Essick Air H12-400 3-Speed Evaporative Console Humidifier, Oak Burl

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CONSOLE HUMIDIFIER Convenience and quality in one, the Humidifier can disperse up to 12 gallons of water per day over 2500 square feet of space. Humidifier holds 5 gal., tank holds 2.5 gal. 3 speed air flow control Automatic humidistat Includes water fill 4 casters Burl oak style cabinet AHAM certified Boxed

It's big and it's boxy, but this humidifier is designed to humidify an entire house--up to 2,500 square feet. Using an evaporative system and unheated, natural, evaporated water, this humidifier requires less energy than warm mist or steam units. You also won't have to deal with white dust, spray, or mist on furniture or floors. Other benefits of the evaporative system include: relief from symptoms of dry skin, itchy eyes, chapped lips, and scratchy throat; it prevents plants and furniture from becoming overly dry; and reduced static electricity protects computers and electronics. This humidifier's water bottle holds 5 gallons and disperses up to 12 gallons of water per day, refilling easily and neatly in the sink via an included hose. Cleaning the rest of the appliance is just as simple: the power unit lifts off the top of the humidifier for easy cleaning and servicing, while the evaporative wick, which filters out mineral deposits, also lifts out for replacing. Controls are hidden behind a panel on the top of the unit. Select a preferred humidity from the humidistat dial and this model will automatically turn itself on and off to maintain the chosen humidity level. In addition, the humidifier's fan offers three settings. This humidifier measures 24 by 13-1/2 by 22 inches, with casters on the bottom for easy rolling from room to room. Bemis covers this unit under a one-year limited warranty. --Cristina Vaamonde

  • Humidifies 2,500 square feet; 12 gallons of output per day
  • Evaporative system uses natural humidity; no white dust
  • Protects skin, plants, furniture, electronics from harmful, dry air
  • Exclusive comfort sensor humidistat; 3-speed fan
  • Rolling casters; 1-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Great Product!
    Have it run 24/7 with no issues. Quiet...kinda loud at highest setting. It does put out a lot of moisture on high. The only thing I wish is if the water bottle and refill hole should have been bigger. You do have to fill it everyday or so....more info
  • 12 gals a day but only holds 5....?
    Doesn't it seem strange to have a humidifier that disperses 12 gals a day but only holds 5 gals? That means you have to refill it twice a day. Why not have a large tank (say, 12 gals?) that you can fill easily with a bucket?...more info
  • Bemis H12-400
    This is my second Bemis whole-house humidifier. Our first one stopped releasing water out of the one tank. I found out a week after I threw the old humidifier away that the cap fills up with water deposits and can be easily replaced. Silly me. So if your tank quits letting out water, replace the cap first!

    I replaced the old system half-way through the winter of '06 and used the new one for the entire winter of '07. This new one, the H12-400, works very similar to my old one, but I feel like I fill this one more than the last one. My old one would last a week on one fill, the new one is filled every other day. Not because it's empty, but because I hate to fill the jug twice. On initial or empty fills, you have to fill the tank once, wait for it to empty into the on-board tank, then you refill it again.

    The humidistat on this one is also extremely touchy. Move it just a hair and it puts too much humidity in the air, move it down a hair and it's the opposite. When you finally find a spot you like, don't touch it.

    I feel the H12-400 is also relatively quiet. We can watch tv at a normal volume with it on the lowest setting. I normally just let it run on medium all the time and just turn the tv up a little. You can hear other people talking and talk on the phone with no problems with it on medium setting.

    With my old machine I only had to replace the wick once a season. I usually just threw the old one away when I cleaned it for summer storage, then put in a new one at the beginning of the next season. The wick in the H12-400 had to be replaced 3/4 the way through the season, which I was not thrilled about. We'll see how long the next one lasts. At $20 a piece, hopefully it lasts the whole season.

    To sum it up the positives are the quality of the air it releases, the reliability of the machine itself, and it's stylish looks actually make it fit-in in the living room. It's quiet run allows you to hear the TV over it.

    Downsides: cost of filters and wicks and the length they last. Filling the tank twice to get a "full" fill. The casters allow the tank to move if bumped and then water sloshes everywhere (I just removed the casters and took care of this problem.)

    Would I recommend to a friend: Yes...more info
  • Filters are a pain
    I would avoid this product. The humidistat on the unit was busted, and it took two successive motor units from the manufacturer to find one that worked correctly.

    At high speed, the fan rattled way too much. Noise was excessive.

    The filters for these units are big, and expensive. And if you have hard water, you'll be very lucky to get a month's use out of them.

    You'll go broke on filters alone.

