Hoover S2200 Flair Bagless Stick Cleaner

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lim and speedy, the 6-amp Hoover S2200 Flair stick cleaner is a handy cleaning tool for bare floors and low carpets. It has a 10-inch floor nozzle for efficient coverage and collects dirt and debris in a bagless dust cup for easy upkeep. The cup is clear for monitoring and pops off quickly to empty in the trash bin. A washable cloth filter is included inside, and an additional side-mounted filter helps keep smaller particles from returning to the atmosphere of your home. Bagless stick cleaner for bare floors and low carpets Pop-off dirt cup; multi-stage filtration system Large rear wheels and swivel nozzle for maneuverability 20-foot power cord; quick-release cord hooks; hang up slot

Slim and speedy, the 6-amp Hoover Flair stick cleaner is a handy cleaning tool for bare floors and low carpets. It has a 10-inch floor nozzle for efficient coverage and collects dirt and debris in a bagless dust cup for easy upkeep. The cup is clear for monitoring and pops off quickly to empty in the trash bin. A washable cloth filter is included inside, and an additional side-mounted filter helps keep smaller particles from returning to the atmosphere of your home. In operation, the handle drops to horizontal for maneuvering under furniture, though the oval body may not fit under especially low-slung tables and chairs.

Simple to use, the Flair includes a swivel nozzle design and oversized casters for easy turning. A rocker switch on the handle controls power and a foot-pedal toggle changes the nozzle from "bare floors" to "carpets." Outfitted with a 20-foot power cord, the vacuum comes with quick-release cord hooks and a hole in the handle for hanging storage. Hoover includes a one-year warranty. --Emily Bedard

  • Bagless stick cleaner for bare floors and low carpets
  • Pop-off dirt cup; multi-stage filtration system
  • Large rear wheels and swivel nozzle for maneuverability
  • 20-foot power cord; quick-release cord hooks; hang up slot
  • Includes a full 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Good for a dorm room.
    This vacuum works very well for a stick vac. My daughter says it works really good in her dorm room at college. We have an older model and it works great too. These are very good stick vacs. Would buy another one....more info
  • Great little vac!
    I love this little vac! It's perfect for the hardwood floors in my kitchen and dining room. It gets all the little crumbs we drop, all the fine dirt we track in from the garage, and I was thrilled when it easily picked up the floating fur balls from our long haired cat. Does a great job on floor edges, too. Fairly decent on throw rugs, but that's not its main purpose in my house. It's nice and light, and super easy to maneuver--easy enough for my 8 year old to help out after her cat. The turning head makes it comfortable to get under furniture, saving my already bad back. Light, easy to maneuver, easy to empty/clean...and the price was right!...more info
  • Well worth it!
    Great for cleaning bare floors!! Easy to operate, not real noisy, and it can get under beds and tables with ease!
    Well worth the money. ...more info
  • This product sucks - just like it should!
    I have wooden floors and two dogs that shed. This vac has been great for cleaning up all the extra hair. I use it daily and it does a great job. Not too loud, does not blow things around, plus it makes the air smell cleaner with its filter. Would highly recommend - Good value....more info
  • Small and powerful
    I have been extremely impressed, especially for the price. The only negative is that the "button" that holds the cup in place came out once. We were able to get it back in, but it wasn't easy....more info
  • Good vacuum, nothing special
    This appears to be a solid vacuum. It does what a vacuum is supposed to do, it sucks. The instructions for the filter are a little vague though (or perhaps I didn't read them correctly) there was something about turning the filter inside out to empty it, and when I attempted to do this I ended up pretty much breaking/bending the filter. Other than that, no issues. Wish the cord was maybe 10 ft longer....more info
  • Perfect NYC apartment vacuum....
    I bought this for my NYC apartment - it's all bare floors, my roommate has a dog, and he doesn't own a vacuum (gross). I'm a super neat freak so I bought this little thing so I could vacuum the floors every day or two, keep my allergies in check and the kitchen clean. I just got it, and I was pleasantly surprised. For $40, I thought it would be "acceptable", but it's actually quite good! Strong suction, looks good, is sturdy, cleaned up my apt nicely in no time with no hassle, and quietly too. Sucked up dog food, little stones from a fallen bamboo plant, a bobby pin (oops), and all the styrofoam that broke off when I unpacked it. The cord is super long for a little upright, and the filter was messy to clean but very efficient.

    One star off b/c the plastic attachments are definitely brittle and breakable, but I figure I will just have to be a little careful. Overall, great for non-carpet owning apartment dwellers!

