Essick Air 336-500 3-Speed Tabletop Evaporative Humidifier

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Product Description

3 Speed Evaporative Tabletop Humidifier, 5 Gallon Output Per Day, Humidifies 1,000 SQFT, Humidistat Automatically Controls Humidity Level, Dual Wicking Filters, Two 1.5 Gallon Water Bottles, Granite Color With Clear Water Bottles

  • Uses Essick Air Products Replacement Wicking Filter Twin Pack #1040 Or Single Wicking Filter #SGL1040
  • Use of Essick Air Products Bacteria Treatment #1970 recommended when refilling water bottles to eliminate bacterial growth
  • Features:
    • 5 gallons of output per day
    • Humidifies 1100 square feet
    • 3-speed fan
    • Automatic humidistat
    Customer Reviews:
    • Highly recomended
      Evaporative humidifiers are the most efficient and easiest to maintain design, much better in my opinion than ultrasonic designs or ones that boil water. This humidifier can put a lot of moisture into the air, holds close to three gallons of water, so you don't have to refill every day, and is realtively quiet. The only drawback is the design of the tanks which are a little difficult to handle upside down. ...more info
    • Good product, somewhat noisy
      I've had this product for over a year. It is easy to clean and works as it is supposed to. It is great for a large bedroom. It does not have enough capacity to humidify your entire house, unless you live in a very small ranch. In the winter in my New England home, I refill it about every day, sometimes twice a day. It has the ability to put a good amount of moisture into the air. I believe it is rated to humidify about 1000 sq ft.

      The only complaint I have is that the highest fan setting is almost unusable - it is very noisy.

      on the lowest fan setting, not enough moisture is put into the air, but it is very quiet. It might be OK if you had it on the lowest setting and the unit was in an enclosed bedroom. If you are trying to humidify more than one room, the lowest fan setting isn't enough.

      Overall the unit works as it is supposed to except for the noise on the highest fan setting. ...more info