    ...more info
  • Fast, Covers large area!
    This does a great job humidifying a large area for sure!!. The only complaints I have are it's a little over-priced(but did come with free shipping). I bought a similiar one 5 years ago for $90. Also,it came missing a piece (a caster) AND it took a little extra effort to "fit" it together because another plastic piece wasnt trimmed. When I contacted the company via email, they wanted me to call somewhere to get the missing caster replaced. That should be THEIR job not mine. -Greg....more info
  • Really pumps the water out
    This looks nicer than I thought it would. It's very efficient in getting moisture into the air. The high setting is loud so we turn it on high at night when we are all in bed. there are two tanks with one being portable so you can lift it out and fill it. The other one can be filled with the hose that comes with. You attach it to the faucet and fill the humidifier. It rolls quite easily from room to room. The finish on the outside is a rich looking finish and the top is black plastic. It actually looks quite nice for the price and it works very very well....more info
  • Broken after 1.5 years.
    Bought this about a year and a half ago. On anything but low it was fairly loud when it was new -- on high it was as loud as any air conditioner I've ever heard. But after about a year it started getting louder -- the spindle that the fan is on started becoming loose, and about a month ago it's just become deafening and even starting to smell like it's rubbing and will start to burst into flame or something. I mean this is just a large box that holds water and a wick you have to replace -- the fan is the only thing to it! And for it to be bad this quickly (but naturally far outside of the warranty period...) is just a sign of poor product, especially for the price you pay....more info
  • Essick H12 Humidifier
    I have really appreciated this humidifier. It works great & is so easy to fill. No mess and also no white dust. I've noticed a great improvement in the condition of my skin and hair, and I no longer get shocks whenever I pet our dog. Highly recommend. ...more info
  • Excellent Home Humidifier
    We needed a full-house humidifier, and this does the job nicely. It is easy to fill, and very quiet on the lower settings. When you crank it up, it does get noisier, but when it's really dry it certainly works faster. We have it in the hall next to our bedroom, and it doesn't bother us at all. One thing that may get a bit confusing is that this model does not have a 5 gallon basin. Rather, it has a 2.5 gallon basin and a 2.5 gallon removable tank. It comes with a hose that fits snugly over a faucet - which I love because I can stand the tank on the floor, feed the hose into it, and fill it hands-free. Nice....more info
  • If you have animals
    I would not recommend this model. I had one for two years and had to replace the wick every two or three months even with the optional air filter. With three cats and two Great Danes the filter and wick clogged quickly. When clean it does a nice job but it got too expensive to maintain. No, I won't get rid of my animals....more info
  • Great Buy!
    This humidifier works as well as a full house unit. Easy to fill and the Oak Burl finish is beautiful! So happy to have found this unit. It does cover the square footage that it states.Essick Air H12-400 3-Speed Evaporative Console Humidifier, Oak Burl...more info
  • What a difference.
    My house was so dry until I got the Essic Air humidifier. It has a 2 1/2 gallon water tank, and I fill it three times a day. The difference in the house is dramatic, and it seems easier to keep warm. Very happy with the humidifier....more info
  • Good preformance but
    the wick has to be replaced too often, I have had the wick get clogged with minerals and then it doesn't work. The outside filter is very flimsy and can be difficult to clean..
    It does a good job of humidifying the air as long as the wick is new....more info
  • A Good Work Horse
    I bought this humidifier to combat the low humidity of NorthEastern Winters. My house is 2,400 Sqr Ft and this unit is stretched to keep the humidity above 40%. The highest speed is quite noisy and can only be used at night or when we are away. I recommend it but only for smaller homes....more info
  • Bemis H12-400 3-Speed Evaporative Console Humidifier
    Very few humidifiers work as well as the Bemis. I would recommend it to everyone. There is one cautionary note: Be sure to check the tank and reservoir every day. Five gallons of water do not last very long,so pay attention. This way the owner will have good, clean humidity. The unit is easy to take apart and clean....more info
  • A very good Humidifier
    Have used two of the Bemis H 12, 3 speed Humidifier, now for two years. They are very easier to use & require very little care, except for & occasional cleaning. Must replace the Wick & the back Air Filter each year, to keep it working well. Also should receive one good cleaning per year, inside, as much dust will get on all surfaces in & around the fan area. They seem very well maitain the desired humidty level, as I have good Humidstats in rooms, to give indication of where settings should be for variences caused by outside air temp, which greatly affects amount of water needed, to be added to room air. Just got a new 1045 Super Wick, when I put it on, I found that it did not have the little bracket on the top, left side to slide the little guide that holds the water level rod (that goes up & down with level, to show when filling is needed. This made it hard to put the top back on, as rod would not stay in place, and had to "Duct Tape" to make it stay & line up with switch, where it slides into switch depression. Don't know if this was just an error, or if this is not put on replacment Wicks any longer. This is a good Humidifier & would sure recommend it to anyone, to try & buy.

    A Satisfied Customer....more info