    (PS free shipping took 3 business days - awesome!)...more info
  • I would not rate it as No. 1
    I chose this product as a result of being highly rated by the Consumer Reports October 08 issue. The dust accumulates at the top of the bag, not great at edge cleaning. Hope my personal vac has a manufacturer's defect and not that all of them are like it! I would not recommend it....more info
  • good for intended use
    This unit worked better than other stick cleaners we have tried. Not intended for plush carpeting but worked very well on bare floors and short pile carpet....more info
  • Nice and Light Vac
    The Hoover Flair vacuum is nice and light for easy use. The suction is good, and it isn't too loud. The only thing I miss is a hose that my last vac had. ...more info
  • Good Product
    Just as advertised - we bought it to use on hard surface floors. Works really well for that - we use it on ceramic and on hardwood with no problems. Head swivels and does not damage floors. Picks up dirt well. We do not use it on carpet, so cannot provide any comment on that usage. ...more info
  • Very happy
    Even though my dog has short hair its white and my wood floors are darker , this product is v easy to hld and powerfull !! gets all the pups hair and more right up , buy one ...more info
  • Hoover S2200 stick vac
    An exellent product.I would have given it a 5,but I find the cord hangs down too low from the unit,making it a bit awkward....more info
  • Great product
    This is the third Flair I have purchased, we have a dog who loves to shed, so our Hoover gets used every morning. The first one broke at the neck because I did not make a hook to hang it from. The second one overheated after three years of service. The third is doing just fine. I have searched for a comparable vacuum for the price.. none out there that I could find. I will say it is more suited for floors than rugs. Not that noisy. Great manuverabiltiy, ie. under bed, around furniture legs, in corners. ...more info
  • Perfect for wood, tile and marble floors! Great for pet hair, too!
    With a large, furry dog who sheds and a house full of hardwood floors, I am always looking for a light and easy-to-use vacuum. After several failures with other products, I found the Hoover Flair. It is so lightweight, and the swiveling head lets me get in tight spaces like corners, around chair legs, and even under the sofa with no problem. A vast improvement over my full-size cyclonic vacuum. It works beautifully on wood, tile, marble and other hard surfaces. The Flair can be used on low-pile carpet and rugs, but I would use it for those only in a pinch.

    Pet hair is particularly tricky, because most vacuums have brushes and/or a beater bar, in which my dog's hair gets caught. Pulling out hair that's wrapped around brushes and rollers is a huge pain. This Flair model (NOT the more expensive one with the Power Nozzle, which has a brush) doesn't have a brush. It's an open hole so the hair goes right into the chamber. The Flair has good suction and picks up just about everything.

    The only con I can think of is I wish it had a longer cord, but this is minor. I can get around a normal sized room without changing outlets.

    I highly recommend this vacuum and would have gladly paid more for it....more info
  • Great deal
    Good value. It works just fine on our travertine floors as well as the oriental rugs. Nice swivel action on the head which allows us to vacuum under most of our furniture. It looks like you have to be careful with neck, so we hang it from the wall using the hole in the handle and a 1/4" lag screw. It's perfect for our requirements....more info
  • Great little vacuum
    I read all the other reviews and decided to try this cleaner. I have all wood floors with area rugs. This cleaner does not have a motorized head so it doesn't suck up the area rugs. I can clean both the hardwood floors and area rugs. The filter cup does need to be cleaned just about every time you clean, but does a good job. Has quite a lot of power for the size. Put the head on the hardwood floor setting for the rugs too, or the rugs will get sucked up. The head pivots and has wheels, so manuvers very well and with ease. Does not stand on its own so I am careful to put it down when not using. All in all, a very good cleaner for hardwood and area rugs....more info
  • HOOVER S2200
  • Keep Shopping for a Better Alernative!
    I am very disappointed in the suction power of the Hoover S2200 Flair. It is good on bare floors but terrible on carpeting (and my carpeting is a very low pile). The dirt cup is a pain to clean out ... all the dirt sticks to the filter. Cleaning the filter is a messy, disgusting job that has to be done after each use or you will really lose suction. I purchased this to replace my old Hoover stick vac and there is no comparison. Keep shopping for a better alternative. ...more info
  • You get what you pay for
    I had this vacuum for 2 years until it died. I'm actually surprised it made it that long. I can't say that it was great. It didn't pick up everything on the carpets or floors. And when I would pick it up to move it into the next room, it liked to drop half the dirt is just sucked up. The filter was a pain to clean. Not recommended....more info
  • It sucks
    This is the coolest looking vac and it works great so far. (only one week).I got a dirt devil stick but it had no suction power. This thing can be used for a whole wood floor room. I have full size vacuum cleaners for the bigger jobs. This one works when you don't want to schlep the big guns. I think the design is decent (cleaning takes a minute or two---not bad). Eventually, I'll have to buy more filter bags but that's expected. Very few stores carry this so take my word on it. For the weight and price, I couldn't find a better product. ...more info
  • Great Suction for a Little Vacuum
    I have the model without the powerbrush. The suction on bare floors is very good to excellent--it probably helps there is no brush in the way. It picks up kitty litter and dry cat food kibble with ease. I originally bought the Electrolux Pronto, but had to return it because the suction was not good enough. Also, the Electrolux Pronto ran out of battery after 12 minutes! This little Hoover Flair has so much more power than the Electrolux, so it was worth putting up with a corded vacuum for the increased suction power.

