heat away!...more info
  • Good solid containers
    Pyrex storage containers are clean and stand the test of time. The lids are thick and tight. I rank them highest in terms of quality....more info
  • Pyrex Products are Amazing!
    Its great, I'm a bachelor and I use them for every meal. I cook in them, eat in them, and if I'm too full to finish then I just throw the lid on and refrigerate them. The Lids are ridiculously tight too, you can fill it with water and flip it upside down and nothing leaks.

    Highly recommended!...more info
  • Great product
    This is one of the best purchases I've made recently. Actually I bought two. There are a good amount and variety of bowls....more info
  • switch to glass
    I got these containers because of the dangers of plastic. I've enjoyed using these for freezing meals for the week. The only thing I don't like is that they get extremely hot in the microwave. So use caution and oven mits. Which is fine at home, but becomes a lot of work at the office....more info
  • Very Useful
    I bought these to replace some plastic tupperware I had been using. They are very sturdy. We use them at home and for bringing lunches to work. The lids fit securely. I also like that the glass portion (I'm not sure about the lid) is made in the USA....more info
  • Pyrex glass dishes with lids
    I ordered this set as an extra set for our summer home. I love these dishes for storage of foods in the refrigerator and for microwave use. They are a perfect addition to any kitchen!...more info
  • Great product--sure beats plastic tupperware!
    I like leftovers, but am terrified of storing them in plastic tupperware because of all the studies about the carcinogenic chemicals from them leeching into the food. So naturally, I was excited when these Pyrex containers went on sale. They're sturdy and the lids stay on tight--no messy leakage! I can stick them in the microwave, dishwasher, and freezer. Also they are much easier to wash than plastic. If you have ever stored tomato sauce in one of those plastic containers, you know what I mean. ...more info
  • Excellent storage!
    These containers are great. Easy to use and convenient to store leftovers. The lids seal tight and snap on with ease. The shape of the bowls make it easy to serve or eat from. And cleanup is a breeze because of the round shape; no corners deal with....more info
  • best container
    These glass containers remind me easily what's inside, like a plastic container only without the dangers of plastic. You probably think glass is easily broken. Pyrex has been a trustable brand for many years. My husband shared an anecdote about his chemistry lab class in middle school. A young girl dropped her equipment, a pyrex container, on the floor. She felt so awful and apologized to the teacher. The teacher said in light hearted tone, "Don't worry. It is pyrex. It won't break that easily." It was not broken indeed. ...more info
  • Perfect
    Great in the microwave, fridge, your backpack on trips, etc.. etc...

    These fit great and seal awesome. The lids aren't hard to put on, you just have to move around the edges until it seals. These are the best food storage containers around. ...more info
  • chipped
    This storage system would have worked wonderfully. Great sizes, 14 pieces...however..the items were packed so poorly (not by UPS), but by the manufacturer. There was only some paper and a piece of cardboard to separate the items. This caused the item to arrive w/2 chips. If tbe packing would have been sufficient, the product probably would have been great. ...more info
  • Love these....
    With all of the "talk" about plastic in the microwave causing illness, cancer, whatever....I decided to get glass. I LOVE these containers. They are great for storing in the fridge and for reheating in the microwave, without the plastic lids. I put a glass plate over them while warming....more info
  • So much nicer than the plastic stuff.
    These are fantastic bowls and lids. Just the right size. Microwave in them and they don't melt. They don't leak. Clean and neat. I would recommend these to anyone!! And thanks to Amazon I got a fantastic price on them. Highly recommended....more info
  • Pyrex is awesome
    I used to use this sort of cookware in a lab, and it's just as good at home. I'd buy a bigger set if I were doing it over again....more info
  • very happy with these!!!
    A safe way to heat, freeze, and store food!!! I am really happy with these and highly recommend them as an alternative to disposable (landfill!) food storage.