    On the downside, the vacuum does not stand up by itself. It is meant to be hung from a nail or hook on the wall. I set it on carpet, so it will not slide, and lean it against the wall for now, but will be installing a hook to hang it. Although the dirt cup is easy to empty, the pop out filter collects pet hair and dust which I have to either pick off (like a dryer lint filter) over the trash can or quickly brush off with a toothbrush. Hey, this proves the suction is great because I would rather have dust in the filter than on my floor! You could also just shake the filter outside.

    This vac has a swivel head which works very well for getting around table legs and such. It is easy to maneuver and much lighter than my canister vac powerhead with hose. Overall, I am very pleased with the suction and convenience of this little vacuum for bare floors.
    ...more info
  • Hoover S2200 Flair
    I have hardwood floors and a dog that sheds. The Hoover flair works great picking up the dog hair and is easy to use. It is so convenient that I do not dred vacuuming!...more info
  • Not good! I got rid of it after 3 months and brought Dyson
    This was a terrible experience. I would use it for 10min. and it would heat up and would not start. I would have to let it cool down before I could do another room. Even though I lived in a small apartment, it was frustating to do vacumming bit by bit and allowing the vacuum to cool down. Please do not buy this product. I have now moved into a bigger apartment and saved some money for a Dyson. Finally I have found a vacuum which I won't be replacing soon....more info
  • Excellent on Bare Floors
    I'm glad I finally found this vacuum. I had a dirt devil that was louder than a lawn mower, and because it takes an hour to vacuum my bare floors, I felt a little deaf each time after I used it. But this vacuum picks up cat litter, cat hair, and pretty much everything else quietly and quickly. I highly recommend it....more info
  • efficient
    I have hard wood floors and 2 cats. The Hoover Flair works great at picking up small bits of debris, kitty litter and cat hair. It is a little difficult to clean the filter but overall, a great purchase....more info
  • Flair Gets a B+
    I really wanted a Hoover Quick Broom, but they are no longer available, so I ordered the Flair. My goal was to avoid the expensive disposable filters that come with other "bagless" lightweight vacuums. These filters clog quickly, are a mess to clean and wash (as suggested by the manufacturer), and cost nearly $20 to replace (after six or so washes), making the vacuum very expensive to maintain. The clear dirt cup on the Flair makes it easy to see the accumulation of dirt and also allows a view of the fabric filter bag, which quickly becomes clogged with dust bunnies and needs to be kept cleaned off. Cleaning it is a messy, unsavory job, but it's a lot more cost effective to do that than it is to clean a nasty paper filter and then wash it and wait for it to dry before eventually replacing it with an expensive replacement filter. So far, nobody has created the perfect bagless stick vacuum, but the Flair will suffice for now. Flair is highly maneuverable and great for wood and vinyl floors, but it's nearly useless for the serious cleaning of dirty carpets and area rugs. I still need a full-size vacuum for that....more info
    After reading some of the reviews here, I was concerned about buying this cleaner, even though it seemed to be exactly what I was looking for to replace my expired 1974 model Eureka electric broom (Brand loyalty lead me to look for another Eureka, but unfortunately, the company has been bought and sold several times, and they no longer make the quality product they did when I purchased my electric broom.) I visited my local independent vacuum dealer that I had used in the past in keeping my Eureka going all these years; and when he informed me he couldn't get the parts to rebuild the motor; I asked for his recommendation, and he endorsed the Hoover Flair. When I voiced my concern about the breaking housing, he showed me how the problem area has been reinforced - I mean the plastic tapers to 1" thick at this point. Hoover is now owned by Maytag, and they are concerned with making a quality product. Based upon that, and the strength evidenced by the thickness of the plastic in this area, I laid my fears to rest and bought the machine.

    The vacuum performs EXCELLENTLY on both carpet and bare floors - I like the fact there is no metal on the nozzle to scratch my hardwood floors; and it also handles cat hair and cat litter with ease.

    In summary, I recommend this cleaner WHOLEHEARTEDLY!!!...more info
    This is by far the worst hoover cleaner I have ever owned and I have had many over a long time span. After ten minutes or so the broom motor heats up and you have to wait at least twenty minutes for it to cool down so you can start using it again. I have never had this happen with any other Hoover electric broom, so I called Hoover and they said that this model is only meant to be used 20 MINUTES PER WEEK and only for quick pickups. No where does their literature say this on the box or in the manual inside the box. This product is a completely useless item if you want to use it on a daily basis. I purchased it for bare floors, not carpet, yet it has a rolling brush for carpet use. The box says is provides "effective carpet and bare flooring cleaning, " but they don't tell you it can only be used for 20 minutes a week as I was told by their customer service rep. Poor product from a company I always trusted....more info
  • Great stick vac!
    Quick ship. Great product. Very happy with the performance of this little guy!...more info
  • Great vacuum with minor complaints
    I purchased this vacuum because I was tired of being pregnant and lugging my heavy Hoover upright around the house. The Flair does a great job on bare floors and a reasonable job on rugs (I don't have wall-to-wall carpet, so that is fine with me). It also does a great job picking up dog hair. Because it's so easy to maneuver, I vacuum almost daily, and it's amazing how much dirt it picks up. It's also much quieter than my regular vacuum. A few complaints: this model doesn't stand up by itself, so you have to lean it against something sturdy or leave it flat on the floor when it's not in use. I would upgrade to the next model because this is an annoying problem. The bagless filter needs to be emptied often, about 3 times before I finish the house. Like other bagless vacs, you need to be careful emptying the filter so that you don't disperse the dust back into your house. It would be nice if Hoover made a bagged version....more info
  • Bare Floors Maybe, Carpet Not So Much
    I bought this cleaner for use in between major vacuuming. It clogs very quickly without having swept up very much. It is probably fine for floors without carpet....more info
  • Hoover Bagless Stick Cleaner
    Was pleased with the timeleness of the shipment and the cost of the cleaner. Was not the cleaner I was looking for but I am beginning to suspect they don't make them anymore as I could not find it on line or in the stores. Such is progress....more info
  • Not bad for the price
    I first saw this product in a retail store where they had only the floor model and none new and boxed. I asked the salesman about it and he said he was not aware they had sold out and that he would take the floor model off display until they restocked. In taking it off the display, he leaned it against a wall and it slid down and instantly the neck attaching the beater bar to the unit cracked irreparably -- a problem a number of other users here have noted. I purchased the unit online anyway, keeping this fact in mind, and have been ultra-careful with it and have had no problems. The duct-tape reinforcement idea another user suggests sounds good, if unsightly, and I believe I will try doing that as a preventive measure. If Hoover can de-bug this one problem, this would be the ideal mid-sized vacuum. Work on it, Hoover!...more info
  • Can't Complain for the Price
    I got this item at 40% off with free shipping, so I can't complain. As with most things these days, it's all plastic, so I plan to be very careful with it because it seems as though it would break easily....more info
  • Linda O
    I love this little vac. I used a Hoover Quik Broom for 15 years until it finally wore out. I couldn't find another so I bought a Bissell Easy Vac last summer. It was terrible; didn't pick up well and the side vents blew the light weight dust & cat hair all over. Finally I found the Hoover Flair. It works better than the Quik Broom!!! I would definitely recommend this vac to everyone....more info
  • awesome!
    I had the Eureka Superbroom for years... and thought it was the best. Then it broke beyond repair. I have two little kids, not to mention two cats, and the hard floors needed to be vacuumed at LEAST once a day. I tried the Shark cordless and was very disappointed. I barely got the floors vacuumed before it started to die. And I could have PICKED the dirt off the carpet easier than it did. I looked at a lot of vacuums and reviews and decided this one fit my requirements.
    AND BOY DOES IT!!!!!! Its great! It picks up SO much. I love the switch to go between bare floor/carpet. (Even the Eureka never did a good enough job.) The swivel head is awesome!
    The only thing I don't like is emptying the cup. The cat hair sticks to the filter... but I figure that is what you deal with when you want bagless. Wish it had a brush to brush off the filter - that stored inside somewhere. ...more info
  • Excellent little product!
    After much research, I am now the proud owner of the
    Hoover Flair stick vacuum/electric broom. I just used it and all I can say is WOW! I honestly wasn't going to use it today because Iswiffered yesterday and didn't really think I'd pick up much. Boy, was I wrong! After a once through on my hardwoods and area rugs, the canister was over half full of my Golden Retrievers hair!
    I chose this broom vac for the price and features. It has the swivel head, which is really nice. It
    also has a switch for changing from a hard floor surface to carpet.
    I wanted that so it could do my two area rugs as well as my hardwood floors. I wouldn't
    use this as my main vacuum by any means, but for what I'm going to use it for I think it will be perfect! Hopefully it will hold up nicely!