    Great price too! ...more info
  • Much better than plastic storage containers...
    Got tired of having plastic storage containers that got yucky when certain foods stored in them or when they were used in the microwave. These glass containers have heavy plastic lids that I hope will hold up over time. So far they have come out of the top rack of the dishwasher looking like new, not prone to warping like some others I've had. The glass bowls are heavy too and not at all fragile. Also, I like that I can warm stored foods up in glass rather than plastic so I don't have to worry about whether I'm microwaving safely. It seems too that since foods show clearly through the glass, I am more prone to use those leftovers that might have been stored and forgotten until they've spoiled. These containers can be stacked for shelf storage and I find they take just a little more space than the plastic ones I have now tossed. Nice addition to the kitchen. ...more info
  • Love them all, big to small!
    I've been using for about a month now and the only thing wrong is I should have ordered two sets inside of just the one. A handy selection of sizes and the lids are substantial and fit tightly. Definitely worth the investment and definitely going to invest in more!...more info
  • Wonderful product but keep away from stove top.
    First, let me say I purchased this set in October 2007. I was thrilled with the thickness of the glass and the durability of the lids. I use them daily for cooking and storage. I have had no issues whatsoever with quality until this evening when one of the glass dishes shattered as it was sitting on our glass top stove. Or rather, it EXPLODED because glass flew all across the range, counters, on the floor - HUGE MESS! I was quite shocked because I had used all the glass bowls in the microwave, in the oven, fridge, and washed them in the dishwasher on sanitize without even the smallest issue arising. This particular bowl was sitting on the stove, next to the burner that was on and it just shattered. I had pulled it from the cabinet and just added refried beans to microwave. I'm wondering if after a year of use, the quality somehow diminishes - though I really hope that isn't the case because I really like using the bowls. I would advise that you check your glass bowls regularly for any cracks, etc. that might weaken it. It could be there was an issue that I didn't catch. As for normal storage, these bowls are the best! After all the scare about plastics, we switched completely to glass. They are much easier to clean, stack very well, do not have that nasty residue that happens to plastic as it ages and it's Earth friendly because you aren't replacing them as often as you would plastic. They also don't warp like plastic and thankfully, neither do the lids! I came to see if there were any other reviews like mine, and did not read any issues that were similar to the glass exploding like it had with me. I am hoping that it was just a freak accident and will not happen again, but thought I would post in case someone had a similar experience. I am still pleased with the product for storage and will continue to use it as such. Not so sure about using it in the microwave or in the oven again just yet. I researched pricing at the time of purchase last year and am pleased to report that it was then and still is now the cheapest price available. ...more info
  • Amazon Shopper
    I have Pyrex that's over 60 years old that I've picked up at yard sales, thrift shops, and that was passed down to me from my grandmother. I've tossed all my plastic containers in favor for these. I just hope the lids hold up to the Pyrex name....more info
  • Love'em
    Not the first set we've bought. Hopefully the 10 bowls we have will be enough... My wife never seems to think so. Only thing that could make them better is a glass lid (it may exist, I haven't looked) for straight to oven cooking.

    For those complaining about too hot, I agree, they get hot, but my food is always warmed. With all the "you get cancer from microwaving plastic" info floating around, I'd rather just deal with a hot pad for my heated bowls.

    Also, the lids can be difficult to get on the bowl if you don't realize that you need to circle the lid with your finger under the lid, and thumb over it. They go on easily when you do it right. It's not a force on lid....more info
  • great product and eco-friendly
    enough said, I get so much day-to-day use from this set and they still look brand new....more info
  • Fifty Percent Awesome
    I purchased this set when it went on sale for Gold Box. I was excited to pick up some pieces that were dishwasher/microwave safe. I also wanted to go with glass because it won't stain with spaghetti sauce and, let's face it, there's at least a little bit of scariness around whether or not plastics lead to potential health problems.

    Pyrex makes the best glassware, and these are no exception. However, they also totally missed the boat with the provided lids, which are cheap-quality, hard to put on and take off, and possibly not airtight. Having such sub-par quality lids with this type of high-quality glassware really killed the usefulness of this set for me. Plus, the sizes included here are somewhat odd. While not a fault of the product itself, the four small bowls that are included spend a lot of time on the shelf, as I usually do not store such negligible amounts of food.

    I picked up a Glasslock set from my local club store and have actually been much more impressed with those. The lids are much easier to put on and take off, they're airtight for sure, and the rectangular shape makes them more usable in my opinion....more info
    Ordered this set just to use up some coupons & needed a housewarming gift.When it was opened by the recipients,i was sorry i hadn`t kept it for myself and given them something else.This was a well made ,sturdy set and they liked it very much....more info
  • Pyrex still the best!
    I bought this Pyrex storage set as a gift for my daughter. It arrived in a timely manner and in good shape. My daughter is thrilled....more info
  • I like Pyrex
    I love Pyrex storage and I will buy more if there are more future promotions....more info
  • Conveinent
    Lids fit perfect after several washings in the dishwasher(top shelf). Great for microwave. Hot to Cold and Cold to Hot....more info
  • Good storage containers
    Pyrex is can put them in the dishwasher, microwave, freezer, etc. I bought two sets of these because 14 pieces counts the lids, so you end up with only 7 dishes. I gave four stars because they chip easily...before I used a single dish, one chipped on me as I was putting it away. I am waiting to see if I have any other chipping problems. Overall, these things are great. I highly recommend using these over plastic food containers!...more info
  • Good Quality
    I was misunderstand when I purchase this item. it is 14 pieces rather than 14 boxes...So I was a little bit tricked to buy this set. But the quality is good. ...more info
  • Round is better than rectangular
    I purchase this set because they are all round bowls. Pyrex makes good glass containers but the plastic lids usually won't last as long as the bowl itself. I used to purchase sets with both round and rectangular shaped containers. After only a few months, the rectangle lids started to worn out. However, all the round ones stayed in good shape for years. It's not doing good to be storage containers when you don't have the lids. My wife also finds this is true to the Corning brand. Thereforre, if the durability of the lids is a main concern for you, this is the set you should have. ...more info
  • Excellent product
    Excellent quality glassware - should last a very long time if taken care of by following instructions on appropriate use. This set is SO much better than the cheap plastic disposable containers....more info


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