    ...more info
  • Keep the filter clean
    Nice little and light vacuum for quick clean up. Picks up hair from the bathroom floor and is very manueverable.

    Keep the filter clean or it won't suck as well. Seems like it needs to be cleaned a lot. The filter is washable but I haven't tried that. I just empty the canister and scrap the dust off the filter.

    The vacuum doesn't stand up by it self so that is a draw back.

    ...more info
  • Decent for light use
    I bought this vacuum along with another regular vacuum (eureka 480?) at the same time from amazon. The quality is not too good, but decent, but what do you expect for such a cheap cost. I paid $25 by using the gold box. It works pretty good for light use like picking up small dirt, dust, and hair from the hardwood. It works on carpet too, but since there is no real aggitator, it only does an OK job. Just surface debris. The bag system is a pretty big pain in the ***. You have to use your fingers to pull out disgusting dirt stuck to the filter. It is pretty light and glides through the floor very easily with it's rollers. This vacuum is good for when you have hardwood floors and you don't want to use the big heavy vacuum all the time. I would reccommend it to people as a secondary vacuum. Most I would pay is $30-35 for it....more info
  • Not really all that easy to store...
    This was easy to put together, and works for what I needed. We have large stone tiles in our den/kitchen area and I wanted something quicker and easier than sweeping for cat litter and such. The swiveling head takes some getting used to, but seems to make it easier to get under kitchen cabinets up to the kick board. Also, picked up whole potato chips. I have only had it for 24 hours and used it once, so these are just my first impressions.
    BUYER BEWARE: You have to hang this thing up for storage. There's really no other way to stow it in a closet. The head does not sit flat on the floor when you hold the body straight up, like a traditional vaccum. It is at about a 45 degree angle to the body. The head does, however, flop to hang straight down when you put the vaccum on a wall hook. ...more info
  • Buyer Beware
    My Hoover Flair Stick broke the 5th time I used it, snapped right off at the neck. Apparently this appears to be a common problem, and I wish I had read these reviews more closely before purchasing.
    To add insult to injury, because it was past 30 days (but less than 60), Amazon will only refund a portion of the price. What a ripoff! I understand it is not their fault, but they should honor products they sell.
    If you still insist on purchasing one, do so at a retail outlet that will refund the full purchase price when it breaks off.
    Good luck....more info
  • Great until it fell apart
    With new low pile carpeting (berber) and tile floors elsewhere in my home, this seemed to be the perfect solution and alternative to my trusty Kenmore. The Hoover was easy to handle, descent suction, fairly easy to empty the canister (albeit slightly messy as the dust/dirt tended to "fly" a bit), long electrical cord and an overall lightweight appliance easy enough to manage under tables and chairs and such. However, the third use resulted in a crack in the foot that attaches to the body - this resulted merely from preparing to turn off the machine - too much pressure when placed upright? One crack lead to another, then chunks flew off to the point that the bottom no longer stayed attached to the unit, no way to replace the part without replacing the entire base/foot - not cost effective and of course, past the 30 day return. If the hard plastic connection from foot to base were reinforced or if a preventive measure of duct tape or such around the connection were made I believe this minor adjustment would resolve this unfortunate complication. A call to Hoover netted "ah, sorry to hear of that, never heard of a problem like that before". I didn't know the one I bought for my sister had done the same thing until after I shared the details of my call to Hoover with her. She agrees it's a good concept, but plagued by an otherwise minor flaw....more info
  • Hoover S2200 Flair Works Well
    Got the S2200 Flair Bagless Stick Vac for Christmas. Have been using it for a month and am very satisfied. Have a small apartment with wood floors but I do have a cat. It really does a good job of picking up dirt and cat hair and it does pick up kitty litter! Emptying the removable cup and filter can be messy. It also does not stand upright on its own but overall I am happy with it....more info
  • handy vac for quick pickups
    Fairly good stick vac. We use it mostly for cleaning our tiled kitchen area. Has adjustment for bare floor vs carpet. Good suction and light weight for easy handling. Only critiques are the base floor piece does not have a locking attachment to the body, though its unlikely to come off easily. Also the flaired, oblong shape can make maneuvering a bit funny at times....more info